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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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alto. this is shut down east of university avenue. a 28-year-old man was shot and killed at 1:00 a.m. you are told to stay out of the area while the investigation is ongoing. we are working to get more information. more information is at twit at this time twit -- on >>aservicemanwaskillediniraq acco-- forces opened fire and the serviceman was killed by a direct hit there he was several miles away. the united states conducted 23 airstrikes using f-15 shale, three united states servicemen have been killed since the united states returns to the combat role in 2014. >> this morning we are at a news conference for a them 49ers player accused of rape.
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santa clara county prosecutors say he attack add disabled william. we are in san jose this morning with that story. matt? >> we are in north san jose where stubblefeel's attorney will show evidence proving innocence were he was released from county jail after bailing out. the d.a. said that stubblefield rapeed a disabled woman would came to interview for a nanny job in april of last year. the prosecutor say she left after 20-minute interview but he texted her to return so he could pay her for mileage and time. that is when she was attacked. the torn said he is innocent of the charges. >> he is 340-plus pounds, 6' 3 victim the victim is 5' 105 pounds and he physically pick her up and carried her and assaultd her. >> he is 100% innocent an
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attempt to take advantage of him >> the prosecutors say the woman went to police immediately after attack and d.n.a. evidence support her claim of rape. the ton said his lie detector problems it was consensual and accusation of anything else are all part of a money grab. both he and his attorney will be here at 9:30 to speak to the media. >> happening today, the nation's large of the medical marijuana dispensary is getting a retrieve. the todays are dropping their case against the company after battling for queers. elissa explains. >> yes, city officials will hold a press conference this morning on the steps of city hall in oakland. a city council member con sgratulated the company. they have been a strong presence
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for the patients, the berkeleyers and the public services that are supported by their tax revenue. this is a long legal battle. the united states tone made the move to close the health center four years ago. the crackdown was over concerns people without medical needs would abuse the service. a civil suit was filedded for break federal drug laws but the city of oakland backed the dispensary and tried to sue the government. protesters accused the federal government of unfairly arrest getting the company. taxes provide the city with millions each year and it is for longer at risk are being raided. >> happen today a former san francisco policement loot and former officer are expected to appear in court. he will be arraigned on charges of discussing rape allegations with jason lai who was accused with jason lai who was accused rain -- raping
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in a text scandal involving three other others and will be arraigned of misusing accountal dmv information. >> crews are fixing a ruptured pipeline that cut water service to 60 homes in lafayette. the neighbors notice the water bubbling up from the ground last knit. the 8" main should be folked by noon. the intersection is closed until the work is done. >> indiana's primary could be "do or die" moment for any republican not named "trump." >> ted cruz and john kasich are fight to steal as many delegates as possible. we learn how the math is shaping up. >> this is called importantville. >> indiana vote could be key to donald trump's locking up the nomination best republican convention.
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there is in way that cruz cause with win without a condition tested convention and trump had harsh add slice -- advise. >> now it is your turn to back out you asked judiciary committee to drop out. >> donald trump is not letting up. >> he is crazy. lyin' ted does not is the temperament to be doing this. he is choking like a dog. >> he is seizing on this moment. carly fiorina fell off the stage in indiana. >> she went down and he kept talking he did not even look...that was weird. >> on d side --. >> let us see indiana help lead the country into the political revolution. >> bernie sanders in a close race with hillary clinton trailing her but in the margin of error in indiana. hillary clinton campaign is preparing for the primary in west virginia, promising to be
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contentious. >> former president bill clinton squaring off with angry protesters. >> i want him to stay. >> hillary clinton in march said she would put coal miners and companies out of business. now she said that was a misstatement but it is not going over very well in coal country. happening today, a rally pushes to expand voting rights to 16 and 17-year-olds in san francisco. it will take place at 4:00 p.m. at city hall. the board of supervisors will hold a hearing. local officials explored the issue of lowering the voting aim after a series of low turnout elections. the rally is part of the nationwide movement. >> happening today, san francisco's board plans to discuss the city's multimillion dollar pay out from asiana airlines, after a crash in july of 2013 at sfo killing three people. last month the airline offered
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$3.5348 to settle the claim, pilot error is blamed. the board of supervisors discussed whether to approve the settlement and how it will be divided between the legal costs and airport repairs. >> concord will take a step forward to re-developing the former conditioning cord naval weapons station, the city staff will recommend the city council to choose the company that commits $40 million for affordable housing part of a revised profit sharing proposal that reduces the guarantee payout by $10 million. the plan includes 12,000 housing units and 6 million square feet of commercial space. >> solar impulse 2 is in phoenix taking off from most airfield in santa clara county yesterday. solar impulse made the 720 mile to phoenix without using a drop fuel. the aircraft headed to new york
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next. the final flight is this summer when it heads back to dubai. >> 4:38. what is it like in san francisco? west portal is june. a cool spot. ocean bench and 53 to downtown and through the ferry building. the financial district is 54. mild this morning and palo alto and santa clara is 56, and saratoga is 57. pleasanton and walnut creek at 53, and petaluma and santa rosa at 52. sailing is if but the bay is breezy. good for walking the dog and for biking. sfo could have delays. i will keep an eye on low cloud deck. temperatures are the same today and tomorrow and cooler on thursday with boater chance of storms then. >> at the bay bridge metering lights are off at this point and it is 4 28.
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light conditions interest san francisco from golden gate field to the city at 15 minutes. on the east shore freeway it is busy but folks are moving along at the limit. university avenue is where we are looking at and golden gate field is the top of the left screen. road work. green is good. we are looking good. so far so good. eastbound and westbound -- no, northbound and southbound 880 between 23rd and 29th in oakland is in lanes for another 20 minutes. back with a look at more road work in a few. >> young people are more addicted to mobile devices than ever before. they may not be so bad as we thought. >> saving the season for young swimmers in the east bay, who is swimmers in the east bay, who is stepping in to help i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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screening saves lives! whatcha' been doing braydon? reading let's see pictures, pictures,pictures there's a boy riding on his bicycle you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪ >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this is the smoldering remains of what used to be a house boat. we were at the scene yesterday afternoon in oakland with the spoke rising, it could be seen for miles. 35' boat burned in a few minutes investigators do not know what started the fire. the woman who lives on the boat was not home.
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>> today, oning statements began in a lawsuit against ford for a horrible accident on the san mateo bridge, five wounded including a bride-to-be died in a fiery infer necessity in 2013. the investigation determined that the fire stemmed from a mechanical failure and not from criminal negligence by the driver or limousine company. families are suing ford for wrongful death. >> a community is pitching in to save the season for a swim club in men. they were told the pool is closed. for 30 years, they have practiced and held meets at the san ramon pool. here is this report. >> it was supposed to be the first day of swim practice at the pool. >> first day of practice is you get to see all your friends. >> whistle is blowing, sets yelled out. >> only the maintenance man tested the water because on friday they were told by e-mail that the pool has been shut down
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because it is for evening althougher financially sustainable. the swim club president met with the property manager to see in they can use it for three months. it did not do well. >> can they do anything? >> they work for someone and they are doing what they are told to do. all the golf club is managed by western golf properties in southern california. the c.e.o. was reluctant to talk by phone but said that we are aware of the swim team situation and i told the team president any parents with concerns can e-mail me directly. the mayor of san ramon is not happy about the way this is playing out. >> to have three days notice was appalling, appalled by the fact they gave no notice. >> he said the city staff have met with the club to see to they can schedule tame at the city pools. >> help we can see each other again. it would be great. >> it is a bit of he for the
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kids. >> students make the bay area proud this morning. >> a big reasoned of applause for this teen from joaquin miller middle school winning the national science bowl middle school competition in washington, dc. and lindsburg hospital which is in san jose came in second in the bracket yesterday. the science bowl tests knowledge in science and math. 14,000 students take part each year. no small feat. >> parents, you may not need a study to learn your teens are addicted by the cell phone but according to a nonprofit based in san francisco, half of all teens admit though are addicted to the mobile devices and 80% feel the need to check their phones hourly. hour limit. >> every five minutes?
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all the shocking part, both kids and parents overwhelmingly agree that all of their 15 use is not hamming their relationship. they believe it is improving it. pains are taking advantage of their teen's dependence by communicating with them through mail, t, and social media. we are curious what you think of the study? post your thoughts on social media #abc7now get up. >> do you text throughout the day? is that how you communicate? >> not really. i don't want to bother him when he is at school and when he is home we talk. >> in person. in person interaction. >> in we need to we do but i with rather talk face-to-face. >> i am texting you asking you the forecast. >> let me get my phone and i will t you back of the. >> good morning, everyone. >> 50 miles per hour wind in fairfield and we have a little
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bit of a breeze with the marine layer back. clouds are taking over the neighbors at 52 in walnut creek south on 680 and sunny and less sunshine and cooler than yesterday, unsettled pattern tomorrow through saturday with an area of low pressure sliding down the chest, spinning on top of us, and pump out scattered showers with thunderstorms possible tomorrow through saturday. as far as temperatures, milpitas is 71, san jose is 74, gilroy is 77, quite a spread. the big spread on peninsula and milbrae at 64 and san mateo is 66 and upper 60s to low 70s elsewhere and low clouds are more stubborn at the coast, the sunset is low-to-mid 60s l60s for downtown, sausalito and upper 50s in bodega, petaluma is 69, for everyone else along the east bay shore, 67 at berkeley and castro valley at 72, and 75 to 78 inbound.
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we are cloudy with temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. our storm-impact scale is "1" light and "3" is severe covering each day, toll through saturday, we only get .1" of rain but this is a chance each day with friday interest saturday as the best day. mother's difficult is dry -- day is dry. >> we have a zipper truck on of move. this is a cool deal with the barrier. you have four lanes in the southbound direction, two lanes in the northbound direction. a clear and smooth ride up and over the waldo grade on the bridge. if you go from san rafael to san francisco you are looking at 20 minutes. green is good overall, that means everyone is at the limit so far, and it is early, just road work to remind you, eastbound bay bridge from 4th to treasure island, left lane is blocked off for road work until 6:00 this morning, and the ramp southbound 680 to westbound 780
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is shut down all lanes for another continue minutes as they do road work. i am seeing delays. we have a detour in place. more road work. we will look at the south bay drive. >> do you know who is watching you, the warning from police of being more alerten you get money from an a.t.m. >> kicking the an bit is hard enough and the other habit that doctors say you should quit if you want to quit smoking. >> topping america's money, the big airs posting record profits, more than 20 times, these times as much as the year before because of the huge drop in fuel prices. the airlines collected $4 billion in baggage fees. the good news for shareholders comes as customers come lanes soar. >> gas prices are at a six month high at $2.22 up eight cents from a week ago and in some
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areas gas prices will rise ten cents had week. pawlenty of cheese to go around and the cheese inventories are at highest since 1984. the reason the united states production is at record pace and less cheese is ex officered to europe. more than what of the excessive supply is american cheese. i can take care of that. i can take care of that.
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news that lives where you live on your schedule. >> two high schools need your help to fund their core academic program and classes. the special election determines in a $49 tax will provide money for saratoga and los gatos high schools. 30,000 ballots were sent by mail and will be counseled in postmarked today and received by friday. >> voting ends today on another approached tax for school improvements, in the school district. in approached the tax would go up to $679 to support math, science, reading and writing. >> heads up when you use the tam, daly city police remind people to make sure they are closing out their transactions after you get your money. this comes this response to an incident on march 18 when two shoulder surfers withdraw cash from a woman's account and the search for the suspects is still underway. >> and now, filing for
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bankruptcy protection this week bankruptcy protection this week and closing 100 cells competition, along with several others including sports authorities would have filed. >> and now, at the love us are plained on alcohol because of a remember and now, another problem, smoking. a new public of drug and alcohol said that heavy drinking increases the rate our body breaks down nicotine so it makes smokers want to late up, but it makes them want to do it more frequently. researchers say in order for snowers to level the playing feed they need to stop drugging for four weeks. >> interesting. >> this is a difficulty kind of hanging art. we at san francisco's state and these these distanceers dangling halfway down the six story university library.
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incredible. they were practices for the 30th anniversary celebration of the labor archives breaking historic materials with special recording during the severed california dance performance. >> they using oral histories from the labor archives and research center, in our collection so women tag about sexual harassment, and talking about being on strike and chanting it will all be music and zaps, with performances today at sf state library plaza. >> the warriors will hold the morning shoot around today at oracle arena again the blazers. the head coach said steph curry will not play, not a big surprise. steph curry did light shooting yesterday to test the sprained right near after the media least. he said during sunday he they he will be back on saturday in portland and you can watch this game rate here on abc7.
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>> now, we will tack will will n jose what to expect from 73 and 51 to 77 and 54, and rainfall is half an inch, our eight wettest month, so it is like 4th dryest, and full moon, the 21 today, dropping down to 56 at game tonight, and an state, showers and storms along the sierra and 90 in fresno, and 76 in los angeles. the day planner is next. >> and the game tonight, the a's game and also, the warriors game at the same time at the coliseum, with lots filling up and traffic will be a mess. take bart if you can or mass transit. san jose beyond the s.a.p. center, the shark tank move nicely with headlights in the northbound direction beyond
4:57 am
julian and across town at 280 and that is at 17 overcrossing and a nice drive to cupertino with no delays and ten minutes from downtown san jose into cupertino and road work is good or the sensors are hooking good and green is what it is ail bout at the limit and we will check the drive from the central valley and tracy in a few minutes. >> we have breaking news, sad news of the mother of a rap singer, with not a lot ofness but marin is saying in was a report of a cardiac arrest at her home in sausalito and she was transported to hospital where she died, the mother of a hip hop artist at age 69. >> san francisco will spend $5 billion to improve some of the city post most used services.
4:58 am
we were at the public library where the mayor announced the money will be used to remodel libraries and extend the hours and improve pedestrian safety as well as up grade infrastructure. like the seawall on the embarcadero, it will be part of the proposed budget, and the mayor used the library remodels in 2011 as an example of a successful investment of city funds. >> a battle over affordable housing and next the relief that renter could be getting. >> el nino has a reminder of itself on our roads, on why we itself on our roads, on why we falling behind in itself on our roads, on why we falling behind in look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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