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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> thanks for joining us, i'm chris ngyen in for carolyn tyler. we are waking up to slick roads throughout parts of the region. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> that's right, chris. we have plenty of cloud cover. showers just about ending. you see some here in the sacramento volley. you can sea the cloud cover continues to sink to the south and east of us. as you head out this morning or getting going, numbers are pretty mild in the 50s. we haven't moved too much. we did pick up some more rain last
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throws of you have celebrating mother's day, finding numbers in the mid-50s through 70 numbers climbing in the bay and 70s inland. we will talk about the warmer weather and when it arrives next. chris. >> lisa, thank you. 5:01 is our time. the warriors lost to the trail blazers last night. but steph curry worked out and tested his knee yesterday but did not play in game three. damian lillard had the highest scoring game of his career with 40 points. they beat the warriors twice this year. >> i didn't feel we played with the desperation that's necessary to win a playoff game. >> you don't want to be down 0-3
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period, especially not to this team, i just want to come out and be aggressive and leave it all out there had. and our guys followed suit, and we got it done. >> final score 120-108. blazers take the win but the dubs are still up two games to 1. game four is monday night in portland at 7:30. spite the loss, fans are still obsessed with their dubs. that includes a group of young people that combine the love of the game with their own play. leslie shows you more. >> it was a bomber for warriors fans who held on to hope for all four quarters. >> we will give them one game, but we know we have this. >> it would be nice to bring steph consider back on monday, have him may monday and wednesday, and take the series at home. >> despite the warriors lost, there are teenagers make every game a winning one. >> this eighth grader and his
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friend staged a halftime and post-game report from their garage that they post on youtube. >> i think the warriors need to limit the turnovers. >> in the background a big screen tv and food. >> this is like a shrine to the warriors. >> and some people don't be believe we trial did this. some think it's a pick it you are or a video off the internet. >> i can say it's not. it's remarkable. >> yes. thank you. >> says, you know what? it's not just the game, it's teaching angles he, directions, and i feel like i'm solving equation. and i thought, oh, my gosh, he really loves it. >> dub nation inspiration. abc7 news. >> what a great stories. the sharks are one win away from advance to go the conference finals. last night they returned to a
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sold out sap enter after a triple overtime loss to the nashville predators on thursday. joe past scored two goals, adding to his league leading 8 goals in the playoffs. san jose beat them 5-1 taking a 3-2 series lead. game six is back in nashville. >> protesters are planning a general strike tomorrow at city hall over recent police shootings in the city. the frisco five said they were ending their hunger strikes after a number of days. the announcement came later after religious leaders offered them a prayer for strength. >> the they have shown enormous dedication. they have served our community so wellly lifting up so many pain and anger that goes back for decades in our communities because of the way people in our communities have been treated by law enforcement.
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>> as you will recall on friday night protesters who support the frisco five stormed city hall. they made it into the entrance before deputies blocked their path. a total of 33 protesters were arrested. in the east the bay police arrested two people after a fire ripped through a home in hayward. first we will show you the video of one of those arrests. police say this woman was intoxicated and interfering with firefighters on sleepy hollow avenue. one officer took her down to the ground and she needed medical attention. earlier yesterday you see flames and smoke pouring out of the home in this video shot by a neighbor across the street. no one was hurt, but neighbors watching it all were concerned. >> everything was on fire and you could hear crackling and popping in the house. we thought maybe the house was going to blow up. >> officers also handcuffed the homeowner after the fair. they say he was seen leaving the home shortly after the fire started and then returned a short time later. police questioned and later
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released him. we're learning disturbing new details in the stabbing death of a long time san francisco san francisco public defender. police sources confirm marleau suffered 40 stab wounds friday morning. authorities i rested her nephew for the murder and friends are horrified by this violent crime. abc7 news alyssa harrington has the story. >> she was a force of nature. >> maria tier fly remembers her friend, marlo zamora, who police say was killed by her own they have. the women worked until until she retired in 2007. >> she took me under her wing. >> we don't know what happened between zamora and her nephew. neighbors said they heard yelling and saw her blooded in the backyard.
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the 20-year-old was found inside covered in blood. >> all i could say is she loved her family very much, and she was always trying to help her family. >> all day friends, former clients and co-workers stopped by to pay respects to the long time attorney outside her home. gill added to the growing pile of flowers. >> she was kind and generous. she was a good neighbor. >> zamora worked for the public defender's office for 29 years. she set up a private practice and was still taking cases until her death. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> police in san leandro are trying to find several people accused in an early morning burglary and possible shooting yesterday. this is where it ended at the holiday in on doolittle drive about a mile away in oakland. police followed a suspicious vehicle to this parking lot where the driver lost control and crashed. several people inside the car ran away. a quick reminder for bart
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riders. there's no train service this weekend between the san leandro and bayfield station. it's part of the work to repair the track. delays are likely. the work is scheduled for additional weekend through june 19th. there's a new powerball winner this morning. one ticket sold in new jersey matched all six numbers last night to win the 7th largest jackpot in the game's history. $429 million. one ticket sold in san jose matched five of the six numbers abc7 news was at cast and flask liquors on camden avenue. if you bought your ticket there you may be nearly is $.3 million richer. the storeowner also gets a bonus for selling the ticket. >> you can buy a lot of tickets. >> at least three powerball millionaires have been made in san jose in the past three years. the most recent before last night came last weekend at the vo layer row on saratoga avenue. check your tickets. the winning numbers are: we
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also have the numbers on our website lisa, i would pick five out of six. >> really. we saw a little rain yesterday and more last night. about .2 in napa. we could see another shower enter the east bay but overall it's cloudy. and you are looking from our roof camera. mountain view. and we will look for kind of a lot of cloud cover to hang around today. sunny and warmer weather on the way. of the extended outlook is coming up. also next, help want sudden the bay area's tech bubble causing a severe worker shortage in the industry? >> she's a goofus. >> more on
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>> tornadoes in colorado damaged several homes in weekend. take is a look at this tornado. storm chasers said it traveled about ten miles. four tornadoes hit yuma county about 100 miles east the of denver. at least five people had minor injuries after they touched down. large hail and severe thunderstorms also moved through the area yesterday. have you noticed more help wanted signs in restaurants around the city lately? it's not a coincidence. it turns out restaurants are having harder time than ever filling their positions. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian explains. >> san francisco's restaurant scene continues to be hot but the candidates to fill open positions are drying up. help wanted signs are posted all over and for the first time they are staying up for months. >> it's expensive to live in san francisco. if you are a cook making $30,000 a year, it's tough to make that decision to stay in the industry. >> a one bedroom in
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san francisco goes for about $3,000 a month. restaurant owners admit they can't afford to pay the employees enough to stay in the city where they want to work. >> i have people who want to move here and i don't even be talk to them because i know they can't afford to come here, right? >> we can't relocate. >> with i is why many are leaving the restaurant industry and finding jobs at tech startups or even uber drivers. >> a friend helped a friend get a job at a restaurant be but he quit shortly after starting. >> working as a uber driver works more as a busboy or cook. >> hiring bus boys and cooks take the longest since those positions don't always have access to tips. >> it's been hard to get a staff put together. we have been working on it for a couple of months. >> those in the industry say possible solutions may be to raise prices to consumers to then increase salaries in the
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kitchen. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. turning to politics, only one presidential candidate was out campaigning yesterday and it's the one getting attacked from all sides. republican donald trump was in washington state where he tried to refocus the split within his own party and back on to his fight against hillary clinton. some of the biggest names in the party are refuse to go support the reto sumtive nominee, klug lindsly graham and jeb bush and house speaker paul ryan. elizabeth warren in massachusetts is in augiter war with the bill air. she accused him of being a racist and spouting lies. >> she is a goofus, she is a goofus. >> warren called her nickname for him, lame. and some said it looked like he bit off more than he could choo
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attacking senator warren. after sweeping primary wins knocked his final gop rivals from the presidential race, donald trump goes one-on-one with george stephanopoulos. we will talk about how he plans to gain support from republican voters. you can watch the full interview on "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning at abc7. tomorrow the san francisco department of elections will open the city hall voting center. anyone registered to vote in the city can cast a ballot at the center during the 29 day voting period before or on the june 7th primary day. several staff members will be there to help but any questions you may have. it will be open weekdays from 8:5 and the two weekends before election day. >> and an effort to spruce up a portion of sonoma county is sparking a debate. some might call is controversy but others call it good business. at the heart testify all, a
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chicken. >> the abc7 news report he wayne freed shows us what people are talking about. >> sometimes it takes more than a good burrito or grilled chicken. >> they are really good. >> no doubt, but what it took for them to get a 20% bump in business, this, a chicken sculpture, now mounted up above the entrance. >> i am the culprit. >> he transformed a two mile stretch of sonoma county near boyes hot springs. it's not what it used to be. >> most people drove with their heads down and i came up with the idea how about if i brighten it up a bit. >> this is what happens when sonoma county funds it an art experiment? >> not to me. >> in some places it's paying off. >> because people see it, they notice us, and they think it's asking and they figure we have fun stuff because of it.
5:17 am
>> and then came the chickens. >> the chicken is a little in your face. >> the wings on springs flap when the wind blows. >> you can't put a bright bandaid on a gaping wound. >> it's been called gaudy, whimsical. >> and it's working along a stretch. highway 12 that isn't plain anymore. along highway 12 in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> in berkeley, fan boys and girls lined up for free loot yesterday. fantastic comics was just one of about 2 dozen shops in the area that took part in free comic book day. it was conceived by joe, it was to thank fans for his support. publishers have handed out 12 million free comics in the recent years. and there was a fiesta for moms in oakland yesterday.
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a special mother's day celebration. moms got a taste of local food and there were events for kids and great food to try out. 5:18 the time. for maybe anyone heading up to sonoma or napa this weekend, they won't have to deal with the rain, right? >> that's right. finally it is behind us. we could see a sprinkle arrive in the east bay, but most of the activity really has been the central part of the state and in the mountains. we will look for dryer conditions. not promising a lot of sunshine. in fact looks like we will have to wait another day for the live doppler 7hd showing activity around the sacramento valley and a little bit here along the marin county coast. we widen the view and this area of low pressure has kept the entire state under it's influence for the first part of the weekend. and it will departed to, leaving cloudy skies. slightly warmer. it was cool yesterday. and even through the overnight hours picked up some rain.
5:19 am
from our roof camera in the warrior blue, 355 san francisco. it's 53 in morgan hill. half moon bay 54. 57 mountain view, san jose and oakland. so looking at the clouds for most of the day by the afternoon we should get some sunny breaks. mid-50s for you in novato and santa rosa. 54 livermore. 56 napa and concord with 57 out by the delta. you see the clouds here from our exploratorium camera. the sun coming up after 6:00 and we will hang on to the clouds. it will be sunny and warmer tomorrow and tuesday. we will have the low clouds at the coast for most of the day. partial afternoon clearing. the onshore flow keeping things pretty seasonal as we get toward the middle of the week. temperatures coming up into tuesday and then we will have some pretty nice readings right on through the end of the week. so there are the showers. you can see them quickly sliding down to the east. not a out of the question that we could see one around antioch or the diablo range. this is later on in the day
5:20 am
today. you notice trying to get a few breaks out there in the cloud deck. we will look for that warmup to come on tuesday. notice 80 livermore and concord and those oranges just on the fridge -- fridge? the fringe on the east bay valleys. notice the 70s at the coast and in the 60s. by wednesday temperatures coming down just a few degrees. that's where we will sort of level off and stay the rest of the week. really getting pretty quiet around here for the next several days. 69 santa clara, 71 los gatos and isolated shower, perhaps. but overall plenty of cloud cover. 66 san mateo. a few breaks in the afternoon. downtown 63. in the north bay notice 65 petaluma with mid-60s toward calistoga. partly to mostly cloudy conditions. 66 san leandro and upper 60s from union city to fremont. you head inland and we see a few 70s here from pittsburgh to livermore and pleasanton. and the rain behind us.
5:21 am
accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the cloud cover. maybe an early morning sprinkle in the east bay. otherwise we get into more sun. coastal clouds early tomorrow and the 80s arrive tuesday and wednesday inland. just about 80. low 70s around the bay and notice the temperatures pretty comfortable with mid-and upper 70s the rest of the week. we definitely got the rain last night. did you hear it? >> yeah, and it sure was night to get it. especially before we go into this lull. >> exactly. >> lisa, thank you. coming up, more on a popular promotion. why you may have a hard time finding
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and. >> when you will take your car in to be serviced the last thing you expect is for it to come back damaged. a richmonded woman said that's exactly what happened when she took her car in for new tires. michael finney stepped in to help. >> jackson pulls into her jackson with her husband. she had brought her car into this big old tires in richmond to get new tires. she said her car was hit by another vehicle while in the shop. >> i didn't notice it was hit until i was ready to drive off. and then i noticed that the back of my bumper had been dented. >> the dent is not as noticeable now. but this is a picture taken by an auto bodyshop before the dent popped out. this is the gap that still exists between the bumper and the body of the car. >> it could make rain go in there, maybe water could get in there, maybe there could be water on the inside of my trunk or something, i don't know.
5:25 am
>> a big ole employee admitted the dent wasn't there when the car was brought in. of the manager wasn't at big o. at the time. she tried to reach him later but she said he was hard to track down. >> this went on like three to four weeks for me calling every day, every other day. >> when she finally reached him the manager asked for more estimates but she said she couldn't take more time off work and called "7 on your side" instead. >> after that he sent me an e-mail and said he would pay for the car. but that was after channel 7 called them. >> the manager declined an interview. the queen has been a good and loyal customer with no past problems. they cannot determine what happened but believe she's telling the truth and have agreed to reimburse her for the repairs. >> thank you so much for helping out. without "7 on your side" none of this would happen. >> we just talked to queen and she tells us big o has reimbursed her for both her
5:26 am
repairs and rental car costs. "7 on your side." >> you can save hundreds of dollars on leather furniture by buying an alternative but some question the quality of so-called bonded and by cast leather. tonight michael finney takes a look at what you are really buying on a special on your side investigation. >> some of the top math minds had a little fun at levi's stadium yesterday. they spent nine weeks doing math challenges for a program called learn storm. students joined other hardworking kids to play a variety of games and go through courses. the 49ers hosted yesterday's event which included a few of the players. >> it's the challenge being heard around the world. it started with this, the new zealand police department
5:27 am
posting a recruitment video during the running man. the nypd answered the call. new zealand politics also got in an the action. one them there posted a video posting a challenge to president obama. the gilroy garlic fries have become such a big hit there's now a shortage. they introduced it slows tan two weeks ago at four south bay locations. they became so popular mcdonald's will be out of the fries for a few weeks. the company previously indicated it could start serving the gilroy garlic fries at all 250 day bay area locations later this summer. we have much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. consolidating his power. why some believe the leader north korea is about to conduct at nuclear test. also ahead, the teen, the prom, and the moment
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>> good morning. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are starting out with plenty cloud cover. 58 in hayward, 57 oakland. mid-50s los gatos. visibility not an issue but we are looking at just the edge of a little bit of precip there. you see it around discovery bay. it quickly sweeps out of the area. left with plenty of cloud cover. most the of you will have dry conditions all morning all day. but you could see an isolated sprinkle. low to mid-60s by noontime around the bay and inland. and by 4:00 this afternoon a few sunny breaks. about 70 around concord today. 67 oakland. >> 59 half moon bay and temperatures staying pretty mild through the 7:00 reading. so we will look for slightly
5:31 am
warmer numbers today. a few sunny breaks and warmer weather on the horizon. that's coming up. chris. >> lisa, thanks. developing news out of southeastern china. as many as 35 workers have been buried under rocks and mud following a landslide at a construction site. china's president is calling for maximum rescue efforts to find the workers. its unclear what caused the landslide but the area has seen 8 inches of rain in the past few days. a fire in canada that's forced nearly 100,000 people from their homes could take weeks for firefighters to put out. officials say the inferno could soon reach the sag -- saskatchewan border. firefighters are facing dry and extremely windy conditions.
5:32 am
. >> suspected mexican drug sord he will chap el chapo brings enclosure to the united states. they said it will now be easier to extradite him. his defense team was not made aware of the move until after it happened. this morning we are getting a rare look inside north korea as unpredictable leader kim un un jun looks to solidify his mace at the top hanks a show the ruling party here is stage. and the young pugnacious supreme leader consolidating his power and brandishing his nukes.
5:33 am
north korea may be about to conduct a fifth nuclear test. another one of his main goals, to show the world this. now a 21st century nation. it's like we were taken on a tour at the women's concert. the new breast cancer screening facility and this pristine new neighborhood, tower apartment blocks reserved for scientists and engineers. inside luxury living north korean style. and in the subway built by his grandfather, the cars were built in east germany. >> this is a brand new railroad car. >> built in north korea and they are fiercely proud of it. >> and weather is traffic. i tried to buy a smartphone. one made only in north korea. >> no twitter, no facebook. angry birds, though. >> we took a selfie on it. >> can she send this to me? >> no. >> north korea may seem weird but it's getting more and more dangerous to the u.s. and kim un
5:34 am
is sending a message, his regime is here to stay. >> president obama addressed the country's racial issues while giving the commencement address yesterday at howard university. >> be confident in your blackness. one of the great changes that's occurred in our country since i was your age is the realization there's no one way to be black. the last month i have had bunt lunch with the queen of england. there's no straitjacket. there's no constraints. there's no litmus test for authenticity. howard is is historically blackf the. he called on people to vote. and two popular vantage point at the golden gate bridge will be off-limits. private cars cannot park at the welcome center in san francisco
5:35 am
or on the marin side. only tour buses can access both lots. taxis and ride sharing cars will only be allowed to drop off passengers at vista points. this is part of an ongoing efforts to ease traffic congestion during peak hours. after six years of disbought over oracle and google over copyright infringement, the companies are heading back to court tomorrow. google is being accused of using their software without permission. oracle appealed two years later and now the case goes back to court. the trial starts tomorrow no san francisco and is expected to last several weeks. a pair of best friends have a night they will never forget and right there cheering them on, the poms who worried this day might never happen. we have the story. >> two teenagers get set for their senior prom. >> i think she likes it.
5:36 am
>> best friends since babies, they were two kids born different in a world where people who were different too often get left out. something their poms worried about in their early days. >> bat 21 weeks we found out eli would be having down syndrome. when i held her in my arms i thought who would take her to the prom? >> but as the years past, megan and eli were embraced by the other kids in lake oswego. and also the prom proposal the other day. they helped him and megan to the prom. >> my girl, my girl. >> yes! >> and as they headed off to the dance with mother's day around the corner, there was a gift in this moment for a mother. >> this feels like that moment with where you cross the finish line. >> but in the end, it was a moment for ely and megan with their friends and each other. a moment good for mother's day
5:37 am
and all year around. abc news. >> still ahead on the abc the 7 morning news. no more pencils, no more brushes. there's a brand new cosmetic procedure giving women the perfect eyebrows every time. as we head to break. a look from the roof camera. lisa area gin will let us know how warm it gets today in the accuweather forecast.
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5:40 am
efforts to open this road started in april. and the popular tourist route is expected to be fully open by the middle of may. happening today, 600 children battling cancer, as well as their families, will have a day of fun with an nfl hall of famer. former 49er ronly lott will stop by as they host the kids day event. this is video from last year. the american cancer society organizations the day as a way for kids with cancer to have fun. nearly 14,000 kids have enjoyed the annual event and they will certainly enjoy the fact there won't be rain down there. >> right, and it won't be too sunny and hot either. we will see just a few breaks in the cloud deck and temperatures near 70 degrees in much of the south bay today. here's a look from the golden gate bridge. visibility pretty good out there. we will have a few peaks of sun. temperatures responding to that, coming up through the 60s today. it's been a while. we will talk about a bigger warmup in just a few minutes.
5:41 am
>> lisa, thanks. also ahead, oakland's own damian lillard makes it a much more difficult for the warriors.
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that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. >> good morning. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in a little bit. in sports, warriors guard steph curry is expected to play on a 3-on-3 session today in the hopes of returning to game four in portland. last night the dubs dropped game three to the blasers.
5:44 am
abc sports direct letter larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors now have some decision toss make. how do they stopt damian lillard in game four of the playoff series and do they start steph curry. game four turned into a barrage of threes by the blazers. steph tested his knee, but he was a spectator at game time. dubs, the biggest lead at 8. played with 18 in the period. the blazers with al-farouq aminu, and tied at 32 after the free throw. damian lillard started lighting it up. oakland's own. the 6 point portland lead. he had 25 points the first half. blazers by a dozen at the break. draymond green with a huge one in his own right. lillard, just too much.
5:45 am
40 points, 10 assists. the blazers become the first team to beat the warriors 2008 this year, is 20108. the final in rip city. golden state up 2-1 in the series headed into game four monday night in portland >> i just didn't feel like we played with the desperation that's necessary to win a playoff game. >> you don't want to be down 0-3 period,ensly not to this team. i just wanted to come out and be aggressive and leave it all out there. our guys followed suit and we got it done. >> much more enjoyable playoff story in san jose. the sharks bounced back from a triple overtime loss and beat nashville in crucial game five. nashville never won a playoff game in san jose. now 0-7. first period, i don't knownous with the pass. patrick marleau the finish. his second in the series. 1-0, team teal. just over a minute after nashville ties it. joe thornton finds the captain, joe pavelski. 2-1, sharks. second period, donskoi.
5:46 am
>> goes between the legs of pekka rinne, 3-1. tied for most in these playoffs. the sharks take a 3-2 series lead a big 5-1 victory with game six coming up monday night in nashville. >> he still have work to do and they are a very good team. we've seen that. i like the fact i think we are getting better as the series has gone on. every game we are getting a little built better, getting more transactions, playing better as a team. and we've got to carry that into game six because they aren't going to roll over. we know that. >> on to baseball. matt duffy was in danger of missing his dinner date last night. giants and rockies played for 4 dollars 20 minutes. 13 hour marathon. they played between the raindrops at&t park. this game was scoreless through nine. colorado takes the 1-0 lead in the tenth.
5:47 am
bottom of the tenth brandon dealt tripled. and they tie it up at 1 a piece. they go on and on to the bottom of the 13th. rally caps on. two on, one out for matt duff. they matt line gets down. conner scores. good night, game over, drive home safely and get your dinner. and the giants win it 2-1. after being rained out on friday night, the a's and orioles a double-header on saturday. sixth inning jeb lowry. singles home. three rbis. two of them coming on this eighth inning bomb. his eighth of the year. the a's take game one. but they lose game two of the twinville by a score of 5-2. that's a wrap on morning sports. happy mother's day, everybody! aim larry beil. >> so this time yesterday we were talking about rain and hour long delays at sfo but what a difference a day makes.
5:48 am
>> we have a lot of low clouds so there could be some delays. looks like the cloud cover is going to linger for much of the day. they saw .02 at sfo and downtown san francisco .07 throughout the day. and napa up to .2. a little more rain. we squeezed out yesterday. we show showers out toward stockton, sacramento, and blue canyon where temperatures are in the low 40s right now. we he will look for these to continue to dissipate, whereas the shower activity will continue in the mountains. the bay area works he will see a few sunny breaks today. finally. it's been several days of the gray sky and the showers. from our roof camera, 55 downtown. and in half moon bay. just .01 for you yesterday. 56 san jose, 53 morgan hill, 57 mountain view. oakland at 58. here's sfo. you see the low clouds. and by about 11:00 we should see some better ceilings lift. kind. dicey. sort of iffy throughout the day but we will call it partly
5:49 am
cloudy throughout the afternoon. 55 santa rosa, as well as novato. 56 in napa, 57 fairfield and concord with livermore coming in at 54 degrees. so we are looking at not only the cloud cover today, but all week long the low clouds, onshore flow is back and it will keep the coast rather seasonal and that will allow for temperatures to stay pleasant, really peeking on tuesday. so the clouds today. warmer tomorrow and tuesday. and then we will sort of level off the rest of the work week. so in terms. the state forecast we talk about the showers in the northern and southern sierra around yosemite. 60s there. upper 50s and thunderstorms in the northern syria and maybe a few more showers. and los angeles 67, as well as san diego. monterey with the clouds 64 degrees. the rest of the day today notice the rainfall activity sinking to the south. maybe an isolated shower throughout our east bay valleys. of the diablo range this morning. then it's about mostly to partly
5:50 am
cloudy skies throughout the day today. as we enjoy that, we will look for the warmer numbers you not to arrive until tuesday. with highs near 80 concord. livermore and napa. low 70s around the bay and look what happens on wednesday. just a couple subtle differences. it will allow the numbers to slim down a couple degrees and that's sort of where we will stay. maybe a little cooler into the end of the week. so in terms of highs around the bay today, with the cloud cover, just upper 50s half moon bay. 63 in san francisco. mid-60s for you in richmond with about 70 san jose and 69 up in napa. so today another day. and looking at slightly brighter conditions. low 60s for you at 1:00, atkinson park. it should stay that way throughout the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast. maybe an isolated shower, east bay. higher elevation for mother's day and then lacking sunny, milder tomorrow and the warmest days tuesday, wednesday inland and then lacking at numbers pretty comfortable with 60s
5:51 am
and 70s around the bay the rest of the week. so, yeah, happy mother's day. >> lisa, thank you. a cosmetic technique is raising eyebrow necessary a good way. it's a method of creating semi permanent eyebrows without the marking pen look of traditional abrow tattooing. we have the details. >> she has what problem with her eyebrows. >> what i don't like about my eyebrows is i don't have any. >> while mother nature may have shorted her, she is hoping to close the gap with a procedure known as microblading. at this nail bar she is preparing the tools she will use to thicken the look of her eyebrows. >> now i want to clean her up and numb her. >> with anesthetic they feel a light scratching technique. it as yous inc. but it's world away from the flat eyebrow tattooing of the past. >> you won't be able to tell that she has it done.
5:52 am
the old method you look at them as a big line on their face. >> with microblading the technician feathers delicate cuts into the surface of the skin to channel the inc.. the goal is to create the illusion of individual harris. >> her hair now going up. >> she said this version called soft tap takes the technique even further. the pens are made up of tiny needles and over the course of the procedure she will alternate her strokes, feathering up and then down. >> different direction, it's like shadowing. now i'm making the depth to it. when you look at it, it's a line but behind it there's so many dots behind it. >> the result is a more three-dimensional look as seen in the before and after photos. after several hours trinn gets a chance to see her results. her new eyebrows will last about a year before requiring a touch-up. and since the technique is done near the surface of the skin, she said it can also be readjusted to make sure be
5:53 am
clients wind up with the work they want. abc7 news. >> it was developed here in the bay area. the company is based in pleasanton. the price varies but typically starts at about $350. up next, why dozens of
5:54 am
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here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. one ticket purchased in new jersey matched all six numbers so wednesday night's jackpot resets to $40 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $21 million super lotto plus drawing. nobody picked all six numbers in that drawing either so wednesday's jackpot goes up to $22 million. happening now, it's the fifth annual tinkerbell half-marathon at the disneyland resort. propelled by pixy dust, thousands of runners are spending their mother's day morning knowing through the disneyland in california adventure park and the streets
5:56 am
of anaheim. you are looking at video from last year's run. it's one of the top three women-focused races in the country. disney is the parent company of abc7. next on the abc7 morning news at 6:00. go inside the ultimate warriors fan cave and meet the teenagers broadcasting the doves games on their own. >> my employment situation is quite dire. >> also is san francisco's tech bubble cautioning a severe shortage in the service industry? the restaurants looking for much-needed help.
5:57 am
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chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
6:00 am
about. >> it's sunday, may 8th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen in for carolyn tyler. we are getting a break from the rain on this mother's day. here's lisa argen with a first look at live doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. we didn't see much but anything we do see in may seems like a although the. anywhere from a couple hundredths to .2 in napa. a pretty good downpour yesterday, much in the north bay through the overnight hours. we have a few showers left around sacramento and sierra nevada where thunderstorms could still fire up. bigger picture shows finally the energy, getting out of town today. doesn't mean we are going to see a whole lot of sunshine, though. we still have a lot of low level moisture and traps some delays at sfo. 55 in san francisco, as well as half moon bay. 56 san jose, 57 mountain view. and right now ceilings are pretty low at the airport. but no delays reported. 57 by the delta. it's 55 livermore, 56 in concord and if you are


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