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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> get up. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is tuesday, may 10. now, weather and traffic with lisa. >> that is harsh, reggie. >> that is mire alarm. >> good morning, everyone. we have plenty of cloud cover to the east bay valley. we have cool temperatures in the
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north by. 46 in novato. 50 in napa, 56 in mountain view. this afternoon we have a warm-up around the bay and inland. the coast is cool. get set for low 80s inland. low 60s on the coast. >> frances? >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at the map. still quiet. that is good news. there is road work on the peninsula, northbound 280 to westbound 92 the connection is blocked until 7:00 this morning with detours detours in place situation every everywhere but tracy to dublin is 37 minutes. >> thank yous frances. how much money did the bay area make hosting super bowl 50? yesterday we heard the numbers for san francisco but for santa
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clara, you could have surprising news. matt? >> good morning, the super bowl certainly put a huge spot light on the city of santa clara and levi stadium and all of the hard work for super bowl 50 has paid off with a little bit of money for the city. but you will ask, was it worth it in the city council will discuss the super bowl 50 fiscal impact report at the meeting. it broke down the expenses and revenue for super bowl 50. the report shows total spends going to police, fire and other certify -- staffing was less than $3.5 million. reimbursements from the nfl and hotel and estimated sales tack was $4.24 million. so the city expected to make $744,000 for the general fund. san francisco made money from the super bowl according to the mayor, and he said the city had $2.6 million net surplus calling
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it unqualified success. others say though question the numbers and wonder why san francisco made so little money weapon the nfl made hundreds of millions? you can expect a debate of the numbers in san francisco and here in santa clara the next time they want to bring a super bowl to the bay area. >> new, the race for 2016. thousands are expected to show up at a rally in stockton for bernie sanders. >> real change is coming. >> big crowd yesterday 16,000 people. reporter say the message is fresh. despite his narrowing chance of defeating hillary clinton. the rally in stockton starts at 10:00 a.m. >> the primary day in two states: west virginia and nebraska. bernie sanders is expected to do well and hillary clinton is
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bracing for a loss over comments on coal mining. 37 delegate are at stake. presumptive nominee donald trump. move cosy are to getting 169 delegates needed they be official. west have have, 34 going delegates are up for grabs and in nebraska, 36 delegates are on the line. >> in california voters go to the polls in a in. the deadline to register or change party affiliation is may 23rd. california primary election is tuesday june 7. >> we have the news app that is free for updates as they happen. >> happening today the san francisco board of supervisors will discuss whether to give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote. six supervisors become the measure. in approved the chatter goes on the ballot for current eligible voters it decide by november.
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in voters pass the measure teens could vote in local elections. >> the culture and conduct of the san francisco police department is under the microscope over "use-of-force" policy. a blue rib been panel is reviewing transparency, accountability, and fairness. our reporter has the details. >> we have invested in professional law enforcement. a we got is the worst kind of amateur hour. public comment following presentations by eight law firms looking for bias in the san francisco police department. all the preliminary fine, include outdated policies and a lack of transparency. >> public defender was among those who dressed the panel. >> we need an independent auditor on police bias in san francisco. >> three judges will credit a final report including their own
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review of documents involving racist and homophobic text between officers. no one is paying us. we are not on anyone's >> police officers relieve this is political posturing by the d.a. >> it was produceds write, and directorred by george gascon. >> a review bit justice department is recommended. >> we will end up with improved "use-of-force" policy. it will be a model for the country. >> it will be discussed on wednesday. >> the marin county board of supervisors is expected to okay a request from the sheriff deupty's department to buy 100 body cameras and was approved costing the county $200,000 in the first year. cameras are seen as the device tone sure transparency and accountability in law
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enforcement. deputies could wear them by summer. >> two of three drifters chapped with murders in marin county will stand trial in september made after the windshield dove one of the victims testified at the arraignment for lamply and algood. mrs. carter talked about the last time she saw her husband a few hours before he was gunned down near a hiking trail. the three defendants are also accused of killing a canadian tourist. >> a real estate agent is new facing grand theft in elder abuse charges in santa clara county. gina orr quipsed two citizens to write check totaling $1 million for fake offers on homes. she told budget victims their transactions did not go through but never refunded money. it is suspected this could be other victims.
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>> drivers will notice big chances on the east shore freeway. electronic signs on the i-80 project will be lit up this morning an $80 million project including 133 new high-tech signs that can inform drivers of trouble ahead and route drivers to san pablo avenue. the really out is complete by july. >> good morning. plannive low clouds and fog if you delay out of sfo we could have delays. the low clouds and fog extend all the way inland but we still have a warmer day on tap around the bay and inland the cost side not so much. 46 in novato with fog in santa rosa, 50 there and 54 there, and 56 in mountain you have. the sun will rode the cloud deck by mid-morning and upper 60s around the bay and still cool but look at 80s inland where mid-70s around the bay and,
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still, a nice evening at hand. this is the going of the wantup we will look at the numbers climbing a couple of degrees each difficult through thursday and around the bay still staying cool 5 the coast and then a cool down. >> quiet on the roads and we will show you a few shots. well on southbound 680 through walnut creek and near the north mainstream off-ramp. >> i fake you to the south bay with low clouds, and north 101 delay free out of morgan hill up the peninsula into san francisco. the drive time is the lowest when 580 from tracy to castro valley growing to 49 minutes and if you headed north on we highway 85, only 12 minutes. >> beefing up safety when you buy on-line and what a bay area community is doing to make craigslist and other services
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> right now thousands in north korea are participating in fire works and light show in the capital city. this is a largely choreographed rally to mark the end the
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workers' party congress which elevated the country's dictator kim jong-un to the role of chairman chairman. north korea invited a number western journalists to when the event. the country has expelled three broadcasters from the bbc for reporting that angered authorities in the totalitarian state. >> there should be an okay to create this: the internet safe sale and exchange zone that designated an area in the visitor parking lot of city hall. having an area with new h.d., 24 hour security cameras will increase the safety for anyone buying or selling items on-line. >> long lines and hour long waits are expected today when a global culinary any phenomenon will on with the
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phenomenon will on with the finest chinese soup you dip them with soup is inside. they originateed 60 years ago in tien what. >> so we should line up now. all the losing streak citizens for gap ink, causing the shares to drop 12% yesterday. the san francisco-base company is being pull down by weekender demand for old navy and behalf demand for old navy and behalf unanimous -- and transportation technology with speeds up to 760 miles per hour,
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taking the challenge from everyone will to build a loop between los angeles and san francisco. it could transport people 20 the cities in just 30 points. >> attach your seatbelt. fight. >> if you prefer to go slower you can enjoy the bicycle and pedestrian span on the babe back soon with work underway on it again, it is now expected to be finished in september. it was delayed by the demolition of the old bridge and design changes. the path started in oakland and runs along the eastbound direction. the fog is with us again this morning. can we expect it to burn off? >> only causing problems if santa rosa with visibility down to a mile and, "a lot of sun on way and a warm-up is underway today. it will last the next couple of days but not anything too extreme. we are see a wind shift getting things going in our antibay with the cloud deck eroding quickly and a look outside but right new you can see the cloud cover there, it is a big-rig of high
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pressure that clouds are bumping into and it is building into the eastern pacific and with the shift we will allow for temperatures to chime. it has been cool and gray. we will fix that today. 52 in the city, 57 in mountain view and san jose and low 50s in morgan hill, and half moon bay is at 50, and a couple miles visibility not too bad from our exploritorium come a you can see the delays with delays at 50, and 46 in novato. so, temperatures are anywhere from 2-5 degrees cooler in most spots and low 50s inhand valley. this morning, a light jacket, then we will look for nice afternoon and the warming friend lasts through the next self days and it will be cooler by friday and the wreck. for example, we will take a look at san jose where average highs in the mid-70s and today we will see numbers in the upper 70s and look wasp we will see the cool down underway with numbers around average by friday. 67 in the city today, 75 in palo
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alto and 71 in san mateo and 78 in napa and a look ahead, yes, we are hold on to the 80s inland with numbers in the my 80s to around 80 around the bay and cooler on friday, into the weekend with the low clouds and fog hanging at the coast. >> knits weather the nice traffic. it is quiet. we will look at all of the bay area bridges, and golden gate bridge traffic is light as you may your way interest san francisco problem-free, and bay bridge toll plaza has lights not on, and, this is san francisco. we will check out the drive times for the other bridges and richmond to san rafael, westbound 580, is seven memberships and san mateo bridge is only 14 minutes across, and the dumbarton bridge ride is a nine-minute ride. if you take mass transit this morning, bart reporting no delays and you are looking good to go on muni. trains and buses reporting for delays, so, it is a quiet ride
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and now, know news is good news. >> americans throw away one ofly one of every four bags because of the best buy dates. now state lawmakers are taking action to stop the waste and seven fence is putting ode food to the test. tonight, from make to eggs, can you tell what was expired? we will not get sick, right? that is tonight. >> your hotel room smells like vanilla it is not your imagination because they are pumping sweet artificial fragrants into the lobbies and gift rooms. operators say it helps of the ands feel concluded to the surroundings, and at the can senators, the gifts will play longer with the breastant smells. >> with someone puff on a cigarette next to you. the fur sons used the blend you have lets and citrus and cedar wood and another spays musk and
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vanilla and the sheraton uses figure and jasmine and most find it pleasant, like early gray, but some complain of bat reaction to the smell. >> depending on who is in the lobby, that is good. few cuba is in your travel plans t mobile wants to make it easier to stay in touch the. >> a wireless company is headed to cuba with t-mobile providing service for cheaper calls and wireless numbers under the state help side international options. both verizon and sprint made similar arrangements last year. >> perry scope is rolling out new features with a connection connected to a drop repet for bird's i didn't view and will save broadcasts beyond 24 hours. you can play 2012 the most popular video games ever at the same time, super mario is
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joining mine craft so the characters could be breaking and places blogs on the block with a matchup a week from today available for you next month. >> google is switching things up, and they are trying to something in the search that has users seeing more than red. the page on left is what we are used to and google is test changes the links to planks -- black and the purr people indicated a link hand clicked. google has not commended. use others complain it makes it hard to determine what is clickable. >> research is suggesting the night trips to the bathroom for older men can be eased with a nasal spray. there is a name for condition and machine with the enlarged prostate suffer from this. the nasal spray which suesed by
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bed wetting kids delays urine production and wear off in the o conducted by a team from new york university. >> straight ahead the seven things you need know. >> a year book outrage growing support a california high school support a california high school student is getting after she is
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as this may be a sign of a serious or even fatal condition. tell your doctor if you have liver disease or are taking other medications because these may increase the amount of xifaxan in your body. tell your doctor if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant, or are nursing. the most common side effects are nausea and an increase in liver enzymes. if you think you have ibs with diarrhea talk to your doctor about xifaxan. >> here's seven thing you need to know before you go. thousands of people are expected to turn out for another bernie sanders rally this morning in stockton. 16,000 supporters showed up last night. today, the rally starts at 10:00 a. >> san francisco muni driver is on leave today after he was filmed using a racial slur over a parking spot. the driver shot the interaction on the sell phone.
5:24 am
a muni spokesman said they are making "corrective action." >> supporters of frisco 5 are calling for the hiring of police chief suhr but will not say where the next protest will happen. dozens rallied at city hall ford a city help wide strike. >> four, a warmup is on way, we have low clouds and fog around the bay but it is going to wear off by 10:00 or 11:00 and we will have 80s, and in san jose in the not bay with 60s and sunny skies at the coast. >> five, an easy ride for this morning's tuesday commute. we are starting to see a little bit of slowing in some of the typical spots so i will have the delays and drive times for you but, most of us can have a necessary relaxing start on the way to worker. haw is fine by us. >> a man claiming to the biological son of prince has come forward demanding dan toasting. he is determined as the late
5:25 am
singer's only surviving heir. >> the warriors have taken a 3-1 lead over the transgender after an unbelievable performance by steph curry scoring 40 points including 17 in overtime as the dubs beat portland. game five is tomorrow night at oracle arena. >> a southern california high schooler wants it know why she was manage identified as isis in the year back. look, at this, she was shocked to see the name "isis philips," members of the islamic community are demand an investigation. >> something like to that happen and the name isis to be used knowing what it means for muslims, it hurt. >> we are at this point involved in an investigation on how in could occur. >> the school direct said there was a student named isis philiped but she transferred this earlier this year. >> her is the ultimate selfie a
5:26 am
more tries to surprise her daughter at her college by visiting her dom room but it does not go at planned. >> you have to look at the t exchange. the more takes a selfies lying in bed because she think this is her daughter's bed. but the daughter said where's that, i'm in my dorm, tell me you are not in someone else's room. the mother was shocked. she said i'm in the wrong dorm, omg, she was in the right building but not the right rooms. >> i i was going not right dorm and i thought i was popping in to the right bedroom to give her "i'm here," and she said call the house and i thought, oh, crap! >> find out how the mother told when her daughter's friend walked in the roof. >> what is the lesson? >> on behalf of all college
5:27 am
students, do not surprise your kid at college. it will not turn out well for anyone. >> coming back with a few 90 minutes of news including an effort to relieve drought- related situations in the east bay. the east bay. >> ands are running nor cov
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mmmm, yoplait. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. coming up on 5:30. i am natasha zouves. i am reggie aqui. it is tuesday, may 10. lisa? >> yes, good morning, low clouds and fog, pretty much for everyone but for concord which is clear. we will be looking at low clouds and fog to clear quickly. pretty shot from the each bay hill cameras 50 in half moon bay and fog toward santa rosa and this is mount tam a.t.m. where it is cooler at 46 in novato and into in santa rosa and the
5:30 am
numbers are coolest the at coast, federally 70 at the pay and 80s inland. frances? >> good morning, everyone, we will start off with the traffic map because we are seeing the typical slow right new with the area in red and orange as you make your way from tracy so when 80 is slow from westbound 205 crawling at think-14 miles per hour. tracy to dublin is june minutes. this ride, southbound, 680 dublin to mission boulevard right now is at 16 minutes. >> a new any operator is on leave accused of using a racial slur during a foul-mouthed fight over a parking space. amy hollyfield is at the wharf with the video and what is next. amy? >> good morning, first you have to see and hear what happens on the video. this is an argument a muni driver in the personal car in
5:31 am
the uniform making angry statements at a woman over a parking space. >> i'm a what? >> [blank]. >> i'm not even a plan. >> your mentality [blank]. >> you stole my space? >> this is downtown, if you see a spot take it. >> have a good day okay? >> she posted this on facebook saying people like this make me sick and she would be filing a complaint with his supervisors next to the muni yard near powell you can see the driver is in his personal car. muni is aware of video and has culled it "stubbing." the spokesman released the statement saying while we continue to investigate we are taking corrective action. we have been told driver is on paid eleven while muni investigates. they have not identified the driver but they are looking to see if he was on the clock at the tame of the inden.
5:32 am
>> that is disturbing and disappointing. we are following breaking news from germany. a man is dead after being stabbed in a violent rampage at a train station near munich. three other people were hurt. police did have a suspect in custody they say he is a 27-year-old german man, witnesses say he randomly attacked several people with a five. authorities looking into whether there is a possible islamist connection after a witness reported hearing him yell "god is great," in apick. we will continue to follow that an afternoon but, right now, politics. bernie sanders is ready for another northern california rally this morning following what was a rockstar welcome last night as two more states have primaries today include one where bernie sanders could do well. here is more on that. >> good morning, voters in west virginia are expected to turn out big for bernie sanders today, the senator is look ahead to the cam primary next month by
5:33 am
holding a rally in stockton this morning. >> real change is coming. >> check out the scene last note in sacramento, an estimated 16,000 supporters filled the outdoor stadium, secret service saying that it hooked more like woodstock. "feel burn," took on a new meaning when some were evercome by the height and sun and required medical attention. bernie sanders said he take the campaign for the democratic convention and supporters drove up from oakland to hear him in person. >> what he is talking about, i feel like that is what the world is going through and i feel like bernie sanders is the one for us. >> stores open at 7:00 a.m. and admission is first-come-first-serve bases with the rally at the event center is free. for security reasons can you not bring big bags into the center.
5:34 am
the event is expected to start around 10:00 this morning. >> hillary clinton is bracing for a loss in west have have today after upsetting voters with americans of the coal mining industry. the democratic front runner is looking ahead to next tuesday's kentucky primary. yesterday her campaign opened the third california office in san francisco at van ness. >> donald trump does not have competitors so nothing to worry about west virginia and nebraska. the presumptive nominee preparing for a meeting with house speaker paul ryan and his team is looking well beyond the primary and the general election. donald trump has spent $40 million of his own money and he needs another $1.5 billion for the fall campaign which he hopes he get from donors. >> ted cruz is now heading back to his day job expecting to return to walk today, and he
5:35 am
dropped out of the republican presidential race last week after losing to donald trump in the indiana primary. >> palo alto police are searching for a man wanted for groping a teenager. the 15-year-old girl's parents call police say he grabbed her at 3:30 p.m. at the pedestrian tunnel near alma street described as 40-year-old hispanic, 5' 6" with thin build and the victim said the man smelled back with cracked teeth. police are trying to determine in the man is linked to any other days. >> highway four in antioch is become open after the deadly accident. c.h.p. said a woman in a white bmw collided into the back of a sedan at rush hour, the woman in the sedan died. the other driver suffered injuries and is expected to be okay. investigators closed the stretch of highway for two hours. >> searchers the look for a
5:36 am
missing abalone diver off the coast. the 57-year-old oakland man was with friends and family when he want underwater and never resurfaced yesterday morning. crews were limited to searching the water from land because the surf conditions was too rough. >> san francisco police commission is set to weigh in on the people findings by a panel reviewing the police department policies and practices. a panel of three judges testimony and will have a final report with their own review of documents on the text between the officers. they will discuss fine, tomorrow. >> for san jose renters, the sky will vote whether to impose a new apartment ordinance immediately or end of june earlier than originally decided which is good for renters. though voted to lower the max hike from 8% to 5% and now want
5:37 am
landlord not to the jack up the republicans now. today, it -- if eight member vote for it it will take effect immediately. >> there could be arounding use of 20% mandatory water reduction for customers and drop the surcharge. the reservoirs are full and the water supply is now at adequate level to meet customer demands. >> because of wet winter the governor is dropping the water conviction targets imposed last june but making temporary measures permanent beening from hose off sidewalks or your drive and any water hoses must have a shut off nozzle. >> now the warriors: steph curry will join a special club with the second straight mvp award. sources say the ceremony will be held at 2:00 p.m. on the heels of last night's stunning win over portland.
5:38 am
so if you did not catch the game, or even in you did, steph curry was rusty returning from the injury but he caught up in the 4th quarter scoring 17 points in over time the most ever by a player in any game. he februaryed with 40 points and the dubs bet the trail blazers he talked why it was important to come become. >> i love this game. i love playing. i love competing and, really, really, missening out there with my teammates. to get a win in this fashion it and a good feeling to be back on the floor and playing. >> the dubs now are up 3-1 in the budget seven series and the worse can close it out in they when the next game tomorrow night at oracle arena. >> absolutely. good morning to you, everyone, a couple of beautiful sun rides to share from the east bay hills camera. all colors and marine layer at
5:39 am
6:04 is the official sunrise and 52 if san francisco and 54 in oakland in the low 50s in morgan hill and another one from mount tamalpais it is pretty and a hole in the cloud deck and it is clear in concord and low clouds and fog will not be sticking around long. 46 in novato, 52 at fairfield and concord and 53 in livermore. we will see the clouds lift and bring pore sunshine sooner so a warmup an the bay and inland. cost side we will get sunshine but, notice, numbers are nearly 60 degrees and upper 60 by anyone time away the bay, and 75 inland and by the afternoon, it is in the low 80s forrism and antioch and 76 in oakland. pretty nice warm upand we citizen it after the gray and soggy weather we have had the past couple of days. you will notice we warm through thursday.
5:40 am
a new injury crash in fremont is it could slow down southbound 80. the lanes can be blocked. it is sluggish. approaching the scene. when emergency crews get there, that could slow things down a bit further. we will keep an eye on this. another crash, also reported near the junction, no even joys on this and they will which are it quickly westbound 80 approaching red top road. westbound 80 from pinole westbound interest san francisco it is a good ride at 26 minutes. >> one of the most popular intern sites is moving headquarters to a san francisco neighborhood known for high crime rate. the social news site has leased 50,000 square feet in the tenderloin with rents cheaper there than south of market area with 78 employees. >> governor brown will release the revised state budget this
5:41 am
week after tax collections fell $1 billion short expectations. the budget in john called for $12.6 billion in spending and $51 billion for ---12, 42% increases and $25 billion for health care, a jump of 21%, and a 12% for in higher education spending totaling $14.billion. a him away from home for young of the patientses in san francisco. >> frightening scene over and own again after tornadoes cut a own again after tornadoes cut a deadly path he's happy.t's with him? your family's finally eating vegetables
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>> news that lives where you live on war schedule. >> can you imagine this is your neighborhood? a power will tornado debris in the air. it is move through this farm in oklahoma. several twisters tore through the state leaving two people dead. a dozen hopes were destroyed. a tornado hit nebraska. a man recouped how he survived. >> looked out and the tornado sat over there and my friend when over the deck and it pick me up and threw me against the tree. i held on. >> incredible. more severe weather is possible
5:45 am
today in the ohio valley. >> years of debate have led up to a by have the am vote by the santa santa clara board of supervisors in the tower should be historical site from the cold war. the district that owns the land is show little interest in sending the building. a vote by the county can have a hand in saving it. the california state senate takes up a bill requiring all single stall public restrooms to be gender neutral. they passed the measure yesterday sponsor heard by those would say it will help transgender and parents of children with different generals and adults with aging parents and back publicly funded nonessential travel to states that ban the transgender
5:46 am
restrooms. >> a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate a grand opening of ronald mcdonald house with new rooms for parents. the, spank took two years to come meat. it maybes the house in stanford the largest ronald mcdonald houses in the world. >> it is cold but the temperature are going up. correct? >> gives me something to take bout. it is confusing. we have let clouds. fog. temperatures cooler an the bay. that is the inversion. but it is chore by concord and you in the sunshine and you can see how pretty the sunrise is, in just a moment. we are looking at a big ridge of high pressure it will build in and bring us a wind shift and allow for early clearing from the east bay hills camera and it is a mellow color with temperatures in and and 50 degrees at the cost and four mile visibility this, and san
5:47 am
francisco is at 52, and 54 in oakland, and from mount tam this is nice, right, to ice with up to with 50 in santa rosa and 96 in novato and 53 in livermore. as you head out this morning, grab a jack mosquito. we will look not warming trend the next several days with cooler patton by the end of the week. so we are looking at san jose today in the upper 70s and low 80s tomorrow on thursday. a stronger onshore push. the rest the day is 75 and palo alto is 73. 80s around in the middle of the week inland and cooler for everyone by the end of the week into the weekend. some crashes to talk about, as well. >> in fremont, southbound 880 at burton, for injuries, it turned into a noninjury crash and they will clear it quickly to the right hand side you can see it has slowed traffic down for several miles as you make the way southbound on 880. we check out the drive times for
5:48 am
the next report, and slow down at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic backup at the 880 overcrossing right now so it is 10-15 minute wait. if you want another option the richmond-san rafael bridge is delay free if you headed westbound toward the toll plaza. we will check out the slow ride everything as well, on westbound 580 next report. >> new at 6:00, president obama make as major announcement of an upcoming trip and we will tell you how he will make history in japan. >> venus is rising over san francisco, the big job ahead for workers putting together the largest statue, ever, in the city. >> instand facelift an amazing discovery that could be the discovery that could be the answer t
5:49 am
discovery that could be the answer t look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> berkeley, san jose, by bay. >> this is as close as bernie sanders has come to the bay area in stockton. people are lipping -- lining up for the bernie sanders rally at 10:00 a.m. they starting young stockton. a lot of flip-flops. the camera is moving around because they are ready for a shot. we can see it is going to an big crowd. last night he had 16,000 in sacramento and they have the buttons lined up and people are ready to go for bernie sanders. one of only two scheduled stops before the june 7 primary. again, if you had to drive 90 minutes, everyone seeing bernie sanders it starts at 10:00 a.m. >> part of tallest sculpture in san francisco will be craned to
5:52 am
the top. venus is build in the courtyard of an apartment complex on market. today a huge crane will shoulders of the statue to the top. >> the state is recalling raw make and raw cream from a local dairy after finding salmonella. the bacteria was detected in raw kremlin from organic pastures dairy, the recall includes way make, and raw skim make and cream with a sell by date of may 18. so for no one has gotten sick. inspecters found the bacteria during routine testing. >> if you are pregnant or thinking about it steer clear of diet so d.a. it could lead to your child being ever weight. researchers found a strong link between the amount of after the physically sweatened drinked consumed by regulate women and
5:53 am
bmi of the babies. those would drank diet soda each day were twice as likely to have babies overweight at one. >> people have searched for the fountain of youth and scientists believe they have an invisible substance to make your skin look younger, with researchers say they have allayed two different products to form a second skin that hides wrinkles, it is a wishable film on the left side of the scene you can see the wrinkles are less showable. the second skin makes it look and behave like younger skin and harvard scientists report no one has had complications but it still needs f.d.a. approval. >> it look amazing. aso do the leaps, and not in a good way. the airline industry is hoping a nationwide tweet campaign will get the attention of t.s.a.
5:54 am
because of longer lines at check points across the country can now the trade group called airlines for america hope that fed up passengers will send tweets of long airport rates using a special hashtag show you on social media, traveling are nouned to take photos and post them to instagram or deficit are using #ihatethewaiti they were what the t.s.a. to increase staffing. >> look at this rock, it has a new owner. a contain based in dubai bought this 813 carat diamond from a canadian mining company for $63 million. that is a rod for uncut gem. it was pulled from a mine in botswana. there is now speculation of a larger 1,100 carat diamond pulled from the same mine on sale next month.
5:55 am
and it was just mother's day! >> look how pretty with the mink and purple, 57 in mountain views and san jose and 50 in half moon bay and 52 in the city. each of these are just really nice, 52 in concord, clear skies and 53 in livermore, the remain warmer air above the cooler air below we are along at numbers from 60 at half moon bay and 67 in san francisco, and a nice sunny day, and 75 in palo alto, and 78 in san jose, a couple of 80s toward antioch and the delta and this is the beginning of the next couple days where we will feature the warmer weather. partly cloudy in the sierra nevadas. the warm up and then we cool in time for friday and the weekend. >> we have had a few citizens this morning, but nothing major. you will find the typical brake
5:56 am
lights southbound 680 through walnut creek beyond north main toward highway 24 and then it is fine on 24 toward the maze. the south bay is quiet all morning and this is northbound 280 the 17 coming from the santa cruz mountains and it has been light. we will have an update on southbound 880 which is cleared to the shoulder and traffic is sluggish from 238 and the slow of the ride remains westbound 580 from tracy to dublin at 47 minutes but not so horrible at 2 1/2 hour commute we saw yesterday. >> san jose is paving the way to make electric ad charging stations easier to install for residents. the city is introduceing a service needed to have forms, in the past residented has to go to city hall and pay the $220 fee and now you can go on-line to the city website ask pay $182, instead. that fee covers the cost of the city inspections when the
5:57 am
station is build. all the alameda board will hear an appeal made by owners who are angry the county is lying to limit how many animals they can own trying to cap the number to address complaints of run off and illegal horse boarder. the board will hear the appear this afternoon dug the spell meeting. then commuters will drive on one of the of the >> and a big move for
5:58 am
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♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ most fast food places use formulas to create their combos. but all that math, doesn't always equal something tasty. at my place, you can get a mouthwatering sourdough bacon ranch combo. with a full size beef patty, bacon, and creamy ranch sauce, on toasted sourdough bread. plus hot & salty fries and a freestyle drink for just $4.99. because flavor always beats formulas. the sourdough bacon ranch combo, just $4.99 for a limited time. combos done my way. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> put down the cereal. look at the scene, a gorgeous sunrise on tuesday morning, a look from our east bay hills camera, unfolding for the past
6:00 am
few minutes and in there is a boat way to get up i don't know what it is. >> perfect way to start the morning. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am regular. it is tuesday, pay 10. 10. >> good morning, a beautiful shot out there and a couple of them to governor you the east bay hills competition and i will show you. we have fog, low clouds, but concord. and it could create delays at sfo, so another look a nice looking view, mountain view, 56, and san jose 56, and question have the low clouds and fog. it will be a sunny and warmer day today, and mid-70s around the bay and 80s arriving inland. frances? >> we have had a typical tuesday cop might, and a few accidents but nothing major. bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on, backed up to the 880 overcrossing, a 10-15


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