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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  May 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a hunger strike aimed at getting san francisco's top cop fired is over. but the frisco five pledge to continue to take action. cornell bernard is live with the latest. they're changing tactics. >> reporter: they will not be returning to the area, nor will their supporters. this is the police station where barricades and police officers now sound the area where the strike started in april. now they're calling for a general strike and boycott tomorrow but not everyone is
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onboard. >> the fridays co five made it official. the hunger strike was over. they were admitted to the hospital because of declining health. it came hours after religious leaders offered a prayer for strength. >> the lift up so much pain and anger going back for decades because of the way people in our communities have been treat by law enforcement. >> the group demanded the firing of the police chief after two shooting deaths of minority bid police friday nice, protesters who supported the frisco five stormed city hall and refused to leave. a totaloff 33 protesters were arrested. now the frisco five are generating this message on social media, calling for an all-day protest at city hall. an early voting rauly will be postponed in honor of the group and their message. >> we decided in honor of the frisco five who put their bodies on the line and thousands of people who are going to show up
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to support them, we would postpone our event. >> the frisco five are calling for a general struck in san francisco, asking citizens to boycott work, school, and avoid spending money another big box retailers. some folks can't prom business their support. >> that's not going to happen. we need to survive. we need to pay our rent and bills. everybody is living from paycheck to paycheck. >> that's a nice wish but i think for most people, couldn't afford to not go to school or miss their jobment we have a lot of problems here besides injustice. >> the city hall protest is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in san francisco. cornell bernard,. >> form we'll fine out the results of a year-long investigation into the san francisco police department. the san francisco darn convened the panel to look other into whether that is racial bias in department. the panel's report will be
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presented tomorrow night with a public comment session. >> a fedex driver changes charges in connection with a crash that injured a chp officer. the driver is regularly ramirez. police say ramirez was driving under the influence at the time of the crash on highway 50 in sacramento. the chp officer was investigating another accident. he is still in the hospital and is expected to survive. a medical emergency forced a night from san francisco to chicago to make an emergency landing. a woman passed out on the unites airlines flight last night. the plane made an emergency lanking at the billings, montana, airport. medical crews met the plane at the gate. as you see in this picture, the investigators say the woman later died. no word at this point on the cause of death. a group of members in the east bay find themselves locked out of the place they woreship.
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we were at oakland's union baptist church as the knocked on the door. they say their pastor uncovered a dispute over accounting and spending by church deck cons and that has created a split in the church. some church members and the past you're have not been allowed to come in and worship for more than a month now. >> a place i've been coming to for years. it's my sanctuary, it's where i come and release myself, and ask god for forgiveness, and i can't do it. >> abc7 news reached out to church deck cons and were told, no comment. in the race for president, donald trump is lashing out at republicans who won't support him but also reveal something of his plans that may have to change. here's the latest from washington. >> in my opinion, the taxes for the rich will good up somewhat. >> reporter: the likely republican nominee already walking back his tax plan. >> in my plan they're going down
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but by the time it's negotiated they'll go up. >> reporter: during an interview with george stephanopoulos, donald trump says he doesn't neat a unified republican party to become president. >> i don't think so. >> doesn't have to be unified. >> i don't think so. >> how do you win in. >> i think i'm going to go out and get millions of people from the democrats, bernie people to vote. >> trump's comments come as the rift inside the g.o.p. appears to be deepening, big names refusing to endorse the candidate, like house speaker paul ryan. the two well meet on capitol hill next week, but already trump supporter sarah pamin says she will work to out the most powerful republican in congress. >> his political career is over, but for a miracle, because he is so disrespected the will of the people. >> even democratic front-runner hillary clinton weighing in on the bitter feud. >> the republicans themselves are raising questions about their presumptive nominee.
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>> reporter: clinton vowing to stay out of name calling with trump, even as he blasted the secretary of state and her husband. >> she is married to man who is the worst abuser of women in the history of politics. >> clinton says she'll stick to the issues and pick up any voters disillusioned by the likely g.o.p. nominee. >> i am asking people to come join this campaign, and i've had a lot of outreach from republicans in the last days. >> reporter: first she must beat bernie sanders to the nomination. >> donald trump must not become president of the united states. >> reporter: abc news, washington. >> in developing news, a massive wildfire that forced almost 90,000 people to evacuate in alberta, canada, is growing and approaching the neighboring province of saskatchewan. the fire is blamed for two deaths. both people died in traffic accidents while trying to evacuate. evacuees are just glad they're safe. >> all i thought, if you can get
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my children safe, then i don't care. i was on my knees in the truck thinking am i going to get from north to south? >> frames started a week ago and has charred more than 600 square miles the fire is spreading rapidly due to tinder dry condition. a downpour is needed to tame the fire that is the size of hong kong and consumed at least 1600 structures. a series of towards reduced several homes to rubble in eastern colorado. take a look. storm chasers captured some gripping video as the storms hit. the national weather service says four tornadoes hid 100 miles east of denver with one a half mile wide and six miles long. at least five people were her. hail and severe thunderstorms also moved through the area yesterday. ahead, the ultimate mother's day gift. >> i love her so much.
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>> celebrating the joy of motherhood with a new mom. also. >> i'm mike shumann, the big question today in portland is will steph curry play on monday against the blazers. we'll have an update in sports. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma, what finish to the weekend. nothing but sunshine out there this afternoon. the pattern is about to do a 180. we're talking clearing skies, and warming temperatures. how hot we get the accuweather forecast.
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sunshine. tee finals win ticket that matched the powerball numbers, snagging the $429 million jackpot. the ticket was sold at a 7-eleven store in trenton, new jersey. one ticket sold in san jose matched five tickets. the ticket is worth $1.3 million. the winning numbers are: 5, 25, 26, 44, 66, and the powerball number is 9. we also have those numbers on our web site, go to mother's day is extra special when you have a newborn. we were at the hospital in redwood city where this family celebrated their first mother's day with newborn natalia. she was borne two days ago.
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>> motherhood is -- can be very hard and challenging but a silver lining. a blessing to be a mop. >> the hospital staff handed out pink cupcakes and pink roses to all the new mom today. look at one hot spot for mother's day. san francisco's exploratorium. the roof tomorrow camera shows a long line of people waiting to get in. the exploratorium offered free admission for everyone to help celebrate mother's day. up next, prom, problems. a school's response after a student says she was kicked out of the dance for wearing a tux. it's a return to the '80s. where temperatures are concerned, when we can expect some warmer weather. here's a look at what is ahead on abc7's world news at 5:30. >> good evening. coming up, incredible images of a twister touching down. tonight, seven million people in the threat zone. also, trump telling g.o.p. leaders to get in or get out as he gets personal with bill
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>> two popular vantage opinions at the golden gate bridge are re-opening. parking was offlimit advertise welcome center and vista point from 11:00 this morning until 5:00 p.m. it's part of ongoing efforts to ease traffic congestion during peak hours. high school staff in pennsylvania forced a student to leave prom because of what she was wearing. she is a lesbian who doesn't wear girls clothe. she gotten a i'm from her private catholic school explaining girls had to wear a tress to prom or they couldn't attend. she weapon anywhere wearing a school and she was escorted out. >> shouldn't be difference because it's something i was born with.
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i-a lot of the girls dresses -- i'm not saying that all of them are this way but they show a lot of skip. i think i'm dressed modestly. >> the school released a statement saying the fuel dress code policy was sent to parents three months ago and they contacted wolf's mother in hopes of resolving the situation. an alternative to expensive leather furniture is raising questions about what you're really buying. critics say bonded leather is pro-to tearing, riching and flaking and there are no regulations how the material should be labeled. >> i think it's absolutely wrong. think that you're pulling the wool over people's eyes. >> a warning about what you need to know before you buy. a special "7 on your side" investigation. that's at tonight at 11:00. music filled a mother's day tradition in east bay. ♪ ♪ >> we were in alameda for the
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park spring festival. every year the city's business association invites 0 the community downtown for at the free street fair. more than 150 vendors took part and there was lots of food. meteorologist drew tuma has a look at the accuweather forecast. pretty day out there. >> it is, eric, what a difference only six hours make. we started with a lot of cloud cover this morning. now the sun is shining. the embarcadero is packed with people. picture perfect for mom. live doppler 7hd, sunny sky, it's quiet. a live look from the emeryville camera showing you the sun shining on the bay waters. oakland, 65. 66 mountain view, 68 san jose. cool along the coast, half moon bay, 59. sun all across san francisco, and into the north bay. some high clouds well to our
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north and will be staying there the time being. 64 in santa rosa. 65 napa, 70 fairfield. temperatures to surge compared to this time 24 hours ago. most spots from five to ten edition warmer the second half of the weekend. here's the reason why. live doppler 7hd, along with satellite, the past few days we have had a lot of cloud cover, on and off showers. the reason why the area of low pressure over the four corners and that is going to kick off to the east and that means for us we'll see the better half of this equation, high pressure moves in, and lots of sunshine in the forecast. overnight tonight, low clouds will move right back in upper 40s to lower 5s in, and tomorrow morning, a lot of low clouds, coastal fog in the upper 40s to lower 50s. by mid-day, 90% of the bay area is doing just fine with lots of
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sunshine, coastal fog and that fog will dissipate in most areas on the evening should cementiful sunshine. the highs for monday. microclimates, 72 san jose, 70 sunny valley. 70 mountain view. half moon bay, 69. daily city, 59. north bay, 69 napa. 64 san rafael. 73 cloverdale. oakland, up to 68. 75 antioch. 70 san ramon, and 72 walnut creek. temperatures continue to surge. we go into the low 80s, our warmest spots on tuesday. a reminder, though. the sun this time of the year, as strong as it is in early july so very high uv index means you can burn in 15 minutes. temperatures in the low 60s to near 80 degrees.
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so, nice accuweather forecast. clouds and sunshine on monday, warm afternoon on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, picture perfect. on friday, and saturday and sunday, more in the way of sunshine, and temperatures backing down into in the mid-and-low 70s in, so last week was the clouds and showers. this week we're talking about sunshine and warming temperatures. >> thank you very much. and merrick quan is here with -- mr. rick quan us here for a pry vie. >> the forecast for steph curry a little cloudy. we'll show you if the giants andways can celebrate more than mother's day, and will sonya i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by
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the temp tigs may steph curry tomorrow night increasees. but is he ready to take the court? mike shumann that the latest. >> before the loss to portland the warriors were 4-0 without steph curry. the question is will he be available for monday. >> he went to the practice and played three-on-three at the end of practice and looks pretty good. looked about like he did yesterday in terms of movement, and we'll see how he comes up tomorrow in terms of after a night of sleep, coming off the workout. so i would just say he is doubtful for tomorrow. >> his teammates are preparing to play without him, but if he does return -- >> that would be huge. way can't let our guard down when he comes back.
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have to play with the same sense of urgency. we got to play with a greater sense of urgency and win the game. >> the sharks advance to the western conference find tomorrow night with a win in nashville. the men in gray beat the predators 5-1, san jose track control in the second. pavelski had a pair of goals. the home team has won every game in the series so that needs to be broken if the sharks can close out the predators in nashville. >> it's tough to put a team away especially in their building. >> i think we're getting better as the series has gone on. every game we're getting a little better and have to carry that into game six because they're not going to roll over and we know that. >> giants pitcher jeff smardzija turned in a strong outing but didn't get any help from the offense.
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out to at&t park. this mom is making her voice heard. colorado got to smardzija for a run in the first. air nat to, who had three hits today, drills the ball off the wall in right center, scoring trevor story. 1 or rocks. for most hoff the day the shark was bearing his teeth. finished with nine ks and 7 but the offense struggled. 2-1 was the file. in baltimore this mom went home happy as the yes clobbered the a's. the orioles hoyt not one, not two, not four, but six home runs off oakland pitching. ma -- ma chad to the that who, including a no-doubt grand slam in the eight. ways lose 11-3, now off to boston for a three-game series start can tomorrow.
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and the cavaliers have completed a four-game sweep of the hawks. i'll have highlights tonight at 6:00. the a's are still in bat can practice. >> a home run derby in baltimore. >> thank you. go goats. why they're running wild in streets when abc7 news at 5:00 returns. ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible.
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at 6:00, one of san francisco's tourist hot spots will close during the peak of the tourist season. a surprise resir jounce after a virus nearly winded out one species along the pacific coast. join us at 6:00. a farmers market promotion featuring goats didn't go as planned. it is goats gone wild, folks, running in the streets and the bushes. organizers of a farmers market in kentucky planned on walking the goats down the street but they had ideas of their own. it took two hours to round up the wayward goats and tell them not to do that again.
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okay. that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00. see you again at 6:0 welcome to "world news tonight." tornado watch. as we come on the air, extreme weather. residents running from these twisters. at least seven reported tornadoes touching down. plus, hail and damaging winds. 7 million in the threat zone tonight. solo mission? donald trump tells republican leaders, get in or get out. and gets personal in his fight against hillary clinton. carnival terror. an 11-year-old girl, smiling just moments before an accident. the mother who jumped in to shut it down. what went down? powerball mystery. the $429 million powerball winner, still a


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