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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. thank you for joiping us on this monday. a woman is dead and a man is in jail from an apparent domestic related shooting. the clerk may have stepped in to help and got shot in the process. we're live with details. >> reporter: the 27-year-old clerk is recovering in the hospital today. he was shot in the forearm. the female victim and male suspect are both from antiokay. she is dead and she's in custody and that clerk may have been trying to help the victim. >> all i did was i saw him on
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the gournny getting loaded into the ambulance. >> reporter: thomas payne was terrified when he saw his son wounded. police say early monday a 27-year-old woman walked into the store and was confronted by a 34-year-old man with a gun who fired killing her. >> i know that one lady was killed and my son was shot in the arm and he had blood all over his hands that wasn't his. >> reporter: the suspect turned himself into the police department a short time later, a possible domestic dispute. witnesses say the clerk may have stepped into to help. >> he seen is it and tried to step in to help. >> reporter: his father is not surprised in he would have tried to help her. >> reporter: police are looking for information and witnesses to the crime. the victim and suspect have not been identified. abc 7 news.
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a 20-year-old woman was arrested following a chase. police say she refused to pull over after she plowed into parked cars just before 1:00 a.m. the chase ended when a wheel on her car fell off wt women was taken into custody after a brief foot chase. a driver was air lifted to the hospital after his big rig caught fire on 580. we were over the scene. two big rigs were involved in a crash and one caught fire. flames spread to grass but the fire was put out. a fire sent smoke into the air. >> there were no injuries, but a houseboat was destroyed. >> reporter: this boat is behind me. it was moved here a short time ago. it went up in flames just afternoon today. i'm told by firefighters this
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could have been a lot worse had the wind been blowing in a different direction. it went up in a matter of minutes just afternoon the 35 foot houseboat and quickly spread to the boat in the next birth. >> it was a very long way out here. there's no fire hydrants that are in close proximity to this location, but once we were able to make access, we had to stretch line down the pier to the boat. >> reporter: several boats conver converged on the marina. >> as you see the damage had been done. >> reporter: but brown is the harbor master. are you feeling lucky it didn't spread more. >> yeah, the wind was blowing in the right direction. >> reporter: the houseboat was completely destroyed. the boat next to it had some serious damage. but the roxy survived with
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minimal damage. >> one of the sails is a little melted and the sail covers got singed and some of the port holes cracked. >> reporter: investigators don't know what started the fire. the woman who lives on the boat was not home when the fire started. a fire at a mobile home park was quickly extinguished this afternoon. two mobile homes burned. it was knocked down in about half an hour. abc 7 news was in the mountains as crews spot fire before the flames start. they cleared brush today as the governor declared it the start of fire awareness week. the fire season in this region may be delayed until july because of the spring rain. but guess what, it could be a rough fire season. this is a live look where you
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can see the green grass starting to turn brown. >> spencer is here with the weather. we're finally going into a drivew dry period, however there's a chance of light rain in the area later this week. right now we've got partly cloudy skies and here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. 17 degrees cooler than yesterday. 13 degrees cooler in nevada. so the clouds and the cooling have moved into change the character of this week so far. the view from mount tam currently 58 degrees in san francisco and sthe view from th rooftop camera shows clouds over the bay. 80 at fairfield.
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also a warm spot and here's a view from the eastern hills camera as we look at our first forecast. we'll see increasing clouds this evening and during the overnight hours. fog will develop overnight. and tomorrow afternoon we'll call it mostly cloudy with a few peeks of sun here and there temperatures in the upper to mid 70s. later in the week a chance of light rain. a water main break flooded two homes and cut off water to other homes nearby. it happened just after 8:30. east bay mud crews shut the water off an hour later. a 12-inch main installed in 1948 broke. crews are working to replace the broken main which connects to a distribution reservoir. water service has been restored to homes in that area. today a federal judge extended life support for a
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2-year-old boy who has been declared brain dead. the parents of the boy disagree with the medical diagnosis and believe their son is still alive. he suffered an asthma attack a month ago and went without oxygen. his parents went to court today to force doctors to keep the child on a ventilator and feeding tube. >> he's not the same that we want him to be but that doesn't mean he's dead and that doesn't mean we have to let go and plan a funeral. >> the move echos the legal battle of the oakland teen where she remains on life support there. the family is hoping for a similar outcome. the families of five women killed in a crash are taking their fight for justice to a redwood city courtroom. five women died in this fiery crash. you may remember these pictures from 2013. the women's families are suing
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the limo stop. investigators determined the crash stemd from a mechanical failure and not any criminal negligence from the driver or company. a heads up to atm users. police are reminding people to make sure they close out their transactions when they're done. two shoulder surfers with drew cash from a women's account. a search for the suspects is under way. a bridge will close next wednesday for major two year improvement project. we were over the bridge between 5th avenue and west area park. detours will be in place until then. the city plans to expand this lane in both directions and a pedestrian sidewalk as well. the entire area will be rebuilt with rest rooms and a rain water treatment area. a well traveled road through the east bay is shut down. the route connecting dublin and
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danville is closed today and will remain closed until early deuce. crews will be replacing a culvert. the replacement is a condition of a approval of a large subdivision about to be built in the area. we were at the library today as the mayor introduced a plan to put money into the libraries, transportation and sewers and more. >> some $4.9 billion in investments in the next two years that create and sustain some 41,000 jobs in the city. >> the mayor used the library which was remodelled in 2011 as an example of successful investment. the spending plan will be part of the mayor oes proposed budget. abc 7 was in the area as workers vote on whether to
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stroke. contract negotiations have been ongoing since february. workers say they aren't happy with the proposal which includes a 10 cent an hour raise and health insurance cut back. life in the bay area, why some say it's worse than ever. a new survey that shows a lot of people may be heading out. plus a glimpse of life off the court for steph curry and his family. how steph and his wife still find time for each other. at 4:30 a solar plane on its way to phoenix. you're going to hear from the pilot. at 4:10 we'll looking at the skyway in san francisco. a little bit better on the right hand side. the left-hand side trying to get
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a growing number of people say life in the bay area is getting tougher. a survey shows 40% of residents believe life here is headed down the wrong track. that's up 12% from last year. the number of people think things are headed the right way fell to 40% this year. 13% say they're likely to move out of the area in the next few years. most people point to soaring housing costs and traffic as the biggest problem. the possibility of tuition increases sparked protests today all over the state. we are here and the protest at san francisco state centered around one specific program.
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>> reporter: that's right. these students marching are upset that the university is considering cuts to the ethnic studies program. teachers who joined the protest say 40% of the faculty will lose their jobs and half the courses will be eliminated. four students began a hunger strike this morning to protest the cuts. >> we felt as students that if they're not listening to us when we're talking to them, maybe they'll listen to us when we do something else. >> at a news conference attended by the hunger strikers and other students they said the university has been taking money from a special budget to cover deficits of up to $200,000. >> we have run out of this one-time money. the president has promised to cover that shortfall next year. >> reporter: that one-time gift will prevent cuts in the next academic year, but students are
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worried about tuition hikes now that a four year freeze is expiring. the state says it's recovered only half the amount slashed from its budget during the recession and it needs more. >> all right. thank you. we have breaking news now. santa clara county prosecutors charged former 49er with the rape of a disabled women. the police say the 45-year-old former nfl defensive player of the year sexually assaulted the mentally disabled victim in his home in april of last year. the woman came to his house after he contacted her through a baby-sitter website. he faces five felony counts. bail has been sets at $250,000. the president of the swim club are still scrambling today to find a new pool for the members to use. the youth swim club was using the pool, but it suddenly closed. a letter from the property manager explained the pool was
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no longer officially viable. leaders from the club and cgulf course were scheduled to meet, but so far the swim club is without a home. steph curry will not play tomorrow. we were at the practice facility this morning as curry sat watching his teammates practice. he did participate in shooting drills this afternoon. game two tips off tomorrow night at 7:30. the warriors then head to portland for game three. join abc 7 sports director for after of the game. larry will be joined by warriors embassador here at the studio.
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steph curry and his wife are giving us a glimpse of their life off the court. they were featured in parents magazine with their two beautiful girls. >> reporter: super star stephen curry known for dominating the nba, now in an interview the point guard is revealing his best play, that of dad. >> we found him to be a completely hands on parent on our set. >> reporter: steph and his wife are sharing how they are bringing up their daughters. when we get in the car and we brought everything and everybody has socks on, it's like a dream come true. nba's first family also opening up about their marriage and how they have those private moments while still being in the limelight. >> we have matching tattoos.
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>> why are you flexing your muscle. >> i have to show it. we promise to stay right in the middle and so i like a sign and i kind of smack my tattoo and she does the same. >> he has this huge career and stardom right now, but she's a star as well. >> they aren't the only ones making headlines. they're famous daughter an overnight internet sensation stealing the thunder in lost games post game conference. he says people recognize her faster than they do us. if we go somewhere and she's not with us, that's the first question they ask, where is reily. >> that's the new issue of parchts magazine. an underdog team made history in soccer today. fans celebrated in lester after the team won the premiere league title for the first tim in its
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132 year history. they started the season with odds of 5,000 to 1. several dozen soccer fans put down money with firms and are now thousands of dollars richer. let's talk about the weather forecast. we start another week and i know the allergies are terrible. we've had some problems with pollen counts lately and those of us who are allergy sufferers have paid the price, but things may change. we have partly cloudy skies right now. a little breezy near the coast. here's the view from the camera at pier 15. these are our forecast features. we'll see clouds and fog for the early morning commute and an unsettled pattern begins mid week and a chance of week before the end of the week. let's go to the storm impact scale to rank every storm coming our way one being a light storm and five being severe, the approaching system which we
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expect to produce rain on friday will rank one on the storm impact scale producing less than a quarter inch of rainfall. starting wednesday morning there will be patches of moisture around wednesday and thursday, although they won't expect any measurable rain until friday, but it will be unsettled on thursday and there might be some wet spots thursday morning for the commute, but let's go to thursday night into friday when we expect to get a little bit of steady or a greater chance of rain and that will continue into friday afternoon and evening and by 5:00 p.m. friday our forecast rainfall totals will reach up to a quarter of an inch in the south bay and three-tenths of the central bay area. now this evening we'll see not only some high clouds, but an increase in low clouds and fog in the bay. and overnight lows will be in
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the low 50s and then tomorrow an overcast day. we'll see highs ranging from the near 60s at the coast and here at seven-day forecast. we'll have clouds hanging around for much of the week with an increasing chance of light rain and showers thursday into friday. friday looks like it won't be a washout, but it could be a fairly wet day and then clouds will thin out on saturday. over the weekend we'll see partly cloudy skies an then sunshine later in the week. high temperatures will start to gradually climb in the mid to upper 70s. we're still calling the week ahead unsettled. not a lot of rain expected, but some damp spots here and there. >> thank you so much. up next, gearing up for fashion's big night. carey washington talks about the star and the icon had extra to consider when choosing her outfit. here is a look at traffic live outside on 101.
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you can see how slow it is in th
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abc led the way at the emmy awards. general hospital took home five trophies. the show's star took home the lead actor in a drama series award and kelly ripa shared the win for outstanding entertainment talk show host. he announced he'll leave the show for a full time gig. a unique showcase of fashion and technology will hit the red carpet for tonight in new york city. the event will draw some of the biggest celebrities and designers. it's a fundraiser for the metropolitan museum. this year taylor swift hosts the
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invitation only event. tickets sell for $30,000 each. one of the big names planning to attend the night's event is carey washington. she spoke to good morning america about it. >> it's my first time and it's going to be a lot of fun. i'm really excited. i love fashion so i'm just honored to have been invited. >> we apologize. that was not carrie washington that you saw there. that's carrie washington. she actually has more big news. she announced that she's expecting her second child with her husband. the couple have a 2-year-old daughter. it seemed the world cannot get enough of new photos of prince's charlotte. they were taken last month by her mother in the uk. the photos were posted online
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yesterday. charlotte will have no shortage of gifts to celebrate her special day. she's gotten presents from 64 countries and many of those gifts from world leaders. many of the gifts will be de-nated to chart. coming up there was a scarey moment for vice presidential candidate carly fiorina. a defiant jerry san dusky fighting for a second chance to prove his claim of innocence.
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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here's what's making headlines at 4:30 an argument escalated into gunfire leaving a woman dead. a clerk at the market was shot and wounded trying to break up the fight between the man and his girlfriend. that man turned himself into police and will face charges. efforts are under way to minimize the threat of wildfires. crews were clearing brush in the mountains. you're going to hear from fire experts about the up coming fire season. carly fiorina fell from the stage after introducing senator
4:30 pm
ted cruz at a campaign event yesterday. video of the stage tumble is all over social media. michael brown posted this on youtube. here's another angle. fiorina quickly got back on the stage. the fall happened in indiana. that is a state that could be a crucial turning point in the race of president. >> reporter: trailing badly in indiana ted cruz isn't just taking on donald trump, he's now squaring off against trump supporters too. >> this man is lying. >> reporter: cruz debated a pro-trump crowd for more than seven minutes, but he didn't seem to convince anyone to switch their vote. indiana could be a make or break state for the senator and the polls show he's trailing trump by double digits. the republican front-runner was out campaigning. trump declared the race all but over. >> indiana is very important because if i win that's the end
4:31 pm
of it. >> reporter: on the democratic side a much tighter contest there. hillary clinton holds a small lead over bernie sanders. today she talked trade in kentucky. >> we still have the biggest market, the strongest economy. >> reporter: while over in indiana things are a bit more feisty at a sanders rally. >> actually this foretells the billionaire class and the corporation, that is one way to phrase it. >> reporter: sanders says he'll keep up his fight all the way to the convention this summer. he's calling on super delegates in the states he's won to give him their support even though they back clinton. republican lawmakers in virginia plan to file a challenge to a new law allowing convicted fellons to vote in november. the executive order restored the rights of fellons to vote and run for office and sit on a jury. they say people who have served
4:32 pm
their time should be given a second chance. a new move from disgraced coach jerry sandusky. he wants to present evidence says proves he was wrongly convicted. we have the latest on today's court appearance. >> reporter: fighting for a second chance to prove his innocence, jerry sun dusky arrived in court carrying a handful of documents and sounding defiant. the former assistant football coach was sentenced to 30 to 60 years for sexually abusing boys. he and his lawyers claim they deserve a new trial. in court the defense argued that sun dusky received ineffective council who allowed sandusky to give an interview. >> am i sexually attracted to under age boys, sexually
4:33 pm
attracted, no i'm not sexually atracked to young boys. >> reporter: they want to examine people who investigated people. >> jerry sun dusky is not going to get a new trial. these motions for a new trial are routinely filed and they are rarely granted and that's because courts want finality. >> reporter: prosecutors declined to comment and the judge did not immediately issue a ruling but did say he has questions about whether the defense has any factual evidence to support their arguments. the longest held american in north korea says he has dennis rodman to thank for his release. he did his first live interview today since his release after 735 days in prison. he was leading a tour when he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for what the regime called hostile acts.
4:34 pm
his plight went unnoticed until rodman suggested he may have deserved his arrest. >> i think dennis rodman being a c cata list for my release. i want to say thank you for what he has done to really brought international attention to my plight. >> reporter: rodman apologized saying he'd been drinking. a u.s. cruise ship arrived in havana for the first time in nearly 40 years. the arrival of the ship marked the resumption of commercial travel on the florida straights. many of the passengers were cuban americans returning to their native land. prince's family is now at the center of a media circus. coming up the battle over prince's estate now heads to
4:35 pm
court. we see quite a few clouds in the sky. it's going to be cloudy later in the week and maybe even wet. outside we go once again taking a look at smooth sailing on the golden gate bridge at this hour moving
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prince's family is heading to court trying to sort out the
4:38 pm
sing singer's estate. they're trying to figure out what happens to the estimated $300 million legacy. >> lawyers are still searching for a will. >> how do you hope it gets split up today. >> reporter: prince's family at the center of a media circus one by one heading into court. >> don't block the entrance. >> reporter: hoping to settle the super star's estate estimated at more than $300 million. with no spouse or children prince's sister and several half siblings appeared before a minnesota judge who asked if anyone had knowledge of a will. the room was silent. >> everyone has been spoken for and we're certain there's more to come. >> reporter: the before the hearing the attorney representing prince's older brother is insisting the family is united. >> each heir will have a vote in
4:39 pm
the process. >> reporter: people are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be his love child and sole heir. a company says one man's story has peaked their interest. >> he was born in the 80s and his mother crossed paths with prince a couple of times. >> reporter: the singer's legacy now at the mercy of the court system. >> if you have 300 or $500 million, you have to write a will. >> reporter: the court did confirm which company will handle matters involving prince's estate, but it did not address how much it's worth or how long the settlement will take. abc news los angeles. >> that could be a long fight. >> definitely. it's time to turn to our weather. >> spencer is back with the full forecast. we had a warm week with high temperatures in the 80s. it's cooled down about ten or 15
4:40 pm
degrees in most locations and coastal clouds surging towards the coast and the bay. you see the low clouds near the coast and a few thin high clouds above and those few clouds will turn into more extensive clouds during the overnight hours. tomorrow we'll probably see some showers around the northern part of the state. it will be sunnye and milder in northern california and the central valley will be warm with highs at 89. here in the bay area we'll see clouds thicken overnight and tomorrow will be a partly to mostly cloudy day. we'll see some flashes of sunshine with highs ranging from about 60 at the coast and then upper 70s in the warmest inland locations. our chances of rain look like this. around 30% on thursday and 60% on friday which appears to be the best chance of rainfall.
4:41 pm
it looks like we'll get some showers that day tapering off to 20% on saturday. here at seven-day forecast it looks like the rain will end by the weekend and on sunday mother's day look for partly cloudy to mainly sunny and mid to upper 70s and low 60s on the coast. >> thank you. still ahead on abc 7 news, inside the cockpit of a historic around the world journey without a drop of fuel. is your hair style making your hair fall out. the worst from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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the solar impulse two is on its way to phoenix after a picture perfect predawn takeoff. >> reporter: a solar powered plane took off in the dark under the moon. the solar impulse two began buzzing just after 5 ar:00 a.m. the lift
4:45 pm
it started last year. the plane landed here last week after flying from hawaii. now it's slowly making its way to phoenix. the flight will take 16 hours. if you drove there it would only take about ten hours. >> looking forward to it. >> reporter: the plane is capable of flying day and night without fuel. it has 17,248 solar cells built into the wing that power the four batteries that power the four electronic engines. the plane could fly forever and is only limited by the pilot's stus stainability. >> he love to fly like me. flying this plane is addictive. you fly with no noise. you have no pollution and you have the impression to make the
4:46 pm
jump into the future. >> reporter: looking into the future the next leg of the trip will be from phoenix to booerk or feenis to kansas. they are hoping to make it back by july. take a look. this is a look at solar impulse two live streaming. it should land in phoenix around 9:00 tonight. you can follow along on this journey by watching the live stream. >> that will be fun to follow. the food & drug administration's latest anti-smoki anti-smoking campaign is aimed at young dumts in the lgbt community. the $36 million campaign is called this pre-life. it will be featured in print and digit al advertising in 12
4:47 pm
markets. a new study links pesticide use to autism and your hair style choice may increase the risk of losing hair. >> reporter: children living in areas that carry out spraying of pesticide to kill mosquitos have a higher rate of autism. they found when spraying took place in summer children were 25% more like lie to suffer from autism. the way the pesticide is sprayed could contribute to the spread and there could be ways to minimize the damage. a national pharmacy chain has posted a blog about medical marijuana saying it can help revive systems of multiple sler
4:48 pm
roses. walgreens is not a provider of medical marijuana. quaker oats 100% natural claim is being tested after there were traces of pesticide found in oatmeal. quaker oats said this doesn't add any but it may be applied by farmers to certain grains before harvest. certain hair styles my contribute to hair loss. braids, weaves and extensions because they pull on the root and chemicily treated hair fell out earlier when that tension was applied. a woman in chicago is suing star buck's for $5 million claiming starbucks puts too much ice in its cold drinks. it packs cold drinks with ice to skimp on holding the drink.
4:49 pm
starbucks says the suit is without merit and if a customer isn't satisfied with the way the drink is made starbucks will remake it. an organic fast food restaurant will open in san francisco this week called the organic coop. all of the food products are provided by california farmers. workers will be paid $16 per hour. the organic coop opens on thursday. you got to see this. a 4-year-old singer has become the center of attention because his gospel skills were showcased online. >> this kid brought down the house at a north carolina church this month. he sings and dances and claps
4:50 pm
his way into the heart of the con gre gash. early we tried to bring an excerpt of kerry washington's interview. she said she likes her outfits to be a surprise. >> everybody wants a little hint as to what you're wearing tonight. i tried george. i'm not giving it up. something to look forward to. >> also today washington announced she and her husband are expecting their second child. their daughter turned two last month. up next, it's a neighborhood known for biotech and empty spaces, but now there's a school for schools. the new effort is in the mission bay. we have a look at what's coming up on the news at 5:00. is it art or an eyesore.
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it is time for a look at tonight's lineup. at 8:00 it's dancing with the stars and the bay area ball room scene you won't see on dancing with the stars, same sex dance
4:55 pm
partners compete for national titles. that's coming up tonight at 11:00. mission bay is a 300 acre neighborhood which service as the research campus and is home to many biotech companies, but despite families moving in there aren't any schools there until now. the district wants to build a new elementary school. we are live with why this is a good deal for the district. >> reporter: yeah, you're right. 300 acres and that's a lot, but only two-thirds of this area has been built up. this is where the school would go costing about $50 million to build. now ucsf made the school district one of those offers they couldn't refuse. mission bay is a neighborhood where home is often within walking distance of the workplace as more families move in the need for an elementary
4:56 pm
school has become apparent. >> a lot of young families moving in and you can see there's going to be a need for schools so that people don't have to move. >> reporter: ten years ago ucsf gave them this plot to build a school for this community. >> if we do not build on this site it will be returned back so we have until 2027 to either build a school or hand it back over. >> reporter: today a few local families joined the supervisor in announcing the city will put a $750 million bond measure on the november ballot to not only build a new school or two, but to renovate and make improvements to other existing school facilities. >> the enrollment is going up again and we're starting to see a demand that is outpacing the number of elementary school and kindergarten seats we have. >> reporter: the school district estimates there will be 1,300 new students alone. the closest elementary schools
4:57 pm
are daniel webster and besie car michael. the alliance supports a new school, but having a nearby worry will create problems. >> the idea of putting an 18,000 seat arena in the middle of an already traffic jammed parking lot to us is a bad idea. >> reporter: if the bond measure passes the school could be up and running in five years. we have a big win to tell you about for a group of south bay students. this morning the middle school in san josa won the. the national science bowl tests students' knowledge in science and math. more than 14,000 students across the country participate in the bowl each year.
4:58 pm
congratulations to all of them. that's going to do it for this edition for abc 7 news at 4:00. breaking news the former 49er now in jail for rape. plus, repairing for the worst as we start to dry out. an army of equipment and manpower needed to keep us safe. a man accused of murdering these two people pleads guilty. a family posts flyers of their loved one. the mystery of a man who seems to have vanished. your eyes are not playing tricks. a major artery is about to close. if you don't recognize his face, you probably know his name, former 49er dana
4:59 pm
stublefield is in jail this evening charged with raping a disabled woman at his south bay home. he has a checkered past in many respects, that includes great accomplishments on the field and some serious problems after the field. we are live at the courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: this is all developing right now as we speak. right now we believe he is still inside the jail. he's not bailed out yet. bail has been set at $250,000. the da's office is charging him with five felonies, including forceable rape, rape of a victim incapable of giving legal consent and felol imprisonment. this stems from a woman who answered an ad for a baby-sitter. she went to his home last year and that's when the alleged assaults occurred. the woman eventually went to the
5:00 pm
police where she was tested and that rape test confirmed his dna. he weighs about 340 pounds. that's three times heavier and over a foot taller than the disabled woman he's accused of assaulting. he's no stranger to law enforcement. he served a two year suspended service after the steroid drug case and back in 2009 we interviewed his former fiancee about a restraining order she obtained. we did contact the san francisco 49ers, but they said because he's a former player they would have no comment. we're waiting again outside the jail for him to bail out. we're live, abc 7 news. a bunch of fires made for a


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