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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> at 5 o'clock a.m., i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. all the breaking news in the south bay, there is a big issue with v.t.a. and light rail service is down because of leaf actist. matt is at the metro station. matt? yes, you can see what is going on. we arrived on the scene a few minutes ago. there are several crews dealing with this incident that involves police and sheriff and firefighters and paramedics and pg&e.
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it started before 1:30 this morning. a man climbed on ton of the light rail train and barricaded himself. he is refusing to come down. pg&e shut off power to the area. the sheriff is hoping to talk hill down. they do not believe he has any weapons. this will obviously back the light rail commute this morning. they are warning people there will be delays. we will monitor the situation and let you know of any updates on the morning news. >> unusual situation. we appreciate the update. >> new over to sue and a check of the traffic. that is as we have talked big delays, so they have had bus bridges in place between santa teresa and the alum rock line between metro and alum rock station and from metro to mountain view on win comfort line where the bus bridges will take place this morning. we will follow this for you, expect major delays if you take
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v.t.a. you will give yourself plenty of time or, perhaps, take another moved transportation. we have overturned vehicle in the middle lane before southbound 101 with slow traffic approaching the scene. and eastbound 92 the reverse commute, foster city boulevard overturned in the middle lane and we have c.h.p. and tow truck waiting on the scene to be cleared. there are problems. and an accident downtown oakland. mike? yes, so far all is quiet on live doppler hd and the increasing clouds as we look at the flow coming from the south and another mild day even to we have a lack of sunshine. we have 16 miles per hour wind across the golden gate bridge. 52 to 50, mild today and clouds
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thicken through noon and into 9:00 h 7:00 you can see the brief heavy rain and lightning and thunder and small hail. more in the seven-day forecast. stay tuned. >> time is running out for a 15-month-old baby girl at children's hospital. her pains are seeking approval for a transplant. in it does not go through she is going to be removed from life support. amy hollyfield has the final push. amy? >> good morning. doctors think her body would reject a new heart. they do not want did do the transplant. this is a young darling patient, seven-month-old who was born with left heart problem that caused only half of her heart to develop. her mother said that ucla stanford and ucfs have said a heart transplant is not successful but she wants one more opinion and asking for
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boston university hospital to weigh in before they take her off life support. >> best case is they can take her and do the transplant and try to figure something out. worse case scenario they say, no. >> she is fitting. there is chance. there is hope. someone can help her. all the opinion from boston could come today. in they run out of options, the family has agreed to take her off life support tomorrow, her mother said it was either spend mother's day by the bedside or going her baby isn't suffering anymore. uc berkeley and stanford are among the cleomes with an increase in the number of sexual assault since early 2000. in 21 they reported four sexual assault and stanford one. in 2013 it grew to 30 at cal and
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26 at stanford. other local colleges in 2013, santa clara recorded 7 and san jose state, two. experts believe increased awareness caused the anybodies to swell. >> a debate is heating up in gilroy, a group of college students and faculty want to block the hiring of an armed deputy sheriff to patrol the campus in the fall. they rely on unarmed fares. some worry about guns no matter who is carry them and others believe fill make the campus safer. >> you have an incident and suddenly you have an officer with a gun. how do you think the student will react? is that going to freak that person out? >> they will only be deterred if we have an active shooter on campus. all the numbers show that very few crimes have occurred at the campus and college trustees will vote on the hiring of the deputy next week.
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>> students and workers will protest the first of hundreds of planned layoffs at uc berkeley with a memo going out last motelling of a plan to eliminate on staff jobs to balance the budget. many positions are eliminate through attrition. the protests will happen at noon at the valley life sciences being. >> a free hiring event today for veterans and military spouses and guard and reservists. home depot team up with recruit military to give career opportunities for those with military back grounds and is held at the him ton -- hilto garden inn, the employer of 35,000 veterans around the country. >> and a new proposal for full time parents following the lead of the city and county of san francisco by offering fully paid parental lead before required by law. the company is among the first to jump on period. it is expected to announce
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changes later this morning to mark mother's day on sunday. san francisco's leave law takes effect in january. >> your voice, your vote, starting right now donald trump has a lot of work heed. he has to make up for a deficit against hillary clinton. and then to persuade leader he deserves their support. >> good morning, lana. >> good morning, and hillary clinton has a lot of work, she needs to battle on multiple front, a federal judge ruled that hillary clinton may be depose the in the e-mail saga and donald trump is looking forward to battling it out with her. all the republican field has been cleared. donald trump stands alone focused on the general election. >> i would like to see a high level policy or beyonded campaign. john kasich is out. >> the lord will show me the way
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failure. >> could that include the vice-presidency? >> i would certainly consider him. >> the hunt for a running made on and donald trump would consider marco rubio or john kasich. republicans have the nominee, former president george bush said he not be endorsing donald trump, a first in the election cycle. at 91 he said high is out of politics. but bush 43 said that former president has no plans to endorse donald trump, either. >> still, donald trump is counting on republican establishment for support as he battles likely democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> he is a loose cannon and loose cannons end to misfire. >> hillary clinton continues the battle against bernie sanders but interestingly bernie sanders in the last appearance did not mention hillary clinton by name mention hillary clinton by name not even once.
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>> every day it is more interesting. hillary clinton is visiting california today and tomorrow, this afternoon she is in los angeles speaking at east los angeles college about her plans to raise income for families. this is video of an event yesterday in washington, dc, where she spoke to the asian pacific american institute. after today's stop clinton will make her way to oakland where the campaign opened the first office in california. >> members of national nurses united will launch their bay area campaign for bernie sanders in berkeley. two years ago sanders marched with the measures as they demanded better safety for treating ebola and got their endorsement for guaranteeing health care for all. the kick off of the journey is this afternoon at berkeley city college. >> the deadline to register to vote or register for particular party is may 23rd. you can request a vote by mail
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ballot by end of may. the primary is scheduled for june 7. >> you need to be 21 to light up in california. governor brown signed legislation yesterday raising the smoking age from 18 to 21. he approved a bill to regulate the manufacturing and sale of e-cigarettes and that closes loopholes in existing laws that take effect june 9. three vetoed a bill to allow counties to enact local cigarette taxes. >> sue hall in the traffic center following major delays in san jose with v.t.a. service this is a shot north of the metro station with two bus bridges in place because of the police activity, from mountain view to alum rock and bay point and civic center, matt colder is on the scene with the police activity. there is a man would will not get off of the to which the train so pg&e has cut power so
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there is no service and the bus bridges are to place and they are saying to expect major delays on v.t.a. a couple of other issues, we will go to the san mateo area -- no, over to oakland this accident has been cleared at 60th but slow traffic, and, in fact, stopped traffic southbound, so, hopefully that will be recovering quickly. now we go to the san mateo area southbound 101 at poplar and church is on the scene waiting for a tow truck with ten-minute delays beyond the scene. better news for foster city eastbound 92 an overturn and it is cleared off to the right shoulder with in delays eastbound. we will check back with the v.t.e. situation but, first, mike. >> inland east bay is cooler today in the upper 50s and
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most us in the san ramon valley to livermore purpose 50s and some colder air will help with instability this afternoon. in oakland and hayward, 60 degrees right now, and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s, and sfo is specificking to have flight arrival delays because of the cloud deck. let alone the rain. u.v. index is low and moderate and grass and tree pollen are moderate and mold remains low. here is a look at 87 near the shark tank with lightning possible, and more likely showers on friday and the chance tapers on saturday and dryer for the seven-day forecast. >> raging wildfire in western canada and it is getting dire for the community surround by a wall of flames. at look at dramatic rescue during the recent flooding in texas what a firefighter said to
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try to calm the trapped residents.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. now the latest on the raging fire in canada. look at the camera video with
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residents trying to escape as hopes burn and embers are falling on the car. the flames and the smoke are so close to the homes. a state of message is issued for all of alberta and it started on sunday and forced 80,000 to evacuate. so far, 1,600 structures have been lost. including an entire neighbor. a resident said it felt "like an apocalypse." temperatures will cool down today and it could help the firefighters but it will be days before they can get this under control. >> that is scariest fire video i have ever seen. >> in texas we have inside look at the dramatic rescues during the deadly floods. a firefighter released this personal video he took technical deep in floodwaters as he and the first responders tried to save residents. listen as he goes in to get trapped residents. >> you are okay i got you the
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hang on. i got you. i got you. >> we have more. we need to get everyone identity. >> scary. he is using the top of a cooler to save a woman in a fast moving water situation. rescuers used every resource available to pull people to safety. >> jamba juice is relocating to texas in fritz coe -- frisco, texas with an attractive cost living after the lease in emeryville expires at the end the year. some of the remain employees will relocate to texas. >> friends of a millbrae man seen a week ago will gather to spread the word about his disappearance. he is 27. he is keith green. green was last seen on thursday outside millbrae pancake house.
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he left an apartment to meet with an ex-girlfriend to sort out a custody issue. the cell phone was found the next morning at golden gate park. his friends are hopeful that someone will recognize him from photos and call detectives. >> if you are a sharks fan, you can root for san jose during a watch party at the practice facility tonight. the sharks will skate in nashville at 6:00. san jose leads read fors in the western conference semi finals. stanley sports bar will show the game on several big screens. no matter what they return to san jose on saturday. >> mike the last time i did not listen to you -- no, we are going to sue with the traffic alert. sue? we go to san jose live a v.t.a. live shot, the people are in the cherry poker with a gentleman on top of a train would refused to get down.
5:19 am
no service is get through north of metro. they have a couple of bus bridges. two bus bridges, actually. they expecting major delays this morning on vta, consider caltrain and vta has informed caltrain of the delays and they are preparing for more people on caltrain this morning. elsewhere, we do have an accident in san mateo and say it is clears but the purple means "stopped traffic," so we are checking back with oakland police department. >> now over to san mateo southbound 101, with have an overturn at poplar blocking the two last lanes while they are waiting for tow truck. foster city is better
5:20 am
the overturned clears. an accident from the central valley is cleared but the damage is done. traffic is stacking from tracy to dublin/pleasanton for 50-minute delay. we will check back with the vta but, first, mike. >> live doppler hd shows in the high country mother nature is putting on a show this morning from south lake tahoe to the border with novato. it is quiet for us southbound along 680 to the san ramon valley where it is 57 degrees. a better chance of showers and lightning today than all week and moving forward. mother's day is looking dry and warmer, great picnic both. san rafael and antioch and livermore are the only areas receiving 70 and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60s until san francisco at 61 and along the coast upper 50s. lows tonight are mild, and low-to-mid 50s but a better chance overnight of having
5:21 am
lingering showers and thunderstorms than the last couple of mornings. storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" severe and this is light because it is not impacting everyone but when it does, you could have brief heavy rain and light inning and thunder and small hail. through the 7:00 to anyone hour you can see storms are rotating through the south bay into the heart of bay and scattered showers and they will continue through the 4:00 hour to the 7:00 hour and you can see they taper overnight and we will watch the storm rotate from the north and bring a chance of showers. my seven-day forecast shows through saturday increasing sunshine and dry and warmer on sunday, and 60s and 70s and 80s next week. >> big changes coming to apple music. here is the tech bytes. >> big changes to apple music and apple is unveiling a if you look for the stream service and increase their online radio options. company is expected to announce
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>> these are the seven things you need to know before you go of the breaking news from san jose, heads up if you take vta service is stopped as police try to talk a man down from a roof of a train near north 1st street. >> traffic impact is slow service, north of metro, high rain, they have bus service in place between mount town view and alum rock. the train is stopped at north 1st. we have an overturn in the burlingame, san mateo area, covering this and more just ahead. >> three, breaking news a child is recovering from burns after a house fire this morning. seven people are now displaced. the cause is unknown. >> fours antioch police officer is recovering after being shot by a carjacking suspect in pittsburg. the officer has been released from the hospital and police have not released the officer's name or the suspect who now is in instead.
5:26 am
>> live doppler hd is tracking dry air right now and today, tomorrow, and saturday we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. >> six, scary moms in the air caught on video, it injured 30 people, nine of them seriously, after turbulence 45 minutes before landing safely. >> there were no winers last knit in the big powerball jackpot so the prize is bigger and growing to $415 million for the saturday drawing with odds 1 in 292 million. >> a milestone for the cast of "the shoe," celebrating 1000th help -- here. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including an overnight chase that started over eggs.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. it is thursday, may 5. first, we have breaking news right new in the south bay. our reporter is in san jose. vta service is impacted, matt? >> yes. very seriously. let me step out of the way. you can see a man has barricaded himself on top of a light rail train at north 1st with sheriff deputies up there talking with him and trying to convince him to get down off of
5:30 am
the train. we just learned what happened this morning that led to this. the light rain driver, the conductors was driving the train back to the yard and this person stepped out if present of the train and the driver was able to stop, the person, then, climbed on top of the train at 1:30 this morning the he has been stuck up this all or long refusing to come down and we are told he does not appear to have weapons. in threat to anyone in the area. but, police say they will wait him out to get him off of light rain trail. we have fires here. we have paramedics. we have pg&e. we have the vta, as well. at the lot of people are trying to get this incident under control and finished so vta service can be restored. it is a huge impact. we will keep you updated right here on the morning news. >> as soon as you know that
5:31 am
thing are back to normal alert us. what are we doing to get around this? bus bridges. that is what vta spokesman said, two separate because bridges are in place, between mountain view and alum rock and bay point and civic center so expect major delays and they have notified caltrain this are delays on vta and caltrain is gearing up for more passengers can could be a good at understand. green is good. all lanes are cleared southbound 101 before poplar with debris in the lane, a construction zone. it caused problems with debris in a couple lanes. i am not seeing any slow but through pittsburg it is typical with the drive just minor delay.
5:32 am
slow traffic from the central valley and an early accident at 205 and 580 has been cleared. expect 50 minutes from tracy to dublin/pleasanton. mike has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd is dryer than this time yesterday. this afternoon, it will be wet so be prepared. we will show you the day planner, mainly gray at sunrise a lot of money 50s and a few 60. by noon we are gray and showers will develop with our best chan of thunderstorms with previous heavy rain and small hail out of the storms that develop and linger into the evening. more chances of wet weather in the seven-day forecast. >> more breaking news with a house fire that sent a child to the hospital with the fire broke break out after 1:00 o'clock this morning and seven people were outside the whom by the time the crews got there.
5:33 am
one child treated for burns and taken to the hospital as i mentioned and the fire was contained to one room. we sometime waiting for a cause. >> breaking news in san francisco, you can see a police chase ended at the end of the line for cable cars. highway patrol officers tried stop the car before midnight a short distance away when the suspects pay have been throwing eggs. the car drove down part of powell where the cable cars are allowed and c.h.p. chased four people from the car on foot and capture three of them. antioch police officer is out of hospital and recovering this morning after being shot chasing a carjacking suspect. it happened as the officers cased the suspect in pittsburg, and can you see the mangled bmw and bullet holes. antioch police say the officer spotted the suspect driving shortly after the carjacking and started chasing him. the suspect get out and started
5:34 am
firing at police hitting an officer. i heard a car crash, ran over, and smoke was everywhere. i hit the floor. 15 or tenth gunshots. all the suspect surrendered, and three others needed to be treated and the officer is expected to be okay. the suspect is believed the same purpose wanted for a domestic dispute at mcdonald's in antioch. >> san francisco police are requireed bitchier sir to carry batons to certain calls. they will carry batons on calls that homosexualless people, -- homeless people and people in crisis. the chief has advocated batons as less lethal way. >> frisco five or down to four after one was hospitalized. they are trying to get police
5:35 am
chief suhr fired. they have been on a hunger strike at the miss police station. the strikers want the chief fired and an end to police shooting of suspects. >> police believe twin brothers are responsible for a bb again attacked. they were suppose the to turn themselves in yesterday but they did not show. they shot at a woman last month and could be connected to several attacks on the 880 corridor with 125bb shootings in san leandro and other cities just since december. >> police are search for this man, accused of stealing eight bottles of perfume from a store in downtown burlingame last week. we obtained this surveillance video of a were man in his late teens or early 20s. >> controversial business advise for women, hike up your skirts and get attention.
5:36 am
a real estate mogul sent a tweet that said partly that. janet has the fall out. >> she is known for her brash and blunt way of speaking and not backing down despite the controversial comments. she is a shark on "shark tank," where she gives advice and decides if she will invest in a new business much the founder of the multi-billion dollar group is blasted for her latest tweet. she wrote "i find running a business in a man's world to be a huge advantage, i wear bright colors, pull up my skirt to get thank." a silicon valley business owner has this to stay. >> it wasn't helpful. she is really smart and an incredibly successful businesswoman so sharing advise on leading as a manager on financing, building global business, that advise is wonderful and i would love to hear that.
5:37 am
>> critics say this is inappropriate and the opposite of progressive. she will be on "good morning america" and has been defending the data by saying no matter what sex you are you have to play up whatever you got. >> looking forward to seeing the interview. >> today in san francisco a hear to determine in all city residents have fair access to available housing. the board is looking at the below market rate housing program that requires private developers to build on and off site below market rate units or pay affordable housing fee. supervisors are concerned for eligible residents who do not speak english are excluded. >> new rental law in san jose, leaders are pushing to have it go and affect immediately a year sooner than planned. the city council agreed to put the rule in motion in the fall lowering rent hikes from 5-8% but fears have the city council
5:38 am
reconsidering. in the city council does not make the changes now, it will did so by june at the latest. >> in alameda rents make up half of households and now they getting a choice of initiatives on rent stabilization to place it on the november ballot learning rate increases to the consumer price index. it is inflammatory issue and last year it turned into pushing and shoving. all the bay area is celebrating cinco de mayo today. several places around san francisco, oakland, and san jose will be holding special events. it is the 154th anniversary of cinco de mayo commemorting mexico's victory over trance. there is an we van tonight and man local restaurants celebrate with food and music and dancing. >> officers will be looking for drunk drivers this evening, aa is offering free program again
5:39 am
this year, available to everyone, you do future is to be aaa member. just pick up the phone and call 800-aaa-help. the service starts ton at 6:00 p.m. through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> coming up on 5:40 we have major delays at vta because of a gentleman on top of a vta rail car with authorities trying to talk hill down. that is the reason no service on vta north of metro station and they have two bus bridges in place, mountain view to alum rock and bay point stopped at north 1st and they are suggest caltrain would be the better alternate through san jose. metering lights are on and 10 minute delay to the
5:40 am
overcrossing. san mateo hassen early overturn and now it is cleared from the lanes so better news there and in gilroy we have both directions of 152 closed eastbound and westbound because of an overturned big-rig wires are down. this is near lover's lane. mike? >> how do you know that is lover's lane? that is what they are calling me. >> you take your research seriously. i appreciate that. >> los gatos is 49 and everyone else is upper 50s in the south bay. novato is 51. why have lover's lane on the activity planner but i have walking the dog is good want out for the afternoon garden, get it done early and let it rain in the afternoon. here is a look from our camera,
5:41 am
the winter is fairly light and the clouds are there. though will let go of the lightning, and brief heavy rain and hail today and more likely showers on friday into saturday. i will look at the holiday weekend coming up. >> capping the international flight from the bay area just got easier, with a new route that took its inaugural flight. >> get the office pools ready, fast growing jackpot is up for grabs.
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we watching a massive rescue operation underway in kenya. crews are trying to free a woman trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building in nairobi discovered alive six daze after the willing collapsed under heavy rain. rescuers are creating room to pull her out. medics are on stand by to treat her. the collapse killed 33 people with 80 still missing. we will machine store the situation and bring updates. >> a new time in aviation is underway at mineta san jose international airport.
5:45 am
this is british airways flight 279 touch down at mineta san jose international airport. it is the first time an airline has flown nonstop from london to san jose, with passengers giving it a big thumb's up and the san jose mayor engaged in hyper beam it was positive for everyone. >> not since the beatles landed on ed sol epa has the british invasion had a bigger impact on america. i live ten minutes from here it at this time of day to get to sfo...wonderful to have it out of san jose. >> not quite the beatles but it is key for silicon valley and london businesses. there are 400 silicon valley companies with offices in the u.k. and 118 british companies with offices in silicon valley. >> new details emmessage about prince's final days. sources confirm the painkiller was found in the star's system. sources say prince had a dangerously low red blood cell
5:46 am
count. we learning a doctor from mill valley specializing in drug addiction was set to meet with print the day after he died. federal authorities are involved. a spokesman tells abc7 that the organization along with the d.e.a. will work with the local sheriff to investigate the delegate. it could take weeks to determine how prince died. >> if you live oakland you get a vote in november, in the city should gin berkeley in taxing soda and other sugary drinks after a unanimous vote by the city council to put the penny per ounce tax on ballot. it is believed fill raise $12 billion a year that could fight obesity. >> sorry you did not bin last night -- did not win last night's jackpot but neither did anyone else and now it is $415 million. no one has when sin march 2nd -- since march 2nd.
5:47 am
>> el nino is bringing hot weather and drew that will bring a rice shortage. a rice farm is showing what happens in the far east, vietnam and thailand are affected by el nino so rice could skyrocket unless the rain falls. >> we have a big traffic alert. here is the latest. this is in san jose a commuter this is in san jose a commuter alert, vta service north of metro station. they have two separate bus bridges but they aren watching the passengers to expect major delays. they have notified caltrain they could be busy because of the
5:48 am
delay. >> now over to hill pete before 237 an accident blocking the left lane and it is backing up to the westbound direction and westbound and eastbound 152 a big-rig has overturned blocking both lanes so in the gilroy area expect major delays. can you not get through c.h.p. and authorities are on the scene. mike? >> cloudy look but, dry, on live doppler hd. the thunderstorms are up in the sierra with a few breaks from the exploritorium so we off to a more dry start than yesterday. today, showers are developing and hail is possible. more showers tomorrow and saturday but for hail. the warming trends begins on mother's day. san francisco is 61 today. the rest of us are 65 to 68 until inland east bay a few
5:49 am
70s. tonight is another mild one with clouds and low-to-mid 50s. storm-impact scale will be light in the sense that it is not going to town all of us, it will be scattered showers and if you are under one, brief heavy rain, small hail, lightning and thunder developing from 9:00 through noon and hanging around during the afternoon hours into the early evening hours. by 7:00, they start to taper. by 4:00 tomorrow morning we will watch the batch rotate through for the morning commute and scattered shows are possible during the afternoon. they will taper in the evening for friday plans. my seven-day outlook shows one more chance of wet weather for garden and yesterday on saturday and summer's day, the flowers, a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. >> this is community policing at its best, two vallejo police officers pulled over some students and, then, this happen
5:50 am
ed. ♪ that night ♪ i dream of you ♪ i want to be with you >> what? all the officers can move! >> this was posted on facebook teaming up with high school students to do the running man challenge. it is the latest craze media, with celebrities and others posting their own moves. >> will stick stick be doing any dance moves? we have the latest on the me and the outlook for game three. >> moving is no walk in the park but wait until you hear about the movers who packed up family's ploppingings and what happened next. >> new video of an attack that killed a united states navy seal killed a united states navy seal in iraq this week and w ♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks.
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>> security video is showing movers loading a georgia family's belongings into a truck. no big deal. until what happened next. the home owner on craigslist said they drove away and never came back. police recovered the u-haul a day later and it was empty. the stuff was stolen and so was the truck. the positive? police found one of the family boxes dumped in a neighborhood and it had almost everything precious to them inside. >> the warriors hold practice as they are ready for game three against portland. according to the "san francisco chronicle" they are expected to upgrade steph curry in "out," to "doubtful," as he rehabs. he has work on set shots but not
5:54 am
doing aggressive movements. golden state warriors lead portland 2-1. they will play on saturday in portland with coverage right here at abc7. join abc7 spores director larry beil and mike shumann after the game and mike will be live from portland. >> we have a commuter alert: we go back to san jose at north 1st a gentleman is on top of a vta rail car. he has been there several hours. authorities are trying to talk hill down. he look like he is coming down. no rail service north of the metro station with two business bridges in place. they almost you expect major delays this morning. caltrain has been notified they could have more people coming on to their caltrain stations.
5:55 am
the east shore freeway is busy with metering lights on and you are look at solid 40 minutes from highway 4 had lease to san francisco this morning. no major delays. just the metering lights. mike? >> we will look at what can be expected during the average may, 69 and june is the high and low and only warning to 70 and 54 and warmest is 100, and .75" of rain but we have had up to three-quarters inch. at the game tonight, at at&t park, the conditions to expect, 60 at 7:15 dropping to 56 and a slight chance of a shower, breezy, no doubt, as the rockies in town. the best chance of thunderstorms is where they happening right new and that is across the sierra at 50 in lake tahoe, and upper level snow this, and we will have scattered showers everywhere, but for palm springs today, and it will be 84 and mid-to-upper 60s san diego los angeles and monterey.
5:56 am
safe travels. >> a 2-minute mid-video and the power of twitter is all it took for an actor to send fans into a frenzy. he made a big announcement of next project and it had some fans saluting. >> we will start magic mike to las vegas at hard work in march of 2017 we have enough gentleman's clubs let's start the first gentle three's -- gentle lady's club. >> magic mike is hitting sin city starring in the hit policemen and sequel and is directing the show with the choreographer. he said do not be surprised if he make as guest appearance. >> there must be a lot of money involved because i cannot believe she is doing that. >> if you, at can we are continuing to track the breaking news, with rail service majorly impacted after the pan renows to
5:57 am
get down from the top of the train and matt is working to get new details on the effort to get him down. our and the san francisco our and the san francisco supervisor is doing the
5:58 am
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the breaking news is from san jose. look at your scene. this is a picture of rail service impacted because there is a man on top of a train. >> he refuses to come down. what is going on, matt? i spoke with a sheriff deputies and he told us that they are negotiating with the man. they are offering him things but not giving him anything food or water or anything to drink or to keep him warm until he comes down off train. a spokesman said the man was on
6:00 am
the tracks at 1:22 and the driver stopped the train and the man climbed on top of the train. he is sitting there now in the yellow jacket. 4 1/2 hours later in progress. the biggest concern was going the power off so the man would not get electrocuteed. pg&e shut that off. the sheriffs are talking with him can do not believe he has any weapons. i was told they with likely wait him out and offering some things and hope he will come down to eat or get something to drink but not giving him that until he is down from the train. the biggest exact certain the light rain service. light rail is delayed significantly. i was told in and when the man comes down they can restore service quickly because who knows when that will happen. we will keep you updated. >> we will continue to watch this and


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