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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  May 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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as we head to the north bay, south of cloverdale, guerneville, middletown, showers around bodega bay and out towards our east bay, we've had a random area of sprinkles
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between concord and 680. southern marin county could run into a few spring lgs. we're looking at a broad circulation around the state of california. showers moving in from the east pushing to the west. sfo, plenty of cloud cover, numbers are mild, in the 50s right now. this afternoon, 60. half moon bay, upper 60s around san jose and antioch, we'll talk about where the rain may fall, how much and a look at mother's day coming up. chris? >> lisa, thank you. we have breaking news out of sacramento. a chp officer is in the hospital with moderate to severe injuries after being hit by a fedex truck. it happened at 4:45 this morning near the 15th street off ramp. three lanes of that freeway are now closed in that direction and traffic is moving very slowly. the officer was outside of his vehicle while investigating a hit-and-run accident when the collision occurred. san jose police are asking for the public's help to find
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this man. a 91-year-old. he was last seen yesterday in east san jose. the 6 foot tall ruiz speaks only spanish, believes he's in mexico and has been diagnosed with alzheimer's. he was last seen wearing a gray zip-up sweater, blue shirt and white shoes. 25 angry and frustrated protesters part of a huge crowd of demonstrators were arrested and booked after refusing to leave city hall while demanding the resignation of the police chief there. protesters accuse the department of police brutality and unnecessary killing. the crowd actually knocked down a metal detector and used it to prop open one of the doors. demonstrators chanted outside mayor ed lee's office before being forced downstairs. it was in sympathy with the hunger strike of the so-called frisco five. all five have been hospitalized but are refusing to be force fed. protesters plan to stay in city
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hall all weekend long. but if they can't, they'll take the demonstration back outside to the mission police station where the hunger strike camp has been cleaned up. more developing news out of san francisco this morning. a prominent attorney was killed at her own home. marla zamora worked for san francisco public defender's office for 29 years. a man found at the crime scene is being questioned. here is abc 7 news news anchor, dan ashley, with the details. >> reporter: flowers lie on the sidewalk outside the home of marla zamora. a former long time public defender in san francisco who was stabbed to death friday morning. >> poor marla, i can't believe it. i've known her since she moved in, since they were built in the '80s. >> reporter: neighbors watch the investigators walk in and out of the building on arkansas street. >> it's insane when this kind of thing is across the street. >> the next door neighbor didn't want to be on camera but said he heard yelling and saw her bloody in her backyard. a man was detained inside her
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home. >> marla had a heart of gold. she was everything that you would want a public defender to be. she fought hard. she had tremendous compassion for her clients. she handled some of the toughest cases. >> this includes defend edwin ramos sentenced for the triple murder of a man and his sons. he had had mistaken them as rival gang members. police have not released information about the suspect but if the public defender's office is asked to represent that person. >> for obvious reasons, our office wouldn't be able to represent anyone charged. marla zamora was one of us. >> that was abc 7 news anchor dan ashley reporting. hillary clinton brought her campaign for president to the bay area on friday and didn't play favorites. she visited both sides of the bay beginning with this campaign ral he in oakland and ending in san francisco. here's reporter leslie brinkley.
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>> the next president of these united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> hundreds much supporters and dignitaries, rallied inside this east oakland gym friday afternoon. she also stopped at her campaign headquarters before zeroing in on the election. >> make sure that the presumptive nominee never gets near the white house. >> a few were drowned out by the chants of hillary supporters. dozens scored selfies with her as she walked out. >> it was really awesome. >> she's not going to be helping a certain elite class. she's here in oakland to support the everyday working class people and their kids. >> the motorcade then crossed the bay bridge at rush hour to get to a fundraising event at the masonic auditorium on knob hill in san francisco. clinton spoke to over 3,000 at
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this private event. outside bernie sanders protesters stood their ground. >> basically, we're here to show that hillary clinton is not the presumptive nominee for the democratic party. we're in it to win it. bernie or bust. >> a swing back through the bay area before the california primary on june 7th. in san francisco approximate, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. last night in oregon, donald trump attacked hillary and bill clinton. he said bill's affairs and hillary's treatment of the women involved goes beyond any comment he's made. >> he was a disaster. she was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful. they're going after me with women. give me a break, folks. nobody respects women more than donald trump. i'll tell you. nobody. nobody. >> next week trump will meet with house speaker paul ryan and other gop leaders to make a case
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for their support. tomorrow's donald trump will appear on this week with george stephanopoulos. you'll hear what he says about earning support from the american people. this week airs at 8:00 tomorrow morning here on abc 7. in the east bay, he will tore it owe police are looking for this thief. she's walking up to a house on richmond street monday carrying an empty decoy box. she rang the doorbell. when no one answered, she switched out the boxes. the resident says the box contained clothes for her daughter. the mother of a 7-month-old girl with a rare heart condition decided to keep her on life support at the children's hospital as they look for other options. she was denied a heart transplant by boston children's hospital this week. the transplant was thought to be the last hope for her condition that caused only half of her heart to develop. doctors in boston and at stanford and ucla denied the transplant because they believe her body would reject a new heart. 8:07 is our time.
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our bay area family says they were trying to protect their highly allergic son and find themselves kicked off a flight. abc 7 news reporter, katie marzullo tells us it was all over peanuts. >> he has a severe peanut allergy. doctors said to be cautious. >> we casually let the flight attendant know that our son has an allergy. >> they asked that peanuts not be served in their area. the flight attendant refused their request but they were willing to fly. >> we were sitting there like normal and said you need to get off the plane. >> it was an allegiant airlines flight. allegiant released a statement saying in part the third party organization including on-call medical doctors available to provide guidance advise that the family not fly on that specific flight. >> they took to social media to vent. he was not expecting all the attention his story received and not expecting hate mail.
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>> we've been called overprotective helicopter parents. called all sorts of names and whiners. >> he says they're only trying to bring attention to the allergy issue. >> it's a bigger issue than we got mistreated and kicked off the plane. that's not why we want to be in the press but more to help those in the future. >> we spoke it a passenger whose child also has a severe allergy. she says she understands the airline's decision. >> but the parents understand the allergy better than anybody else. as long as they understand their surroundings, they can usually manage. >> they booked the dana family on another airline. katie marzullo. 8:09 is our time. lisa, you're tracking more rain on the way? >> that's right. light showers in san francisco in concord. a live look at the camera where the temperatures are in the 50s this morning. ranging from 53 los gatos to 58 in oakland. 56 in the city. yes, we're still dealing with the showers. in fact, they might linger a little longer than previously
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thought. i'll explain, next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, a plea for help after a meals on wheels truck was stolen add wrecked. how the organization is making it work. but first -- >> the academy played san francisco for a fool but that is coming to an end. >> the academy of art university has been slapped with a lawsuit from the city. why the school is accused of hurting hundreds of san
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thanks so much for choosing abc 7 news to start your day. here's a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. no delays as drivers make it over the bridge. as you can see, the gray skies are out there. lisa returns in a little bit with the accuweather forecast. one of san francisco's biggest landlords is facing a lawsuit from the city. academy of art university owns 40 properties in the city and the city attorney says it's been getting away with numerous code violations. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has the story. >> reporter: academy of art quite simply is an egregious land use scofflaw. >> the city attorney minces no words. he said the academy of art thumbed its nose at violations
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for a decade. it set up a web of corporate affiliates to purchase and lease properties for the school's use. properties that could have been used for low-income housing. >> 300 residential dwellings we desperately need in the midst of our a forwardable housing crisis. >> the academy has been the subject of many meetings. the committee has been working with the school to solve problems. the supervisor, a long time critic of the real estate empire. >> the academy has played san francisco for a fool. that is coming to an end. >> the school's attorney says the lawsuit was unnecessary. >> we have made a settlement offer, which is a very important part of this picture. >> brosnahan says they offered the city $10 million. the academy would lease a building for afford anl housing and build new student housing
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instead of buying existing buildings. in the meantime, brosnahan will continue working with the planning commission. herrera is asking for hefty fines as well as a permanent injunction ordering the academy to restore units which the city attorney says it took illegally from the city's housing stock. vic lee, abc 7 news. in fremont, community members are stepping up to support the meals on wheels program after its delivery truck was hijacked thursday. two people have been booked on multiple charges and now the program is hoping to move forward. >> it is a bold act that left many people stunned. >> how awful is this to happen and to all the people that needed that food. >> in fremont, two people tried to take a car from a woman at walnut plaza but were unsuccessful. following that, they jumped bo a meals an wheels truck being loaded by volunteers. >> i was loading a cooler and i hear screaming and chaos.
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>> this volunteer was there and couldn't believe it. >> i thought i was watching a movie. i never experienced anything like that. >> jose feliciano showed up to deliver meals on wheels and didn't know what happened. >> it's unbelievable. >> the two suspects led officers on a pursuit from fremont to castro valley which not only ended in their arrest but major damage to the truck, which is only a year and a half old. program officials say it will likely be a total loss and are now relying on a backup truck built in the 1980s. >> we have 380 people to serve every day. they count on our meals. we have to be here. no matter what. >> the fire department will house the damaged truck until it can be assessed by the insurance adjuster. roared less of the total amount, meals on wheels needs to raise thousands of dollars, meal recipients are grateful the program will press on despite the unexpected expense. >> i still have a good people. so we need a lot of good people.
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>> to learn more about how to donate, we have a link on our website, abc 7 happening today, a chance for your fourth grader to learn about our national parks and even to become a junior ranger. it's all part of the junior ranger jamboree in san francisco which is a part of the golden gate national recreation area. the jamboree is celebrating the 100th birthday of the national park service. as part of the celebration, young people are encouraged to learn about national parks and even be sworn in as junior rangers. the fun begins at noon. always a good time for the kids. they might need a jacket for it. >> that's right. temperatures in the low 60s downtown san francisco for the afternoon high and we still have showers not only today. it looks like more could sneak in overnight tonight. we'll show it to you hour by hour in just a moment. remember this, our storm impact scale that we have used all winter long and throughout the springtime where we rank our storms from 1 to 5. 1 the lightest, the 5 the most
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severe. lingering through tomorrow with a 1, a light system with showers on and off perhaps. very scattered anywhere from a couple hundredths to .2. and the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. as we look at doppler 7hd. there are a few showers in the north bay. up through middletown. westward around bodega bay, wet weather. central marin, national guard novato, southern marin towards tiburon into the east bay, concord has some showers. also around 580 and pulling in from lafayette, oakland could see more activity, as well as hayward. it's raining in the sierra nevada and we'll be looking at more shower activity all the way down the spine of the sierra today as this moisture moves in from lake tahoe and moves across the bay area, the san joaquin valley where there's a flash flood watch. anywhere from a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch in
8:19 am
the san joaquin valley. the sacramento valley kind of soggy today. all in all across the state, we'll be looking at the showers, even in and around los angeles. upper 60s in fresno with monterrey in the low 60s. unsettled once again as this weather pattern really encompasses much of the state. as we look outside, here's a look from santa cruz where it should be 64 today. showers, a few yesterday. 56 in san francisco. in the mid-50s from morgan hill. half moon bay. san jose, here it is. the gray skies, 54 for you in santa rosa with 55 novato, livermore and the delta 57. 55-minute delays at sfo due to the low cloud cover. you can see all of that here. if you're headed out this morning for a bike ride or a run, be careful. the visibility as you go up in elevation getting reduced. chance of a thunderstorm, could see that down by mt. hamilton
8:20 am
this afternoon and partly cloudy skies tomorrow for mother's day. by 1:00, you'll see light activity around the edge of perhaps sonoma coin into our east bay and also mt. hamilton. the rest of the afternoon, 3:00, cloudy skies and as we get into 10:00, check it out. in the north bay, marin, sonoma looking at heavier downpours and this takes us right into midnight with more showers and then you're waking up mother's day to more cloud cover and eventually breaks in the clouds. so amounts, once again on the light side. anywhere from nothing to about a tenth of an inch there. maybe the north bay. couple hundred dreds elsewhere. highs today ranging from 64 in richmond and in santa cruz, 66 in oakland. 68 palo alto. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mother's day, partly cloudy. a few peeks of sun by the afternoon. and then much sunnier and warmer as high pressure builds in the rest of the workweek with highs in the mid-80s by the middle of the week and slightly cooler the
8:21 am
end of the week. so we've had a lot of cloud cover all week long. that continues today. >> wish we would get more rain later in the week imt lisa, thank you. maybe buying substandard -- on the internet without knowing it. >> the storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella happy and drive safely. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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when you're shopping online, you can definitely find deals. a lot of websites offer things at a lower price than dealers. is it a good idea to buy? michael finney tells us about the new warnings. >> the deals can be irresistible. 20% iphones on e-bay. 60% off watches on amazon. designer shoes, computers, handbags all at a discount. >> we're talking about large amounts of money that are going through the gray market. >> attorney richard nelson of the alliance for gray market abatement says the items are authentic, even legal. also risky for you, the buyer. >> you have no guarantees that what you're getting is going to work. you don't have a guarantee that the manufacturer is going to stand behind it. >> i was in the market for a camera. >> san francisco college student wanted a nikon camera to launch a career in photography. it wasn't cheap. >> i went researching and then
8:25 am
tron i can city showed up on google. >> it offered the camera she wanted for $2800. a savings of about $200. every little bit helped so she went for it. >> it worked fine for a period of time. >> this camera came in the right box and had the instructions. but three months later she says a big problem. >> the pins were broken or bent. so i couldn't take pictures. >> melissa thought it was a defect. she says tronnic city told her to send it to nikon for repair. so she did. nikon sent it right back. >> telling it was gray market product. so they wouldn't touch it. >> i don't think it's -- >> gray market products are real. generally intended for sale in a foreign country. someone biez them cheaply overseas and resells them here at a discount. >> there's a story, they might not be quite clean. >> could be damaged in shipping,
8:26 am
open, used, repackaged. stolen or have parts swapped out. electronics might have foreign power cords or foreign manuals. that's why manufacturers usually won't stand by them and will not cover them under warranty in the united states. >> on the internet, you're looking at a picture of something. may look perfect lie fine and you only find out once you receive it there's something wrong with the product. >> they warn customers when they're buying gray market products. the notice was not on the website. the camera came with a policy notice saying all items are covered by u.s. warranty. it was not. the tronic city spokesperson said that melissa knew it was a gray market item because the website said import. the very last word in fine print. the spokesman said she broke the camera and would have to patronic city $1,000 to fix it.
8:27 am
>> there would be a fee involved of servicing it because she damaged the product. >> melissa says she did not break it and certainly didn't know it was gray. she learned a discount can sometimes cost you. >> michael says to be assured you weren't getting a gray market product, buy from the authorized dealers at the manufacturer. that way you'll be covered if something goes wrong. we have much more ahead. watching a disaster in the palm of your hand. the family who saw their home go up in flames on their iphone. a math whiz and a musician. we'll from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store.
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thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking it all with live doppler 7 hd. >> we rank our system 1 to 5. a 1 on the storm impact scale. 1 being the lightest, anywhere from .02. maybe nothing at all, present i of cloud cover and .2 and possibility of an isolated thunderstorm. as we check out live doppler 7 hd. most of the activity is in the north bay from santa rosa, highway 101. you see the sweet pier, middletown getting some showers and through jenner and bodega bay. napa, few showers, few torts
8:31 am
vacaville and further south it's quiet. san francisco had a shower earlier and towards 580, perhaps 680, a little bit of sprinkle activity. so today we'll see the moisture coming in from the sierra nevada and it slides over the bay. it's not going to be done with us really until the overnight hours. so emeryville plenty of cloud cover. delays at sfo due to the low clouds. 56 at san francisco. 55 morgan hill. half moon bay. 57 in mountain view. the winds, very light today. it will be a little bit on the muggy side. 56 in napa. 55 in livermore. we'll talk about the giants game and mother's day in just a few minutes, chris? >> lisa, thank you. a massive wildfire has torched entire neighborhoods in alberta, canada, sending families on the run. the conditions have been unusually dry there. 400 square miles are burning right now. the fire is expected to double in size. abc news reporter kneel karlinsky is there with the
8:32 am
latest. >> this morning, ft. mcmurray is exploding into an all-out fire emergency. the massive fire is growing in several directions, taken on by 1200 firefighters. 110 helicopters and nearly 30 air tankers. the threat, far from over. overnight, the fire visible from space. the fast-moving wall of flames chewing through an area bigger than all of new york city. people on the run have captured their fiery eggs capes from every angle, including this home. it recorded its own demise with a security camera. watch and listen as the roaring flames raise up outside the windows filling the home with smoke and the sounds of shattering glass. time lapse inside the northern alberta town, which has lost 1600 structures, shows flames sweeping through an airplane hangar. brian jones and his team have rescued 27 animals in 24 hours. left behind as their owners ran for their lives.
8:33 am
>> cats, dogs, birds, a snake that got out in my truck. >> this man and his family among 1500 cars escorted through the fire zone on a surreal commute after being cut off where they fled days earlier. >> what's it been like driving through there? >> mostly like a horde. >> a piece of good news as a mother and son separated in the chaos of their escape are finally reunited. >> okay. neal karlinsky, abc news near ft. mcmurray, canada. 8:33 is our time. the investigators want to interview a mill valley doctor and his son about a medicine brought to prince before his death. dr. howard cornfeld sent his son andrew to prince's paisley park home with the drug. cornfeld runs the mill valley rehab facility, recovery without
8:34 am
walls. investigators are trying to determine whether prince had a long-term relationship with the cornfelds. ♪ never cause you any pain ♪ ♪ i only want to see >> thousands of people, many dressed in purple gathered at city hall in los angeles for a memorial concert to honor prince. stevie wonder sang purple rain. prince's signature song. wonder says losing prince was like losing a member of his musical family. the 57-year-old prince was found dead last month at his minneapolis home. a spring storm dumped nearly 1.5 inches of rain in southern california inland triggering mudslides, closing freeways and stranding cars in floodwaters. take a look at the pictures from ontario. police closed roadways and intersections in the area due to flooding.
8:35 am
it also caused a partial collapse of a roof of a warehouse. mudslides forced the closure of interstate 5 north overnight. cal trans reports the freeway is now open. time now is 8:35. happening now, we're taking a live look at washington, d.c. president obama is going to be delivering the commencement address to the 2016 graduating class at howard university. as many of you know, howard is one of the nation's top historically black universities. much of the president's education agenda has been focused on increasing academic achievement for people of color. moving on to our next story now. this year's top student at uc berkeley is a millenial who shies away from things like twitter and facebook. instead, she has a greater connection to mathematics. she'll be awarded the university
8:36 am
medal and deliver the commencement speech next weekend. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> when she's not teaching a class in math to other cal students or volunteering at an after-school literacy program, this is what she enjoys to do the most. pure mathematics. >> it really never stops. we've ultimately realized that we understand almost nothing. it's a never ending journey to keep questioning, keep trying to understand, dig deeper and hopefully arrive at something. >> hollywood has made a few movies inspired by math intellectuals and their struggle to make a contribution in their world. she has had her own struggles. >> you leave us struggling to find a reason to do anything. it took something pretty strong, i think, to kind of make me feel i had a purpose. >> she found motivation and passion through her professors at cal. today she wants other women to know that math is within their reach. >> oftentimes women haven't necessarily been welcomed by the
8:37 am
majority of men. it's led to several problems. i think we are changing society and i'm optimistic. >> her other passion is playing the harr moan yum. it's played in classic indian music, all of her work acknowledged with a university medal. >> it's very encouraging for me personally. but i think at the same time i'm just still a little bit overwhelmed by all of this. >> from here, she's headed to m.i.t. to work on her ph.d.. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a new look at google glass. the purpose paramedics see in the device that simply didn't take off with consumers. here's a live look outside. li
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frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. new time lapse video shows the revamped san francisco museum of modern art being built from the ground up. the $305 million makeover took six years to complete. it will reopen to the public on may 14th. we'll give you a look inside this sunday at 6:30 with our reairing. if you're still looking for a gift for mother's day. the palace in san francisco is offering what it's calling the ultimate mother's day experience. you'll get three nights in the presidential suite, fresh flowers, a personal chef and personal trainer and exclusive bentley park service. the price tag? just a mere $75,000. >> 8:40 is our time.
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well, $2 could make your dreams come true this weekend. the powerball jackpot is $415 million and rise will. that's the seventh largest powerball prize ever. the lum sum cash option which most of the winners choose would be about $270 million before taxes. the massive prize is expected to climb with so many people buying tickets. 8:41 is the time. you're tracking delays at sfo? >> right. 55-minute delays. we've got rain. 43 degrees and it is raining here in reno and truckee, blue canyon. later on today, low 50s. still showers out there. we'll look at our own shower chances right on through mother's day. i'll have the hour-by-hour forecast next. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, all eyes are on steph curry as we look ahead to game 3 and 4. >> this was him yesterday. you can see why the trailblazers are getting ready for the it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
8:42 am
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the warriors series moves to portland. the dubs try to take a lead. the game starts at 5:30. join abc 7 news sports director, mike shumann and larry beil. larry will be joined by donald foil here in the studio. mike will be live in portland. in the south bay, the sharks return to sap center in the
8:45 am
second round matchup with the predators. the series is tied 2-2. the puck drops at 7:00 p.m. the giants were looking to bounce back last night after giving up 17 runs on thursday. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning everybody. the giants starting pitching has been getting shelled as of late. bumgarner often. cure for that. last night against the rockies. the say hey kid, willie mays, on his 85th birthday. second inning, bettis, the squeeze bunt and parra scores. rockies up 4-0. bumgarner goes 7 1/3. his good friend, crawford, helping out with a three-run jack. the giants back in it. bottom five, tied at 4-4. hunter pence up the middle. la may made the stop. but can't throw out pence. it's 5-4 giants. brandon belt doubles home matt
8:46 am
duffy. order has been restored. mad bum strikes out ten. the giants win 6-4. the a's were rained out in baltimore. tim lincecum took the mound in arizona trying to show the scouts he's still the freak following hip surgery. they call this a showcase. it's a job application. tim timmy threw 41 pitches and is hoping to be offered a job at as a starter. steph curry will probably not play in game 3 of the warriors/blazers series. but he looks really close to coming back. wore a knee brace yesterday. looked very good in the morning. the problem is timing. coach kerr wants to see him play three on three abdomen five on five and there's no time before game 3. steph probably will not play. the blazers are not buying any of this. >> we expect curry to play on saturday. >> yes. >> you're saying there's a chance.
8:47 am
>> today, you just looked like -- he looked like he had a bounce to his step. in the last week, he's been slowly inching his way forward. moving a little bit quicker each day. but today was the first day he looked like himself again. >> kevin durant and the thunder trying to go up 2-1 on the spurs. san antonio was up. okc comes back. russell westbrook went for 31 points. a tie at 83. kevin durant, a tough step back in the lane. 85-83. okc, as they always do, three late turnovers. spurs cash in. tony parker hits it. he had 19. the spurs hold on. 100-96. they take a 2-1 series lead. again, reminder, warriors and blazer here on abc 7 this afternoon at 5:30. have a great weekend everybody. happy mother's day. i'm larry beil. 8:47 is our time. lisa argen is here with the full accuweather forecast. lisa, more showers this weekend? >> that's right. they've been light the past couple of days and we saw a few
8:48 am
thunderstorms. once again, scattered showers across the bay area. a chance anyway. with anywhere from .02 to .2. this is our storm impact scale where we rate the storms from 1 to 5. 1 being the lightest, 5 the most severe. the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm keeping us in the 1, light category. the entire state looking at some scattered showers. an area of low pressure continues to drift to the south and east. as we head into the north bay, look at highway 101. santa rosa, heelsburg, out west, towards the coast, bodega bay, wet weather and towards the north and east, middleton. the showers are moving in from the east and we're seeing some here from napa, vacaville. vallejo. highway 37 and collinsville, wet weather for you. half moon bay, a scattered shower right now along the coast and we've seen a few showers towards 580. it's raining in the sierra
8:49 am
nevada with numbers in the low 40s right now. it will continue to rain in the afternoon there. you can see where the rain is coming from, the northern eeer a. it should continue to head slightly south and westward. that keeps us in sort of a chancey forecast for not only today but through the overnight hours. here's san jose, cloudy skies. picked up shower activity yesterday. 56 in morgan hill. a third of an inch for you for your friday. 57 mountain view. 58 in oakland and mt. ham, it's pretty foggy out there. misty. napa 57 by the delta. mid-50s concord. livermore. isolated thunder shore for you. here's the sierra nevada. scattered showers today. chance of a thunderstorm and we'll see a few peeks of sun tomorrow. but still, a lot of cloud cover hanging around for mother's day. temperatures, though, will be milder. so the hour by hour timeline, 1:00 takes us into the scattered
8:50 am
showers throughout livermore. mt. hamilton, perhaps in sonoma county. then by 3:00, still activity in the south bay. but this is what's developing by 10:00 tonight. sonoma and marin could see downpours. then it continues to sink off towards the west into the coastal areas and by tomorrow morning, looks dry. still plenty of clouds, though. partly cloudy by the afternoon. so rainfall amounts continue to be on the light side. some of you not seeing anything at all from a couple hundredths. depending where the showers come down. maybe even a thunderstorm towards mt. hamilton today. upper 60s from san jose and livermore. fairfield, about 67. if you're headed into san francisco for the game this afternoon, 60 degrees, chance of showers all afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the partly cloudy skies tomorrow for mother's day. numbers go up about 5 degrees each day through the middle of the week to take us into the mid-80s by wednesday.
8:51 am
inland, mid-70s around the bay and still pretty nice the end of the week but it's trending warmer and drier after today. >> bring a jacket or a hat to the giants game. >> good idea. of all the new gadgets invented here in the bay area, few have been as widely anticipated and then criticized as google glass. as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out, glass may be getting a new life with the people who could one day save your life. it's a story you'll see only on abc 7 news. doctors in white lab coats crowded around this ambulance where a patient some thought was dead is very much alive. that patient is google glass. >> the new version of google glass 2.0 that's much improved across many different features. >> you can't buy the new version of glass except through a company like crowd optics. two years ago they put glass on the indiana pacers and cheerleaders. last year they did this dramatization at a conference on stroke surgery. >> i am seeing the view you're
8:52 am
seeing on the screen. >> they've outfitted this ambulance to stream video back to the hospital. >> kind to give you both sides of it. you have the shaky thing that you can get in there and see what the person is seeing and you can also see the wide angle view. >> take a look up my nose here. >> it's built to diagnose a stroke. >> it puts a physician's eyes in the head of the paramedic. >> they can talk the paramedic through the physical exam to diagnose patients on the way to the hospital. >> i can stop what i'm doing, access this direct link and help them and maybe meet them in the ambulance bay. >> saving time means saving lives. >> we could probably save up to two hours. we think that makes a difference between somebody being a 60% chance of a good outcome to somewhere around 75 or 80% of a good outcome. >> like other things in medicine, it will have to be tested and proven to work. that will begin here at ucsf over the next few months. >> we have to validate that it makes a difference. >> they will outfit enough
8:53 am
ambulances to measure how much time it saves. >> we want to help morph people than we currently are. being able to do this would allow us to help anyone around the city where the device is in place instead of being stuck in one position. >> jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. coming up, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new play land in san francisco. the features you can experience in the outer sun
8:54 am
imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles.
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everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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welcome back. the winning numbers from last nights drawing. 14-26-27-32-36 and the mega number, 7. nobody picked all six. so tuesday's night jackpot is up to $150 million. happening today, a new playland is opening in san francisco. these are pictures from the flange department of the transformation of the francis scott key annex between judah and irving. it turned over an acre of asphalt that features a community garden, a bike track, skate area and play structure. it opens at 10:00. final check of the weather. we have a few scattered showers around this morning from bodega bay, santa rosa, highway 101 through sonoma. napa, a shower towards vacaville and southwest ward, not a lot
8:57 am
happening on the peninsula and the south bay. later on today, from mt. diablo to hamilton, the warming and drying trend continues through the middle of the week. 80s arrive by tuesday inland. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. winds light today for the giants game with a chance of showers. >> take it ease in the roads this morning. lisa, thank you. thanks for joining us on the abc 7 morning news. abc 7 news continues at 4:00. the game is only on abc 7 beginning at 5:00 p.m. with nba countdown. the dubs and blazers kick off at 5:30. and join larry beil after the game at around w8 p.m. mike shumann will be live from portland with post game player interviews. the news continues now online and on twitter. for lisa argen and the rest of us here at abc 7 news, i'm chris
8:58 am
nguyen. make it a great day everybody.
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