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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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dominating the delegate count, sanders told us reporters he's the only one who can beat republican contender donald trump. >> first thing we were in this campaign, nobody thought that we'd be fighting here and stand a good chance to win in california on june 7th. so an uphill fight isn't something that gets me nervous. i've been doing it from day one. >> reporter: now, word that sanders would show up at his oakland headquarters started as a possibility and quickly spread on social media. now, last night sanders was in sacramento addressing about 16,000 people, and this morning he attended a rally in stockton. now, this afternoon sanders stopped at a san francisco coffee shop before sitting down with the editorial board of the "san francisco chronicle." he will be in oregon tonight. i'm live in oakland, lyanne melend melendez, abc 7 news.
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polls just closed in west virginia's primary, and abc news is now projecting donald trump will win an the republican side and, of course, no surprise since his competition has dropped out. >> and bernie sanders is leading but not yet by enough to be projected the winner over hillary clinton. polls in the nebraska republican primary close in one hour. well, it was a surprise to know one but astounding nonetheless. one day after steph curry's brilliant performance in portlander, last night the warriors star was named the leelg's mvp. >> did you see that game? his family and team attend the awards ceremony. laura anthony was there as well. she is live from oracle arena tonight. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. well, it only seemed fitting that steph curry officially received this award today after last night's performance inport land, a clear illustration of what it means to be the mvp. >> the first unanimous mvp in nba history.
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>> reporter: less than 24 hours removed from a playoff performance for the ages, steph curry accepted his second consecutive nba most valuable player award. and this time for the first time in history the vote was unanimous. >> obviously being in the middle of a playoff run and out here competing and sltriving for another banner, to kind of stop and celebrate all that went into going into this award, you know, it is definitely special. >> obviously you've got a lot of god-given talent, but it's the determination, it's the love for the game. >> reporter: like he did last night with 17 points in overtime, the 28-year-old curry has set nba records and led the league all season with 402 three pointers, 31.1 points per game to lead his team to an unprecedented 73-win season. >> it's very surreal, the fact
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that it's actually his second one not to mention the first one that also was a unanimous vote for him. my heart is just warm as a mom to just see how joyful that he is. >> reporter: curry's teammates, his wife and daughters and the rest of his family were all at or he kell to celebrate the first warrior ever to receive the mvp honor twice. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> for winning the award, curry will receive a brand-new car courtesy of kia. >> it is a 2016 sorento crossover. but steph isn't going to keep it for the second year he's donating it to covenant house, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. >> i came in here because i was sleeping in a car with my mom, and now i'm able to come back home every day, go to sleep, able to get up, take a shower, get ready for work. it just benefits me, being able to live daily life and to be
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able to get back on my feet. >> covenant house officials call the gift an amazing surprise and say they're blessed by all the help the warriors have given over yeerts. >> really fabulous. steph's daughter riley made her presence known during the mvp presentation today while daddy was accepted the trophy on stage, riley walked in, she let one person seated up front know that she's watching him closely. steph had about a dozen family members in attendance today. it was of course a fantastic day for the family. we are celebrating steph cur curry's accomplishments with this video highlighting seven things about steph's performance this season. check it out on our abc 7 news facebook page. well, governor brown is reemphasizing that californians still remain in a drought, but he also acknowledged that some areas have done better than others in terms of conservation. so it really should be a surprise that east bay mud voted to endz a surcharge today? wayne freedman is live with the
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story. >> reporter: good evening, dan. today's vote was essentially a voed of confidence for east bay community members who have cut water consumption quite a lot this year by levels reaching roughly the 1970s. that's with one-third more people using water. they never heard it nor saw it but for east bay mud customers, the drought effectively ended at 2:00 p.m. today with this vote. just like that, after years of drought drama, unanimous approval from the board ends the 25% drought surcharge and eases prohibitions against excessive water use. it means beginning july 1st, the average customer will see his or her bill drop by more than $4 per month. >> so we told our customers that we would be charging that surcharge as long as we needed to buy supplemental supplies. we don't need the supplies anymore. the surcharge is coming off. >> reporter: which may come as a surprise to many of you have not
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visited local rose voluntaries lately. nair at 92% capacity, the fishing good. >> we retired itself being learned to let the fish come to you. >> reporter: and yes, we found a -- two among east bay mud customers here who thought they would never see rates drop again. >> i'm actually surprised. i am. a lot of businesses say they'll do things and when it comes time they'll change their mind. >> reporter: we should add, though, that if the drought surcharge disappears, a preapproved 7% rate increase does take effect. cost of doing business, the utility said. >> our costs go up on an annual basis. we have health care cost that's go up. we have labor costs that go up. costs of operating and maintaining our system goes up. cost of electricity. cost of chemicals. all of those costs go up. >> reporter: if your head hurts from all of this information, take a break, go fishing. there is after all plenty of water for it. from the east bay, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. a deputy who works in the santa clara county jail system
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was booked into jail himself on charges that he molested a young girl. anthony felix diaz faces a charge of sex with a minor under 10 years old. and two counts of child abuse. investigators say the crime happened in the spring of 2012 when diaz was off-duty and involved in a child he knew. diaz was arrested yesterday at his santa clara home. two alameda county sheriff's deputies face criminal charges following the beating of a suspected car thief. much of this case involves this video. investigators say that man refused to stop for the deputies in the east bay. that started a high speed chase across the bay bridge on november 12th. the charges include assault with a deadly weapon, the suspect stanislaus petrov suffered broken bones and consults on his head. >> there is never justification for working and enforcing the law and going outside of the confines of the constitution. >> at this point, we're
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satisfied there is a complete and thorough investigation into the matter, and the two deputies will have to answer for their actions on the day in question. >> both accused deputies, luis santa maria and paul weber will remain on paid administrative leave. both plan to turn themselves in, their bail set at $140,000 apiece. san francisco's mayor meantime wants to spend more than $17 million on reforms within the san francisco police department. most of the money would go toward violence provengs programs. the proposal also includes more specialized programs on racism and bias. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has the response from the community groups to the mayor's plan. that is ahead on abc 7 news at 6. now to the south bay, right now san jose city leaders are debating plans to ease the rental crisis. last month, the city council reduced the amount of landlords can raise rent each year from 8% down to 5%. they're looking at how fast they can implement that change which
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could be immediately. the council also approved the establishment of a rental registry to help keep track of every rental unit in the city. today they're figuring out how much staff they need to properly run this registry. the santa clara county board of supervisors today unanimously voted to declare the -- radar tower a historic site. the radar was designed to help locate and respond to any possible soviet air attacks during the cold war. preservationists have been trying for years. will mark zuckerberg going to washington? does sharing the road really help the environment? the groundbreaking study now launched by local scientists. head east, young man. it will soon be possible on the bay bridge. bike paths. i only waited in line for an hour and a half. >> the restaurant with a cult-like following that just opened up today in santa clara.
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i'm sandhya patel. warming trend has just s mmm. baclet's instabrag.d. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon,
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part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. breaking news out of massachusetts now. police are calling it an active situation in couldn'ten, massachusetts. that's suburban boston. a man called sober city galleria was evacuated after multiple shots were fired about an hour ago. >> happened after a car crashed into the macy's at this shopping center. then somebody stabbed several people. there's no word on how many were injured. we'll continue to monitor this situation, bring you the latest right here on sbz abc 7 news and on twitter. a new survey will look at whether ride on demand services like uber and lyft are adding congestion to san francisco city streets. it's a complicated quest. here's leslie brinkley. >> reporter: lyft and uber will soon be under scrutiny. >> what we want to understand
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here at the natural resource defense council is whether uber and lyft are helping to solve some of our long standing environmental and transportation challenges or adding new challenges by adding new challenges. >> reporter: you uc berkeley is also overseeing the study. both uber and lyft have agreed to participate by randomly selecting shous of riders and drivers in the coming weeks. while the streets of the city seem more congested, the survey will dig deeper. >> have people move to san francisco without the need to drive a car or sold a car since getting here? or on the other hand have they started taking uber and lyft instead of public transportation, in which kies we'd see more cars. >> i've seen some people that completely like either not even bother getting a car now because it's so much more convenient to have an uber or just use uberor or lyft. >> reporter: some say riepds on demand have reshaped their behavior in good and bad ways like riding instead of just
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walking. >> if you want to do grocery shopping, if you want to meet up with a friend or go back it from a bar late at night, uber and lyft are really the best ways to get around at this point. >> reporter: the first of its kind study on the environmental impact of these major new players in the transportation system should be out by this fall. in san francisco, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. work on extending the bike path along the bay bridge is back under way. the project has been delayed because of the demolition of the old eastern span as well as changes in the design plan for the bike path extension. right now the bike path starts in oakland but stops 1200 feet short. the project is now slated to be completed this september on thursday caltrans will seek approval to back the latest adjustments. facebook's news feed is becoming a hot topic in congress. the social media giant will reportedly brief of a senate committee on how facebook picks stories for its trending section. this comes after a report
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accused facebook employees of omitting topics that were popular with conservatives or from conservative sources. facebook has denied bias and says the stories on the trending section are picked out by an algorithm. a silicon valley liquor store in brace for more than 130 years is going to close soon. it opened in melo park back in 1882. the grandsons of the founder are in their 70s now and they plan to retire soon. however, there's no one to take over the management of the business. 20 employees will be out of a job. the property has been purchased so any new buyers would have to move the store. well, people with rumbling tummies stood in line to be among the first to try a new restaurant that opened in the south bay. we were at the mall for the grand opening. the taiwanese chain is famous and hundreds today waited for a taste. >> it was totally worth it,
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100%. we love it. >> it's ambrosia. >> they finally let us in oaf two hours t. was good. >> it began as a cooking oil business in 1958 and now has restaurants in nine countries. this is the first bay area location long awaited. >> you've been to one of these. you love this. >> a couple in china. and just a tip, you want to put it on a spoon so you don't lose any of the soup. >> good stuff. this is the time of year when allergies are in full bloom. boy, i know that. you probably do, too. but are there are ways to make your home more energy proof. >> michael finney is here with more. michael, save dan. >> allergens can lurk outside and inside. "consumer reports" has tips on how to make your house a safe haven for allergy sufferers. reducing allergens in your home is nothing to sneeze at. a good place to starter, bedding. wash your sheets weekly in shot
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water and running them through a hot dryer can ease allergy symptoms. >> hot water reduces pet dander, d dust mites drown. >> next cover box springs and mattresses with a kitely woven fabric that's dust mite prove. >> control humidity in your home, it reduces mites and mold. >> reporter: the right size air conditioning helps cut humidity. humidifiers also work but they generate heat so save them for your basement. air pure fires can be useful for removing dust and pollen. "consumer reports" tests their effectiveness in a sealed chamber. top rated portable air cleaners including this upony well for $250. >> if you have a heating or cooling system that is forced air, you may want to opt for a thicker filter which we found more effective. but they may require professional installation to accept them. >> a good choice is $29 fill treat healthy living filter
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available online. don't forget your vacuum can kick up dust and aggravate allergies. "consumer reports" finds these vacuums are good for emissions, the hoover wind tunnel max for $180 and ken more for $350. allergy and asthma sufferers might want to stay away from bagless vacuums which can stir up dust. "consumer reports" shows there are other simple remedies. keep your house clean. also, ban smoking and make slur your home is well vent lated with exhaust hoods or fans in the kitchen and bathroom. now, americans throw away roughly one out of every four bags of food they purchase. often because of best buy or best if used by dates. now state lawmakers is taking action to stop the waste and i am putting some old food to the test. tonight at 11:00 from milk to soup to eggs, see if anyone can tell what was expired and what
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was not. i live to tell the tale. >> you did not get sick in process, i hope, michael. >> you'll have to tune in. >> sacrificed himself for the making of this report. >> thank you. let's go outside and talk about a gorgeous day all around the bay area. >> so much sunshine. sandhya? >> it is bright out here, kristen and dan. behind me, lots of sunshine and a nice breeze coming through. let me show you live doppler 7 hd, our warming trend has gotten under way and we're going to keep that going. of course the coast didn't really feel it because you'll notice on live doppler 7 hd, a solid fog layer along the coast keeping your temperatures in the 50s. today's high so far in the mid-50s to the mid-80s, a 30-degree spread. east bay hills camera showing you a view of the fog below and few high clouds passing through. 58 in san francisco 63 in oakland right now really mild still in san jose and morgan hill low 70s. here is a live look from our sfo camera. you are seeing the sun there as
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well. but not for long. there's a little patch of low cloudiness that will start to advance. low 70s from santa rosa to novato, 68 napa currently near 80 in concord and livermore. here's what you'll be seeing more of, sunshine from our emeryville camera. mild to warm the next two days we're looking at upper 80s and wind on thursday and a cooler pattern begins on friday. so we are going to see once again the fog near the coast advancing in over the bay by morning. but the fog is not going to get out towards the delta and into all of our valleys like it did this morning. so we are looking at a foggy start for coast and bay tomorrow morning and possibly a little mist and drizzle at 5:00 a.m. as that fog layer compressed. by 11:00 a.m., fog is still near the coast but pulls away for the afternoon. we will hang on to the fog near the coastline. temperatures first thing tomorrow morning upper 40s to mid miff 50s. when you get going, fog will
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reduce visibility. could be dense in patches and the mist and drizzle mean uz may need the wipers. for the afternoon, you need the shades, gilroy 81, 80 in san jose. temperatures in the low to mid-70s from millbrae to san mateo. los altos 79, half moon bay 64, you'll see low clouds well into the afternoon, daily city 64 degrees 69 downtown san francisco, north bay 80 in santa rosa, 76 vallejo, 79 in napa and the east bay mid miff 70s for berkeley, oakland, richmond. 80 castro valley, inland spots low to mid-80s, 81 in walnut creek, 83 in concord. the temperature trend for san jose tells the story the next couple of days we'll continue with the warming trend. you'll hover a little above normal for a few days and then temperatures will drop back closer to average for the
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upcoming weekend. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the fog starts off the morning, we'll keep the fog going for thursday, friday. not much warming near the coast during the thursday time period you but bay and inland you'll continue to warm neefrp 90 inland and then get ready for a pretty big drop-off on friday and the temperatures especially inland, low 60s to mid-70s, weekend dry. temperatures will be in the comfort zone, most areas around the bay and inland will be in the 70s, coastal spots in the 60s. so a nice looking forecast for spring. dan? kristen? >> thanks so much. are avocados healthy? even the fda is not sure. that story is next. and at 5:30, "world news" with david muir. >> word of another tornado on the ground. the deadly emergency, incredible pictures coming in. trump versus clinton, and tonight stunning new poll numbers. a fugitive mother tonight leading police on a high-speed
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chase, her child in the car. you'll see it. new at 6, a new kind of bike lane debuts in oakland. you'll see why it will take some getting used to, especially for drivers. that s ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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a developing story right now out of san jose. a fedex truck ran into trouble and overturned. look at that. another vehicle may be involved. this is about a mile or two north of metcalf road. san jose police and firefighters are on the scene. this happened around 1:30 or so. the road was shut down for about two hours. no word on any injuries. caltrans sent us this picture of a fawn born yesterday. its mother was sadly fatally hit by a car in humboldt county. the fawn was born on the side of the road. the highway patrol fund it, a caltrans equipment crew was able to take it to a local vet. the fawn is expected to be okay. some foods that you heard were healthy may not be, as the
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food and drug administration begins reviews standards set in the 1990s. the fda's revisions come as new information comes out about nutrition and overall health. right now companies can market food as healthy if products meet certain standards for levels of fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar. an historic rescue boat recently made famous by hollywood is in san francisco today. the ship is "motor life boat 36542," the first standard motor propelled self riding life boat adopted by the coast guard for life saving. in "the finest hours" crewmen were shown rescuing sailors. >> this is a boat that revolutionized life saving in the water. a piece of history. there's many, many lives that have been saved that owe their lives to this boat. >> the lifeboat is in the middle of a two-day trip to the coast guard rescue station at point
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reyes where it will be placed on display. how can you tell when a squirrel is frustrated? sound like the start of a bar joke. >> it does. there is a scientific answer, thanks to the folks at uc berkeley. that story when abc 7 news at 5 continues.
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6, the lab says it found traces of weed killer in california wines. the abc 7 news i-team investigates whether it should be cause for concern. also -- >> we want to make sure that
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we're not only taking but we're giving. >> twitter's ceo speaks exclusively to abc 7 news about his company's commitment to helping some of the community's most vulnerable residents. also, want to live like steph? we'll give you a peeblg at his east bay home that's now up for sale. all that plus much more coming up on abc 7 news at 6. >> yes, we want to live like stuff. >> we want to be steph. if you're probably like most people and you've expressed some anger when let's say you put money into a vending machine and nothing comes out. >> that makes you crazy. well, you're watching video of a squirrel, the berkeley scientists observe squirrels around campus and discovered that they express their emotions when they're looking for a snack, too. >> squirrels in the study flicked their tails when they couldn't get a coveted nut from the box. >> that's not exactly outrage like people, but they do get a little upset. >> yes. but when they flick, get away. they're angry. >> don't mess with them. >> "world news with david muir" is up next.
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i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. see you again in a half hour. >> bye-bye. several breaking stories as we come on. a state of emergency just declared. another tornado touching down late today. the pictures coming in now, as the tornado emergency now turns deadly. >> oh, my god. >> more than 20 reported twisters across seven states. homes destroyed. >> that's a tree! >> the new warnings right now for millions as we're on the air. also breaking, the primary results coming in right now as we come on in the west. amid that battleground bombshell tonight. the new polls tonight in key battleground states. donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. and the trump headline breaking now. did his campaign choose a well-known white supremacist as a delegatdelegate? new action on that front, as well. and the abc news exclusive tonight, joe biden.


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