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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 3, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. former 49er stubblefield and his attorney tell their side the story claiming the former football star sin sent of chaps of raping a disabled woman. i am kristen sze. >> stubblefield and his attorney wrapped up a news conference at a church in san jose. matt is there with the details. matt? >> yes, dana stubblefield's attorneys wrapped up the media conference 45 minutes ago and handed documentation showing he passed a lie detector test but, still, a year later and now he
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is being charged with rape. >> who is take advantage of who in the santa clara county district ton charged former 49ers player dana stubblefield with several felonies including the rape of a 31-year-old disabled woman who came to his home to interview for a nanny job in april of last area. >> he is 340-plus pounds, 6' 3 and the victim is 105 pounds. he physically pick her up and carried her and assaulted her. >> the woman want to police immediately after the attack and the d.n.a. spoors the claim. stubblefield specific out this morning saying he did nothing wrong. >> i am here to stay without reservation i am innocent of all of theallies. >> today inside his church in north san jose, stubblefield made a statement saying that the sexual encounter with consensual and the dense team attacked the district attorney's case, saying that stubblefield is being taken
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advantage of. >> information from the d.a. said it took over a year, a year for charges to be filed in this case. >> stubblefield's attorney say he was texted 22 time over the five days after at encounter and repeatedly asked for a job and money. >> does this sound like something happened as suggested by the district attorney? or does that sound like a money grab? it sounds like a money grab. >> stubblefield is schedule to appear in court on june 3rd at the county courthouse. >> the alleged rape involving dana stubblefield and not the first brush with the law. dan noyes confronted the former defensive lineman in 2009 over a stalking complaint made by his observation fiance. she had a restraining over against him. he was sentenced to 90 days for
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stealing her mail and serve add suspended sentence after cooperating in the steroid drug case. >> marin county is mourning the death the mother of the late rapper tupac shakur. afeni shakur davis was an >> friends and relatives are gathering in sausalito. some people just pulled in from atlanta. a family friend said they are all shocked and devastated. they are asking for privacy. >> afeni shakur davis started expensing discomfort in her home and and the friend called 9-1-1 the upon arriving, immediately, they provided c-p-r to her. she was immediately transported to a local hospital where she
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was treated at the hospital by physicians there for approximately an hour and at which point they determine she had, in fact, died. >> what is believed to be a cardiac event the. >> she was uninexpiration to her son, tupac shakur killed at the age of 25 in 1996. she oversaw his music cat leg after his death. >> he was our star, he made our live shine. >> she was a political activist and a philanthropist then for impact nationally and also hour at him. >> she and her son, tupac shakur , had come as result that she and other members of the family historied here in marin city in southern marin county. again, she was well loved, well respected by many people this this community. >> long time marin county resident spoke out about loss saying that afeni shakur davis and his sister were good friends. >> i am hurt. that lady was really sweet.
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she helped everyone. people that could not help themselves, unfortunate, kids, she when out of the her way to help people. even in they deserved it or not. she will be missed. >> the coroner will conduct an investigation and determine whether they need to do an autopsy. they will look at medical reports and talk to the family. the sheriff said they do not suspect any foul play in this kiss. afeni shakur davis was 69. >> thank you. if you have our newsup, you can get an alert or you did this morning the moment we learn about afeni shakur davis' death stay on top of news as it practices. have news, in oakland, a victory for the owners of the largest medical marijuana disresponsery, city official say the u.s. government is dropping its case against hard before side health center. we are working to get more details, they were threatening
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to shut it down since 2012 and the united states torn filled a civil suit for agreeing federal drug laws. the city of oakland tried to sue the government and that made it possible to keep the clinic over during the appeals process. now, it is over. there is in longer a threat of a raid. and they can continue to operate. we reached out to the united states attorney office which so far has declined to comment. >> oakland city council will take up the event over medical marijuana tonight and reports that the city council is eyeing several laws on pot that could set the bar for the rest of the country. they include a possible sales tax, health and safety regulations and environmental and employment rules. in addition to regulating the industry, oakland also is hoping to boost revenue. >> new this morning, some parents received shock news from a principal after an elementary school student property a leaded gun to campus. according to the community website, a teacher at emerson found the boy with the handgun
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and turned the when over to berkeley police. police say the boy told investigators that he found it near a city in the elmwood neighborhood not far from cal campus and the principal sent a memorial to parents saying that there is no indication the student intended to cause harm to students, faculty, or himself >> police in east palo alto are searching for the gunman in an early morning shooting founding a 27-year-old man lying in the street when they responded to scene after 1:00 a.m. the victim was treated but died at the scene. police have not released any description of the suspect but asked anyone with information to give them a call. >> the c.h.p. is investigating a crash in antioch that sent two people to the hospital, several cars crashed on eastbound highway 4 near the antioch bridge after 2:30 this morning. in word on the victim's conditions or what caused the crash. part of highway 4 was closed during the clean young, but re-opened after 6:00 a.m. >> if you feel like you have
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been hitting a lot more potholes you are not alone. a new report suggest that the suggestion is worse than in a long time due to el nino. we joined with a look at where the bumpy roads are. >> according to our media partner, the pothole problem is the worst it has been in years. here is a look at the roughest spots around the bay area in the east bay, in concord, in oakland, a couple of other rough patches in fremont, and down to san jose and santa cruz. drivers are saying "enough is enough." >> you can thank el nino for the potholes making the commute bumpy. i am talking thousands them covering the spire bay area. >> it is terrible. my car already has issues and my car is bang, bang, bang all the time. >> the rain gets in the tracks and the pavement breaks down under the weight of the cars. >> i have had a friend her brakes were bad because of the
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potholes with the tires, getting a flat tire. it is bad. >> an expensive problem. and it is in the process of being fixed, one pod pot at a time. curing to our media patch the city of san jose has heard filled more than 4,000 potholes this year, a typical bay area driver can expect to pay at least $1,000 a year for pothole-related repairs. >> shares of san francisco's based twitter hit their lowest share ever in trading this morning. shares slipped 2% to the low at 13.90 and it is down 40 mrs. this year and 50% from the i.p.o. price of $26. the company missed sales forecast. now, shares of twitter right now it is up at 14.10 a share but, still, down for the day. >> counting down to the california primary and what is
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happening where you live today. >> another big blow to one of the biggest makers of baby readies and what johnson&johnson is blamed for. now. >> the super bowl of fashion and what you may have mixed from the mets gala.
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>> california primary is three weeks away and the city of san francisco is getting ready. we were at city hall this morning as the department of elections tested voting equipment for juan 7 primary. they laid out a schedule to make sure all americans are tested by may 24. you have a may 23rd deadline to register to vote in the primary or change your party affiliation. >> the race for 2016 is focused on the indiana primary today. republican frontrunner donald trump is hoping for a knock out punch to lock up the indiana 57 g.o.p. delegate. in he succeeds he will be closer to locking up the nomination ahead of the convention. on the z side bernie sanders is in achiotes race with hillary clinton and trailing but in the margin of error in indiana. >> johnson & johnson lost a costly court case over claims their tall come powder causes cancer. a jury awarded $5 million to a
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missouri woman who claim it caused her ovarian cancer. some studies suggest it can raise a woman's risk of ovarian cancer by up to 40%. the company said this is no merit and the powder is safe. in february, a jury awarded $72 million to a family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer. 1,200 similar cases are waiting to file. >> new bragging rights for "hamilton." >> the sunshine is limited so far purpose here on the roof of the broadcast center. these clouds will not make you reach for the umbrella but the ones in my forecast will. >> the glitz. the glamour. the fashion. we will re-cap the most buzzed looks of the night from
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>> san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. ♪ reaction >> new this morning the hit "hamilton," got 16 tony nominations more than any other in broadway history about founding fathers a hip hop show broke 15 nominations by "producers," and "billy elliot." the flame is new in brazil before 6:00 this only and the tall lady right there is the first torch bearer leading the country to gold medicalses in women's volleyball in 2008 and 2012. the sermon kickoff three months torch relay around the country
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ending at the stadium weapon the games on august 5th. each will run 200 yards with the torch. >> the warriors are back in action and play without steph curry. he has been ruled out for game two against the trail blazers at oracle arena. he does light shooting yesterday to test his veined right knee and hopes to be back for game three on saturday. you can much with the contest rate here only on abc7. tip-off tonight is at 7:30. >> it is the knee but hopefully he will be better and ready to be back here again. show us your warriors pride we have received a ton photos. keep 'em coming by sharing yours on social media # dubson7. agoinga. they coming shown on air.
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mike, the chances of showers are dissipating? >> in they will increase the next couple of days. today, not a chance. a lot of mid-to-upper level moisture. i do not expect the real deal until thursday but it could last until saturday but it will be gone by mother's day. this morning we had layers of clouds and necessary settled in the east bay valleys and over the east bay hills and valleys during the morning and even a pocket of sunshine here and there but right new it is hard to come by is the temperatures are cooler in san francisco and an the bayshore and the cost than inland where we are seeing more of the sunshine so we are at 70 in san ramon and los gatos and antioch at 72 degrees. here is what will happen the next six hours, a few future radar returns over the ocean on the left side of the scene. otherwise, maybe in the mountains we get a scattered shower or thunderstorm. but for us, it will not happen, we are changing the atmosphere
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and we will keep it cool, steady, compared to yesterday and we will do so with less sunshine. it look impressive pause we have a chance on when, thursday, friday, and saturday, and the amount of rain that will fall in the coverage is not is much. mother's day is dry, and warmer so we will talk about what will happen. we start in the south bay with 71 in nil pete and gilroy at 77, san jose is 74 and 64 in milbrae down to 72 in mountain view and the clouds are lingering longer at the coast at barely 59 to 60 and 62 in downtown san francisco, cooler than average and in napa it is 73. we have 67 in berkeley and castro valley is 72 and walnut creek is 74 and antioch is 78. at the game, two things: the cool temperatures, 62 dropping to 56 and there is a basketball game next door at the same time. traffic is beginning to be a nightmare. here is a look at the evening plans, clouds are a mainstay and temperatures fall and the
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mid-50s and mid-60s and stay in the mid-50s at 9:00. we will have temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. new, our storm impact scale, from "1" light to "5" severe. we have been ranking them all soap. this one i put a "1" on thursday and friday and saturday because we have a chance of showers each bay but the best chance right new is looking like thursday and sat for the .1" or .25" if you are caught and outside chance of lightning and thunder and small hail. many of us will miss out and the rain full amount is light, in our 8th wettest month of the year. >> we are good and dry today. >> thanks, mike. now, to the biggest night in fashion, the stars were out in full force at the met gala from beyonce to katy perry, all inviteed by vogue editor.
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t.j. shows us all of the fashion. recognize this pop princess? it is katy perry. every star from sports to music, celebrating the biggest knit in fashion, invite bid anna with tickets at $30,000 a piece. from lady gaga, a computer circuit board body, and the men got into the theme, with all new fleece. the most googled down of the night? that is queen b herself showing up with jay-z and buzz when she posed with this photo "family." and uma and sarah jessica parker, both stunning in white. and remarkable fashion know how transforming a gown into a mini dress after spilling wine on the
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train. >> this is a bad idea. or maybe it is brillant. >> a mother duck has grown very attached to a michigan element i school and students and staff go out of the their way to mak
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>> coming up at 4:00, kids and mobile devices with concerns on addiction and how it backs how they learn. best deals on used cars. we break it down with "7 on your side" at 5:00. >> a popular procedure is getting a makeover because new technology. eyebrow tattooing is moving beyond the thick marking pen look and how microbleeding works and what it can do for you. >> finally, we want to show you an event at an elementary school in minute. each year the mother lays her eggs in the courtyard at the elementary school in heartland and she does this, marches the ducks through the halls of the school for the past 13 years. disaster make sure this is a safe route for the family so the mother can get all her ducks to the northbound by pond.
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>> i am sure the kids can learn how to count and great for everyone, right? for all of us at abc7, thanks for joining us. we leave but a look over san francisco a lovely day. injury it.
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>> today on our show, another player will attempt that pressure-packed climb to a seven-figure payday. will they make it to the million dollar mountaintop? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. i'm chris harrison. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] it's gonna be a good one. today's first contestant is always picking up pennies, so she's already lucky. now let's see if she can trade that in for some serious cash. from dix hills, new york, please welcome sherry mcpherson-berg. [cheers and applause] hi, sherry! >> hi! >> how you doing? welcome to "millionaire", good to see you. >> how are you? thank you, nice meeting you. >> glad to have you. look, everybody picks up pennies, but i hear you're, like, serious about it. >> yeah. >> like, ser


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