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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. it went there. >> a home was damaged and a woman sent to the hospital after a lightning strike in oakley. good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry biel. lightning strikes and rain across the bay area. you could see the rain coming down early this morning near ba near sha. we have a live look from our mt. tam camera. it looks like clear skies, some cloudiness but not raining this very second there. let's head to spencer christian with our accuweather update. >> it's a little calmer now than it was earlier today. it we had isolated thunderstorms, lightning strikes and some heavy downpours locally
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of rain at times. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. first i'm going to actually show you the last three hours or so. notice we had thunderstorms moving through parts of the north bay counties of napa, marin and sonoma, then points north up into mendocino county. now things are much much quieter up north, but we still have areas of thunderstorm activity reaching from ft. bragg over to near garberville and eastward to chi chico and redding. down in the south bay now we have a new area of active weather just developing, pushing into the monterey bay area, widespread showers there. for the most part, we have quiet conditions across the bay area with light scattered showers. here is our animation starting 7 7:00 p.m., by midnight pockets of scattered showers around the central bay and south and east bay. 5:00 tomorrow morning as the morning commute begins we'll have more widespread areas of showers, mainly in the north bay
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but scatter through the south bay as well. there will be wet spots for the morning commute. midday tomorrow, an area of widespread showers will develop into the north bay and something moving from the central valley into the east bay as well. so we've still got some more active weather copping our way tomorrow. we'll probably be wetter than today. we'll have the complete forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. that sounds ominous. lots of thunder, lightning and rain around the bay area. this video is from the north bay near put luma where there was a lot of rain this afternoon. >> an oakley woman is in the hospital this afternoon after being injured during a lightning storm. one strike also seriously damaged her home. just look at that. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us now from that home in oakley. laura? >> reporter: hi, ama. that homeowner is in the hospital overnight. she is in stable condition. we've also learned that a middle school student from the adjacent school here was also taken to the hospital, upset during the storm and had to be checked out.
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lit's show you this shard of wood. this splintered wood came off of this house behind me, right off that trellis there early this morning when this squall, this violent burst, came through. >> like a propane tank blew up. >> reporter: that's how oakley's jim douglas described the sound at his sister's home just after 9:00 this morning. >> blew a corner of the house off there. >> reporter: and then things started falling inside and out. >> things were flying, a fan came off the ceiling, blew out the ends of all the electrical, went outside, blew the foundation apart, the flashing across the front porch. >> reporter: douglas' 67-year-old sister donna keener was standing on her trailer just up from the home and was knocked to the ground, suffering a leg injury. >> we're not sure if that was static energy or if she was just scared by the lightning and thunder and rumble. >> i thought it was like a bomb or something. i was about to get under my desk. >> reporter: the lightning storm also shook things up at nearby
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o'hara park middle school. according to these eighth graders in their first period class. >> i see this big flash of light outside of the classroom. then i see a bunch of kids r runniru running outside of any lass room. >> it maybe was a spike in the electrical or the big huge clap of thunder that had set off the fire alarms in the main building and caused some of the phones to go out. >> reporter: the students were briefly evacuated because of the fire alarms but then the teachers and staff thought better of it, given there was lightning in the area. in oakley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> here's some safety tips during thunderstorms because we don't get many in this area. first, when you hear thunder, lightning is close enough to hit you so you want to get inside. once you are ichb siinside, avo anything electronic that plugs into the wall, a computer, video game, even a hair dryer. and don't shower until the storm passes because your pluming is actually a very good conductor of electricity. >> keep track of the weather where you live with the abc 7
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news app. download it for free. there's some breaking news from maryland. one person has been shot dead, another wounded at a high school parking lot in suburban washington, d.c. the shooting happened on the campus of high point high school in beltsville, not far from d.c. early indications are from local police that a man in his 40s is among the victims. police say that shooting stemmed from a domestic-related incident. now to the theft of a van used to deliver meals to people who are home-bound. >> meals on wheels van was stolen this morning in fremont. the thieves crashed the van in castro valley with video from sky7 hd of the scene late this morning. vic lee talked to one of the volunteers who tried to prevent this from happening. >> reporter: james vargas' fellow volunteers and staffers at meals on wheels are calling him a hero. and rightfully so. he didn't even think about the risk to his own life when he took down one of the carcarjack.
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this is how it ended. the meals on wheels van upended off highway 580 in castro valley. this after a police chase from fremont. the two carjacking suspects seen here were put on gurneys and transported to a hospital. the chain of events started at smart and final in fremont. a security guard here thwarted the couple's attempt to steal a car. they ran to the parking lot of a city office which houses meals on wheels. volunteers were unloading coolers filled with meals from the van so they could put it into their own cars for delivery. the couple jumped into the van. >> i'm about to grab my koom cooler and i hear, they're taking the truck, they're taking the truck. >> reporter: volunteer james vargas went into action. >> all i see at this point is a big red jacket and stuff. i grabbed this person and struggled and tried to get inside. i pulled down and took her to the ground and sat on top of her.
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>> reporter: turns out to be the female vp. her companion vargas said got out of the van and threatened him with a landscaping tool. as vargas backed off, he pleaded with them. >> i said, don't take the truck. don't take the truck. we use this for meals on wheels to deliver our meals to seniors. >> reporter: the carjackers didn't care. they took off. unfortunately this is a new van. all they have now is an old backup. >> we use it to deliver to isolated seniors who can't get out of the their homes. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. police are investigating whether the suspect behind a seven-car crash and shooting last night in pittsburg was involved in a shotting at mcdonald's in antioch hours earlier. a police officer was shot in the head just after 6:00. he's out of the hospital and will be okay. the suspect is in custody. his name hasn't been released. the earlier shooting happened around 11:00 yesterday morning at the drive-through at the antioch mcdonald's on mahogany
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way. no one was seriously hurt. commuters in north san jose are relieved to hear a major thoroughfare is back open after being closed for 12 hours after the man you see here climbed on top of a vta train and refused to come down. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: a peaceful ending to a nearly 12-hour-long standoff. >> if we would have went up there to use force, his safety would have been jeopardized and our safety, too. >> reporter: the ordeal started at 1:20 a.m., a train operator spotted 25-year-old lewis on the train forcing the train to a stop. that's when lewis somehow managed to climb atop the train. >> our operator immediately contacted our central operations office, and they powered down the electrical lines within seconds. >> reporter: had that decision not been made, lewis would have likely been electrocuted. he later yelled out he wanted to mess with everyone's commute.
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light rail passengers were forced to take a bus bridge, many who worked nearby were stuck in traffic for up to 30 minutes. a frustrating morning for those who felt there was no end in sight. >> we work in this building. it's a bizarre thing to not be able to get into your own parking lot. >> reporter: multiple crisis negotiators were brought in and at one point the sheriff's office called for steven manly, the judge in charge of the mental health court. at this point, the sheriff isn't sure if this was mental health. lewis finally came down after being persuaded by a transit deputy who arrested him last month. but they're not saying why. >> you feel sorry for him, but what can we do? i mean, it's a big inconvenience. >> reporter: lewis has been taken to a local hospital for an evaluation. if drugs are found in his system, he could be booked into jail. abc 7 news was at st. mary's college in moraga this morning where students and staff walked
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out to -- racist incidents they say aren't being properly addressed. they say among other incidents, the black student union was recently egged during a sleep-over. the school's president says administrators will work with the students to address the issues they are raising. staff members at uc berkeley protested the first of hundreds of pending layoffs. the protest focused on janet reed. she lost her job after 30 years at cal. last month, cal's chancellor says 500 employee positions would be cut over the next two years. most of these playoffs are supposed to be through attrition. reed was only one year away from retirement. a former federal prosecutor is leading the investigation into uc davis chancellor linda ka te'i hi. janet na pal tan know -- conflict of interest and ethics policies. this comes after revelations that she hired a company to bury
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references to uc davis' 2011 pepper spray scandal on the internet. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, sweeping new federal regulations for e-cigarettes. what the rules mean and the changes for people who like to vape. and you put your trust into your movers, but one family learned a hard lesson after they hired their movers off the internet. all their belonging wrz taken. new at 4:30, hillary clinton bringing her campaign back to the bay area and donald trump stirring up some more controversy today. and at 4:11, a live look at the san francisco sky way, jammed up in both directions, left-hand side trying to get to the east bay and right-hand side heading southbound for the
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. >> announcer: this is abc 7 news. the fda today has sweeping
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new rules extending its authority to tobacco products like electronic cigarettes. before today, there was no federal rule that prevented minors from buying e-cigs. the announcement changes that. lauren lyster has more from los angeles. >> reporter: the fda cracking down on e-cigarettes. aiming to keep this federally unregulated form of nick owe keen from minors. >> as a nation, we've agreed for many years that nicotine does not belong in the hands of children. >> reporter: under a new rule, retailers are not allowed to sell i cigarettes, cigars and hookah poe back co-to anyone under 18 and photo i.d. is required. >> most people who start smoking start as children. if you can restrict the access during that period, you may prevent a lot of people from becoming lifelong smokers. >> reporter: critics like this lawyer have been calling for federal action on vaping. >> people should be aware of the dangers associated with it. >> reporter: his client
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26-year-old katrina williams was badly burned when an e-cigarette battery in her pocket exploded. >> it was like a firecracker. >> reporter: the new fda rule will allow the agency to evaluate things lieks ingredients and product design, an industry group blasting the fda for regulations it calls cost prohibitive for manufacturers, essentially banning products which pulls the rug out from 9 million smoeshgs who switched to vaping. the fta rules i'med at keeping these from minors go into effect in 90 daze. also here in california lawmakers kranging down raising the legal age from 18 to 21 to buy tobacco, becoming the second state to do so. lauren lyster, abc news. a colombian sailor who spent two months lost at sea is safe today and on dry land. the 29-year-old mariner was on a boat when the engine died. that's him on the right.
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he survived by eating seagulls and fish. the three other sailors died. the surviving mariner was rescued on april 26th when he was spotted floating along in the sea. he was brought to honolulu yesterday. the colombian consul in san francisco is working on getting the man back do his native country. moving can be a tedious task but wht movers you hire turn out to be thieves it's an outright nightmare. a family in georgia found this out the hard way. the movers one family hired off craigslist packed up all their belongings in a u-haul truck but the possessions were never delivered. police recovered the truck abandoned in atlanta the next day. that, too, turned out to be stolen. the homeowner says she's outraged but she doesn't want to be identified. >> we lived in this house for over ten years. we built a life here, memories. we had item that's are irreplaceable that's on that truck. >> police recovered one box
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dumped in a neighborhood that had some of the homeowners' most precious items including birth certificates, records and her bible. all of her electronics, though, of course were gone. aloft sports news today. do not expect to see steph curry during the warriors next playoff game on saturday against the portland trail blazers. this is video of curry this afternoon talking to assistant coach bruce frazier during practical ils. head coach steve kerr says curry's knee will likely keep him from playing in game three. he hasn't practiced with the squad. it's possible that steph might be able to return for monday's game four. the warriors currently leading the series 2-0. you can watch that game three against the trail blazers right here only on abc 7 live coverage starts saturday at 5:00. after that, join me along with mike shumann for "after the game." i'll be in the studio. hsu live from portland. the sharks hoping to regain the edge tonight in nashville.
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the sharks took an early lead in game three on tuesday. but nashville scored four goals to cut the series lead to 2-1. we'll see if the sharks can take control of that series tonight. it's time to turn to the weather. some spots in the bay area got a decent amount of rain today. >> more may be coming. i think you called this the most unsettled weather we've had ain a while. >> you're right. who says the bay area weather is boring? unless you're from the midwest. this is live doppler 7 hd. little breaks of sun peeking through, we've had isolated thunderstorms and lightning strikes around the bay area today with limited local heavy downpours. right now, the main picture is quiet. here is a look from our exploratorium camera at pier 15, 63 degrees here in san francisco, 66 in oakland, mountain view 71, 69 in san jose, morgan hill 65 and 59 at
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half moon bay. this is the view of the golden gate bridge. lots of cloud cover there. currently 62 in santa rosa, napa 63, 59 in novato, concord 62, 66 in livermore. hear is the view from our rooftop camera over the bay. there is still a chance of showers from this evening right on into saturday and through the day on saturday. isolated thunder and small hail are possible and we'll have dry and milder weather on mother's day. here is our storm impact scale which we rank every storm coming through the bay area from 1 light to 5 severe. and the current system is bringing us our unsettled weather ranks a 1 on the storm impact scale. it will produce hit-and-miss showers through saturday, rainfall totals ranging from nothing measurable up to maybe a half inch in the westest locations. there's the possibility of light hail and lightning. animation starting at 7:00 p.m., scattered showers mainly light, going into early tomorrow morning and beginning of the commute, we'll see some wet spots. bear that in mind.
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there will be scattered showers at that hour. coming more widespread by midday and into the afternoon, we'll see probably a wave of showers sweeping in from our east through the delta, carquinez strait into the north bay and east bay. late afternoon we'll see it breaking up a bit, but we still may have some wet spots for the evening commute tomorrow. scattered showers tomorrow overnight friday into saturday, even saturday afternoon and evening and perhaps as we look at our longer term forecast model, perhaps even into early sunday. but should end by then. we project rainfall totals from midday saturday from nothing measurable in some locations around the bay to perhaps over a quarter inch at fairfield and three-tenths in santa rosa. bear in mind where we show zero measurable rain, an isolated downpour could occur anywhere. overnight tonight, low temperatures in the mid-50s, tomorrow's highs upper 50s to the coast to upper 60s in the bay and inland. here's the accuweather seven-day
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forecast, we start to get clearing on sunday, mild weather for mother's day, then a warming trend early to midweek next week. larry and ama? up next, celebrating cinco de mayo, the creative celebration for bay area students. >> here's a look ahead at what's coming up, 8:00 "grey's anatomy" followed by scandal at 9:00 and the catch at 10:00 followed by abc 7 news at 11. here is a sneak peek of tonight's episode of "the catch." >> your son joey is missing. he ran away. nanny found this on a pillow this morning. i called the police and they're doing everything they can. >> i can't do this anymore. what does that mean? of. >> living with me. he doesn't want to live with me anymore. >> and why is that? >> because he blames me for the divorce. he doesn't understand why he can't see his mom n more.
4:22 pm
>> the court deemed her unfit. she's pi polar. >> was she abusive to joey? >> no. but her shrink says her condition could lead to violence so the judge gave me sole custody. >> do you think joey is with her? >> no. i went over there which is a mistake because she's losing her mind, what's left of it. no one has seen him, heard from him i. don't even know where to begin to look for him. >> let us take care of that. >> we'll find your son.
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let me say, in addition to the constitution, michelle will not allow that. >> despite the wishes of his supporters, president obama presided over his final cinco de mayo celebration at the white house today, mr. obama telling the crowd that work still needs to be done to pass immigration
4:25 pm
reform. president obama today also commuted the sentences of 58 federal inmates including a richmond man who was inkars raced for distributing cocaine. san francisco school children were treated to a celebration and creative educational experience this morning. abc 7 news was at st. mary's cathedral where volunteers performed always forward and the california missions to 1,000 children. the play is put on by a nonprofit that offers field trips to schools that might not otherwise be able to afford them. organizers say they wanted to give the kids a cinco de mayo celebration with a poignant message. >> basic idea behind the play is about the founding of california and the principles that the francis cans brought patieterne on the life of st. francis, which is unity and brotherhood. >> even though the play was held at a catholic church, it's a universal message. >> a lot of people will be celebrating tonight. if you're planning to drink aund
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need a free ride home, aaa is offering its free program, the service available to everyone even if you're not a aaa member. just call 1-800-aaa-help. a truck will pick you up and tow your car home. that service starts tonight at 6:00 and runs through 6:00 a.m. donald trump is stirring up more controversy on this cinco de mayo with this tweet. what he wrote along with this photo. plus, even more evacuations today from that massive wildfire that's burning in canada. and another big company is leaving the bay area. the state's luring big business away. >> the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. here are the headlines at 4:30. vta light rail service is back to normal in san jose after a peaceful end to a nearly 12-hour standoff. kyle lewis climbed on top of a train after forcing it to stop for him on the tracks. crisis negotiators talked him down and took him into custody just after 1:00 p.m. vta tweeted this message this afternoon reminding everyone that, our high voltage light rail service is not a place to trespass. we are tracking storms moving through the bay area including one that caused lightning. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony tweeted this picture from oakley where a ceiling fan fell into someone's living room and sent a woman to the
4:30 pm
hospital. spencer christian will have the forecast in just a few minutes. in alberta, canada, a dash camera captured this frightening escape from a wildfire burning out of control. the fire is now larger in area than the cities of chicago and boston combined. elizabeth hur shows you us the evacuation. >> reporter: several canadian communities evacuated. >> let's go! >> reporter: nearly 90,000 residents are on the run and a state of emergency declared across alberta province after a wildfire has so far scorched more than 18,000 ache irs and stored some 1600 properties. >> my home is burnt to the ground. >> something out of a movie or something. >> reporter: the escape terrifying. >> lord, keep us safe. get us out of ft. mcmurray in one piece. >> reporter: evacuees praying while driving by the walls of flames and hitting gridlock on the only highway that leads them out of town.
4:31 pm
>> didn't even let us take our things. when we asked, so we lost everything? >> reporter: and this morning flying out of town, no longer an option with the inferno still raging and inching closer to the airport forcing all flights to be suspended. crude oil production in the area also jeopardized with some companies stopping work altogether in ft. mcmurray, the home of the third largest oil reserves in the world. >> this time of year, human-caused wildfires are the cause we see. we've also had lightning fires earlier in the season. >> reporter: authorities say it could be days before they can begin to look into a cause because the fire is still not under control and the scene is considered unsafe for investigators. elizabeth hur, abc news new york. in houston, texas, new environmental concerns after a four-alarm warehouse fire. it started at a home and then spread to the packaging plant right next door. look at the thing just going up. several xloekss and thick black smoke in the sky. there were unknown chemicals in
4:32 pm
the warehouse. thankfully, though, no one was hurt. in the race for the white house, house speaker paul ryan says donald trump will have to earn his support for the republican nominee for president. he isn't the only big name refusing to stand by the presumptive nominee. >> reporter: as the dust settles on the republican primary, party elders are weighing in. in an unusual move, the last two gop presidents, george h.w. and george w. bush, say they'll sit out this election and will not endorse trump. and the last republican nominee, mitt romney, says he'll skip the convention this summer. clinton leads trump in head-to-head polls and the likely republican neem nominee is facing challenges. the states in blue are those democrats won in the past six presidential elections. if clinton can hold on to those, she just needs to win florida to win the white house. >> he has to be able to expand the map to places like michigan and pennsylvania. but the problem for donald trump, before he gets to gee okay raphy, he has to get to
4:33 pm
demog raphy. he has to fix his problem with latino and women voters. >> reporter: on cnn trump gave his take. >> they've sucked all the jobs out of michigan, too. i'm constantly talking about michigan with the cars and what's happening. i think i'll win pennsylvania. >> reporter: meanwhile, bernie sanders keeps up his push for the democratic nomination saying he'll stay in the race until the last primary. karen travers beiabc news, washington. >> california will be a pivotal battleground. with a little more than a month before our primary, sanders and clinton are expending a lot in the golden state. >> kristen sze has that part of our coverage. >> sanders may be physically in west virginia today, but california is top of mind. his campaign posted this tweet promoting his women's weekend of action encouraging california supporters to promote for him on mother's day. tomorrow, hillary clinton comes to the bay area holding events in oakland and san francisco.
4:34 pm
today she's busy campaigning in los angeles. this morning at the california african-american museum, clinton hinted but did not outright call on sanders to drop out. she says it's something she had to realize in 2008 when her delegate count fell short of president obama's. >> because it matters how many delegates you have, whether it's 60 or 300. right? >> early sanders support hes are not discouraged. members of national nurses united brought their big bus to berkeley today, the first time this bus has been here in the bay area. >> they travel to various areas throughout the state now. we've been throughout the country. now we're here in california. we're excited. >> here's the latest controversy on the republican side. donald trump tweeted a picture of him eating a taco bowl to celebrate cinco demaio, hash tag i love hispanics to which the
4:35 pm
president of la rauz saturday said, we know what trump has promoted hash tag wall and mass deportation. >> kristen, thank you. the man dubbed by los angeles authorities as the grim sleeper serial killer was found guilty today. >> it's closure. it's been 30 years. we needed this. >> amen. >> family members of victims of lonnie david franklin jr. reacted after the verdict. franklin was convicted for ten killings between 1985 and 2007 that targeted vulnerable young black women. the 63-year-old could receive the death penalty. a killer on san quentin's death row for 32 years is offering to tell where he buried one of his wives in return gerald stanley wants the state to set an execution date. his case exposes the serious flaws in our death penalty system. be sure to watch our exclusive report at 11.
4:36 pm
a dallas judge today ordered former cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel to stay away from an ex-girlfriend he's accused of salting. the heisman trophy winner was in court for less than 15 minutes. rt judge says manziel couldn't contact the 23-year-old woman he was indicted after the ex-girlfriend said manziel hit her and also threatened to kill her. a controversial tweet encouraging women to use their looks to get ahead. coming up, shark tank star barbara corchoran is standing by her view. why she says it's the key to success. i'm spencer christian. weather conditions seem a bit quiet right now, but dark clouds are still hanging around and we have chances for showers and thunder. i'll have the
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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channing tatum plans to bring the sizzle of his magic mike movies to sin city. he announced he'll direct magic mike live las vegas. the 36-year-old says he will not take the stage for these shows. the live act is scheduled to begin at the hard rock hotel and casino in march of next year. it's time to start planning your weekend. abc 7 morning news anchor reggie aqui checking out what's going on where you live. >> our friends at hood line have a weekend of pairings planned out for you in san francisco. chocolate and wine, marc anthony
4:40 pm
and cleopatra, tacos and professional wrestling. what? >> when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy fan. it's for fun. >> saturday afternoon, you can live out your nacho libre fantasy at taco chel la. it's tacos paired with wrestling. how about the triple-b taco, port butt, pork belly and of course bacon. boom. if you're really ambitious, you can chase that taco with veno, the uncorked wine festival happens saturday, 1:00 to 5:00 at gair deli square. they promise unlimited wine tasting and a beer garden. of course you'll have to grab some chocolate because, well, it's chocolate. finally, it's shakespeare with a twist. so take the classic antony and cleopatra and set it in modern times. you have the premiere of the african-american shakespeare
4:41 pm
company's new show, they tell me this is going to be very "house of cards." spoiler alert, this love story, it doesn't end well. all the info on these events and other fun on abc 7 we will link you to headline. now get out and explore where you live. reggie aqui, abc 7 news. well, it's a rainy day if you're exploring where you live. >> yes, it is. let's see where spencer lives right now. no umbrella. living is good. >> explore this, as they say in new york. we've got a period of couple weather right now, but we may see showers later. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have breaks of sun here and there, widely scattered shower activity at the moment. here's what we expect statewide tomorrow. it will be a day of active weather once again for much of the state with thunderstorms shifting more to the south tomorrow than where we saw them today up in the north and over the sierra.
4:42 pm
but the sierra could still get some thunderstorms tomorrow, as could the bay area. our forecast calls for scattered showers tomorrow with the possibility of some isolated thunderer or hail. high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast to upper 60s inland and our rain chances over the next several days look like this, 80% chance of rain tomorrow. we expect that to be the wettest day of the forecast. tapering off to only about a 20% chance of showers on saturday and then mainly dry and milder on sunday for mother's day which i guess is encouraging news for all of us. >> thank you, spencer. on the move. still ahead on abc sichb news at 4, another big company moving its headquarters out of california. what this means for big businesses and you. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney. new proposed rules could help you fight back against big banks and other frnl institutions. if you like art, join abc 7 news for a special tour of the new sfmoma.
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serious side effects may happen in people who take victoza®, including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> announcer: fremont. palo alto. north bay. and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. another well-known bay area
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business is leaving for what it hopes will be the greener pastures of the lone star state. >> jamba juice is heading out of emeryville and heading to frisco, texas. eric thomas reports on what's driving some businesses out of california. eric? >> the people who work in this building are the ones who are leaving. chances are nothing is going to change at your local jamba juice. they'll continue to whip up your favorite concoctions. but the people at the top who work in this building took a look at the cost of doing business here versus the bottom line and decided that when their lease is up at the end of the year, they're leaving. jamba juice is known for its colorful drinks, but today the color of the company is worried about is green, as in money. and saving as much as of it as possible. >> one of the decisions we've made has been to relocate to frisco, texas. >> reporter: in other words, leave the company's headquarters in this emeryville office building for the dallas suburb for frisco, population 150,000. >> one of the benefits of it is it gives up centralized
4:47 pm
location, easy access to our franchisees nationally. >> reporter: it's also cheaper with a cost of living index that's 30% lower than the east bay. 120 workers will be affected, some will be offered relocation packages. these jamba juice customers don't like losing their jobs but understand the move. >> it's just like everything else in the bay. man, it's so expensive out here. >> it's giving more jobs for other people. but us in the bay area end up with the short end of the stick. >> reporter: part of the problem is the poaching of local businesses by other states. you'll remember florida governor rick scott was in the bay area a few days ago trying to lure firms to his state. but so far, texas is leading the pack. a survey out of southern california finds 219 businesses have moved to texas since 2009 or built new operations there, like tech giants apple, google, drop box and oracle, worth billions. but this east bay economic development official says that doesn't tell the whole story. >> as soon as they vacate that
4:48 pm
building, they'll probably be ten buildings looking for that space. >> reporter: in emeryville, eric thomas, abc 7 news. consumer news now. more than 100 products have been recalled because of contamination with ly stee ll l area. >> this is a huge recall. it probably will get bigger. listeria which can cause a life threatening illness was found in sunflower seeds splied by sun opt ka. they say it could have been distributed nationwide under the planter's and dakota best names and others. some seeds may have also found their ways into salad toppings and trail mix. what makes this truly massive is sunflower seeds are also found in numerous other products including salad toppers and trail mix right there, you can see grocery stores back east also carried the product. we have links to a complete list on our website at abc 7 and 7 on your side. soon financial firms may no longer be able to keep you from going to court.
4:49 pm
the consumer financial protection bureau has issued proposed rules prohibiting banks and other firms for adding forced arbitration clauses to their contract. those contract provisions have kept consumers out of court. consumer advocates are applauding the movement the chamber of commerce says it will hurt consumers. lyft is teaming up with general motors to start testing driverless taxis in california. gm has invested $500 million in lyft, the two companies reportedly hope to offer self-driving chevy volt electric taxis within the next year, although it's unclear if state or federal regulators will even allow it. no word yet where in california lyft and gm will conduct their experiments. >> wow. >> a year, huh? >> getting there already. >> we'll see. >> thank you, michael. doctors at boston university hospital have rejected a bay area baby from getting a heart transplant. we told you about 7-month-old alija woody last night at 11:00.
4:50 pm
the little girl was born with a rare condition that caused only half of her heart to develop. doctors at ucsf, ucla and stanford have already denied a transplant saying her body would reject a new heart. today's decision was her last hope. scheduled to be taken off of life support tomorrow. >> wow. well, alarming studies are out about medical errors in the u.s. >> also, blue bell ice cream once again recalling a product of the here's jane king. medical errors including wrong diagnosis, botched surgery and medication mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the united states, the study from johns hopkins says that more than 250,000 americans died due to medical mishaps every year, more than any other medical condition besides cancer and heart disease. the most deadly infectious disease in america today is hepatitis c. the report from the centers for disease control and prevention found that deaths associated with this disease reached an
4:51 pm
all-time high of nearly 20,000 in 2014. that you surpassed the total combined number of deaths from 60 other infectious diseases, including hiv, na moan area and tb. blue bell has issued another recall, the texas-based ice cream company recalling select shipments of rocky road ice cream made at its facility in texas because it may contain the cookies and cream flavor instead. the cookies and cream flavor contains allergens soy and wheat and whole foods has implemented more promotions and sales to bring the shoppers in. it's also creating a fancier app and an expanded loyalty program. the organic and natural grocer is still seeing lots of competition from online stores and brick and mortar stores as well. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. kfg is putting a twist on its slogan finger licking good. they're rolling out this, an edible nail polish. kfc is releasing the polish in hong kong, two hues and two
4:52 pm
flavors. they recommend you polish your nails, let them dry, and then lick. >> how much of that do you want me to order for you? you going for that? >> no thanks. >> abc 7 news at 4 continues. a shark sharing her controversial secrets of success. >> i want to get attention, and i still do it. i make sure i wear my skirts really high. >> up next, barbara corchoran standing by a tweet that has a lot of people upset and why she is not backing down. right now kristen is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5. coming up, the man who killed san jose police officer michael johnson and the new report that says the fallout could have been a lot worse. plus, a bay area congressman reveals he has cancer and what he plans to do now. and a new push beyond the google banners. those stories an
4:53 pm
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a spokesman is. abc 7 news reporter janet oh has been tracking this story. >> reporter: barbara corchoran is a shark investor on shark tank. she made her own wealth by starting a realty office with $1,000 loan. and later selling new york city's largest real estate company for 66 million. on tuesday, the woman known for making bold statements posted this message on twitter, i find running a business in a man's world to be a huge advantage. i wear bright colors, yank up my skirt, and get attention. she later took the tweet down, but this morning on "good morning america" she made no apologies for what she wrote. >> if you can grab attention and be different from the pack, it doesn't have to be in any sexual way, men will go out and buy a $5,000 tom ford suit to impress their friends, okay?
4:57 pm
they know they're looking good. they know they're strutting their stuff. i think it's a wrong message to tell young women they should look like guys. >> reporter: other businesswomen disagree. they say the tweet sends the wrong message. >> as a millennial, we expect equality, we expect to be judged by our intelligence, our hustle, our creativity, our ability to collaborate. not by what we're wearing. >> reporter: but corchoran says men and women need to use their best assets to get ahead. >> you will never succeed being exactly like the next guy or gal. >> reporter: with that, corchoran says she was surprised her tweet even got this much tension at that. she says she will continue to hike up her skirt because her best asset is her legs. janet oh, abc 7 news. use twitter, periscope is making a big change that will allow users to permanently save their broadcast. users just need to include the hash tag save in the title of
4:58 pm
videos they hope to hold on to. that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry biel. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen. i thought it was a bomb or something. >> i felt the classroom shake. >> lightning hits the bay area, one town especially hard hit. and there's still a threat of lightning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll show you where doppler 7 hd is tracking showers right now. from sexual texts to soliciting photos, a parent demands why a teacher wasn't fired sooner. plus, a police chase, good samaritan and a carjacked van with food for seniors. what brought down a man who held a hostage for 12 hours. >> announcer: this is abc 7 news. it just came out of nowhere. >> i thought it was an earthquake at first. >> severe weather thunders
4:59 pm
through parts of the bay area, startling people from pent luma to contra costa county. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. we have laura anthony on the damage in contra costa county. >> let's start with sandhya patel in live doppler hd. >> dan and kristen, we still have pockets of showers around parts of the bay area. let's check out the radar and i'll show you where we're seeing wet weather at this hour, really light returns up in the north bay around south santa rosa, stony point road. we're taking you down to street level here. we also have a few showers that have been developing right around the monterey/salinas area. now, we bring in the storm impact scale. as you know, we've been ranking storms 1 to 5 all season long, 5 severe, 1 light. this current system is a 1. hit-or-miss showers through saturday, rainfall up to a third of inch, some areas may not see anything. there's still a potential for lightning with small hail. here's your time line, 7:00 p.m., still looking at a few showers going into 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. just spotty at
5:00 pm
best. look what happens for your morning commute. 5:00 a.m. looking a lot more wet than the next few hours basically, 9:00 a.m. we're still looking at a few showers and those showers will continue to rotate in as we head towards the afternoon hours. i'll let you know if these showers are going to continue through the weekend or if they'll eventually taper off. kristen? >> thanks so much. the lightning storm this morning did some real damage in oakley where a house took a direct hit and two people were take ton the hospital. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has that part of the story. >> reporter: hi, kristen. one of those people a middle school student from the nearby school was taken to the hospital. we understand the student is going to be just fine. the other, the woman who owns this house, will spend the night in the hospital after this direct hit on her home. this is just one example, this piece of wood came off that trellis just behind me when this lightning struck. >> when it blew, it shook us all over the place. >> reporter: j


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