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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:00 a.m. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. it is wednesday, may 11. now, a check of weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, everyone. may gray but the next three hours nothing is falling. just a little drizzle. our camera shows the clouds over san francisco and the breeze blowing inland with quick are sunshine and warmer temperatures, starting out at 48 to 54 and 80 inland neighborhoods with more on that in the forecast. frances? >> yes, good morning, everyone, a shot of the golden gate bridge we have light traffic and an
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early crash on the san mateo bridge not causing a problem, with traffic flowing from the in the bay and bay bridge toll plaza still great, light, heading and friend and a giants game that will add to the traffic. also, another problem in the south of market area where the muni line 14 has to be re-routed. natasha will explain that. >> that is right. this morning, crews are repairing this giant sinkhole that swallowed part of the soma street in san francisco. street in san francisco. this is a look of the 5:30. the uber s.u.v. was bound for the airport with a family inside. there were five passengers. they all okay. can you imagine how scary it was? they were waiting for the light and it opened up.
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a broken sewer line caused the sinkhole. that is a brick sewer main dating back to 1875. >> santa clara county sheriff deputy assigned to jail is accused of a heinous crime: molesting a young girl. janet? >> the deputy has been moved and is being held for sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl, 33-year-old anthony days -- diaz was arrested on monday night where he lives with his son. the victim was the daughter after woman he was previously living with. police say the victim who was nine at the time, was molested multiple times in the spring of 2012 and neighbors would learned of the deputy's away were shocked and outraged. >> i feel bad for the girl. show was only eight the time and
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now she is coming forward with it. i hope justice is on her side. it take as lot for someone to come forward like that. >> the santa clara county sheriff released a statement saying and i quote, "the alleges are donely disturbing and if they are true, this correctional deputy did not meet the standards of our office and must be held accountable." he is held without bail and expected to appear in court tomorrow. >> two alameda sheriff deputies caught on video beating a suspect learn to push themselves in today to be booked on criminal charges. this are multiple charges fired centering on this surveillance video show the deputy hitting stanislav patrov in san francisco in the mission district last november. they chased stanislav patrov from oakland to the city because of the vehicle was reported stolen. he suffered broken bones and kits on his head.
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>> this is never a justification for enforcing the law and going outside the confines of the constitution. >> we are satisfied there is a come heat and thorough investigation into the matter and the two deputies value to answer for their actions on the day in question. >> both deputyies will remain on paid leave with bail set at $140,000. each. >> san francisco's mayor wants to spend $17 president on the forms in the police department which go to violence prevention programs. the proposal included more specialized programs regarding racism and buyy. the department has been rocked by scandal involving racist e-mail and text sent between officers. >> possible lotion is in sight to end a hung are strategic at san francisco state university. the school president said he will meet with the strikers
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negotiating team and believes that the two sides can roach an agreement to ensure ongoing support of the college of ethnic studies. four students began the hunger strike in response to funding cuts for the knick studies. >> now a big win in west virginia have for senator bernie sanders, a victory the opponent, hillary clinton, flatout ignored here is the latest from washington, dc. >> good morning. right new the only competitive presidential primary is on the democratic side, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders snagging a win as they budget will it out for their party nomination. bernie sanders not yet another victory calling the win in west virginia "tremendous." >> it appear we won a big, big victory in west virginia. >> hillary clinton still holding a commanding delegate lead but bernie sanders is not give up. hillary clinton focusing on next tuesday's kentucky primary, making no mention of west virginia's vote during the final event before polls close.
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instead, looking ahead to the general election and talking against bernie sanders. >> in i am fortunate enough to be i am look forward to debating donald trump in the fall. >> the businessman is the last man standing in the g.o.p. race, he still continued to campaign in primary states going after the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. the vice-presidency is on the minds of presumptive nominee saying he is working the list of v.p. picks to five or 66 and it is believed that chris christie is on the list. >> in november, san francisco voters will decide whether to lower the voting age to 16 for local elections. the period approved inflation the charter measure on the ballot yesterday. advocates say it increases voter participation in the city making around 13,000 teens eligible to vote the opponents allowing it could cause legal implications.
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>> oakland firefighters will begin the vegetation inspection begin the vegetation inspection with weeds now growing causing >> it creates more fuel when it dries out in the next month. >> now, a look at temperatures, castro valley is 50 on the cool side. hayward and union city and fremont and oakland 54. orinda, 52 along with richmond. spokesman is 52 and santa rosa is 49. and antioch at 63, mountain view is 67 and san jose and fremont and pleasanton is 54. from the east bay hills grab the sunglasses, tree pollen is low and that will uptick next two days, with grass pollen low, mold spore and u.v. index moderate to high. in walnut creek the temperatures is 56 togethers and check
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identity the mid-to-upper 80s inland the next two days and dropping off by 10-12 degrees and nearly 80 around the bay and mid-60s at coast and those areas are cooling on friday and we see in it lasts. frances? >> we will start off with a few camera shots this morning, and we have had light traffic so far, no major problems and at 101 in san rafael, southbound, as you move beyond the civic center to the golden gate bridge, traffic is flowing well out of santa rosa and 101 is fine in the south bay, as the 880 interchange, san jose, north 101 and 880 across the screen. and, also, a heads up in san francisco, the giants game at 12:45 traffic is busy along the skyway and the sinkhole shows mission street muni line number 14 is re-routed and this closure could remain in place through tomorrow. we will keep you posted on that, as william. >> this is the kind of tax that bernie sanders does not need:
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the bernie flow stick is a deadly explosive. >> on-demand companies are more popular than ever. do they make the ride to work easier or worse? show your warriors pride at game five against the trail blazers tonight. post your photos and they could post your photos and they could appear
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. this is abc7 news. this is abc7 news. >> and now these instructions are a recipe for an explosive. this is the graphic we talking about the ingredients to before the chemical bomb have been blurred out. the bogus recipe appeared on a pentagon board and has spread on social media. thankfully there are no reports of people actually making this and getting hurt. >> the difficult of oakland rolled out grown carpet to show a new bicycle lane that aims to make the ride safer with the ribbon-cutting ceremony held to celebrate opening. they are called protected bicycle lanes the first of its kind in the bay area, riding in between the sidewalk and marked cars and the park cad are protect the bicyclist from
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moving cars. >> by allow the bicycles to ride between the curb and the row of parked car we create a much safer environment so people do not door the bicyclist and open the car doors while a bicyclist is riding by. >> the new bike striping extends from 20th and 29th and boater markings on crosswalks and needans for boyives and pedestrians. >> a new survey will look at service like uber and lyft are adding congestion or easing congestion. it turns out it is a complicated formula, the story from abc7 now. >> uber and lyft will soon be under scrutiny. >> we want to understand at the national resource defense council is whether uber and lyft are helping to solve our long-standing transportation and environmental challenges or whether they are just creating new challenges by adding new cars to the road and new congestion and pollution.
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>> the research center is overseeing the study. uber and lyft have agreed to participate by randomly selecting thousands of riders and drivers in the coming weeks. the streets of the city seem pore congested, the survey will dig deeper. we have people moving to san francisco without the need to have a core or did they sell their car? or, have they started taking uber and lyft rather than public transportation? in which case we would see more cars. >> some people do not bother getting a car because it is so much more convenient to have uber or use uber and lyft. >> and say rides on demand have reached -- changed their behavior in good and bad ways. >> if you want to grocery shop or meet up with a friend or if you want to go back from a bar late at night, uber and lyft are the best way to get around. >> the first-of-its-kind study on the environmental impact of the major new players in the
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transportation system should be out by this fall. >> for the second straight year warriors steph curry has donated an s.u.v. to help young people in oakland. >> part of winning the mvp he received a brand new car courtesy of kia and this year steph curry donateed the cross over to covenant house the nonprofit organization that helps hopeless wrong adults between the ages 18-25. >> i was sleeping in the car with my mom and now i can come become home each day and go to sleep and get up and take a shower and get ready for work. it benefits me being able to live and get back on my feet. >> covenant house officials called this "amazing surprise." he donateed a kia to the youth development center. aalways generous. >> it is betterren we talk about
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it. wow. >> now is the weather warmer? some of us are feeling...summer three-quarters mile visibility between river road and 101 in santa rosa. now, elsewhere, it is gun to petaluma and half moon bay and the marine layer crowds can you see at pier 15. more warm sunshine today and our fastest sun and highs tomorrow and cooler freeze arrive on friday. now, how quickly can you get the sun? by 9:00, inland east bay and the south bay, noon, most of us are clearing but for the coast where we will get pockets of sunshine, 60s and 70s around the bay and 80s inland. now, area by area, 79 to 81 in the south bay and los gatos and cupertino and san jose at 80 and mid-to-upper 70s for the planes, and millbrae at 71 and
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temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s along the coast and mid-to-upper 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and petaluma was 76 and santa rosa and calistoga at 80 and along the east bay shore and berkeley at 74 and fremont at 79 and inland at 80, and 81 in san ramon and walnut creek to antioch at 86. so tonight temperatures are in the upper 40s to mid-50s and our warmest highs are tomorrow. 10-12 degrees cooler by friday. you have another accident? >> yes, mike. at the sunol grade the southbound 680 near sunol a big-rig could be involved but no injuries. hopefully they will clear that to the shoulder and we will not see much of a slow down. right now traffic is moving at 67 miles per hour. we will take you to westbound 80 adds you make director way to berkeley and emeryville and the drive is great, pinole to san francisco, cross the bay bridge, 21 minutes. also the san mateo bridge, traffic is flowing well and this
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is westbound traffic on the right hand side as you make your way into san mateo and foster city and no problems on 880 and we wrote is all good on the peninsula. >> queen elizabeth was not impressed where the boyfriend of some members of china's government. listen to what the 90-year-old monarch was caught say on camera to the british ambassador. [ inaudible ] >> very rude. the queen made the comment during a garden party at the palace yesterday. the individual why shows the queen talking to a senior police officer about the chinese state visit to britain in october. we rarely hear the queen make comments on political matters. >> some foods you have her were healthy may, in fact, not be and that has the food and drug administration starting to review standards set in the 1990s with changes affecting the labels we see on items at
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our local grocery store as new information emamericans on nutrition. companies can market items as healthy in they pete certain standards for fat, cholesterol, salt, and sugar. >> the popular whatsapp is not upfor mobile devices. >> whatsapp is branching out and can be used on check stops for windows and mac and making it easier to to with trends. >> and now original contest can be posted with potential for apriltys and amazon will make the video available through the video app on mobile devices, set-top boxes such as roku. >> big news for pokemon
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with three new characters available this holiday with nintendo. >> can't wait. christmas came early. those the tech bytes. >> the world's eldest dethrowned. scooter is 30-year-old siamese now the oldest living cat curing to the world records. scooter is quite the traveler and been to 45 states, and cater enjoys the professor oldest was 26 years old from oregon nameed corduroy. >> the brazilian soccer star want people to stay away from his country for olympics. >> can you tell when a squirrel >> can you tell when a squirrel is
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>> here are the seven things you need to know. one, in the commute take you through san francisco's social media ma distribute, you may want to take a district route. part of mission street is shut down so crews can repair the sinkhole that opened up yesterday near montgomery and mission and nearly swallowed a family riding in an uber and lyft. >> a deputy is accused of molesting a cringe girl in 2012 and anthony diaz is held without gale. the victim recently told her mother about incident. >> prominent civil rights attorney john burris is calling for the attorney general of the state to investigate the san francisco police department. burris is asking kamala harris to address scandals involving the san francisco police department, and other elected officials are joining the call. >> from one degree warmer-than-average in san francisco to eight in concord. san jose, concord and napa are
5:24 am
reap the 80s today and some neighborhoods could reach the minutes tomorrow. that is. coming up. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is logging good right now for the early morning commute, but do not for get there is an afternoon game for the giants at 12:45 with extra traffic and mission and second will be a problem are as well, because of the sinkhole. >> wal-mart is seven visa over debit card transactions saying the pin is more secure than a signature. >> a day after steph curry was kristened the mvp for the second straight year in a row there is buzz whether he could do it three types. the weapon were giving him a nod to win next year saying the greatness has no limits. the warriors can close out the semifinals tonight. >> man injured by an e-cigarette explosion is speaking out about what happened.
5:25 am
his face shows the scars and the injuries from the blast. he was vaping on commuter last in and he heard a loud "crack." the wife put out the fire and rushed him to the hospital. >> i sat down. i was going over to the book shelf and, bam, i felt leak i was hit and everything went... south. >> he brock his facial bones but he lost the eye. he hired an attorney and is blaming the battery on the device. the attorney is already handle ing 60 similar cases. >> brazillian world cup leader is telling tourists to stay away from the olympics in rio de janeiro because of violence posting this warning on instagram, along with a photo of a 17-year-old woman killed on saturday in a shoot out. he said it is getting ugly, more so each day and advising everyone with plans to go to rio de janeiro to stay home and said
5:26 am
that they will be putting their live at risk. there is concern of the zika virus and water pollution and brazil is in the deepest recession in decades. the president is facing impeachment. the olympic begin in three months. >> what will be the tallest sculpture in san francisco, that is a step closer to completion. a crane placed the massive shoulders of the statue though be in the courtyard of an apartment complex, 92' high. here is what it will look like when finished in march, spree fuss is the center piece of a large public art collection being gifted to the city by the victimmor of complex but most of us and not see it original influence buildings. it will be in an enclosed courtyard. >> so i can't wait to not see it? >> a video shows a squirrel's body language.
5:27 am
a flick of the tail according to the researchers expressed frustration when a squirrel cannot get the nut. berkeley team compares squirrel anger to when humans curse and anger to when humans curse and hit vending machines. federal 90 minutes of news including new information about the death of prince. the todays are moving in on his minnesota estate. all the effort to remove a all the effort to remove a stranded
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all the effort to remove a stranded look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> this is not how want to start a trip to the airport. happen right now crews are guying up to repair this gaping sinkhole that swallowed an s.u.v. in downtown san
5:30 am
francisco. the family was shaken but safe. good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. the fell talked about the ordeal with abc7. first, a look at the weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, everyone. we will look at marine layer on live doppler hd and there is no radar return. the big story is faster sunshine, and warmer temperatures. here is the day plane around the low-to-mid 50s through 7:00. clouds are back by noon. mid-70s at lunch time for the bay and inland. on the way to the mid-to-upper 70s and a few 80s inland. i will show you how long the warm weather will last next. frances? >> an update on the crash in the sunol grade southbound 680 near 84, a big-rig. it could slow things down but it has been good. it is off to the right hand shoulder. in the meantime we are keeping track of drive times, with the slowest spot westbound 580 from
5:31 am
tracy to dublin at 42 months and the southbound 680 beyond the crash from dublin/pleasanton southbound is only six minutes. the big commute is coming up in the next report. >> we are following breaking news in mountain view where a driver slammed his car into a building at the linkedin campus at midnight, the driver was found 100' away from the car after hitting the side of the building at cam pice offshore line boulevard. emergency crews took care of the driver would went to the hospital and we do not know in alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. >> a man is dead killed after being hit by electric motorcycle in san francisco. it happened on brotherhood way after 10:00 p.m. he died on the scene last night. the motorcyclist was injured and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> if you drive to soma crews will be repairing a sinkhole
5:32 am
that nearly swallowed an uber filled with passengers. you will amazed they are all okay when you see the pictures. amy hollyfield? >> yes, look behind me at the hole they almost fell and. they were sitting at the stoplight waiting for it to turn green and this opened up. this is at mission and montgomery, the uber driver and family inside the s.u.v. had no idea what was happening. they felt the car sink and thought it was a flat tire. when they saw people staring and taking pictures they figured out something major was happening. they never expected to see this sinkhole. >> they kept saying it was sinking, do not move. but we could not understand or imagine something like this. >> look at the cell phone video of the s.u.v. being moved to solid ground. everyone was oh careful
5:33 am
passengers had to quickly compose themselves and come up with plan "b" because they were trying to get to the airport to catch a flight home to los angeles a. what a story. the city said this is all because of sewer line broke, an old one, a brick one from 1875. there is no word on when it will be repaired. do not country on using this area for your morning commute. mission at montgomery is close closeed. >> when you see news where you live, if you share it with us on social media #abc7now . >> ten people are homeless, firefighter is recovering from beens and a pet is kid after back-to-back house fires in san jose. the firefighter has minor buns and another was tweeted for heat exhaustion. fires managed to rescue a dog from the backyard but, unfortunately, a cat died inside of the house.
5:34 am
>> to hours earlier firefighters responded to a fire at a duplex near the plaza shopping center and crews say it was started by food left on the stove. >> after complaints of racial profiling the social networking site based in california said it is paying changes and our reporter is here with the details. >> they do not want to be socialed with racial profiling at all and that is why they have spent months working on the changing. we first recorded on this issue in january when groups discovered pest posting suspicious behavior with vague descriptions like "african american male," pants." though announced improvements last night and you can flag for racial are failing and mandatory format for claim. you have to choose in you are reporting suspicious aist, claim, or something else.
5:35 am
when you describe the people involved, you cannot list gender ethnicity, but, you have to say exactly what they are wearing, head to to. if you violate the new rules your posts can be removed and you can be suspended from the site. next door, the features will be released to 98,000 forums when the process is refineed. >> we breaking overnight, 45 people are dead in baghdad, after a car bombing, it exploded in a included outdoor market. 65 others were injured. isis is claiming responsibility. local officialrd denying the terrorist group is behind the bombing. >> justice department said it will fought seek the death opinion at against this man, suspected ringleader in the deadly attack on the united states chance lat in benghazi. bay area native and united states ambassador chris steven was among four machines killed in the 2012 attack. lawyers for the defendant immored the fell prosecutors to
5:36 am
remove capital punishment as a possibility. he was capture by special forces in 2014. >> nows on to the race for the white house donald trump looking ahead to what is happening in the general election new, narrowing down the list of potential running mates, and the republican said he has narrowed the list to five or since people with what he said are "deep political resumes." without challengers, donald trump took most of the republican votes in west virginia and nebraska. he is the party's presumptive nominee with 1,107 delegates. vermont senator bernie sanders picked up a know win in west virginia, but, still, hillary clinton has the lead with almost 800 delegates. bernie sanders needs to pick up 98% of all remaining delegates to secure the nomination. >> bernie sanders is holding two rallies after a swing through the bay area. the new campaign is in oakland when he stopped by to thank the volunteers and told abc report other he knows the odds are
5:37 am
stacked against him but he is willing to fight. >> first we were in the campaign no one thought we would be fighting here with a if chance to win in california on june 7 so the uphill fight does not get me nervous. i have been doing that from day one. >> bernie sanders asked for support from the "san francisco chronicle" and the editorial board. he is challenging hillary clinton to a debate in california before the primary in california. the hillary clinton can many has not responded. >> marin county's first known case of the zika virus is not a risk to the community and the person contracted the virus while visiting south america and is spread by a mosquito not detected in marin county >> the owner of a boat stuck in san francisco bay near redwood city is waiting for high hide to free it. this is a rescue, and we were at the redwood city marine that last night, and the people would were on board had to be helped out. the owner said the bow had a mechanical problem and it stopped working.
5:38 am
it floated and got second shallow waters and everyone is safe. >> good morning, we are coming up on 5:38 and we will start inland at blackhawk and san ramon and danville, the cool spot is 51 followed by dublin at 52 and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50 until antioch and mount diabolo. northwest she 50 and the seem in pacifica and san francisco is 52, watch out for the strong sunshine, today, whether you are walking the dog, kayaking or bicycling on the dry roads. now, i have a time-lapse running on this and i cannot wait to see how it moves around and the sun comes up, it will be a great time-lapse from the east bay hills when it finishes in a couple of hours i will post it and the temperatures today in san francisco at 66 and everyone else in the mid-70s and the peninsula, inland east bay, and warmer tomorrow with 90 show up inland, and everything changes on friday, so look at the
5:39 am
dramatic drop i will have the weekend forecast coming up. >> big most at the bay bridge toll plaza with a few crash recorded approaching the toes, and, in fact, we can see it right here in this shot to you can see the lanes are blocked and they are getting some emergency crews at the scene and hopefully they will be cleared. in the meantime, that means it will backup, right new, toward the foot of the maze so heads up to the bay bridge toll plaza consider car pool, instead, or bart, which is reporting no delays. and a shot in san mateo, highway 87, it is fine, but, a heads up tonight, as well, we have a cop sort at 7:30, at s.a.p. center, and also the san jose, have a game at the stadium, so this is extra heavy along with the surrounding streets. >> people are trying to get help with police and firefighters in the north bay and they could be hitting a roadblock, and, next, the concern of marin's through emergency respond system.
5:40 am
>> machine again, the steph curry grand is on the rise and curry grand is on the rise and what is next
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5:43 am
before 7:30 last night. on the great highway. an 18-year-old man driving the car remained at the scene. police say drugs or alcohol did not appear to be factors in the crash. >> there is concern that a voter approved measure to boost coverage of a new emergency radio system does not go far enough. our media partner reports that voters narrowly approved a measure to add four new antennas to the 9-1-1 emergency response system which is outdied. the supervisor said the plan does not adequately cover the nearly 2,900 users and the county will take proposals to fix the prop until july 22nd the >> deputies will soon be wearing body cameras with a contract to pump 100 cameras in a give year contract that will cost $1 million to the taxpayer. >> investigators are trying to determine why a man went on a deadly standing spree after
5:44 am
crashing a car, police say arthur derosa broke into a house and stabbed an 80-year-old mother and her daughter. the mother died. then he went to a restaurant and stopped four people. one died. a deputy kid the 28-year-old. his sister claimed high was hospitalized for depression a day before the rampage. >> new information on the death of prince, as uncovered search warrant identified a doctor would treated prince, twice, before the death on april 7 and april 20. the doctor's name is dr. micahel schulenberg and told a detective he purchased tests on prince and took the results to paisley park the day prince was found dead. federal drug agents are tight lips of the sent of the rinse compound with a dozen agents at the estate. >> we leaf for rent in san jose with a new 5% can on represent hikes in mid-juan the renters
5:45 am
were hoping it would be we factive immediately but that is not happening. the new cap covers 44,000 apartments that are now under represent control. >> the warriors will hold the morning shoot around before game five and can close out the lay off series from portland and advance to the finals with a win. steph curry will be honored in front of the whom crowd before the 7:30 tip-off. yesterday he accepted thing is consecutive n.b.a. most valuable player award. for the first time in history the motivation unanimous. >> i looked at the list of everyone who has won mvp before and they let ends, guys that are household names and they jump off the page. to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something i don't know how to put and words. >> officers say the steph curry brand is about to explode and he is
5:46 am
he is the face of apple, underarmor, and br it a water fill materials >> the real star of the family, really, is this one, riley really, is this one, riley curry, making, a she health someone necessity she has her eyes on that person in the front row so watch out. steph curry has a dozen family members at the ceremony and riley got the attention. >> she knows how to work the crowd. >> if you want to work the crowd at home wearing your dubs nation gear, send it for us and we would love to see your byes or video # dubson7. you could see them right here. hoped you would not do that. now i the spotlight. >> all c.i.a.s are on you much
5:47 am
-- all eyes are on you. >> we have watched the fog around santa rosa and petaluma improving. that could mean it is moving around in other areas. around san rafael south on 101, nothing to worry about. fast are sunshine, surging highs. remaining trend tomorrow inland and the south bay getting the clouds. by 9:00 or 10:00, gone. by noon, everyone is clearing but for the coast we see a few pockets of sunshine, 60s there and 70s around the bay and 80s inland. in the south bay, we have sunnyvale, santa clara and milpitas at 79 and everyone else is 80 to 81. we have 80 this mountain view and millbrae is 71 and everyone else is 74 to 79. around 6 is to 64 along the coast and downtown, san francisco, 67, south san
5:48 am
francisco, 69 and in between, sausalito at 68, 76 in petaluma and santa rosa and calistoga and cloverdale around 80 to 81 and along the east bay shore at 74 berkeley, to fremont at 79 and inland castro valley, 80, and all of 80s, 81 in san ramon and antioch at 86. tonight, in the upper 40s to mid-50s, nice overnight and tomorrow is the warm of the high and maybe up to 90 in antioch. look at the dramatic drop, on friday, temperatures are cooling all the way through the welcome. we will take you to the sunol grade with an update on the crash southbound 680, there for a while and you can see the traffic is slowing southbound as you make director way through pleasanton and reaching the dublin interchange were we check identity the drive ties for you, as well, in the next report. bay bridge toll plaza shows the crash earlier in the fast track rain as they cleared it to the parking lot, so, it did not cause a big jam but the remark
5:49 am
is backed up beyond the 880 overcrossing with normal delays and over to the richmond-san rafael bridge traffic is light approaching toll plaza baby and the drive time highway 4 to the maze is if at 18 minutes but, sluggish across the bay bridge and the westbound ride is 12 minutes. a new warning for teens and adults about social media and what they think could be private but is not. >> a you it term i have fought heard of, the justice department is watching more young people they are being blackmailed over explicit video and here is the term, calling it sex-tortion when someone sends sexually explicit photos and the sip threatens -- the recipient threatens to release them in they are not paid. sex acts were live streamed over cameras and if you know someone
5:50 am
a victim of this, report it right away and do not pay the money. >> members of the grateful dead pin off group "rock the house," on jimmy kimmel. they promoted a controversial issue in california. >> we either part of this community and want to make sure we work here but we are actually supportive. >> recognize that guy? the founder of twitter talking about a roth he is most proud of. of. >> a mom leads police look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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imagine where it will take you. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. the abc news app news that
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lives where you live. all the mayor of las vegas is confident the raiders will move to her city. she said raiders owner assureed her that las vegas is not getting plays as far as the stadium deal and said he is open to the team staying in the bay area but unable to strike a deal with oakland officials. the mayor said that las vegas would an destination for fans from the bay area, los angeles, and all over the west. >> only on abc7, twitter c.e.o. said he is more committed than ever to help the community surrounding the hairs celebrating the first anniversary of a community tech base, called neighbor net, providing homeless and low income residents with access to computers and other technology and twitter employees value step there. >> this is where we live and work our community, and we want to be part of it.
5:54 am
it hoes free computer classes and provides day care. >> is the fight to legalize recreational use of marijuana going mainstream? tradition was sidestepped on jimmy kimmel live. ♪ wrap myself in green >> initially the band asked in groups could spuesor the show but the idea was shot down, so, they invaded hundreds of parter to pack the concert and california voters have a chance to localize marijuana for recreational use in november with the tour wrapping up in mountain view on july 30. >> good morning, san jose, s.a.p. center, selina tonight and we have the earthquakes playing, as well, down the road. from 8:00 we are at 58, at lunch we are around 72 topping out around 80 at 3:00, and back down to 67 by 7:00.
5:55 am
a day game and strong sunshine and west winds at 20 to 25 miles per hour. forming to 67 and around state it will be hot inland through the central valley with low 90s and yosemite 80 and sunshine and low-to-mid 70's san diego and los angeles. frances? >> yes, we are going to show you 101 in san rafael with thick fog from santa rosa down to petaluma and the ride is looking great right now to the golden gate bridge from san rafael and 101 in the south bay, also, fine, for northbound headlights are move out of morgan hill to the san jose airport at only 20 minutes and 101 is problem free into the san francisco and up the peninsula. westbound 588, tracy to dublin is 43 minutes and the southbound
5:56 am
ride on 680 from dublin/pleasanton to mission boulevard is only 20 minutes and a crash on sunol and it is off to the right hand shoulder and we will let you know that changes. a form radar tower will be the newest historic site in santa clara county with the board just made that official. the radar inside was designed to help locate and respond to any poll soviet air attacks during the cold wear. they trying to protect the toy we are from demolition. >> a liquor store in operation for 130 years is closing. the wines and spirits opened in menlo park in 1882 and the grandsons of the fond wear in their 70ss and they plan to retire. no one is there to take over management so they are selling the rot. 20 people work at the store with no word on the closing date. >> we wish congratulations to south bay man honored at the white house today.
5:57 am
gary cooper has been a groups keeper and arborist at ever green valley colleges and san jose city for 40 years and the annual white house "champion of change," awards. >> a data breach at a local school and hundreds may have been exposed to criminals. >> do not expect to snack on >> do not expect to snack on chips or grab a soda with
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> as the sunrises so will the temperatures. a warm-up is underway and today could be the warmest day we have seen in a while. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is wednesday, may 11. now, straight to mike and the trust. mike? good morning, you nailed it, today is the warm of the day so far this week only possibly
6:00 am
topped by tomorrow, here is a look at live doppler hd, the marine layer is around a thousand to 1,500'. 48-54 outside. 60 at coast and 74 inland by noon. we will stay at 60 at coast, and 80s inland. stick appeared for my forecast. that is next. frances? >> yes, we will have an update for you in the east bay this is the sunol area if you mayor cry way the crash is here approaching 680 and not on 680. it is heavy right new on the smaller roads making your way out of livermore. this was an early accident at the bay bridge toll plaza but it cleared quickly and now it is still become up. >> heads up if you drive or take mass transit through san francisco with par


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