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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 2, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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during the incident. it started at 1:00 a.m. police spended to a call in the bayview of an accident. the driver had crashed into parked vehicles. they chased the saturday car and said the driver refused to stop. it lasted 15 minutes. it ended in the mission. police arrested a woman who was driving the car. they have not released any information on her but they are still investigateing. >> happening right now the plane powered by the sun will take off in half an hour continuing the journey around the world. matt keller is at moffett field with the solar impulse two. matt? >> we checked at moffett field half an hour ago and the plane is on the runway.
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in half an hour the solar impulse two will be taking off. here is video we shot they had to push plane to part of the runway where it will take off. it is headed to phoenix, arizona , on the journey an the world. the leg will take 16 hours. solar impulse two is capable of flying day and night without few with 17,000 solar cells built in the wing that power the batteries that power the four electric engines. that is how it flies at night. the plane could my forever and only limited by the pile's sustainability. there are two pilots, one from switzerland. they landed a week and a half ago and everything is on schedule. in half an hour we should watch the solar plane take off. >> very exciting. >> developing news, five police
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officers in seattle are recovering from minor injuries. there were may day manns that town violent. officers were hit by rocks and molotov cocktails. protesters hit the streets. nine people were arrested. may day has become a rallying cry for immigrants and work accommodations >> at home, chants in english and spanish filled the air through oakland's fruitvale district. labor leaders call for decriminalizing the immigration status of a person, with people migrating not because they want to but to survive. >> happening today a federal judge is expected to make decision in a heartbreaking case. the question, in a resolutionville couple can keep their son who was declared brain dead on life support. the two-year-old suffered
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complications from asthma attack. his parents want the judge to force the dogs to keep hill on feed asking breathing tubes which is against california law. israel's parent want for move him to new jersey where he is allowed to be kept alive similar to that of jahi mcmath with her parents winning a long legal battle to move her to new jersey. doctors declared her brain dead after surgery in oakland. >> happening today, rinse's family is headed to court to determine what will happen to everything he left hype. his network was believed $300 million. in assets include his brands, record label and the thousands of unreleased songs. his only full sub he did not have a law. >> suspended raiders linebacker smith will be in court for the start of the d.u.i. trial in santa clara county. the case stems from the augur in
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santa clara on misdemeanor hit-and-run and d.u.i. charges. he was released and then signed with the raiders. he was suspended for a year for violate the substance abuse policy. the raiders resigned the line backer but he can not return until november 17. >> do you remember the perked bandit wanted for a string of bank robberies arrested in brentwood after someone the resonded him buying raidsors -- raiders? he will arraigned in court in oakland. the 34-year-old is confessing to robbing 11 bangs saying he used $27,000 to pay off the bills because of financial difficulty. he now faces 20 years in prison in convicted. >> the warriors will practice to get ready for game two of playoff theirs against the trail blazers. >> i am sure a lot of you are watching as the warriors beat
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the blazers in game one without injured mvp steph curry and klay thompson scored 37 points and led to the victory with thompson the first player in n.b.a. history to hit at least seven, three pointers in three consecutive playoff games. the team has to do more while steph curry is out. >> he wants to compete. no money intended. we obviously miss him and we have to keep up the fight without him. we will be that much better. >> surveillance camera stick did interviews during the game and say his whats of running for game three on saturday or "pretty good." >> fans arrived early and when to the tailgate. some fans scored personalized playoff passes. >> unbelievable. great. great idea. i can share it with my wife and my trends -- friends
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>> everyone's face is what he will do. >> all right. >> will tailgate is hold on the south side of oracle arena at all whom games stating at 4:30 in the afternoon. it is free. >> tip-off for dame two is 7:30 tomorrow at oracle arena and the warriors head to poverty land for game three on saturday at 5:30. you can see it right here. game four is set for a week from today in portland. >> stanley cup fever heating up, sharks flying nashville at the lay off series shifts to the bridge stone arena. the men took a 2-0 lead. the sharks were put ahead in the third period and san jose hung on to win. game three is tomorrow in nashville. >> happening tomorrow, alameda county residents out in full force to try to ban fracking. the county commission will hold
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a hearing to discuss whether to stop fracking and water understanding, when the water is injected into a reservoir to increase the pressure. the alameda against fracking coalition has been work on the proposal for two years now, and the meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at the alameda county office in hayward. >> temperatures up to 12 degrees cooler this morning. we are still comfortable out there low-to-mid 50s from san ramon and dublin at 52 to pleasanton hill at 58. and livermore at 52. and mid-50's down the bay shore and interest san jose and mountain view is warmer at 58. and cooler in novato and 48 in stand rose and todays it will be mild and dry. at the peach, we will call it "fair." not so warm as over the weekend, more clouds and breezy. and strong sunshine. if you are jogging. from the explore storm at pier 15, today and tomorrow the temperatures are the same, more shoulds tomorrow and scattered showers on wednesday.
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>> beyond university avenue to emeryville and the macarthur maze it is looking great. this is a nice stream of headlights and everyone is about 15 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco. at the toll plaza a couple of cars are stacked up and those are cash-paying lanes on the left-hand side so stay to the ride. milpitas area, 8 80's, northbound, a couple of cars were into it and cleared to the right-hand shoulder. we will look at the san jose commute in a couple of minutes. >> republicans find themselves in the spotlight during the race for 2016. next, all three going contenders could be wooing them. >> two bay area men safe and sound after a fishing any takes sound after a fishing any takes an unwanted
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help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. >> you san calf, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a look at moffett field. this is the ground solar impulse two is ready to take off in 19 minutes. it is on the record breaking trip around the world using the power of sun. the pilot just tweeted that he has been given clearance to take off. we will bring you the take off
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at 5:00 a.m. >> a group of voter could have a big say for who will win the republican presidential nomination. legal beyond -- lilian kim explains. >> donald trump and ted cruz and john kasich appeared in bulge game at convention. they have left but the volunteers know they are back but it will go to the wire. the get-out-the-vote efforts are in high gather. san francisco resident is a co-chair. >> we have not had any influence usually on outcome of the nominating process. this time we have an out-sized influence. we have every reason to be excited and to be involved. >> each of the california's 53 congressional districts awarded the top vote getter three degrees no matter how many republicans are registered.
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a republican in san francisco where from are only 30,000 registered republicans gets more say in the process than a republican in orange county, where there are more than 165,000 registered republicans. >> there is an opportunity for someone like ted cruz to come in and fire up a segment of voters, maybe only a few thousand voters and walk away with delegates. >> that means donald trump winning the juan 7 primary is no easy tack. the vice chair of the california republican party --. >> someone up by march or february but in the bay area we only see candidates asking for money not for our vote the we are excited about that. >> senator mrs. will campaign -- senator bernie sanders will campaign in end and expected a contested d convention. he claims that hillary clinton will fall short of the pledged delegates needed to win presidential nomination. afternoon he now is calling on
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super delegates from states where he beat hillary clinton to support him. >> hillary clinton is appealing to african-american voters to prevent progress achieved under the obama presidency to be torn away. she told nacp dinner detroit that trump trouble will reverse progress made in the last few years. she will be here on friday for campaign events in oakland and in san francisco. >> two men are safe after being rescued from an overturned fishing boat. the firefighters and the coast guard raced to the scene at 6:30 last night. they searched a wide area for the membership after getting different reports of where they were and where their bet drifted >> this is what is called the marina, and we have a bay closer to the alameda city. we deployed resources to two locations to make sure we covered all bases and to locate the occupants in the water. all the men were fine and
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refused medical treatment after being rescued. >> someone in the south by is waking up a new millionaire. we were in san jose where someone bat a powerball ticket that matched five of the six winning numbers on saturday worth $1.2 million. the store gets $6,000 check. on wednesday it climbed to $348 million. >> surveillance steph curry is a look of life at foam. >> match be tattoos. >> right here. >> ien withed to see it. >> come on. >> steph curry and his wife are issued in june "parents," magazine sitting down with america how they juggle n.b.a. life with raising two young daughters. you can see the full interview at 7:00 a.m. when we will see
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the tattoos. >> adorable. >> recognition. can't wait to get tips. my kids are too old. >> a little too late. >> bummer. >> too late to enjoy the warm weather because it is just about over. the winds are blowing ashore in fairfield at 15 miles per hour. the ferry building has flags pointing to the east so cooler freezessed to and unsettled pattern means a chance of scattered showers on wednesday and thursday and calmer and seasonal this week unlike the breezes the past weekend. sunnyvale and pill pete -- milpitas at 76. cooler on the peninsula from los altos and mountain view at 76 and milbrae at 72. clouds are lingering at coast and low-to-mid 60s for you. mid-to-upper 60s in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and mid-60s along
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the north bay coast and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley from petaluma at 74 to napa at 77 and along the east bay more upper 60s, hercules, richmond, berkeley, everyone else 70 to 72. inland, warm spot antioch and livermore at young. tonight, cloud cover is back and our temperatures are milder than this morning, upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow cooler than today with the sea breeze continuing, a chance of showers on wednesday and coolest on thursday, a light rebound in temperatures for the weekend. >> good morning, now, to san jose, we will check 87 beyond the shark tank, and northbound, the headlights are headed past julian and it is like conditions this morning at 4:47. recent town, 101 northbound at 880, also moving nicely with no delays, the headlight are headed northbound. overall traffic map is green. that is fantastic.
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near the fremont and milpitas area northbound 880, off to the right hand shoulder not affecting anything and we are seeing slow traffic from the central valley and then it pick up into the livermore area. we will check the north by drive in a few minutes. >> a warning for parents, danger on the lay ground, -- playground, putting your children at risk. but, first, america's money. >> topping america's money be starbucks sued over ice say there is too much ice in the cold front with a william seeking $5 million for every starbucks customer in ten years. starbucks said the suit is absurd. >> marissa mayer can look forward to a massive pay out in the event of changes. she is entitled to severance of
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$55 million in she is fired or in yahoo is sold. the share price lost a third of its value last year. >> "jungle book," is roaring, from disney. it took in $42 million, almost as much as the next six films combined. combined. that is combined. that is i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play.
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>> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. >> a new study sheds light on a disturb trend affecting kids: playground concussions rising. research shows 2 under 14 are rubbed to the hospital with concussions and traumatic brain injuries. the rate is double between 2005 and 2013. researchers say monkey bars and swings are the biggest culprit. equipment checks, adult supervision and using soft material for the grand surface lake sand or wood chips. >> are the bill boards you pass spy on new that is what charles schumer wants the federal government to find out, the new york governor a relative of amy schumer. the senator claims that some companies use cell phone data to
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target customers by tracking their travel patterns. the company claims the data is anonymous coming from a third party like the cell phone provider. to this is making you feel creeped out there is a fix to limit ad tracking under your phone's privacy society -- setting. >> students locally will compete in the national science fair in washington, dc, today. the department of energy provides the photos of the students showing off math and science skill. 14,000 students across the countries take part in this each rear. they will be live streaming the event starting at 5:30 this morning in half an hour. we have a link on our website. >> firefighters are on the way to kick out an unwanted house guest in ason, colorado. can you see its head peek out? right this.
4:54 am
curious little bear. the firefighters got the guy the hallway and got him to leave the area. >> come on. come on. go on. yeah! >> what on earth? he is not that little. >> come on, roar. >> like that, the bear was gone. the give would lives there said he locked himself in the bathroom and called 9-1-1. when he walked into the unlocked facility on saturday. "little," is in perspective. firefighter say the bear was look through the refrigerator. no one was hurt. the bear is just fine. all the lesson? lock the door! >> there you go. you never know who will come in. >> he did not even knock! >> now, good morning, the beginning of may and technically
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that was yesterday. 68 to 69 in oakland. 55 on the low side. 105 is the extreme down to 43. we have had up to 3" and a full moon on 21st. the a's take on mariners this evening, and dropping all the way down to 57 the around the state, not is many thunderstorms across the sierras as yesterday. beautiful to see the billowing clouds at 59 in lake tahoe, and 72 in yosemite. mid-70s around san diego and los angeles. sue? >> in san rafael, through industrial and southern marin all the way to the golden gate bridge you are looking at 22 minute ride and in we watch the zipper truck change the formation for this morning you are looking at four lanes southbound, two lanes northbound, hazy, but, mike has been mentioning there is not a lost heavy fog and i will look at central valley, it is getting slow headed up and over the altamont pass, and, otherwise,
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we will check back to see not road work has been picked up. >> we went to bet back to moffett field because we understand the solar plane is moments away from taking off. >> we were expecting it to take off in four minutes from now, and we do know that the pilot tweeted out a few minutes ago he has been clearing to take off. this is a record-breaking june any all the way around the world. it has called the bay area him for a week. the batteries are charged because it is not bright outside. there are batteries charged and ready to go. it will take off. the next stop is going to be in arizona today. >> it came here from hawaii and was there longer than expected, nine months when they had a problem they needed to fix. being able to go from hawaii across the pacific was a huge
4:57 am
feat they pulled off. several spots including new york city, before they make their way again cross the atlantic and go back to where they started to make their full circuit. exiting stiff. when we see the plane take off we will check with matt keller at moffett field this morning. >> the brussels airport re-opened the departure hall yesterday for the first time since the deadly attacks six weeks ago. the airport resumed some flights but passengers used a temporary check in because of the extensive damage. airport officials called this an "important day," in the recovery and effort to revive the city's i imagine and hope to be at full capacity mid-june. 32 people died in the march 22 attack at the airport and brussels subway. >> the first cruise ship between the united states and cuba in 50 years will take part in havana. the boots sprayed water spot air as carnival corporation set
4:58 am
sail. 600 passengers on the historic voyage followed cuba lifting the policy on banning cuban been people by arrive back not kept by sea the camp value will make the voyage every other week including a two day stop in havana with prices at $1,800 a person the. >> a thief steals money from a program that helps kids with autism and the community is stepping up. >> solar impulse 2 is minutes away from leaving the bay area and continuing the historic trip back
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