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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> i'm a what? [blank]. >> i'm not even black. >> the mentality of... >> okay. >> she posted this video on facebook page and said the muni employee was angry because of her parking spot on powell at wharf. she said it was downtown, if you see a spot, you take it. he was very upset in his personal car because muni uniform on. muni released a statement saying while we continue to investigate this we are taking immediate and corrective action. we have been told the driver has been placed on leave during the investigation. >> we are polling breaking news from germany. a man is dead after being stabbed in a violent program page at a train station near munich. threeers were put. the suspect is in custody, a 27
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year old german man. he randomly attacked several people with a knife. authorities are investigating in there is a possible islamist connection after a witness reported hearing him yell "god from," in arabic before the attack. >> we talking politics this morning closer to home, bernie sanders is ready for another northern california rally after the rock-star welcome he got last night. to more states have their primaries today including one where bernie sanders could do well. tiffany has that story. >> good morning. bernie sanders is expected to win west virginia's primary. but he is already looking at california's delegates in stockton this morning with a rally after a rally in sacramento with 16,000 supporter filling the stadium of the it looks like woodstock. people waited in line for hours in the hot sun, and "feel the
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burn," took on a new burn when someone was overcome by the heat. bernie sanders said he will take the campaign to the democratic convention. despite that, bernie sanders said hillary clinton is not the enemy, donald trump is. >> if you when to make absolutely certain we get donald trump, if you want make absolutely certain we have an energetic grass roots campaign which results in a large voter turn out, this is the campaign to support. doors on at 7:00 a.m. and admission is first-come-first-serve with the rally free. for security reasons can you not bring big budgets and the center. the event is expected to start at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> hillary clinton is bracing for a loss in west virginia after commends about cool
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mining. she is looking ahead to next tuesday's kentucky primary. yesterday her campaign opened the third california office in san francisco on van ness. >> without competitors on respect side donald trump does not have to wore about west virginia and nebraska preparing for a meeting with house speaker paul ryan. they are look beyond the primaries and now to the general election. trump has spend $40 million of his own money and estimates he needs $1.5 billion for the fall campaign. >> he is for longer running, ted cruz is headed back to his day job, expected to return to washington today. he dropped out of the presidential race after losing to donald trump in indiana primary. >> a 15-year old was groped by a man at 3:30 yesterday afternoon at the homer avenue pedestrian
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tunnel. the suspect is described as 40-year-old his pan man at 5 foot few 6" with a thin build. the victim said the man spelled bad and had cracked teeth. police trying to determine if he is linked to any other cases. >> highway 4 is is become only after a woman collided into the back of a sedan in the evening. a 49-year-old woman driving the acura died. the other driver suffered injuries and is expected to be okay. that stretch of the highway was closed for two hours. >> there is a missing abalone diver off the coast. the 57 year old oakland man was with friends and family when he went underwater and never came back up. it happened yesterday morning. crews were limited to searching the water from land because the surf conditions were too rough. >> san francisco police commission is set to weigh in on
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the preliminary finding by a panel resuing the police department policies and practices. last night aen pa elf three judge -- a panel of three judges her testimony from witnesses. they will review dumbs involving racist and homophobic text messages. they will discuss the findings tomorrow. >> three of the favor would staged a hung are strike for 17 days to protest the police shootings are now out of the hospital. theman for the frisco 5 hope the remaining if be released today. yesterday, 100 people rallied in front city hall as part of a "day of action," in honor of the hunger strikers. no protest has been planned today. all the san jose city council will vote whether to impose a new apartment represent ordinance immediately or bit end of june. the city council voted to lower the maximum rent hike from 8% to 5%. the staff will develop a rental
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regular city to enforce the ordinance with eight members needed to vote immediately. >> east bay mud's period will consider ending the 20% mandatory water use production for customers, and could suspend the 25% drought surcharge. officials say the reservoirs are full from the wet winter and conservation of thes have brought the water supply to an adequate helpful to meet expected customer demand. >> because of the wet weather the governor is dropping the water condition vacation targets imposed in june but making temporary water savings measures permanent and will be banned from hissing swags or drives and water hoses must have a shut off. >> now, the warriors steph curry joining the elite club as he gets the second straight mvp award. this is from last year, sources say that the sermon is hold at 2:00 p.m. on the heels of the stunning win over portland.
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let's fact about that. if you did not catch it, or even if you did you will want to see it again. in the beginning, rusty, returning from the injury but he scored 17 points in overtime the most ever by a player in any game and finished with 40 points and the dubs pet the trail blazers 132-125. after the game we heard from steph curry why it was so purpose to get out there. >> i love the game the i love playing. i love competeing. really, really missed being out there with my teammates and to help get a win in that fashion it is a good he willing to be back on the floor and playing. >> "i'm back," did you read the lips? the dubs are up 3-1, so the warriors can finish this out and van to the finals tomorrow with a win at oracle arena.
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ought sharks have a up can day off toest up for game seven of the series with the predators after another tough overtime loss in asheville. san jose led by 3-2 but nashville tied with seven americans remaining. the predators scored, two minutes in overtime and beat the sharks for a series-deciding game seven on thursday night at sap. >> we have fog in santa rosa at three-quarters visibility and five miles at the coast. the marine layer is deep. it will take time to see the sun. when we do, an offshore floor will warm us up nicely. 58 in san jose, and upper 40s in napa. you could need the jacket. this afternoon we talking california temperatures at the cost and upper 50s to mid-60s and sunny skies and low-to-mid 70s around the bay, oakland, emeryville and upper 70s to low 80s around
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concord and fairfield is a warming trend around the bay and inland. tomorrow in the mid-80s and upper 70s and not much change at the cost with the low clouds and fog and warmup is going to last through thursday. frances? good morning, everyone. we will check out the ride through the altamont pass, and we have a lot of green, it is good, traffic is flowing well. yesterday, this was horrible and right now it is westbound 205 at 28 miles moving into the altamont pass, so, yellows and oranges and that means the drive time is starting to grow. tracy to dublin is 31 minutes but, year, this was three hours at one point when we have the enjoy crash and it is an easy ride through fremont and through the dublin grid southbound dublin to mission, 15 minutes. the north by commute is next report. >> thank yous frances. a hell away from home for
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families would need it most, the boost coming to stanford to help the young of the patients. >> tornadoes cut a deadly path crass two states. crass two states. what neighbors are going to i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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news that lives where you live. >> i have a picture of a power ful tornado that for through parts of the state in oklahoma with two dead. the clean up is just going. here is the story on the damage left. >> this violent tornado ripping through oklahoma. look at the twister as it headed straight for the drivers. >> this road is in longer passable. >> local affiliate warp viewers if real time. >> it moves closer and closer to i-35. >> some watching calmly from afar. >> we are fine. >> others, not so lucky. this destruction last hype in the path of the storm, killing a 76-year-old man, also, livestock and pummeling a dozen homes. all the storms too two lives. in arkansas, 630 to 80 miles per
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hour winds causing problems, look at this damage. >> my gosh. look at that. look. >> in nebraska, a man survive additur made there and recounts it. >> the tornado was sitting over there and he when under the deck and it pick me up and threw me against the tree. i held on. >> years of debate have led up to a pivotal vote by the santa county board to decide in radar tower should be declared historic. the most surprise -- m visible lap mark of the cold war but the district has little interest in saving this built builting. >> the california state senate is now taking up a bill to require system stalls be gender
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neutral restrooms, sponsored by an assemblymen to help transgender and parent of different genders and adults caring for aging parents and will consider beening nonessential travels to states that is laws restricting the lives of gay or transgender people. >> the ronald mcdonald husband is opening a new building with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate. it has 67 rooms for families of children with live threatening illnesses the right now it homeds 47 rooms. it is one of the largest ronald mcdonald homes in the world. >> it was cool this morning. >> it is cooler. from two to seven degrees. we remain warming up. today and the next several days. live doppler hd is showing
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clouds around the bay, and seven degrees cooler around napa. four miles visibility at the coast. today is our warmup. we are looking at temperatures in the 50. 57 in mountain view. 52 in san francisco. from the exploritorium, low 50s santa rosa and 52 in concord. 53 in livermore. we are three degree cooler in concord. two degrees cooler at the coast. with three to five degrees cooler in napa to novato. grab a jacket this morning. you could hit fog. it will be cooler by end of week. today, san jose is upper 70s. that is above average. 82 on thursday. and look at the cool down, a steady onshore flow after thursday. 73 today. oakland is 75. upper 70s in napa and 80 befallen, and 82 in antioch and the seven-day outlook shows
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80s today inland and mid-80s in the middle of the week and upper 70s around the bay. we cool it off for everyone by the end of the week. >> frances? >> good morning, wyatt on the on the -- quiet on the roads. in san rafael, southbound traffic is light. out of petaluma to san francisco. drive times are delay free. starting off with 680 southbound walnut creek to dublin anti15 minutes. and 101 southbound is 52 minutes. an easy commute on highway 1 from highway one to leg -- los gatos is 24 minutes. >> frances venus rises over san francisco. the big judicial ahead for workers putting together largest statue ever in the city. >> instant facelift amazing discovery that could be the answer to hiding wrinkles and
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america's money. >> good morning, topping america's money a huge impact on provinces, with record breaking recall. takata will show a lost of $120 million the past year and the company has recalled more than 70 millionaire bags in the united states alone. they have inflators that "might," explode. >> lower gas prices have americans rushing to buy s.u.v.s and trucks sales are up 10%. but small car sales down 6% creating a surplus on the lots. upside is automakers are offering deep discounts and general lease offers to move the small cars. >> budweiser could be missing something: the name of the per. >> bud has filled for permission to replace the anyway on the labels with the word "america," labels with the word "america," and budweiser is owned by
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well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. >> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a happening today be part of the tallest sculpture in san francisco will be craned to the top. the statue is "venus," build in the center court yard of an apartment complex at market. it will be 92' high. spree new was being build and we were overhead. a crane will lit the sculpture. it will be completed next march. >> raw make and raw cream is
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being recalled after salmonella was found in a product. the department of food and agriculture said that the bacteria was detected in raw cream from or gone ice pastures dairy. it includes raw make and cream. so for, no sicknesses have been reported. the bacteria was found during routine testing. >> fur pregnant or thinking about it, steer clear of diet soda. it could lead to your child being overweight. this is a link between the amount of art officially sweetened drinks consume by pregnant women and the bmi of the babies. those would drank diet soda were twice as lake throw have their overweight baby by the time they turned one compared to women who did not drink diet soda. >> if you swaddle your baby it could be linked to sudden infant death syndrome. babies that were swaddleed and out on their side or stomach were twice as likely to die from
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sides. researchers say they should only be placed on their back and it should naughton used for babies over for months old. >> people have searched for the fountain of youth. now, scientists believe they have an invisible substance that make your skin look younger. hook at this video. applying two products to form a second skin to hide wrinkles. harvard scientists reports that no one who have tried it have complained of irritated skip. it sometime knees f.d.a. approval before you can get your hand on it. >> the airline industry is hoping a tweet campaign will get the attention of the t.s.a. to tell with horrific delays at airport security checkpoints. lines like these, waits have been getting longer around the nation. the trade group "airline for america," have fed up passengers sending tweets with "# "#ihatethewait.
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they are showing up. take photos and post them to instagram or twitter using # #ihatethewait. the all of industry wants the t.s.a. to increase staffing and ask congress for more money to pay for security officers' overtime. >> >> a rock has a new owner. a company based in dubai but this huge gem from a mine in africa and there is speculation there could be an 1,100 carat diamond pulled from the same mine will get next month. >> a lot of cloud car and the marine layer is democrat -- deep. there is a warm-up underway today. 56 this mountain view, 54 in fremont, oakland, 50 in napa, 46 in novato. highs today are ranging from 60
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at the shoreline and limited sun, but, lowity as you head out beyond the east bay valley and 9 in livermore, and concord, and 78 in san jose, and across the state we will have clouds in the sierra nevada with upper 70's in yosemite. the warming trend is lasting through thursday. frances? >> good morning, everyone. not even road work is slowing you down on westbound 80 approaching the cartinez bridge. and good for the rest of the ride through emeryville to the bay bridge toll plaza. the drive time from antioch to hercules is 27 minutes on westbound 4 and the westbound 80 ride highway 4 to the bay is 17 minutes. in delays on northbound 87 headed to the san jose airport. also, fine this morning is a nice shot of everything being cleared across the san mateo bridge. >> california state senate unanimously approved the bill yesterday to prevent children from being left unattended on parked school buss.
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the senate voted 35-0 on a bill to require child safety alarms much the alarms sounden with the engine is turn off and it requires the bus driver to walk to the back of the bus to turn off alarm in response to the death of a 19-year-old boy who was left for hours in a hot school bus. it now goes to the assembly. >> san jose is paving way to may electric vehicle charging stations easier to install. there is a service to get permits need no install the station. in the past residented had to go to city hall to apply and pay $222 fee. now they can go online and pay $182. it covers the cost of a city inspection when the station is. >> alameda county board of supervises will pier an appeal made by upset owners who are angry the county is limiting the number of animal they can own.
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there is now a cap on the number because of the manure run off and illegal horse boarding. >> look at a flock of ducklings, safe this morning because of firefighters in south san francisco. the baby ducks were stuck in a storm drain with no way out yesterday so the firefighters pulled them to safety and then they posted this video of the cue group on twitter. >> super bowl 50 has local cities ringing it up, but it did turn out to be 9 money maker a lot of people dream up. >> people will soon be drive on the smartest highways in the area with $80 million upgrade may not have been worth it.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> get up. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is tuesday, may 10. now, weather and traffic with lisa. >> that is harsh, reggie. >> that is mire alarm. >> good morning, everyone. we have plenty of cloud cover to the east bay valley.


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