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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it is sunday, may 1st. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen in nor carolyn tyler. we have a warm day on tap here e in the bay area. let's send it over to lisa argen for a live look at doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> chris, you are right. we are under a dig dome of high pressure. easterly flow or offshore flow is allowing temperatures to be quite mild this morning. how about 65 in san francisco? 62 oakland. the cool spot in the north bay, and mid-50s in between for fremont and san jose. 52 livermore and 48 on the coast. so 24 hours ago we were cooler. so we are gaining some warmth, keeping that warmth through the
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overnight hours. we will look for another warm day today. numbers coming up another 2 to . 70s on the coast by the afternoon. climbing to the 60s by about noontime. and by 4:00 we see the mid-80s in the inland valleys and a nice evening. about you the cooling trend gets started shortly thereafter. we will talk about it coming up. chris. >> thanks. turning to politics, carly fiorina about spoke for state convention last night. we have more on the busy day at the convince. >> ladies and gentlemen, carly fiorina! >> the former presidential candidate, and now running mate to ted cruz, made it clear. she and cruz are ready to fight. >> we don't have a nominee until that nominee has 1,237 votes. donald trump doesn't have it. donald trump is not going to get it. >> in day two of the california gop convention, fiorina focused
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on helping small businesses and shifting power away from government. >> our government has gotten bigger, more powerful, more corrupt, more incompetent. it is time we must take our country back! >> senator cruise also brought excitement to the convention floor. he was the lunchtime keynote speaker. there he reiterated california's role in the race. >> california is likely to decide the entire republican nomination. california is critical. >> delegates, meantime, insist they are simply here to listen and learn about the candidates and hearing all these speeches have helped. >> the i have respect for what she's accomplished. she's a very accomplished woman. >> i lean towarded trump but cruz is a very smart man. i would love to see a trump-cruise ticket. >> californians cast their votes june 7th. in burlingame, lisa amin
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gulezian, abc7 news. >> yesterday was much calmer outside the convention compared to friday. that's when hundreds showed up to rally against donald trump. up can see from sky 7hd, the presidential candidate was forced to detour his motorcade and hike across the ramp to highway 101 to get into the convention. 5:03 is our time. ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kasich hosted a town hall yesterday at a museum. >> now i'm running for president with the same ideas, the same initiatives, to give people a chance to rise, and most particularly to begin fixing this economy because it is just really terrible. >> kasich said american's healthcare system needs to be
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more transparent to the people and we need to tackle the drug problem plaguing our nation. >> bernie sanders opened a campaign in the rock wood neighborhood yesterday. his campaign owned their first office in l.a. earlier this month. and hillary clinton opened an office in downtown oakland thursday. it's located at 14th and franklin and she's schedule today campaign from there on friday. presidential candidate will first had make a stop in los angeles on thursday. of the presidential primary take place on june 7th the. we are less than 60 days away from the california primary. for the latest of each. candidates on the campaign trail, as well as their visits to california, be sure to down loud our abc7 news app and enable push alerts. happening today the memorial to mark the first ankersry of a mother and her young daughter in livermore who were killed by an
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alleged drunk driver. last year an may 12nd 36-year-old brian jones left the wine festival when he killed the woman and her 14-month-old daughter. the community will come together to honor them and two other boys injured at the site of the accident on marietta boulevard this morning the authorities want your help to find a missing milbrae man who was last seen thursday night. friends spent yesterday evening fog for keith green. his phone was found in the park friday morning. he left all of his belongings behind in the milbrae. today is supposed to be the start of a new swim season for up there kids but they may be left high and dry after a san ramon golf course abruptly closed their swimming pool. their swim club said they have nowhere to go. this is the story you will see only on abc7. >> the waters of the san ramon
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golf course pool are still. this weekend dozens of kids would be dealing up for the first day of their swim club season. >> first practice day is a very exciting day for us. we are all meeting together and getting our swimsuits. >> signs have been posted and this letter from the property manager warns the pool is closed because it's no longer financially viable. the copresident of the aqua bear swim club said the carpet has been pulled out from under them. sarah said she got word thought property the manager at 4:30 friday afternoon. parents are especially frustrated because they had been reassured after a new owner that took over in january that they could use the pool this season. >> they had plenty of opportunity to tell us they would shut the pool down which would give us an opportunity to find another location. at this point all the pools are filled up. >> the kids are shocked. >> this team is what brought all my friends here together, and it's like part of me, and when i
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it gets taken away, a bunch. myself gets taken away too. >> many. these kids have known each other for years. the swimmers range from 8 to 18 years old. even their coach was a former team swimmer. he and his six assistants may be out of the job. >> we need the pool open for three more months. >> she's hoping for a quick solution >> the president tells me she's still holding out hope. she's going to be happening a meeting with the golf club management team on monday. she's hoping they can work something out. in san ramon, abc7 news. in san francisco a group on a hunger strike because they want to get police chief greg suhr fired, hopes to meet with the mayor this week. they were in the mission district this afternoon for a rally for the frisco five. they are unhappy how the chief handled a series of deadly police shootings. the chief said he has no plans
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to step down but the act cysts vests say they are gaining support. >> they said they are in support of us that weren't be -- before. all the protesters saw a doctor yesterday. they plan to march to mayor ed lee's office on tuesday. >> now to a 100-foot tree fell on to a home and three parked vehicles. you see the damage to one s.u.v. valley oak treetop he would yesterday morning. no one was hurt. one home has damage but it's structurally safe. crews spent all afternoon cleaning up the trees and they are concerned other trees could come down. >> we are concerned another tree will come down and further someone walking by or general neighbors in the area. >> police believe the tree had decayed and was showing signs of rot. friday night high winds appeared to be just too much more it.
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if you are headed to the a's or warriors game today, be sure to get there early. both games start around the same time today. the tipias for the dubs is at the 12:30 and the first pitch for the a's game is scheduled for 1:05 this afternoon. fans are encouraged goat to the games early or take public transportation. parking lots open at 8:30 this morning and are expected to fill up fast. if you can't get to the game, watch it right here on abc7. tipoff is at 12:30 p.m. and then join sports director larry legal and mike shumann for after the game. larry will be joined by warriors ambassador adonal foyle right here in the studio. good reminder to take public transportation if you can't. >> we will see temperatures warmer than yesterday. 60 degrees right now san francisco. 62 across the bay. and 54 in san jose. with he will talk about more 80s inland be and more 70s at the coast and maybe some showers in the seven-day outlook
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coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, a new 360-degree look of last month's historic land of course the spacex landing on a drone ship. >> i guess we have to check whether they wanted steak or fish, but instead a whole lunch. you wrote in paul ryan. >> the comedian in chief roasts politicians and reflects on his presidency. the top moments from the white
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>> good morning. time 5:12. this is a look from the emeryville camera. traffic seems to be moving well
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across the bay bridge this morning. the camera is shaking a little bit because of the wind out there. we will check in with lisa and get the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> knew this morning you are looking at the first u.s. cruise ship ready to set sail to cuba. about 700 passengers will board the ship today. it will leave from the court of miami this afternoon and arrive in miami, cuba tomorrow. it's aimed at travelers more interested in cultural involvement than conventional tourism. it was a night of laughter at the white house for the annual expendens dinner. for 8 years both vice president joe biden and barack obama were in the house. we have the highlights. >> before obama spoke, white house reporters honored his 8 - year presidency with a short video. but it hasn't all been a smooth ride. ♪. >> the video also touched on some of the president's spelling
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mistakes. he walked on to the stage to "you areyou are going to miss mn i'm gone." >> you can't say it, but you know it's true. >> he also hints at who he thinks will be in the white house at this time. >> next year at this time someone else will be standing here in this very spot, and it's anyone's guess who she'll be. >> the democratic hopeful hillary clinton cannot april tend but bernie sanders was in the crowd. >> we have the bright now face of the democratic party here tonight, mr. bernie sanders! [applause] >> obama also fondly some about his trip to europe last week. >> last week prince george showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe. that was a slap in the face. >> the event wasn't all laughs. marin county native ryan, the washington post journalist who
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was held had in captivity for 8 months was in attendance. he got a thunderous ovation when he took the stage. >> this is a big, intimidating room, but i can say that it beats solitary confinement. >> last time this year we spoke of jason's encourage as he endured the isolation of iranian prison. this year we see it in the flesh and it's the very idea of a free press. he closed with these two words. >> obama out! >> and that was abc7 news anchor eric thomas reporting. the anchor of the nightly show larry wilmore gave the final toast. he used the n words to express his admiration for the president. book buyers on castro street had
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its last sale yesterday. they have been in this location for 22 years. the owner said the landlord raised the rent more than 100% and as a result he's look for a new location in the bay area. the owner said he doesn't want to leave mountain view, but adds he isn't upset and understand the situation. >> times are changing and we have to adapt to stay alive and we are determined to stay alive. >> the owner hopes to raise $35,000 on gofundme to pay for a move. the book buyer's final day in mountain view today from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. a new tool and how it could defend your safety. >> the gene any is out of the bottle. how long before someone uses this for something bad? >> that's a very hard question. >> tonight the i-team investigates how the tool could be used to create biological weapons and what we need to do to fight back a new 360-degree
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look this mourning at the spacex's rocket sick sesfully landing on a drone trip last month. you can spin and see any angle as it was landing. it could be a game changer for transportation because it may one day allow it to reviews their rockets. this could attempt to launch the same rocket this summer. >> this photo was posted yesterday of san francisco, san jose and the whole bay area from the space. the aft had thought is currently living aboard the international space station. 5:17 is our time. now to the end of the era to one. of the greatest shows on earth. some of the big top's stars are retiring. we have the next chapter for some beloved elephants. >> these elephants are preparing to take their final bow. for more than a century they
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have been the giant stars of the greatest show on earth. >> they are the greatest colleagues to have. >> but after decades of backlash from animal rights group, all 11 elephants on tour will give their last performances tomorrow. >> we are so happy the ma with jess stick animals will know longer be subject be to this treatment. >> they will retire to a 200-acre conservation center run by the circus. >> these are members of are our family and we know them because we live with them. it will be a thrill. >> changing the retirement. and the superstars potentially leaving a giant footprint in the science world and undoubtedly in the hearts of staff. >> after the last performance, kelly ann and the rest of her
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pachyderm pals will go by train from here to florida after a lifetime of traveling. just one last trip before a well-earned retirement. abc news, providence, rhode island. the warriors dance squad joint community members in delay city to help fix up a family services center. this photo shows dozens of volunteers at the midway child development center yesterday. facility is outdated and needed repairs. several local organization, and businesses teamed up to give it a thorough cleaning and to make much-needed improvements. happening today, it's another day of sunday streets here in san francisco. the bay view and dog patch neighborhoods will be transformed into a community hub for the day. this is video from a previous event. there will be live news ag, dance instructions, art installations and more. between third street and yosemite and 272nd street will be partially shut down for the
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event today. also happening today hundreds of people are expected to walk or run in another march of dimes event this morning. abc7 news reporter matt keller will mc the event. march of dimes is the foundation that gives a feisting chance for every baby. the organization educates parents and doctors about best practices for a healthy pregnancy. the walk starts at 9:00 this morning at history san jose. 5:20, the time. lisa, are we going to have as much wind today as yesterday? >> no. we did have a breeze. a warm breeze. and today that really backs off and that's why temperatures coming up, more 80s today. we had 60s yesterday at the coast. today not likely. we will see a wind shift late in the day but not enough to help cool us off. if you like the warmth, today will be one of the best days out of the next seven because it will be the warmest day. temperatures well above average again and it's all because of this big dome of high pressure. and you will notice that our
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little trough here that was creating the big pressure gradient difference has now moved off and relaxed. so that's why we are looking at the calm winds. and a lookout side from our roof camera. this does where we are sitting right now. half moon bay the cool spot at 48 degrees. 60s san francisco. 62 oakland. 54 in san jose. morgan hill 51 right now. we are hooking at some cool numbers in our inhand valleys but overall most of us are warmer than we were yesterday. 49 santa rosa. 50 napa. novato. and 62 out by the delta with 54 concord and 52 in livermore. we have the offshore flow, the dryer air in the upper elevations that's worked down to the surface and as a result some of our numbers are warmer from the peninsula to the east bay, while in the north bay those 40s definitely cooler than what we had yesterday with the wind mixing the atmosphere. so today, though, we are really going to warm up quickly. the wind will be much, much
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calmer. clear skies this morning. sunny and warm today. cooler conditions as soon as tomorrow. we will see partly cloudy skies throughout much. the week, and another chance of showers not only thursday. looks like into next weekend, as a couple of systems, a cut-off low. and a little bit unpredictable as to where this will set up by the end of the week. water temperature off the coast of santa cruz is about 54. san francisco maybe about 52. and in between the numbers are warming through the 60s to the low to mid-70s today. very nice beach day, lighter winds. it should be a near perfect day here. tomorrow notice the 80s. still in our east bay, but barely. 830 at concord. 82 san jose. 60s return to the coast. and this is tuesday with partly cloudy skies. still numbers coming down into the 70s. still a little bit above average in our inland valleys, but getting more typical for where we should be elsewhere. so this is what happens on wednesday and thursday. showers in and around the sierra
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nevada. a weak system comes out of the north. and then we have the cut-off low that will also set up not only thursday but into the second half of the work week and the weekend. that will trend for cloudier skies, cooler conditions and maybe showers. 81 palo alto, 84 san jose. look for 76 in san francisco. 81 in oakland with low 80s to the mid-80s up in the north bay. and we will look at the accuweather seven-day forecast which shows today the warmest day out of the next seven cool we're the coastal clouds tomorrow, and then looking at the near average temperatures tuesday you, a chance of showers. and wednesday and thursday. notice keeping the clouds in the forecast into next weekend. so why not while we still can, right? >> thank you. up next, staying mentally sharp and brain healthy as we get older.
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>> another day of filming began last night at the plaza for the documentary entitled "when we rise." abc7 news was at market and 7th while the hollywood crews finished the protest reenactment from the late '70s. the 8-part series is schedule today premiere next year. it surrounds the 1978 murders of the mayor george moscone and another. a group of bay area middle school students will compete this week for the title in the national science bowl. these pictures from the department of energy show nearly 15,000 students from across the country showing off math and science skills. the group from joaquin middle miller school in san jose is now just one of two teams remaining. the championship is tomorrow
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morning in washington d.c. >> dozens of older adults gathered in san francisco yesterday to laugh, listen and learn about brain health and aging. >> as you get older, you know, it's something you have to keep an eye on. >> abc7 sports anchor mike shumann host the the event called last lines will local storytellers shared their experience was getting older to engage and empower the audience. the free event was sponsored by what is brain health. it's a national campaign to empower people and help them make the most of their brains as we age. much more ahead on the abc7 morning news. severe storms strike texas request rising floodwaters causing destruction. how a great grandmother tried to save four children from drowning. and once blind for decades, she can now see. what doct
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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. it's shaping up to be a nice day over the bay area. let's send it over to lisa argen. she's track being the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. it's warm here. you see the 60s from san francisco 20 oakland. 60 antioch. we will have less wind today, more sun. a warmer afternoon. throughout the morning hours we are clear, but by the later part of the day we get some of the fog coming up from monterey and salinas. you will feel a bit of a sea breeze at the coast. sierra nevada showers and thunderstorms will result not only today but for the next several days. so we will be looking at temperatures in the 80s in our east bay, our south bay, our north bay, and some 70s replacing the 60s on the coast. chris. >> lisa, thank you. the big story across much of the country this weekend is deadly and destructive severe storms. more than 120 storm reports in
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just 24 hours. in texas a wall of water has now claimed six lives, four of them were children. abc news reporter eliz beckett hurr has the latest. >> in texas floodwaters so ferocious they literally split the earth apart. >> oh, my gosh, it just opened up. >> the man who shot this video, make being it out of the car just in time. the flash flooding turned payments in palestine, texas when a creek overflowed in the dead of night. >> you had to hold each other. >> first responders could not beat the raging waters to the home where 64-year-old linda asberry died with her four great grandchildren, all under 9 years old. neighbors listened helplessly to their cries. >> water was so high, they went under. >> she was trying to swim but
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she had four kids and hard to do it by herself. >> the family now reeling from grief. >> i'm trying to held hold myself together. >> there it is. tornadoes flashed their way across texas and oklahoma. chris allen rescued his six children. >> we stayed at the school. they have a save room there, and we waited until the storm passed and this is what we came back to. >> winds damaged at least a dozen homes and tore across stars leaving owners to pick through the wreckage wondering what merchandise could be cal advantage. families along the gulf coast are bracing as the heavy rains push eastward. flood warnings in effect. abc news. a key race in the battle for the press den becy is just days away in indiana. challengers ted cruz and john kasich were in the bay area trying to chip april way at donald trump's support and to keep him from clinching the party's nomination. his wife, heidi, and his vice
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presidential pick carly fiorina were here. >> i know he needs someone exactly like carly to help him change this country. >> donald trump took a break from campaigning yesterday after protesters forced him to take a back entrance into the gop convention in burlingame on friday. democratic democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders also took the day off. clinton is pulling ahead of sanders in indiana. she hopes a win there will strengthen her status as the likely nominee. >> and the donald trump moves closer to the nomination, ted cruz is speaking out. he will come here just two days before the make-or-break indiana primary. he leads with 34% of voters with trumps 29%. you can watch the interview on "this week" at 8:00 this morning on abc7. >> happening today hundreds of people will descend or fruitvale plaza to march for international workers day, also known as may day.
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community members and organizations from across the bay area will be rallying to build support for economic and social justice. this is video from last year's event. labor day used the day to recognize workers right. it is at noon followed by the march at the 1:00. >> this is another rally here for may day at the international longshore and union haul on north street near fishermen's wharf. it will then head toward the ferry building. it starts at 11:00 this morning. uber and advocates for the blind have reached a lawsuit settlement. the ride sharing company agreed to is a provide new drivers must legally transport riders with guide dogs or service animals. they will also fire a driver after a single complaint if it determines the driver knowingly denied a person a ride for a ride because they were traveling with a service animal.
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it resulted in a law enforcement against uber a woman who was blind for 21 years as regained her sight. mary ann franco lost her sight after a serious car crash. recently she had fell at home and had surgery on her neck. when she woke up, she could see. >> i could see the sun and the clouds and the birds and squirrels running up and down the light poles. and there was a hawk out there the other day. >> and she came and said mary can see. i said no. after 21 years? i said wow. >> her neurosurgeon said it's truly a miracle. he thinks her car accident may have kinked an artery in her spine, restricting blood flow to the part of her brain that volunteered vision. when he performed surgery on her spine, he may have unknowingly unkinked the artery. >> the kenya government may have announced a display of action
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against wildlife poaching. you are looking at $172 million worth of illegal elephant's, and rhino horns going up in flames. at 120 tons, it's the largest destruction of illegal wildlife products in history. kenya said it's time to take is a stand against poaching after 70% of elephants in the central coast there have been killed over the last ten years. >> see what $370 million was done and an exclusive look inside the art museum getting ready to open after three years of renovation. first the time right any is 5:36. we are taking a live look from our abc7 exploratorium camera pointed ted downtown san francisco skyline. you can see the building there lit up in warriors colors. temperature is 65 degrees. we get the full accuweather forecast with lisa argen come up. >> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule on one
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>> good morning. time now is 5:39. we are taking a quick look outside from our roof camera. you see the exploratorium. no doubt a fun time-out there and something to do with the kids later today. lovers of the 400-year-old oak tree in sonoma county, the first of 15 saplings made from the key's acorns have been planted
5:40 am
in the nearby preserve. this is after they thought the old oakwood succumb to disease but some aggressive trimming may have given her more years of life. this will ensure the off spring will live none the bay area. new this isn't the average call for most firefighters. a mother duck was running around frantically, stopping traffic because her babies were stuck in a storm drain. firefighters stepped in and removed the cover and pulled them out one by one. all were plucked out and relocated with her mother far away from the street. >> don't get in the way of those babies and their mother. good morning, everybody. we are looking at a beautiful start to the day in oakland. >> here's a look from our emeryville camera. 81 yesterday, and we are looking at low 80s today. also the a's going for a sweep. it will be a warm one this afternoon. we will talk about the forecast
5:41 am
there, the rest of the bay and the cool down with showers next. >> thanks. also ahead, the a's go for their second be straight win over the astros and bring back a familiar face for a season debut. we
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>> today tip off at oracle arena at 12:30 for the golden state warriors. and at 5:00 p.m. the sharks battle the nashville preds at the sap center in game two of their seven-game series. and the warriors battle the blazers. yesterday walton talked to the media for the first time since accepting the head coaching job with the lake lakers. here's mike shumann with details in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, friday night the lakers
5:44 am
hired warriors assistant coach luke walton for their head coach. he is in charge of resurrecting the one-proud franchise. he led the warriors to the 34-0 record starting the season when he replaced steve kerr when he had back issues. he said his history with the lakers was a factor. >> i feel part of the family. [inaudible interview] >> it's nice to go back and rebuild what we used to have there. >> luke called me maybe around 4:00 or so. said i got good news and bad news. i said what's the good news? he said the lakers offered me the job. i said what's the bad news? he said i took it. [laughter] >> round two, game one between the warriors and trailblazers today at 12:30.
5:45 am
catch after the game with larry beil and adonal foyle and yours truly with the game action. spurs here. lamarcus leading the way. he had 38 points in 30 minutes. gets tripped and still manages to make the basket. spurs shot 61% from the field and win by 32 points and take the 1-0 lead in this series. after a rough spring training, sent him to the minors, jesse hahn made it back to the big leagues yesterday pitching against the astros. mom said i should wear sunscreen, so he rubbed some on on the jumbotron. bases loaded, two outs in the second. two-runs scored, 2-0 a's. plenty of the run support. went 6 cue third-round shooter innings, allowed three sits. a's went 2-1. he said he's happy to be back in
5:46 am
the big leagues. >> it just felt great. felt comfortable. i felt like i need to be here and to walk off and hear that was very special. >> we heard good things about his outings and it showed to. he came up and he was his old self and it's good to have him back. >> giants trying to rally from friday night. trail 14-0. in the third hunter pence with the bases-loaded base hit. 4-3 ballgame. 3 of 4, and fifth inning a two-run smack courtesy of matt cain, who suffered his third loss of the year. his 100th pitch ended up in the seats. turns out to be the game-inning run. giants fall to the nets 6-5, your final. that's the way the ball bounces. hope to see you at oracle. if not, 12:30 tipoff right here on abc7. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> we are dealing with wind
5:47 am
today. hopefully a break from the wind. >> we will be lucky to see a 15-20 miles per hour puff of wind today. it will be flat out there and that will aid in our warmer afternoon. so it's just a one-day event because when you look at the next seven days, it's going to look more hike april, even though we are into may. and as we get started live doppler 7hd, featuring this matt i have dome of high pressure that's encompassing all of the west coast. you heard when the flooding and all of that awful weather across the southern plains heading east and up into the midwest. we are stuck with the dry, northerly offshore flow. right any as we check out our roof camera, you see it looks pretty calm. 60 san francisco, 26 oakland, 67 mountain view, 54 in san jose with 50 morgan hill. 48 on the coast. the cool spot half moon bay. we are looking at mt. tam this morning nice and clear. not anything in the way of cloud cover. we will have a breeze come up late in the day.
5:48 am
and with that, eventually get the stratus to fill in overnight. 49 in santa rosa. napa at 50, as well as novato. 54 concord. and livermore checking in at 52. so this time yesterday we had a lot of wind. that mixed you have the atmosphere and some temperatures were warmer but all in all we have more 60s this morning. a couple cool spots in the north bay valley. clear and some areas of slightly cooler air this morning. otherwise it's going to be warmer for everyone and cooler as soon as tomorrow with partly cloudy skies. the shower chance heads our way on thursday. and because of this system lingering, it's going to last, the shower chance anyway, into next weekend. so check it out. later on in the day you see the spine. the sierra hooking at shower activity. and that's a weak system that could bring some clouds to the eastern portion of contra costa county today. you might see some of those build up. but overall it's partly cloudy northern sierra, partly cloudy in southern california. and then we will see the fog move up today from santa cruz
5:49 am
and mont the ray and overnight fill in, wake up to some low clouds and fog tomorrow. in terms of high temperatures's, we will beat yesterday's high. tomorrow still in the 80s and look what happens. we drop steadily each and every day. the coolest day on thursday, and still kind. around average into the upcoming weekend. and speaking of that, this is when the changes really begin. wednesday and thursday, you can see activity still continuing in the sierra nevada. then we get into the cutoff low that will bring up some showers, perhaps in southern california. maybe in the bay area. but nonetheless, keeping us cooler with a few clouds around. low 80s today in oakland. 84. we saw that in san jose. much. the santa clara valley will be warm in the low 80s to mid-80s. 73 santa rosa. 84 livermore, 69 half moon bay, one of the keel spots. 70s ocean beach and the coliseum upper 70s. we look for mid-70's by 4:00.
5:50 am
we should be getting a bit of a breeze by late in the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today sunny and warm, 70s and 80s for pretty much everyone and cooler tomorrow, tuesday and wednesday, partly cloudy, maybe a few sprinkles wednesday into thursday. and looking at another system toolinger and bring us maybe a shower chance into next would be weekend. >> thank you, lisa. in less than two weeks, a bay area landmark will open their doors for the first time in years. abc7 news got an exclusive look at what visitors will see once they are inside the new san francisco museum of modern art. ama daetz has more. >> inside the san francisco museum of modern art, work is underbe way on a cultural destination. outside work is complete on the $305 million, 20-story, 225,000 square foot addition. >> it's grown tremendously. probably tripled the former size. we are one of the largest
5:51 am
museums dedicated to modern art in the world. >> they built a new building in 1995. >> remarkably in 20 short years, with he outgrew the building >> the collection has grown in popularity and size, exploding from 12,000 pieces to roughly 32,000 works of article. there are 1100 works from don and doris fisher. >> they had a deep affection for the my see i am so it was a natural thing in the end we have this partnership with the museum to bring all the works in the fisher collection to the museum for everyone in san francisco and everyone that comes to this museum to see. >> the fisher collection is so big, only a quarter of this will be on display when the museum opens on may 14th. the museum has been closed since 2013. opening day is already sold out. the new building is expected to be as big of appear attraction as the art. the expansion was designed by renown architectural firm. >> we engaged them because they
5:52 am
seemed to have the ability not only do create great spaces for art but great welcoming, warm, engaging spaces for people, as well. >> visitors will immediately see the difference. a massive staircase replaces the old one." there will be 40,000 square feet on the ground floor open to the public free of charge. that's as much space as they had prior to the museum expansion. a massive living wall will help tie the inside to the outside. the gallery space less be grand, as well. each of the seven floors is bathed in natural light. exterior is designed to mimic san francisco's maritime climate. >> you can wake up in the morning and it's bright and sunny and the afternoon it's foggy and it turns sun be any again. the fog is moving in and out, the sun is popping up. we wanted to take advantage of that. so we capture the light and cast unusual shadows. >> creating a new landmark for san francisco that is truly a
5:53 am
work of art in itself. ama daetz, abc7 news. >> we hope you will join ama for a special tour of the museum. catch it right here on abc7 next friday at 6:30. >> coming up, why things are about to get weird in a san francisco neighborhood be later
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> heap are the winning numbers from last night's $314 million powerball drawing. is nobody picked all six numbers. one matched five of the numbers. that ticket is worth more than $1.2 million. wednesday night's jackpot soars to $348 million. and the numbers from the superintendenter lotto plus drawing.
5:56 am
>> nobody matched all six numbers be in that drawing either so wednesday night's jack got goes up. and the how weird street fair in san francisco. how weird festival celebrates everyone's differences by bringing a diverse community together. the organization puts the event together each year. today's festival runs from noon to 8:00 p.m. in san francisco's south of market district. next on the abc7 morning news at six. a big weekend for politics in the bay area. a former governor throws his support behind one of the gop presidential candidates. and after an 11th hour decision, 200 bay area students are looking for a new place to swim.
5:57 am
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>> it is sunday, may 1st. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen in nor carolyn tyler. we have a warm day on tap here in the bay area. let's send it over to meteorologist lisa argen for a live look at doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> from the east bay hills camera we have numbers in the 60s already. a cool 46 at half moon bay. contrast that to 60s in fran and oakland. from mt. tam, looks nice and calm out there. if you are out for a bike ride you won't run into the winds like we had


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