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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 5, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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koch -- live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a stand off enters the 10th hour with a man on top of a light rail train in san jose and refusing to come down. hundreds have been inconvene yenned. i am natasha zouves. >> i am kristen sze. we just learned the out of man involved in the stand off. our reporter is at the scene near the metro station. >> this has again on for several hours with the sheriff deputies trying to negotiate with the man. you can see the scene right new. you can see the vta train at a
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standstill since 1:20 a.m. this morning. as we look at video, we have been here through the morning as sheriff deputies worked toward a resolution. in the past hour we learned the name of the man, 25-year-old kyle lewis according to the sheriff. he is on probation in connection to unanimous violent offenses. the sheriff is not sure in this is a mental health situation or in this is what they calling a "possible drug induced psychosis." he said he wanted to mess up everyone's commute. he succeeded in this part of san jose. >> it cut off the whole system for one person. that is a little ridiculous. at the same time, they don't want to hurt him. how many hours is he going to take to figure out he needs to get down? all the sheriff has brought in a probation officer that specializes in mental health. they have switched out the crisis negotiation team hoping to build a rapport with the man
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with the goal of getting him down safely. some people have asked, why the negotiators are staying in the cherrypicker opposed to hopping on train? they are not sure what he is capable of and they do not want to put themselves in harm's way if he attacked them. for more information on transit options head over to abc7 news. >> we are alerting users of our news app as the story develops. we will send out push alerts when it is over to get our news app free in your phone's app store. >> you will want to grab your umbrella we are tracking showers and storms. from the bridge camera, the roads are dry but you can see the clouds. mike be is tracking storms, some in the north bay. he is looking at live doppler 7 hd. >> good morning, everyone, the storms are there. can you see the clouds are
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getting darker. the strongest storm has a history of thunder with an update from live doppler hd through vacaville and a few more showers below that with one headed to hercules in the next 5-10 minutes and we also have a thunderstorm. this is how it is moving from says to northwest, unusual for us. more are going to develop inland as we head through the next several hours. here is a look at next six hours you can watch the radar returns and what to expect, showers with embedded storms this afternoon through the evening hours the locally brief and heavy rain with light next and small hail is possible. more showers will develop tomorrow and saturday but we could leave the lightning behind us. today is going to be the best day for that with an hour-by-hour look at that a few minutes. >> we have break news in castro stream, sky 7 is over the crash of what is believes a meals on wheel vehicle stolen this morning in fremont. you can see someone is on a stretcher. this is at interstate 580 at
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redwood road. it began near fremont city hall at 10:15. a suspect tried and famed to carjack a vehicle. moments later police say he stole the van. it is lie on its side. officers gave chase up the east bay. a woman was certified the van and it crashed on the interstate 580 on the side with the man in custody. we see man on stretcher so you can surmise there could be an injury. >> tracking developing news in antioch police are investigating whether the same suspect is behind the shooting of an officer and domestic dispute at mcdonald's the officer was shot in east leland road in pittsburg, police chased the suspect there from pittsburg. you can see a mangled bmw with bullet holes in the windshields and the suspect started firing at police shortly after crashing >> i heard a car crash.
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i ran over. san jose was everywhere. i hit the floor. it was 15-20 gunshots. all the officer is out of the hospital and is expected to be okay. these other people needed to be treated. the suspect surrender asked was taken into custody. law enforcement sources say they believe he is the same suspect involved in a shooting early in the day at mcdonald's drive through in antioch. a man in his 20 who was not intended victim suffered a minor injury but did not go do the hospital. >> child is recovering from burns after an early morning house fire. the two-alarm fire break out around 1:00 a.m. firefighters say the flames were mostly contained to one room in the house. is no word on a cause. one familiar was displaced. >> san francisco police are searching for a suspect following the chase that ended in a crash at the palace street cable car town an empty c.h.p. officers tried to pull the car over at 11:45 last night a short distance away where the suspects may have been throwing eggs.
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the car drove down powell where only cable cars arrest i although it. four bailed. officers caught three. one managed to slip away. >> police are sending for this man on the peninsula accused of stealing eight bottles of per family from a store in downtown burlingame last week. years police say the suspect was spotted in downtown then in the photo on the left. he is in his late teens or early 20s. >> outspoken businesswoman who stars on "shark tank," is making headlines for a controversial tweet. he is make it clear what she is standing by her comments. janet? this is the controversial tweet talking about hiking up her skirt to get attention that has critics blasting the woman who wrote it but barbara corkran is not backing down a shark investor from "shark tank," and made her wealth by starting a
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real estate office with $1,000 loan and sell the largest real estate company for $66 million in new york. on tuesday the woman known for making bold statements posted this message on twitter "i find running a bit in a man's world to be a huge advantage. i wear bright colors, pull up my skirt and get attention." she took it down but this morning on "good morning america" she made no apologies for what she wrote. >> in can you grab attention and be different from the pack and it does not have to be in a sexual way, men will go out and buy a $5,000 suit to impress their friends. they know they are looking good. they know they are strutting their stuff and it is a wrong message to tell young women that she should look like the guys. >> other business disagree and say it sends the rock message. eileen cofounder of glass breakers in silicon valley had this to say. >> as a millennial we expect feminism at work. we expect the equality and expect to be judged by our
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intelligence, hustling, our creativity and ability to collaborate not by what we are wearing. >> she said men and woman need to use their best assets to get ahead. >> you are not succeed by being like the next person. >> she is surprised it got so much attention and she will continue to hike up her skirt because her best asset are her legs. >> on this may 5, cinco de mayo event is going on right new in san francisco, and it is a mattive one with a through local schoolchildren. we are at st. mary's cathedral. this is a very creative celebration. >> right. it involves a huge play which is a big moment for performers, a 4th grade performer said they have been practices on saturdays from 12-4:00. she said they have been working their tails off and they hope the students who are in the
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audience know they are special. >> it may look like a professional play you would catch in down san francisco but this performants has a history lesson tucked inside of it. and an audience of schoolchildren. >> the behind behind the lay is the founding of california and the principles that they brought based on st. francis, unity and brotherhood. >> volunteers performed "always forward," and it was performed for a thousand san francisco children. the field trip is put on by francis in the schools a nonprofit that offers field trips for schools that may not otherwise be able to afford them. >> we thought we would have the day on cinco de mayo where it is a celebration of opportunity to be out of school and celebrating. >> it played now a catholic church it is the for parochial and public school children.
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>> i am not catholic and most of our performers are fault but we celebrate universal print sells of francis because he is a major character in the western >> the children in the show have gotten something out of this as well as the audience. >> just being on stage feels line that is my natural-est place. acting. >> after the lay the fun begins. a last activities mapped including the opportunity to make a basket bouquet of flowers. might i suggest it would be a lovely mother's day present? just sayin'...a last fun planned for the kids today. >> thank you, for the non-kids in are cinco de mayo parties cross the bay area, all day long, so fur planning to drink
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and need a ride home tonight aaa is offering the free program with service available to everyone even fur not a aaa member. just call 1-800-aaa-help. a truck will pick you up and tow the car home. the service starts ton at 6:00 p.m. and runs through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. >> we have encouraging news for warriors fans. what we learned about steph curry and the status of his injury. >> massive fire in toes next and people are told to "shelter in place." >> beyonce has news.
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they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good. >> a dangerous situation in houston, next. people are ordered to shelter in place, a massive warehouse fire is releasing hazardous materials into the air. it is bun always a custom packing company. official say chemicals inside the plant triggered several explosions so far. students at 9 elementary school had to be evacuated.
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so far, no injuries have been reported. >> cell phone video released takes us right into the middle of a firefight in iraq that killed a united states navy seal. a commando shared this video of battle between special forces and isis fighters. navy seal charles h. coat egg iv was killed baseed in san diego. the soldier would shared the video said in not for the american troops and firepower there would have been more casualties. you could hear people sobbing on the rough flight from abu dubai pray when they ran into severe turbulence with pictures posted on social media and the damage and debris in the islands, nine people have been take ton the hospital and 22 were treated at airport. >> an investigation from dan noyes a killer on death row for 32 years is now offering to
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reveal where he buried one ofly wives in return, gerald stanley wants the state to set an execution date exposing serious flaws in our death penalty system. we have that report at 11:00. >> steph curry is making progress, rehabilitating the injured knee and what we lending about his status. >> i am tracking showers and thunderstorms and what they are going to do when they get which and how many more to expect the next couple of days. >> beyonce fans in the bay area buzzing over her big announcement. we will tell you what she revealed in case you missed
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. beyonce is giving us another opportunity to get information at levi stadium in santa clara in the fall adding a second information to her world tour. this video from half moon bay performance at super bowl 50 three months ago now. september saturday, tickets are on sale next friday the 13th. if you wonder about the first show on may 16 it is sold out. >> if you need extra cash you may want to play powerball because there was in winner. the jackpot for saturday has climbed to $415 million. bet you could buy some beyonce tickets with that. >> we are tracking interesting
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winter. >> could you buy some umbrellas. live doppler hd shows the latest shower is not a thunderstorm yet, we are not seeing any and i have been watching it from the roof as i look over to america lease, right there, street level, the latest radar update heading down willow avenue. and right along interstate 80 and it will cross the bay and head over to sears point and, possibly, sonoma in the next half hour. you can see there is light rain around american scannian toward napa and to fairfield. this is all going to restate into and across the north bay the next couch hours. get ready. also, notice what is developing over the santa cruz mountains, we going to look south into the afternoon for our next showers and potential thunderstorms to develop. they will also travel to the northwest throughout the afternoon and early evening. right new you can see the clouds building as we have had sunshine, a little heat, a
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little energy, and we that for a better chance of showers and thunderstorms today than tomorrow through saturday. the chance that lingers is mostly showers and mother's day, well, breathing a sigh of release it is looking dry and warmer. now, it is below average from 59 at half moon bay to san francisco at 61. most of us are around 64 to 68. we may get to 70 around livermore. if you are going to the game here is at&t park, a stray shower is possible. in anything it could delay the game for a few minutes and may not happen at all. have the pancho ready. 60 at 7:15 dropping do 56 at end of the game. tonight, the temperatures are under clouds and low-to-mid 50s again. storm-impact scale is from "1" light to "5" severe, this is light because not all of us are going to get wet weather. with it does fall, it is going to be locally heavy and there is the possibility of lightning and hail. can you see through 4:00, down in the south and to the north, and as we head to 7:00, into the
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overnight hours mostly it starts to quiet down and at 4:00 tomorrow, it all starts over gone. just without the lightning and the small hail. you can see by mother's day we are warming back to average and next week we are 60s at coast and 70s around the bay and 80s inland and warmer-than-average. you have to have the umbrella handy and know that at any time when the skies are getting dark around you or you hear the rumbles of thunder it is about to rain. be prepared. >> we have heard positive number for dubs nation. the "san francisco chronicle" reporting that the warriors will upgrade mvp steph curry status today as he continues to recover from the knee injury. steph curry is expected to go from "out," to "doubtful," for saturday in portland with the game against the trail blazers right here. live coverage is at 5:00 people on saturday. after that, join the sports director larry beil and mike shumann for after the game joined by warriors ambassador in the studio, and mike shumann
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will be in portland. >> from getting busted to busting a move. this traffic stop continued into a dance off between the bay area police and students. >> if you like art join us for a special tour of the new view on modern tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.
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>> coming up at 4:00, new regulations of e-cigarettes and what the rules mean and the changes for people would like to vape. michael finney is making sure that the flour worries you send are petal perfect at 5:00. >> bay area police officers are marching to beat of their own drums. watch what happens when they pulled over some students. ♪ at night ♪ i think of you ♪ i want to be with you >> i don't know in i am more impressed with the students or the vallejo police department. they posted this fun video on their facebook page teaming up with high school students to do running man challenge. it is the latest dance crazy on social media and the community is loving it posted already has more than 300,000 views. from all of us, thank you for
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joining us.
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>> hey, everybody, i'm hoping to make some people very rich today. will it be million-dollar rich? we're about to find out. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, me too. let's do it. our first contestant is a 21-year-old college student who uses trivia as a means of survival. from menlo park, california, please welcome patrick reed. [cheers and applause] hey, patrick. how's it going, man? good to see you. welcome. >> good to see you. thanks. >> now, what do you mean, "using trivia as a means of survival"? >> so being a college student, i'm really, really lazy, especially when it comes to cooking. >> okay. >> so i figured that because i'm all right at trivia, and some of my friends are as well, we'd go


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