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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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headed it young bank they can go inside or use the a.t.m. without any problem. or glitches. the problem was resolved last night at 6:00 p.m. after many frustrate customers could not withdraw or deposit money. others complained the debit cards were declined when they used to use it. customers found out yesterday morning. all the machine said this machine is not taking cash deposts so i came around the corner and saw the other a.t.m. on the end there. i tried it. it took half of my money. >> young bank's response was "we experienced an unanticipated delay with the overnight processing that affects various. it is," the issue has been resolved and customers can return to bank activities. customers are speak out. one customer complains they still had a miss deposit from
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their account. the situation could still be ongoing this morning as it is coming back up to date. >> we can see why people would be worried. >> ted cruz is out of race the general election has started. look at this, a brand new cnn poll showing that hillary clinton would lead donald trump 54% to 41%. we are in washington, dc with how primary that never seemed like it would end suddenly ended >> all of the conventional wisdom is out the window for this campaign. the pundits could not have predicted or did not predict that where we would standing right now would be with the republicans having a likely nominee and that is before the convention and before even the democrats can say definitive who their nominee is. >> america is waking up to a republican party in which donald trump is the presumptive
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nominee. >> it looks like a massive victory. >> we gave it everything we got. the voters picked another path. we are suspending our campaign. all the supporters overcome with emotion. all the race is over for ted cruz. >> what is next, senator? >> republicans will try to unite the head of the rnc saying donald trump is the presumptive nominee although john kasich vows to continue on. in trump's hometown this front page "the going a once great political party killed by epidemic of trump." >> in the democrats, hillary clinton lost to bernie sanders in indiana and sanders said that gives him the momentum. >> i understand that secretary hillary clinton thinks the campaign is offer. campaign is offer. i have some bad news for her.
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>> despite all of the enthusiasm of bernie sanders it is improbable for him to win the nomination without massive changes in the super delegates. that is unlikely to happen, hillary clinton would still need to win 70% of the remaining delegates in order to guarantee the nomination. >> thank you. we will crunch the numbers. right now for the republicans donald trump has 1,047. ted cruz has 565. john kasich has 153. 1,237 are needed to win. with the democrats, hillary clinton has 2,202 and bernie sanders has 1,400 and offer 3,000 are needed to win. >> i heard this ted cruz would drop out because i knew it it was on my news app so download
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that respect for free and help able push alerts for protect election updates. >> now the move to legalize recreational pot in california, the high profile campaign said that it now has a enough signatures to get the initiative on the november ballot. the lt. governor is the highest ranking official backing the measure and will be joined by experters at a kick off event at the commonwealth club in san francisco. this is the second time in six years that california will vote on legalizing pot. >> have you soon this woman? a silver alert is issued for a missing 86-year-old who is 5' 2" and 115 pounds. she was the last seen at her home last night at 5:45. she has a medical condition and could be disoriented. >> happening right new a wildfire is bun out of control
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in canada doubling in size in 24 hours and forcing 80,000 people from their hems. our reporter is tracking this and firefighters are expecting bad weather conditions? >> that is right are fierce winds are predicted today and that will help the unbelievable fire grow. you have to see this video. this is a man's desperate escape of the fire and he posted the video on twitter@hehastoevacuatewiththe re stofhiscity,andanentirecitymore t han8230,000resident twitter@hehastoevacuatewiththere beentoldtoleave. itisnoteasyallgas. gas stations have run out. police are taking gas requests to those san francisco on the highway and the hospital evacuated. there is only one road out of the town and the flames jumped the road. it superintendent people into a panic. they are thinking airlifting people with medical condition out of the area. it started on sunday and has
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destroyed homes but no one has been seriously hurt. we will keep watching this fire which is showing no sign of back down. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> that is scary stuff. thank you. we have a warning for students and parents in albany. a group of machine trying to lure a girl into the consider and this happened on marin avenue around 9:00 on monday night. the girl said four men asked in she needed a ride and she escaped. she said the men were college age and drove a large blue or black car. right now that is all the description we have. police are looking into similar incidents which happened in near cities. small group of five protesters would want san francisco police chief fire are in day 14 of the hunger strike. >> ds of demonstrators were furious after find out she did not show up for a four month accountability at a synagogue on
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california street and wants the chief out. an investigation interest deadly police shootings. >> this is a day of reckoning for the city and the city has to come to grips that people are angry, upset and enough enough. all the mayor was the focus the protest a thousand people rallied in support of the frisco five a small group of hunger strike ares and hope to meet with the mayor but he was not there. >> this is what happened when a police department patrol car collided with another vehicle at 5th street and lincoln avenue at 10:40. a officer want to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> we were in moan three park as a dramatic chase unfolded last night at southbound 101. officers were after a driver in a stolen car. the san francisco police initially started the chase but the c.h.p. took over when the
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suspect sped on to 101. itented to mountain view. officers used strips to stop the car. >> the dubs pull it out. but it was worrisome for a while. the warriors have a couple of days off after the exciting come-from-behind win at oracle arena against the trail blazers in game two. they are down by 17 points and trailed by 11 points entering the 4th. they clamped dutch on the trail blazers in the final 12 minutes and beat them. the warriors have a 2-0 in the best seven that moves to portland this weekend. steph curry is getting special treatment to be ready for game they. car to our media partner, step stick received plasma treatment on the second day of the recovery process. this is to promote healing. game three is in portland on saturday at 5:00 p.m. right
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here. after thats join shumann and donald for after the game. mike will be from portland. >> mike is sporting something special. >> because of our director who was at the game from what i understand and got one of the wonderful strength in number shirts. beautiful. would love to put it on but...i am going to put it over here for now. hopefully it will bring us strength. new, today, we will start long the east bay shore with 54-57 is the temperature spread. that is mild. if you look at pacifica, 51 is the cool spot. not of us are in the mid-to-upper 50s and antioch and brentwood still in the mid-60s. the ferry building shows unfurled flags from time to time. you can see developing is the west win starting to develop and that is why we are cooler today than the last couple of days. tree pollen and grandson pollen are moderate and mold spores are low and u.v. index is high.
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san rafael is at 55 degrees where clouds and we will have a better chance of a shower across the north bay in one develops today. better chance for the rest us tomorrow especially along the higher elevations of the north by mountains and the diabolo range and better chance on friday for all of us and we will take a look at this and see how long it will last in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> road work, where you can expect to run into the cone zone we will look around the bay area, eastbound bay bridge between san francisco and treasure island, three lanes blocked until 8:00 this morning. that is the non-rush hour direction and southbound 680 ramp to westbound 580 is blocked with road work and a detour in place. and, also, westbound 780 the ramp to eastbound 80 that is showing road work still for another 20 minutes with a detour in place. we will come back with more road work and unfortunately, no
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accidents -- fortunately in accidents. >> the community rallies to save the season for a swim team with a deal to give a pool to call home. >> six numbers stand between you and an instant fortune. and an instant fortune. a huge jackpot
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@ but it might seem like you're miles apart. the boys town national hotline can help. trained counselors are available 24/7 to listen, provide advice and help with problems. ( tdd# 800-448-1433) or visit make the most of your time with your teen. >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo , by bay.
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>> construction at the new transbay transit center is going on because of a massive bailout from the city at $260 million! that is according to the examiner reporting that the metropolitan transportation commission will borrow the money with the promise of paying it back over the next 5-10 years. the project needed the bailout because it is way over budget and revenue from the other projects such as the tower is not coming in fast enough. >> hundreds of parents and children and child care workers will rally in sacramento today urging lawmakers to spend the projected $2 billion budget surplus on child care programs. the budget proposals do not include new funding for child care commemorate the 20th annual stand for children day. >> now a story from yesterday, a deal could be in the woulds to stay in the season for a
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club in the san ramon area. last week on what was supposed to be first day of practice for 200 kids, the club owner said the school was no longer financially sustainable leaving the bears with no place to swim. now, phones say the team could be able to use city pools, and the deal with keep the team together for the 2016 season. >> you can still give to a big fundraising campaign in the east bay after there was a series of glitches year. the effort has been extended through today benefit hundreds of charities this alameda and thousands cross the nation. the website that runs the charity sites issue add statement and i quote, "we understand the us television they have caused and it is our home people will rally to continue to love and support their favorite nonprofits all over the nation o. >> uc berkeley could shut down their all medical school because of budget cuts. necessity need to cut $150
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million in the total budget. when i say "small," the medical school only graduates 16 people last year. supporter say it should be saved because it focused on training primary care figures which are in high demand. >> a washingtoned if company is expanding a voluntary recall of frozen vegetables because of possible listeria concerns over 42 separate brands sold at costco, trader joe's and safe way everything from blueberries to broccoli and sweet potatoes going back to may of 2014. >> do you feel lucky? >> sitting next to you always. >> you could be america's newest millionaire at this time tomorrow. >> millions are at stake, because of a huge powerball jackpot. >> it stands at 348 million, the biggest since $1.5 billion in
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january which was split three ways. no one has won since early march. >> i always wanted to call a jackpot like that, the winning numbers are 3, 6, printed on the ball. >> would knew, a second career ...just call the numbers. my numbers. >> we are looking at showers and possibility of thunderstorms. in that is what you want it is a jackpot. radar returns showing mid-level moisture and maybe a drop or two reach the ground but as we head through day we will see more radar returns but mostly not reaching the ground unless you are way up in the north by around clear lake and possible to santa rosa. what it is doing, make it mild this morning at 58 degrees right new in walnut creek with clouds. mostly cloudy with a shower developing over the north bay
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and better chances for all of us tomorrow through saturday and mother's day still is trending dry. here is a look at the temperatures today, some 70s inland in napa and fairfield and all the inland east bay and mid-to-upper 60s elsewhere until the coast and san francisco upper 50s to low 60s and a chance of a sure is possible and drizzle and mild again low-to-mid 50s. here is our storm-impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe. this storm is a "1" but it will be here new through saturday. if you are caught in this you could have small hail. on thursday, can you see we have a better chance of the random showers heading through the afternoon hours. you will notice for all of us even if you do not get rain ill be cooler through friday and a slow warming trend on saturday. >> sue? >> golden gate bridge, the road zipper is on the move. if you have ever soon it do its thing, i don't know in i are want to be a driver in one of those, but it is need. you will get four lanes
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southbound, two lanes northbound direction. so far it is very clear. a little bit of fog over the waldo grade. richmond and san rafael bridge is good with travels from the east bay to marin county is eight-minute drive, and from richmond to san rafael, show traffic out of the central valley and just check on the one bit of road work in the eastbound direction of 580, greenville to north palestinian and slowing from the central valley. we will check out the mass transit options in a few. >> it is early to talk about this so i will be john tell, the key to better sleep and other things that happen in the bedroom. >> that is not helping you. >> they could cut through your kitchen. we will explain. >> the golden arches are going local with the newest menu from mcdonald's will be local. >> good morning, topping america pass money a possible massive
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expanse to the airbag recall recalling another 35 millionaire bags in addition to the nearly 29 airbags that have been called in the united states and 11 people have died from the airbags which can rupture. >> jetblue fund a way to make passengers lover crying babies. they programmed for every cry heard passengers with get 25% off a future trip. four credited so everyone got a free trip. it is to be a reminder that traveling with kids is not easy. >> mcdonald's is testing out garlic fries, made to order with locally grown chopped garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese and now available only at a few and now available only at a few locations in san francisco areas
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you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer, including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. >> the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. on your schedule. news that lives where you live. san jose is this evening, at 6:15. >> and a taxi ride, if you need that, there is a push for new laws, requiring all concern to be in car safety seats in a
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vehicle but many areas exempt taxis from that rule. taxi companies site several reasons for this, including health code restrictions and allergy and hygiene concerns. the american academy of pediatrics wants new regulations to help protect millions of children it believes are at risk of injury or even death. >> want better sleep? a better mood? better sex? in your answer is yes, and i don't know why it wouldn't be, there could be a simple lugs: cut your calories. in an extensive study that lasted two years researchers found men and women who cut their calories by 25% slept better, were happier and had a better time in the bedroom. >> these reserachers say that this is the first study to determine in long term 8:00ry restriction and average or overweight individuals affects both physical and psyche lodge 8:00 well-being. there you go. >> check out this very close
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encounter with a humpback whale. >> look at that! you can see the gaping mouth gulping down a bunch of fish on monday in alaska. the captain recorded this as he was headed to charter. they normally we keep 100' away from the marina but this one came closer to feed on the fish that hide near the book for protection. fish, be wanted can you in longer hide by the dock. >> no one is screaming? because captain knows what is up. >> i would have flipped out if i was on the dock. it is too close. >> reach out and touch someone. >> good morning, everyone, now, what to expect during a typical may in napa. 79 and 52 is where we begin and we end up at 83 and 55 and...that graphic is wrong so we will move on.
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that is the information from juan. 63, 12:30, and three hours later, the coliseum will be around 66. if you are head an the state today, up in the high country we have our best chance of thunderstorms and, also, from mendocino and lake county, north. >> sue? >> 39 bart traps on schedule, and a nice ride, no delays. muni is verying everyone is on time, as well, and buses and rails and ace train one is less on time this morning out of the central valley. getting a nice solid stream of traffic now, slowing through the east shore freeway at 15 minutes into san francisco from golden gate field. the bay bridge toll plaza shows no delays, so far, so good. the metering lights usually come on at 5:30. we will monitor that at 5:00. >> google is teaming up with fiat chrysler to put the self driving technology in the cars. google said they will install the technology in 200 vans.
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the deal marks the first time thattingly will share its secret self driving tech with a major automaker. the vans for through rigorous testing. they have so far logged 1.5 million miles with only one accident. >> the 49ers and the city of santa clara, next at 5:00 a.m., the rent despite that has the tomb taking legal action. >> and now, we know ted cruz is out of the race what does it mean for the g.o.p. presidential mean for the g.o.p. presidential race in california?
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 am. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is wednesday may 4. >> and we say "pay the 4th be with you." >> good morning, we are a day closer to needing an umbrella and closer to showers and storms. the next three hours beings any moisture will be mainly over the ocean, and it is so dry that it will help evaporate before it reaches the grounds and the clouds could cause delays. my day planner is mild in the 50s this morning, and we day in the 50s at the coast, and mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and nearly 70 inland and best chance of showe


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