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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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stuck in the evening commute. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony spent the day in oakland following the events. >> we begin with wayne freedman where protest are tonight. >> reporter: it's safe to say if a fund-raiser is not running on schedule, it's still running on time. let me show you the protestors protesting this event. people are paying from $45,000 to $5,000 to hear hillary clinton with senator feinstein and barbara boxer, here are shots of people. let's show you videotape. security here was tight, but not suffocating. there are more women than men and a certain fervor.
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we asked one hillary supporter why this year's election is more important. >> more important because trump is the republican nominee, or at least the presumptive. we can't let him be in the white house. >> would you say that about any other republican? a quiet protest. nothing like what we saw in los angeles last might. i asked erin brightwell why she came. representation, she said. or a lack of it. >> the political establishment does not represent average people. if they think thier represented by the likes of hillary clinton, they're mistaken. >> and as you look at a live picture they have quieted down but they're still holding signs that is only about five
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ago her campaign says she still needs the money not only for her campaign but other candidates. so the crowds are outside and there is a traffic jam. and it's a live political event. clinton supporters are lineded up. you can see them there one point she had to slow down because of traffic but was moving again. when reaching the city, she faced the same traffic we all do. her entourage stopped at a
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light. took her about 35 minutes to travel to the fund-raiser. >> reporter: this event was a packed house it was so crowded they had to put folks into an overflow room. and as she has throughout the campaign, clinton focused on affordable tuition, womens' rights and presumptive republican nominee, donald trump. >> what i'm hearing from him, let other countries have nuclear weapons. we're trying to end nuclear weapons to prevent other countries have having them, he's talking about it like it's a
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real estate deal. that is dangerous. it is reckless. so we've got to have an election that is about who should be in that oval office come january 20, 2017. >> reporter: those exiting were greeted by >> i feel liberal feminism that is neo liberal is unfortunately frivolous. >> now, secretary clinton made a stop in her campaign headquarters and greeted supporters there and volunteers and encouraged them to keep up the hard work throughout the primary on june 7th.
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sanders pledges to stay in the race, certainly through california. >> and bernie sanders will be in california monday. donald trump will hold a rally in oregon tonight. today he was in nebraska, the day after the speaker of the house, paul ryan said he won't support trump, similar statements were made by jeb bush and lindsey graham. >> i just don't believe he's a reliable republican. good luck for paul ryan trying to find a conservative agenda with this guy. >> dick cheney and the current xharman of the republican party said they'd support trump. >> the next primary is held in guam tomorrow. california voters go to polls in
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less than five weeks. the the deadline to register to vote is may 23. california's primary is june 7th. we're still on storm watch. abc7 news was in downtown and in san francisco, people used hoods to stay dry and we found people without anything to protect them from the rain. hi, spencer. >> you might think it's over. some showers here in the bay area, and tomorrow as well. so far, no rainfall totals for 24 hours, looked like many locations received only a few
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hundredths of an inch. and 17/100ths in san jose. this evening, notice, scattered showers and a bit bit of a quiet spell. by 7:00 in the morning that sweeps through followed by another path of rain. into afternoon, it will be quiet. but there will be sun for mother's day. >> spencer, thank you very much. san francisco police arrested a man they say sexual assaulted a woman yesterday morning in the western edition. 30-year-old was arrested this morning in china town. officer as signed to chinatown recognized him in a car today. he is charged with assault with
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attempt to commit rape. strikers stormed city hall this afternoon. abc7 news was in the the doctor got concerned by the weakened condition. the protestored continued to strike until the san francisco mayor fires the police chief. >> an emotional day for relatives of a young girl killed during a sleep over three years ago. eric thomas shows us what happened today in a courtroom. the family waited three years to let the grief go for just a moment. and cheer the conviction of this man. 25-year-old darnel williams, the young girl's killer. >> just relieved.
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like nobody knows. >> she was just eight years old in july, 2012 and sleeping over at a friend's house, williams came to the door and opened fire in retaliation for the killing of his friend that day. he fired 15 shots into the home, killing alaysha and wounding three others and convicted in a robbery and murder of a 22-year-old in berkeley. >> i'm truly thankful and greatly my son is who he was. we appreciate the closure that we got. >> relatives of the victims were asked not to make more comments until the sentencing phase is over. and the lawyers are under a gag order. williams was indicted on nine counts with enhancements. they make him eligible for the death penalty. court reconvenes on monday, may
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16th. in oakland, abc7 news. investigators say they want to interview a mill valley doctor and son about a prescription drug brought to late singer prince a day before his death. after an urgent request, the doctor sent his son to prince's paisley park home with a drug. he runs a rehab facility, recovery without walls. >> it is one of san francisco's biggest land lords. the academy has played san francisco for a fool but that is coming to an end, today. >> the academy of art university has been slapped with a lawsuit from the city. how the school is accused of hurting hundreds of san francisco residents. get a peek of the new laser projection system added to a local imax theater. and tonight's newscast is
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shorter than usual because of the special tour of the new sf moma. and we'll continue in just a moment. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. abc7 news just confirmed the woman stabbed to death today was a long time defense attorney in the city. she worked for the city's public defender's office for 29 years but opened a private practice. she represented ed win ramos in 2012. she was killed inside of her home at 19th and arkansas street this morning.
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>> one of san francisco's biggest landlords is facing a lawsuit from the city. >> academy of art university owns 40 properties in the city. the city attorney says it's been getting away with numerous code violations because of who owns the school. >> etc. an egregious scoff law. >> reporter: he says academy of art thumbed it's nose at building code violations and set up a web to purchase and lease properties for school use that could have been used for low income housing. >> they deprived san franciscans of 300 residential dwellings we need. >> the academy has been the subject of two dozen hearings for permit violations. supervisor aaron peskin.
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>> the academy played san francisco for a fool but that is coming to an end today. >> the school's attorney says the lawsuit was unnecessary. >> we have made a settlement offer, it's a important part of the picture. >> he says they offered the city $10 million. the academy would lease an 89 unit building and build new how longing instead of buying the buildings. and says they'll continue working with the planning commission. they're asking for a permanent injunction ordering the academy to restore units. >> workers on the meals on wheels program went back to work after their new truck was
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hijacked. people say two people hijacked it and led police on a chase. employees implored the two suspects not to take the van. police say the two men ignored them. today, workers put their old back up truck into service to bring food to clients. >> we have 380 people to serve every day. they count on our meals so we have to be here. no matter what. >> fremont says they need to raise thousands of dollars to replace the truck. >> captain america may be a hero transported from yesteryear but the latest film about him is being projected with the technology about
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>> etc. been a short day at the office. the crowd lined up to see captain america at noon. >> we skip work and whatever they're doing to see imax this weekend. >> beyond the seats in a word, lasers. >> this is a projector, the left and right. >> they give off a lot of heat. >> these are the chiller that's keep the red, green, and blue cool. >> and a lot of light. >> so this is very deep and the white, bright. >> they say they're comfortable comparing it to this. >> we equal the quality of film. >> some movies will still show on celluloid, most are digital now. so there is a souped up version.
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lasers mean better 3 d. >> just as bright as 2 d. >> movie going changed. the competition is no longer across the street. it's in your pocket. >> there is not a movie alive that dreams about making a movie on an iphone. >> they want fancy seats and a great screen. >> they discovered it works and found showings sell out first. >> and last night, captain america came to a 2:00 a.m. show time. >> now goes without saying that spencer christian cannot be contained in small screen format. >> very, very true. >> let me give you a look at
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something. there are scattered down pours today and now, there is a little bit of light rainfall. here is a look at skies over the golden gate bridge. 59 in three locations. 59 in morgan hill. check out the view from mount tam. it's 59 up north and 58 in concord. and this is a view looking along the bay bridge. scattered showers continuing throughout tomorrow. there is a slight chance of thunder and brighter conditions on mother's day.
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and from 1 to 5, the system brings us a current weather ranking one on the impact scale. and there is a chance of isolated thunder. at 7:00 this evening, spotty or scattered showers and into morning, and another wave of rain swings through. then, that breaks down to just a couple spotty showers into sunday morning. beginning on mother's day. we expect partial clearing by afternoon. rainfall totals from a few hundredths of an inch to two
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tenths. low temperatures mild into mid-50s and tomorrow, we'll see lots of clouds and mid and upper 60s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. milder with upper 60s around the bay. and we'll have continuing warming trend into the middle of the week. and next,
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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a plummeting stock price for scare leads business watch. thcompany revealed that higher
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costs in the first quarter resulted in a loss of nearly $100 million. the company, led by jack dorsey lost more than 30% of the value in just a week. today, stock dropped nearly 22%. the dow gained 80 points. and. >> netflix just debuted an option to raise or lower the streaming quality on your device, using less data. a san francisco judge is allowing a lawsuit against facebook to move forward. it uses facial recognition facebook says users can opt out
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at any time. >> tonight, a special report ama is hosting called sf moma. >> we have plenty of sports to talk about before getting to that. >> let's start, i don't know. steph curry? >> why not? >> the warriors say steve kerr would never deceive us. it's got to be tempting. sports is coming up next.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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. good evening, steph curry looked good today but still probably not going to take a look. he wants to see drills before putting him back in the game. there is no time for that. so steph is out.
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we think. abc7's mike shumann is live where the blazers are getting ready. shu? >> blazers and warriors, now, if i'm steve kerr i don't let opponent coaches know if they're going to play or not. coach says they're preparing as if he's going to play. >> do you expect curry to play saturday? >> yes. >> have to prepare that? >> yes. >> you're saying there is a chance? >> he's been inching forward and moving quicker every day. >> steve kerr optimistic but i don't think steph will be
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playing in game three. live in portland, mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> shu, thanks. steve kerr quoting dumb and dumber. how do you bounce back from a triple overtime loss? joe pivelski scored but pushed into the goalie, meaning that goal should have counted. >> this is a cross check from behind and you have an opportunity to stop. you know? i guess that is what it is. you know? >> today was a long awaited
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showcase through 41 pitches. and geents and a's are watching to see if anyone makes an offer. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at firsthand disaster, a man who watched a home go up in flames. how you may be buying substandard products on the internet without knowing it. >> next, stay with us for a special tour of the new sf moma. the new view on modern hosted by our own ama daetz. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. enjoy the special program coming up right now.
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explore seven floors of galleries with thousands of treasured modern and contemporary art pieces including works from ellsworth kelly, chuck close and agnes martin. immerse yourself in a world of photography from its inception to today and discover a vibrant place where you can come and be inspired. after three years of being closed for a huge expansion and remodel project, the new and now the nation's largest contemporary art museum prepares to open its doors. join us for sfmoma, the new view on modern. welcome, i'm ama daetz. for the next half hour, we are going to give you


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