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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 3, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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>> now at 11:00, our news camera is there as a 49er walk out of jail hours after he is arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a developmentally disabled woman. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm uh may dates. i'm ama daetz. tonight the former 9er is out on bail. >> lilian kim is live where investigators say the sexual assault took place. >> reporter: stubblefield left here until recently. neighbors say he was living in his home with his small children. he emerged without saying a word and his lawyer spoke on his behalf. >> he is 100% innocent and this is nothing but a chance to take advantage of mr. stubblefield. >> he raped a developmentally disabled woman who came to interview for the job. she left after a 20-minute
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interview. he texted her to return to pay her for mileage and her time and that's when she was attacked. >> she 340 plus pounds and he physically picked her up and carried her and assaulted her. >> reporter: prosecutor say the woman went to pleats immediately after -- went to the police immediately after. but they say the lie detector results say the encounter was consensual and anything else is part of a money grab. jay she text -- >> she texted him on 20 occasions asking for money and we will prove all of this. >> he spent a decade in the nfl playing for foir times including the 49ers. he was given defensive rookie of the year and player why of the year. since then stubblefield has run into trouble with the law. first in the steroid scandal and then stealing a former girlfriend's mail.
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stubblefield and his attorneyses will share more information in a news conference in tuesday. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a gilroy man is accused of molesting a girl. they reported it to police on saturday. he was arrested on lewd and lascivious acts. they asked any other possible victims to come forward. tonight we are learning new details about the three drifter charged with two bay area murders. he is now pleading guilty to second-degree murder and will testify against his alleged accomplices. katie is in the newsroom with the latest on the story. >> we know the district attorney told law enforcement and the family of the victims about this plea deal before going public with it. in fairfax where yoga instructor steve carter was killed, a sign and fresh flowers mark the spot. it was a crime that shocked
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the community and now a surprising development. >> hopefully there will be some type of healing and understanding. >> three drifterses are charged with killing carter and they are charged with the murder of canadian tourist audrey carrie. eight months later the marin county district attorney said he has made a deal. the san francisco resident pleaded guilty to second-degree murder. his sentence is 15 years to life. >> it is important to us that the remaining two defendants faced what we believe is appropriate which is the possibility of a life without the possibility of parole. >> the other defendants are lila and lampley. she will have to testify against both of them. >> i think whenever you have somebody in that triangle who is willing to provide more information it will be worth it in the end. >> a preliminary hearing has been set for may 9th. abc7 news.
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>> happening in lafayette, crews are trying to fix a watermain that soaked the street. it is at old tunnel road. the intersection is crossed during the repairs. 60 customers are without water right now. east bay mud said it should be fixed by noon tomorrow. in the south bay neighbors helped rescue a woman from her burning home. abc news was in east san jose as firefighters fought the flames. it started in a barn and spread across a grass lot and then into a mobile home park. the video is from the fire department. new tonight, phony money is making its way around santa cruz. they confiscated the $20 bills using the money on sunday. officers are warning people and businesses that some of the bills may still be in circulation. 18-year-old johnny law of pittsburgh faces charges. police also arrested a 17-year-old girl. >> san francisco police busted what they consider one of the bay area's biggest fencing
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operations. they are accused of selling stolen items at the oakland coliseum as well as on ebay. this is the stolen items you will only see on abc7. eye -- items recovered are $8,000 and a drone worth $6,000 and a carbon fiber trail bike worth about $6,000. officerses surprised victims by returning their stolen items. >> never did i think i would get anything back. i thought it would be gone for good. >> police said the two men sold 2,000 items on ebay. >> new at 11:00, federal prosecutors dropped their case against a medical marijuana dispense rein oakland. four years ago the u.s. attorneys filed a civil action to shutdown harbor health side center and they stood by the dispense reand even tried to sue the government to stop what was happening. harbor side stayed open through an
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appeals process and they announced the federal decision and said they will no longer have to worry about being raided. for nearly 30 years a swim club in san ramon has practiced and held meets at the pool. >> just leigh days before their practices began they were told the pool is closed. sergio broke the story over the weekend. >> he is live from san ramon city hall with the support the club is now receiving. >> dan and ama, there are other teams that reached out to the aqua bears. and the city hall staffers have too. there are quite a few people that are trying to help this swim team save their season. it was supposed to be the first day of swim practice at the san ramon golf club pool. >> the first day of practice, you get to see all of your friends. >> there's whistle blowings. >> only the maintenance man got to touch the water.
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they were told by e-mail that the pools shutdown because it is no longer financially sustainable. the swim club president met with the property managers to see if they can use the pool for three more months. it didn't go well. can they do anything about it? >> they cannot. they work for someone and they are doing what they are told to do. >> the golf club is managed by western golf properties in southern california. the ceo was reluctant to talk to me by the phone. he said we are aware of the situation and any parent with concerns can e-mail me directly. the mayor of san ramon is not happy with the way it is playing out. >> it was appalling. i was appalled by the fact that they give no true notice. >> he said the city staff has met to see if they can schedule time at the city pools m. >> i hope we can see each other again and it would be at the swimming pool.
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>> it is a glimmer of hope for the kids. abc7 news. >> new video shows the solar impulse two landing in arizona. it took often from moffett airfield early this morning. that's 720 miles without a drop of fuel. the solar impulse two will head to new york. the final flight will come this summer when it heads back to the middle east and is the first plane to circle the planet using only solar power. still ahead, the bay area ballroom scene you won't see on "dancing with the stars." same sex dance partners and the fancy foot work that got them on the stage. >> and a girl who fell off a fire escape. what happened next is incredible. >> and a night of information. the who's who of a-list stars stepping out for the met gala. >> i'm sandhya patel. cloudy skies right now. when showers could be showing up on our radar. >> first here is a look at
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what is coming up on jimmy kimmle live. jimmy. >> thank you. see what we made just for you tonight. >> have i to tell you -- >> you lost it in there! look how deep they are going. >> doesn't everybody do this?
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>> it is the biggest resurgeons since the 1940s and it is not only traditional couples. oakland hosted the national championship for same-sex dancing. showcase for partners with pride from all over the country. >> fabulous. formal. fun. itit is a ballroom competition where men dance with men and women dance with women. the event is in the 14th year. margaret is one of the organizers.
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>> it has grown phenomenally. it has got way bigger. >> hundreds of people show up to watch and dance. but the united states is still playing catch up. >> same-sex dancing has been around for a decade in europe and every major city hosts a dance competition. >> reporter: this event in oakland is open to all body types, ages and ability. with elite dancers vying for national titles. they are u.s. champions in the men's smooth and rhythm categories. both compete in what they call mainstream contests with female partners. >> when i dance with a woman i am a leader and when i dance with a man i am a follower. >> judges have to learn a new set of rules including extra points for switching the lead. >> if you are judging one for the first time it takes a little getting used to. many bay area ballrooms now welcome same-sex couples and there are a lot of classes
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too. they met at one called dancing with the years. >> -- dancing with the queers. >> have i been dancing since i was six. >> not everybody here is gay. the one wearing the dress is married to a man. she started dancing with women after they passed a ban with same-sex marriage. >> it made me so mad that it made me want to compete in the same place as my same-sex dancing friend. >> reporter: top level professional ballroom contestses don't allow same-sex couples. another emerging category is known as reverse roles. that's when a man and woman dance together but the woman leads and the man follows. we have links to alternative studios in our website,
1:24 am >> there is a girl who fell two stories. the video may be hard for people to watch, but the girl only had a minor injury. it shows the 7-year-old hit the ground outside her new york apartment. she got up and started walking around. a young neighbor helped her get back to her home. she was likely chasing a cat on the fire escape when she fell. a popular cosmetic procedure is getting a makeover thanks to new technology. eyebrow tattooing is moving past the thick black markings of decades past. how microblading works and what it could do for you. >> tune in for that. now let's focus on our weather forecast as we start another week. >> and rain chanceses, sand yaw? >> that's right. we have multiple rain chances, dan and ama and it will happen later this workweek. as you look at live doppler 7hd we have clouds around the
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coast and parts of the bay. that will start to advance inland. the temperatures are in the comfort zone in 50s and 60s. as we look across the bay, visibility is good and the cooling trend is expected the rest of the workweek. the temperatures dropped a good 5 to 15 degrees. unsettled pattern begins midweek and the best chance of showers are stwen thursday and saturday. a short time ago from our camera at pier15 and looking forward the -- looking toward the financial district, you saw the clouds and watch what happens over the course of an hour, hour and a half. the low clouds begin to advance and this is what is going to continue going into your morning commute. it will start out cloudy across the entire bay area with patches of fog. upper 40s to the mid50s when you get going tomorrow morning. not too chilly. watch what happens with the low clouds. the low clouds will peel away in the late morning hours from the inland areas, but not for
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long. you might see sunny breaks, but the high clouds start to increase. we will not be seeing a lot of sun. as you know we have been raiding storms from one to five all season long. we have not seen any 5's. most have been one's and two's with a few three's since winter. we have a one for thursday through saturday. it is a light system and bringing chances of showers all three days. if those showers develop we could see thunder with small hail. thursday at 5:00 a.m. you will see cloud cover. we head into about 10:00 a.m. and a few showers may show up in the south bay and also up toward the north bay. by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 you start to notice the activity increases. the best chance is in the afternoon and evening hours. like i said could see a little
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thunder. as we advance into tomorrow morning a few showers may show up around ukiah and cloverdale and then the chance remains not just friday evening, but going into saturday morning as we head toward about 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. time period. here are your rainfall totals. a quarter of an inch. highs for your tuesday will look like this. lower than today. it is not going to be quite as warm. inland areas will not be in the 80s like we saw today. upper 70s at best. 68 in oakland and 62 in san francisco. san mateo mid60s. 68 in san rafael. low 70s napa and santa rosa. 62 half moon bay. upper 60s to upper 70s. the temperatures will continue to fall. it is a cooler pattern setting up as we head toward your thursday and a slight chance of showers and a better chance on thursday afternoon into friday which is why the one is on the storm impact scale.
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visit silicon valley teamed up with fashionistas. considered the super bowl of fashion. there is taylor swift and "scandal" star carrie washington. she cradled her new baby bump. apple sponsored this year's event. the theme was "fashion in an age of technology." >> boy those are some outfits. rick, would you look lovely. >> in case you are wondering what i am wearing -- >> we were. >> coming up in sports there was a wild finish in san antonio as the thunder troy to even their -- thunder try to even their series. and his
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you by riverwalk casino. >> the warriors will again be without steph curry when they take on portland in game two. there is a good chance they will see action in game three
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on saturday. you can watch that contest on abc7. curry is still resting and rehabbing his sprained right knee. he did shoot some baskets today, but not while the media was around. they won with ease, but even if it lost, coach steve kerr wouldn't rush curry back. >> we can't let the series score determine if we will bring him back. it is based on his health and rhythm. we will do our best to help him get that rhythm in practice and then put him in the best position once he is back to make an impact without having to be superman. >> a wild finish tonight in san antonio. with 13 seconds left they lead by one, but durant can't hang on. the spurs with a chance to win. instead of driving ginobili kicks it back to mills who misses the three from the corner. finally there is a mad scramble under the basket and time runs out. after getting embarrassed in
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game one, oklahoma city hangs on to beat the spur 98-97. >> giants' pitcher johnny squaw squaw -- johnny cuedo got the start. he pitched well and he helped out with his bat today. in the second he singled to right and two runners come home. the giants take a 3-0 lead. in the third johnny was not so good. with two on and he takes him deep to center field. the reds take a 4-3 lead and they weren't done yet. two batter later and jay bruce send another pitch deep to center. he can't make the catch. philips scores. cincinnati put up six runs in the third to take a 6-3 lead. the giants get to the bull pen for five runs in the seventh. the big blow was a three-run shot by brandon crawford. san francisco wins it 9-6. over at the coliseum this guy
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was dancing and nobody was watching. chris davis launches a solo shot to left field. it is his fourth of the season. then in the sefort -- in the seventh he tries to steal third. it is not a good one and in he comes to make it 4-1 seattle. in the bottom half davis delivers for oakland and it is a two-run blast. his second homer of the game cut the lead to one. a's had on two in the 9th, but he strikes out lowry to win the contest. it is 4-3. and abc7 sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. right now the warriors are favored by 10. i have a feeling it will be closer than that. >> we will be out there at oracle. >> abc7 news continues now on-line, twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. it is a great resource. >> sure is. try it out. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. hang on


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