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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the demonstrators are planning to gather in nob hill. >> hillary clinton's campaign will not confirm where the event is held. protesters say it will be here at the masonic in nob hill. there are cons and sins saying no parking is allows. this is what they are trying to prevent protester whose showed up in los angeles last night. hillary clinton mentioned bernie sanders one time in the speech. she was focused on the general election and donald trump talking of immigration reform but the protesters are very focused on the primary race. >> anyone running for office should spend as much time as listening than talking and i will be way ahead in that category against donald trump. in doubt about that. >> hillary clinton has done
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nothing to earn my vote and bernie sanders represented my personal beliefs. >> today, hillary clinton will appear in deck -- in o then in san francisco with elizabeth banks and both california senators at 5:00. there could be lane closings and congestion. >> the delegate math is not in her favor with supporters of bernie sanders believe hillary clinton is vulnerable and their candidate can win. the bernie bus arrived for the first time yesterday. we will there when it stopped at berkeley city schedule. the bus is driven around the nation by sanders' earliest supporters, national nurses united. >> bernie vote will be all over,
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at rallies, farmers markets and the nurses are engaged in the sanders campaign. >> he is determined to finish this out expect to see a lot more of the big red bus 20 new and june 7 primary. >> donald trump's controversial cinco de mayo tweet specificked outrage among some people. "happy cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill, i love hispanics." he is eating a taco bowl here. parters applaud the republican's unpolished apporach but many are not happy with donald trump or the tweet. some say the candidacy is pushing more latinos to vote. >> it is rallying more votes with a pickup in the activism to stop donald trump. >> according to an washington post/abc news poll 81% of
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hispanic disapprove of donald trump. this was a clumsy attempt to build bridges. >> san jose police credit their increased presence and help from juneing answers why there was a quiet night during cinco de mayo celebrations, the mexican victory over the french in 1862 battle. the day is more of a republican to celebrate mexican heritage as a whole. it was contrasted to a few years ago with group of people smashing windows and starting street fights and throw rocks at bus. police learned from the expense. >> we can manage the flow of traffic, keep pedestrians moving and keep problems from occurring. that is the big issue. >> san jose police get sport from 70 sheriff deputies from the company task force. >> in alberta, canada, a desperate journey with firefighters hoping to bring a group of evening evacuees using
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a helicopter in the sky as the guide. 49 willed fires are burning, 200,000 antiochers have been scorched. >> the massive over evacuation continues. the fire spreading. cry are trying to figure how to cape -- contain it. the wind is a challenge. dark plumes with mobilizing smoke rising. it is so lunch it could be seen from space. 85,000 people were forced to evacuate around fort mcmurray in alberta. this is shutting down the oil production. the fire blocked the road leading to the major cities and people were rescued by helicopter. >> from we have seen as it has been burning, absolutely appocalyptic.
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it is something you would see in a movie. a disaster movie. >> in the midst of chaos, canadians are stepping up with donations and red cross is assembling care packages for tens of thousands dismissed. one person died while trying to escape the fire. she has been confirmed 16 years old and the daughter of a deputy fire chief. >> a firefighting plane battle the fire crashed in northern alberta after the pilot had a medical soap sold. the front end of the plane is in the grass. the co-pilot landed the plane but it veered off the runway and into a ditch. the pilot had a cut but was conscious. >> firefighter in land zero is recovering after suffering a piper injury fighting this house fire yesterday. police evacuated 15 homes.
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anyone was home weapon the first -- when the fire break out. >> lawyers of a former 49ers accused of raping a disabled woman have a major new developments. dana stubblefield faced five felony accounts, a disabled woman claimed stun stub assaulted her after interviewing her for baby sitting position. stubblefield said it was consensual encounter and the attorney described the situation as a money grab. >> a baby girl born half a heart could be taken off life support today. these hops have denied her a heart transplant saying the body would reject a new part. she is at ucfs while the parents were fight for another opinion and the same prognosis was confirmed by the hospital and they will not separate. >> interesting situation in san francisco where the city attorney will sue the academy of
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art university saying that the school is helping fuel the affordable housing crisis, one of the freeway's biggest landlords own 40 buildings and some of it is prime real estate. the city attorney said that the university has been converting the rental units into student housing without obtaining proper permits. the academy of art call thes the lawsuit premature and unnecessary. >> the oakland police department dispatch system is up and running after going off line. the outage minute officers could not send or receive information about calls on computers starting at 5:00 p.m. last night and had to call dispatch and take notes by hand. we are wait telling fine out the cause of the system to go down. the department's radio station was down in march. >> san francisco mayor lee is telling a grouch hung are strikers he will not fire the city's police chief. the mayor lee talked to the frisco five by phone member. the mayor toll the group of the
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police reforms. but they say they will not help the fast physical chief suhr is fired. >> we are not worried about the report. we went him out of there. >> a doctor has been checking on the hunger strikes and is concern they could suffer irreversible health damage and will not force them to end their fast. >> the driver is safe. this was frightening accident in san jose. look at this, sky 7 is overhead when a woman slam interested a power pole yesterday with live wire coming down straight on the car. pg&e had to turn off the how we are before the firefighters could help her get out. >> family is facing a big repair john after a bolt of lightning hit a home. look at that, two people were sent to the hospital after the house took a direct hit yesterday. students at the middle school were evacuated when it triggered fire alarms and teacher and
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staff felt better and were rushed back inside and they are safe. >> we have more on way later today and more, now, waking up to mile conditions long the east bay sure and san leandro and orrin can are -- orinda are cool spots, and all of us are in the mid-to-upper 50 but for pacifica and santa rosa at 52 and san francisco at 55 degrees and this is how it lookings in walnut creek at 5 degrees. tree poll condition grass pollen are moderate. as we look from mount tamalpais you can see the low clouds are absent and most of the commute is dry. a wave of showers and thunderstorms are coming off the mountain and come our way today. another chance early tomorrow, and, then, mother's day is trending dry, brighter, and warmer.
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>> we look at a couple of minor accidents: this is there for quite some time and it is in lafayettes eastbound, 24 at the off-ramp, and it was an overturned van. it happened several hours ago and we are waiting for the update but it is out of the main lanes of highway 24. we have a right hand shoulder north 280 and that is out of the lanes and i an not seeing any slow traffic, it is early. we have a full closure southbound 680 ramp to westbound 580 for road work that be on in to minutes. we have a look at more road work and the bay bridge in a few minutes. >> spacex nailed it. again. a special challenge they are facing in making the incredible rocket happening. >> high speed pursuit turns into a s.w.a.t. stand off on the (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're stuck.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose. >> did not expect to see steph curry in action against portland tomorrow. coach said the fee will keep him from playing,. >> we are the dubs station with coverage tomorrow starting at 5:00 p.m. right here.
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after that, join spores director after that, join spores director larry >> happy friday morning for spacex founder, elon musk, a falcon 9 rocket, descending from space performing better than predicted by scientists. >> happy cheers. rocket touched down on a drone ship after it put the satellite in orbit. they admitted the landing would be tough because of the high projection. >> uber could be legally liable for sexual assaulted committed by driver with a judge refusing to throw out a lawsuit against
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uber, in part, because evidence suggests the drivers are employees. uber contends the drivers are independent contractors. not employees. the argument came up after passenger sued uber acausing drivers of assaulting them in boston, charleston, south carolina, and uber has declined to comment. >> meals on wheels is without their new van because of an accident. two people stole it and crashed it at the 50 ramp to highway 580 in castro valley. police chased them from fremont. volunteers were unloading meals to deliver to home bound seniors and a volunteer tried to stop them but that person was threatened. >> don't take the truck. it is to deliver meals to senior all the pleas were ignored and the carjackers took off. now, meals in wheel only has an old backup van. all the high school that played
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second at the national science bowl this week has a chance to celebrate. students gear together to average the group's big win in washington, dc. the science club competed in a people that tests their math and science knowledge. they won $1,000 for the school certain department. >> congratulations. >> you are going to look at the showers and storms and try to break down the science and let you know exactly when it will rain in your main. this is the third consecutive morning we have woken up with snow showers and thunderstorms. look which way they are traveling. they are coming our way. that is what will bring us more wet weather. our san jose camera is mostly shouldy at 280 and 17 and 57 degrees. we have showers and lightning today and tomorrow mother's day increasing warmth and sunshine and warmer-than-average next week. 58 at half moon bay, the rest of us are in the 60s, and low
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60s around san francisco and the rest us in the mid-to-upper 60s and tonight is another mild one with low-to-mid 50s. news our storm-impact scale is from "1" light to "5" is we veer and this is light up to .4". the system is moving through and it will touch more of us than yesterday through 9:00 we are okay and look at this, at anyone, the wall of water is heading our way and move through during the early afternoon but it looks like it will taper in the evening. another chance will come in tomorrow and look at sunday, looking bright and 60s and 70s and 80s. >> now the bay bridge a couple of cars stacked up in the left hand cash-paying lanes but nothing major. from golden gate field to the city you are looking at 15 minutes and the span is looking great. 780 westbound from benicia to vallejo, various lanes are closed. that should be wrap up in continue -- 15
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northbound 680 various lanes there. from the central valley, a blip of slow traffic before the altamont pass and then at the element hoping for friday light. all the next story would drive you notes an attempted murder suspect was not going back to jail. he is going in and out of traffic through highways in southern california. this is the police case that started in comp ton, ended up being 40 miles long and the driver was sideswiping cars. finally it ended at 10:00 59 night but started at 6:30, they used a smoke grenade and a dog to capture him. the suspect was wrestling with police. highway none was closed dug the stand off and that caused a massive traffic jam. the car was used in a drive-by shooting on monday.
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>> a revolutionary technique promising to change people's lives. one thing can you do to stop the midday munchies. >> good morning, topping america's minute all cries on the april jobs report. >> wall street has been watching the last few job reports concerned of slow economic growth despite robust hiring. both of those will factor and the looming decision on whether to raise interest rates. >> another massive marvel movie this weekend, "captain america," from our parent company disney could smash records. >> it is thought it will make $200 million in the opening weekend and only three other movies have done that before. all the reviews are amazing. >> an american agent least is a soft bull player for houston and she just became the first woman in united states team sports to sign a contract worth $1
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million, the first time a man million, the first time a man did that was in 1972.
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million, the first time a man did that was in 1972. when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. >> suspect in a traffic accident in washington state was easy to spot. you can see it on the screen. a monkey was on his back. seriously. officers were alerted that a man going 1230 miles per hour -- 120 miles per hour crashed and ran away but came back to get his
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monkey. >> not just any monkey but a marmoset the smallest kind. all the suspect had to have his mom come get the monkey when he was arrested. and the officer said "can't make this up." >> today, official san francisco >> today, official san francisco giants covered from a hit injury that derailed his career last year. before that he would two cy young awards and fans calm him "the freak." >> revolutionary surgery is reality in the bay area. we were at the st. francis institute as doctors followed up with the first pay area patient to have a same day hip replace ment. a woman is 63 and lives in
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berkeley. 16 days ago doctors performed a less envasive form of hip replacement from the appropriate rather than the back and she went home after 13 hours in the hospital. >> i used my own bed since the beginning. >> patients that with have required 5-7 days in the hospital can go home in 24 hours. that is unique. >> i let go of the cane three or four daze after surgery. >> amazing. she has no pain. no trouble walking up and down the stairs and looking forward to hike, swimming and traveling. >> researchers found a simple solution for 3:00 p.m. attack. respecters found that when we do not get enough shut eye, 7-9 hours a night --. >> what? what is that? >> our prepares hit up with the same chemicals as when people are high on marijuana.
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you can eat more vegetables and protein and try greek yog >> let's do a sleep check. machine were in? >> four? >> four? >> a solid four. >> you will have the munchies in five minutes. >> 3:00 is when i have dinner! >> new, baseball forecast for at&t park 59 and dropping to 56 and a chance of showers during the usually part of the day. you can see unsettled across the entire state with showers and scattered thunderstorms and snow showers in the higher elevation and if you are heading up there, this weekend, there is minor flooding possible tomorrow with heavier rain and another chance for mother's day in the sierra.
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>> good morning, is that why a cheeseburger sounds so good at 7:00 a.m.? now, here we go, southbound golden gate bridge is look good and they made the lane change for four lanes in the southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. it is fog free and light traffic conditions. slow traffic from the central valley and a blip up and over the altamont pass and word of an accident in san francisco eastbound to the bay bridge eastbound 80 with cars on right happen shoulder and i am not seeing slow traffic with c.h.p. scene on the scene in a couple of minutes. >> private commuter ferry could provide a model for expanding public ferries. the company signed a deal with a "large employer," to ferry work ers with the martinez city council approved the deal to let them use a dock at the marine that. the company hopes to start
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service this summer with two round trips each day between san francisco and martinez. >> flowers for mother? states like california consider legalizing recreational marijuana, some company are concerned that you can impact their flower supply. the c.e.o. of 1-800-flowers fears growers were switch their greenhouse facilities over to pot. that can be more restable. california is responsible for 76% of the flower population in the up. >> a valuable tool or invasion of your privacy? the technology that has a group of facebook users taking the solve media giant to court. >> i have gone through the initial chemotherapy. >> a bay area congresswoman revealed his battle with revealed his battle with congress a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is friday. you made it. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is may 6. we will check on the weather and traffic. mike? >> interesting stuff on way. here is a look at next three hours, the showers and thunderstorms are rolling off the highway country and heading our way to the end of morning. we are mainly cloudy and breezy from time to time and mild temperatures in the mid-50's. we have a chance of showers and storms from 9:00 through 4:00, and the evening should be dry. sue? >> moderate drive on the east shore freeway, that is what you are looking at,


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