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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and 11:00 p.m. just spotty at best. look what happens for your morning commute. 5:00 a.m. looking a lot more wet than the next few hours basically, 9:00 a.m. we're still looking at a few showers and those showers will continue to rotate in as we head towards the afternoon hours. i'll let you know if these showers are going to continue through the weekend or if they'll eventually taper off. kristen? >> thanks so much. the lightning storm this morning did some real damage in oakley where a house took a direct hit and two people were take ton the hospital. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has that part of the story. >> reporter: hi, kristen. one of those people a middle school student from the nearby school was taken to the hospital. we understand the student is going to be just fine. the other, the woman who owns this house, will spend the night in the hospital after this direct hit on her home. this is just one example, this piece of wood came off that trellis just behind me when this lightning struck. >> when it blew, it shook us all over the place. >> reporter: jim douglas was
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inside his sister's home just after na9:00 this morning when there was a loud boom. >> like a propane tank blew up. >> reporter: then things started falling inside and out. >> things were flying, a fan came off the ceiling, blew out the ends of all of the electrical, went outside, blew the foundation apart, the flashing across the front porch. >> reporter: douglas' 67-year-old sister was standing on her trailer just up from the home and was knocked to the ground, suffering a leg injury. >> we're not sure if that was static energy or if she was just scared by the thunder and the lightning and rumble. >> i thought it was like a bomb or something so i was just like about to get under my desk or something. >> reporter: the lightning storm also shook things up at nearby o'hara park middle school. according to these eighth grader whoz were in their first period classes. >> i see this big flash of light outside the classroom and i see a bunch of kids running outside my classroom. >> it maybe was a spike in the electrical or the big huge clap of thunder that had set off the fire alarms in the main building
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and caused some of the phones to go out. >> reporter: the students were briefly evacuate because of the fire alarms but then the teachers and staff thought better of it, given there was lightning in the area. >> my teacher actually just lined us up by the building because she knew we shouldn't be be out on the grass. >> reporter: those who live on o'hara court will have to get by on generators for a while until pg&e can get the power back on to the neighborhood. in oakley, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> now, keep in mind you can use the free abc 7 news app to track the storms and enable push alerts to receive breaking weather information immediately. a parent is suing the gilroy school district for not firing a teacher who allegedly sent out sexually explicit text messages. the teacher was arrested last week, but police say the texting began nearly two years ago. abc 7 news reporter david louie is live at the district offices tonight. david? >> reporter: kristen, i can tell you that the text messages are too explicit to repeat on tv.
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now, the parent of the teenage girl says she expected the district to take action when she reported it to them in the fall of 2014. but the teacher has continued working at gilroy high school until last week. and the concern is that the administration says that the text messages were done on private, not school computers. the lawsuit accuses the gilroy school district of negligence and inflicting emotional distress on the daughter of celeste bend. she allegedly received texts from advanced placement chemistry teacher douglas lay in september of 2014. mrs. bend says she contacted the school the next day but initially they wouldn't meet with her. >> the district failed to take any meaningful action in response to the complaint. instead, mr. lay was allowed to continue teaching and continue to sexually harass the minor child until she finally had to change schools. >> reporter: in a written
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statement, the school district says the behavior was unprofessional and unacceptable but there was no criminal activity and did not require dismissal. it did issue a notice of unprofessional conduct. however, there was no indication of catfishing and no further complaints. catfishing is used when a man poses as a woman and tries to -- lay was arrested last week and charged with two felony counts of child enticement. it's believed there could be many other victims. >> they protected an individual who admittedly engaged in gross sexual misconduct. because they failed to take meaningful action, many more children were harmd. >> reporter: attorney allred as well as a teacher at gilroy high school told us the law requires educators to report unappropriate behavior to police immediately for investigation. in gilroy, david louie, abc 7 news. a concord dental assistant pleaded not guilty today to sexually abusing children while on the job. police arrested all raund row
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saro. prosecutors say there may be as many as five victims, all of them girls, between the ages of 6 and 13. they say the molestations took place while the girls were sedated or getting x-rays. saro is being held on $8 million bail and faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted. two people who stole a meals on wheels van are in the hospital tonight. they crashed the van this morning at the redwood road ramp off highway 580. police chased them here from fremont. that's where police say the van was stolen. one volunteer tried to stop them, but they threatened him with a landscaping tool. >> said, don't take the truck. don't take the truck. we use this for meals on wheels to deliver our meals to seniors. >> his pleas went ignored and the carjackers took off. because of the crash, meals on wheels in fremont is without their new van and left only with an old backup van.
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in san jose, the commute is back to normal after a man caused a nearly 12 hour standoff with police on top of a vta light railcar. crisis negotiators talked kyle lewis down about 1:00 this onk r afternoon. he was on the train tracks around 1:20 this morning and got the train to stop for him. that's when he somehow climbed up there. crisis negotiators and a cherry picker eventually lured him down with a bag of potato chips. they also got help from former judge steven manly, the judge in charge of the county's mental health court. >> if we would have went up there to use force, his and our safety would have been jeopardized. >> lewis at one point yelled out that he wanted to mess with everyone's commute. doctors are evaluating him for mental health issues or if he was using drugs. new developments in the ongoing protest by five hucker strikers demanding the firing of san francisco's police chief. mayor ed lee talked to the
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hunger strikers by phone today. the mayor told the group about his police reforms but the hunger strikers say they won't end their fast until chief greg suhr is fired. >> we're not worried about the reforms. we're not worried about that right now. wet want him out of there. >> earlier today, a doctor who's been checking up on the five hunger strikers says she's concerned they may suffer irreversible health damage but says she won't force them to end their fast. happening now, abc 7 news has learned the oakland police dispatch computer system has been out of order for about an hour. police tell us the computer aided dispatch or cad started malfunctioning before 4:00 p.m. so they're sending information over the radio to officers in the field. no word on when the full system will be back up and running but oakland police stress you can still call in an emergency to 911 normally and they will get the info to officers the old-fashioned way. a man shot and killed by san jose police was obsessed with
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isis. that's the conclusion of an investigation into that shooting. wayne freedman is live with the story tonight. wayne? >> dan, this is a shooting that left officer michael johnson dead along with his killer. the d.a.'s office called it justified, not much of a surprise here at the san jose police department. based on what we already knew. let's go to some video to remind you. it happened last year on march 24th. san jose police officers responded to reports of an intoxicated man with a rifle on the balcony of a kand minimcond. the report says that dunham had wanted officers to shoot him and also to take as many of their lives as he could. further, the investigation revealed, as you said, that dunham had been obsessed with isis, that he had threatened to decapitate his wife, that he had a history of spousal abuse, that he was bipolar and that he was schizophrenic. the report says further that, by shooting dunham, the san jose
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police department saved others from harm. we did reach out to the district attorney's office tonight for comment. no comment from the district attorney's office. no comment from the police department or from the police officers association. but it is circulating. live in san jose, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a landmark move by the fda. tonight teenagers and the tobacco takedown. what experts say is a big deterrent when it comes to smoking. felons on the street. where governor brown wants to give voters a chance to reduce the prison population of the state. plus, a bay area congressman reveals he has cancer and what he plans to do now. will warriors star steph curry play this weekend? coach kerr giveses a hint. just in time for mother's day, 7 on your side's michael finney on making sure the flowers you send
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. a big blow for the tobacco industry tonight. the government tightened rules for e-cigarettes nationwide and california raised the legal age to buy my tobacco products to 21 from 18. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: well, here's a sign, dan. no one under 18 allowed inside this smoke shop. now, that is today. in about a month, only those 21 and older will be allowed inside. >> guys, you have to step out of the shop now. >> reporter: the owner of magic dragon smoke shop kicked out these young customers for not having their i.d.s. the law states that anyone under 18 is not allowed. that will change as of june 9th when california will raise the legal age to buy tobacco for smoking dipping and chewing and
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vaping from 18 to 21. magic dragon happens to be next to san francisco state university. >> considering we're near a college, it didn't help that we didn't get much of a buffer to adjust our business. >> reporter: e-cigarettes are battery operated nicotine inhalers, a heating element boils the liquid until it delivers nicotine without the tar and chemicals that cause cancer. e-cigarettes helped david quit smoking traditional cigarettes. >> you'll be able to tell when you go out and run. i switched for eight months now. there's month more green lugys. >> reporter: researchers have warned that teens who vape are three times more likely to end up smoking regular cigarettes. professor stanton glens is with ucsf center for tobacco control research and education. he says moving the age to 21 was key. >> whereas most teenagers know somebody who is a teen who could legally by a product, most of them don't hang out with people
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who are 21. >> reporter: making it harder to get their hands on the products. the new law also prohibits e-cigarettes from being used in restaurants bars and places where smoking is banned. >> we're protecting our nation's children. >> reporter: not as aggressive as california's law, the fda will ban the sale of e-cigarettes to anyone under 18. some states have no restrictions. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. the california supreme court heard arguments today on whether a measure allowing the early release of some state prisoners should go on the november ballot. governor brown's proposal would grant parole to perhaps thousands of inmates serving time for nonviolent felonies. the court today debated whether officials properly followed state election law. brown unveiled his plan in late january, too late to start the initiative process and qualify for the november 8 ballot. instead, his team added the parole provisions to an existing proposed ballot measure. now to an investigation from the i-team's dan noyce, a killer on san quentin's death row for
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32 years is offering to reveal where he buried one of his wives. in return, gerald stanley wants the state to set an execution date. his case exposes the serious flaws in our death penalty system. dan noyce will have the exclusive report tomorrow at 11:00. tonight we have learned bay area congressman mark detall nay has cancer but plans to run again. the 64-year-old democrat that represents parts of contra costa county announced today he has leukemia, but is responding to treatment. he says he plans to fight for more funding to fight cancer and improve accessibility to costly drugs to those who can't afford them. coming up at 6:00, the congressman talks about his battle. sorry warriors fans, steph curry's ailing knee will likely sideline him for another game. head coach steve kerr says curry probably won't play in game three saturday night against the trail blazers in portland. curry was able to lift weights today but did not practice with
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the team. >> he did get on the floor on the side while we were practicing so he was on one court going through some movement and stuff, but still hasn't practiced with the team yet. >> kerr says curry will likely need to practice a couple of times with the team before he could play. the warriors lead the series 2-0. well, now to consumer news and sending flowers for mother's day. don't forget. >> so important, right? 7 on your side's michael finney with some advice before you buy. don't mess this up, mike achaem >> dan, are you sending flowers? are you receiving flowers? >> yes and yes. >> very good. that's how important this is. everybody is involved. here's your proof. people spend more on flowers for mother's day than they do on valentine's day. they spend close to $2.5 billion. now, many flowers will be ordered online so "consumer reports" offers some guidance before you click. if you're planning to send a mother's day bouquet, you want it petal perfect.
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but holiday orders put a strain on florists so "consumer reports" ordered a variety of colored roses near another high-stress time for florists, valentine's day. the long stem roses were from popular online florists, fdd, 1-800 flowers and proflowers. when they arrived, they were assessed by staffers. there were some surprises. these boxed roses from pro flowers flopped out of their protective collar all but five of the stems were broken. a "consumer reports" editor called pro flowers and received a fresh bouquet the next day. later pro flowers gave "consumer reports" a statement that said, in part, we believe the damage occurred somewhere in transit between the farms and your doorstep. if you're not satisfied, all the sites "consumer reports" checked, offered a refund or a re'ses place, so be sure to ask your mom if her flower as rived
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in good shape. and as you are ordering, take into account the cost of shipping. >> you won't see this charge until you're checking out. we pay between $13 and $19 per bouquet for shipping. >> "consumer reports" found another surprise. >> we noticed that as we clicked around the three sites, either the prices began to drop or we were offered discount coupons. so taking your time can really pay off. >> and because delivery costs escalate as the holiday approaches, consider sending mom her flowers a few days early. now, the best way to keep flowers fresh is to snip a half inch from the bottom, get them into room temperature water immediately, use the water food that's included. that's really, really important. we've done a report on that bl. and remove any leaves below water level. you do that and the flowers will last a long time. >> i'll go over the list for the big flowers i'm getting kristen. >> aww. just want you to get it right for your wife. thanks, michael.
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let's see what we'll be sending mom weatherwise. >> sandhya patel has the accuweather forecast. >> brighten up mom's day on sunday. but until then, we still have showers and right behind me it's a combo sky of blue and clouds. live doppler 7 hd showing you where we're still seeing drops. not everyone is seeing raindrops, clearly. obviously we're looking at vacaville street level radar, you can see some spotty showers right around there, light returns at this point. and in the east bay, we are seeing some light to moderate pockets around milpitas 680. for your evening commute, don't be surprised if you have to turn your wipers on or if you're heading out to do some grocery shopping. as you take a look here, we are watching a line of thunderstorms near 5 heading northwestward hollister, you may be getting thunderstorms with small hail. we certainly saw those thunderstorms in contra costa county earlier this morning and we'll continue to keep that threat in the forecast right on through the next couple of days. here's why.
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area of low pressure spinning off the coast, rotating in some of that moisture. you get the sun heating up the atmosphere and you get the destabilization. emeryville camera showing you blue skies so not everyone is going to see the showers. they're very scattered in nature, low to mid-60s san francisco to oakland, san jose. 59 in half moon bay. here is a dark sky from the east bay hills camera, temperatures in the 63 degree range for santa rosa, novato, 65 in livermore. a live look from our exploratorium camera, a beautiful view. a chance of showers through saturday, isolated thunder and hail is still possible with dry and milder weather, just in time for mother's day. bringing in the storm impact scale, all winter and spring we rate storms 1 to 5 to help you prepare, 1 a light system, 5 severe. we have a 1, hit-or-miss showers through saturday, rainfall up to a quarter of an inch, possibility of lightning and small hail still remains in the forecast. here's your hour by hour time line. 7:00 tonight, you're still looking at the potential for a few wet spots.
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going into 11:00. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow you will see some widespread activity so don't be surprised if you do run into rain. i would definitely suggest you leave for work a little earlier as your commute may take longer. at 8:00 a.m., you'll notice still showers are going. 1:00 p.m. could see pockets of moderate shower activity continuing into the evening hours. and then we have another batch coming through in the wee hours of saturday morning. so if you have saturday plans, keeping those showers in the forecast right on through saturday afternoon possibly into the evening. and then things will start to wind down. there's your saturday evening primarily over the hills. everything winds down and our rainfall totals will look like this. some of you will get nothing. it will be zero. some areas will get up to 0.20 to 0.25. tomorrow morning, temperatures will be in the low to mid-50s. you will need your rain gear as we're looking at the potential for scattered showers. then in the afternoon, upper 50s
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to upper 60s. we'll keep a few showers in the forecast for your friday. accuweather seven-day forecast, 1 on the storm impact scale friday and saturday with the shower possibility as that low moves into southern california. sunday is dry, milder just in time for mother's day as i mentioned. then temperatures will continue to rise heading into next week. we'll bring back in 80s. until then, keep the umbrella handy. it doesn't hurt. >> thanks, sandhya. beyond the banners. coming up, the new pressure on google to dump politics. at 5:30 -- coming up, a major american city battling a toxic inferno. the emergency landing in the u.s., severe turbulent, several injured. and a fugitive on the run. authorities with the warning a short time ago, next. and cool in the summer, warm in the winter with almost no energy. new at 6, we'll get a look at a
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breaking news. a woman in san jose was just rescued from her car after she hit a power pole and live wires fell around her. sky7 hd is live othover the sce. very scary situation. crews had to wait for pg&e to cut the power to the lines before they went in to get her out, of course. the woman is talking with officers right now, probably explaining how she ended up crashing into that pole. hispanic leaders hosted a different kind of cinco de mayo event. it focused on getting latinos more involved in the political pro ves. right now only 41% of religioned registered latinos vote. >> people are angry and upset, and it wakes pex s people up i sense that we don't want the negative stereotypes and profiles to be pushed in the media. we know who we are, and we know the impact we've had in this country. >> it's estimated that every 30
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seconds a latino in the u.s. turns 18 and becomes eligible to vote. the big challenge will be getting the latino millennials to the voting booths. activists are stepping up their efforts to force google to end a partnership with this year's republican national convention. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> the group called kredo action is out with a new video highlighting what it calls racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-islamic rhetoric by donald trump. they want the tech giant to back away from its commitment to be the live stream for the republican convention in july. google says it plans to go ahead and provide the live stream. the dump trump movement meantime isn't having any impact on facebook either. the social media giant told politico today it will not be skipping the republican convention. facebook says its efforts will include a facebook lounge which
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will highlight convention activity on its platform. officials stress that the company isn't endorsing a candidate, issue or political party. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. >> they do. and this one gives new meaning to deer in the
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00, the bay area is no longer in the mix for jamba juice. tonight why the smoothie company is moving its headquarters out of state. it's not just a matter of money. also, two brothers accused of killing their parents. what prosecutors say happened after the killing. and the dmv can seem slow at times, but it took this man three years and a call to "7 on your side" just to get his driver's license. all that plus much more coming up in a half hour on abc 7 news
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at 6. >> that's a long wait. >> see you then. well, deer as you know can be mesmerized for headlights. for one in new york state it became a little too enamored. >> take a look. a new york conservation officer spotted this deer in trouble. officer jeff hull followed the animal, flung his coat over the globe and put the deer into a bear hug. >> hull fought the struggling deer until the globe fell off its head. needless to say the deer took off running quite scared. hull suffered bruises but is otherwise okay. nice of him to do that. you could get really kicked. >> right. and the deer could have really gotten hurt while the globe was on him. "world news tonight with david muir" is coming up next. i'm kristen sze. >> the deer has seen the light evidently. i'm dan ashley. appreciate your time. we'll see you again at 6. >> we've got more time. couple more jokes? >> no. i'm out. >> see you later. bye-bye.
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breaking news tonight. the toxic inferno. a major american city battling exploding fireballs, dangerous smoke and flames. thousands were told to shelter in place. we're on the scene tonight. and the state of emergency north of the border. the stunning new images coming in tonight. an entire city in flames. neighbors trying to get out. the fire now larger than new york city. the emergency landing late today. a plane hitting major turbulence. several passengers injured amid images of another flight, slamming into rough air. donald trump tonight. the tweet with his taco bowl, saying, "i love hispanics." and the list of names refusing to go to the republican convention. there is also breaking news tonight involving hillary clinton's top aide. and the urgent manhunt for a


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