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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> this friday we are preparing for showers. you can see the clouds from the exploritorium camera. live doppler hd showing dry conditions for now. it could change. you want did bring an umbrella. glad you are with us. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. mike? when is this moving into the area? >> right after 9:00. that is our best chance moving in. moving from east to west. we do have slow clouds rolling in. drizzle is possible in the morning. the showers and the potential thunderstorm go from 9:00 to 5:00 in the day planner and we
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will see clearing this afternoon with democrats in the 50s at the cost and mid-60s for the rest of the us. sue? >> we have no major stalls or accident but a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights turned on at 5:32 stacked up. from 80, give give, to -- g gate field cross to san francisco is 20 americans. >> facebook is facing a privacy lawsuit over their facial recognition technology. it automatically tag you in photos. ma is in menlo park. this comes from illinois, this lawsuit? >> yes. the technology has been suspended in canada and in europe because of privacy concerns. there is a if you lawsuit in --w lawsuit in the united states. the tag suggestion feature is
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automatically turned on when you sign up for facebook and you identified on social network facial recognition software republicans your face so you can be tagged. "usa today" reports san francisco federal judge returned down facebook's request to low out the lawsuit offer invasion privacy filled in illinois. this state passed a information privacy act requiring companies to get concept from people before collecting or storing biometric data. the plaintiffs say though never gave permission to use their faces as identification and facebook said it is a service and users can opt out at any type. for information on opting out you can go to >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is back in bay area today for two events, but, first at at school in d.c. at 4:00 p.m. and she
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will talk abut the plans to keep america safe can to raise incomes for families. she will make her we to san francisco where she is expected to speech at a fundraiser with senators boxer and feinstein. there will be protests by occupy san francisco. >> there are efforts to first google to end with partnership with the republican national conference. >> they are bringing drugs. they are bringing crime. they are rapists. >> a group is out with this new video highlighting what it calmed racist, sexist, anti-immigrant rhetoric by presumptive nominee donald trump. the organization wants google to become away from the commitment to be the official life stream for republican convention in july. ingly said they plan to go ahead. >> a new important dates heading to the california primary sending your vote by mail ballot on monday, the deadline to
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register for particular party is may 23rd and you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may. >> east bay congressman is praised for speak of a health battle he has been silently fighting. the representative said he has the most common form leukemia and had six months of intensive chemotherapy while serving in congress. he said that he has held more than a dozen townhalls and main taped 99% voting record dug all of this. >> it was to democrat have it to myself that i can continue to perform at the most difficult time of the treatment at a high hoax. >> he wants to see more focus on investing and breakthrough medical treatment with the health mentored closely. >> more navigation centers for homeless people in san francisco could be on the we after supervisors agreed to allow more time to open them offering
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housing and support services for homeless people, the supervisors play natured the possibility of supervised drug injection sites, but one of the shelters still allowing residents to drink alcohol. >> drive through portola valley, sand hill road is closed while pg&e crews replace a leaking gas line. the road should be re-opened before find. >> doctors are evaluating a man would caused a 12 hour stand off yesterday. nobody airs finally talked him down yesterday afternoon after being on the train sin before 1:30 in the morning. the train actually had to stop for him and that is when he somehow climbed up on continue of it. we followed it all right here on the o news yesterday. crisis northbound airports and the cherrypicker got him down
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and they used potato chips to lure him. he said that he wanted to mess with everyone's commute and it was the case. >> stanford and uc berkeley are on the list of the world's most elite universities surveying 10,000 faculty members to rank colleges so we will look at the top six where both local schools landed, harvard and then m it, and stanford was heard ahead of cambridge and oxford, and cal took 6 edge out several ivy league schools. >> facebook post regarding prince's drug addiction that has a comic sighing. >> a store clerk who would not back down even when facing a gun. gun. >> weather and traffic
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>> it is friday. everyone is in the mid-to-upper 50s but at 2,000 feet in los gatos it is 49. low-to-mid 50s until new york at 57. brentwood is 60. i will go fair with walking the dog and sail asking bicycle because the best chance of
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showers is widespread today. it will be wet at times. we will see clearing at 5:00 and late this afternoon into the evening and same for biking. sfo, arrival delays are an hour and 12 minutes. tomorrow another chance of showers. fought is heavy as today. warmer weather on mother's day. we will look at the rain heed. >> the busy highways usually each morning, we will see in the travels take i westbound 580 from tracy to dublin, it is moderate. now it is 33 members. from antioch to conquer is 22 minutes. an incident on highway 4. san rafael to the city is 19-20 minutes. westbound four in concord and bay point area an accident. three cars are involved last lane. a possible car fire. traffic is now stacking up with ten-minute delay.
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we will check back on this and a look at mass transit options. >> look at this struggle. what with you do if you were confronted with a gun? this attendant decided to wrestle with the robber. the surveillance video captured this in massachusetts. the guy in the grandparent said he wanted to buy cigarettes. but he pilled a handgun. he dropped the weapon. police determined the gun was unloaded. the clerk did not know that. the clerk hurt his finger. >> anyone who eats broad meat, new research shows why you may want to give up burgers and steaks. police are in hot pursuit of a stolen school bus.
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the prius actually belongs on the table. >> in colorado we saw figures coming in and could not believe it. a terrible big-rig crash in a
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small town an hour northeast of denver. two semi trucks crashed into each other. one of the trucks is now cut in half. that is the truck on the right side of the screen. the white one. four drivers were taken to the hospital. unbelievably, we are told that all of them are expected to recover. it is a her incrash near denver. >> new details in a scandal that toppled one of check football's most iconic coaches, former penn state paterno new his assistant was accused of sexually abuses a child 40 years ago. pent stated fire paterno in 2011 after allegations that he abused we children in 80s and 90 and paterno died in 2012 and sandusky is now in prison. his son, pa tea party, is disputing this new claim. >> arsenio hall is going off
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sinead o'connor for suggest he provided prince with drugs. he has filed suit in los angeles court claiming the 49-year-old singer published defmtory lies on her facebook page writing a post suggesting hall should be questioned about drugs and accused him of drugging her. she scored a hit in 1990 with "nothing compares to you," from prince. >> this driver is moving in and out of traffic and climbs the curb. this is not a drunk driver. that is a 12-year-old behind the wheel. that 12-year-old was able to steal the vehicle in maine and took off on a short lived joy ride. the only i was short-lived is because the couple driving behind the bus. behind the bus. >> he is on curb.
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>> he is all over the road. >> there is new information from maine and they are saying the couple driving behind the car calling in to 9-1-1 jumped out of the car and the husband jumped behind the wheel and took control of the vehicle. he ended up save the day. the driver, the it will-year-old be was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. >> if you do not know cpr instructions could a phone call away. a study from arizona shows phone directive cpr want up over three years to 53% and patient survival increased from 9% to 12 %. 9-1-1 prayers need to instruct people in providing cpr. >> eating red meat could be more dangerous than anyone thought. a new study evaluated the effect of meat and found eating red or
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processed meat was involved in a steep rise in mortality. those on vegetarian diet can live 17 years longer. live 17 years longer. >> the sleepy girl, and only five weeks old. the nail contest -- the naming condition test is over and they will announce the names this afternoon. >> makes you want to go back to bed. guilty as charged: i'm adorable. >> and dead is our perfect pet. >> midday. >> check it out, lake, bear spots when we began but look at the snow with more snow falling today, tomorrow, and through
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sunday. that is where our storms originate with lightning bolts. we have thunderstorms headed our way as waves of showers roll through. it is only cloudy in san jose at 280 and 17 and temperature is 57 degrees. through saturday, brighter and warmer for mother's day and getting warm next week and below average with upper 50s to low secretary interest san francisco. 63 to 68 for the rest us. they are the coolest days. tonight is mild, cloudy conditions and low-to-mid 50s. storm-impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe, and if you are caught under waves of showers and a thunderstorm you could get up to .25" to .5" of rain today into tomorrow. can you see by 9:00 the rain is moving in the central valley heading our way by late morning support late afternoon hours. we may get a reprieve as we hold into the evening and overnight hours to see another round of rain rolling through the montgomery county bay from 4:00
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until 8:00 tomorrow morning. if you have plans saturday afternoon most of us right new should be dry. my seven-day forecast shows the temperatures are rebounding on sound but 60s at the coast and 80s inland by tuesday. sue? bart has 52 trains in service on time with in reports of delays much that is from news. pew any is committing in, delay free, and that is from. ace train one in santa clara and ace train three into vasco and ace train five on time in a few minutes. no bart service between san landrieu with continuing track maintenance. they are saying expect delays of 30 minutes to one hour. avoid that section if you can. use other forms of mass transit or the bus bridge is an option. give yourself plenty of time. problems headed to concord, westbound highway 4 an accident blocking several lanes of traffic and 33 minutes from
6:21 am
iburg into the concord area and car fire is possible, as well. more on this and we will look at the bay bridge coming up. >> happening right now charity for part of oprah's old studio. fans can only the chairs that were used for the live audience and a number of the seats are up for auction on-line and each seat has a plaque with pres going to oprah's leadership academy. they are bidding for a single chair starting at 25 with a link on website to the auction site. >> if you have extra items that could be worth catch, michael finney explain how to figure out how much your stuff is work. our a secret weapon that could our a secret weapon that could be hiding in plain sight
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>> from florida two boaters were rescued from a capsized boat. one has on a live preserver the oat better had a harder
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time, right here, could not grab the life ring because it was too slippery and he clinged to a rope and they had to make their way around and though haul him abort the sheriff's boat and he got hospitalized but both will be okay. >> now, carol asks michael finney on facebook, where can i find a reputable appraisal site, i have stuff i am sure is valuable but i don't know where to start. >> carol, the american society of appraisers has a website to make it easy to find accredited appraiseers and allows users to narrow one that is best suited for the job. in there is will the option of having items appraised online rather than going through the hassle of in person. i have a bunch of information avaible for and you can go to for a link to the
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site. good luck. >> if you have a question record it on your smartphone or tablet, and share it on social with # #askfinney. your question could earned here. >> a new gun prototype is raising eyebrows because it looks like a cell phone. it is shaped just like a smart 15 but it is a double barrel handgun. can you get a belt clip so it look like a phone. the manufacturer hopes to have it on market under $400. >> success. elon musk spacex rocket makes another findings landing and what it could mean for the future of space exploration. >> hillary clinton is coming to the bay area. where you will want to avoid and the reason the campaign is bracing foresters.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. the weekend is almost upon us. >> i can taste it. it is friday, may 6. mike has showers on friday. bring your umbrella. >> you can taste it before it rains, right? you can tell the difference. that is what you will notice. it is quiet. so far, you can see live doppler hd is tracking hours to the east and rolling west toward us backwards. here are the low clouds that bring us drizzle. at 9:00 this morning through 5:00 on the day planner that is when we have the best chance of you needed an umbrella at 58 to 66 and a brief heavy downpour and lightning and small hail. sue? >> metering lights on at 5:32 and back up not so bad as it looks at 20 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco through the metering lights. moderate from the central
6:31 am
valley, and the drive from antioch to concord westbound 4, i will slain that. san rafael is good into san francisco by 101 and two separate accidents westbound highway 4 near san marco can debris and fire blocking the two left lanes the republican for the long delays, a grind for you. not a good amount understand. we will look at the south bay detail with more details in a few minutes. >> in the east bay, c.h.p. investigating the fatal accident on eastbound 580 that claimed a man's life. the man was trying to wave down other drivers and he was hit and killed near the 50 ramp at 1:30 a.m. c.h.p. said the driver would hit him tried to swerve but was not abe to. eastbound lanes were closed for a short time and though re-opened at 2:30. >> hillary clinton is back in the bay area. her camp is hoping the presidential candidate gets a warmer welcome than in southern
6:32 am
california. some people are not rolling out the red carpet. >> why me in the warmer welcome will happen. protesters are coming here to nob hill this afternoon for an events that hillary clinton's campaign has not confirmed happening. the protesters say this is where it will be. we have cones and no parking signs an indication something big is happening. maybe this is what hillary clinton is trying to prevent, the protesters who showed up in los angeles the she mentioned only bernie sanders one time. she was more focused on the general election and donald trump. however, protesters outside say they still very focused on the primary race. >> hillary clinton has done nothing to around my vote and bernie sanders representing my personal beliefs and what i believe in this country. >> anyone running for office should spent as much or more
6:33 am
time listening than talking. i know i will be way need that category against donald trump. >> today, hillary clinton will appear in oakland starting at 4:00, and she moves over to san francisco and that will feature elizabeth banks and both california senators set to start at 5:00 so beware there could be lane closures and congestion. protesters say they will be here happening late this afternoon. >> we will want. the delegate math is not their fifer, still supporters of bernie sanders believe hillary clinton is vulnerable and bernie sanders can win the nomination. the before any bus arrived yesterday for the first time, and we were this when it stopped in berkeley city college, driven around the face by the early
6:34 am
parters national nurses united. >> the better any vote is all over california going to rallies with better my, and going to farmers markets and campuses. the nurses are engaged in the bernie sanders campaign. >> expect to see a lot of the big red bus 20 now and juan 7. awe could still be talking about this, trump's controversial cinco de mayo tweet that sparked outrage in the bay area. he tweeted "happy cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill, i love hispanics," and he is seen eating a taco bowl. some applaud the unpolished apporach of reaching out and many are not happy with donald trump or his tweet. young democrats say the candidacy is pushing more latinos to vote. >> it is rallying more votes without a doubt we have seen a tickup in the activism of people doing something to stop donald trump.
6:35 am
>> 81% of the hispanics disapprove of trump which was a clumsy attempt to build bridges. >> san jose police are crediting their increased presence and help from surrounding ages as the reason why they had a quiet night during cinco de mayo celebrations. cinco de mayo celebrates the mexican victory over the french in the 1862 battle, with the date more of a reason to celebrate mexican heritage as a whole. the calm was in direct contrast to what happened a few years ago groups of people smashing windows and starting street fights and throw rocks at the bus. police learned a lot from the experience. >> we can manage the flow of traffic and keep pedestrians moving and keep the problems from occurring. that is the big issue. >> san jose police got support from 70s sheriff deputies from the task force. >> firefighter and san leandro is recovering after suffering minor injuries while fighting
6:36 am
the house fire, it break out late yesterday. you can see figures and video from the county fire, police evacuation bitted 15 homes with no one home when the fire break identity. >> today, lawyers for the former 49er accuses of raping a disabled woman is going to hold another news conference with a major new development in the case. dana stubblefield posted bail and face five felony accounts. a woman claimed stubblefield assaulted her after an interview for a babe sitting position. in a news conference on tuesday, stub said it was a consensual encounter and the tone described the situation as money grab. >> 15-month-old baby girl born where half a heart could be taken off life support at children's hospital today. she was born with a with three hops saying the baby would reject a new heart.
6:37 am
boston's children said, also, they do not want to operate. people are asking for your help to identify would be car thieves caught on wednesday morning, showing the suchs rum imagining through unlacked cars with iphone and papers stolen. if you have information on the two, call the campbell police department. >> san francisco city attorney plans to sue the cad give art universities accusing the school of helping fuel the affordable housing crisis. this is according to the university that is one of the biggest landlords, they own 40 building. some of it is prime real estate. the city attorney said that the university has been converting rent a.m. units into student housing without obtaining the proper permit. the academy arts call the lawsuit completely premature and unnecessary. all the oakland police
6:38 am
department dispatch system is up and running this morning after it want off line. officers could not send or receive information on calls on the computers starting at 5 o'clock last night. they had to call to dispatch and take nets by hand. we are waiting to find out what caused the system to go down and the radio system want down in early march. >> spacex is on cloud nine after another amazing rocket landing, that elon musk and the team thought could fail. janet is in the newsroom with more. >> for the second time in less than a month, spacex successfully landed one the rockets on a platform in the middle of the ocean. >> you may be able to see the rocket landing, coming down perfectly on a drone ship in the atlantic ocean and the campaign was not expecting a good outcome because this rocket traveled
6:39 am
further and fast are. the tomb made three failed attempts for the first successful landing in december. spacex crews and elon musk have been toyotaing for several hours and elon musk where "you may need to increase the size of the rocket storage hangar," and they hope to send a falcon rocket to mars and use it commercial space flight. >> a family in the east bay is facing a big row pair quaterback after a beaumont lightning hit their home. two people were sent to the hospital after the house took a direct hit yesterday. students at o'hare middle school were evacuated when it triggered fire alarms. though got outside and realized there was lightning and went back inside. the students are fine. >> 30/30 rules comes if handy
6:40 am
with thunderstorms, 30 seconds if you sigh lightning and you hear thunder, and before that stay in for 30 minutes after the last belt of lightning you have heard. 45 in mt. diablo at 3,800' and mid-to-upper 50s in the valley and 60 in brentwood and oakland and hayward and san jose at 57 and novato and san francisco at 54 and santa rosa is the cool spot at 52 and flight arrival delays averaging an hour and 12 minutes, and tree is grass palmen and those with allergies, i have not heard from you so it must be okay. san rafael is 59 under clouds. lightning today with chance of showers tomorrow morning and sunshine is break out for mother's day with a look at the next few days ahead. sue? >> in san rafael looking good at 25 minutes from novato to the golden gate bridge and the south bay highway 87, at s.a.p. center
6:41 am
it is great but expect delays for the rihanna concert at 7:30 at s.a.p. center. tomorrow she in oakland. a twitter followers say westbound 4 is the clogger, two separate accidents, two lanes remained block with seven people taken to the hospital. fire is on scene and now, over an hour to get from antioch to concord. port chicago highway could be the best alternate. >> social media showdown over facebook's privacy setting with user come complaint landing local company in court. >> a new tool to help you plan your binge watching on netflix but, first, "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good morning, paul ryan and trip trump at odds, and the speaker of the house say he cannot support donald trump as
6:42 am
the republican nominee and trump is fire back. what does it mean? what does it mean? our guests will weigh in
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after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. >> today's storm is level "1" so keep the umbrella handy and drive safely. can you track the app by
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downloading it now. >> some facebook users are taking the menlo park company court over an invasive facial recognition tagging software. >> matt? >> facebook is about sharing and people share too much. a lawsuit is move forward that could change the face or faces of facebook. the suggestion, the sag suggestion features is automatically turned on when you sign up for facebook and when you are identified facial recognition software will remember your face, and friends can tag you in other photos. but san francisco federal judge turned down the question to throw this out saying it invades user privacy filed in illinois because they have an information we privacy act requiring concern sent before checking or storing the data.
6:46 am
facebook arguing that this is in the terms of service and users can opt out at any time. for information on on thing out go to >> "meals on wheels" in fremont is without their new van because of this accident. two people crashed it after stealing it at the off-ramp highway 580 in castro valley. police chased them from fremont and that is where the investigator say though stole the van. volunteers were unloading meals to deliver homebound seniors and a volunteer begged to stop them but they threatened him. meals and wheels in fremont set left only with an old backup van. >> can you fine brand names at big discount but this is coming off the gray market, and fence sentence vehicles how could be buying substandard products without knowing it and a special "7 on your side" investigation tonight at 11:00.
6:47 am
>> ford is announcing a major partnership with the silicon valley tech company, with a jobs would either that could back the oakland market. jane king has more in the money report. >> good morning, we are lower today, nothing dramatic, with the dow down 23 and s&p 500 and nasdaq in the single digits and we get the positively jobs report. 160,000 jobs added last month, but 200,000 was expected. we saw the unemployment rate steady at 5% but the numbers that are showing sluggishness in the job growth. ford is investing 182 million in a silicon valley company to gain access to cutting edge software development. technology that ford could not do on its own so it because the local company. ford and microsoft are interested in the cloud computing platform the mechanism has a new tool to let users
6:48 am
choose how much of their data plan they want to blow through watching "house of cards." netflix announced updated ios and droid map including a new data use knowledge allowing you to decide how much data to spend on movies. "new york times" will deliver ingredients for the recipes to your doorstep "all the news that fits to eat," partnering where a meal delivery start-up, and will send it to you in 48 hours and "new york times" is trying to find ways to bring in money when advertising does not bring in as much as it used to. all the bay area's aniest celebrity chef and proud wire steph curry will show off her cooking skills at fad show next cooking skills at fad show next weekend, head
6:49 am
>> that couple. >> gold. >> do not expect steph curry in action for game three against portland, he his knee will probably keep him from playing. he did work on the side during practice yesterday, but he has not scrimmaged with his sprained knee. >> we are the dubs station with coverage of the game at 5:00 people right here on abc7 and after that you can gin larry beil and mike human for after -- mike shumann for after the game. >> now, straight to sue with seven people taken away by ambulance from a crash. >> yes, two separate crabs in the concord and bay point area, you can see the solid red line of traffic so that means
6:50 am
stop-and-go traffic, bumper-to-bumper with injuries involved, and fire is on the scene, two last lanes are blocked and the backup now from antioch is an hour and 36 minutes and it will not be dissipating. my good alternate is to take port chicago highway not great alternate but it is the better way to go to avoid it. in step time for clearing but they are waiting on tow trucks. highway four, two separate citizens blocking lanes of traffic and gumming up the friday morning commute. >> now, check out the camera with increasing sunshine in the afternoon and check out the thunderstorms developing over the sierra but, notice, they are restating west toward us and this line will move into the north bay and east bay at 9:00 and video across with more
6:51 am
waves behind it. you will need the umbrella more today than any other day this week. i can seafarely convey oat ferry ride with drizzle possible and low clouds are rolling in and mother's day has increasing sunshine and warmer-than-average temperatures. the highs today a last 63 to 68 is the range until the coast into san francisco at 58 to 61 and tonight it is mild, again, and a chance of a shower lingering and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. owe storm-impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe and this is light because it will not touch all of us but .25" to .5" is possible if you are caught. you can see them rolling through at lunch hour into the afternoon hour and you could get a break in the eastbound and overnight but until in the morning with rain moving through, and through 9:00, and, then, scattered shower on saturday afternoon and scatter sunshine. sunday is the nicest day this week as it should be for
6:52 am
mother's day and 60s at coast and 70's around the bay and 80s inland next week. >> in i like art join us for a special tour of the new museum tonight at 6:30 p.m. >> i show you where this is now the drop you are looking for. everything is great and a beautiful shot, coming in, coming in, boom. obviously something went haywire at the condo in florida slamming right into the ball capital of the 20th floor and no one was on the balcony because it would have taken them out. the owner said for some reason it last its signal and it automatically returned to whom base when that happened. it is also supposed to detect it will hit something and, obviously, it did not. >> we will be back with the seven then you need to know before you go with updates on the showers through the day with our news app and we will send
6:53 am
out push alerts to warn you of problems. problems. it is free for the
6:54 am
>> fur headed out the door, before you go, sue? >> we have clogged traffic on highway four, westbound. near willow pass road. two separate accidents blocking two last lanes. stacked up beyond pittsburg port chicago highway is not the great alternate.
6:55 am
>> grab the umbrella you need it more today than any other day this week with the showers and potential thunderstorms backing their way across from 9:00 until 1:00 and another wave could move through during the afternoon hours and the evening is trending dry as is mother's day. happy mother's day. >> protesters plan to show up at hillary clinton's fundraising event this afternoon in san francisco's nob hill before that she attend a campaign event in oakland. >> social media is burning up over donald trump's cinco de mayo tweet show him eighting a taco bowl and saying he loves hispanics. the trouble is, a lot of them do not love him. a washington post/abc news poll shows 81% of hispanics disapprove of trump. >> and a "major development," on rape charges for dana stubblefield for assaulting a disable woman inside his morgan hill home. >> safe and quiet cinco de
6:56 am
mayo in shows, police are crediting the increased presence and help they got from other amendments. this is to contrast to past year when they have had lot problems. all the jackpot is soaring at $415 million up for grabs tomorrow with the massive prize climbing with so many people buying the ticket. >> we see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. donald trump takes a big hit. as paul ryan, the powerful speaker of the house refuses to back his run for the white house. >> i'm not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> and trump sparks a new firestorm with his taco bowl tweet to hispanic voters. also this morning the powerful storms hitting both coasts right now. the dangerous commute for millions. the east coast facing floods as hail covers the west and the urgent air lift as that massive wildfire tears through an entire community. dramatic police chase, an l.a. freeway shut down overnight. that driver on the run. tearing through traffic, an attempted murder suspect sideswiping cars as he tries to escape. nearly a dozen that proehl cars


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