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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are seeing a lot of clouds. even some drizzle if you come to work early this morning. our meteorologist mike nicco starts off. mike? >> here is a look at live doppler hd, no showers, no heavy rain. just patchy drizzle. helply around san francisco and the peninsula. some of the northwest bay be as well. the ferry riders show five miles per hour wind and a gray start. the day planner is 52 to 58 and mild. 64 inland by noon. that is where we will see the most sunshine. the rest of us get it in the afternoon. temperatures are below average. ran says has another new accident. >> it could be a crash with six cars in the center divide southbound 880 at
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boulevard. it could be slow. c.h.p. is on the way. westbound 80 is through to the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. >> early voting is today across the bay area and the rest state and california is late in the game primary may not be a game changer but it is an important test. matt? >> good morning, mail inballots committee out today and you do not have to wait until election day but you can drop them off at the registrar of voters in santa clara. there are 50 other locations, as well, in the county. are you listening on voting in california is the lat state to hold a primary election. voter registration numbers are way up compareed to 2014. donald trump is the presumptive nominee nominee and hillary clinton is closing in on her party's nomination but experts are specificking a big turn out.
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people want to be heard and there are other races on the pal lot. california secretary of state told the mercury news that it could be a major surge in turnout businesses on legislations in other states and the high underland voter regularstriction number by people 25 and older. most in not all bay area counties have a place to go to cast the ballment. you can find more details on >> as you mentioned, early voting and vote by mail begins today cross the state with other dates to keep in mind. the deadline to registrar to vote or change party affiliation is may 23rd. can you request a vote by mail ballot through the end of mail. voters go to the polls on tuesday, down7th -- june >> frisco 5 hunger strikeers are planning a city-wide protest.
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janet there is damage from the friday forecast. that is right. damage inside city hall that will cost thousands to fix. it is not clear in the video but we told that a metal detector was knocked down. group has been on a hunger strike for 17 days. because of health concerns the hung are strike now has ended and the group now is calling for a general strike instead. this is all in an effort to demand san francisco police chief suhr to be fired in early vote rally at city hall will be post popped and some residents say this protest is unrealistic. >> it is the nice wish but for most people they cannot afford to miss their job we have a lot of problems besides injustice and there is economic inequality and other problems. >> protests have been ongoing since the fatal shooting of
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mario woods. at city hall you can see the barricades outside ready to be set up the jail with a large crowd, up to 600 people will be out here and there will also be a large police presence in case it is out of control. >> we will watch. the man accused of kidnap asking murdering a three-year-old boy more than 30 years ago is scheduled to be arraigned today. in 1948 clark monday -- honda was snatched from his body room, and three weeks ago a friend of the honda family was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. the police say the cold case unit reexamined the case in 2011 and found evidence leading to the suspect who now is in state prison for three separate cases of child molestation. all the man charged with killing a long time san francisco public defender will appear in court today. the 20-year-old is accused of
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killing his aunt who was in her home on friday morning. she was stabbed 40 times. she worked in the public defender's office for three decades. investigators have not said what happened between the two before her death. >> new allegations surfaced against pittsburg best that claim the department is purposely misclassifying cream stats to down play violence in the city. the bay area news group reports that the department is classifying a far higher percentage of crimes as suspicious circumstances. that is a category that keeps them from being counted in the federal cream stats. the practice came to light by a federal pittsburg police lieutenant would new is sighing the ski for wrongful termination. the department declined to comment on the story. >> marin officials are asking the water resources board to rescind the conservation rules. the municipal customers saved
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22%. the rose veries are monday that 98% of cast well above average of 90% for this time of year. >> big news this for, warriors star steph curry is expected to be named the second straight mvp this week and we mentioned it a few minutes ago, according to espn. he made an n.b.a. record 402, three pointers, shattering the rest record of 286 from last year. the warriors won n.b.a. record, 73 games this season. he is listed as "doubtful," in portland because of the necessity sprain two weeks ago the. >> let the games begin, the invictus games are underway in invictus games are underway in florida and inspiring wounded
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>> we are talking temperatures a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. los gatos is 48. everyone else is around 55 in am lull rock and down to 53 in milpitas and san jose and cupertino at 57. danville is 52 and san tab low and half moon bay and novato is
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coolest at june. san rafael, air quality, moderate, mold spores are moderate and pollen is down, u.v. is high, and walnut creek has drizzle and in the valley, you can see the temperatures are warmer on tuesday and wednesday, especially inland with the look at when you get the sunshine in your neighborhood next. frances? >> we got two injury accidents in the last five minutes. one is southbound 101 toward sfo and it could be blocking the middle lane or a little bit further, we are seeing the slowing as you move beyond 380 to san bruno and southbound 880, stalled vehicle in the center divide. that is not a big problem. but, southbound 680, sunol onramp to southbound 680 a crash and a new accident reported also possibly involving injuries southbound 680, 84, and that could cause big delays through
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sunol grade so we will track that with drive times next report. >> facebook c.e.o. opened up about being a single mother after losing her hut. she writes "i will never experience and understand all of the challenges most single moms face but i understand a lot more than i did a year ago." her husband died suddenly while he was vacationing in mexico, she called on greater support for moms who are raising children particularly those who do it alone. >> a san francisco museum is getting a major upgrade. getting a major upgrade. >> and a young girl faces a breyers natural vanilla. getting a major upgrade. >> and a young girl faces a milk and fresh cream and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good!
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, cam pbell, bay. all the federal officer accused after shooting rampage that left three dead in maryland will appear in court. eulalio tordil is accused of gun down his estranged wife and two others in bethesda, maryland, and a grocery store. three others were hurt. he is upset because his wife left him and he was placed on a desk job. >> joaquin "el chapo" guzman has been transferred to a new federal prison nearing the border and will be housed in a facility near the border of el
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paso, next, named the worst in the country for inmate conditions. authorities believe that though need to do a boat are job of preventing a inside jail break. >> a young girl in nebraska is in critical condition after terrible accident at a carnival. the 11-year-old was on the we carnival ride and they saw a horrific accident, her hair got caught in part of ride and it ripped out part of her scalp. a bystander stepped in to help amid the chaos and the mother said she was shocked when she her. [ inaudible ] >> i would not wreck any parent to put their child on a ride. >> we will hear her doctor on "good morning america" right here. >> an impressive opening ceremony at invictus games at disney in orlando, florida, this is the same thing that is put on by print's prince harry and
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first lady delivering a lot of speeches during the two hour event. it was prince harry's ide inspire veteran on the way to their recovery. 500 athletes will compete. robin roberts was at the became and spoke with hearry and mrs. oh bum. >> wearing a uniform, of sorts, to warrior national flag again it is such a massive thing for these guys. >> they take that uniform off they are looking for ways to serve and we cannot waste that tall end. >> invictus means unconquered and bringing servicemens from 15 countries together you can catch more of the interview with harry and mrs. obama at 7:00. >> the marin county planning commission will look at a plan to renovate a ranch own by george lucas, to remodel big
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rock ranch and make it more available to guests converting office space into 57 overnight lodging rooms with the render renderings here. the public will listen about the rot today with a hearing at 1:45 board in san rafael >> the asian art museum is planning a major transformation in the coming years, according to the examiner this is an application with the planning department in march detailing the $25 million project it feature as 25,000 square feet exhibition building and renovation to class room on the pain level and construction could begin next year. the art museum is celebrating 3509th anniversary. >> a rare event in the sky this has a lot of people looking at the skies this morning, and if you have a telescope you could be able to see mercury pass between the earth and the sun with that black little dot.
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this is a rare event that has not happened in a decade and mercury is the small spot as it glides in front the sun. it started at 4:00 a. and ends at 11:30. now, with have a lot of clouds, can we see it at all? >> from mount tamalpais, yes, but low 2,400' not until the clouds clear. they will clear around 11:00 and that is only inland east bay and south by neighborhood. here is a look at lake tahoe dealing with the may gray and can you not see the lake because of the low cloud looking from 8,700 feet and over six hours no chance of rain and we still have drizzle until 9:00 this morning from mount tamalpais if you were equipped to look at the sun you could see the planetary transit
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may grave and coolest highs today. more dry tonight and warming friend hits under land neighborhood the most the next couple of days. at noon, inland east way in the south bay the post likely do clear identity, still, a lost stubborn clouds into the north bay and by 2:00, you open up. at the coast we have 50-70 degree spread. 70-73 spread. and mid-to-upper 60s, and 61 in pacifica is the warm spot along the coast and 64 in downtown san francisco, san rafael up to napa from 64 to 69 and 66 to 69 is the video along the east bay sure and inland from extent in san ramon to antioch at 75 and my seven-day forecast shows circuit at the coast. frances? >> unfortunately we have a third new injury crash, three injury
6:20 am
accidents in the last 10 minutes, so it is busy quickly. and westbound 580 near north flynn seven cars involved, three left lanes are blocked and traffic has been a mess all morning from westbound 205 for the altamont pass because of an early injury accident at 3:30 and a stall. another hot spot is southbound 68084, an overturn crash in this accident so you can see southbound 680 is heavy from the dublin interchange and the third injury accident south 101 near sfo a lane is blocked and one and lie on the freeway so we will keep you posted on that and watch the drive times. >> look at this, a cloudy start to mother's day, beautiful, however, from marin county yesterday morning, and our viewer shot this photo showing the golden gate bridge looking over san francisco. if you want to share your photos
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#abc7now. >> would you hike to camp in this? a boeing 767 is being towed on a barge to an irish town over the weekend of the a businessman paid $23,000 for it. he wanted to it up a area. need the jet and buses and taxis and a train. >> another major airlines finds its way back to san jose with the nonstop service to and from silicon valley taking off and michael finney shows why the post office is the best buy stamps, not the grocery store. >> tonight, what republicaners >> tonight, what republicaners uncovered when on his legendary quest, jack created a breakfast worth waking up for. the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. with provolone, cheddar, pepperjack, and a crispy hash brown.
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>> the company that owns berkeley-businesses peet's coffee is now taking on krispy kreme buying it privately in a deal worth $1.35 billion. the stock soared more than 23% on the news.
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they pay $21 for each share with the doughnut company board unanimously approved the transaction. >> if you did not want a doughnut before now you do. >> mineta san jose international airport. continue the international growing spree welcoming air canada back, flying twice a day between san jose and vancouver. the first departure is 11:30 a.m. last week, british airways began flying from london to san jose. >> and now a tracking tool that tracked tweets from important evens, that sends alerts based on key words and is popular with news organizations and unintelligence agencies tracking the evens. the "wall street journal" reports that twitter cut off access to the federal agency signify an intensifying between the feds and bay area tech companies.
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>> now, ask funny: can you tell me in mom-and-pop liquor stores can markup postage starches? some mark them up by 70% >> this has been gig on for a long-term. this goes back decades, buying stamps from the postal service at face value which is 47 corners each and they can sell them for any price they want like any other item in the store, there are no rules. at all. >> michael does not have time for that question. in you have a question report it on your smartphone or tablet you can see your question answered right here on the morning news. >> next, a warning if you are headed to downtown san francisco today: protesters could cause disruptions around city hall.
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>> e-bay church goers are locked out of church. >> the only commute is getting more expensive. what is drive up the cost of gas. >> wet this morning. with drizzle. check at the low cloud on mount tamalpais and the continues are one to seven degrees below one to seven degrees below average.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> now, time to get up and going. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui, and new to the forecast. microsoft? >> yes, good morning, here is a look at live doppler hd, notice it is not fog but low clouds are dropping the drizzle until 9:00 and creating flight arrival delays averaging one hour and four minutes at sfo. as far as the day planner we are waking up cooler this morning, low-to-mid 50s and as we head to anyone we are mid-50s at coast and mid-60s inland and mid-50s at coast at 4:00 and upper 60 to low 70s around the bay and inland where we will finally see almost total sunshine. >> good morning, frances. >> i have a couple of spots you would want to avoid this morning, one is westbound 580 from tracy to dublin the drive time is an hour and 42 minutes
6:31 am
and what because this is another injury crash westbound 580 north flip, seven cars are involved and three left lane are blocks and that is going to be a mess. southbound 680 to fremont this is an overturn crash at 84, sunol, so i will keep you posted and an update on a couple more injury accidents do avoids. >> strap's great highway is become open this morning after the crash involving a car and an s.u.v. that hand at midnight. this is the scene here fulton street. a bad crash. a witness said one of the vehicles ran a red light before crashing and a pole. they are waiting to hear the condition of the victims. >> the so-called frisco 5 the hunger strike is over. now the brown is calling for a city-wide strike and roast in san francisco beginning in 90 minutes. janet is at city hall. >> city officials are hoping the disruptions will not be out of hand during the strategic that brings hundreds out here and
6:32 am
there will be a very large police presence just in case it is more rowdy. the latest protest was held on friday, and you cannot see the damage but we are told a metal detector was knocked down. the group known as frisco 5 has been on a hung are strike for the past two weeks, they have been calling for the removal of been calling for the removal of san francisco police coming to city hall and a vote rally is post popped. all the attention should be on this issue that the police business as usual needs to change. that is becoming clear. and the reforms that some have been pushing for, for a time, in the democratic party here considered and rejected need to be happening now and that is what this is about. >> a roast has been ongoing skins the fatal shooting of mario woods in december and protest wees have been demanding police reform and the use of
6:33 am
less force, but the mayor lee told us that the removal chief suhr would not be part of reform. 600 people are expected to be here with the barricades about to be set up and police will be out here at around 8:00 a.m. when the protesters are expected to be here. >> also today a blue ribbon panel releases results of an investigation interest buyy in the san francisco police david with ticket attorney convening the panel at homophobic text message were made public with the report released tonight at the african-american art and culture center at 5:30. >> a preliminary hearing for on of the three drifters charged with murder in marin county and san francisco, prosecutors say lamply was shoot are and his accomplice was algood, accuse of
6:34 am
killing two people in october. cat -- carter's widow will testify. the third suspect will testify against the other two and pleaded not guilty. all the brothers accused of killing their parents are scheduled to be back in court for a preliminary hearing. the 22-year-old hasib rabbi seen in the video and 1-year-old have pleaded not guilty. both are tried as adults. police found the beds of the parents in the san jose home there were messages writtenning "sorry my first kill was clumsy ." both are held without bail. the north carolina governor face as deadline from the justice department and has until the end of the day to tell the government if he is going to enforce the state's lay that limits lgbt protection. the governor has characterized
6:35 am
the government of acting like a bully and the justice department said the law violates the civil right act and it could mean the loss of hundreds ofments in federal funding. >> church members are locked out because of the dispute over money, and we were at union church as members were knocking on the door trying to be let in yesterday. the pastor uncovered rig ladies over accounting and spending by the deacons creating a split in the church. some members and the pastor have not been allowed to come in and warship for a month. >> i have been coming here for years, my sanctuary, where i come and relooking myself. and ask god for forgiveness. i cannot do it. >> abc reached out to the church deacons and we were told "no comment." >> the first president lots of cast in the primary as early voting is underway with half of california voter vote early and the number is do thirds in parts
6:36 am
of the bay area. matt? >> we are 29 day away from election day and in some places you can vote early starting today including the registrar of voters. mail inballots go out today and the mercury news reports this voter registration numbers are way up. voting experts expect a pick turn out because the race for the democratic and republican nominees are already over they feel. >> voters can have a big impact on who is the next united states senator, who will go to the top two races for house of representatives and assembly and the other important condition tests -- contests. >> can you drop off your ballot at 50 places including city hall, college campuses, libraries, a couple of light rail stations, the morgan hill
6:37 am
transit city, west gate mall in san jose and the may surveillance video complex in palo alto with more on the early voting at >> heads up if you went to dmv to register to vote, the "los angeles times" said some california voters listed as having "no party previous republican," which could happen if you did nottance questions again at a computer terminal which is the second stop. i will receive a follow-up leader. the deadline to register is may 23rd. ademocratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders is bring his campaign to california today and he is tolding a rally in sacramento. he has the campaign office set up at the state capital and it is staffed with volunteers. another events is held in stockton tomorrow morning. >> hillary clinton's san francisco office opens today on
6:38 am
van ness and made stops in the bay area and in southern california with volunteers turning out to spread the word to voters about the new office. >> a lost support in san francisco for hillary clinton and our volunteers have been organizing for over a year now and we are so excited to keep continuing the great work they have been doing. >> hillary clinton has two california campaign office one in oakland and the other is in los angeles. >> presumptive nominee donald trump is walking back the tax plan the most specific plan he has released during the campaign. some plans call for the wealthiest machines to get a tax break kitting the top rate from 40% down to 25%. any he said that the plan will be different by the time it is all negotiated because the top priority is lowering taxes on businesses and the middle-class not helping the rich. >> we have traffic alerts this morning, a horrible, horrible crash westbound 580 at north
6:39 am
blip seven cars involved blocking the left lane and traffic is jammed for 13 piles all the way to westbound 200. it is adding an additional to hours to the normal drive through the altamont pass. southbound 680 at 84 another overturn crash involving injuries in the left lane traffic is jamming all the way southbound 101 near sfo in the last lane possibly traffic very heavy and you may want to consider 280 to bypass that and better news is we had an injury crash westbound 80 and it has been cleared but the remark is slow. i did have some drizzle. >> i did, too, with patchy drizzle everywhere.
6:40 am
woodside is 52 and menlo park is 54 and palo alto is 5 and you will notice the temperatures are between 52 and 55 and san jose is at 57, and antioch is 51 and in los gatos it is 48. early drizzle, dry and brighter this afternoon. walking the dog, kayaking and bicycling all better in the afternoon. at the golden gate bridge you can see there is drizzle can low cloud over the golden gate bridge but in fog this morning. temperatures are ranging from 64 in san francisco to inland east bay at 74 and notice a lot of the 70s and 80s away from san francisco tuesday and wednesday in the forecast. we will look at the warming trend and, the hour by hour look at when to expect the sunshine in the forecast. >> were you in new jersey over the weekend? be honest. >> wish i was. >> someone won the lottery there and this morning, officials are going to plan to hold a news
6:41 am
conference to talk about winning powerball ticket bought at a 7-eleven store in trenton, new jersey and the winner has not come forward. valued at $2894 million. a ticket told in san jose matched five numbers bought at a liquor on cabinet avenue worth $1.3 million. he does not need a ticket. warriors guard steph curry will be named n.b.a.'s most valuable player. >> this just in from espn reporting the honor is scheduled to be made as m.p. when they return from portland and will decide his status for game four tonight after the team shoot around. steph curry listed hip as "doubtful," but said steph curry is making progress working the drills yesterday and the knee held up. golden gate bridge leads 2-1 with tip-off at 7:30.
6:42 am
congratulations, steph curry. >> we have a health alert about the morning cup of joe, certain coffee could have a negative impact on your health. >> an east bay mom and daughter open up about their courage fighting cancer. >> next on "good morning america" the race for the white house with donald trump in a showdown where hillary clinton in a fight for female voters and speaking out against paul ryan who has yet to endorse the presumptive nominee g.o.p. presumptive nominee g.o.p. nominee. what are you doing? sara, i love you, and... [phone rings] ah, it's my brother. keep going...
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>> a raging wildfire in albertas canada, did not double in size. the fire that started a week ago has burped nearly 400,000 acres in fort mcmurray larger than san francisco, san jose and oakland combined lower democrats and lights rain have helped. 80,000 people have been evacuated. the fire could still bun for months. >> sacramento highway patrol officer is still in critical condition. a drunk fedex driver from the bay area crashed into him. the driver, 41-year-old gregory anthony ramirez hit
6:46 am
vincent smith in sacramento. he is an 18-year veteran of the c.h.p. the crash happened on saturday morning. the officer smith was investigating a different crash when he was hit. he faces more surgery in the coming days. >> this east bay mother got breakfast in bed and a valuable lesson in recovering from graduating cancer treatment on mother's day. the teacher? her six-year-old daughter would survived had other own battle with kidney disease. the daughter was first diagnosed last summer. and her summer was diagnosed last month with melanoma after running from a make a wish trip to had what. now recuperating from surgery she relied on her daughter's advise and encouragement as she started walking again. >> it will be a challenge. i want you to try your best. if you fall i will help you get up and keep going. >> to have an angel by my side
6:47 am
helped so much. >> how sweet. both say this was the best mother's day. ever. >> sex san leandro police officers join officers from across the country to on the men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty with a 250 mile bicycle ride from new jersey did washington, dc, part of the police unity tour. this is video from other events from past years. this year 35 officers have died in the united states. the ridens at national lawen for officer's memorial wall on thursday afternoon. the rise popularity of european-style pressed coffee is coming with a nasty side effect. nutrition experts say they are seeing higher levels of bad cholesterol in hardcore pressed coffee drinkers because unlike filtered drip coffee of grounds can ship through in the pitcher and the grounds contain oily instances that can raise your
6:48 am
bad cholesterol level. >> crude oil prices are soaring. that can mean higher gas prices at the pump. >> and jane king has that story and more in the money report. >> good morning to you. we saw them soaring this morning and they have backed down a little bit and a main reason is the wildfires that continue to rage on in canada but there is evidence they starting to control the fires and the wind is taking them in another direction so the begans be not so big as a few hours 50 but we have guns across the board, modest games, but the dow is up by 26 points. do you have debts you you are struggle to repay new are not alone. 35 percent of adult with credit finals have debt in collection with average amount of over $5,000. >> the rising consumer debt brought out more aggressive behavior among the collectors with a lot of i stamps of constant harassing phone calls
6:49 am
and lets of lawsuit. the average price of gasoline has jump by 9 cents the past two weeks to $2.27 for regular. analysts say hikes are due to crude oil prices going up and the price at the butch has risen 50 cent the pat 12 weeks and lower 48 the highest price of regular gasoline is right there in san francisco at $2.83 and the lowest was $1.9 2 in louisiana. red lobster has made gains with unlikely customer demographic. the millennials. they were named the top restaurant choice among 18-24 by the restaurant news. the rating came as a surprise even to the head of red lobster said they were not targeting millennials. >> you know is not surprised? beyonce will tack you to red lobster.
6:50 am
>> the bay area loves its garlic fries because four south bay mcdonald's locations that are testing the garlic fries sold out over the welcome. this is video from mcdonald's, three in san jose and one in santa cruz and the franchise had to apologize to those who could not get their fries. the company said in it goes well it could be sold at other by area locates. now plan says is tracking what beginning on with traffic. what are you seeing? >> major delays. you are killing me, garlic fries , krispy kreme...we have big delays in the east bay, where we had an early injury crash, seven cars involved westbound 580 at not flynn just cleared but, almost three hours foe the drive that would take half an hour in there were no delays. southbound 680, 41 minutes to overturned crash at 84, sunol, and that has been a big jam and
6:51 am
the alternate has been slow, so the best bet this morning is ace train reporting no delays, bart, also, become on time. here is the slow ride southbound 680 through pleasanton, also, psychiatrist got an update on the crash at sfo, south 101 lanes are cleared and i am tracking traffic a sfo and mike is trafficking the weather at sfo. >> you can see the clouds, and that is causing the one hour and four minute average arrival delay at sfo and we will look at live doppler hd you can see no organized areas of rain but there is patchy drizzle. in map areas. now as we look at what is going on on mount tamalpais you can see the beautiful sunshine at 2,600 feet not a slow reveal of sunshine keeping the temperatures near seasonal and not specificking drizzle tonight, and a slight warming inland the next three days and
6:52 am
the cloud cover at 7:00, all of us are cloudy and by noon inland east bay is clearing and clouds around the bay will clear by 2:00, and they really, never leave the coast so we have 2047 degree spread today. 70s to 73 in the south bay and san jose at 72, and palo alto mountain view and los altos warmest, at 70 and upper 60s to nearly circuit along the coast and downtown is 64 degrees and through the not bay 64 at san rafael to napa at 69 and the east bay sure we are 66 in richmond to 69 in castro valley and fremont, and san ramon at 70 and antioch at 75. upper 40s to low 50 and 60s at the coast tomorrow and 70s around the bay and 80s inland through at at least thursday. >> we have seven things you need to need to know before you go. to need to know before you go. stay
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are the seven things you need to know before you go, frisco 5 are calling for a citywide protest in san francisco today. they are upset of police shootings and asking the public to boycott the certify today and not show up for work or school or spend money at businesses. >> two, you can cast ballots at early voting centers around the bay area today for the june 7 primary. you can submit vote by mail
6:55 am
ballots today. we have a list of locations posted on abc7. >> stunning if you video shows what it looked like with a first storm crashing into colorado over the weekend. seven tornadoes were reported there over the weekend the eight more were reported in kansas and nebraska and oakland of the >> four, the very worst spot of traffic are westbound 580 spat altamont pass, and it is jammed out of tracy and, also, southbound 680 a crawl moving through dublin to sunol because of the early crash. a cake walk at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> may gray and patchy drizzle through 9:00, and, then, you can see sunny inland in the south bay to mostly sunny around the bay in the note by to partly cloudy in san francisco, 64 there and low-to-mid 60s in the south bay. >> six, today is the last chance to enjoy san francisco's alamo square before it closes for nine month renovation with upgrading
6:56 am
of irrigation and restrooms and landscaping at the park. the warriors are blooding trail blazers in the portland in game four. steph curry is "doubtful," and sharks closed out the predators and lead the series right new. congratulations, again, to steph curry becausence said high will be nameed mvp. be nameed mvp. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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massive tornadoes terrify the heartland. >> oh, my god! a big tornado right here. >> 15 twisters touching down, destroying homes. wreaking havoc on roads. now, 24 million from texas to iowa on alert for more severe weather. donald trump unleashing a wave of new attacks hitting hard at hillary and bill clinton. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? >> and taking on his own party, leaders, his views with paul ryan escalating. trump saying he does not need his backing. air scare. >> are you able to exit the runway? >> sir, we'd like to get emergency equipment by hind us. >> a delta flight forced to make an emergency landing after turbulence, rips off the engine cove


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