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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hit, a man in his 20s not the intended victim, suffered minor gunshot winds but didn't go to the hospital. he was an employee standing near the windows when the shots were fired. >> if you have a problem, why would you shoot the window area? where should where the babies are? thank the lord no babies or kids were hurt. who would be that irresponsible and silly? >> reporter: though police haven't released a name, folks in the neighborhood have an idea who it is. the victim is a manager at the manyxmcdonald's and the shooter may be her ex-boyfriend who came by last week. >> they got into an altercation and he smashed a window, didn't do much damage. >> reporter: now several days later they say he came back and this time opened fire. >> there is guys out there who is going to be upset, especially if a female is like, someone they really love. i guess this was like a love scene over here. some fatal love. >> reporter: a spent shotgun shell was lying on the pavement
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though witnesses heard something different. >> i believe it was a pistol. >> reporter: police say the shooter is still on the loose. in antioch, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. we now have a better understanding of what happened at a san jose health center this morning that led to a chemical spill, hazmat response, and sent seven people to the hospital. this happened at the indian health center on meridian avenue. chris nguyen is live with the latest on the frightening situation. chris? >> reporter: kristen, the san jose fire department says it is now safe to go back inside the building, but officials with the health center say they're going to to have a cleaning crew come by later tonight as a precaut n precaution. outside the indian health center in san jose, one by one patients and employees were wheeled into ambulances for treatment. >> it was a little scary to see people out here, scary to be that close to a building not knowing. >> reporter: just before 10:00 this morning, 17 people were exposed to a chemical called
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cresol, a mild corrosive used as a sealant for children's dental fillings. of the 17, 5 adults and 2 children were transported to the hospital. many complained of breathing issues as well as irritated skin. >> it could happen to us, it could happen to anybody. it's so close. >> reporter: health center officials say the exposure happened when employees noticed a strange odor coming from a cap being one by one of the dentists. upon investigation, employees discovered that a one-ounce bottle of the chemical had somehow been knocked over onto a set of caps that were kept inside the same cabinet. >> the one dentist put one on her head. she was exposed to it. she could smell it. other people could smell it once she had the cap on. >> reporter: staff members immediately called 911 and executed the center's evacuation plan. >> accounting for all the personnel that are working there as well as the patient that's are there visiting for the day. that'ses a tremendous help to us. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the san jose fire department confirmed that none ever the injuries were life threatening. hazmat crews spent much of the day reassessing and decontaminating the building.
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the center hopes to reopen by 8:00 tomorrow morning. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. tonight, the alameda county district attorney's office has dropped the investigation of an oakland city councilwoman. investigators with the d.a.'s office and police say there is not enough evidence to prove that desly brooks committed a crime. after interviews, police say there were conflicting statements about whether it was, quote, mutual combat or even battery at all. a driver went on a wild ride today in san leandro. check out these pictures taken by the alameda kwount county fire department. the driver of the station wagon they say lost control and knocked down a power pole and smashed into a planter box and support beam holding up the roof. it all hand around 10:00 a.m. just look at that. nobody was injured. an alameda police officer is okay thanks to the actions of some good kmair tans. police say the officer was in his patrol car when a speeding
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car broadsided the police car. the cruiser caught fire after it smashed into a power pole. trapping the officer inside. that's when passersby rushed to help. the officer was released from the hospital today. the driver of the other car ran off but was caught a short time later. it's been nearly two weeks since prince died of as of yet unknown causes. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is live in mill valley with new information. wayne? >> reporter: well, "might "is the operative word. today we learned how dire the circumstances were for prince before he died. if fact, we also learned if things had gone a little better, he might have been here in mill valley. maybe never has an empty building where something did not happen ever been so scrutinized. but prince and the interest of this doctor begins to make sense. >> dr. cornfeld was never able to meet prince, never talked to
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prince, and was, sadly, not able to arrive in time to help prince. >> reporter: though this specialist in pain management and addiction had certainly hoped to try. the day before prince died on april 21st, his representatives reached out for help from dr. cornfeld who said a staff member his son andrew in advance. andrew was in paisley park when those staffers found prince in an elevator after he had missed a doctor's appointment. >> andrew was the person to make the 911 call describing a medical emergency at paisley park. >> reporter: that is william, an attorney for the cornfelds, speaking in minneapolis today. he said prince was sofr r suffering locally friends who knew him well say it was hip and knee pain mostly. in san rafael, a producer knew prince well. >> it was difficult. he had to walk with a cane sometimes. here is a guy when you watch footage of him doing splits, all kind of stuff with his body. >> reporter: the plan had been for prince to come to mill valley for treatment in this clinic called recovery without
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walls. andrew cornfeld had stabilizing drugs that he would have given to a minnesota doctor to prescribe, but it was too late. call it one more twist in the story of prince but not friends say what we should remember. >> love. the output of his life music, which is phenomenal. >> and the rest in. >> there is no rest to me. >> reporter: in mill valley, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> a touching tribute this afternoon to music legend prince. ♪ live 105 and alice 97.3 joined stations across the country playing "nothing compares to you" at 3:07 p.m., exactly 7 hours and 13 days since prince passed away. happening right now, thunderstorms are hitting northern california. you may not be able to tell from the picture, but in fact that's
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the case. abc 7 news meteorologist and sandhya patel is tracking the weather. where's the action right now? >> it is actually north of our radar site. let's look at live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where the thunderstorms are flaring up. right now with the heating from the sun, destabilizing the atmosphere, they're just north of clear lake. we've had dime-sized hail being reported based on radar signature. this system we are ranking as you know 1 to 5 all season long, 1 is light, 5 severe. this is a 1, showers possible through saturday, rainfall amounts between a tenth to a half inch. there is a possibility of thunderstorms and hail here isolated at best. here's your hour by hour timline. tonight an 7:00, just clouds. 8:00 a few showers begin to develop near the coast. 10:00 p.m., we head into your morning commute and there are spotty showers. we'll call it hit or miss. 8:00 a.m. as you take the kids to school, be prepared for some
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dam will roadways. as we head into the noontime hour, i hope you have your umbrella handy because some of you will be needing the umbrella. and don't put them away just yet. i'll have the rest of your time line taking you into the first half of your weekend coming up. the political hunger strike in san francisco has taken a toll on one of the protesters. abc 7 news got this video of salacy blackwell about a half hour before he was rushed to the hospital. he posted this picture. he suffers from a blood disorder, the five hunger strikers are in their 14th day without eating to protest police shootings. this morning, blackwell talked about his weakening health. >> our health is declining very fast. we're very concerned about that. hopefully the mayor won't be so stubborn and will meet with us. >> mayor ed lee tried to meet with the hunger strikers monday but his offer was rejected. the protesters then marched to city hall yesterday but could not meet with mayor lee. you have until the end of
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the night to give to a big fund-raising campaign for nonprofits in the east bay after the website used for a big drive yesterday had a series of glitches unfortunately. the east bay community foundation tells us they were anticipating up to $1.4 million during yesterday's donation drive but because of the glitch only pulled in around $500,000. still a lot of money but not what they hoped for. a donation benefits hundreds of charities and thousands more across the nation. managing director at donor services and administration east bay community foundation. >> i'm sure there were donors that got frustrated or only had a certain amount of time to make the donation and couldn't just sit there and let the blue wheel spin. so there had to be some lost donations. >> the website which runs many charity sites apologizes for the frustration this glitch caused. it comes down to one. >> as i suspend my campaign today --
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>> ohio governor john kasich drops out of the presidential race, leaving trump the last republican standing. what does this mean for cal? that's next. plus, recreational pot, voters here will get their say. also, the largest airbag recall in history just got even bigger. mark zuckerberg's next quest and the former white house deputy helping lead the way. and if you've ever wondered what happens when you strap a camera to a rocket, we've got you covered. >> it's a wild ride. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card
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to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> announcer: cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. i have renewed faith, deeper faith, that the lord will show me the way forward. >> it's the end of the line for ohio governor john kasich. he suspended his campaign for the republican presidential
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nomination today. reports say kasich made up his mind this morning, telling supporters, quote, my heart is not in this. kasich only managed to win his home state but stayed in the race longer than any other donald trump opponent. >> while kasich's departure comes one day after ted cruz dropped out following a disappointing finish in indiana, what does this mean for california's role? >> laura anthony is it live in walnut creek with that part of our coverage. >> reporter: some people caught by surprise monday cruz campaign organizers picked up the keys to this office building behind me. they were going to make it their local campaign headquarters. but one day later, on tuesday, their candidate was gone. >> tonight, i'm sorry to say, it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> reporter: less than a week after all three republican presidential candidates swept
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through california touting its role in deciding the party's next nominee, a knockout blow in indiana, a decisive victory for donald trump. >> it looks like a massive victim ray and we win all 57 delegates. >> reporter: now it appears that california won't matter at all in the republican race. >> it's disappointing. we saw a brief glimpse of an opportunity for california to make its mark. and gone. >> we're going to do a lot of rallies. >> reporter: as it turns out, california may matter much more to democrats. at hillary clinton's downtown oakland campaign office, trump's big win so far has actually helped. >> we had a volunteer stop in this morning and say, i'm going to do everything i can to help hillary clinton win in california so we can make sure to defeat trump in november. >> reporter: clinton's campaign may be looking past him, but at bernie sanders headquarters volunteers were busy working the phones as if victory is still possible.
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>> bernie has been in it to stay from the jump start. you know, when he first signed on, i signed up for a political revolution. i didn't sign up for just a presidential candidacy. >> reporter: sanders has vowed to fight until the convict very long convention in july, but even a landslide victory in june couldn't give him enough delegates to pass clinton. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> well, as for a running mate, that's the big question everyone is wondering, donald trump told "good morning america" today that he wants someone with great political experience who is skilled in dealing with the senate. that prompted a joke from vice president joe biden. >> i'm anticipating to be vice president. >> well, that quip did not elicit a response from trum. a trump adviser tells abc news a search will begin soon but no short list exists just yet. governor brown is facing a midnight deadline on six bills restricting tobacco use. the bills run the gamut, the
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most significant raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. only hawaii right now has a similar law. another bill would regulate the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes. other bills would allow counties to pass local cigarette taxes and close loopholes in existing laws and require that all k-12 schools be tobacco free. backers of a marijuana legalization initiative collected more than 600,000 signatures, enough to qualify the measure for the november ballot. the initiative would allow possession of one ounce of marijuana and cultivation of six plants for adults 21 and older. it would also place a 15% tax on retail sales of the drug. recreational marijuana use is fully legal in alaska, colorado, oregon, washington, and the district of columbia. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla are on a mission to improve education and they're getting help from one of the experts. >> it is not only working in government and nonprofits but
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most recently coming from helping to lead a company as president of a public company working on education technology. >> the couple introduced jim shelton, former deputy secretary of the u.s. department of education during a facebook live event. zuckerberg says he'll focus on underserved communities and personalized learning. authorities are more than doubling the size of the takata recall. >> michael finney says this is the largest recall in u.s. history. >> this thing is really huge. it also mean that's more of us are going to get notified that we're driving cars with potentially dangerous takata airbags. there won't be enough replacement parts for everyone until, get this, the end of 2019. a defect in the airbags can cause them to explode in a crash sending shrapnel flying through the car. explosions are blamed in 11 deaths and at least 100 inju injuries. the national highway traffic safety administration had already recalled nearly 29
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million bags. today the company added 35 million to 40 million more. >> vehicle owners who have received notice that there are parts available for their repair should take action immediately. >> takata is -- older cars will get priority for repairs since they are most vulnerable. age is a factor. >> all affected cars should be repaired by december 2019. if you've had to wait in long security lines at the airport, relief we're told is on the way. the tsa is responding to complaints by airlines and passengers and airports about long delays at security checkpoints. the waiting caused some to miss their flights. now tsa says it will place more security officers and bomb sniffing dogs at the checkpoints to speed up the lines. the agency did not say how many it will add but pledged to increase staffing before the summer travel season. what do you do when you have
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spent all the money on a prepaid debit card? a shopper back east discovered a good reason why you should not throw your cards away. the woman used two prepaid debit cards to buy electronics. she then threw out the useless cards. however, she later returned the products and the store refunded the money onto those prepaid debit cards which she no longer had. the lesson? many stores will only provide a refund the same way you pay for them. if you use a credit card they give you a -- add the money onto the card. same with donebit cards. now with these as well. hang on to them or you end up with nothing. >> good to know. thanks, michael. >> sure. well, let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. absolutely gorgeous outside. but changes coming. >> let's hear from meteorologist sandhya patel. what's going on out there? >> it's hazy out here, dan and kristen, behind me. there's a breeze coming through the bay area. the sky will look very different as we head toward the next couple of days. let le show you live doppler 7
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hd. we'll talk about the potential for some thunderstorms developing here in the bay area. right now we're tracking the clouds an a few sprinkles up in the north bay. we did have a few showers earlier this morning? the north bay as you recall, and you take a look at why we have the shower chance really right on through saturday, it's an area of low pressure just off the coast. it is moving some of that moisture northward. northern california the last couple of hours has had over 100 lightning strikes. thunderstorms are confined to northern california nor now. from the south beach camera, we're looking toward the port of oakland. we have a small craft advisory north of the bay bridge until 9:00 p.m. 62 in san francisco, mid-60s in oakland, san jose 69, half moon bay one of the cooler spots at 57 degrees. you see all the cloud cover from our emeryville camera with a little bit of a shaky camera due to the breeze, 65 in santa rosa, 63 napa. we last a few more degrees today, a little cooler. fairfield livermore in the low 70s. you're looking toward mt. diablo
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from our east bay hills camera. not much sun to be found there. chance of showers through saturday, isolated thunder is possible and it is going to be dry and milder for mother's day. as you know, we've been using this storm impact scale to rate our storms from 1 to 5 since winter. we continue this spring as we continue to see the potential for showers. 1 is light, 5 severe. most of the storms between winter and spring have been 1s and 2s. we've had a few 3s. this one for tomorrow basically tonight through saturday is a 1, rainfall between a tenth to a half inch. we're looking at the potential for some thunderstorms and if they do develop, those thunderstorms could bring hail. here is a look at the time line hour by hour, 7:00 p.m. just some clouds. we go into 8:00 p.m. and notice a few greens showing up there, some light returns, scattered light showers 11:00 p.m. we'll keep them in the forecast, very spotty in nature, as we start off your morning commute. 8:00 a.m. still a few showers there. and they're really light going into the noontime hour.
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but watch what happens as we head toward the afternoon and evening. we start to see some moderate pockets developing in the yellows, oranges. could even see a thunderstorm as the sun destabilizes the atmosphe atmosphere. don't be surprised if there's a thunderstorm or two especially during the afternoon and evening. 5:00 a.m. friday, slippery roadways, 8:00 a.m. looking at shower showers, noontime scattered in nature, continuing as we head toward friday evening and into saturday as well. few showers will linger. as far as rainfall totals, most areas will get anywhere from a tenth to a third of an inch. but if a thunderstorm does develop, don't be surprised if we get up to a half inch of rain. tomorrow morning, don't leave home without your rain gear. you may need it. low to mid-50s for your temperatures for the afternoon. upper 50s to low 70s with some scattered showers for your thursday. accuweather seven-day forecast, 1 on the storm impact scale thursday through saturday with daily chances of showers.
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mother's day is dry and a little bit warmer. you notice the trend will carry us right on through the middle of next week. but it's great to see some rain, especially in may, kristen and dan. >> it really is, sandhya. thank you so much. hope it really comes down. the robot design. the robot surgeon. and the medical milestone performed. new at 6:00, you drop your car for service but you come back and it's dented. is the shop responsible for
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bay area health centers stand to see close to $7 million as a result of the affordable care act. today the health and human services department announced nearly $500 million of funding nationwide. 24 bay area health centers will benefit. government officials say the extra funding should allow health centers to stay open longer and improve services across the board. check this out. a robot has successfully performed operations on four pigs. the robotic system was developed
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by surgeons and researchers at children's national health system and john hopkins university. the robot deals with soft tissue which hasn't been seen before using medical robotics. findings are found in a study published in the journal of science transitional medicine. here's another out-of-this-world video. >> three, two, one, fire. >> a gopro hitched a ride on a rocket that launched and climbed to more than 396,000 feet add speeds as high as 42,000 miles per hour. the company launched a capsule into space, then tested its stability upon reentry. the nasa program selects promising new space technologies and provides them access to flight testing. >> that's cool. i like that. >> yeah. when we come back, the new exhibit at the oakland zoo.
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6, we investigate why a bay area community college is considering spending $250,000 on an armed officer even though it sees fewer than i dozen crimes a year. and let the politics begin. we examine the arguments pro and con for the legalization of marijuana, each side targeting a specific group. all coming up in a half hour. >> thanks ama. the best part of last night's a's game if you missed it actually came from a fan. >> really.
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a seattle mariner hits a foul ball. a fan makes a leaping grab to snag the ball all from the upper deck. wow, look at that. >> but the guy behind him tried to back him up. then he went down, fellow fans applauded for several minutes. >> too bad the a's ended up losing 8-2. >> good highlight. >> the guy who caught it, i would hire him. there's been an explosion of baby river otters at an east bay zoo. >> we were at the oakland zoo as three off the new seven river otters trol icked in the water with their mom. >> three more were born to another mom. nearly ready for the public debut now, zoo keepers only plan to mate dad with one otter but the heart wants what it wants. >> love found a way. we didn't want to have both at the same time because we knew it would be a very overwhelming situation for us, but nature found a way. >> there are now nine otters at the oakland zoo. the most staff has ever had to deal with. >> very nice. all doing well. >> population boom.
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"world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen tonight, breaking news as we come on. john kasich drops out. donald trump is now the last man standing. and what he just said, moments ago. also tonight, the new poll numbers. if the election were held right now, who wins? donald trump or hillary clinton? also developing, an entire city on fire. a state of emergency in effect at this hour. hundreds of homes destroyed. breaking news in the deadly workplace shooting today. a former employee armed, walking in. what he shouted and who he killed. we're on the scene tonight. stunning new video coming in. americans under attack. the navy s.e.a.l. killed by isis. and his incredible life story. martha raddatz standing by. and a major new turn tonight in the prince investigation, as we learn who had just arrive


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