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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hand picked to support him who is an architect by trade. >> the number one concern was that the board or the executive director was using funds inappropriately, possibly for his own personal use. >> according to the audit he spent $8,000 of the money to attend architecture conferences. the board approved $3,000 for his license and professional development. we could not reach him at his home or by telephone and none of the agency's board members returned e-mails asking for comments. employees voiced concern over the agency board's firing last week of four managers including this woman. she declined an interview, but she believes her dismissal was retaliation for speaking out against the mismanagement.
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it is headquartersed in china town. 75% of the annual budget comes through ala meeta county. abc 7 news. mandatory water use reductions set by the state may be lifted, but the governor wants us to keep up with conservation. an order issued today by the governor drops all water conservation targets imposed last june. instead individual water districts will set their goals, but they require making water saving measures in place permanent. they include not hosing off driveways. two drifters accused of a killing spree last october appeared in court today. they face murder charges in the killings of a tourist in san francisco and a therapist in fair fax. it was the first appearance since a third defendant made a deal. wayne. >> reporter: we all remember this case.
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lila, shawn and moreson are of the drifters who led police on the chase. originally all three faced murder charges, now only two of them off one pled guilty. that has left attorneys for the other two wondering what he told investigators and how it might expect their clients. it's a murder scene from a busy highway and down a trail. marked for steve carter who died here after being shot last october. >> all i know to do is carry this with manage e. i doubt i'll get over it but i'll carry him. >> reporter: he was one face in a courtroom filled with people today, these two people in particular. they stand charged of not only carter's murder, but also cary in golden gate park a couple of days ever. their first preliminary hearing
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appeared to be emotional. >> she'll die behind prison. if i can get anything for her that means she has some hope. >> reporter: testimony today can from carter's wife who told of a text from her husband and the car. she made no comment when leving the courthouse. lawyers did talk with regard to a third defendant who has pled guilty and agreed to testify in return for an apparent deal. >> it's never always the truth. i really won't know what it is until i read it. >> reporter: was your client offered a deal as well? >> no. >> reporter: so begins the legal maneuvering in murder cases that have already caused such heart ache. abc 7 news. a second person is now in custody for last month's apparent murder of an east bay woman. authorities arrested the 43-year-old on wednesday. he's suspected of killing 47-year-old kimberly hogland
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along with another man. authorities found the body in a shallow grave on april 20th more than a week after her family reported her missing. police released the first mug shot of the man suspected killing a long time public defender in san francisco who is also his aunt. right now he's on 24-hour suicide watch at the hospital. he lived with his aunt. she was found stabbed to death in her home on friday. he was expected in court today, but has not yet been arraigned. he could be formally charged at any time. a new report tonight on the conduct at the san francisco police department. a new panel is about to release its preliminary report. >> reporter: this is the african-american arts and culture center in the western edition. this is where that meeting of the blue ribbon panel will be held tonight.
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first of all, i want to tell you we just received a response from the police department to this report. it says in part the department respects da's blue ribbon panel and it shares the same goals, but the preliminary findings appear to ecomuch of the testimony before the panel. to put that into perspective the chief also testified before this panel and much of his testimony contradicted that. a panel of lawyers spent a year looking into the inner workings of the san francisco police department. they're findings that the department lacks transparency and accountability. that some officers are engaging in stop and frisk searches where minorities are often the ones targeted, that there's a potential for bias in hirings and promotions. there's no transparency in the
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disciplinary process. as far as of a culture of racism and bias, they had mixed responses. >> several officers of color said without a doubt there's a culture of bias and certain officers just said absolutely no bias. >> reporter: the district attorney launched the panel last summer after officers were caught sending racist text messages. we picked the three judge panel to dig deeper into the scandal and a panel of lawyers reviewed the department's policies. the lawyers allege even if there was good protocol there is a lack of oversight. >> it doesn't surprise us. this was a witch hunt from the beginning. we knew the minute he did this it with was just for political posturi posturing. this was produced, directed and written and co starring him. >> reporter: the three judges
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will review the findings and tonight's community feedback and come up with a report. dozens of people are protesting in san francisco right now supporting the frisco five hunger strikers a. people are rallying doing a general strike against the city. they ended their hunger strike on saturday. they want the police chief fired after two shooting death. we'll have a live report at 6:00. four students at san francisco state university are on a hunger strike demanding more resources for the college of ethnic studies. today a few politicians and one actor joined the cause. we look at their demands. >> i'm so torn by this. >> reporter: actor danny glover came to show his support for the students who have been on a hunger strike since may 2nd.
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glover was a protester which led to the establishment of the college of ethnic studies the first in the nation. >> business will not be done as u usual. shut the campus done. >> reporter: the students have a number of demands, but the one that stands out is their request for more funding. the faculty is behind them. >> wanting more and not having the money as well as underfunding. we're the smallest college. >> reporter: ethnic studies has a budget of $3.6 million, but in the past has received additional funding from different sources to add more classes and professors. the students want the university to increase its budget to $8 million. >> we expect these negotiations to begin monday may 9th at 9:00 a.m. and conclude by wednesday may 11th 11:00 a.m. >> reporter: the president says
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he will meet with students, but hinted that raising the college's budget is nearly impossible. >> i would happy daddy warbucks would fall out of the sky and offer us a gift. life i think is a series of intelligent compromises. >> it's not clear when both sides will begin compromising. abc 7 news. several san francisco leaders credit a new audit with reaffirming their firms about super bowl l not being financial for the city. they attracted visitors before the game. the city controller says it only generated $792,000 in additional revenue. both the police department spent millions. a group of city supervisors accusing corporate sponsors of not paying their fair share. when will steph curry get back on the court.
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>> we'll make a decision this afternoon. >> the warriors need curry sooner than later. plus a social standoff between twitter and the spy agencies. >> google's visual shake up, the big tweet to search results being tested right now. going beyond sery. >> the new campaign to fight long security ♪ ♪ you live life your way.
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we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. all eyes will be on steph curry this evening to see if he'll be put in -- put his injured knee to the test in game four of the western conference semi finals a. >> the warriors lead 2-1.
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>> latest on steph watch. >> reporter: that is the big question. we're going to find out about 6:00 when steve has his pre-game press conference here before game four begins tonight whether steph will play or not. they do have to come back and play on wednesday. he is going to win his second straight mvp and my guess is he will get that tomorrow mid afternoon and they'll present that trophy on wednesday. here he is at practice today. he looked good. he went three on three yesterday. today he looked good and felt good at practice and of course as soon as steve sat down i was right there. >> any decision made on steph this morning? >> he's questionable for tonight. he went through shoot around and he felt pretty good and we'll see. he's going to get treatment again this afternoon and but he's -- yeah, i would just say questionable. >> when he plays whether it's
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tonight or wednesday, i don't imagine him playing his usual minutes. i think he's going to have to work up to that once he's out there. >> all right. if he does play, i don't think he's going to start. i'm hearing he's going to come off the bench. they want to work him slowly back in so he can get it a feel for it before game five on wednesday. reporting live in portland abc 7 news. >> it's a compliment for me to be compared. thanks so much. just kidding. the theaters is one of seven bay area locations hosting warrior watch parties tonight. to see the full list visit abc and don't forget share your pride on social media. the san jose making a
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playoff run. they can advance to the western conference finals tonight. they took a lead saturday night by beating the predators. one of the most popular internet sites is moving its headquarters to a san francisco neighborhood known for the high crime rate. they have leased 50,000 square feet in this building. that's right in the ternd loin. rents are cheaper there where many tech companies are now located. it has 78 employees. twitter appears to be drawing the line at giving u.s. intelligence agencies access to real time tweets. they send alerts based on key words and is popular with news organizations. the wall street journal reports twitter has cut off access.
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the move signals an intensifying risk between the silicone companies and the feds. facebook is accused of twiddling with formulas to suppress news. that's what some staffers are saying. a designation that boosts traffic for what are deemed the hottest topics. facebook is denying any political bias. google is trying out something new on its search site that has users seeing more than red. take a look. the page on the left is what we're used to. google's testing changing those links to black. also gone is the purple color that indicates a link has been clicked. google has not commented on the change. users explained it makes it harder to determine what is clickable. today apple introduced the next generation ai assistant. they introduced viv today.
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apple's certifiry can understand some words and understand some questions. they claim that you'll be able to speak with viv like you would another person. he did not say when you would be able to get viv. the losing streak continues for the gap which just reported it's fifth straight quarter of declining sales. that caused shares to drop 12%. the san francisco bay retailer is being pulled down for weaker brand for old navy and banana republic. solar city is watching its stocks slide 20% in extending trading today. the slide comes after the company reported a bigger than expected quarterly loss. if you're stuck in a long line in an airport checkpoint, the airline industry wants to you snap a photo and tweet it. we're here to explain what is going on. >> reporter: major corporations are trying to get you to join
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their fight against the federal government. airlines are hoping a nationwide tweet campaign will get the attention of the tsa. airlines and passengers have been complaining about delays at security choints checkpoints. now airlines are urging passengers to take pictures of long lines and post them on twitter with the #i hate the wait. already we found a few pictures. tsa has promised to beef up staffi staffing. you may remember i told you about that last week. they say they'll do it in time for less summer travel season. airlines hope the mass tweeting will spur action right away. >> it will soon be easier to travel to cuba. now t-mobile wants to make it easier to use your cell phone in that nation too. t-mobile will allow you to go online and send text messages without extra roaming fees
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excuse me 20 cents a minute. t-mobi t-mobile serves 36% of customers in the united states. t-mobile has signed a deal to work with cuba's mobile phone company enabling those low cost serves. >> if you think your hotel room smells like vanilla or lavender it's probably not your image nation. many hotels are pumping fragrances into their lobbies. casinos say guests play slot machines longer when the air is filled with pleasant smells. here's a sampling, the four season in chicago uses a blend of vie let's and lilies. the sherton uses a blend of figure and jasmine.
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most guests find it pleasant, though some complain of bad reactions to the perfumes. >> what is bergamont is my question. it must smell nice. let's talk about the forecast. >> i love it. there's sunshine out there. maybe you can look it up, dan. >> okay. right now it's breezy out here and as you look across the bay low clouds are starting to push across the bay so there's definitely a coolness in the air here right now. let me show you live doppler seven hd and look for yourself. the clouds never cleared the coast. only 55 for the high today. you still have an onshore wind coming off the water at 21 miles an hour. here is a view from our cam from our marine layer. this is what we typically see
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this time of year. 58 in san francisco and 62 in oakland. 70 degrees in morganhill. bright and sunny in the south bay. 72 fairfield, 71 livermore. you have to go inland to get the mild weather. from our camera you see a combination of high and low clouds there. we'll call it foggy for your morning commute. a cooler pattern is setting up by week's end. so here's a look at our fog forecast. tonight it will be around near the coast in the bay at 7:00 p.m. by morning that fog is going to start to push in towards some of our valleys. so at 5:00 a.m. it will be pretty gray a lot like this morning. could even see some spotty drizzle out there. by 11:00 a.m. the fog pulls away from the bay side and inland communities, but sticks around the coast line. temperatures will be impacted. temperatures we have upper 40s to low 50s. it's a gray start. if you take the ferry across the
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bay it might be on the gray side, but at least you get to sit and relax. in the south bay tomorrow afternoon 78 morgan hill, gilroy next 80 degrees. half moon by, low 60s with low clouds lingering. 67 downtown sflan francisco. east bay 73, oakland. it's going to be a nice day inland. certainly warmer than today. 79 in livermore. 79 degrees for you in concord. look at the week ahead. the temperature trend tells the story. the next couple of days you will be running warmer. you drop back down to near normal for this time of year. seven day forecast temperatures
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inch up a little bit tomorrow. most noticeable inland, continue with the warming trend through thursday. low 60s to mid 80s and then a cooler pattern, 70 s inland. >> you've given us so much great info we want to tell you something we learned. >> this color we had a viewer tell us its orange. thanks for writing in. up next could this be the answer to hiding wrinkles. then at 5:30 the world news. breaking news word of another tornado on the ground after a monster twister already. also breaking the manhunt for a dangerous fugitive as police race to their cars and a break through a face lift in a bottle next. banding together to keep track of baby
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swandsing of baby appears to increase the risk of sids by one-third. a study shows side sleeping nearly doubled among swaddled infants and swaddled babies on their stomachs. the study is published in pediatrics. the results are not fool proof but parents should take caution. for sentries people have searched for the fountain of youth and now they have the substance to make your skin look younger. researchers saying applying two different products to form a second skin can hide wrinkles. so far harvard and mit scientists report none of the people who have tried it have complained of irritated skin. this second skin still needs fda approval before you can get it. our smartphones can give us
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direction or advice, but what about a crisis. what researchers uncovered when they asked phones certain questions and how they're pushing the industry to come up with better answers. it's no bull there is mmm. baclet's instabrag.d. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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we're going to know in 30 minutes whether steph curry will pr play tonight for the warriors. i think that's absolutely wrong because i think that you're pulling the wool over people's eyes. >> a 7 on your side warning about leather couches. important information you should know before you put your money down. all that's coming up at 6:00. >> see you then. a baby boom is happening
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along the california coast. more and more young starfish are appearing after a disease wiped out much of the species. >> in some locations 95% them died. >> the cause is a mystery. now they're seeing up to 300 times more juvenile seastars than usual. you might still call them buffa buffalos. no matter what you call them bison are the official mammal of the united states. >> president obama signed a bill today honoring bison. >> bison were saved from extinction more than 100 years ago.
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as we come on the air in the west tonight, late word of a tornado on the ground. the twisters now turning deadly. the pictures coming in now. >> here is the tornado right here on the left-hand side of your television screen. >> meteorologists warning of its power and size, after 15 reported twisters already. the monster tornado a quarter mile wide. winds up to 130 miles per hour. the drivers who nearly slammed into it. millions at risk tonight. also breaking, the hunt for the fugitive in the east. the moment police get word he could be in the area, and what happens next. our correspondent on the scene. major developments tonight in the race for the white house. donald trump and what he now says about raising taxes. and what did he mean by this about women? >> the women get it better than we do, folks. >> and new tonight, house speaker paul ryan says he will step down as chairman of the convention if asked.


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