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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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appreciate your time. you'll get live pictures of hillary clinton making her way across the bay bridge into san francisco. >> have a good night. we tonight, the deadly shooting spree. we're on the scene right now. 24 hours of terror, across three cities. and the images just released. the dramatic takedown, ramming into his car. a law enforcement officer accused of opening fire outside two shopping malls and at his children's schools. also, these images coming in at this hour. the camera inside this home, capturing the flames breaking through. an entire city up in flames. authorities now saying it's out of control. we also have donald trump one-on-one tonight, and we ask, what does he make of paul ryan not supporting him? and the former presidents that say they won't go to the convention. his new response tonight. extreme storms hitting both coasts at this hour.
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rob marciano tracking the big mother's day weekend storms. and breaking news in the prince investigation. what authorities have just asked for. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with that deadly shooting spree. three different locations over 24 hours. and tonight, new images of the dramatic takedown. the first shooting taking place at this high school. authorities say the suspect, a law enforcement officer, killed his estranged wife who was picking up his children. and then, the second location, a mall. metal gates closing, trapping shoppers in stores. and later, another location, in this parking lot, authorities then surrounding him. and pierre thomas in silver spring, maryland, tonight, with the video of the moment authorities moved in with force. >> reporter: new tonight, caught on tape. the final moments as police surround and arrest a federal
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police officer accused of going on a murderous rampage that left three people dead in 24 hours. watch again. the suspect walks to the car. police ram his vehicle. guns drawn. he gives up without a fight. ending a violent day. >> there's been a shooting at the mall. we're trying to set up a perimeter. looking out for a gray, silver car. >> reporter: 11:15 a.m., with thousands of customers at the montgomery mall, shots ring out in the parking lot. a woman hit, two men trying to help her shot as well. all rushed to the hospital, where one of the good samaritans later died. stunned shoppers trapped inside. >> nordstrom rolled down their metal doors and on two sides and they locked us in place. >> reporter: at 11:50 a.m., ten miles away, another fatal shooting. a woman gunned down near this giant supermarket. police suspect the same man is responsible, identified as eulalio tordil, an officer with
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the federal protective service. one reason they're suspicious, he is believed to have shot and killed his estranged wife at this local high school just after 4:30 p.m. thursday. his wanted poster issued with this warning -- the suspect has made threats to commit suicide by cop. >> we are looking at whether last night's shooting in prince george's county and these shootings were committed by the same suspect. >> reporter: homeland security officials tell us that tordil was placed on administrative leave, his badge and gun taken, after a court order to stay away from his wife was issued in march. in the tense hours before his arrest, government offices and local schools went on lockdown. but the violence ended without incident. >> he came out with his hands up. within about five minutes. >> reporter: that car taken away tonight. but in a bizarre twist, police reveal that after his alleged rampage the suspect went to the same shopping center where the washington sniper spree began 13 years ago, spending an hour eating in the same boston market
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where the murderous duo had once dined. >> a bizarre coincidence. pierre, you told us there were real concerns there would be more bloodshed. but police say when they zeroed in, the suspect didn't try to get away? >> yes, david. tordil was arrested in the parking lot right behind me, just across the street from the final victim he allegedly murdered. he didn't run very far, but was hiding in plain sight. david? >> thank you, pierre. next to another piece of video just coming in. and it's harrowing. it's from the massive fire north of the border. authorities say it's out of control. one family watching on their iphone after they escape. the security camera in their home capturing this. the flames suddenly ripping right into the home. and this time lapse video showing the fire sweeping over an airport hangar. hiding it in a cloud of smoke. and neal karlinsky is there,
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where officials now say they expect the fire will double. >> reporter: tonight, that dramatic image. flames bursting into a house by the living room door. james o'reilly and his wife barely managing to make it out. their fish tank and all of their belongings left behind. watching it all play out on a security camera connected to their phone. smoke along the ceiling, filling the whole room. then flashes of light and crackling as their home is consumed by flames. scenes like that turning into this. row after row of charred homes and cars. and tonight, the exodus. through thick smoke and flames, the only way to get out. so what's it been like driving through there? >> it's been mostly like an apocalyptic horror. >> reporter: dan soupal and his family, among 1,500 cars escorted through the charred remains of ft. mcmurray today. flare-ups keeping fire crews so busy, equipment cooled down with water. at least four moms going into labor as they fled, including
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susan harty. >> we're very fortunate and lucky that all of us got out. >> reporter: the wind has picked up and you can see there's a big flare-up of flames down there now. that, as this convoy of evacuees continues to come through. this fire remains extremely dangerous. david? >> neal, thank you. as we head into the mother's day weekend, we're tracking major storms, already severe weather at this hour on both coasts. heavy rain in raleigh, north carolina, swamping cars and causing accidents. wind and rain bringing this tree down in new jersey, and triggering coastal flooding warnings in parts of new york city for a time. and in the west tonight, hail near reno, nevada. hammering the front of this car. an inch of rain an hour flooding parts of fresno, california. just a mess tonight. rob marciano is live in new york city tonight, where it's been raining all day. rob, a very tough weekend ahead. >> reporter: yeah, after a tough week. obviously, the coastal storm hanging around in new york.
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look at the radar, the spin centered right over baltimore. d.c., a pretty wet commute. and the bigger picture, showing two deep troughs and a big ridge in the middle. and this weekend, the california storm rolling across the rockies. and as the storm moves into the plains, two to three days of severe weather, through colorado, kansas, and oklahoma. and tomorrow, cincinnati and louisville would see a chance for severe weather. as another cold front rolls through for mother's day. >> rob, thanks. we turn next to the race for the white house. donald trump one-on-one responding to the deep divide within the republican party. trump now promising to unite the gop now that he's the last man standing. but speaker of the house, paul ryan, saying he's not ready to support trump. trump responding tonight, he's not ready to support ryan. and late today, news of a summit of sorts. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: tonight in nebraska, donald trump sounded mystified about that snub from
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speaker of the house paul ryan. >> paul ryan, i don't know what happened. [ booing ] i don't know. he called me two, three weeks ago. it was a very nice conversation. he was congratulating me. this was before we had the ultimate victory but he was congratulating me on doing so well. >> reporter: ryan, the most powerful republican in america, shocked the political world by saying he's not yet ready to support trp. that the billionaire deserves credit for winning, but -- >> he also inherited something very special. that's very special to a lot of us. this is the party of lincoln, of reagan, of jack kemp. >> reporter: trump shot back on twitter. "wrong, i didn't inherit it. i won it with millions of voters." trump and ryan today agreed to meet in person next week. caught in the middle, republican party chairman reince priebus, who found himself defending trump's widely-derided tweet eating a taco bowl and declaring, "i love hispanics." >> he's trying. [ laughter ]
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and -- honestly, he's trying. >> reporter: but every day is bringing new republican defectors. today, two of trump's opponents who had pledged to support the gop nominee no matter what, jeb bush and lindsey graham, said they won't support trump. and while republicans fight for the soul of their party, today, the president himself taking shots from the white house. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. this is a contest for the presidency of the united states >> the president saying it's not a reality show. jon, you've learned that paul ryan and donald trump will sit down in washington next week? >> reporter: they'll meet here in washington on thursday. but i would not expect a quick breakthrough. in fact, a source close to ryan tells me he does not rule out supporting a third-party candidate, but he hopes it won't come to that. >> jon, thanks as always.
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meantime, donald trump sitting down with our george stephanopoulos. and asked him about what he makes of paul ryan saying he's not ready to support trump. >> got to talk about paul ryan. so, he says you have to earn his support. >> i really think i earned the support from the people. we've gotten more votes than anybody in this position that's ever run for the office. looking at the republican primary votes, millions of people came in that nobody expected and voted for me. >> what are you going to tell him? >> look, this is what the people want. >> jeb bush just said he won't vote for you. >> i understand jeb bush. i was rough on him, and i don't think i would vote for me either if i was him. >> much more from the interview on "this week" sunday morning. on "this week" sunday morning. we'll be watching. and in the meantime, a new headline about the zika virus. major league baseball cancelling
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two games in puerto rico due to concerns over the virus. the pirates and marlins were set to face off in san juan. but the games will be played in miami instead. the mosquito that spreads zika is already active in puerto rico. more than 600 cases and one death reported already. we're going to turn overseas tonight, and a rare portrait inside the secretive nation of north korea. our terry moran, invited to witness a rare meeting of the country's congress. and a celebration of what its leader calls their, quote, "great nuclear success." but elsewhere in the capital, an american college student is imprisoned. sentenced to hard labor. terry moran, taking us to the streets of pyongyang tonight. >> reporter: we arrived here in north korea, invited by the regime, and on their terms. from here on we will be very closely monitored and controlled. this morning, a mysterious
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journey down pyongyang's streets. we don't really know what's going on or where we are going. we were all packed into buses, destination unknown. turns out we were taken across the street from this vast hall. inside, the curtain rose on north korea's first party congress in 36 years. but we're not allowed in. kim jong-un, defiantly boasting of the country's, quote, "great nuclear success." outside, an old man tells me, "our nuclear forces are very accurate for a precision strike against the white house." the white house? >> yeah. >> reporter: later, we are all taken to a factory making wire. a bustling showcase where happy workers also can enjoy a soccer field, swimming pools, even hair salons. these are the permitted hair styles for women in north korea. these are the choices available to you if you want to get your hair cut here. but what reporters are not shown is the starvation here, the
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human rights abuses, scenes like this. 21-year-old american student otto warmbier sobbing as he is sentenced to 15 years' hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster. terry moran, abc news, pyongyang, north korea. >> terry, thanks. and back home to a new development after the death of prince. court documents revealing that the firm in charge of settling his estate has been authorized to have dna tests on prince's blood just in case an heir comes forward. as authorities reportedly wait to find out from the coroner if there was percocet in his system. next tonight to the invisible danger on the highway next to us every day. with drivers suspected of being drowsy behind the wheel. a fedex truck weaving in and out of traffic. triggering a multicar accident. and a truck overturning, spilling 50,000 pounds of potatoes on the highway.
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here's gio benitez. >> reporter: watch closely as a fedex truck weaves in and out of a lane. and look, here it moves into the middle lane, hits a vehicle, and then loses control. slamming into other cars, causing a nasty pile-up in nashville. >> there was no time to think. i was just underneath a semi going down the road. >> reporter: incredibly, despite a fire on the road, no serious injuries. the driver of the fedex truck, cited for fatigue. and tonight, fedex tells abc news that all drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws in safely operating their vehicles. in the u.s., there are 100,000 crashes a year because of drowsy driving. just look at what happened today in charlotte. a potato truck driver charged with failing to maintain lane control, allegedly telling troopers he fell asleep at the wheel. and of course that wal-mart truck driver in 2014 crashing into tracy morgan's limo, injuring the comedian and killing a friend.
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he is also accused of falling asleep at the wheel after being awake for 24 hours. he's pleaded not guilty. and david, just this year, the government mandated that electronic devices tracking driving hours be installed in all trucks, to make sure drivers are getting enough rest. david? >> gio benitez, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the drivers during their commute as their side view mirrors were torn off their cars. a car weaving in and out of traffic. ramming into other drivers. well tell you where this happened, and how they caught him. the "real money" team is back. we have three major deals, mother's day is sunday. you still have time. and then, so much concern about drones these days. the drone on a collision course. the drone owner losing control, but smashing into this building the balcony on the 17th floor. can you imagine what they said inside? we'll be right back.
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next tonight here, the "real money" team is back, just in time for mother's day. there are still major deals left. here's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: it's the mother of all holidays. and tonight, countless shoppers are scrambling for last-minute gifts worthy of mom. >> the saturday before mother's day is one of the best days for deals. they have loads of stuff they're desperate to sell and only one day to sell it. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation, consumers will spend an estimated $21.4 billion on mother's day. an average of more than $170 per person. including $4 billion on jewelry, $4 billion on outings, like the ever-popular brunch, and $2 billion on flowers. and retailers are stepping up with deals. like 50% off personalized m&m's. a dozen bottles of wine for $90. and up to 60% off on electronics. experts say if you're sending flowers to another city, check for a local florist, placing the order directly with them.
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and if you're buying a gift card for a tech-friendly mom, make sure it can be used online and not just in stores. time is running out to place those online orders. by and large, most shippers, including the post office, say they don't deliver on sunday. david? >> mara, thank you. when we come back, the side view mirrors being ripped off. the two-hour police chase on the freeway. we'll tell you how they caught that driver, you'll see it right here. and the powerball jackpot. that would be a good mother's day gift. it's growing tonight. where it stands at this hour, but then we do the math. what you get after taxes. that's always incredible. we'll be right back. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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5:53 pm
>> he finally stops. officers closing in with guns drawn. police smashing the rear window, using tear gas to force him out of the car. a k-9 unit taking him down. now to the drone crash on florida's marco island. the owner had lost control of the drone. this view from the drone showing it slamming into a balcony on the 17th floor. turns out the drone couldn't detect the building directly in its path. the condo owner said to be, quote, "very upset." that's safe to say. the powerball lines are growing. the lottery jackpot now $415 million. your next chance is tomorrow night. make mom happy. if you win and take the lump sum, after taxes, you will be left with $163 million. still isn't bad in my book. when we come back on a friday, the one person that decided to write a letter and this week became a major part of the headlines. can you guess our person of the week? headlines.
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with humira, remission is possible. finally tonight, finally tonight, our person of the week. the little girl, the letter and the visit she wasn't expecting. 8-year-old mari copeny, from flint, michigan. the entire country now knows their story. lead in the water. and questions about who knew what and when. but just 8 years old, mari decided to write a letter. about her friends. about the children of flint. >> speak up for all the kids that live here in flint. >> reporter: she sent that letter to the president. and this week, she watched as air force one touched down. and before he spoke about the water crisis, the president asking for a little girl who
5:58 pm
wrote to him. >> how are you doing? you doing okay? >> good. i wrote to you! >> i know. >> reporter: the president made a point to single her out. >> there she is. >> reporter: the young voice who spoke for flint. tonight, she's still smiling and sending us a message too. >> hi, david. >> reporter: from her front porch she told us about that hug. and about the power of one letter. >> it was amazing. if you're small, you can still change the world. >> so we choose mari, known as little miss flint. i'm david muir. happy mother's day. i'll see you monday. good night. have a happy mother's day. have a good night.
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here with robot speed. >> there are cheering crowds that greeted hillary clinton. we're here with her reception tonight. scattered showers continuing to move through the bay area, will they be out of here by mother's day? the latest movie technology is laser focused on getting you to the chanting fans greet hillary clinton as she stopped in oakland before a rally. >> clinton's motorcade gets
6:00 pm
stuck in the evening commute. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony spent the day in oakland following the events. >> we begin with wayne freedman where protest are tonight. >> reporter: it's safe to say if a fund-raiser is not running on schedule, it's still running on time. let me show you the protestors protesting this event. people are paying from $45,000 to $5,000 to hear hillary clinton with senator feinstein and barbara boxer, here are shots of people. let's show you videotape. security here was tight, but not suffocating. there are more women than men and a certain


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