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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon, thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. >> reporter: i'm larry biel. about 3 1/2 hours before tip-off between portland and the warrio warriors. we'll have the latest on steph curry. he tested his knee today. when we might see him on this court. >> that's coming up. >> larry, thanks very much. we'll start with the race 4 the white house. all eyes on indiana. >> polls statewide are closing right now. the counting is under way. abc news reporter marci gonzalez is live in indianapolis with us for t with the latest. >> reporter: dan and ama, the results are coming in. abc news is projecting that
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donald trump will win the gop primary here in indiana, this after an especially heated day on the campaign trail. unparalleled attacks between candidate on this possible make or break primary day. >> now, indiana is becoming very importa important, importantville. >> reporter: trump ahead in the polls today going after ted cruz. on fox and frinds citing a national inquire story. >> his father was with lee harvey oswald prior to oswald being shot. >> this is nuts. yes, my dad killed jfk. he is secretly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his backyard. >> reporter: denying the claims and unloading on the front rauner. >> this man is a serial
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philanderer, a bully. >> reporter: bernie sanders adding to it. >> donald lives in his own world. >> reporter: sanders is hopeful with polls in the hoosiers state showing him close behind hillary clinton. the democratic front-runner facing protests in west virginia now defending these comments made during a cnn town hall. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. to put it plainly, i misspoke. it's one reason why i took this trip, to say that directly to the people who are affected, to make sure you know where i stand baugh i would never disrespect the people here. >> reporter: again, the polls are now closed here in indiana but the democratic race is still too close dual. but earlier today clinton said she is now focused on moving on to the general election. dan and ama? >> marci, what ace the latest on john kasich today? >> reporter: he says he's still
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staying in the race. remember, he has that deal that he struck with ted cruz, that he wouldn't compete here in indiana and in exchange cruz would not compete in oregon and new mexico. but some are saying it a bit unusual that kasich is home in ohio today instead of on the campaign trail looking ahead to the next primary. reporting live in indianapolis, marci gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> abc sech7 news was at pier 4 the voting machines were tested that will be used on june 7th. machines are being checked to make sure they are programmed and calibrated correctly. testing will continue until may 24th. the san francisco board of supervisors is considering exploring the issue of lowering the voting age. this comes following a series of low turnout elections. no decision is expected during tonight's hearing. on the move today, a group of hunger strikers and hundreds of supporters have hit the streets to protest police shootings. >> it's the 13th day the frisco
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five have been on the hunger strike. they're the ones in the wheelchairs in this video from sky7 hd. >> they marched from the mission station to city hall where abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live tonight. >> reporter: still very much an active scene here. i want to step out of the way so you can see the steps of city hall. a lot of these folks who had marched from the mission police station are gathered outside, many chanting things like "fire chief suhr" and "where is ed lee"? this is really a fraction of the people that we saw earlier, maybe about a third of the people we saw make the march. they have signs with pictures of people who were shot and killed by police. we've seen some people actually wearing masks with those same images. we have video to show you from sky7 hd from earlier this afternoon. they gathered around 12:00, 1:00 p.m. outside the mission police station. they were surrounding the five individuals that have now become known as the frisco five.
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these are the hunger strikers said to be on their 13th day of not eating. they gathered around these individuals who were in wheelchairs and surrounded by medical professionals. and they began this approximately 1.3-mile journey here in the steps of city hall. there's some ground video to show you of what happened when they eventually got to city hall. the individuals that were in the wheelchairs were helped up the steps, helped up a ramp a eventually into an elevator and finally made their way to the place they had spent the entire day planning on going, which was outside of mayor lee's office. they gathered there. and when they did, they found out from a staffer that the mayor who was expected to meet with them today was in the bay view and here is how one of the members of the frisco five reacted. >> this mayor is a complete disgrace. if anybody doesn't see that, then they don't see what's going on. this guy comes and tries to do a back door meeting with us yesterday, doesn't even ask us how we're doing, then he tries
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to con us so we don't have the community pressure to come. ed lee is the biggest coward that i've ever seen in my life, and i think everybody in this room can attest to that. >> reporter: and the members of the frisco five have said that they will stay inside city hall until they have that meeting that they were promised to have today. we believe they're still inside right now. later on this evening, chief suhr is expected to be at a synagogue in -- asking the frisco five whether or not they were planning on potentially getting there to speak to him. the answer i got was possibly. >> melanie, thanks very much. a former san francisco police officer pleaded not guilty today to charges that he illegally accessed confidential dmv and criminal offender information. prosecutors charged jason lai with two misdemeanors. it surfaced during a rape investigation into lai.
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prosecutors say there was insufficient evidence to charge him with rape. lai's former superior, curtis lue, today also pleaded not guilty to felony charges that he obstructed the rape investigation and filed a false police report. the warriors are back in action tonight, game two versus the blazers. once again, they're going to be without steph curry. >> yes. larry biel is live in oracle arena. hi, larry. >> reporter: hi, dan, hi ama. no steph curry again today. steph started 79 of 82 games in the regular season but since the playoffs began 2 1/2 weeks ago, all we've really talked about are the ankle injury and the knee injury. and it's been all injury report updates as far as the steph curry situation is concerned. again, steph not going to play tonight. he really, really wants to play in game three on saturday. now, today the warriors put up a big blue curtain for privacy so
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steph could test the knee without the prying eyes and lenses of the media watching his every move. tonight at 5:45, coach steve kerr will address the media. we'll ask about steph's status and the workout today. later in the week, curry is expected to participate in five on five drills to see if he can play saturday. there's a great debate as to whether they should really bring curry back the hall of famer reggie miller said today he would not play steph curry until the warriors lose a game to portland and just keep resting him. but steph wants to get out there. it was the same story in the series with the rockets. the question for kerr and the warriors management is, how many times do you keep telling your star player and the guy who will be the two-time mvp of the league, ah, sorry, we're not going to play you again, but it's for your own good? this is diend of the ongoing dilemma. very fine line to walk if you're steve kerr. but if the warriors beat the blazers again tonight, there's even less urgency up 2-0 to even test him out on saturday, maybe
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give him another 48 hours and see if he comes back for game four at 100%. lots more coming up from oracle, including the other side of the story, which is the star guard for the blazers and some oakland fans who will be here at the arena rooting for him. that's ahead. for now, back to you. >> great stuff, larry. it could be a traffic mess tonight, a's and warriors are bothplaying. >> should be fun. let's turn to the weather. getter for some more rain. >> you see the clouds out there. spencer christian is here with our accuweather update. >> ama and dan, it's moving in our direction slowly as you can see. the clouds are thickening. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. the skies are bright in some places but clouds building up. here is the view from sutro tower, currently 61 in the bay area, 68 in oakland. san jose 72, only 55 at half
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moon bay. this is the view from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. 69 up at santa rosa right now 70 in na pa 68 at fair fooel 77 in livermore concord 74. and here is our first forecast as we look out over the bay from our east bay hills camera. we'll see mostly cloudy conditions tonight and tomorrow morning with the addition of areas of fog, widespread areas, in the early morning hours. lows range 50 to 55. tomorrow afternoon a little bit of sunshine but still mostly cloudy, highs upper 50s near the coast to mid-70s inland. late tomorrow night into the weekend we have rain chances. i'll give a closer look later on. we're doing a better job of convict receivering water. state water officials say california residents cut their use in march by 24% compared to march of 2013. that's double the amount saved in february. and it beats the new target eed goal of 20%. water regulators say cooler
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temperatures and rain reduced our use but critical callans with changing habits especially when it comes to watering lawns. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, concerns about drugs in and the homeless have san francisco supervisors considering an unusual solution. new at 4:fully, are your kids addicted to social media? the growing concern and what it could mean for their future education. and the olympian taking on the tsa. why agents are apologizing to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in. >> kristen see is monitoring the returns. >> abc news is projecting a big win tore donald trump and a tight race between clinton and sanders based on results so far. that what is playing out. abc news projected moments ago trump will win the primary in indiana. the current results in the gop race, donald trump has 55% leading ted cruz with 33%. ohio governor john kasich trails with 10% of the vote. of course he hasn't been doing much campaigning there. now, these numbers are based on 9% of the vote reporting. let's go to the democratic side now. hillary clinton maintains a lead over bernie sanders 52% right now versus his 48%. that is close. hillary clinton has been downplaying expectations. this is with 8% of the vote reporting. the democratic race obviously still too close to project at this point. right now we want to give you a live look from the ted cruz campaign event in indianapolis where he is expected to speak shortly. the texas senator going to
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address the crowd, very excited despite today's results. this of course being a critical race for cruz, viewed by anal t analysts as a make it or break it primary after trump has won the last six events. trump has been aggressive in indiana ahead of today's vote for the state's given of 57 gop delegates, which are at stake. again, they are waiting for -- this is the bern, these folks could be waiting for bernie sanders who is also set to speak. he had high hopes for this state, but right now hilalary clinton is leading. more results will come in as votes from western indiana where polls closed later are counted. we'll be monitoring them. i'll be back in a half hour with the latest from the indiana primary. >> kristen, thank you. the tsa is apologizing for its treatment of an olympic gold medal swimmer. amy van dyken ruin who is in a wheelchair say tsa was inappropriate at the denver
4:16 pm
airport. lauren list ter hlyfter has the report. >> reporter:. >> you're in awhale chair, a lot of people don't know they have to screen you where they go around your breasts, basically go under your butt. they touched things that are not approach. it's really embarrassing. >> reporter: the former olympian says she has tsa precheck which involves a background check to avoid that public humiliation. she splained to agents in denver that normally tsa checks her wheelchair, hand an feet for explosives as she can't fit through the metal detector. a supervisor forcing her to undergo a full body pat-down. >> he said literally, every other airport is wrong and any other time you've flown through denver and they didn't do that, it's wrong. i'm right. >> reporter: van dyken ruin calling out the tsa on instagram
4:17 pm
sunday in a statement, the agency responding saying in this case our officers did not follow correct screening protocols. later admitting them went beyond procedures. van dyken ruin says she accepts the apology as long as all disabled fliers get more respect. >> i just want to help other people who don't have a voice. >> reporter: the tsa says it works closely with the disability community on its screening pro procedures and denver tsa officers will all get a refresher training course. lauren list ter, abc news los angeles. let's head back out to oracle arena. >> larry biel is live with the latest. larry? >> reporter: hi, ama. we spent a lot of time the last few days talking about steph curry's injure a and klay thompson was great in game one with flun points. this is another star guard in this series who grew up not far from this arena. laura an known hanthony has tha
4:18 pm
stouffer. >> reporter: we're expecting a packed house tonight, but there are fans who will likely be supporting the portland trail blazers not just inside the arena but here in the bay area, among them some who coached damian lillard when he was a young man growing up in the bay area. >> damian was always kind of a small, scrappy, fast kind of kid. >> reporter: melvin landry was damian lillard's aau coach, the oakland rebels starting in third grade. even then, landry told us, he saw some of the brilliance that makes lillard the nba star he is today. >> watched his game really kind of come to itself around seventh grade, eighth grade. he really started coming on and playing basketball at a higher level. and i really think it's because of his work ethic. >> at that time he was about ft. 59510 and 15 years old. >> reporter: his sophomore year,
4:19 pm
he attended st. joe's he's notre dame, another school that produced another star before him named jason kidd. >> the bay area has been loaded with guards over the last 20, 30 years. i was in high school when gary payton was there, jason kidd, damian lillard. it goes and on and on. >> reporter: his junior and senior years, he played tore oakland high under orlando watkins who remains close with lillard to this day. >> never has been the biggest guy but always had the biggest heart. that's one thing that we say here. you can't judge a man by his size, judge him by his heart. dame has one of the biggest hearts i've seen. >> reporter: all his coaches say as good as lillard was, he's an even better person. now he plays to portland, he continues to give back to the kids and community of oakland. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> reporter: it's really a great
4:20 pm
story, lillard went to weber state, was drafted by portland and on the cusp of nba stardom. i got a chance over the weekend to attend his grandfather's 80th birthday party here in the bay area. good times for damian lillard. warriors are hoping times aren't so good for him tonight. equal time for the sharks. we have two teams in the playoffs. in nashville for game three of that series, sharks leading 2-0, chance to take a stranglehold on that series. >> rooting for them both. >> fun to be a bay area sports fan. let's talk about the weather. a little rain in the forecast. >> that's right. >> yes, we've got three days coming our way that may produce some light rainfall. let's get to it. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. the sky is mainly bright with lots of clouds gathering in the sky as you can see at the golden gate bridge.
4:21 pm
let's look at our forecast. we'll have an unsettled pattern through the next few days in the weekend. there's a slight chance of showers thursday, friday and saturday. we expect drier and milder weather mother's day. here is our storm impact scale. we've used it throughout the winter and spring to rank every single storm coming through the bay area, 1 to 5, light to severe. the approaching system is going to be a storm of light intensity, producing a chance of showers wednesday into saturday. most areas will receive under a quarter of inch of rainfall. there's the remote possibility of thunder, maybe even hail. 5:00 tomorrow morning, the beginning of our morning commute, there may be a damp stott spot or two but mainly dry. throughout tomorrow it will be mainly dry. tomorrow night into thursday morning, we'll see light rain developing. thursday morning's commute could be a wet one. this model run indicates it will be. moving along, a chance of showers throughout the day breaking up a bit in the central
4:22 pm
part of the bay area midday thursday. notice it looks like it may be wet east jose over mt. hamilton. we'll resume the animation thursday afternoon into friday morning. looks like friday's commute in the morning will be a wet one as this computer model forecast indicates pretty wet weather beginning of the day friday continuing into the afternoon and perhaps overnight into saturday. so as the rain winds down on saturday, the projection for rainfall totals indicates most locations will receive under a tenth of an inch, maybe 0.15 in livermore and a quarter inch around santa rosa in the north bay. tonight mostly fair skies, temperatures on the mild side, low to mid-50s. tomorrow under mostly cloud aye skies we'll see highs in the upper 50s at the coast to low to mid-70s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, a chance of light rain or showers thursday, friday, and
4:23 pm
saturday. greater chance on friday and saturday. drying out and becoming a little milder on sunday, which is mother's day, and turning even milder than that early next week. dan and ama? >> thank you is so much, spencer. coming up next, a classic
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>> the hottest show on broadway is now a record setter. ♪ the mega hit musical "hamilton" nabbed 16 tony award nominations, more than any musical in broadway history. tony awards will be handed out june 12th in new york. when it comes to rock 'n' roll royalty, there has never been a concert bill like this. ♪
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♪ hey jude >> paul mccartney, the rolling stones, bob dylan, roger waters and the who will perform on the same stage. that is a first. it's happening during a three-day concert october 7th flu the 9th. the event is billed as the desert trip and being helled in indio, the same spot as the ka chel la music festival. think those tickets will sell quickly? >> i think so. abc 7 news at 4 continues. it's primary day in indiana. abc news has called the election for trump. what about the democrats? we'll have the latest as we have a live look. also coming up, a plan to allow legal injection of illegal drugs
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. here are the headlines at 4:30. sky7 hd shows demonstrators marching to san francisco's city hall demanding to speak with mayor ed lee. they call themselves the frisco five. they're demanding the fire of police chief greg suhr and reform following shootings by police and a texting scandal. david louie tweeted this picture. doublefield said the sex was
4:30 pm
consensual between he and his accuser who has developmental disabilities. at 5:00, we look at the evidence that stubblefield's foreigns say will prove he's innocent. "world news tonight" tweeted that martin celly may face additional fraud charges. last year he was criticized for significantly raising the price of an hiv drug. he faces fraud charges in a separate investigation. federal prosecutors will soon decide if they'll issue another indictment which would add more charges. apply marry voting ended in indiana half an hour ago. hillary clinton is looking to stretch her lead over bernie sanders. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze has the latest from indiana. >> ama, new results have just come in. let's show you them. the latest updated figures, an the gop side, abc news is predicting donald trump will win the state. senator ted cruz you can see has 35% of the vote. and ohio governor john kasich is
4:31 pm
trailing with just 9% of the vote. kasich's campaign just sent an e-mail moments ago to supporters telling them he will not drop out of the race unless a ka candidate has reached the 1237 delegates from the convention. trump is getting close. on the democratic side, let's look. these numbers just in, hillary clinton tied neck and neck right now with bernie sanders, each with 50% of the vote. with 17% reporting, right now bernie sanders is speaking at a campaign event in louisville, kentucky. let's listen in. >> is paying for the food stamps and medicaid that many walmart employees need because their wages are too low. now, it is a little bit nuts to my mind when the middle class of this country has to subsidize the employees of the wealthiest family in this country. >> bernie sanders talking about economic issues to his
4:32 pm
supporters there in kentucky. if he can eke out a win here and right now it's very, very close, he can try to reclaim momentum that hillary clinton has seized after winning many races and fund-raising has slowed for sanders. so this would be big for him in indiana. the indiana race now sets the stage for the california primary which could prove to be the final blow for cruz and sanders. with that, bay area counties have started mailing voter information pamphlets ahead of our primary. san mateo county began mailing them today. expect to see them soon. >> kristen, thanks. georgia's governor has volunteer foed a bill that would allow a woman over 21 to carry concealed handguns on georgia campuses. the republican governor has asked lawmakers to reconsider the language in the bill. currently nine states allow concealed handguns on college campuses. marin county is mourning the death of the mother of tupak shakur. she was an activist and philanthropist who had a big
4:33 pm
impact on the community. amy hollyfield has the story from sausalito. >> reporter: she was with a family friend last night in her home when she started feeling some discomfort. the friend called 911. >> upon their arrival, immediately began to provide cpr to ms. shakur. she was immediately transported to a local hospital where she was treated by physicians there for approximately one hour, at which point they determined that she had in fact died from what is believe to be some type of cardiac event. >> reporter: shakur was an inoperation to tupak who was killed in 1996 at the age of 25. she oversaw his music catalog after his death. >> my son was a magic person, a magical person, and in our personal lives he was our star. he made our whole lives shine. >> reporter: she was a political
4:34 pm
activist known for her impact nationally and here at home. >> she and her son tupak -- tupak had come to this community as a result of she and other members of the family lived here in marin county. >> reporter: friends an relatives are gathering at her sausalito home with some arriving from atlanta this morning. a family friend tells us they are all shocked and devastated and they're asking for privacy. in sausalito, amy hollyfield, abc schaech news. president obama heads to flint, michigan, tomorrow to address the city's water crisis we've heard so much about. this comes as three u.n. experts express concern that flint residents may have had their human rights violated by the lack of safe drinking water. the experts are calling for a human rights xmraint strategy to make sure other parts of the u.s. don't face events like this. italy's top criminal court ruled that a hungry homeless man who took a package of hot dogs committed no crime. he was sentenced to six months
4:35 pm
in prison and a fine of $115. the higher court ruled the man was driven by necessity so it wasn't a crime. several countries have so-called safe injection sites for drug addicts. abc 7 news reporter found out one city supervisor thinks it may be a good idea here. >> reporter: vancouver, british columbia once had a terrible drug problem, overdoses a part of everyday life. >> so this is our overdose response kit. >> reporter: that changed when vancouver opened the supervised injection site in 2003 providing users a safe place indoors to inject meth or heroin under the watchful eye of health professionals. clean needles are provided and disposed of. 14 years later, overdoses have been reduced to zero. it's a controversial idea that supervisor david compos wants to bring to san francisco, home to an estimated 22,000 drug users. the evidence found on city streets, drug needles left
4:36 pm
behind. >> the issue of homelessness and drug use is so serious that we need action. you know, exploring an option to me is a responsible thing to do. >> reporter: campos believes the city's navigation center, a homeless center on mission street, might be a good location for the injection site. but it won't be easy. current u.s. federal drug laws won't allow supervised drug use. mayor ed lee's staff says it's a bad idea. >> the mayor has concerns about a city-funded shelter to allow people to use illegal drugs and harm themselves. >> just because it works for canada doesn't mean it will work for us. >> reporter: bruce battled a heroin addiction for years. he says enabling users is not the answer. >> give them rehab. try that. try putting the money toward that instead of putting a san francisco shooting gallery. >> as a recovering alcoholic, i understand the arguments around not enabling someone who's addicted.
4:37 pm
but i don't think it's as similar p as that. >> reporter: campos will travel to canada to see the site itself and how it's saving lives. the countdown is on. >> yes. the relay under way in brazil ahead of the summer olympics. i'm larry biel live at oracle arena counting down to warrio warriors/blazers. steph curry is going to win the mvp award. he got a different honor today. we'll tell you about that coming up. i'm spencer christian looking out over the bay. now the clouds and later perhaps the rain. how much later? i'll let you know in my accuweather forecast co
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. >> the olympic torch relay is under way in brazil. the flame arrived this morning in brazil's capital city. it will visit 329 towns and cities throughout the country on a 95-day relay. the torch will light the olympic cauldron on august 5th, the day of the opening ceremonies for the summer games. in brazil it's all about the olympics but here it's all about the -- >> abc 7 news reporter larry biel is live at oracle arena. >> reporter: all about dubs, about steph and his knee and awards. last year, the mvp award was given out on may 4th. today's may 3rd so a lot of us were thinking tomorrow is an
4:41 pm
off-day in the series. are we going to see steph curry with a big news conference scheduled in the morning? or the next mvp award? and we were all wrong because there's nothing on the schedule attorney. but steph did get another award today. the magic johnson award given annually by the professional basketball writers association to the player who best combines excellence on the court with cooperation and dignity in dealing with the public and media. draymond green was a finalist for the award. has been given to antawn jamison and steve nash. steph with all of his media responsibilities, he takes care of everything with class and never ending patience. this is basically an award given to guys who are great players who happen to be nice to us. we appreciate steph curry. coming up, we'll talk draymond green and defense heading into
4:42 pm
game two with the blazers. ama and dan, back to you. >> look forward to that. thank you. one last time, an update on the forecast. >> i'm nice to larry, too. >> you get an award. >> i want to be just like him. here's live doppler 7 hd. we've got lots of clouds in the sky today, and we have rain coming our way certainly by the end of the week. but it may not be very heavy rain. tomorrow statewide there will be lots of cloud cover, especially way up north where eureka will get showers, maybe some around the chico area. they will move slowly toward the bay and they may arrive tomorrow night into thursday. for the day time tomorrow, we'll be looking at just cloudy skies, no precipitation expected tomorrow. highs will range from upper 50s at the coast to mid to upper 60s around the bay to low and mid-70s inland. what are our chances of rain in the week ahead? only about 10% chance tomorrow, very, very slim. but it increases to 20% on thursday, better chance, 30%, on friday.
4:43 pm
looks like we'll get showers into early saturday as well. but the chance of rain will drop off to near zero on sunday, which is mother's day. after that, it will be dry for a while. dan and ama? >> thanks. still ahead on abc 7 news at fewer, a possible reason why so many people fail in their fight to lose weight and how "biggest loser" contestants are helping find answers. plus, the first flight over the bay area for a very
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. solar impulse 2 his finished its latest leg. the solar powered airplane touch ud down in phoenix last night. the swiss-made plane is powered solely by the sun's rays. the trip from california to arizona is the plane's tenth leg of its trek around the world. and a light airplane maker with headquarters in vacaville flew its newest creation over the bay area today. this is the icon a-5. a two-seat amphibious plane advertised as recreational. here's the deal, its wings fold and can be parked in a space that is small as a car garage. the plane first flew in 2014. coming up at 6, jonathan bloom
4:47 pm
gives us a glimpse inside the plane and how the owners plan to change the aviation industry with this creation. we are less than three hours away from tip-off at oracle arena. >> exciting stuff. abc 7 news sports director larry biel is there live. lar larry? >> reporter: dan, warrio warriors/blazers in game two. the warriors have been saying all along with steph curry's absence that their margin for victory is smaller because they don't have the mvp. their defensive intensity has to be greater. mike shumann joins me now to talk about what we saw in game one against port land, a tenacious defensive effort and hounding damian lillard. >> reporter: no question. portland wants to come out with more sense of urgency. they got down 18-4 in game one. it was an uphill battle the rest of the bay way. as we know, defense wins championships. larry has been talking about it. the warriors just playing stellar defense led by of course draymond green and andre down
4:48 pm
below. i thought it would be a matchup of the bigs with the backcourts offsetting each other. terry stotts is a great coach and of course they don't want to split this series here at home. but today steve kerr was talking about defense. >> they're the kind of team that they're going to stay with it and they've got such great shot makers that they're always going to be on your tail. so our defense has to be locked in for 48 minutes. >> that's what we've got to continue to do, you know, just defend from the jump. you don't want to -- last series was james harden. you let a guy like that get going, it's tough to stop. now it's dame and c.j. let those guys get going, and aur you're in for a long night. it's important we defend like that from the jump. >> me andray monday do a good job covering up for each other. we know with can help from the floor. it seems like every time i go to help, draymond has my back and
4:49 pm
vice versa. >> reporter: game two is tonight. then we'll have game three of the warriors/blazers series here on abc 7 saturday night, pregame 5:00, tip-off at 5:30. it could be the return of steph curry finally. aloft fans want that. you'll be in portland doing the postgame interviews for that. and tonight you know, you know that the blazers, as we see the after the game promo right after game three, portland is going to come out and try to get damian lillard going in this game early. they don't want to play uphill all day. >> reporter: right. and the backcourt. and get plumlee involved. he only had one point. it will be be an interesting matchup. >> reporter: see you in the 5:00 news. for now, back to you. >> great, guys. >> dub nation, keep showing us your warriors pride. we've received tons of photos and videos from viewers like you. keep them coming. share them with the hash tag
4:50 pm
dubs on 7. we may feature them here on air or online at abc 7 >> love the shots. we get strifk ones. in today's wellness report, new weight problems for the biggest loser contestants. johnson & johnson has lost another lawsuit. >> alums of the biggest loser tv show came away with more than just a t-shirt and the sense of accomplishment. a new study published in the journal of obesity show those convict testants saw a permanent alteration in their metabolism. the prior to participating in the show, they found the obese participants had normal metabolisms. but after the intense weight loss, their bodies shifted and they had to eat hundreds of calories less than their peers to maintain that weight loss. the results show that for some the battle of the belg bulge could go beyond willpower and is more about how we're programmed. johnson & johnson was ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who says using the company's talc powder to develop ovarian cancer.
4:51 pm
the company is facing 1200 lawsuits accusing it of not adequately warning consumers about the powder's cancer risks. and this will come as no surprise as new parents. almost half of parents zero to six months get only three hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. the survey says only 5% of parents of newborns are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. the survey also found that while both parents share the baby responsibility it is the mom that gets up in the middle of the night more. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. abc 7 news at 4 does continue. up next, kids and local devices. the new concern about addiction and how it could impact how they learn. >> kristen sze is here with a look at what we have coming up at 5. coming up next, the asiana airlines crash that killed three people in 2013 at sfo, one chapter in the tragedy just closed today. plus, the rent dispute at levi's stadium that has the 49ers taking action. and why this bay area tree
4:52 pm
was just granted landmark status. these stories and
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
tonight on abc 7 news the 8, it's fresh off the boat followed by the real o'neill's the marvel of s.h.i.e.l.d. then at 11, a p -- how microblading works and what it could do for you. if you think your kids spend too much time on mobile devices you're not alone. in a new survey by common sense media, 50% of teens admit they're addicted. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez. >> reporter: parents are candid about the time their kids spend on mobile devices ff's their lifeline. >> a new poll conducted confirms that. 50% of kids 12 to 18 felt they were addicted to their mobile devices, a larger number of
4:56 pm
parents 59% agreed. >> like anything new, check my e-mails or my texts or facebook. there's so many things to check. >> reporter: it's not a technical clinical diagnosis of addiction. obviously addiction is a word we throw around. they feel obligated to check their phones all the type. it's the frequency. they know that it's interfering with other stuff they want to do in their lives. >> reporter: outside studies point out that those constavics on mobile devices show the same kind of behavior that a drug addict might display and may need more to get the same level of enjoyment. >> they don't have the willpower, mind-set to not be trapped, to not just be -- i don't know what the word is. it's like they're in a coma. >> reporter: how long can a teen ij ager or adult without being on one of those? apparently not very long. 69% of adults say they check their devices at least hourly. teenagers, 78%.
4:57 pm
>> i'm a realtor so i'm on it all the time. yes, i'm very guilty. my kids grew up with me with my cell phone. i'm part of the blame. >> reporter: but remember, as a parent, you are not alone and there are solutions. >> we can use device contracts. we at common sense media we have a contract where everybody in the family says when they're going to use it and when they're not going to use their dwoess wnchts the poll involved more than 1200 interviews with parents and children. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. it's teacher appreciation day. president obama took to twitter to thank his fifth grade teacher. he posted this picture from 1979. he did it on the same day he honored the national teacher of the year with a little humor. >> you just need to settle down. >> that's the president having a little fun with johanna hayes, this year's very thuz area tick winner. the 44-year-old teaches in
4:58 pm
waterbury, connecticut. thank you for joining us for our abc 7 news at 4. i'm ama daetz. the news at 5 begins now with kristen and dan. we are not going anywhere! >> happening now, activists descend on san francisco city hall. they demand by the so-called frisco five the demand they're making to fire the police chief. plus -- >> these chashg charges again completely false. >> a former 49er comes out fighting. why he says politics and money are behind the rape accusations. the feds fail to nip it in the mud. oakland's victory over the marijuana superstore. i'm sandhya patel. several chances for showers this week. i'll show you when coming up. >> announcer: live, this is abc 7 news. sky7 hd shows you protesters marching against what they call police brutality. they're interrupting the board
4:59 pm
of supervisors meeting to make their point now. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. protesters are on the move after a huge showing and a noisy call for the firing of the police chief. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live at city hall with new developments. >> reporter: kristen and dan, the frisco five was on the steps of city hall just a few moments ago. they have since made their way from here. but you can see there are some protesters that are still out here on the steps of city hall, really just a small fraction of all of the people we saw. right now they're clearly cheering for a bride and groom. but it's very different from the messages we've heard out here earlier today, including things like fire chief suhr and where's ed lee. we have video to show you from sky7 hd from earlier today as this group gathered around the hunger strikers, the frisco five, at the mission police station. there were hundreds of people out there, many of them carrying
5:00 pm
signs that said "hungry for justice" as well as pictures of individuals that have been shot and killed by police. we also saw them, several of them, wearing masks with those same images. we have some ground video to show you as well as the frisco five, hunger strike irs, now in their flaen 13th day of not eating were put into wheelchairs and surrounded by medical professionals so they could make the approximately 1.3-mile journey here to city hall where they intended to meet with mayor ed lee. this was a meeting that was set up. they expected it to happen. they were helped inside city hall into elevators, eventually making their way outside of the mayor's office. but when they got there, they were greeted by a staffer who said the mayor was in the bay view. here is how one of the members of the frisco five reacted to that information. >> we came yesterday at the police station and tried to con the people. he tried to slide


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