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tv   Nightline  ABC  May 11, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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this is "nightline". >> tonight, high anxiety at 34,000 feet. inside that white knuckle experience, the dangling oxygen masks. nearly 50 people injured world wide in the last week alone. just how dangerous are the rocky rides? and no says meghan trainor. the star expressing out rage over being digitally down sized. "me to eotoo" but how did the p child for "all about the bass" go from this to this? he may look like your little
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brother but he's working on his first billion. snapping up global investors. a high school dropout who may out zuckerberg even mighty facebook but first the "nightline five."
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joining us. it's a been a bumpy ride lately for countless airline passeng s passengers, with violently turbulent flights sending people straight to the er and with those racked with a fear of flying, an upgrade to high anxiety. >> reporter: a heart stopping moment for even the most seasoned of flyers. the stomach wrenching scream inducing sudden jolt of extreme turbulence. you probably experienced a mild version of it if you're one of the millions that takes to the skies every day. last year turbulence injured 21 people in the u.s. according to the faa but in just the past week on u.s. flights, 15 people say they've been injured by turbulence. yesterday this was the scene inside the cabin. after severe turbulence shook a jet blue flight pack would
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people traveling from puerto rico to orlando. the plane dropping 100 feet in altitude, just 30 minutes after take off. >> i was super scared. >> reporter: veronica torres on the plane with her daughter. she took this photo as oxygen masks deployed, many passenger's worst nightmare, the doors to the refrigerator bursting open. at least eight people hurt. firefighters, paramedics and police rushing on board when the plane landed and in just the past week, two other turbulence incidents injuring pass chgers. >> the lady in front of us shot straight in the air and broke the over head compartment, bleeding everywhere. >> reporter: and on this flight to jacquardau, people screaming and praying for their lives. a woman who took this video says
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the turbulence came with no warning. >> everything was shook. the plane went up and down. a lot of people on the plane they didn't wear seatbelts you know. so, they're like flying. >> reporter: pictures of the aftermath showing aisles littered with debris. nine taken to the hospital. >> every year we end up with flights that encounter some form of severe turbulence and it throws people around and hurts people in the cabin. this is why it's so important to keep that seatbelt fastened. >> reporter: but what causes the sometimes terrifying turbulence? so-called clear air turbulence because pilots can't see it. it happens when a fast and slow jet stream pass along side each other. if a jet flies through it, it can get very bumpy very quickly. >> what we're dealing with is
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unexect unexpexed, unpredictable turbulence. we don't have a way of a seeing it. >> reporter: but turbulence is also the result of severe weath weather, including thunderstorms which can sometimes be detected by radar. we went aboard this test flight near ma'am. so, this purple color means? these test pilots actually aim for thunderstorm turbulence. they're testing this radar software being installed on american airlines jets to help its pilots navigate a smoother ride. >> you're predicting what's ahead? >> that's exactly right. >> reporter: we skirt around the heaviest turbulence but still feel it. >> we're getting a little bit of that turbial n yulence right th. >> it's right outside the window. >> reporter: green on the radar
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means go. a path through the storm. >> when we've actually flown through the areas, there hasn't even been an ripple. >> reporter: also turbulence can be scary, it rarely damages the aircraft itself. >> they're so tough and well designed that they can take far more than the passengers and crew can. you're only dropping a few feet at any particular point. all he has to do is move two feet in any direction at 500 miles per hour and you're going to feel it in your stomach. >> reporter: in fact your chances of dying in a plane crash are 1 in 50 million. but 1 out of 4 people still fear flying. and the rough air is a remiennd they're in the ground and fear of flying caught on camera. and that's why these men and
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women are here. retired air force pilot turned therapist, ron nielsen is the plane whisperer. his class at phoenix, arizona sky harbor has one week to overcome a life of anxiety and for what for many is a painful fear. >> reporter: just go on and pretend like you own the thing. captain ron tries to teach his students to face their anxiety head on. it's a walk aboard a plane they've been assured is not going to take off. >> the first thing they need to do is give them svls permission to be afraid. >> reporter: in seven days they'll go from a classroom to a real flight, phoenix to burbank, california and back home. it's the final stage of class,
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call it graduation day. >> i'm here taking care of my panic attack. >> reporter: for jessica cobble, it will take all the effort. she's never flown before. >> grab a drinking straw, and breathe through the drinking straw. >> reporter: jessica forgot her straw. >> oh, my god. oh, my god, oh, my god. >> reporter: she took a pill to take the edge off. >> close the window. >> reporter: what happens when you take that much medication? >> i didn't take a lot. >> reporter: but he advises no drugs unless prescribed by physician. he says it may only add to your anxiety and jessica has plenty of that. >> you focus on anything but it. the thing you should be focusing
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on is you. >> but i don't want to die. >> reporter: minutes later, much to our surprise jessica is calm, actually enjoying herself. >> wasn't as bad. it's actually beautiful. >> reporter: the landing was as smooth as the flight. jessica's scream for everyone in the class. congratulations. >> once again, you've cheated death. by flying with me. >> reporter: but the real reward is having travelled from fearful to fearless, even if it was a bumpy ride. >> it's just an adventure. that's all it is. >> reporter: from "nightline," i'm david curly in washington. up next, we'll meet the teen age ticon making a name for himself. but first, meghan trainor
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making headlines after she had her own music video for "me too" taken down, claiming that version had been edited to make her waist slimmer. >> i just took down the video because they photo shopped the -- out of me andium iu'm sf it and over it. >> look at that waist. hold up. let's go back to this beautiful waist. >> entertainment tonight saying that she approved the video. >> it was very rushed and yes, i didn't pay attention to the dance seen. >> reporter: but today as prom i sed, the video rereleased. and this time writing the real "me too" video is finally up. missed that bass. ♪ working that photo shop we
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varying degrees of success. tonight we meet a 16-year-old who has more in common with venture capitalist than guidance counselors and algebra. ♪ >> reporter: from the first check of the phone to a quick mess of the hair, 16-year-old ben pastornack's morning reteen seems normal. but he's anything but ordinary. >> i'm the ceo. >> reporter: you heard that right. the 16-year-old is a tech ticon. his brain child is a new app which makes buying and selling items in your social network as simple as swiping right. he has already locked down enough seed money that he left his home in australia, including
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his parents to move to new york city, hoping to be his generation's zuckerberg and became a youtube celebrity with these unboxing videos. his first app success at 15. the game "impossible rush." even beat out favorites like starbucks and vine. >> i had number one trending apps everywhere in the world. >> reporter: being ceo at 16 hassahas a already made ben a celebrity. >> justin bieber is now following you on twitter. >> reporter: and there are some other perks. he lives alone which meenans a t of freedom but this ceo still has to report to his m-o-m. does he have a curfew on the weekend? >> i have a bit of a curfew
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during the week? so it's supposed to be 8:00. >> reporter: mom and dad who are here visiting from sidney weren't always sold on the idea. >> reporter: what was that like as parents? let's imagine it doesn't pan out, he's not going back to high school, is he? >> we're both university educated so, for our son not to go to school is a big deal. let's go to america and see if you get funding and then we can talk about it. and unfortunately, he got funding. >> reporter: unfortunately. >> when he said he was going i just thought let him go and see how it goes and off he went and he came home with this enormous sack of money. >> reporter: that sounds like a good deal. >> we can't let our competition be nuttier than we are. >> reporter: and much like the pint size ceo in ricky rich, the kid is the boss.
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his chief employee. this 30-year-old. what did you think when you were going to be ceo? >> by the time that happened i had come to terms with it. >> reporter: what's the most 16-year-old thing he's done since you've worked together? >> he forgets to eat. >> reporter: but his teen age tend naeencies not a problem fo leading investor. >> i've actually heard from teenagers. everybody wants you to succeed. >> reporter: to get to that level, more funding is needed. tonight they're meeting with a potential investor. there's lot on the line. >> we have a meeting in here right now. hope it goes well. >> what he said. ♪
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>> four thumbs up. >> reporter: truth is, most apps fail. but ben has a lot of confidence that he can build flogg into the next billion dollar empire. how big of an idea is it versus facebook or instagram? >> i wouldn't compare it to facebook or instagram. i would compare it to amazon or jet. >> reporter: you think it could be as significant as one of those companies? >> it's the if there. jet is itself an upstart. they have retail pretty dominated and i look at flogg as a way to improve on something like craigslist. >> reporter: how do you stay humble in something like this? >> for me i feel like i'm just getting started. so, i don't feel anything to brag about or whatever it is. >> reporter: you don't feel anything to brag about? in spite of the fact that you
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came home with the big bag of money? >> what's bigger than a big bag of money is 10 big bags of money. >> reporter: sound familiar? >> a million dollars isn't cool, do you know what is cool? >> a billion dollars. >> reporter: channelling his favorite film, "the social network" about another big ceo. do you ever think about being mark zuckerberg? >> he's too smart. >> reporter: smart enough to get himself here and he seems to have plenty of a hustle to spare. >> we share a competition. >> reporter: how about this, if i get the next shot, i get 1% of flogg. >> totally. totally. >> reporter: my chance of the millions dashed. $3 billion out the door. for "nightline" i'm rebecca jarvs, playing pick up against a
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♪ and finally tonight, we have late new results as this unique and controversial season barrels towards a conclusion. it's your voice, your vote. abc news predicting donald trump with another win tonight as he gets ready to meet with congressional leaders to talk party unity. and projected to win nebraska. and as for the democrats, abc news projecting bernie sanders as the winner of the west virginia primary but hillary clinton still holding a commanding delegate lead. and an interview with vice
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president joe biden. thanks for watching abc news. as always we're online on abc and on our"nightline" facebook page. good,
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