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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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bay area students are looking bay area students are looking that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. all eyes on california. first donald trump, then john kasich, then ted cruz. and tonight his running mate carly fiorina spoke to the state gop convechk here in the bay area. good evening i'm eric thomas. carly fiorina spoke of the tonight's california republican convention. her running mate ted cruz spoke this afternoon. we are live from burlingame with more on the busy day at the convention. >> reporter: eric, fiorina spoke for 30 men's before leaving for indiana. there were no protesters here tonight, just people who were excited about their party. >> ladies and gentlemen, carly fiorina! >> reporter: the former presidential candidate and now running mate to ted cruz made it clear, she and cruz are ready to
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fight. >> we don't have a nominee until that nominee has 1237 votes. donald trump doesn't have it. donald trump is not going to get it. >> reporter: in day two of the california gop convention, koreana focused on helping small businesses shifting power away from washington. >> our government has gotten bigger, more powerful, more corrupt, more incompetent. it is time. we must take our country back. >> reporter: senator cruz also brought excitement to the convention floor. he was the lunchtime keynote speaker. there he reiterated california's role in the race. >> california is likely to decide the entire republican nomination. california is critical. >> reporter: delegates meantime insist they are simply here to listen and learn about the candidates. and hearing all these speeches has helped. >> i have respect for what she has accomplished. she is a very accomplished woman. >> i lean towards trump.
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but cruz is a very smart man. i would love to see a trump/cruz ticket. >> reporter: californians cast their vote june 7th. in burlingame, abc7 news. it was a much calmer dayous the gop convention than yesterday. that's when hundreds of people showed up to rally against donald trump. you can see from sky 7 hd the republican presidential candidate was forced to detour his motorcade and hike across a ramp to highway 101 to get into the convention. trump tweeted today the protesters in kofl were thugs and criminals. many are profession and should be dealt with my law enforcement. john kasich hosted a town hall today. kasich answered questions and spoke a lot about keeping america fresh, exciting, innovative and based on tune. >> now i'm running for president with the same ideas, the same
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initiatives, to give people a chance to rise and most pickly to begin picking this economy because it is just really terrible. >> kasich said america's health care system needs to be more transparent to the people. and we need to tackle the drug problem plaguing our nation. u.s. senator bernie sanders's presidential campaign opened an office in the rockland neighborhood today. this is the second office in the state. the first was opened in los angeles earlier this month. as for former secretary of state hillary clinton she opened her first california headquarters in downtown oakland on thursday. it's located at 14th and franklin. she is scheduled to campaign from there on friday. the democratic hopeful will make a stop in l.a. on thursday and then the california primary election you will remember take place on june 7. we are under 40 under that primary. for the latest on each of the candidates on the campaign trail and their visits to california, be sure the download our abc7 news app and enable push alerts.
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more than 200 kids may be left high and dry this summer after a sam ramon golf course abruptly closes its swimming pool. their swim club says they were nowhere to go. surgeio can tadda has the story. >> reporter: the aqua bears have called the san ramon golf club swimming pool their home for nearly 30 years. tomorrow was supposed to be the start of their new season. but that all changed on friday afternoon when they got a brief e-mail from the club that the pool is now closed. the waters of the san ramon golf course pool are still. this weekend, dozens of kids would be gearing up for the first day of their swim club season. >> first practice day it is a very exciting day for us. >> we are all meeting together andet iffing our sbim swuts. >> reporter: but signs have been posted and this letter from the property milligramer warns the pool is closed bus it's no longer financially viable.
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the he could owner of the swim chub says it's like the carpet has been pulled out of them. >> my friend said it sounds like somebody just died. and i said the aqua bears just died. >> parents are frustrated because they had been reassured after a new owner took over in january they could still use the pool this season. >> they had plenty of opportunity to tell us they were going to shut the pool down which would have given us an opportunity to fine another location. at this point all the pools are filled up. >> reporter: the kids are shocked. >> this team is what brought all of my friends here together. and it's like part of me. and when that gets taken away, a bunch of myself gets taken away, too. >> reporter: many of these kids have known each other for years. the 200 swimmers range from 8 to 18 years old. even their current coach was a former team swimmer. she and her six assistants may be out of a job: i talked with
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the golf course director and left him a voice message. sarah eddings, the swim club copresident said they will be meeting with him on monday is hope they can work to go something out. in the newsroom, abc7 news. authorities want your help in finding the missing milbrae man last seen thursday night. abc7 news was in golden gate park as friends kept searching for keith green. his cell phone was found in the park yesterday morning. he left behind all his belongings at his milbrae home. a group on a hunger strike to get the san francisco police chief greg is your fired hopes to meet with the mayor next week. abc7 was available for a rally for the frisco five. they have gone kout solid food for ten years. they are unhappy with how the chief handled a string of deadly police shootings. the chief says he has no plans to step down.
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the protesters say they are gaining more support. >> it is a not just act if i havists out here. these are people that are in support of us that weren't before. >> all the protesters saw a doctor today. they plan to march to the mayor, ed lee's office on tuesday. now to the north bay, a three fell onto a home and three parked close. the valley oak tree toppled around 8:00 this morning. nobody was hurt. one home has some mine minor damage but it's sister-in-lawly safe. crews spent all day cleaning up and trimming nearby trees. there is worry they could come down as well. >> this is concern another tree could fall down -- as you can see, it's a park. it could hurt someone walking by pour neighbors if the area. >> the tree had showed signs of
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decay. high winds was too much for it. abc7 news was at book buyers on castro street for its last warehouse sale. the store has been at this location more than 22 years. the owner says his landlord raised rent by over 100% and he is looking for a new situation. he understands the situation. >> times have changed and we have to adapt if we want to stay alive. we are determined to stay alive. >> he is hoping to raise $35,000 on go fund me to pay for a move. last day open on mountain view is tomorrow from 11 to 3. still to come. >> guested were asked to check whether he wanted steak or fish. but instead, a whole bunch of you wrote in paul ryan. >> the comedian in chief roasts politicians and reflects on his presidency. the top moment from the president's last white house
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correspondents' dinner next. temperatures in the 60s of this is the launching pad for a warm finish to the weekend before we track rain. details in the forecast coming up. and later see what one pizzeria is calling a unique delicious way to save boxes.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. it was night of laughter in washington, d.c. at the annual white house correspondent' dinner. for the first time in eight years both vice president joe biden and president barack obama were in the white house. >> it hasn't all been a smooth
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ride. ♪ >> the video also touched on he walked on to the stage to "you are going to miss me when i'm gone ". >> you can't say it but you know it's true. >> he also hinted at who he thinks will be in the white house next year. >> next year at this time someone else will be standing here in this very spot. and it's anyone's guess who she will be, but -- >> democratic hopeful hillary clinton didn't attend, but been was in the crowd. >> we have got the bright new face of the democratic party here tonight, mr. bernie sanders. >> obama also fondly spoke about his trip to europe last wee. >> last week prince george showed up to our meeting in his bath robe. that was a slap in the face.
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>> the event wasn't all laws. marin county native, jason rezane was in attendance tonight. he presented journalism awards and got a thunderous ovation when he took the stage. >> this is a big intimidating room but i can say it beats solitary confinement. >> last time we are spoeng of his courage as he encurrented an iranian prison. this year he is in the flesh. >> reporter: obama closed with just these two words -- >> obama out. >> the an door of comedy central's show closed the show. >> controversy over a gene editing tool and how it could
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threaten your safety. >> the jeanne is out of the bottle if you are going the try to contain this thing. >> tomorrow night at 11:00, dan noyes explains how the tool could be used to create being weapons and what we need to do to fight back. a 360 degree look at the space exrocket successfully lands on drone ship. it's posted on you tube. users can click and spin the angle while the rocket is landing. it may one day allow space exto reuse its rockets. astronaut tim peek posted this photo today of san francisco, san jose, and the whole bay area from space. the british astronaut is living aboard the international station. another day of filming began at sundown for the abc docu-series titled "when we
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rise". abc 67 news was at market and 7th street while a hollywood crew filmed a 1u7b extras from a protest reenactment from the late 70s. the docu-series will premiere next year and it highlights the civil unrest surrounding the murders of mayor george moss coney and harvey milk. a group of bay area middle school students will compete next week for the title in the national science bowl. these pictures from the department of energy show nearly 15,000 students from across the country showing off math and science skills. the group from the school in san jose is one of two teams remaining. the championship is monday morning in washington, d.c. let's got a check on our weather. >> we have got three minutes of science. second half of the weekend will be warmer than we were today and less wind to round out the week.
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right now we are crystal clear. we will take you inland because we are mild in a few spots. brentwood checking this with a temperature of 70. 68 in blackhawk. same in danville. it's really mild across the entire bay area after a warm day. we're at 65 in oakland right now. 64:in san francisco. same in mountain view. down to 59 in napa. san jose checking in with a temperature of 64 degrees. whate don't have is the win. finally. it was gusting over 30 miles per hour at times this afternoon. for the entire past week it's been breezy. tonight the winds are coming down. we have a north win anywhere from 7 to 12 miles per hour. but that win is not going to strike again tomorrow. tomorrow you will notice it's going to be less breezy than we were today. overnight most spots holding in the 50s. 58 in vallejo, plenty of stars. 56 in rich monday. 56 in sfrn, 53 in san jose, and santa rosa dropping to about 52 degrees. future tracker radar shows us
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sunshine on sunday. quickly rm withing up. 11:00 a lot of spots in 60s and lower 70s. warmest locations inland will get into the 80s and we'll top out in the warmest spots in the mid 80s on sunday afternoon w. the warm and dry weather pattern, pollen is certainly still an issue for allergy sufferers. main offend he is, oak, olive and pine tree as well as grasses. highs sunday, 80s and sunshine in the south bay. 81 the high in sunniville. 77 in san mateo. 81 in mountain view. 70 pacifica. downtown, 74. in the north bay, 80 petaluma. 81 the high in vallejo. to the east bay. 78 in berkeley. 80 in oakland. and inland, our warmest location, into the mid 80s, 85
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pittsburgh, 86 antioch. 82 walnut creek and fairfield up to 85 degrees. no weather issues. let the semifinals again temperatures nearing 80 degrees. it will be a warm day in the east bay. our next chance of any wet weather will jump ahead into wednesday. future weather showing a storm system that's going to scoop to the north. it leaves much in of northern california unsettled and that lasts into thursday as well. showers will be around. keep aist light chance of a shower in there. nonetheless not going to be soaking rain. will be relief for allergy sufficienters. accuseven-day forecast shows sunshine sunday. coastal clouds monday, cooling us off, near average tuesday. slight chance of a shower wednesday night into thursday. dry and bright on friday with springlike temperatures in the 70s and 60s. warm tomorrow.
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dozens of older adults gathered in san francisco to laugh, listen and learn about brain health and aging. >> as you get older that's something you have got to keep an eye on. >> yeah, he is onno our expert on getting oler. abc sports anchor mike shumann hosted law lines where locals tell their experiences about getting older to engage and empower the audience. it's sponsored by what is brain health. and encouraged oler people to make the most of their brains. mike is here with sports. >> use it or lose it. warriors assistant coach luke walton headed to l.a. as the new
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head coach. and the spurs serve notice that the warriors aren't this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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presenting the american express blue cash everyday card with cash back on purchases. it's all happening. and no annual fee. here we go! cash back on purchases. backed by the service and security of american express. nbc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> some were surprised. otherwise not so much as luke walton was named the new head coach of the lakers. he will remain with the warriors until the playoffs are over. he led the warriors to a 39-4 record at the start of the season replacing steve kerr who had back issues.
11:29 pm
he says hiss history with the lakers was a factor in his decision. >> i feel part of that family. even before i took this job i wanted to take the job. it's kind of nice to be able to go back and try to help rebuild what we used to have there. >> luke called me maybe around 4:00 or so and said i've got good news and bad news. said what's the good news. he said the lakers offered me the job. i said well what's the bad news? he said i took it. >> western conference semis one. spurs and thunder. a blow out. kwai leonard. 25 points of 10 of 13 shooting. spurs have 73 at the half, 105 at three conclude. lamarcus aldridge has 38 points in 30 minutes. spurs shot 61% from the field.
11:30 pm
win by 32 points of they take a 1-0 series lead. after a long start to the season jesse hahn is pitching the afternoon. billy burns. based loaded, two outs to the second. shot to the fap. two run sport. 2-0, a's. went 6 and two 30s innings. hahn afterwards said he is happy to be back this the bigs. >> it felt great. it felt comfortable. i felt like i need to be here and to walk off and hear that was very special. >> we heard good things about his outings. it showed today. it came up and he was his old self. >> beat down by the mets last night. trailed 4-0 today. in the third, hunter pens two of
11:31 pm
his three rbi on the day. bases loaded mid. conforto a three rbi hit of his own. 100th pitch of the game, solo bomb by flores in the six of. that turned out to be the game winner. they fall. 6-5, the phenol. >> coming up, the national hockey league playoffs and a look ahead with the sharks. >> you don't even realize they are in the playoffs because the warriors are getting a tul attention. the end of an era for the greatest show on earth. meet some famous circus heavyweights retiring tonight. once blind for decades, she can see now. what doctors are saying about her amazing recovery. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening, i'm arveg thomas. in tonight's headlines, the california republican convention wraps up tomorrow morning in burlingame. carly fiorina spoke tonight hours after her running mate candidate treasure told the crowd that california is critical in the republican nomination. there were no protests today. john kasich was in san jose hosting a town hall at the tech museum of innovation. president obama had his eighth and final white house correspondent' dinner. he made jokes about the candidates who could replace him. comedian larry wilmore caused
11:36 pm
controversy when he used the n word to express his admiration of the president. >> the aqua bears used the san ramon golf course pool for more than 30 years. the course isn't an automatic to members on friday and said it was no longer financially vial to run the pool. the story across much of the country tonight is getly, destructive severe storms. more than 120 storms were reported in 24 hours. in texas, a wall of water claimed five lives, four of them childrener. >> reporter: in texas, flood waters so ferocious they literally split the earth apart. the man who shot this video making it out of his car just in time. the flash flooding turned fatal in palestine, texas, when a creek overflowed in the dead of night. >> you can't walk. you had to hold one another. >> ems timber.
11:37 pm
>> reporter: first responders could not beat the raging waters to the home where 64 year old lenda as bury drowned with her four great grandchildren all under 9 years old. neighbors listened helplessly to their cries. >> the water swas so high they went under. there was nothing we could do. >> she was trying to swim but she had four kids is. kind of hard to do it by herself. >> reporter: the family now reeling from grief. >> i'm trying the really just hold myself together. >> there it's the. >> reporter: overnight tornadoes slashed their way across texas and oklahoma chris allen rescued his six children. >> we stayed at the school safe room and waited until the storm passed. this is with a we come back to. >> reporter: in texas, storm winds damaged at least a dozen storms and store apart these stores. families along the gulf coast are bracing for a rough night
11:38 pm
ahead as heavy rains push eastward. flood watches are in effect. you beer and advocates for the blind reached a settle men. the ride sharing company agreed to require drivers to transport passengers with guide dogs or other assistive animals. the settlement resolves a 2014 discrimination lawsuit against uber. doctors in florida can't explain it. a woman who was blind for 21 years has regained her sight. marianne franco lost her sight after a serious car crash. roonl she medical at her home and injured her neck. following spinal surgery, she woke up in the hospital and she could see. >> to see the sun, and the cluds and the birds and the squirrels
11:39 pm
run up and done the light post, you know? . >> she called me and said i can see. i said, no, after 21 years? i said no. >> her neurosurgion says the car accident may have restricted blood flow to the part of her brain that controls vision. when he performed surgery on her spine he may have unwittingly unkinked that water. some great circus heavyweights are retiring. we have the story on the next chapter for some beloved circus elephants. >> reporter: tonight these elephants in the ringling brothers and barn up and bailey circus are preparing to take their final bow. for more than to a century they have been the giant stars of the greatest show on earth. >> they are the greatest colleagues. >> reporter: but after decades
11:40 pm
of backlash from animal rights groups all 11 elephants on tour will give their last performance tomorrow. >> we're happy the elephants will no longer be subjected to this treatment. >> reporter: they will retire to conservation farm run by the circus. >> these are members of our family. we know them because we live with them. it is a going to a thrill. >> reporter: now trading the pageantry and play for comfort and contribution. researchers working with the massive retirees to find a cure for pediatric cancer. these circus superstars potentially leaving a giant footprint in the science world, and undoubtedly in the hearts of fans. after the last performances,cally ann and the rest of her packy determine pals will go by train from here in rhode island to florida. after a lifetime of traveling just one last trip before a well-earned retirement.
11:41 pm
marsy gonzalez, abc news. today the kenyan government made an unprecedented display of action against wildlife poaching. you are looking at $172 million worth of illegal elephant tusks and rhino horns going up in flames. at 120 tons, its at the largest destruction of illegal wildlife products in history. kenya's president says it's time to take a stan against poaching after an estimated 70% of elephants in central africa have been killed offer the last ten years. >> we know money doesn't grow on trees, but how about unground? next the start-up making one bay area family thousands of dollars off potatoes. and beyond just tasy pizza. see the pizza box with a dual-purpo dual-purpose. a winner of a forecast to start off the weekend. plenty offul sunshine and warm temperatures. the temperature warm each more to finish the
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we have good news for you this day after arbor day. for loverers of the 400-year-old oak treed a jack london park. the first of saplings germinated from the tree have been planted. judicious trimming may have given the oak tritree another 100 years of life of course plus the nurtured saplings ensure the tree and its offspring will live
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on in the bay area. this is not your average call for a firefighter n. fresno, a mother duck was frantically stopping traffic because her babies were trapped in the storm drain. firefighters removed all 11, and relocated them along with mom. poe tateos bake them, mash them, whip them, fry them or drop emthis in the mail. a bay area man has short r started thriving business shipping disputed around the world. >> nicole works this the business. >> i was employee number one. >> packing and shipping the sole progt. >> big one. >> potatoes for just about every occasion. >> that's going to someone's mom for mother's day. >> her brother got the idea from the internet. just for fun he started potato
11:46 pm >> someone said that's the stupidest thing we've ever heard. >> but now. >> worry doing $25,000 a month in sales. >> why text when you can send 15 words on a potato. >> about the size of a high cue. >> yeah, that's what i would say. >> what do you call a potato that turned to the dark side. >> does being my groomsman sound appealing to you. >> haters going to tate, pota potatoes gonna potate. >> it turns out writing on a potato is an art that computers haven't learned. the production process is low tech. >> very low tech. >> they have picked out a standard pen. they have a high-tech way to
11:47 pm
attach photos. >> donald trump's face. >> that's a sweet potato. >> there is another holiday coming up. >> this is something your mother has never received before. >> they were not around last mother's day. >> you will probably receive a phone call saying why the heck did you season me potato. >> a tech is a text and a phone wall call is a phone call. this is something new. one dlirs idea by one pizzeria means no waste. vinny's pizzeria in new york unveiled the pizza box. it is a pie surrounded by a square pizza that serves as the box. he sis it -- says it is a greaty not to have additional waste.
11:48 pm
live doppler will show you it is quiet. clear skies and still mild. 61 in oakland. 64 in hayward. cool, 48 in half moon bay. 64 in san jose. and antioch is another 70 degrees. 24 hour temperature change you see in most spots are rather warm compared to where we were this time yesterday. 11 degrees warmer in san francisco. 11 in livermore. 9 in mountain view. 7 degrees warmer in napa. tomorrow warmer than today. 8 # in antioch. 80 in oakland. 74 in san francisco. 83 in napa, morgan hill up to 80 degrees. tomorrow we won't have the win. today it was gusting up to 30 miles per hour. tomorrow it's definitely much weaker. winds generally around 10 miles per hour. i will will feel different when you step outside. won't be as windy. warm tomorrow, lots of sunshine on the i de. monday we have coastal clouds. that's going to cool us off across the board.
11:49 pm
everyone is near average on tuesday with increasing clouds up ahead. a chance of a shower wednesday night into thursday. but it is a quick mover. friday, dry and sunny. saturday, more sunshine on top and temperatures springlike in the 60s and in 70s. >> drew, thanks a lot. >> warriors, second round. playoff series with portland tomorrow at 12:30 here on abc7. it will be a interesting match up in back court, especially without steph curry. a preview coming up in sports.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> warriors begin second round play tomorrow at oracle hosting portland. it will be an interesting match up of the back courts. damian lillard and c.j. mccollum can light it up as well as the warriors back court. this has the nationings of a shoot out at ok corral.
11:53 pm
it will be a tougher test than houston. >> they have got players who are tough to handling. they know exactly who they are. they have a great identity. terry has been awesome. it's aides mazing what they have gone when you think of what they lost in the off season. >> everything gets harder. as the rounds go, it gets tougher and tougher. like i said before, every possession becomes more and more important as the rounds get going. >> sharks back on the ice tomorrow against nashville. they needed five third period goals to boot the predators last night. joel ward had a goal and an assist. a big performer in the playoffs. which is why doug wilson brought him in in the off season. >> he shows up during this time of the year. this is his hockey. physical, strong on pucks. and that was heck of a goal. not too many guys can follow up
11:54 pm
a move hike that. everyone thought he went too far. i didn't know what he was doing. he tricked us all. >> the caps taking on the penguins. caps trailing 1-0, johannsen ties the game at 1-1. fare gets a goal with the malkin pass and pittsburgh gets a 2-1 victory on the road. >> what islanders collide at the blue line. leads to a two on one with johnson beats thomas greiss. lightning take 1-0 lead. later in the period. drouin flies it underneath greiss. tampa evens the series, 1-1. jesse hahn made it to the big leagues pitching goence the astros in his season debut. mom flapping on the sunshine. good call. billy burns, hits safe will he
11:55 pm
in 12 of his last 13 games. bases load. shot to the gap, two runs score. with 6 and two thirds innings, two just two hits, struck out four. a's go on to win. >> in the third, hunter pence, two of his three rbi on the day. michael conforto with 3 rbi of his own. fifth inning, shot off cano. 100th pitch, solo shot by wilmer flores in the sixth. giants fall. niners added a corner back, rashad robinson out of lsu. he hasn't played in 18 months due to injuries and a
11:56 pm
suspension. raiders trade up in the draft to select michigan state quarterback connor conclude. also took texas tech running back deandre washington. lol low, irvin drafted by the texans. hogan. blake martinez and trevor davis taken by the packers. danny aless cogoes to the saints. kenny lawler to the seahawks. niners sign ka juice to an undrafted free agent contract. he is 6'4", 239 pounds. 90 career receptions. 604 yards. 19 tds for the cardinals. mccaffery is the brother of heisman trophy runner up. quake down 1-0 and only ten men on the field. simon has six defenders around him. switches to his left foot, first goal of the year.
11:57 pm
quakes and philly end in a 1-1 tie. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock skein. as draymond green said as you move on to each rount it gets more important more physical. and portland has two great guards. it is at that going to be an interesting match up. >> and especially the following year when you have a target on your back this and they are learning how to play without steph. last couple of games steve kerr used a lot of different combinations looking forward to this one. >> that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. have a great rest of your evening and early morning. we'll see you later.
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some three hours ago, president grant was shot. (gunshot) previously on "scandal"... the fbi is issuing a high alert, and they--they do have a description of a suspect. ms. pope? yes. are you-- back? yes. i'm back, for as long as you need me. the vice president is making a play. she spent the last two hours lobbying cabinet members about signing over the presidency to her. she what? (reed) president sally langston makes history today


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