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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  May 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a mother holding her daughter. everyday moments now the lasting memories this family holds on to. >> she just like an angel. and that's why we remember. like an angel. >> espiranza rodriguez and her 40 s-h-h-h-month-old daughter died when an accused drunk driver, brian jones, crashed into them after leave thing livermore wine festival. >> it's been a tough year. >> last year as this team the family was celebrating first communion. for some was the fir time back to the crash site. >> one year, feels like yesterday. just a couple hours. >> they made a somber procession down the street jones drove. >> people have choices to make and it's fine if they want to go to the wine festival or go anywhere and drink, but they need to make a choice before they go about how they're going
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to get home. >> mothers against drunk driving is working on a bill that would require a dui offend for use an ignition interlock device. >> having those in there will stop an impaired driver from driving. >> angel martinez wishes he could turn back the clock. instead he is looking forward, telling everyone at the festival to get a safe drive. >> if day drink, don't drive. you're going to kill people. you kill a whole family. >> in livermore, abc7 news. >> tomorrow a couple near sacramento will find out if they can take the fir step towards keeping their brain-dead son on life support. doctors in roseville declared two-year-old israel stenson brain dead after complications from an asthma attack. doctors are not allowed to receive feeding or bringing tubes. the parents are asking a federal judge to force doctors to give
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them tubes so they can move him to nudge where the lays allow them to keep hmm alive. >> it doesn't mean he is dead and we have to let good and start planning a funeral. >> the judge will decide israel's case tomorrow. earlier this year the family of mcmath won a bat ol' to move her to new jersey she was declared brain dead after tonsil surgery in oakland. she sis now on life support and her family says she is responding to commands. man died when a sun plane crashed in nevada. steve peterson was on the plane that left a private airport south of las vegas saturday before crashing near the city of jean. the company allows customers to fly stunt planes with instructor supervision. peterson and the instruct were killed. labor unions help lead the call for stopping deport indication of undocumented workers during may day the
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stilts across the bay area. -- festivities across the bay area. [chanting] >> chants in english and spanish filled the air in oakland's fruitvale ticket today. you're watching video from our eye lines with univision 14. community activists argue that being an undocumented immigrant is not a crime. >> we're marching with our communities and families who maintain solidarity with workers. >> our people don't mind because they want this because it's a human right to migrate. >> a coalition of immigrants' rights groups and labor unions came to oakland from other parts of the east bay and san francisco. marin county fire department has declared today the start of the fire season. the chief blames current dry weather conditions and increased chance of flammability. today's warm weather was great for subbing, also great day for sightseeing in san francisco.
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sunny and warm. it has now cooled off a little, and let's find out what the future holds for us from drew tuma. i-our microclimates are in full play. current temperatures, 30-degree temperature spread. half moon bay 55. but antioch, very warm 84. 80 in concord. currently 72346 hayward, but right on the immediate bay. san francisco, oakland, low and mid-60s. a live look outside from the sutro tower camera, the marine layer is making a come back, pushing the cooler winds into the immediate bay. and the fog is going to greet us tomorrow morning as well as drastically cooler temperatures as we get back to work and school. details coming up in the full accuweather seven-day forecast. >> no steph no problem for the warriors. klay thompson has a career playoff high of 37. draymond green got a triple-double and the team
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rolled to a win. larry beil will have reaction from the anymore sports. right now it's go live to oracle arena. >> reporter: what an afternoon. very exciting time here at oracle arena, but some fans predicting, hoping the whole series could be a slam-dunk for the golden state warriors. >> even without curry, klay stepped up, slashing threes and everything. dub nation all the way. >> fans geared up and even got some skin in the game at the tailgater, these playoff passes were major. pride was awe bun dan, few bold enough to be trail blazers in this golden sea of shirt. >> so great about the warriors is we love steph but it's a team and everybody is about team
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building. >> for all the optimism this die hard warriors fan settled straight. >> the warriors lost to blazers by 30 in portland, so this will be a tough series. >> there was plenty of wishful thinking about when curry would be back in action. curry, curry, curry everywhere, this guy hobbled around on crutches, nursing a basketball injury of his own. >> if steph is going to play when he was hurt and then got hurt again of you have to make it out here and watch the warriors. >> from the first to the last. hope we get three more that way and we'll be great. >> reporter: from the heart of dub nation, abc7 news. >> still ahead at 6:00, why the g.o.p. convention in burlingame got a little chaotic outside at times. inside republicans worked on party policy. the decisions on schools, legalized marijuana and more.
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the republican state convention in burlingame was marks by protests and big speeches buts the real work came this morning when g.o.p. delegate decided on marijuana, higher taxes on cigarettes and a crackdown on guns and ammunitions and voted to support faster appeals for inmates, and h overturning a law that requires a statewide ban on plastic bags. around the state people are lining up at democratic caucuses hoping to become delegates. this caucus was for hillary clinton in elk grove near sacramento there was a big turnout from long-time clinton supporters, six of them, three men and three women, will be chosen from the district. a school district president organized the diverse group of delegate hopefuls. she says some of trump's
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anti-immigrant rhetoric is encouraging more immigrants to get involved in the process. >> we're forced to look at each other with suspicion instead of kindness and respect. and we have a problem. >> a viewer told us there were a thousand hopeful delegates for bernie sanders lined up in san rafael this afternoon. a solar-powered away will sit in a bay area hangar for one more time. solar impulse 2 is expected to leave moffet field tomorrow morning at 5:00. the pioneering plane, powered entirely by he sun has beener here since laynce weekend. it's expected in phoenix 16 hours after it leaves the bay area tomorrow. a san jose powerball ticket matched five numbers, earning its buyer more than a million dollars. no one nationwide got all five numbers so wednesday's jackpot increased to $348 million. you have a one in 292 million chance of winning it all.
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a win here for animal conservationists. up next, northern california county's decision that could save thousands of animal lives. and meteorologist drew tuma shows you when the rain will likely return. stay with us. we'll be right back. >> in sports, steph still a spectator. perhaps not for long, his fellow slash brother lit it
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this week mend seen know county severed ties with a federal program to kill animal predators that target livestock in 2014 wildlife services trappers killed 47,000 bears, mountain cats, mountain coyotes and more in northern california, many in mend seen know county. a contract had been in n place for three decades. sf gate records the county supervisors decided to end the contract and will look at more environmentally friendly ways to keep predators from livestock. a new scientific breakthrough could help cure deadly keyses and raising concerns about national security. the i-team investigates how it can be used to investigate a biological weapon and threaten our safety. see that special report tonight
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at 11:00. right now, let's take a look at the weather forecast and see how things are changing with meteorologist drew tuma. >> wrapping up a rather warm weekend across the area. tomorrow is going to feel much cooler as an ocean breeze is moving in. live doppler 7hd, a rather quiet picture. a live look outside in san jose, not a cloud to be seen. rather warm temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s, but to the north, a live look showing you the first sign of changes, low clouds, marine layer beginning to redevelop tonight and it will bring much cooler air across the area tomorrow. but right now with that cooler air along the coast, temperatures in the 50s right now. 55 half moon bay, inland we're rather warm with total sunshine and land breeze 80 in concord. drop thing to the 60s in oakland and san francisco and napa. tonight we'll feel the cool breeze so the natural a.c. will
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be with us. we'll fall into the upper 40s and a fair amount of cloud cover along the coast and bay. future weather will show you, hour-by-hour, on monday, woe zoom into the fog closer. we'll have it on the coast and will move inland, vallejo, concord, a low cloud cover. this future weather is showing you this pop of green. it's not out of the question to see a pocket of drizzle but not widespread. 11:00 monday, clouds pull back to the coast and much of san francisco likely stick neglect cloud cover for monday, and a fair amount of cloud cover through the evening. the only exception as you move away from the ocean water, you see sunshine, but that initial start with cloud cover is going to bring us a big change in temperatures. future tracker temperature shows you monday, 11:00 in the morning, most locations in the 60s compared to the 70s today, and by the afternoon our warmest spots in the upper 70s inland but a lot of locations in
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the 60s and 70s. tomorrow, 77 cupertino, morgan hill, 78. sunshine in palo alto. 75. half moon bay cloudy and cooler at 61. downtown san francisco, afternoon sunshine popping up and a much cooler day by some ten degrees tomorrow, with a holiday of 66. we'll stay in the cloud cover in daly city with a high of 62. sunshine in the east. 77 calistoga. oakland tomorrow, up to 72. 70 in union city. sunshine, 71 fremont, castro valley, 71. inland, upper 70s to 80. 9 pittsburg, 80 in san ramon and 79 the high in concord. we're cooler tomorrow and continue cooling down on tuesday, then wednesday, mostly cloudy, slight chance of a shower in the evening, a better chance of isolate shower thursday.
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otherwise by friday the clouds linger and saturday and sunday, more sunshine and more spring-like temperatures. so going to notice tomorrow the much cooler air. >> all right, thank you. >> sure. >> game one in the bag. >> yeah. and kind of what we expected, although a little unsure with steph curry still on the sideline been but the warriors a better team for the blazers. steph curry says he might be ready to go in game three but the warriors didn't need him because klay thompson went off. steph, spectating once again. going to test his knee on the court tomorrow 0, hopeful about a return on saturday. klay thompson on fire early. 18 in the first quarter. klay hitting from everywhere. career playoff high 37 points, 7-14 on threes. ing da los angeles coast to coast, and the pretty finish, warriors at one point were up 24. leading by 14 at the half.
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draymond green, triple-double, 23 points, 13 boards, 11 assists, and high fives from steph curry. and klay, seeing more and more of this as he takes the ball to the rack. andrew bogut, a beautiful behind the back pass from klay. warriors cruise, 118-106. game tuesday at oracle, and we head out to mike shumann who is live at oracle arena. this is a total team effort, huge games from klay and draymond. >> to question, draymond had only the fifth triple-double in warriors playoff history, and klay a career high playoff of 37. and also had the task of defending their best player in damian lillard. >> complete effort to make him shoot a poor percentage from the field and probably not going to have a night like that.
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>> not many guys in the league who can chase damien lillard around for 37 minutes, and of score 37 points, too. klay is a tremendous two-way player. >> damiened a 30 but a quiet 30. a nice job offset can that. >> that's the goal. make them work. got to make them work on both ended. >> total team effort, and we look forward to game two tuesday here at oracle before heading to portland on saturday. >> thank you, and hopefully steph russ return on saturday is what he is shooting for. first round of the playoffs in the eastern conference, charlotte and miami in game seven, reunited. scottie pippen dropping in on michael jordan. dwayne wade not letting miami lose. heat up by 18 in the third. then the throwdown. he had 25. heat roll, 106-73 and get the
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winner of indiana and toronto. >> sharks and predators in the tank. look out. smashed into the board mitchell head hurts watching that. and look at the save. the right now in the second they're scoreless in san jose. baseball tis afternoon. giants facing syndergaard, akathor. remember when we had hair like that? maybe never. hunter pence, fifth homer. 3 or giants on a wet, rainy day in new york. madison bumgarner pitches so well at citi field. six scoreless, struck out seven. buster posey, homer. giants back to .500 heading off to cincinnati. >> across the parking lot from the warriors as oracle, the yays were trying to sweep the astros. third pitch of the day, altuve. he muscles up.
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his seventh home run of the year and he's a little guy. 1 or houston. doug fister, 6-2/3, one run, struck out five. billy burns. you got to swing the bat with the game on the line, 2-1 in the ninth. simeon strikes out. the a's at .500 and host seattle starting tomorrow. >> larry, thank you. never had the hair, never had the hammer elm next at 6:00, a battle of the box office as the big cats cats of the jungle booe on
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. scientist say you can cut examiners size from 45 minutes a day to one minute. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, the state g.o.p. con reigns is over but it's all eyes on california. new at 11:00, how bay area voters may decide the nomination. captain america civil war pulled in more than $200 million this weekend, and that doesn't even include the world's two largest markets, the u.s. and china. it will make its debut here next
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weekend, launching the summer movie season. that absence left the door open for the jungle book to squeeze in one more box office. it has made nearly $700 million worldwide. keanu, the story of two men wolds into the criminal underworld after their kitten was abducted, debuted in second with 9.4 million and tied the happiesman, mother's day and barber shop rounded out the top five and that it for abc7 news at 6:00. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00 and for updates on stories, downtown load or abc7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notification. have a great evening. >> i just did that one-minute workout you talk about. >> did you? you ought to see the guns on this guy. can't show you, sorry. >> i might do another minute later on.
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we're enjoying the day on the beautiful monterey bay. >> lately we've been actually having a lot of really cool activity. >> then, easy steps for taking your makeup from day to night. >> all these little tips that i've given today are five minutes. and i think everyone has five minutes to make themselves look and feel the best they can. >> and tips for making extra money while cleaning out your closet. >> $200 to $250. >> oh, really? plus, mastering the perfect blowout. >> hot tip -- you want to keep the nozzle on the blow-dryer. this is gonna help you from not frizzing. >> aah! all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers.


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