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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 3, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, primary day. voters in indiana heading to the polls in hours, could it seal the deal for the front-runners? plus, carly fiorina hitting the floor during a ted cruz rally. donald trump seizing the moment. >> she just went down. she went down a long way, right? >> and bill clinton squaring off with protesters. we're live in washington. severe storms on the move this morning damaging hail fell overnight and one woman even saved her own mother seconds before a tree crashed into their home. >> it took out the whole area where she was. >> we have the latest track on the storms coming in right now. empty nest. president obama getting emotional for the first time this morning talking about malia
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heading to harvard. and fashion was in full force at the met gala. we have the glitz, the glamour and the bizarre. lady gaga was bizarre. like a typical tuesday for her. >> for her. >> we do say good tuesday morning. we begin with primary day in indiana shaping up to be a key turning point in the battle for the white house. >> polls opening across the state with 57 gop delegates up for grabs and it could be the last stand for ted cruz. but so far he's refusing to bow out even though donald trump has the math, the momentum and the soaring poll numbers on his side. it's "your voice, your vote," abc's lana zak is live in washington. good morning, lana. >> good morning, kendis and diane. in indiana, donald trump has picked up several sports endorsements including that of lou holtz, the former notre dame football coach who says donald trump's golf courses are first
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class and he believes he'll make america first class, as well. >> it's called importantville, right. >> reporter: indiana's vote today may be key to donald trump locking up the nomination before the republican convention. there's no way that ted cruz can win without a contested convention and trump supporters have some harsh advice for cruz. >> do the math. you asked kasich to drop out. it's your turn. take your own words. >> now i'm curious, sir -- >> time to drop out. >> trump is not letting up. honestly, i think he's crazy. lyin' ted does not have the temperament to do this. >> reporter: he's even seizing on this moment. carly fiorina, the senator's running mate falling off the stage in lafayette, indiana. >> he kept talking. he didn't even look like -- that was a weird deal. >> reporter: on the democratic side -- >> let us see indiana help lead this country into the political
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revolution. >> reporter: bernie sanders in ray close race with hillary clinton trailing her but within the margin of error in indiana. the clinton campaign already preparing for next week's primary in west virginia which promises to be contentious. former president bill clinton squaring off with angry protesters. >> let him alone. i want him to stay. >> reporter: in an interview in march hillary clinton had said that she intended to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business and now calls those a misstatement but still it's not going over very quewell in coal country. >> thank you. those polls in indiana opening up at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. thank you. we get to the severe weather that is racing across the south. >> this morning there is damage in several states because of heavy rain and wind. in washington, d.c., a car was crushed by falling trees and in north carolina, a tree smashed right through this home nearly hitting a woman. you're looking at footage of a
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tree crashing through a ceiling. >> is that not crazy. >> leaving branches, leaves and debris all over this bedroom in north carolina. >> it took out the whole area where she was. >> get this, just seconds before the tree fell an 87-year-old woman was sitting in this very room. >> my mother was sitting right there. >> there's two chairs right there. >> the woman's daughter heard the store coming and pulled her out just in time. >> i literally was dragging her through the house and we heard this just tremendous noise and a tree fell right where she was sitting. >> in nearby raleigh, hail the size of golf balls pelled cars and this video shows the falling ice tearing apart trees. it was a similar scene in virginia with hail covering this patio and in washington, d.c., dangerous lightning in the night sky showed one bolt nearly hitting the capitol building. accuweather's paul williams says it's just the beginning of a wet week for both coasts set up by
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an omega block. >> we have a move in the jet stream that creates an omega symbol. the low to the west bringing about scattered showers and storms there. the low to the east bringing about scattered showers and storms there. >> and on the radar right now severe weather stwrefs from south carolina to new england. the regions will see rain for most of the week but widespread flooding not expected. two brothers from washington state at the center of an intense manhunt spotted several times in mexico. john and tony reed charged with the murder in connection with the disappearance of a washington couple with whom they had a property dispute. they're hoping data from an iphone by one of the suspects can help track them down. new details about the suspect in a foiled plot to bomb a south florida jewish center. james medina faces life in prison if convicted. he alleged wanted to inspire other muslims to jihad by
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attacking the synagogue. an undercover operative provided him with a fake bomb which he planned to place under a car. new video shows the moment when a syrian government missile struck a hospital in aleppo killing dozens of people. more than 250 died in shelling and air strikes in the northeastern city in the past nine days, a human rights group says the government is responsible for most of those casualties. back in the u.s. thousands of parents in detroit could be scrambling for a second day as schools are expected to be closed because of a teacher sick-out. nearly all detroit schools were closed yesterday due to that. the teachers, well, they're protesting the possibility that some of them won't get paid over the summer if the struggling district runs out of cash. the state approved $47 million in emergency funding but that runs out in june. still ahead, a huge spike in airline profits. what's behind the soaring revenue? new clues in the hugest art
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heist in history. why they're revisiting a reputed mobster's home. up in smoke, things get rowdy at a association game. that's a soccer game as fans shoot flares on to the field.
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. [ gunfire ] a little target practice for sailors aboard the "uss momsen" which just left its northwest home port two weeks ago. they shot off an abandoned lifeboat found adrift in the pacific. the "momsen" is a guided missile destroyer, but a turret gun does the job here. but not every naval vessel has a crew. check out the pentagon's largest self-driving warship.
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the 132-foot vessel could spend months at a time on the open sea and travel 10,000 miles hunting enemy submarines and mines. the ship will undergo more tests this summer off the california coast. and new this morning, the latest flight for a giant solar powered plane that landed in a phoenix suburb overnight after a 16-hour flight from the san francisco bay area. the solar impulse 2 is attempted an around the world flight powered only by the sun. there are two more stops in the u.s. before it reaches new york, and from there it will cross the atlantic. the airline industry meanwhile has posted some record profits, but don't expect to see lower ticket prices. the major u.s. carriers report more than $25.6 billion in earnings last year. the big money saving factor, the huge drop in fuel prices. they've been at least 30% lower than the year before. the airlines also collected nearly $4 billion in baggage fees. okay, so like many parents nowadays across the country,
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president obama is facing the the bittersweet reality of sending his eldest child off college. >> we recently learned that malia obama will attend harvard in the fall of 2017 taking a year off after graduating high school next month. the president says he couldn't be prouder, but he admits that it's going to be tough. >> it's tough, though. this is my first one leaving, and my daughters are wonderful, and one of the great pleasures of being in the white house is because i live above the store, i've been able to spend, you know, every night that i'm in town with them, and i'm going to mission her terribly. >> the president adds that malia is well prepared and going to do great things and he quoted the first lady saying, our job is to make sure they don't need us anymore. >> that's going to be tough no matter what. >> it will, but i bet she will go on to do great thing. >> yeah, she's going to have a fun gap year. when we come back, the battle begins. prince's family goes to court to settle the singer's estate. and parliament brawl. lawmakers trading blows.
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and that means roads up and down the east coast will be wet this morning. that could also be a problem around the great lakes and in the pacific northwest. but just a few showers in new mexico and the texas panhandle. if you're flying, airport delays are most likely in atlanta and charlotte. five of prince's six surviving siblings say they are in agreement so far at least as the search for a will goes on. >> yeah, they were in a minnesota courtroom yesterday for a hearing asking a judge to appoint a temporary manager for the estate. but there may be another potential heir. a 45-year-old illinois woman claims she is also a half-sister. the musician's estate could be worth more than $300 million. well, hulk hogan is suing gossip website gawker yet again. the former pro wrestler's new suit claims gawker leaked sealed court documents with a transcript that quoted him making racist remarks. that suit follows hogan winning a settlement for posting an explicit video of him having sex. gawker calls hogan's new claim
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ridiculous. the fbi could have a new lead in the country's biggest art heist mystery. agents returned to a connecticut home for a third time searching for a stolen rembrandt and other works. the homeowner, robert gentile, is awating trial on federal firearms charges. from the art world to this scene at a committee of turkey's parliament. lawmakers jump over a desk to duke it out with their rivals and throw some wild punches. some guys even resort to throwing water bottles at each other. the fight erupted because of a disagreement over a proposal to strip legislators of their immunity from prosecution. >> looks like a mosh pit at times. >> a little bit. so, we get an explanation this morning for why so many people have a tough time keeping off the weight they lose. a study on former contestants on the nbc show "the biggest loser" most regained the weight. researchers say biology is
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working against them. while the contestants had normal metabolisms for their size at the start of the show, their metabolisms dropped and never recovered, so apparently the body is essentially fighting to put that weight back on. >> the labeling of obese people who try and lose weight and can't keep it off is lacking will power is a terrible thing. >> and inaccurate. >> and very inaccurate. >> while some suggest the science removes at least some of the self-blame that dieters often feel. okay, so now some sports. pittsburgh penguins are up 2-1 in their playoff series against the washington caps following a victory last night. >> as for the nba, we have some highlights now from espn. good morning. it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett along with kenny mayne. crazy ending to one of the two nba games on monday night. >> thunder and spurs. if you don't watch a lot of nba this is actually very typical of how games finish up. 13:30 to go.
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dion waiters trying to inbound. puts his elbow into manu ginobili. the ball is loose, kicked around. ginobili had a shot, passes it up. it's patty mills, that won't go, lamarcus aldridge had a big game but wasn't allowed to take another shot because he was being tackled by people and the thunder, 98-97 after this big mess. no call. after the game the referee said, maybe we screwed up. >> yeah, something like that. lebron james and the cavaliers 8-0 all-time in the postseason against the hawks. meeting them again. james, richard jefferson, james for three. got that one. check him out in the backpedal. yeah, whatever. just kind of like that. working on the give and go to kyrie irving. and it's gone. cavaliers up 18. hawks made it a game. cut it to a four-point margin by this point late in the fourth but there he is again.
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25 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds for james. cavaliers win it 104-93. they lead the series 1-0. back to you. >> all right. and we don't cover a lot of european soccer, but these are some extraordinary scenes. you have to take a look. start off in england where leicester players erupt in celebration when their cinderella season turned into a championship winning one. >> nothing like winning without actually playing a game. so leicester fans of course joining in the celebration. the team started this season as 5,000-1 underdogs. to win the title, those odds mean lots of big payouts. there was this scene from a big match in poland. strange. fans of one team throwing hundreds of flares onto the field. stadium security carrying the burning flares back off. look at that. >> but then at the opposite end of the stadium, the other team supporters lit their flares. the whole thing created a massive cloud of black smoke. believe it or not, though, the match was only delayed for a few minutes and then game on.
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they played. wouldn't want to hold it on. >> carry on. up next in "the pulse," it's the super bowl of fashion. some of the gorgeous and some of the baffling looks at the met gala. hundreds of feet down holding his breath for several minutes, a daredevil breaking the free diving record. fresh picked tea leaves brewed the way you make it at home. ...pure leaf. a delicious, real leaf-brewed iced tea. we love iced tea the way you love iced tea. pure and simple. pure leaf. for the love of leaves. nivea in-shower body lotion. first i wash. next, i apply it to my wet skin and rinse. i get 24 hour moisture, with no sticky feel. then, i'm ready to go.
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4:23 am
some ripped jeans and blue contact lenses along with some chrome, as well. katy perry covered herself in gold chains and brass keys. she also incorporated a white tamagotchi into her outfit. >> yeah, madonna let it all hang out in this sheer black givenchy number leaving nothing to the imagination from behind. >> not much from the front either. >> no. >> and claire danes was just glowing literally. she put her own spin on this princess dress that lights up via fiber optics. >> and supermodel katie upton newly engaged to baseball star justin verlander showed off a glittering gold gown along with her dazzling new ring from the tigers pitcher. what could be the next starring role for lebron james? word is that he's going to follow michael jordan's lead. >> yes, and we don't mean to the hall of fame, which he'll get to. the cleveland cavaliers superstar will star in "space jam 2." according to "the hollywood reporter" four years ago james
4:24 am
put himself on the record saying he wanted the role. >> jordan starred in the original "space jam" 25 years ago. now, james is no stranger to the big screen. he recently appeared in amy schumer's comedy "trainwreck" but will he have a cartoon made after him too? >> probably will. >> that we have to see. let's all take a deep breath, shall we, for this next story. a diver from new zealand has set a new world record for free diving. william trubridge plunged just over 400 feet deep in the waters off the bahamas. >> that means he held a single breath for 4:34. when he reached the bottom and began to surface, it was completely dark. too deep for even light to reach. >> that's incredible. now, each year the swallows return to capistrano a vanessa, the duck, returns to a michigan elementary school. she has hatched her eggs in a courtyard there for the past 13 years, and then she leads her ducklings through the school. >> now, students, teachers and parents look forward to the annual event. the school staff makes sure there's a safe route for the ducks. >> the custodians won't cut the grass in the courtyard until
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 4:28. glad are you with us. >> glad you are here. >> i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we are glad you awake and with us. meteorologist mike nicco is with us. >> good morning, everyone. it is pick on natasha day. the cloud cover is not dropping rain but it is mild. most of us are in the 50s. can you see the cloud deck. 48-54. less sunshine. more killing. 58 at the coast by 4:00. low-to-mid 70s inland. how is the commute?
4:29 am
sue? >> pretty good. we have no problems in san rafael. southbound we we beyond the north gay mall is great. this is the san mateo bridge with 14-minute road across the bay. we had an early accident eastbound highway 4 before the antioch bridge. give vehicles involved. all cleared to the shoulder. caltran is cleaning it up. injury accident involved. so far, so good. no delays eastbound direction. that is the reverse commute. >> we are tracking breaking news from the east bay. c.h.p. investigating the crash near the antioch bridge. three considers were involved in the accident on highway 4. near 160. two have been taken to the hospital. a lane on highway is on. we are monitoring the situation. we will bring updates throughout the morning. >> police are investigating a
4:30 am
deadly shooting in east palo alto. this is shut down east of university avenue. a 28-year-old man was shot and killed at 1:00 a.m. you are told to stay out of the area while the investigation is ongoing. we are working to get more information. more information is at twit at this time twit -- on >>aservicemanwaskillediniraq acco-- forces opened fire and the serviceman was killed by a direct hit there he was several miles away. the united states conducted 23 airstrikes using f-15 shale, three united states servicemen have been killed since the united states returns to the combat role in 2014. >> this morning we are at a news conference for a them 49ers player accused of


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