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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui it is tuesday, may 3rd. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, good morning, everyone, we will look at the next three hours on live doppler hd. you can see it is looking dry with temperatures the same as this time yesterday. upper 40s to mid-50s by noon. we stay in the 50s at the coast and mid-60s to low 70s around bay inland and mid-70s by 4:00. not so bright today. not going to be so warm. i have announcementsed forecast with scatter showers and thunderstorms next. >> we will look at the drive times after 5:00 a.m. not too bad. it is moderate. tracy to dublin is under 40 minutes and antioch to concord, westbound highway 4 is looking good. 15 minutes. if you travel from marin county to san francisco, san rafael to the city is under 20 minutes with smooth say across the golden gate bridge and four lanes in the southbound
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direction. >> drivers, el nino is leaving thousands of potholes in the bay area. they stretch from the east by to the south bay and drivers say, enough is enough. amy hollyfield is in concord. amy? >> yes, concord is police today as one -- is listed as under the worse. for you see potholes? it is no surprise. according to our media partner, the east bay times, it is called "the biggest pothole outbreak in five years." they say that rain sneaked in through a crack in the pavement, softens the soil and create as depression and we had a wet winter with el nino. as cars driver over it it turns into a president hole. drives are frustrated. >> my car is not i condition because of the president hills. >> crews doing what they can to spend the demand and the age of
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the california infrastructure is not helping. maintaining the roads is the key. anyone you can avoid the potholes. they are so busy responding it is tough to maintain developing news in the south by. we are expected to learn more of a case involving a federal 49ers player accused of raping a developmentally disabled woman. we were at santa county clear when stubble p field was released after posting $250,000 bail. he was charged with five felony counts for the alleged rape of a from expectative nanny he interviewed at his home in april of 2015. the torn said that text messages and lie detector prove his innocence. the tones are will hold a news conference to share more information at 9:30 this morning. whole be there.
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>> dan noyes confronted stubblefield in twine between by a stalking complaint against an ex fiance who had a restraining order and he was sentenced to 90 days for stealing model and he has a suspended sentence after cop rating in a drug case. >> a 20-year-old man is facing charges of indecent exposure after being caught walking naked near three schools yesterday afternoon. the nude man was arrested on concord boulevard near the high school and el dorado middle school and westwood elementary school. it is possible he was under the glue of a will rod substance -- controlled substance. >> a major development in the murders of two people in the bay area last october. a drift are accused is plead guilty and will testify against his two alleged acome polices. katie marzullo has the details. >> in fairfax on trail are
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popular therapist and yoga instructor was killed in october, a sign and fresh now worries mark the spot. it was a crime russia shocked the community and now a surprising development. >> there will be a healing and understanding. >> three drifters are charged with killing cater and charged with the murder of a canadian tourist at golden gate park. the marin county district attorney said one defendant made a deal, san francisco resident pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and the sentence is 15 years to life. >> it is important that the willing two -- the remaining two of the dids face what is property the possibility of a life without possibility of parole sentence for the murders. >> the other two are from san rafael and from san francisco, lamply is the alleged shooter. he will have to testify against both. >> when you have someone in a triangle willing to provide more
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information it will be worth it in the end. >> preliminary hearing is set >> preliminary hearing is set for may 9. >> governor brown will speak at annual california highway patrol memorial ceremony in west sacramento on the men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty. >> santa rosa city council will decide what to take the first step toward rent control. a subcommittee recommended preparing a limited rent stabilization plan to include a just cause eviction or unanimous. they recommended adopting moratorium to prevent rental increases. supporters say it protected renters and some say it makes the landlords get out of the rental business and reduce the available rental units. >> state water regulators release the latest figures showing how well california has
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conserved in march and updated the water emergency conservation. the board was urged to end the governor's emergency order reducing state water use by 25%. officials have not declared the five year drought to be over because water legals in son california reservoirs are still well below averages >> crews in the santa cruz mountains are gearing up for fire season as they trim back thick brush. there is a lot of growth because of the storm-impact scale storms. they want to make sure to there is a fire embers do not set off spot fires. brush control will allow residents on top of the hills to evacuate safely in a wildfire occurs. peak fire season me begins in july. >> they were taking down stuff
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that is alive and the dead stuff was falling over the weekend with the wins, and i watched my son at the bail trying to dodge the doned limbs. orinda is 51 and castro valley is 52 and everyone else is around 54 to 56 if you wake up long the east bay shoreline and same on the peninsula to mountain view and san jose, veteran -- 57. novato is 50-52. in san jose, 87 near the shark tank we are at 56 and trees are moderate. perhaps is moderate and u.v. index is lower and san rafael is about 53 degrees, and throw day forecast all of us will be keeler and a slight chance on wednesday and better chan on thursday and more scattered showers in the seven-day forecast. >> we look at san jose, 101 at 880 and traffic is looking great with the headlights headed in
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the northbound direction. the cars on the screen are headed southbound and everyone is behaving. here is walnut creek, 680 beyond north main if you take 680 to the dublin interchange you are look at 15 minutes so everyone is moving nicely at the limit. and eastbound highway 4 all lanes are cleared of accidents to right hand shoulder with an injury accident involving several cars, and much earlier this morning, and the better news is they are in the cleanup process and it should be cleared in the next few minutes. we will look at the bay bridge and see what is happening in a few. >> new any passengers will notice something new testing double stopping in three downtown stations. what is designed to help riders get to the destination faster. two trains will now allow riders to get off at the same time. it will happen at powell and civic center station and
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montgomery county goal. you get on the first train and the second allows move forward during times of heavy congestion in the morning and evening. >> 24 hour fundraising police to help hundreds of charities in the bay area and how you can do your part. >> night of eye-opening fashion, >> night of eye-opening fashion, who's who i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, abc7 news. >> police want to you look at this photo. anyone who has had an were counter with this man contact them, he is accused of molesting a girl at a hotel in morgan hill. she and her aunt reported it on saturday. he faces several counts of lewd acts. police are trying to determine in there are more victims. >> today is a 24 hour fundraising blitz for,500 charities across the bay area an effort to raise money for nonprofits in the south by, the peninsula, east bay and san francisco. this is video from last year. volume -- volunteers are at several locations and for more information with a link on our when, check it out. >> the san francisco police
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department said training is pent to better, quip officers to interact with mentally ill people in crisis to give officers the tools and the understanding to deescalate a situation. this is a collaboration with the national alliance for the mentally ill and the county men fall health department. >> 10 years ago there was a 300 acre plot of land given to the direct to build a school and the district has until 2027 to build or return the land. the city announced it will put a $750 million bond measure on the ballot to build new school or two and to renovate and make improvements to other existing school facilities. all the enrollment is going up and we are actually starting to see a demand outpacing the number of elementary schools we have. >> parents are pleased saying there are not many options. in it passes the school could be
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up and running in five years. >> i thought it was gorgeous yesterday. walking home. i was pleased. do we get a reprieve? >> maybe a degree or two cooler and not is sunny. >> all right. i will take that. >> fine. reggie is happy. natasha is fairly happy. let me get your input. let me know if you are happy. ten miles per hour is the wind in fairfield. you will notice the next system will take the same path as last weak's system but it is different. it is not going so be so breezy but it has more moisture and less energy. trying to pin pout where the showers pop up will be difficult. know you could get more rain than we got last week. it will be more isolated. clouds and cooling increase this week and a chance of showers and thunder and mother's day is dry and warmer. in the south bay, low-to-mid
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70s from 71 in milpitas and san jose and leg at 74 and gilroy is the warm spot at 77. redwood city is 69, and millbrae is 64 and upper 60s to 70 with low clouds. low-to-mid 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, upper 60s in san rafael and petaluma and everyone else is 70 to 73. we are mainly in the upper 60s along the east bay shore and castro valley is low 70s and mid-to-upper 70s inland east bay neighborhood. tonight we have low-to-mid 50s and storm-impact scale is "1" to severe and this is coming in pieces up to quarter inch of rain is possible. the 8:00 of the day is thursday and friday and mother's day could not be much nicer. sue? good news. we have 39 bart trains on time. that is great. now, a heads up, at the oakland arena and the coliseum we have
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warriors playing at 7:30, so right around 7:00 hour a big convergence of cars and the lots will fill up and i recommend you take bart to the coliseum or the warriors. it will be crowds. buses and ferries look great, with degree going no chance -- golden gate no cancellation and ace train 3 is ready to leave stockton at 5:35 and everyone is looking good. we will look at the south by drive and check in with the bay bridge, too. >> how does organic fast food sound to you? it is oning -- it is opening this weekend and all food products are provided by california farmers. workers are paid $16 an hour. this opens on thursday. >> daring french inventor has a new world record for longest
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night on a hoverboard. he is taking it to a new level. on saturday, along the coast of marcel, this is more than 7,300' surpassing a previous record hemmed by a canadian inventor and the hoverboard advertises a maximum speed of 93 miles per hour. that is not the hoverboard we are used to. >> in there was any question, google chrome is the champion of wind chill browsing, surpassing internet explorer at the browser with the greatest market share. it is a slow slide for explorer which has been losing ground to chrome since being introduced in 2008 and creep now accounts for 42% of the market.
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>> serious security programs with samsung's home technology. all the down side of a smart home, flaws in the samsung local with the system easy to hack, but they show it would not impact the customers. >> there is a release of a trailer for a new game with details of the remastered investigation of "call of duty," with both rolling out in november. >> and a movie start wants you to to be as successful as him, and the former pro wrestler has an alarm clock help you to weak up and work on your dulies with inspirational messages. >> those are the tech bytes today. >> a popular procedure is
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getting a makeover because of new technology. eyebrow tattoos is moving beyond the thick flat marking pen and tonight, how microplaiding works and what it can do. >> your social media is probably filled with images from last nature at the galley, the super bowl of fashion. >> apple posted the event and the theme was "fashion in technology." look at the platform heels, and taylor swift has a new goth princess look. >> that is kerry washington and the baby bump. >> very nice. everyone is talking about beyonce. and the plasticky kind of dress. a lot of people liken it to the skin of becomey from "lemon said." if you don't like madonna, i
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the mother of late rap artist, tupac shakur died of possible cardiac arrest at her home in sausalito. so was known as a businesswoman, and political activist. >> breaking news in the east bay, c.h.p. investigating the bad crash near the antioch bridge, three vehicles were involved in the accident. two were taken to the hospital. >> chance of a sure or two or many through saturday and thunder and along with that is cooler and cloudy conditions with the latest numbers for the neighborhood and how much caller it will be for mother's day. >> we are following the tuesday morning commute. the bay bridge shows no problems, no metering lights and a continue meant drive from golden gate field to san francisco. with no hot spots right now. five, former 49ers is out on
5:25 am
bail after being chargeed with raping a developmentally disabled woman last year at his home. the attorneys will hold a muck to share information at 9:30 this morning. >> indiana residents are add the polls to cast votes in the courtroom primary and donald trump ladies ted cruz by again points and the democrats bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton. >> warriors have ruled steph curry out tonight against the blazers at oracle arena. steph curry thinks he will be ready for saturday in portland. now uc berkeley committing $2.5 million to tell with sexual harassment cases to pay for three full time investigators in the office for prevention of harassment and discrimination. seven new jobs in the office of student conduct, and four new workers in the health services unit to help with prevention training and support services and fund training for faculty, staff, and students. multiple sexual assault and
5:26 am
sexual harassment cases have surfaced with many criticizing the response or lack of. >> high school year book photos make us smile, but one person is in a lost trouble. take a look. >> this is from arizona, number 42 to the right of the screen, that area around the midsection, someone dared him, the 19-year-old, to expose himself in his photo and you can see he difficulty. the photo was used in programs for the game and all over the year backs and it want until after it was published officialled noticed it and they have to recall all area backs. he was arrested for 69 counts of indecent exposure and ordered to wear an electronic monitor. >> that kind of thing has been happening forever but now ambassador. >> not at my while.
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>> and now, the first perfect consider of the season on "dancing with the stars". soviet -- ♪ i was only second >> how great, guys, gorgeous waltz. this is impeccable and they are in the first perfect 10 of season but it was double elimination night on "dancing with the stars" so kim fields and football superstar miller are out. you can catch "dancing with the stars" right here. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including the major road work that will impact the commute and relief for the biggest marijuana dispensary and oakland is racketing to a oakland is racketing to a decision bit fed
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves of the it is tuesday, may 3rd. now, meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> good morning. the clouds are here and are increasing on live doppler hd. we are going to call today partly sunny and some sunshine from the east bay hills camera under the clouds and to mt. diablo. the same as yesterday through the day planner and cooler with less sunshine this afternoon and 76 inland. self chances of showers in the forecast. >> back at bay bridge with metering lights 30ed ises ago and you can see wasp here. traffic is stacked up toward the overcrossing and you looking at delays building from golden gate field to san francisco. intoing of which, east shore freeway beyond the university to
5:31 am
emeryville is more crowds and you are moving at the limit with no major delays. we will look at the drive times in a couple of minutes. >> police are investigating a deadly shooting in east palo alto with tulane avenue shut down at georgetown east of university avenue. police say a 28-year-old man was shot and killed at 1:00 a.m. drivers are told to stay out of the area. we welcoming to get more information. you can follow twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> a united states serviceman was killed in iraq overnight. isis broke through kurdish forces near the city near mosul and opened fire. he was killed by a district hit although he was several miles away. after, the united states conducted 23 air strikes using f-15s and drones. the serviceman who was kid with advisor to kurd-ish forces and the third killed in iraq since
5:32 am
running to a combat role in 2014 we are at a news conference for a federal 49ers player accused of recall after attacking a disaimed -- disabled woman. matt? >> yes, we spoke with stubblefeels attorney and he said he will show us some evidence that proves his client's innocence. what is the evidence? >> she texted him on more than 20 occasions asking for money. we will prove all of this. >> the cameras were there when the former star, 49ers player bailed out of the santa county jail. the district syed muzzafar he rape add 31-year-old develop mentally challenged woman who came to his home for a nanny position. he texted her to return after she left to pay her for mileage
5:33 am
and time. and she was attacked at that point. the woman immediately want to police and d.n.a. and other evidence support her claim of rape. but his attorney said that his lie detector results prove it was consensual and accusations of anything else are part of a money grab. he said he will show us the text messages in north san jose this morning. >> the nation's largest medical marijuana dispensary is getting a retrieve and the todays are dropping the case against harbor side collective in deck after battling for areas. we are in the newsroom to explain. >> oakland is applauding the decision. officials have backed the disresponsery during the process. it provides an important service. the city council member said in a statement "i am mad -- glad the city kept this on and happy
5:34 am
to know the let is removed." the city gets millions of tax dollars from the health center. the police resources will not be used to ship down a permitted dispensary. a press conference is scheduled this morning at city hall where they will talk about this. the united states attorney filed a civil suit four years ago for breaking federal drug laws but oakland tried to sue the government making it possible to help keep harbor side open during the appeals process. four years later it is over and this is no longary threat of a raid and though can continue to operate in oakland there is a city council meeting on the agenda discussing a resolution for safe and affordable access to medical cannabis in oakland. >> happening today, two former members of san francisco's police department are expected to be in court. former lieutenant court tits lieu is facing charges for
5:35 am
obstructing police trying to cover up sexual assault allegations against jason lai accused of raping a woman in august. he will be arraigned today for misusing confidential zmv information. he left the department after a racist text scandal involving himself and three others. >> video new details of a ruptured pipeline that cut water service to 60s homes in lafayette. neighbors noticed water bubbling up last night. east bay mud gave us an update and said the crews have completed the repair work on the 8" pipe. water service was restored by 4:00 a.m. this morning. the intersection is now open. >> it could be a big day in the race for the white house. republican contender donald trump is going for a knock out punch in indiana. residents casting their bowl lots in -- ballots. ted cruz and john kasich are fighting to steal as many delegates as they can. the indiana primary is one of
5:36 am
the most important in the election season. the vote could be key to trump locking up the nomination before the convention. the democrats, bernie sanders is in a chose race with hillary clinton and trailing right now but it is in the margin of error in indiana. ted cruz campaign said the texas running mate carly fiorina is okay after that. this happened during a campaign event in indiana. his buy, heidi, saw her fall and helped her up. donald trump is criticizing ted cruz for not doing anything to get carly fiorina back on her feet and video shows ted cruz not noticing the fall and continuing to shake hands with ghosts on stage. >> san francisco city hall will be busy with hunger strike others marching demanding to meet with mayor lee. they are the frisco five and are
5:37 am
entering the 13th day of a hunger strike going on outside san francisco police department mission station. they are protesting police shootings and do not plan to eat until the grief steps down. the mayor attempted to most with them yesterday at the station but they refused to go inside. the mayor's office claims they are working on police reforms and expanding bias training for officers. >> san francisco's board of supervisors will discuss the multimillion dollar pay out from asiana airlines that crashed in july of 2013 at sfo. three people died. last month the airline offered $3.5 million to settle the claim. pilot error is blamed. the board will discuss had to approve and how it will be divided define the let costs and airport repairs. all the city of concord will take a step forward for re-development of the former naval weapons station.
5:38 am
the city staff will rim they choose irvin for the development contract. in town, they will submit $40 million for affordable housing. the land includes 12,000 housing units and six million square feet of commercial space. >> solar impulse 2 is in phoenix, arizona, this morning after the successful flight. it took off in santa clara county yesterday morning. solar impulsion made the 720 mile to phoenix without using a drop of fuel. it took 16 hours. it will head to new york next and the final flight is in the summer when it heads back to dubai and is the first plane ever to circle the planet using only solar panel. >> would not get so much here. because of that temperatures are mild in the south bay around 53 to 57, and milpitas is 52 and 57 in san jose, and low-to-mid 50s everywhere until calistoga
5:39 am
at 47. today, pan pablo and sass soon bay it is breezy and walking the dog should be pleasant and lie breeze in you are going for a bicycle ride, from the exploritorium not a solid shield but we will have dimmer sunshine from 64 in san francisco to an area or two neighborhood and inland east bay at 80 and wednesday and thursday a chance of showers and thunderstorm extending into 9 weekend, also, i will show you that. >> if you are going from san francisco to sfo this morning, headed to the airport, you are looking at under ten minutes and a nice drive through the east shore we have highway 238 to the east bay, 880, to the maze, 14 minutes and 101 in san jose to the san jose airport from highway 85, under 20 minutes and that is great. 20 minutes from san rafael to
5:40 am
the golden gate bridge and at the golden gate bridge, beautiful ride, four lanes in the south direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. we have word of a couple of accidents in the hayward side so we will check back with that. if you use the busy two lane embarcardero bridge you will need to find a new way the next few years. the bridge will be replaced with a new one to allow kayakers do go under, it will not re-open until may of 2018 city asking drivers and bicyclists and pedestrians to use 7th as the alternate. >> well traveled road is now shut down through the east bay, with commuters accounting dublin and danville and san ramon and it will be closed until december. crews are replacing a culvert at north end of dublin. the replacement is a condition of approval for a large
5:41 am
subdivision about to be build in the area. >> young people are more addicted to mobile devices than ever before. but the gadgets may not be so bad as we first thought. >> also, saving the season for young swimmers in the east bay. who is stepping in to help some who is stepping in to help some kids
5:42 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. ♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kills fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new flea infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is recommended by vets for killing fleas and ticks. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. >> walnut creek, burlingame,
5:44 am
campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you are seeing a spellerring remains of what used to be a house boat, sky 7 was over the scene at the oakland estuary yesterday afternoon. smoke from the fire could be seen tore miles. the 35 not few boat burned in a few minutes and video to the next boot. investigators do not know what started the fire. the woman who live on the boat was not home. >> opening statements in the lawsuit against ford for a horrible accident on the san mateo bridge. five women including a bride-to-be died in the infor know. an investigation determined the fire stems from a mechanical failure and not from criminal negligence by the driver of the limousine company. the families are suing ford for wrongful death. >> the community is pitching in to save the season for a swim club in san ramon. they were told the pool they normally use is now closed. for 30 areas they have held
5:45 am
meetings here and yesterday was the first day of practice for 200 kids but they were told on friday it would not be available. western golf properties said the pool for longer is financially sustainable. other clubs are trying to help. >> they are feeling abused because of what the golf club did but we are overwhelm by our community and by the fact this is what makes the bears of san ramon special, to see how people rally when you are down and out. >> city staff have met to seat in they can schedule time at the two city pools. >> happening today, a rally will public to expand voting rights to 16 and suspect-year-olds in san francisco will take place at 4:00 p.m. at city hall. after, the board supervises will hold a hearing and local officials were exploring the idea of lowering the voting aim after low turnout elections. the rally is part of a
5:46 am
nationwide movement. >> speaking of young people, parents may not need a say to tell you that they are addict the to smart 15s but you could be surprised what the fining shows. according to a local nonprofit of what of all teens admit they are addicted to the mobile devices and 80% feel the need to check their phones each hour. here is the shocking part, both kids and parents overwhelmingly agree the phone use is not harming their relationship. in fact, they think it is improving it. parents need to take advantage of their teens dependens by reaching out through e-mail, social media and text. what do you think? post director thoughts on social media with # abc7getup. >> get off the phone when driving. >> stop using the blackberry. >> stop using the blackberry. it is not 1990.
5:47 am
minutes, and put it down for five minutes and pick it back unso that is hourly. >> we have more should cover. it is a beautiful representation of the low cloudses in the east bay valley. the high clouds will be more of a mainstay in the forecast as we head throughout the day. we will calm it sunny and cooler, and unsettled, and low pressure will spin on continue of us tomorrow through saturday and spinning out chances of showers and thunderstorms. right new, time for mother's day. low-to-mid 70s for the south bay and san jose and los gatos at 74. and santa cruz is 68 and on the peninsula from mountain you have at 72 to mill provide at 64 with low clouds covered at the coast
5:48 am
and more so than yesterday. upper 50s to nearly 60. downtown is only 62 degrees. same in sausalito, san rafael upper 60s and 70 to 73, and long the east bay shore upper 60 to low 70s and inland east bay our warmer temperatures and that is original 75 to 78. tone, clouds in the low-to-mid 50s. storm-impact scale is ranking storms from "1" light to "5" is severe, and it starts tomorrow, and the storm has more moisture but it does not have so much energy as last week. it will not be breezy, and temperatures are going to be almost so cool as 50s at the bay and 70s inhad. we have a couple of accidents to update you and we go to hayward with a couple of things happening. before (a) -- "a" street close
5:49 am
down to the junction and southbound 880 near industrial. the southbound nimitz is nasty. the nasty nimitz is living up to its name and the sunol grade near highway 84 and back do that. that is the sunol grade gummed up with the accident in the middle chains waiting on c.h.p. to show up. we will look at this and more from the central valley coming up. >> a warning for anyone who has had trouble falling asleep, and doctors now say you may want to rethink any medication where you should go. >> first, do you know who is watching you when you are taking out cash? the warning from police being alert when you get money from an alert when you get money from an a.t.m.
5:50 am
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the abc7 news app on go on your schedule. >> a warning the next team you use an a.t.m., daly city police are reminding you to make sure you close out your transaction when you done. this is in response to an incident march 18 when two surfers withdraw cash from a woman's account. they still looking for the suspects. >> and 100 stores will be closed but it is not sure in bay area locations are on list. near sales and growing competition are to blame according to the "wall street
5:53 am
journal" with several major retailers have filed for bankruptcy protection in 16 months including quick silver, and spores authority. -- and sports authority. and now a study published claims that heavy drinking increases the rate our body brakes down nicotine so it makes smokers want to light up and do it more frequently. researchers say in order for smokes to live the playing feed they need to stop drugging for four weeks. >> would you ever do this? look at the ladies completely working together, in hanging art. we were at san francisco state as the three dancers dangled halfway down the six story library at the university and they were practicing for the 30th anniversary celebration of the labor archives and though preserve historic materials. special recordings will play and
5:54 am
all of this is set to music and dance. watch the special performances and they scheduled for 2:15, 3:30 and 5:45 at the library plaza. all the warriors hold the morning shoot out at oracle arena with steph curry not playing tonight. he did and light shooting yesterday to test the sprained right knee and he said on sunday that he hopes to be back for game they in portland which is happening on saturday. you can watch the contest right here on abc7. here on abc7. >> we will talk the eighth driest month with half an inch. we have had up up to two and two-thirds.
5:55 am
at cove cropping down to 56 and like yesterday, thunderstorms look to the east you will see beautiful bill letting cloud over the sierra, 61 at lake tahoe and 74 in yosemite. sue? >> the accidents, by the oakland is playing at coliseum but the warriors, too, at the same time so take mass transit. this accident in hayward, southbound 880, it is cleared out of the lanes with show traffic at 238 and at industrial we have an accident out there, southbound 880, with 15-minute delay behind the scenes and sunol grade is where we are heading next. >> tesla has a deal to lease a massive amount of warehouse in livermore, leasing two buildings
5:56 am
on discovery drive totaling more than a million square feet and less that will ramp up production to meet demand for the new lower rice. >> san francisco will spend $5 billion to improve the most used services. we were at public library in visitacion valley where the money will be used to remodel library, extend library hours and improve pedestrian safety and improve infrastructure part of the mayor's budget. he used as library as an example of successful investment. >> this festival will have specialed for stars including gordon ramsey appearing during the two day event. organizers say the food and wine demonstrations will accompany the wine with knewcies and entertainers including chad
5:57 am
smith and cheech and a popular san francisco park will be off business with major visits at alamo square park. >> more potholes are marring bay >> more potholes are marring bay area roads.
5:58 am
>> more potholes are marring bay area roads. that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things.
5:59 am
can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. in your car is jarring, it is true, there are massive potholes marring the roads and it is not getting better. >> it is tuesday, may 3rd. we have more on the story in a minute but, first, getting you started with traffic and weather and we have mike and the forecast. >> if you get a clip in the windshield it starts the size of a quarter in february it and
6:00 am
grows to that big by may. first hand experience. now what is going on with live doppler 7 hd you can see the clouds cover over the top of us and nothing is falling from this and it will drop our temperatures in the upper 50s at the coast and upper 60 at the gay and mid-70s inland and more on the chances of thunderstorms coming up. sue? >> bay bridge backup metering lights on at 5:29 and you are looking at building delays from the east shore freeway into the macarthur maze and some san francisco at 25 minutes and solid strad of headlights and from golden gate field and beyond, green is good, we have road sensors and slow traffic and we will look at the sunol grade middle lanes, southbound 680 near highway 84 for 30 help-minute delay from pleasanton. we have another accident that just happened on highway 4 in a few minutes. >> breaking news we are tracking from the north


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