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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. their numbers may not be big, but their influence may be huge. a small group of bay area voters might just have a big say in which republican pal candidate wins the nomination. i'm eric thomas. the gop convention wrapped up and it left republican voters something to cheer about, a growing influence in this year's race. lilian kim explains. >> california republicans especially in the bay area are reel law gated to the sidelines, but that won't be the case in the primary where 172gop delegates are up for grabs. >> candidates donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich made an an appearance in burlingame. they have all since left the
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state, but volunteers know they will be back. with the hunt going down to the wire, get out the vote attempts are going out. >> typically we haven't had influence on the outcome of the nominating process and this time it is an out sized influence. we have every reason to be excited and involved. >> each of california's 53 congressional districts awards them three delegates no matter how many are registered in that district. a republican in san francisco where there are 30,000 registered republicans gets more say than a republican in orange county where there are more than 165 thousand registered republicans. >> there is an opportunity for someone like ted cruz to come in and fire up a segment of voters, maybe a few thousand voters in the congressional
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district. >> which means winning california's june 7th primary will be no easy task. >> someone out by march or february in our nomination process we see candidates asking us for money and not for our vote. we are excited about that. >> the republican primary is closed, meaning only registered republicans can vote. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> lilian, thanks a lot. on the democratic side, bernie sanderses expects to see a contested convention this summer. the announcement came at a news conference in washington, d.c. his opponent, hillary clinton will not have enough pledged delegates and will need the super delegates to win the nomination. he called on the super delegates from the states where he beat them by double digits. both are campaigning in
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the hoosier state where clinton pulled slightly ahead of sanders. she will shift her attention to california and she will be here on friday campaigning in oakland and san francisco. well, steph curry sat on the sidelines again today, but it didn't matter much for the warriors. abc7 news was at oracle arena. they celebrated the 118-108 win and the royal blue, gold and yellow were out in force and we spotted a few trailblazer finances tuesday night in oakland. >> there is plenty of cheering for the playoff hockey. abc7 news was in downtown san jose as they watched the sharks beat the nashville predators 3-2. the sharks lead the best of seven series two games to none and game three is tuesday
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night in music city. mike shumann will join us in a few minutes with highlights from both those games. developing news now. police are investigating a shooting right across the street from the federal building in san francisco. it happened at golden gate avenue and larkin street. he was rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. golden gate avenue in that area is closed and police are looking for the shooter. developing news in napa county where the sheriff's office is trying to find out how a teenage boy drowned. it happened late this afternoon off the west shore of lake bury yeses saw. they say he was swim swimming with -- swimming with a group of people when he went under. wet and cold, but safe. those words describe two men who were rescued after their boat took on water and they were rescued near the shoreline.
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they raced around 6:30 this evening. they searched a wide area after getting different reports of where the emergency was taking. >> we have the marina and the bay in the area closest to alameda city. we deployed resources to two locations and made sure we covered all bases and located the occupants of the water. >> he refused medical treatment after a rescue boat brought them to shore. >> a mishap in a garage sparked a fire that raced through a home in contra costa county. you can see the flames burning in the home. the home's owner said the fire started when the motorcycle toppled over at 3:30 this afternoon. gasoline from the motorcycle's tank leaked on to parts and started a fire. despite the damage, no one was hurt. a roanoke park man died when a stunt plane crashed in
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nevada. he left south of las vegas before crashing near the city of jean. the company allows the company to supply stunt planes with instructor supervision. peterson and the instructor were killed and they have not yet determined how the plane crashed. proof that it does president have to be -- that it doesn't have to be christmas to have a thief around. it is a program to help autistic kids. sergio is live tonight in concord police headquarters with more on this story. >> right now concord police are trying to help identify him. the good news here is that no one was injured during that robbery and it may actually turn out that the restaurant may get more donations than if it was stolen from that jar. take a look at the video. the thief walks into digger's diner and heads to the donation jar. he casually snatches it up and runs out the door. here is another angle.
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the donation jar bandit walks up to the jar and sprints off. >> we empty them every few days and hopeful leahy didn't -- hopefully he didn't get too much. the fact he would come in and take it is sad. >> they have been raising money for autism awareness last month. it would have been one of the final batches. they hope someone recognizes this guy. he could be facing serious charges. >> in california if you are entering a building or structure with attempt to commit theft or grand theft it becomes a burglary. a simple theft could become a burglary. >> since this bandit struck last week word got out and people were opening their wallets and purses to make up for what was stolen and they are buying up their custom shirts. >> by the time we are done we can donate 3w $600 -- $600, $700 . >> it could have ruined their fun drive.
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diane hopes someone rec cog. s the robber and tips off police. this dastardly deed may help raise more money. >> god is working it out for a good thing. >> in concord, abc7 news. spanish filled the air through oak -- oakland's fruit veil area. they called for de criminalizing the person's immigration status. they say people migrated across the u.s. border not because they want to, but in order to survive. california has a new millionaire. abc news was in san hoe is say when someone bought a powerball ticket that matched five of the six numbers. the valero sold that ticket and the winner gets $1.2 million and the store gets the $6,000 bonus check. no one matched all six numbers
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which means wednesday's jackpot rises to $348 million. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, it could help cure deadly diseases, but it is listed as a terror tool. dan noyes joins us with the eye team investigation. >> it is a frightening step for the first time on a list of weapons of mass destruction. >> the genie is out of the bottle if you are going to contain this kind of thing. >> my investigation into how a tool used to design for good could create biological weapons and what we need to do to fight back. >> i am meteorologist drew tuma and a live look outside showing you the marine layer is making a come back. expect a cooler start to the workweek as we track the showers. >> and later see the dramatic video after an historic new york city church goes up in flames. first, the falcon has landed the mill -- the
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biotech world has shown promise for curing deadly diseases, but now they are listed as a possible weapon of mass destruction. that got the eye team's attention. >> this technology shows so much promise, but in this uncertain world top u.s. officials are concerned about terrorists using it to find some new way to attack us. >> director of national intelligence james clapper briefed the senate of armed services committee on his worldwide threat assessment. >> i cannot recall a more diverse array of challenges and crisis that we confront as
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we do today. >> among weapons of mass destruction they have genome clapper testified in countrieses with different regulatory or difficult standards it has a risk of harmful biological agents. >> the genie is out of the bottle. >> the gene editing was a big topic in march with 3,000 molecular medicine scientists. >> they could create all sorts of things, diseases we can't block. and it takes something that is already bad and makes it even worse. >> the scientists worry about terrorists enhancing the smallpox or anthrax or creating new bio hazards. what would make that possible? a revolutionary tool called crisper that lets scientists cut dna strands quickly and effectively. >> it is right that people are concerned about this. >> he believe -- believes he
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can cure he mow -- hemophelia, but worries it will be used for evil. >> can one use the technology for a super infectious bacteria that would infect -- you would use as a bio terror. >> scientists in china edited goat genes for long hair, more meat and muscle. they used these beagles to have six times the muscle mass of both dogs. >> is it too far to imagine that next step? a human with 10 times the muscle mass of a normal human? >> my concern is we don't have enough wisdom to make those selections about how best to improve the human species. >> the ucsf professor tells me the international scientific community has placed a more for yum on experimenting with gene editing on the human embryos.
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>> those individualses who don't follow the rules will be ostracized. but i can understand how you would be concerned that self-regulation is enough. >> how long before someone uses this for something bad? >> that's a hard question. >> they would need millions of dollars to advance scientific knowledge and dangerous pathogens. one bay area man is using the positive aspects. he held this seminar in oakland saying he wants to democratize it. he wants to go up to the $5,000 kit to create your own organism. >> each kit comes with everything you need to perform cutting edge science experiments. >> so far he sold almost $70,000 worth of crisper technology. jay if you had access to cutting edge biology tools,
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what would you create? >> one expert told us if you unleash something you can't put it back in the box. let's hope u.s. intelligence is good enough to catch those who may use crisper for evil before they take action. >> kind of scary. >> absolutely. new world. >> after several delays and a few hours a solar powered airplane will take off from the bay area. the solar impulse two is expected to leave moffett field at 5:00 in the morning. the plane powered entirely by the sun has been here since last weekend. high winds delayed the takeoff twice now and it is expected in phoenix about 9:00 tomorrow night. now to perhaps the most famous fantasy space ship in the world. take a look at the real life millenium falcon where "star wars" episode 8 is being filmed. it is next to a set that resembles the final scene of "the force awakens." disney is the parent company of lucas filmses and abc7.
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let's look at the weather now and how it will change this week. >> we are coming off a seasonably warm weekend where the temperatureses sore to 90 degrees inland. it is much cooler than we were the last 48 hours. we are rain-free, but we are tracking the return of fog. live doppler 7hd is showing a gathering along the coast. and it will push inland overnight and with it we'll bring cooler temperatureses for monday. 55 with partly cloudy skies. 66 san jose and 65 in livermore and checking in at 61 degrees. overnight as the low clouds push inland and we will drop into the upper 40s and the lower 50s. these will be your starting temperatures as you get out the door for work and school tomorrow morning. future weather is showing you we will have the fog with us first thing tomorrow morning. from fremont to san jose we will be clear where the swath
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of fog is over the heart of the bay area and through the golden gate straight from say oakland to richmond, vaw vallejo, novato and expect fog first thing. i don't think it is out of the question with the ocean influence. we can have an isolated patch of drizzle. won't be widespread, but a summer-like pattern is developing and it pulls back to the coast. the coast is cloudy, but inland we see lots of sunshine and temperatures will respond in the upper 70s to the lower 70s. 79 in san jose. 76 in milpitas. 74 redwood city. downtown san francisco, afternoon sunshine and 66 and lots of clouds at 62 degrees. we have about 74 petaluma and 76 in vallejo. oakland is 72. 70 san leandro and 69 in berkeley. lots of sun inland, but not as warm as we were. knock about 10 degrees off. 79 in pittsburgh and 79
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pleasanton. the next seven days, we are tracking some scattered showers. that will come late wednesday into thursday. the system scoots by the bay area to the north. as we track an isolated shower, the future tracker shows it is light in nature with less than a 10th of an inch of rain. tomorrow we have coastal clouds and noticeably cooler. by wednesday late into thursday there is a chance of a light shower. friday the clouds linger and by saturday and sunday more in the way of sunshine and spring-like temperatures in the 60s and 70s. tomorrow the fog returns and so too do the cooler temperatures. >> cooler temperatures. thanks, drew. well, more proof it is the curry's world and we are just living in it. the exclusive conversation about balancing life in the nba and
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so we stay right in the middle. >> well, steph curry and his wife are featured in the june issue of "parents magazine" and they sat down for n exclusive interest view with "good morning america" how they juggle nba life with raising two young daughters. see the full interview tomorrow after our morning news on" gma" at 7:00 this morning. and it would be nice to have him back in the lineup, but not too soon. >> i agree with you there. probably one of the top two athletes in the world right now. it is unbelievable. warriors lays a new trail against portland at oracle. klay thompson lead the way with a career high 37 points, but one man does not ma
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you by riverwalk casino. >> steph curry may be ready to go in the playoff series in port land. they didn't need him today because klay thompson went off. he will test his me on the court in practice. klay thompson meanwhile came out on fire. 18 points in the first quarter. buries the deep three and thz a curry three. clay was a man possessed. he hit seven of four teen three's. total team effort. coast to coast and green only the fifth triple double. 11 assists and high five's from steph. clay behind the back pass to andre bogut. the warriors take game one and game two is at oracle. >> we did the necessary things
11:30 pm
to win the game, but it is never easy and we can never really blow the game open. we go up 24 and we coming right back. that's a smart ball club we are playing. >> the sharks are the most dangerous predators and san jose shows us why as they improve to 6-1 in the playoffs. playoff hockey is physical. he will attest to that. the second period and sharks score their eighth goal in seven games. he tied it late in the third. pavel ski with his 6th of the playoffs. he scores on the empty net. predators scored a late goal, but the sharks hold on to the victory and game three is tuesday in nashville. >> we knew they would be better. they are coming off an emotional win and we matched their level the first couple periods.
11:31 pm
and then tonight you knew they would be rested and ready to come out. >> giants facing the mets. top four and a run in for the giants. hunter pence goes opposite field. 3-0g-men on a wet day in new york city. matt bum went six score less and here in the fifth and buster posey and see ya. his fourth of the year. giants win it big. back to 500 and they are off to cincinnati. across the parking lot at the coliseum, the third pitch of the game and he connects for the seventh homer of the year. 1-0 houston just like that. the astros are six and two-thirds. looking to end the fifth and a two-1 game in the flienth. two-1 game in the 9th. a's are hosting seattle
11:32 pm
starting tomorrow. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. more nba action and what a day at talladega. all of that is coming up. stick around. >> thanks a lot. cruising into the future. after a half century of waiting they have set sail on
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center. >> for the first time in years republicans will play a big role in deciding who gets the presidential nomination. each of california's 53 congressional districts awards the top vote getter three delegates no matter how many republicans are registered in the district. that means san francisco
11:36 pm
republicans could have a little more say than republicans in heavily conservative orange county because there are more districts here. the primary is june 7th. two fishermen are safe after their boat sank off the san lea lea -- san leandro marina. neither was hurt. in seattle, nine people were arrested during may day protestses. some of the protesters became violent. four police officers suffered minor injuries including one that was hit with a monthly tiff cook -- molotov cocktail. may day is an international celebration of workers rights. the family of the mother and daughter reunited at the scene of a crash that kill them. tiffany wilson was there and has this powerful message for drivers. >> a baby holding her bottle. a mother holding her daughter. everyday moments, now the lasting memories this family holds on to. >> that's how we remember. it is like an angel.
11:37 pm
>> they died on may 2nd, 2015 when the accused drunk driver brian jones crashed into them after leaving the wine festival. >> it has been a tough year. >> last year at this time the family was here celebrating a first communion and today they are trying to prevent another drunk driver from getting on the road. for some of them it is the first time back to the crash site. >> it feels like yesterday. just a couple hours. >> they channeled their grief into action as they made a somber procession down the street. jones drove. >> the most important thing for people to know is they have choices to make and it is fine if they want to go to the wine festival or go anywhere and drink. they need to make a choice before they go about how they will get home. jay mothers against drunk driving is working on a state bill that would require a dui offender to use an ignition inner lock device. >> it would stop an impaired
11:38 pm
driver from driving. >> angel martinez wishes he could turn back the clock and instead he is looking forward and making you are everyone can get a safe drive. >> don't drink and drive. you will kill people. you not just killed somebody. you killed a whole family. >> abc7 news. >> a massive fire gutted a historic landmark church in new york city. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of the video. it is located in manhattan's flat iron district. the church dates back to the 1850's. today's fire happened on the same sunday orthodox christians celebrate easter. there could be major delays after a freight train derailed. you can see the pile of rail tracks.
11:39 pm
crews contained the leak. commuter trains from maryland cannot use the tracks for the time being. now back to the race for president where the focus is on indiana. primaries are on tuesday and the front runners hillary clinton and donald trump are trying to add to their considerable delegate leads. candice gibson shows us the campaign efforts tonight. >> donald trump is hoping the indiana primary will put his last two rivals down for the count. >> i knocked out 17 people. the last two are hanging by their fingertips. they are choking. don't let me fall. >> one poll shows him with a lead over ted cruz and john kasich trailing far behind. >> if we went in there most people thought we quit the race and then we can focus on crook cede hillary. please, let's focus on hillary. >> trailing by 400 delegates ted cruz vows to take it to
11:40 pm
the republican convention, but indiana could be the last best hope. >> are you on the 30 yard line. it is not a touchdown. donald wants everyone to say, hey, the game is over. >> hillary clinton is campaigning in indiana and greeting voters with a commanding lead over bernie sanders and she is now taking the fight to the republican front runner. >> we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. like cruz, sanders is promising to battle on after the primary season. while admitting it is -- >> a tough road to climb. >> it ain't over until it is over. >> in other word, the convention will be a contested contest. >> voters will have their say about that on tuesday m candice gibson, abc news, new york. >> for the first time in more than 50 years, a cruise set
11:41 pm
sail from miami bound for cuba. the fireboats sprayed water into the air as carnival corporations set sail. cuba lifted the policy of banning cuban born people from arriving boy sea. carnival plans to make the voyage every other week. it was the end of an era. they delivered their final performance for the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus. they used elephants in the shows for the last 145 years, but they changed the policy after the animal rights groups campaigned against it. the animals will live at a conservation center in florida. it was decision day for president obama's eldest daughter, malea. she will attend harvard university in 2017. malea visited a dozen public and private colleges during her search. she was spotted at stanford a couple weeks ago when she came
11:42 pm
to the bay area for some fundraisers. the 17-year-old will graduate high school in june and then take a year off before starting classes at harvard. the surprise of a lifetime for a daycare worker who devoted her life to others. and berry on the loose -- and bear on the loose. tense moments as a bear darted into a lives room. >> and coming off a warm weekend. cooler air arrives tomorrow. so does fog and shower chances. the full accu-weather forecast ahead. >> and then at 11:00, the bay area ballroom scene you won't see at "dancing with the stars."
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to walk pretty much everywhere got the surprise of her life thanks to a small community. abc news reporter has that story. >> why this video has been seen by so many, start with christie owens. she starts with kids at a daycare center and is much loved, especially by this little girl's mom, britney nichols. that is britney on the left who is telling christie she noticed something a couple of sundays ago. >> and then britney chokes up which brings christie in with a hug although she is not sure what the emotion is about.
11:46 pm
>> outside there is a car waiting which britney and a lot of other people donated to give to christie as a gift who has never even driven. still in the hug, she tells tee she is -- christie she is getting the car. >> the hug lasted a good longtime and so did the tears. and when you consider what christie said -- >> i am serving my purpose. and my purpose is to impact somebody. >> she has done that for sure. but impact it goes both ways. >> abc news, washington. >> firefighters chased off a small bear as it got into an apartment. he made it to the second floor and got into a living room
11:47 pm
which was a surprise for the man inside. he locked himself in the bathroom. firefighters were able to coax the bear into the hallway. the animal darted outside the building and no one was hurt including the bear. there was no picnic basket inside. >> we are talking about fog regrouping along the coast. the golden gate bridge camera is showing you the light. a little hazy out there. the fog is streaming in from the south and it will move in. some spots will have low cloud and especially along the coast where the clouds will linger for much of monday. the temperatures will come back down to lower 50s. 48 in santa rosa and 50 throughy in san jose and concord. your starting temperature is about 50
11:48 pm
degrees. the highs will feel cooler than it was today. we will go to 66 in san francisco and about 81 in antioch and 81 livermore and 65 in santa cruz and 77 the high in napa. late wednesday and into thursday we may have an isolated shower, but it will be spotty in nature and a 10th of an inch of rain. we have coastal cloud. sunshine on saturday and sunday neck weekend. >> drew, thank you very much. there was exciting playoff action in town tonight. >> a little bit of everything. the warriors report the only playoff team in the bay area as your san jose sharks are playing perhaps the best hockey. they will take care of nashville and we have it for you next in sports. >> when it happens where you live -- >> developing news in the east
11:49 pm
bay. a major water line break in emeryville. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> your story -- >> 7 on your side is changing the way we do business. >> i know this is a scam. >> i was trying to scare
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you by riverwalk casino. >> the sharks may be the best team in the playoff right now as they had another strong effort against the predators improving to six and one in the playoffs. they score with the right pass. sharks lead the power play. tied it at eight in the third and the captain and joe pavelski with his 6th of the playoffs. he had an assist and scores the empty netter. it was a 3-2 victory and game three moves to nashville on tuesday. >> when you have trust in your team we know what we are capable of. we is a to go out and i am not being is ad to do something
11:53 pm
spectacular, just doing my job. >> steph curry may be ready to go in game 3 against the blazers. they didn't need him today because klay thompson had a heck of a game. steph will test his knee on the court tomorrow. klay on fire. 18 points in the first quarter and bury the three. he was a man possessed. goes for the career high 37 and hits seven of 14 three's. up at the half. the fifth triple-double and 13 boards and a high five from steph. warriors up 20 after three. then behind the bag to bogit. warriors take game one and game two is set for tuesday at oracle. i was the only guy who could hold klay down one on one after the game. >> klay, you must like these 12:30 starts. you came out on fire.
11:54 pm
>> i like them because you have the whole day to do something fun. i may go to the park with rocco, but a beautiful day out and more beautiful when you are winning the game. >> you were aggressive from the get go and started draining three's. i think you like being the lead dog out on the sled. >> i was just trying to use my teammates as mop as possible. it is not about -- it is about playing my game. >> when you are throwing down does it feel like the defense? >> it is getting your legs ready for a two-way battle. i take pride in it. it is fun. >> there is a big break and
11:55 pm
you don't play again until saturday. you have to lock it down and hold serve here on tuesday. >> definitely. we do not want to lose in this building. we come out with the same intensity and play with the same verse ross tee. >> all right in the east game seven of the first round. duane weighed is not letting miami lose this one. a sweet move in the third. alone for the slam and he had a game high 25. heat win it 106-73. they take on the winner of the pacers-raptors series. raptorses haven't won since 2001. derozan had 30 points. my oh my what a move. the raptors will square off in the second round and toronto wins it 89-84 the final. crazy day at talladega. if i apt first, you're --eif
11:56 pm
you ain't first, you're last. he went spinning and his day was done. he finished 28 because 35 of 40 40 -- 21 finished on the no major injuries. he was one of five lucky cars not involved in any wrecks. a little shake and bake. he lead the race 46 laps and will take the checkered flag, but not before another crash happened right behind him. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. the sharks move to markville for game three to take on the predators two games to none. have i been telling anybody that will listen that the sharks will win that stanley cup when nobody is noticing because everybody is paying attention to the par yes, sirs. it is great when we have two teams in there.
11:57 pm
you can't go wrong going to either one. >> you can't. >> it will be a lot of fun. >> with ricky bobbie, i didn't see the invisible fire. >> if you ain't first you're last. >> steph curry will be on live on "good morning america" of the one of the most popular athletes right now. >> he wants to come back. you don't want him to come back. >> i want him to stay healthy for the next series against san antonio. >> thanks a lot. for drew and shu, i'm eric thomas and thank you fo
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