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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  May 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: tactics are changing but the message is the same. barricades surround the mission police station here on valencia street where the hunger strike began lag month. tonight they're call only citizens to protest, strike and boycott tomorrow. >> hours after ending the hunger strike the frisco five is putting out this message, callingphone are all-day protest and general strike monday morning. they ended their 17-day hunger strike on saturday after the group was admitted to ucsf hospital because of declining heath. the announcement came after religious leaders offered them a prayer for strength. >> they've served our community so well by lifting up so much pain and anger that goes back for decades because of the way people in our communities have been treated by law enforcement. >> the group demanded the fire of police chief greg suhr after two shooting death of minoritieses by police. friday night, protesters who
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supported the frisco five stormed city small refused to leave. 33 people were arrested now. the group wants a general strike, asking citizens to boycott work, school, and avoid spending money at big box retailers. candidate will honor the strike, an early voting rally at city hall will be postponed. >> these folks are trying to elevate this issue so it doesn't just require people to starve or die, but that floor ways we can make clear that reform is not just a talking point for the mayor. it's something that actually he should do. >> i appreciate what they did. i think there's a lot more to this story russian some folks can't promise their support. >> not going to happen. we need to survive. we need to pay our sprint our bills. everybody is living from paycheck to paycheck. >> a nice wish but i think for most people they can't afford to not good to school or miss their jobs. we have a lot of problems here besides injustice. >> the city hall protest is schedule from 8:30 to 5:00 a.m. in san francisco, abc7 news.
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>> a san lorenzo man is in jail after slamming his fedex truck into a highway patrol over. gregory ramirez faces drunk driving charges. he was under the influence when he crashed yesterday morning near downtown sacramento. an officer who was investigating another accident was hit. the officer is still in the hospital but is expected to be okay. in pittsburg, police are investigating a shooting that left one person seriously injured. it happened gist after 10:00 last night in the 400 block of east tenth street. officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. a group of church members in oakland were not allowed to worship inside their church for another day, mother's day. we were at oakland's union baptist church as they found themselves locked out. they say their pastor uncovered a dispute involving spending by
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church deck cons. that created a split in the church that has been going on for a month. they hope to work things out soon. >> the best resolution would be for all parties to sit down together and try to work out the differences so that we can all come together in unity. >> abc7 news reached out to church deacons to get their side and there was no comment. >> a woman who is a prolific i.d. thief. maria join found thunder victims through dating and rental web sites and got access to their homes, would go through the belong examination get personal information to open new lines of credit. depth si says johnson has felony convictions for fraud dating back to 1997 and use several fake names. a southern california high school student wearing a hijab in yearbook pictures is misidentified and now the school is apologizing. she was identified in isis
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phillips in the los osos yearbook. one student who on the yearbook said there was actually a student named isis who transferred in. >> this is an honest mistake. no racial act. >> i feel like it's an honest mistake and if everything in the world wasn't going on with the whole csis terrorist group, everybody would interpret it differently. >> we want an answer from the school. >> the council on american islamic relations says the student will likely not return to school until the issue is resolve appropriately. the school district says the mistake is being investigated. other news now. bernie sanders is headed to sacramento tomorrow. the first day some voters will be able to cast ballots in the california primaries. for more, let's go live to lilian kim at city hall where some voters will hand in their choices for a candidate. >> reporter: early voting here at city hall begins at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. just a little more than four
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weeks before the june 7th june 7th primary. the idea is to give voters plenty of opportunity to cast their ballots and to avoid the crowds on election day. early voting in the city begins the same day that the hillary clinton campaign opens its san francisco office and will occupy the former crown building on van ness avenue. there were a few volunteers getting a head start on things today. that expect to be in full operation tomorrow. they'll be having their official launch at 5:00 p.m. i think hillary has a lot of support here in san francisco, and our volunteers are going to be out there every day trying to talk to volters, encouraging and pushing the great things that hillary has done for california and for americans in general. >> reporter: as for bernie sanders, he'll be in sacramento tomorrow. that's where he'll be appearing at a campaign rally, and on tuesday he'll be appearing at another campaign rally in stockton. sanders faces slim odd of
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overtaking clinton but says he'll stay in the race until california's primary and other states. >> still ahead at 6:00. >> hello, i'm mike shumann in portland. will steph curry play against the blazers? on monday? we have an update in sports. >> one of san francisco's tourist hot spots will close during the peak of the tourist season. and the surprise resurgence after a virus nearly wiped out one species along the pacific coast. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. a fantastic end to the weekend. clouds are rolling back in. what that means to the work week, coming up.
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san francisco's popular alamo square park will close for nine months starting on tuesday. it's going to shut down for some much needed renovations to the irrigation system, which is expected to result in 37% water savings. bathrooms will also be upgradedded and some new landscaping will be put in. taking a live look outside at the golden gate bridge and see all the blue sky there. tourists hoping to park there today were turned away. parking on both ends closed
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during peak hours to help with traffic. it helps again memorial day weekend and fourth of july weekend. you can still take public transportation, taxi so ride-sharing service to reach the bridge. >> in 2014 city officials shut down lombard street to all vehicles during peak hours because of overcrowding. the city considered it a success and is studying a long-term plan to possibly limit access. >> gasoline prices on the rise again, up nine cents of the laos two weeks and 95 cents over the past three months. or is that 55 cents. let's go back and -- 55 cents. analysts believe it's bus crude oil prices are going up. the average price in the us is 2.27 a gallon and 60 cents more than that in san francisco. >> sea stars are making a come back after an unprecedented dieoff in 2014. a virus killed millions of star fish.
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forced their limbs to fall off. oregon state researchers said they were surprised to find many survived the winter. scientistsure what cause the dieoff or resurgence. day believe sea star recovery is not guaranteed. if you like art, please join abc7 7 news for a very special tour of the new sf -- cav the new view right here on abc7 tonight at 6:30. a mother's day several bay area moms will never forget. and drive drew tuma is up next with the monday morning forecast. mother's day is still here, though. >> we'll somehow you if the giants and a's had more to celebrate than mother's day,
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there is no better mother's day gift than a new bundle of joy. we were at sequoia hospital in redwood city to meet newborn nat tally rose. she was born two days ago.
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mom, dad, and older brother are thrilled to welcome the new addition. the arrival makes the whole family appreciate everything a mom can do. >> it could be very hard and challenging, but it's so rewarding. >> should be every single day for them. they work really hard. she is my motivation. i work for her. >> there you go bob, every day should be mother's day. hospital staff handed out pink cupcakes and pink roses to all the new mom today. san francisco, special mother's day for homeless mothers. the center shared the pictures with us. a group of fathers from dads that cook made breakfast for the mothers and their families. afterwards they got their care and makeup done. the hamilton family center is one of the largest providers of service and shelter to homeless families in san francisco. we couldn't have ordered up a better day weatherwise for mom, at least later on with the day. here's drew tuma.
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>> beautiful afternoon. sunny skies after few morning shoes. live doppler 7hd showing you the showers are oust here and we have a mixture of sunshine and clouds. a live look outside, we had a fair amount of sun this afternoon but now you do notice along the coast we have low clouds trying to push back some and will do so overnight. currently 60 in san francisco, oakland at 65. the same in mountain view. san jose, touche warmer at 68. morgan hill, 68. half moon bay, 59. we'll take you to san jose. a lot of blue up there. mainly clear skies over the south bay. it's currently 64 in seasons -- santa rosa and the north bay. fairfield, 68. 66 concord. the live doppler 7hd along with satellite. the past few tase, cloud cover and showers. the reason why this area of low pressure is exiting towards the east and that means a nice string of sunny afternoons on the way. we have a bit of a wind, 10 to
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20 miles-per-hour, onshow, and the onshore breeze will bring the clouds along the coast and move them inland overnight. so clear skies in spots early on, but overnight will turn to mostly cloudy and temperatures will drop into the upperper 40s to lower 50s. 49 in napa. san jose, overnight low around 52. future weather hour-by-hour, timing out the cloud cover for you first thing tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the morning. a lot of low clouds. coastal fog, starting temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. by noon, lunchtime, 90% of the bay area is seeing sunny skies. the only exception probably the coast with a lot of fog. the fog will continue to dissipate in the afternoon and evening and most spots will have sunny skies by the afternoon and evening. highs on monday, warmer than today. nor sunshine. 72 in san jose, 70 cupertino. along the peninsula tomorrow, upper 60s to lower 70s.
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right along the coast, where we have cloud cover, only 59 the high in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, afternoon sunshine, more in the way of clouds for the sunset district. north bay, 68, san rafael. 68 vallejo, and 66 the high in calistoga. oakland tomorrow, 68. 69, union city. richmond, 66. inland, low to mid-70s. 5 -- 75 antioch. temperatures will continue to climb. we'll go into the low 80s inland on tuesday, plentiful sunshine. the sin just as strong as it is in -- the sun just as strong as in july so the uv index is very high and your skin can burn unprotected in 15 minutes, and the warm sunny weather continues mid-week. on monday it's clouds to sunshine, a warm afternoon on tuesday, after morning fog, and then get into the rhythm with morning fog, afternoon sunshine, wednesday and thursday. friday, it's picture perfect, a little cooler, and saturday and sunday, we are sun-soaked and
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temperatures very soldier. so i think it's a payback after last week brought the cloud cover. a lot of sunshine on the way the next seven days. >> sounds picture perfect. >> will he or won't he? steph are, we're talking about. >> the temptation is great to play him but they want to do the right thing. with portland winning game three you now the warriors would love to have steph kerry back bus it he ready to play? mike shumann has the latest. >> the warriors had bump in the road with the loss to portland. now the question become wells steph curry be available for game four on monday. >> he went through practice, played three-on-three at the end of practice, and looked pretty good. looked about like he did yesterday in terms of movement, and we'll see how he comes up tomorrow in terms of after a night of sleep, coming off the
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workout. so i would just say he is doubtful for tomorrow. >> his teammates are preparing to play without him. but if he does return. >> that would be huge, the mvp. we have to play with the same sense of urgency. can't think that steph is here, everything is going to be okay. we got to play with a great sense of urgency, and go out there and win the game. >> this team has not lost back-to-back games all season, and don't plan on ending that streak on monday. >> we gave them some life, and i think i expect to us come out hungrier on monday. >> it's ours to lose, and you hate losing in the playoffs itch feel like we'll come out with a lot of fire tomorrow. >> reporting in portland, mike shumann, abc7 sports. cleveland was trying to complete a four-game sleep of atlanta. cavs up we bun with 40 second to play but the so shot clock down to one, lebron james knocks down the jumper. he hawks cut the lead to one and had had a chance to win.
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the drive to the hoop but gets tied up. jump ball with 2.8 seconds to play. james, wins the tap. paul millsap tries to put up a shot before the buzzer but it's too late and no good. the cavs hang ton win, 100-99 and take the series 4-0, and move on to the eastern conference finals. now to hockey. the sharks can advance to the western conference finals tomorrow with a win in nashville. the many in teal took a 3-2 lead last night by beating the prelatures. san have say took control in the second period, couture and pavelski found the net. the home team has won every game in the series so that trend will need to be broken if the sharks are to close out the predators tomorrow night. >> always tough. always tough. to put a team away. especially in their building. thaw play really well there. >> we're getting better as the series has gone on here. every game we're getting a little bit better and we have to carry that into game six because they're not going roll over and
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we know that. >> giants pitcher smardzija turned in a good outing but no help from the offense. this mom was making her voice heard. colorado got to smardzija for a run in the first remember arenado who came within a home run of hitting through the cycle today, drills the ball off the wall for a triple. 1 or rockies. but for most of the day, the shark was bearing its teeth. striking out the side. finished with nine ks in and 7-2/3 immigration but the offense struggled. brandon crawford, grounds into double play to end the contest. 2-0 was the final. so a fine outing by smardzija is wasted. >> he threw the ball great. unfortunate we couldn't score for him. >> they got me in some trouble, and we probably going to be in some battles with those guys a few more types this year.
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>> in baltimore, this mom went hone happy as the o's clobbered the yays. hitting six home runs off oakland. machado had two homers including a no-doubt grand slam in the eight. drove a career high six runs. a's lose 11-3, now off to boston for a three-game series starting tomorrow. and this abc7 sports report is bright you by orchard supply hardware. right now steph curies doubtful but they'll re-evaluate tomorrow. so him chance he -- slim chance he might play. >> next at 6:00. ironman duking it out with captain america in that explosion if addition to the
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good deal but be careful what you side. a special "7 on your side" investigation. captain america's latest blockbuster locked down the fifth biggest opening in history. civil war pits avengers against each other in a ideological showdown, and there are a few surprises for fans. if you think comic books are for kids, think again. 90% of the moviegoers were adults, like rick quan, it earned $181 million, helping out disney reach $1 billion. the fastest the studio ever reached that amount. another disney property, jungle book, was second, and keanu round out the top five. so, get out and see civil war. i know i'm going to. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. thanks for joining you -- joining us. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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