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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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online. >> yes. vic lee is live with the story that is new at 6:00. >> reporter: this was a big fencing operation that san francisco police broke up, and it was an investigation where one thing led to another thanks to good police work. this one operated out of a luxurious home in the oakland hills, they found high-end electronics and a drone. stolen merchandise, worth almost $100,000, recovered by police in the city's sunset district. among them, a specialized medical camera worth $8,000. sheila, the owner wants to remain anonymous. >> i thought it was going to be gone for good. >> reporter: sheila reported the camera was stolen from a parked car. the sarnlent cruised ebay, and saw a similar camera. ebay provided a serial number. >> we confirmed the number
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matched. >> reporter: police got a search warrant for the home of the seller. inside, a treasure trove of stolen goods, electronics, an $8,000 lighting console and a drone worth $6,000. this carbon fiber trail bike worth $6,000. >> i got it. two years ago from having another one stolen out of my car. >> reporter: the owner got lucky the second time around. investigators matched the number of the stolen bike with the stolen police report. bingo. >> i figured i wasn't going to get it back. >> reporter: police arrested and charged these two. police say they made a lucrative living selling their wears at the swap meet and ebay. >> these sellers, they have a
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rating of 1936. >> they told almost 2000 items on the online auction marketplace. everything, police believe, was stolen. >> police are looking for the public's help in identifying the stolen goods. just go to our website, and we'll have a link to see pictures of the stolen property. >>. a former 49er has been arrested for the rape of a woman with developmental disabilities. take a look. this is a mug shot. he's there, now. abc7 news reporter david louie joins us live with details in this case. david? >> reporter: we're getting word he will not be released from jail until 6:30 at the earliest.
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bail set at $250,000. he is facing five felony charges including forceable rape, rape of a victim incapable of legal consent. now, he is a big man, 63, 340 pounds, his alleged victim, only five feet tall, 105 pounds. the district attorney describes the woman as developmentally disabled. she came into contact with stubblefield april of last year, answering an ad for a baby-sitting job. she went to his morgan hill house for a 20-minute interview. she left and the d.a. says stubblefield texted her to return to pay her for time and mileage, that is when the alleged assault occurred. then, the prosecutors say he gave her $80 in test. a rape test was done. the da says dna was linked to stubblefield. it's unclear why he wasn't arrested until a year later. stubblefield has been in trouble
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with the law before, serving a two-year sentence after cooperating with investigators in the balco steroid drug case and in 2009, his former fiancee told abc7 news i-team's dan noyes she so feared stubblefield she obtained a restraining order against him. stubblefield was a member of the 49ers winning team, but the team would not make a comment. the stubblefield says he targeted the victim because of her developmental disability. i'm quoting here, predators pick their prey. >> as david touched on, dan noyes confronted stubblefield back in 2009 over a stalking complaint about his ex-fiancee. she had a restraining order issued against him. he was sentenced to 90 days for stealing her mail. there is a major development
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in the killings of two people in the bay area in october. let's go to abc7 news anchor kristin zee. >> reporter: prosecutors reached a plea deal for one of three drifters accused of killing a woman in golden gate park and a man in fairfax. sean angle is pleading guilty. he can seek parole. the deal means angle will have to testify at hearings and trials of alleged accomplices, these two still face life sentencing but the da will not seek the death penalty. the killings happened in october. a canadian tour wrist was killed in golden gate park, and three days later, someone shot and killed a therapist steven carter in fairfax. police found the suspects and a gun contacted to both murders. >> it's important to us that the
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remaining two defendants face with life without possibility of parole sentence based on the crimes they were. they believe this is a step towards achieving that objective. >> it is unclear if the development will delay this hearing. dan? >> the families of five women killed in the horrific fire. the families are suing limo stop for wrongful death. an investigation by the da determined the fire stemmed from a mechanical failure, not criminal negligence by the driver or company. today, jury selection wrapped up. statements will be delivered tomorrow. a convenience store clerk will spend the night in the
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hospital after getting caught in the cross fire during a shooting this morning. police say thomas john williams junior pulled the trigger, you're seeing him there. the shooting happened after 7:00 a.m. at the quik stop in antioch. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard joins us with details on what happened. cornell? >> reporter: we're learning new details about the shooting. the 27-year-old clerk was shot in the arm. he is recovering. police say he tried to intervene in the middle of a domestic dispute that quickly turned deadly. >> i just know that a lady was killed and my son was shot in the arm. he had blood on his arms that wasn't his. >> he was terrified when he saw his son, wounded. >> i saw what it was. i talked to him. so he was okay. >> police say cynthia flores
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cross was followed by a 34-year-old thomas john williams junior. he was armed with a gun. the two argued. he fired his gun, killing cross. police say the two had been in a previous relationship. the suspect turned himself in at the antioch police department a short time later. police and witnesses say the clerk stepped in to help. >> the man and woman got into it. he tried to help. and that is when the suspect shot his girlfriend, then, tom he would have tried to help her. >> tom is that type of guy. if he can help, he he's going to. an attempt by ed lee to meet a group of people on a hunger strike didn't end as expected. the group continued their 12th
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day without eating to protest police shootings. they wanted the mayor to go outside. the group wants the police chief, greg suhr to resign or be miked. >> wire day 12. suhr has pressure within his office to resign. >> the group plans to march tomorrow to meet with mayor lee. the office says it's working on a series of police reforms, including an african american advisory forum and expanding bias training. new at 6:00 tesla signed a deal to lease a massive amount of warehouse space in livermore. the silicon valley business journal reports the electric car company is leasing two buildings on discovery drive. tesla is set to ramp up production to meet demand for the new, lower-priced model three. a newly released poll of people living in the bay area finds a third are thinking about
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leaving. do you know someone in this boat? this shows what people identify as the most important problem, housing ranked higher than any other issue and a dominant worry across all age groups, traffic concerns ranked high among older residents. 40% felt it was going in the right direction and equal amount felt in the wrong direction. 20% were undecided. an empty plot of land could become the sit of a new neighborhood that doesn't have schools but the district has to move, quickly. >> why there is a deadline to develop the land before it gets taken away, coming up next. and coming up at 6:30 the mystery behind a 27-year-old man's disappearance. >> kristin: check out the clouds. that is just a hint of what is still to come. >> that is not over the top, is
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with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. you're seeing smoldering remains of what used to be a house boat. sky 7 was over the scene this afternoon. smoke from the fire could be seen for miles. the 35 foot boat burned in minutes. flames quickly spread to the boat in the next berth but the harbor master says damage could have been worse. >> the wind was blowing in the right direction.
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>> investigators don't know what started the fiefr. the woman on the boat wasn't home at the time. >> kristin: san francisco's mission bay is a 300 acre space home to ucsf biotech company. there aren't schools there. that is going to change. why it is a good deal for taxpayers. >> it is. this is where the school would be located. there is plenty of room for growth. when adele thompson and her husband moved to mission bay, they realized something missing. >> there are a lot of young families. >> 10 years ago, ucsf gave sf unified a plot to build for the community.
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>> if we don't build it will be returned back. we have until 2027 to build a school on this site, or hand it back over. >> reporter: today, local families joined supervisor in announcing the city will put a $750 million bond measure on the november ballot to not only build a new school, or two, but to renovate and make improvements to other schools. >> we're starting to see a demand that is outpacing the number of seats we have. >> we estimate there will be 1300 new students. >> the closest schools are daniel webster and bessy carmichael. this family says >> if it passes the school could
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be up and running in five years. today, san francisco's mayor announced a plan to spend million to improve pedestrian safety and upgrade infrastuk tour. the plan will be part of the proposed budget. >> it is a reflection of our city values. >> mayor lee used the library as an example of successful investments. an effort to spruce up a portion of sonoma county has gotten people talking. some might call it controversial. at the heart of it all, a sculpture of a chicken.
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wayne? >> reporter: well, the infamous chicken is over my shoulder. take a look. most people love it. a few people hate it. anyway, you can't not miss it. >> sometimes it takes more than a burrito. do you know what it took to get a 20% bump in business? this. a chicken sculpture. >> i am the culprit. blame me. >> rico martin transformed a two mile stretch. >> it is invisible. most people drove with heads down, so i came up with the idea. how about if i just brighten it up? >> this is what happens when sonoma county funds a project to improve facades of local businesses. an art experiment? >> no. not art to me. >> reporter: there are critics and fans.
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martin calls it a branding of a region. and for businesses, it's paying off. >> people notice us. and they think it's interesting. >> the wings, on springs, flap when the wind blows. >> you can't put a bright band aid on a gaping wound. >> it's been called gaudy, and wonderful. >> it's a way to get recognized. >> and it is working. on a plain jane stretch of highway 12 that isn't plain anymore. an organic restaurant will open near mission and the embarcadero. food products are provided by california parmers.
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workers will be paid $16 an hour, it opens on thursday. >> all right. on to weather. >> warm weekend. low clouds are pushing beyond a cooling innuns. check out the temperatures. it's 14 degrees cooler in hayward now. and 13 degrees cooler in mountain view. here is a live view from the exploratorium camera. 57 here in the city. and 70 in morgan hill. this is the view of a bright western sky. it's 65 in santa rosa. and here is the view over the golden gate.
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cooling trend, unsettled pattern beginning mid week. the best chance of showers will be thursday and friday. notice increase in low clouds and fog, the beginning of the rush, there will be reduced visibility and low temperatures in low 50s. we'll see high and mid level clouds moving through most of the day. high temperatures around 60s to upper 60s near the bay. there is rain coming our way. to rank from one up to five, and approaching system going to bring us rain at the end of the week ranks one.
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is are could with accompanied by thunder and hail. notice areas of moisture going into thursday. there could be light showers but into friday, we'll see areas of light rain developing and showers. and maybe up to a quarter inch in the south bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. clouds lingering saturday. and highs into mid-70s and low 70s and a couple degrees warmer on monday. >> thank you, spencer. >> do you remember that hit song
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"dancing on the ceiling"? coming up, the story about dancing down a wall on a two-story building. >> catch sfmoma right here on abc7 news friday at 6:30.
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. here is a different hanging art. these dancers dangled down the six-story university library, practicing for tomorrow's 30th anniversary celebration of the labor archives. special recordings on womens' history were played during the vertical dance performance. >> oral histories from the labor archives in our collection. women talking about sexual harassment and being on strike, and chanting. >> it will be set to music and dance. they're at sf state's library plaza. >> warriors coasted to a win yesterday in the first match up of the western conference semi finals. two teams faceoff. he hopes to return on game
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three. and you know, warriors are not the only team going for a championship. they're up 2-0 in their series. next game is tomorrow night. >> a shot of history took flight in the bay area this morning. an attempt to fly around the world using only solar power. >> yes. where that journey is taking him. the mystery of this macing man. clues that are suspicious but not ominous. how much is the official woman card worth to hillary clinton's campaign?
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there is a mystery in the bay area involving a missing man. this 27-year-old hasn't been seen since thursday night.
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he left his millbrae home without a wallet or car and people are getting worried. >> yes. there are new details on the search. >> reporter: keith green's picture is posted around millbrae. they're desperate to find the father of two. >> couldn't picture anyone wanting to hurt him. >> friends have been wall papering this neighborhood. he was seen outside millbrae's pancake house around 10:15. >> just vanished. >> he had been staying with a family friend the last six months. she says he left her apartment thursday night around 9:15 to meet with an ex-girlfriend to sort out a custody issue. >> his cell phone was found unattended in san francisco's golden gate park. >> detectives with the sheriff's office say a hiker found the phone. it's unclear how it got there. he left key items behind at the apartment. >> his card, his wallet.
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so that raises suspension. >> we have no information that suggests foul play. >> we are just trying to do everything we can to find keith. >> he has two beautiful daughters that need their dad. big time. >> reporter: detectives say they're using a phone to retrace his steps. he left wearing black sweat pants and a white zip up. >> we love him. we're feeling very concerned. >> friends are hopeful someone will recognize him from pictures and call detectives. in millbrae, abc7 news. uc berkeley will commit two and a half million dollars to dealing with sexual harassment measures, and four new workers in the san jose services unit to
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help with support services. the money will fund training for faculty, staff, and today marks the summer spare the air season. tracking ozone pollution and issues spare the air alerts. carpool. today marks the start of wildfire season in california. they trimmed back thick brush, cal fire wants to make sure embers won't set off spot fires. indiana voters will head to
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the polls tomorrow. ted cruz spent the day sparring with donald trump and his supporters. cruz faced off with a trump supporter. >> donald trump is a new york liberal who will take away your second amendment rights. this man is lying to you and taking advantage of you. >> trump told reporters he plans to win indiana and get on to hillary. cruz says carly fiorina is okay after she fell on stage during an event. cruz's wife saw fiorina fall and helped her up. trump criticized his opponent for not helping her get back on to her feet. and the video appears to show
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him not noticing the fall. bernie sanders is campaigning across indiana today in advance of the primary. hillary clinton's campaign raised $2.5 million cards after donald trump accused her of using the woman card. clinton will be in the bay area on friday for events in oakland and san francisco. bill clinton will campaign in southern california wednesday. all right. a solar powered flight that took off continue as a quest to make history. >> they want to be the first to fly around the world with only the power of the sun. >> reporter: very exciting. let's take a look at the solar impauls two live feed.
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you can see it getting close to its destination. you can see the air is at about 18,000 feet now. i want to show you the live camera picture. the plane wearing a mask. he's so high up. that is on purpose. the solar impulse 2 took off at 5:00 where it rested. it stalled for 10 months after technical problems. the pilot spoke in the air about today's takeoff. >> it was dark. we don't like so much turbulence but it was still very fine.
6:36 pm
>> the team is tweeting this journey. here is the pilot enjoying his breakfast in the air and saying the plane is like parts because 43 miles per hour is the same as front wind speed. and mission control, they're getting ready for landing in phoenix. to track just down load our app. >> there is a new winner in the battle of the browsers. plus... >> this is a simple modification. >> how paramedic
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an australian has come forward claiming to be the creator of bit coin. >> some people will believe, others won't. i don't care.
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>> for years, it's been known as a pseudonym. he isn't the first person to claim to be the creator. it isn't regulated by a bank. a new number one leads business watch. google chrome is now the most-used desk top browser according to research by next market share. air bnb just took a hit in germany. in berlin it is illegal to rent out a apartment or home through the site. today, the dow gained 117 points, and nasdaq went up by 42 and s & p added 16. >> abc7 news was in san jose as hundreds of janitors voted on a possible strike. they're part of the bargaining
6:41 pm
unit including workers from the bay area, los angeles and orange county. contract negotiate yagsz started in february. >> coming up at 6:00 a look at google glass. the purpose paramedics say that didn't take off with consumers. >> the bay area ball room screen you won't see on dancing with the stars ". same-sex dance partner
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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students from two south bay schools are making the bay area proud tonight. there is a big round of applause for the team in san jose for winning the national science middle school competition. lindbergh high school came in second, in the high school brackets. national science bowl tests knowledge in science and math. 14,000 students participate
6:45 pm
every year. >> of all of the gadgets, few have been as widely anticipated and criticized as google >> doctors crowded around this ambulance where a patient some thought was dead is alive. >> this is a new version. >> you can't buy the new version of glass. two years ago, they put it on the indiana pacers players and last year, did this at a conference. now, crowd optic is streaming video back to the hospital. >> trying to give you both sides of it. you have a shaky thing to get in
6:46 pm
there and more wide angle view. >> this is built to diagnose a stroke. a neurologist can diagnose patients on the way to the hospital. >> i can stop what i'm doing, access this link and help them, maybe meet them. >> saving time means saving lives. >> we can save up to two >> like other things it will have to be tested and proven to work. ucsf has high hopes. >> we want to help more people. so being able to clone ourselves through a telepresence will allow us to help anyone around
6:47 pm
the city where this is in place. >> in san francisco, >> carnival cruise lines arrived in cuba this and the government of the czech republic approved a new name for the country, czecha. >> well, rain is in the forecast this week, we're still enjoying the sun. >> yes. take a look at the shot here
6:48 pm
from dan wheeler. >> you can see clouds increasing over the bay area, that will be the pattern. tomorrow, lots of sunshine and into sections of the state. tomorrow, high temperatures from about 60s on the coast to upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s inland. a chance of rain increases here in the bay area up to about 30% thursday, maybe isolated shower or two thursday. greater chance of showers here on friday. 60% chance diminishing saturday and 0 sunday, which is mother's day. here is the accu-weather forecast. looks like fair weather on mother's day which is good news to all of us.
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>> thank you, spencer. >> lots of playoff action and baseball. >> right. >> giants having a good game going on in cincinnati.
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steph curry will not play tomorrow against portland but there is a chance he will see action in game three on friday. curry is still resting and rehabbing a sprained right knee. he reportedly did shoot baskets today. golden state routing the trailblazers. >> we can't let the series forward determine whether we bring him back. it's based on rhythm. so we'll do our best to help him get that rhythm in practice, and then, try to put him in the best position once he is back, to make an impact and maybe, you know, without having to be superman. >> in his last outing giants pitcher johnny quado against the
6:53 pm
reds. he pitched well going 4-1 so far, helping out in the second singling to right field, two runners come home. giants going up 3-0 in the inning. in the third, so centerfield and reds go in front. they weren't finished. jay bruce with another pitch to center. cincinnati scored to take a lead. but, back comes the giants. two on in the 7th, brandon crawford, now in the top of the 8th, san francisco leads. now, football news, 49ers have decided to pick up a fifth year contract option on safety eric reid. the lsu product was a first round pick in 2015. since joining the hard-hitting
6:54 pm
reid making 189 tackle was seven interceptions. the same can't be said for dj hayden. so injuries have plagued had imfrom the start w a win in nashville, sharks can take a lead if the srdz, san jess yeah has done well on the road all season. the last time they played on predator ice was april 2. and sharks rallied in the third. san jose won it in a shoot out. this for the game winner, the coach was asked about his team being road warriors. >> this is not something you set out to do. you want to be good everywhere. i think our
6:55 pm
different. it's on us to prove we can continue that in the playoffs. >> we feel good and have been there before. and so this is a good opportunity for us. >> do you remember that black cat that ran out before game one? she's become a good luck charm. now, they want to find her a good home. she's in good health now being housed at the silicon valley humane society. so if you're interested give humane society a call. >> cute name. >> yes. >> why not?
6:56 pm
yes. >> looking to the playoff team. >> may be closer this time. >> maybe? >> a tough series and so i think it's going to be closer. >> thank you, rick. >> coming up a woman that turned her smart phone into a weapon in a target store. >> on abc7 news stepping in? >> that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. >> from the entire abc7 news team, we hope you have a great evening.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a ninth-grade math teacher from allentown, pennsylvania... a fourth-grade language-arts teacher from savannah, georgia... and a high-school history teacher from lake wales, florida... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. and welcome to a very special teachers tournament, special for two reasons. first of all, the quarter-final matches will all take place here in southern california this week, but the semi-finals and the finals will take place at constitution hall in washington, d.c., next week.
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so, there's some traveling involved. the second reason -- "jeopardy!" has joined forces with farmers insurance thank america's teachers campaign, which donates over $1 million a year to fund teachers' projects in schools all across america. we're very excited about this new partnership, and i'll be telling you more about it in the coming days. but for now, chris, dianne, and lauren, welcome aboard. good luck. let's go to work in the first match in this tournament. here are your categories. yes, indeed. alex: lauren, you won the toss, so you make the first selection. it's about time for $200, please. chris.


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