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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. dozens of people are outside san francisco city hall right now supporting the frisco five. >> what's the latest? >> reporter: you can see there are a few dozen people here gathered behind me. this entrance to city hall has been blocked and closed all day long. i've walked around the perimeter of the building and there are a few entrances is that are open. they're surrounded by sheriff's dep faculties. we have not seen anyone from the board of supervisors or the mayor himself come out to speak to the people gathered here
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outside city hall. the frisco five circled city hall 15 times. >> every day that the hunger strikers did not have food in their bodies. we promised them that if they would start eating, we would continue their action in various creative manners. >> we're asking for people to walk out of work, walk out of school, not spend money at big business in san francisco. >> i didn't go to work because i'm in strong support of them. i've been with them since day one. >> just because the hunger strike is over doesn't mean we're going to abandon our demands. we want the chief of police fired and we'd like the mayor to go too. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies arrested 55 people inside city
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hall. this woman was struck in the head as she took pictures. >> luckily i did not have a concussi concussi concussion. >> reporter: a sheriff's office spokesperson says anyone injured should report it so an investigation can be completed. protesters say there will be more activities this week. >> the plan is not to tell anybody the plan. >> reporter: meantime they remain hospitalized so doctors can monitor their reintroduction to food. results of a year long investigation into possible bias in the san francisco police department will be released tonight at 5:30. we'll have a look at what's expected to come out of the report at 5:00. two brothers accused of murdering their parents may stand trial separately. you're looking at video of one of the accused during a court appearance this morning.
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his attorneys asked for a delay on the hearing. his brother faces the same charges as an adult. he was kept outside the courtroom. his legal team wants the preliminary hearing to proceed and plans to ask for a separate trial. >> we are going to ask on wednesday if his attorneys are going to move to continue and we're ready to go. >> family friends found the young men's parents shot to death a little more than two weeks ago. one brother said his brother is innocent and he said that during a jailhouse interview. police just released the mug shot of a man suspected killing a long time public defender in san francisco who was also his aunt. right now he's on 24-hour suicide watch at hospital. he lived with his aunt. she was found stabbed to death on friday. he was expected in court today, but hasn't been awraned. he could be formally charged any
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time. two of three drifters were charged with murders. >> san francisco will stand trial later this year. morris was the shooter and lila was an acomp ms. the third suspect has pleaded guilty to murder. >> reporter: today's court appearance did not last long. in terms of testimony we learned fairly little. it did provide an opportunity to see two of the defendants as they shared the courtroom while the wife of their alleged victim testified. this is the face of an accused murderer as she shares the courtroom of the wife of the alleged victim. she's barely 18 years old and is looking at a charge that would put her in jail for the rest of her life. >> she's not doing well. this is a period of intense sobriety and she's coming to grips. >> reporter: it was the first preliminary hearing, two of three drifters who faced charges for the murder of audry cary.
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>> we may never know what's inside of these people. i think they were born pure and innocent. >> reporter: the defendants looked much different last october. last week a third defendant pled guilty and agreed to testify in return for an apparent deal. >> i'm not sure why he was given a deal rilike that, but we will see. i have no y had what it was that he said that earned him that deal. >> reporter: today's testimony came from his wife who showed a text from her husband and identified the car. she left the courthouse without comment. abc 7 news. north california's so called bathroom bill is at the center of lawsuits filed today. the justice department is suing
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the state banning the people using public brathroom. south carolina sued the government today. >> we believe the court rather than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation and employers across the country what the law requires. >> they created state sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals who simply seek to engage in the most private of functions in a place of safety and security. >> north carolina says it's a common sense bodily privacy law and says transgender status is not protected. south carolina approved a bill today 52-18. developing news out of oklahoma. take a look at the moment of
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impact when a tornado touched down a short time ago. abc news is reporting one person is confirmed dead. the tornado destroyed a number of homes about 65 miles south of oklahoma city. today's twister comes after multiple tornados hit oklahoma and colorado over the weekend. meteorologist say tornados with winds over 100 miles an hour are possible tonight. >> a look at what people in oklahoma can expect to see. this is scarey stuff. it is scarey. a line of powerful thunderstorms are moving through the area. let's look at the image of what's going on in eastern oklahoma right now. you can see a long line of powerful thunderstorms ripping through eastern oklahoma and kansas in the last several hours. right now we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for north eastern oklahoma and eastern kansas and a tornado
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watch until 9:00 tonight. the storms are expected to weaken in the nighttime hours, but right now they still have the potential to produce tornado activity. here is a look at the bridge where low clouds are developing. morganhill 55. this is a view at santa cruz beach where it's partly cloudy right now and there are some folks out there that love the cool air. napa 65, livermore 69. a big warmup coming our way this week but it won't last long. a firestorm keeps moving across northern alberta in canada and now firefighters hope thel get some help from nature with forecasts of light rain there. 90,000 people have escaped the
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flames. the fires have destroyed 1,600 homes. if you thought our el nino winter meant you could scale back on the drought restrictions think again. >> today the governor issued an executive order ensuring the drought measures will continue. here now with the details rrlt two things happened today. first the governor declared water conservation permanent in california and second state water regulators released a draft proposal to lift the mandatory 25% cut backs. instead water districts will cut back by an amount equal to the short fall. if you expect to be short by 10% you cut usage by 10%. the proposals came on the same day that the governor ordered emergency restrictions for next year in case the drought tightens again. certain measures will continue like the ban on watering lawns or hosing off sidewalks. water districts must continue to report monthly usage.
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>> the governor is saying get it together and set efficiency standards and figure out what do about leaks. >> reporter: the governor commends californians for cutting back nearly 24% between june of last year and this march. he says we need to keep our guard up long term. the water board will discuss and vote on the draft proposal later this month. >> the governor will release his revised state budget this week. it comes after tax collections last month fell about a billion dollars short than expectations. $51 billion was earmarked for k through 12 education and $24 million for health care and there was a 12% increase in higher education spending totaling $14.6 billion.
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still ahead, get ready to cast your vote. when you can pill out your ballots for the june presidential primaries and the candidate spending time in california tonight. i'm live in portland as the warriors get ready for game four. curry made history today without hitting a basket. did you see it? the rare view you'll only catch 13 times in a century. this is the view you dweent if you're on the skyway in downtown san francisco because traffic is jammed up in both directions. the right hand side bound
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there was a scare for passengers heading to san francisco from phoenix. southwest flight 346 had to make an emergency landing at the airport because of smoke in the cockpit. the plane landed safely before noon. you can see fire trucks there from sky 7 hd. the plane was taken out of service for inspection. mechanical problems caused minor delays for ferry commuters this morning before 8:00. it was tweeted they were having hydraulic problems. ferries had to share the remaining dock. the dock was fixed within the hour. let's talk warriors. they're getting set for game
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four tonight in portland. that's not the only excitement. >> reporter: we're getting ready for game four as you mentioned hand steph curry is a question mark. we'll know pregame whether he's going to play about 6:00. today it was reported that he will win the mvp back to back mvps. he's only the third guard to wayne it joining magic johnson and steve nash. all he did was throw down 400 three-opponepointers. we could have won comeback player also. helping the warriors win 73 victories. today we talked to his teammates and they assumed he was going to win it. >> that's incredible. but same time i kind of felt bad because i didn't tell him congratulations.
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i felt like i knew since december and it didn't feel like this great occasion to me. i've been knowing for six months now. i feel bad. i'm a bad teammate today. >> reporter: we are hearing if he does play tonight, it will be off the bench. he will not start. of course we'll know at 6:00 when steve has his press conference. my guess is he receives a with trophy tomorrow before game five on wednesday. reporting live in portland. >> we'll check back with you later. >> not a huge surprise that he's going to win the mvp. >> keep those fan video coming. we have received so many great pictures from you. post yours on social media and you might see them on-air or online. equal time for the sharks
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hoping to wrap up the western conference series tonight. they hold a lead over the predators. tonight's game in nashville will start here at 6:00 p.m. the sharks coming off a 5-1 victory saturday night described as many by the best played game of the year. game seven if necessary would be back here on thursday at the shark tank. there was a relatively rare move today by the planet mercury. the smallest planet appeared as a tiny dot. it lasted for about seven hours bp the last time this happened was in 2006 and it will happen three years from now and after that it won't happen until 2032. now weather for earthings. >> and anyone else who might be
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watching. here is a look at live doppler seven hd as our skies become blur. we have partly cloudy conditions, but clouds are expected to increase. here's a view looking out and these are our forecast issues. we'll see foggy areas for the morning commute and warmer days ahead on wednesday and thursday and a cooler pattern will develop by the end of the week. 5:00 this afternoon, by midnight we'll see extensive areas of low clouds and fog. it will be foggy by 5:00 tomorrow morning. visibility will be reduced and it may be a slow morning rush tomorrow morning. by mid day we'll see fog burning back to the coast line. temperatures will be in the low to mid 50s, although in the north bay valleys will drop into the upper 40s.
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tomorrows high mainly upper 70s. 78 at san jos a. low 60s on the coast. 67 downtown san francisco. up in the north bay we'll see highs of 77 and sonoma 78, 76 castro valley and in the inland east bay we'll see upper 70 toss around 80. for the week ahead high temperatures will peak monday and thursday, low 80s and then we'll see temperatures sort of flattening out over the weekend. here is the seven day forecast. mid 80s inland by wednesday and thursday up to around 80 around the bay and mid 60s on the coast and we get a cool down beginning on friday. in through the weekend we'll see mid 70s.
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inland low 70s around the bay. a few extra clouds over the weekend, but no rain in sight. we may see morning sprinkles or drizzle on saturday morning or sunday morning, but we're not calling for any precipitation for a while. >> all right. thank you. coming up next, george lucas is looking to expand once again. what he wants to turn office at his ranch into now. here is a look at tonight's lineup, dancing with the stars and castle and abc news at 11. >> so what is so -- is that blood? >> well, not according to lenie. >> what is it? >> some kind of ink. there were samples sent to the
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lab. they said he didn't have any writing on him when he escaped this morning. >> the words are in latin. protect me lord from the hands of the wicked. >> it's a prayer for salvation. sounds like he was scared, but of what. >> the mysteries don't stop there. when i conducted the autopsy i found that the wound had been inflicted by some kind of claw. >> like an animal? >> it gets even weirder. there was a strange substance inside the wound. >> let me guess sulfur? >> yeah, how did you know? >> isn't it obvious. latin prayers, a claw, sulfur, also known as brimstone. >> you don't think that -- >> but i do. gabriel was
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was.
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. a makeover is being considered today. sky rocket properties wants to convert office space to lodging. big rock ranch is located about five miles west of 101. the complex currently features offices with a theater, cafeteria, dining room and day care. three bay area congresswomen they were there to meet on the innovation agenda. they intend to educate 10,000 new innovators. >> there are many people who qualify for many of these jobs, it's just that there's the gap needs to be closed. >> the innovation agenda would
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fund energy research, hire 25,000 new math and science teachers, cut student loan rates. it calls for immigration reform which is critical for immigration. uber and lift are no longer operating in austin, texas starting today. the move comes after voters agreed to support stricter background checks. advocates say it's the best way to weed out drivers with criminal records. evidence now that coffee and donuts go perfectly together. coffee giant is buying crispy cream. beach is the parent company of pete's coffee and tea. pete's began in 1966.
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i'm not sure there's anything that doesn't go well with a crispy cream donut. abc news at 4 continues. the north carolina governor is going after the justice department. this picture stirring up debate at west point. the investigation now under way. bernie sanders heads to california where you can catch him later tonight.
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in the headline at the bottom of the hour dozens of protesters rallied outside san francisco city hall today continuing a call to the end for police violence and for the chief to resign. security is tight. protesters are working alongside the frisco five who ended a 15 day hunger strike this weekend. this is a picture from another hunger strike going on right now that has lasted a week. actor danny glover spoke in support of the protest which is trying to get more money for the ethnic studies college. we'll hear glover's speech to the demonstrators. the justice department has
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filed a civil rights suit against the state of north carolina over the bathroom law. the law violates the civil rights act. superior court today the family of a 3-year-old boy came face to face with a man accused of kidnapping and murdering him. abc 7 news standing by live with more on this case which dates back to 1984. >> reporter: 1984, this is a cold case that's turned into an active court case. this was supposed to be an arraignment hearing today. you have the uncluncle, sister dad of this boy all here to see the suspect. >> we want justice to be served. we want him to pay for what he did. >> reporter: the family silently sobbed in court as they came face to face with the man charged with kidnapping and murdering 3-year-old clark.
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he vanished from the bedroom of his home in august 1984 and was never seen again. fast forward to april 26th, 2016. a cold case investigation led to the arrest of this man who was already imprisoned for other unrelated clield molestations. he's charged with first degree murder. with the special circumstances and he's charged with kidnapping. at this point he can face either life without the possibility of parole or death. >> reporter: the arraignment is set for next week for what could be an emotional trial ahead. a judge today ordered the suspect in last week's triple fatal shooting to be held without bond. the suspect appeared in court by
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video this afternoon in maryland. he faces multiple felonies including first degree murder. the ramp age again thursday. the shootings continued one outside a mall and one at a shopping point. west pointe is investigating conventional photos. they are looking into whether this photo showing the women with their fists raised in the air violating rules expressing. the raised fist is associated with black lives matter movement. the first african-american police chief is taking over today in ferguson, missouri. he says he hopes to diversify what is a mostly white department as it reboupds from the unrest from the fatal shooting of michael brown. he planned to retire this year
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before he accepted the job in ferguson. marco rubio today says he does not want to be considered for the vice president. bernie sanders heads to the capital. he plans to head to a rally at 8:00. >> reporter: bernie sanders rallying supporters in atlantic city this morning, a town that donald trump once dominated. >> you don't think he is a brilliant successful businessman. >> reporter: on the trail trump is expanding his attacks on hillary clinton to bill clinton. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? >> reporter: he's also wagging a fight against republican leaders who are calling for party unity. the likely nominee doesn't seem to be any rush to hug it out. >> i think it would be better if it were unified but i don't
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think it has to be unified. >> reporter: there's not much unity between trump and paul ryan. he said he's not ready to endorse trump and today ryan is saying if trump asked him to step down as co-chair of the republican convention he would. the two are scheduled to meet in washington this week. these bitter divisions have sparked for talk of a third-party movement. >> there is definite interest. >> reporter: there are deadlines to consider. today is the last day for an independent to get on the ballot in texas, the state with the second most electoral votes in november. mail in ballots began going out today and you don't have to wait until next month's election to turn them in. there are many locations where you can vote early in person and
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there's expected to be a big voter turnout. the deadline to register to vote or to change your party affiliation is may the 23rd. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may and voters will go to the polls on tuesday june 7th. a bbc correspondent expeld from north korea is now in beijing. he said he's relieved to be out of north korea. the communist regime detained him and held his crew for filing what they called a disrespectful report. a wild scene at the airport. you could barely get post the photographs. still to come the search for the nation's new billionaire and how long they have to come forward. ask finny is ahead. just post your questions with the #askfinny.
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still no word on who is holding on to that winning lottery ticket in new jersey. >> it's worth $429 million. >> reporter: it's official, there's a new multi millionaire
4:39 pm
in new jersey. >> whoever you are, please come forward, bring us back and let us keep it safe for you. >> reporter: they bought the only ticket matching all six numbers in saturday's drawing. that ticket worth $429 million before taxes. >> i want them to sign the back of the ticket and put it in a safe place. >> reporter: it's the sixth largest in history and the store owners get $30,000. >> when we heard the news we were so excited. i couldn't believe it. now it's incredible. >> reporter: angela and her husband own the store in trenton, new jersey. >> it's great. >> reporter: the news spread quickly and more tickets were snatched up by those hoping to keep the store's lucky streak alive. >> we have customers every day
4:40 pm
so the odds most likely we do know who the person is. >> reporter: in new jersey the winner has to be revealed an the person has a year to claim the prize. the store owner says with their $30,000 they're going to vacation. >> we both are in the office pool. that's so much money. >> yeah. here's a look at doppler 7 hd. skies are clear for now, but clouds are gathering near the coast and expected to expand overnight. we expect a sunny and mild day tomorrow. 93 down south of palm springs, but cooler in los angeles where the high will reach 69. here in the bay area tomorrow after a night -- before i get to that i should mention baseball
4:41 pm
tonight. the giants are at home opening a three game series. the game time is 7:15. sun will set at 8:07. now, tomorrow, across the bay area after an expanding area of low clouds and fog overnight, we'll see mainly sunny skies tomorrow afternoon. almost 80 degrees in the warmest inland locations and there will be warming later in the week. >> all right. thank you so much spencer. still ahead a little girl with cancer stole our hearts last year. she's recovered, but now there's another big blow to her family. i'm 7 on your side, cutting the cable, but can you still get all of you
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world
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and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. back in december some east bay firefighters helped a 6-year-old girl with cancer celebrate her last chemo treatment. they gave her a special last ride to the hospital.
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now the family is back in the hospital because her mom is fighting cancer now too. abc 7 news reporter lessly bringly has the story. >> reporter: there was overwhelming joy in the brown's home, after all they are together fighting cancer on two fronts. finally w finly was the first to get diagnosed last summer. >> my mom was scared if i was going to stay alive or probably die. >> reporter: but you made it. >> yes, i made it. our family thought we were done with cancer for the year, but it turns out we weren't. my mom got it too on her leg, her skin cancer on her leg. >> reporter: mela no, ma'ama diagnosed in april after they returned from a make a wish trip to hawaii. >> i will take ten of this over watching one of my children go
4:46 pm
through this again. it is so much easier to face it yourself. >> reporter: new recuperating from surgery this mom relied on her daughter's encouragement as she started walking again. finly is her doctor and her coach. >> i want you to try your best and if you fall out just help you get up and you just keep on going. >> just to have this little angel by my side just helped so much. >> reporter: and this mother/daughter team is paying off. >> it's the best mother's day ever. >> it pretty much was the best mother's day ever. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> we've posted this story on our abc 7 news facebook page so you can share it with friends or watch it again. time now for ask finny. is it east bay mud's
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responsibility to install a praesh regulator on my waterline. >> all they have to do by law is get the water to your property line and you take it from there. so the regulator and any pipes past there are your responsibility. the one thing you might want to check, but any time you're dealing with the government, always ask if there's any rebates going on right now for someone in your position. there may be. john from san francisco e-mails thinking about cutting the cable. how do i get abc news. >> that's the best question we've ever received here. you can watch us and you can also watch abc news live streaming. you have to download the watch abc app. you can watch most of the rest of the programming the next day. might i suggest you also might want to get an an tenia. here in the bay area you can get
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us really well by using rabbit ears or an an tenia on top of your house. we send out a high def picture. >> there's more hd programming out there to view. it's hard if you want sports. that's the only thing. >> it's tough. jim from san francisco says i ordered pay purview and i lost power. can i get a refund. >> most of the providers are pretty good. if you call them up and go i lost power. i can give you the proof because you can ask for that and they're general pretty good about that because it's just a few bucks. if you bought an expensive program like world wrestling or something like that, maybe they would, but general they don't. if they don't go for it, you file a form with your utility and you say because your power went out and i think you may be to blame not the weather, you
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need to pay for this and sometimes they will. >> thank you. a southern california company is recalling 180,000 pass fieers because of a choking hazard. munchik says the encloser that goes over the pass fieer can detach. customers are being told to contact the company for a replacement or refund. the growing concern about e-cigarette poisoning. and should your workplace have a nap room. of course. >> reporter: the number of poisoning related to e-cigarettes increased 15 times. such indents increase the
4:50 pm
likelyhood of hospitalization nearly 15 times. poison control calls for children under two made up 44% of all the calls made to poison control centers. >> according to a study shows insufficiently rested employees cost companies. companies are providing nap room for workers to catch some quick shut eye. a 20 to 30 nap during the day could help increase productivity. retiring after the age of 65 may help people live longer. the risk of dying from any cause over the study period was 11% lower among people who delayed retirement for one year until age 66. it fell even further among people who retired between the ages of 66 and 72. i'm jane king and here's to your health. most cell phones can give
4:51 pm
directions and advice, but would they know what to say in a crisis. >> i want to commit suicide. >> but there's so much life ahead of you. >> tonight what researchers uncovered when they asked phone certain questions and how they're pushing for better answers. next month's election is not just about the presidential race. the fight to prevent flooding in the bay area and what this measure could mean for you. right now a look at what's coming up at 5:00. coming up next, the student's fight to save a piece of history and a hollywood actor on their side. will san francisco make money from super bowl 50 al.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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next month voters are asked to aprove a tax. we are live along the bay with a look at both sides. >> reporter: this is one of those places along san francisco bay where you can look at the ecosystem up close. many groups think so much more can be done, but criticss say it's an unfair tax. it amounts to a dollar a month fo are the next 20 years. the $25 million raised each year
4:56 pm
would go to a wide range of pro projects to protect the water. >> it's about protecting the bay. it's helping to address the flood risk that we all face. >> reporter: flooding is something that bay area residents have experienced during areas are vulnerable to floods. a map names areas that could be under water. dozens of business, environmental and labor organizations are supporting measure aa, however opponents of the measure believe there's little benefit for north and east bay residents. >> those counties that will not receive a fair portion of the benefits will be paying a much higher portion of the actual tax revenues. >> reporter: supporters argue that benefits are region wide. >> even though you may not see
4:57 pm
it day-to-day, you're glad knowing it's there as a resource for you to enjoy and go swimming and do other activities to fish, to use the bay trail. >> it's a very regressive, very unfair, very bad tax measure. >> reporter: a two-thirds vote is required for passage. abc 7 news. the most expensive diamond in the world has some new owners. a company bought this 813 carat rough diamond for $63 million. the diamond was pulled from a mine in botswania. the sales ramping up speculation about how much an 1,100 kara fetch next month. >> that's the size of a
4:58 pm
baseball. thank you for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now. we'd like to see the executive districter resign. >> packing the meeting room. a look at the young defendants in the murder of a hiker and backpacker, a friend of one victim still searching for answers. i doubt that i'll get over it, but i'll carry him. >> the investigation into san francisco's troubled police department, the ink is dry and there's a call for change. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist. warmer days are ahead. i'll show you how much the temperatures will rise this week coming up. good evening. >> thanks for joining us. loud calls tonight for a resignation of a top health
4:59 pm
official of a mental health agency. employees raised questions about his overseas travel and claims of retaliation. we're live with the story. >> reporter: this mental health agency has been around for more than 40 years, but employees tell us the problems only started about three years ago when the current executive director took over. >> it's very serious. >> reporter: the supervisor and her fellow members are poised to act against the embattled executive director of the asian community mental health services agency. >> we would like to see the executive director resign. we feel that there's just been too many questions raised,s moral of the agency is really suffering and we think the sefds are really suffering. >> reporter: an independent audit revealed high staff turnover, financial mismanagement and questionable expenditures by his son operating a board some claim was
5:00 pm
hand picked to support him who is an architect by trade. >> the number one concern was that the board or the executive director was using funds inappropriately, possibly for his own personal use. >> according to the audit he spent $8,000 of the money to attend architecture conferences. the board approved $3,000 for his license and professional development. we could not reach him at his home or by telephone and none of the agency's board members returned e-mails asking for comments. employees voiced concern over the agency board's firing last week of four managers including this woman. she declined an interview, but she believes her dismissal was retaliation for speaking out against the


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