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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 2, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in antioch, this is the police investigation underway at this store, a scene violence this morning. a 27-year-old woman is dead. a clerk 2:00 a bullet in the arm. the gunman is in custody. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am natasha zouves. the woman who died was just a customer shopping at 7:00 a.m. can you see where this is, near lone tree way where amy hollyfield is gearing details. >> antioch police are still here on the scene and this store is closed while they investigate the murder that happened just a
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little after 7:00 this morning. it sounds like it was a domestic dispute. a 27-year-old wases with shot dead at the quick stop a34-year-old man turned himself in to the antioch police department and arrested. witnesses say he is the boyfriend of the victim. the store clerk said the two were in an argument and the clerk tried to step in and break it up. he was shot in the arm. when the neighbors saw the police activity they rush to see in he was okay. he is. they identified him as tom payn and talked to him about what happened. >> it does not surprise me. that is the type of guy he is, he see as problem can he can help, he will help. >> he was taken to the hospital for the wound but is expected to be okay. police say the suspect is toxic resident and they have not released his name or the name of the woman killed. they are asking for any witnesses or anyone who knows
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about what happened to call. >> thank you. the families of five women killed in a horrific limousine crash on the san mateo bridge are taking their fit for justice to a courtroom today. happening right now the jury selection is being finalized in a case over the crash: five women including a bride-to-be died in the inferno in 2013. the familiars are suing san jose based limousine company for wrongful death. oning statement could start by this afternoon. an investigation by the d.a. determined that the crash stemmed from a mechanical failure and not from any criminal negative jones by the -- criminal negligence bit driver. >> in orinda, this is a water main break. the break was reported after 8:30 this morning. water has been flooding the garages but not hoaxes they have
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not said when the road will re-open. all the solar impulse 2 is now on the way to the next destination in an attempt to be the first all solar powered plane to fly around the world. it enjoyed a picture perfect pre-dawn take off from moffett field at 5:00 this morning. right new it is flying over to the fresno area in the central valley and will land in phoenix at 9:00 this evening. this is the live streaming, including the battery charged, the data and the numbers and you can see this is a view of the control room, mission control right new, where the flight is being monitored. you can follow it on our news app and matt has more from mountain view. >> the solar powered plane took off in the dark under the moon and the moffett field buzzing after pack a.m. and the lift off was smooth for the pilot.
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>> so far, so good. >> this is the first leg of the trip across the united states, as the solar impulse 2 tries to become the first solar plane to circle glenn. it started in abu dubai last year happening in the bay area last week after lying from hawaii. it slowly is making its way to phoenix. the flight will take 16 hours and if you drove this from silicon valley, it would only take ten hours. >> looking forward to this. >> what a view. the pilot tweeted this perth and said the sun is rising and it feels good to be flying an the world with solar impulse 2 again the plane is kippable of flying day and night without fuel with 17,000 solar cells built in the wing. they powered the four batteries that power the four electric engines. solar impulse said that the plane could fly forever and is only limited by the sustain bit the pilot. that is why the two pilots switch off at controls.
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>> he loves to fly, like me and anything this plane is addict addictive. you fly with no noise, no pollution, and the impression to make a jump into the future. >> looking into the future the next leg of the trick will be from phoenix to albuquerque or to kansas city depending on the weather. so peaceful. the journey is big news on twitter. here are the highlights. this is the mission director and flight director managing from mission control in monaco, one pilot tweeting as he steers the plane to morning sharing this picture of him actually eating right this, at 8,100' up and making for incredible views like this, also, tweeted by andre, the pilot, as he leaves the bay the he said the solar impulse two is his good friend.
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can you follow on the journey by watching live stream on our news app. >> police need your help tracking down a thief who stole funds collected for kids with autism. look at this surveillance video, taken inside digger's dine are last week and the camera captured all the action at the tough the screen, the guy on the right who dash without a jar filled with money. the diner own are said they have been raising funds for a program to help kids with autism for a month and it would be a final batch of custom donations. >> we emily them so hopefully three did not get too much but the fact he would take that, it is just...sad. >> when word got out donations have been pouring in to make up for what is stolen and he is hopeful they will raise more than before. >> federal judge will rule what a sacramento family can force doctors to continue troop on their 2-year-old son declared
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brain dead. tiffany is in the newsroom. it fools similar to the jahi mcmath case. >> yes, and it is very similar the legal battle surrounding jahi mcmath attracted national attention. this family is finding themselves in a similar position. >> a mother's love does not end when the laughter stops or when a child's life is declared ended up. >> a month ago 2-year-old israel stinson want without oxygen after an asthma attack and he was declareed brain dead. >> doctors are wrong each day. >> they point to the movement in the video of proof of life. >> we foe in brain dead there are enstamps where payships may appear to move. these are involuntarily reflexes that come from the spinal cord. they may look like twitches or muscle contractions and it is
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difficult for people to see. >> his parents will hear from a federal judge today about whether they can force doctors to put israel on a ventilator and feeding tube, procedures that california hospitals will not perform on a dead or brain dead patient. their fight echoes the legal battle of jahi mcmath's family in 2013. the family moved to new jersey where laws that govern indeed are different the israel's parents hope for the same outcome. >> in he is not exactly the same that we want but that does not noon he is dead or we have to let go and plan a funeral. >> they are holding on to hope. >> this time i want you to make up. wake up. wake up, wake up. israel, wake up, wake up. >> heartbreaking watching her to try to wake him help. the dad set up an account to raise money we have a link on, the life flight alone to new jersey costs
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$20,000 and as of this morning they have raised $9,600. in the news room for abc7 news. >> tough. >> new details involving prince's multimillion dollar estate. this morning a judge would not rule out the possibility that there could be a will, after all, look at this video of the family leaving a minnesota courtroom this morning. the team of financial advisors handling the estate said they are still searching for the possibility of will. his sister filed papers saying to her knowledge her brother did not have one dying two weeks ago leaving $300 million up for grabs and thousands of unreleased songs. autopsy results have not yet been released. >> the clock is ticking for california voters awe are -- as we are closer to our say in the race. >> a historic voyage at sea in cuba. >> customer could lead to a big
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payday at starbucks. stay tuned.
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>> if you details on a police chase that happened early this morning, spanning bayview and mission district. police say a 20 year old woman would not pull over after plowing into parked cars before 1:00 p.m. this morning. the chase ended on mission street after it fell off her
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car. the woman was taken into custody after a brief foot chase, and has been arrested on physical any evasion charges and driving on a suspended license. she had war rans for her arrest for grand theft in daily. all the first united states cruise ship has arrived in havana, cuba, for the first time in nearly 40 years. carnival cruise lines arrived in the cuban capital signaling resumeing commercial travel between the two countries of united states and cuba. all travel was revicked in in -- revicked in the 1970s. >> an permit deadline in the primary, three weeks including today to register door vote or switch their party affiliation, the republican primary is closed meaning only registered republicans can vote in it, the june contest stands tobly a key role in determining which gone candidate will get the nomination. 172 delegates are up for grabs and votes cast in the bay area will carry a lot of weight. here is why: each of the states
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52 district arrested the top vote getter three delegates no matter how many are registered. so san francisco which only has 30,000 republicans carries the same wait as on county, with more than five times that many. >> on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders is on trail in indiana today, ahead of the primary, and he said he expected to see a condition tested convention this summer call on super delegates in states where he beat hillary clinton to support him. hillary clinton is appealing to african-american voters during a speech over the weekend, she said that donald trump would reverse the progress made during the obama administration. she will be here in the bay area on friday, for campaign events in oakland and in san francisco. >> if you are a regular at starbucks do you think they put in too much ice their cold drinks? a. on said there is too much ice and not enough drink and she is so upset she filed a $5 million suit against the coffee giant.
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the chicago woman said starbucks packed of what of the cold drinks with ice to sketch on the drink. the suit chases a 24 ounce drink only contains 14 ounces of fluid. star buts said customers specific ice in an ice drink and will gladly remake any drink with less ice. >> some students competed against top mines in the country in the science fair. our have you been outside? check out the numbers, 20 degrees cooler in santa rosa and more cool weather on the way and several chances of light showers in the seven-day
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all the warriors are back at practice, with game two tomorrow at oracle arena and stick has a knee injury and hopes to run for game three on saturday. we hope so, too. look at the schedules of when conference semi finals, game two tip-off is tomorrow at oracle arena at 7:30 p.m. the warriors head to portland for game three on saturday at 5:30 p.m., and you can catch that game right here. game four, is a week from today in portland. the wise are not -- war years are not the only gay area team so are the sharks, after a big
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win last night a big change from the regular soap for a team that struggles at whom all year while having best record on the road. our now thank you have brought up our home record. now i am hearing how we are winning at home is not good enough, so i will take the win. >> we will take it, too. the sharks take on the predators tomorrow night. we will hope that the road luck continues. the next scheduled appearance in san jose is saturday, in needed. >> south bay students make the bay area very proud. a big round of applause for joaquin middle school for winning the national science middle school competition. >> the national science bowl is an academic competition that tests student knowledge in science and market with 14,000 constitutes participating in the bowl each year.
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>> look at that little celebration. unstated. he is not going crazy. >> now, super exciting. now, we will talk about our meteorlogical science, mike, i bet you would do amazing if that con television? >> in it was multiple choice. good morning, everyone. still sunny, the clouds is rolled back and they will linger along the coast with high clouds from time to time. the big story, check out what happened this morning, in case i were not up early enough, the may gray is back at marine layer develops and the clouds, south loan the hills, rolling like a river signifying a big change from yesterday. look at the temperatures, most of us in the 60s, a few 70s, and, still, 55 degrees at half moon bay. the winds you can see they are blowing on shore not is strong but they will be picking up a little bit and why think it will be so breezy this week as last
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antioch. here is a look from sutro tower with the haze hanging around and clouds are lingering and cool breezes and unsettled wednesday through friday and that means a chance of scattered light showers are possible and this weekend, it is starting to trend calmer, and hopefully we can rid of that system for a quiet weekend. 76 to 79 is the temperature in the south bay, the rain, and it is more narrow and cool on the peps that at 72 to 76, along the coast, we will struggle and get into the 60s when the clouds break up more this afternoon. 66 in downtown san francisco. head through the north by you will start with the 70s in san rafael and up to 77 in napa, and the east bay sure, upper 60s in hercules and richmond and berkeley and the rest of us around 70 to 72 and east bay is least affected and walnut creek is showing we are running around 63 degrees and, the tree pollen is down as is the grass account
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weed poll were is absent and the u.v. index is very high, again this afternoon. hopefully you are not suffering like you were yesterday, i caught my son's baseball team, the allergies with a catcher's matt...ugly. >> mariners are take on the ams, dropping down to 57 at end of the game. the temperatures will drop into the 60s by 7:00, and 50s by 9:00. my seven shows we could lose 10-15 more degrees by the time we bottom out on thursday. right new the models are saying thursday into friday could be the better chance and the key is it is so scattered and lighted we did not put a storm-impact scale on them. hopefully that will change and squeeze out more moisture but right now it is minute at less than .1". >> the biggest stars in fashion and entertainment will grace the red carpet at the metropolitan
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art g-a-l-a a chance for stylists and makeup artists to she off. tonight, the theme is "fashion in the age of technology," a nod to silicon valley, and this could be some l.e.d. lights who knows. it is an invitation only event, a fundraiser for the museum's costume institute and a super bowl of fashion. >> i can see a dress made up of chips. in a new interview with parents magazine steph curry and his wife open up about their
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>> now the first family of basketball, steph curry and his wife are giving a look of life off the court in parents magazine, the june issue with their two adorable little girls. >> we love them. >> they talk about their kids, marriage, and the tweet treat that brought them together. >> i am canadian and the thing that we bond over was canadian candies, this fuzzy beaches. >> it is funny because now in our house, that particular brand of candy will always be
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signature staple in our pantry. >> ever had the fuzzy peaches? you are missing out. they are from. all the new issue is on the newsstandses right now v a great day, everyone. committee
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>> need a reason to stick around for the next 30 minutes? i can give you about 1 million of them. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. let's get right to it. our first contestant is a 25-year-old recent graduate and a third grade teacher who may just be leaving with a book bag full of cash today. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome jeanell allen. [cheers and applause] >> hello. >> hi, jeanell. >> how are you? >> good. come on over. >> all right. oh, yeah. whoo! [cheers and applause] [laughs] >> they get like this when brooklyn's in the house. >> yes! [cheers and applause]


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