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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. and good afternoon. thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. >> reporter: i'm larry biel live at oracle arena. the warriors will try to close out the blazers tonight. we'll have a sneak peek of tonight's mvp awards ceremony presentation coming up in a few minutes. >> oh, that should be good. well, we want to begin today with a deadly shooting on a bay area freeway. >> two were shot, a woman killed in the westbound lanes just east of railroad avenue in pittsburg. >> eric thomas joins us live with the latest on the investigation. eric? >> reporter: dan and ama, this is the very latest development. let's show you westbound highway
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4. it has completely reopened. the right lane opened about 20 minutes ago. it was still shut down while police investigated the second fate al shooting on this stretch of highway in three weeks. from 11:00 a.m. to after 2:00 p.m. -- >> our apologies. we'll get that sorted out. a little technical difficulty. let's move on to another major story. developing news. two deaths appear to be connected. sheriff's deputies found one person dead from a gunshot wound in los gatos, then neighbors reported seeing a prius drive off from there. after a chase, the pri you us crashed at the hamilton avenue off-ra
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off-ramp. the driver ran off but was quickly captured. the passenger in the vehicle was dead. the crime scenes are connected, police say. a domestic dispute turned into a chaotic scene today in san jose. police shot a man who they say attacked his mother with an axson lansing avenue just after 7:00 a.m. not only was the son going after his mother, but he tried to attack officers. the 26-year-old man and his mom are in the hospital in stable condition. a neighbor described the scene. >> just about ten houses down, man. you should have heard all the sirens, man t. was going crazy when i was getting ready for work. >> the san jose police department will hold a news conference around 4:30 today to update the investigation. we will take that live when it happens. let's go back to that story. we sorted out the deckal issue, the deadly shooting on the bay area freeway, highway 4 near pittsburg, a woman was killed. >> reporter: from 11:00 a.m. until after 2:00 p.m., this was
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the scene on highway 4 at railroad. all westbound lanes shut down while police investigate a killing on the freeway. investigators say the occupants of a white mercedes opened fire on the occupants of this black lexus. >> subsequently, that black freeway crashed on the right-hand shoulder, the white mercedes fled the scene with unknown suspects. >> a female victim, the driver in this case, was suffering from a gunshot wound. she was temperature transported hospital and pronounced deceased. >> a male occupant was wounded but is expected to survive. however, in a twist, investigators are no longer sure who was driving and who was the passenger. the name have not been released. >> who killed my child? >> reporter: and that led to excruciating moments for this woman who chaim to the scene fearing that her daughter was the victim. she's now trying to find out the truth from police. meantime, this is the 19th shooting since november on three bay area freeways. number 18 occurred on april 20th
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not far from here on highway 4 at leverage. a young man in his 20s was killed. police say they don't think this shooting is linked to the others. >> i don't think this is random. we are absolutely concerned. we have partnered up with chp and all our local law enforcement organizations. we have met and we continue to meet on a regular basis and ways to increase the safety not only on the freeways but in our neighborhoods. >> in pittsburg, eric thomas, abc 7 news. at least one of two alameda county sheriff's deputies caught on video beating a suspect has turned himself into authorities. multiple charges have been filed against luis sant maria and paul weber. wieber's attorney told us that he turned himself in and is out on bail. it centers around surveillance video from november that shows
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the deputies hitting stanislav petrov in the mission district following a car chase. a big scare for this family in this uber. they fell into a sinkhole. they're fine. it happened on mission street between 2nd and new montgomery. lianne my len des is new with the latest on what caused this and repairs. >> reporter: well, the problem was, a, and i assure you that that will happen to all of us some day. people, of course, were surprised that it happened here in the middle of downtown, but the puc was not. they know that san francisco has a very old infrastructure. there's nothing like a sinkhole in the middle of a business san francisco street to attract hundreds of curious pedestrians. >> i decided i had to come see it for myself. i heathere's a river under ther >> reporter: there are gas pipes and water and underneath them
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the sewer that collapsed dating back to 1875. it was an egg-shaped sewer. they don't make them like that anymore. now they make it round. it was built by hand with masonry and brick. now they make it out of clay. >> i don't think it's fascinating. it is scary. it could happen anytime any place. right? >> reporter: it did to this driver with passengers on board. last night, they were partially stuck. this is a 12 by 5 foot hole 9 feet deep. according to the city's public utilities commission, 30% of the city's sewer pipes are more than 100 years old. >> that's why we're really ramping up and getting real aggressive about our sewer repair/replacement project. >> reporter: it's a project expected to last several decades. for now, they will shore up the sides of this hole and put this temporary bypass while they wait for the new sewer pipe to arrive from arizona. that work will be done on friday and over the weekend without any service interruption. >> i think they have ways of stalling it and then, you know, inserting the pipe and letting it flee again.
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i don't think we'll have to notify anyone that they can't flush their toilet. nobody will know the difference. >> you always hear about it happening somewhere else. this time it's right here at home. >> reporter: at least one lane of traffic has reopened on that street with muni buses moving cautiously. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. well, thank you to our viewers who posted pictures and videos on social media of the sinkhole. when you see news where you live, share it with us by posting with that hash tag, abc 7 now. we might just use it on air or online. drivers in moraga can now get around a sinkhole causing problems for nearly two months. one lane of ream boulevard is now open. heavy rain caused the sinkhole to open in early march. it will cost millions of dollars to fix the damaged road and the sidewalk. repairs may not be finished actual little until the fall. it's time to turn to our weather and take a live look outside from our mt. tam cam.
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a nice day. >> really nice day. spencer christian is here with an accuweather update and a look at a slight warm-up. >> that's truf. we had a day much like yesterday, cool at the coast with lingering low clouds, sunny inland and mild in some spots. here is a look at doppler 7 hd. low clouds and fog is growing on the coastline. look at sfo, the left side of your xreeb you see in the distance low fog and clouds. it's currently 59 in san francisco, oakland 66 mt. view 68 morgan hill 7757 in half moon bay. cooler at the coast. here is a view of the golden gate where the low clouds and fog are quiprominent. napa is 68, 73 at novato 80 at fairfield concord 76 and 80 livermore. tonight, warriors taiking on th trail blazers again, game five of this playoff series. the warriors could wrap it up tonight with a victory. if you're traveling to the game
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at schae7:30, it will be be sund mild. here is our first forecast, low clouds and fog return tonight,ling neared morning hours and will clear back to the coastline tomorrow giving us another sunny afternoon, warm inland with highs in the low 80s in the warmest sloe esest locat. we have a cooldown coming now. talk about that later. a hunger strike at san francisco state university has end. the university president and students met earlier today and came up with a tentative agreement. four students began their hunger strike nooip days ago with response to funding cuts to the ethnic studies program. actor and political activist danny glover showed up on campus supporting the protefrtz. the agreement gives another $482,000 to support the college of ethnic studies. there was a bizarre burglary in rancho cordova today. 28-year-old timothy prather was arrested for breaking into the
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soccer facility. actual 30 was yesterday. here's what makes it strange. he was found inside naked and clean upg the place. he was arrested without incident. there's no word on why he decided to start picking things up. well, it is a big night for the dubs. they could clause out round two right here at home. >> abc 7 news sports director larry biel is live at oracle for us today. hey, larry. >> reporter: hey, ama. we're all fully clothed, i assure you. we'll be kleining up later on. but we got here around 2:30 this afternoon, our crew, got here early and walked right into the middle of a rehearsal starring the mvp trophy because, coming up tonight, just before tip-off, the nba commissioner adam silver will make the formal presentation to steph curry of the mvp award. now, they did the rehearsal today. staffers did about a 45-minute run heavy through making everything is done perfectly, timed out. we're going to show you in a moment here -- there you go. there's max kennedy with the
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great hair playing the role of steph curry. max wishes. the real steph said last year the timing of the presentation made it tough to focus on the game and the teaming it going to be exactly the same this year. the award presentation will take place precisely at 7:34 p.m. then tip-off is right after that. at least this time around the warriors will know what to expect. they'll be mentally ready. they want to close ute the series. they're up 3-1 and don't want to go back to portland. much more coming up and a look at the danger in tonight's game five. later on from oracle. >> the plot thickens. >> yes. >> show us how you're cheering on the warriors. share photos and videos on social media using the hash tag dubs on 7. you might see them here on airt or online. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, the search for answers in the death of music icon prince. what investigators have
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uncovered. plus, the u.s. government getting into the start-up frenzy. what they're doing in silicon valley. >> and new at 4:30 -- ♪ >> classical music, a musical interlude or musical interference? how it's making a difference outside this san franc
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there are new details in the investigation into prince's death. court documents show a minnesota doctor had been prescribing the singer medication and met with prince the day before he died.
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abc news reporter brandi hitt has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: swarms of detectives including federal agents back at prince's minnesota home searching for answers in the music legend's death. a search warrant obtained by abc station kstp shows dr. michael schulenberg saw prince twice once april 7th and once on the 20th the day before he died saying he prescribed medicine to be filled at a walgreens. prince was spotted in this tmz photo going into walgreens. the next morning he was found dead. dr. schulenberg stopded by his estate to drop off test results. >> was it a legitimate prescription, or, has been the case in some instances around the country, were there doctors who were giving away prescriptions in a way that they shouldn't have? that could be criminal. >> reporter: court documents show authorities have taken any and all medical reports from the doctor's office.
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the singer had been feeling ill in the weeks before his death. decades of touring had also taken its toll. friends and family say prince openly took medication for hip pain. >> jumping off risers in those shoes and the heems what it's done to his body. >> reporter: his fans now anxiously awaiting answers. >> sometimes up don't want to know if there's really a legend or something like that is really doing stuff like that. of course there's curiosity. >> reporter: the biggest answers will likely come from prince's toxicology results. no word on when that report will be complete. google mrplans to ad bans fm payday lenders saying it's deceptive and harmful. google says it will no longer allow ads for loans due within 60 days and will ban ads for loans where the interest rate is 36% or higher. this ban is effective july 13th. a union has gotten its foot in the door at uber for the first time. uber announced that it has recognized the newly formed
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independent driver guild which will represent drivers in new york city. drivers will remain independent contract rz. the guild will help drivers appeal if they're dropped by uber and represent driver demands. secretary of defense ash carter was in silicon county today -- the unit is focused on identifying the ways technology can help keep our country safe. abc 7 news was at moffett field this morning as carter detailed the changes he plans to make the division, including new leadership and a new office in boston. carter says working together with silicon valley tech companies helped the dod constantly improve. >> i believe doing business with the tech industry forces dod to look ourselves in the mirror, which is healthy for us, healthy for any organization. >> carter hopes today's changes will help make the dod a leader in cyber security. the warriors are back in action tonight at oracle arena for a big game.
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>> they certainly are. let's check back in with abc 7 news sports director larry biel who's live with a plea view. hi, larry. >> reporter: hi, ama. hi, dan. yes, game five a chance for the warriors to close out the glazers. i know that you guys in particular count on me for the deep thoughts, the philosophical look at life. i know that. so i will share with you the words of a great philosopher who said, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. winston churchill later paraphrased that same thought though never actually said those words. i mentioned this because why? a lot of you are wondering. because the warriors are facing history tonight. last year steph curry got the mvp award on may 4th. it was a long, emotional and left a lot of players drained. was with two-plus hours. the next night they came out and lost game two to game memphis, just came out flat. a lot of them said that long ceremony had something 0 do with it. here we are a year later.
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steph receives the award, a shorter certiemonyceremony, les certainly. coming off of curry's epic performance in game four, it would be easy for some of the players to think this series is over, no way portland comes back from that loss the other night. so the question is, have they learned from history? we are going to find out. >> it's a challenge, and one thing we always said, we're playing against our solves. we're not playing against anybody else. we play our best basketball, we can beat anyone. so it's a challenge within, you know. how are we going to live up to that challenge? >> reporter: i guarantee you that damian lillard and the blazers are going to go out gunz blazing, if they go at at all. they want to come back and steal this game. we'll see how it plays out. at least the warriors had the experience of a year ago knowing what to expect. maybe later on we'll share some
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decart with you or riley curry. watching you. >> deep thoughts. >> reporter: live from oracle. >> thanks, larry. >> stick with riley. >> i think so. let's focus on the weather forecast. >> yes. spencer christian with the latest on that. >> i'm quite impressed with larry's philosophy and history. i've been reading his musings on meteorologist and microclimates so i have this offer forge you. here's live doppler 7 hd, mainly sunny skies across the bay area, a few low clouds beginning to build along the coastline. here is a view of blue sky over the bay. foggy areas will develop once again overnight for the morning commute. warming trend such as peaked tomorrow. we'll have a cooler pattern settling in friday through sunday. right now we're looking at a widespread of temperatures, 30 degree spread of a current reading of 57 at half moon bay
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and 87 in antioch. it has been cool on the coast and warm inland. overnight, look for fog to thicken and xpandz across the bay. low temperatures will be mainly in the low to mid miff 50s and there may be a spotty drizzle along the coastline. here is our animation. clouds return quickly tonight and push locally out over the bay. that will result in reduced visibility for the morning commute and some spotty coastal drizzle. but by midmorning to late morning, we'll see low clouds and fog burning back to near the coastline and up to and away from the coastline in some spots by late afternoon, gi giving us a mostly sunny day. check out the microclimates readings tomorrow, 61 in half moon bay, oakland 63, inland to walnut creek and antioch with a high of 84 tomorrow. this is how the highs will look in the bigger picture. we'll see highs of 79 north at santa rosa, 82 down south in morgan hill, 80 in santa rosa,
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82 at livermore, 73 at oakland, fremont 78 palo alto 78 and 72 at san mateo. here is our accuweather seven day forecast. temperatures will drop rather sharply on friday with inland highs only in the mid-70s, upper 50s on the coast. similar readings saturday and sunday, breezier pattern develops over the weekend as well. that will continue into early next week. starting on monday, we'll have a warmer pattern developing again and by tuesday and wednesday of next week, we'll see high temperatures inland back in the mid-80s. dan and ama? >> thank you, spencer p. >> coming up next, a bay area magazine's attempt to show off swimsuits for tweens is stirring up anger online. >> why so many people are upset
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well, fw you work for the city of san francisco, you may not be able to grab a sweet treat the next time you need to power through your midafternoon
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slump. city supervisors have approved legislation to ban sugary and fatty items from vending machines on city property. that includes city hall and the airport. the measure also encourages restaurants on city property to follow those same guidelines. starting today, retailers and grocery stores are now required to inform customers that some of their cans and bottles may contain bess fa nol a. bpa was added to the state's proposition 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. the publisher of a los altos-based magazine -- what swimsuit best suits you in discovery girls magazine asks young readers to choose bathing suits based on size and curves. the article unleashed a body shaming backlash on social media. the magazine is aimed at 8 to
4:26 pm
12-year-olds. the publisher wrote an open letter on facebook saying in part, the article was about kult swimsuits. nobody knows better than discovery girls how impressionable girls are at this age. abc 7 news at 4 continues. more calls for scrutiny in the san francisco police department today. and women banned from arlington national cemetery are now allowed back in. we'll tell you what the change is all about. plus, hitting home
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>> announcer: live, this is abc 7 news. in news making headlines at 4:30, shots were fired on highway 4 in pittsburg today killing a woman and leaving a man injured. sky7 hd shows you us where the car hit an embank the and rolled over after the driver was shot. the car was heading westbound when someone in a second avenue opened fire near railroad avenue. a tiburon man is accused of raping a college student, the man is a student at the m.i.t. wayne freedman tweeted that the neighbors are aghast. hear from them ahead in a live report at abc 7 news at 5. police in the south bay are on the case of two mysterious deaths. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen tweeted that one person died of a gunshot wound in los gatos, a
4:30 pm
second in campbell. he'll have the latest on the investigation at 5. there's new criticism today of san francisco's police chief. this time it's coming from a san francisco supervisor. and pressure is mounting for a new investigation into racial bias within the department. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the details live from the newsroom. >> ama, despite multiple calls for chief sur to step down, he says he has no intention of doing so. tonight several san francisco supervisors are weighing in, responding to supervisor kim's call for a search to find chief suhr's replacement. >> fire chief suhr now! >> reporter: attorneys and community activists gathering at the hall of justice today. their message to attorney general. >> we are demanding you, come in and investigate the sfpd. >> she needs to come on down or else you don't need to run for united states senate. >> in an e-mailed statement to abc 7 news, the attorney general
4:31 pm
says the united states department of justice is currently engaged in a review that is comprehensive. if investigators face resistance and the implementation of reforms fall short, i intend to launch a civil pattern and practice investigation. if something the group says gathered here is overdue. the most recent development that a bay view sergeant made a racial slur. >> i can't even greet my child because i have to be outraised about what you say about my community and people. >> a spokesperson says chief suhr suspended the person and -- including termination. supervisor jane kim today calling for the mayor and san francisco police commission to launch a comprehensive search for a new police chief. >> there is so much mistrust currently between the public and the police department that the chief has become a distraction a spokesperson says the chief has no intention of stepping down. in an e-mailed statement, mayor ed lee says the community has
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asked us to fast-track change and not put politics before police reforms. anyone including the supervisor who wants to work with us to advance these reforms and not impede and delay our efforts is welcome to join us. supervisor mark ferrell responding late today saying chief suhr has his full support and calling supervisor kim's position election year politics. meantime supervisor david campo saying he's changed his position following the blue ribbon panel and now believes that chief suhr should step down. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. a former police officer accused of fate alley shooting a black motorist in south carolina is facing additional federal charges. federal prosecutors charged michael slager with violating the civil rights of michael scott who was unarmed an running away when he was shot. slager already faces murder charges. a lawyer for scott's family
4:33 pm
calls the federal charges historic. authorities say the man who went on a stabbing spree last night south of boston may have been mentally disturbed. 28-year-old arthur derosa killed two people and wounded five others in a spree that began at a home and ended at a shopping mall where he was shot and killed by an off-duty deputy sheriff. family members told authorities derosa checked himself into a hospital monday night then was released yesterday morning. >> his sister has indicated that he was acting in a disturbed manner and making irrational statements earlier on monday. and she suggested to him that he needed to seek help. >> the people killed include an 80-year-old woman inside of her home and a 56-year-old man inside the silver city galleria. authorities say if not for the action of that off-duty deputy, the death toll could have been much higher. let's turn your attention to the race for the white house. donald trump will be be in the capitol tomorrow for meetings with republican leadership. that will be an important meeting. and the two democratic candidates are vowing to
4:34 pm
continue their fight. here's abc 7 news reporter kenneth moaten. >> reporter: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail and shaking off another loss to bernie sanders, rallying in new jersey, the front-runner had her eyes on november saying she will not respond to personal attacks from republican donald trump. >> he can say whatever he wants to say about me personally. i will stand up and fight for and speak out for every american that he attacks and he insults. >> reporter: sanders had a double digit win over clinton in west virginia, feeling confident he's vowed to fight all the way to the democratic convention. >> we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination! >> reporter: but abc news estimates the vermont senator would have to win 98% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. clinton's loss in west virginia is highlighting some of the challenges she faces in the general election, particularly with working class white voters. >> these are major alarm bells for hillary clinton.
4:35 pm
these rlt types of voters she needs and they are not getting in her column in the democratic primary. >> reporter: clinton is working to woo voters while trump is trying to get the gop support. some prominent republicans have roefzed to publicly back their presumptive nominee so trump is heading to the hill thursday to meet with congressional gop lead rz. >> we just need to get to know each other and we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. >> reporter: ahead of thursday's meeting with trump, speaker ryan says the party's primary role is to defeat clinton in november. to do that, the gop has to be unified. kenneth moaten, abc news, washington. burlingame police are asking for help finding a protester who shattered a window during donald trump's rally last month. these picture wrz released this morning. prote prohe used a metal chair at the state's gop convention at the hyatt regency hotel. the senate passed legislation today to allow the
4:36 pm
ashes of female world war ii pilots to be placed at arlington national cemetery. the pilots known as wasps were not eligible they say last year to have the ashes placed at argue fon. wasps stands for women air force service pilots. they were considered civilians during the war and did not meet the strict standards to be ininterned at along torn. the bill heads to the house. still to come at 4or, the new funding and the new nevada test site for start-up hyper loop. why the company says it will be as revolutionary as the internet. i'm michael finney. "ask finney" is just ahead. i'm still tick taking your questions. just post them with the hash tag ask finney. i'll answer questions live a little later. i'm spencer christian. here is the view from our east bay hills camera. clouds and fog will
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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a spacex capsule is back on earth and loaded with experiments by scott kelly. it splashed down this afternoon after leaving the international space station. itñi picked up 4,000 pounds of items including blood and urine samples from astronaut scott
4:40 pm
kelly's one-year mission. kelly returned to earth in march. the co-founders much a start-up trying to change the way we travel say they've had their kitty hawk moment. that's zero to 400 in two seconds in a desert near las vegas earlier today. hyper loop 1 successfully rocketed a magnet -- this was the first real test of technology the company one day hopes will send people and cargo through cushioned tubes at nearly the speed of sound. backers say it could cut the journey between l.a. and san francisco down to just 30 minutes. the goal is to transport cargo by 2019 and people by 2021. >> wow. remember those tubes the banks used to have? we'll be people. >> a lot faster. >> zip down to l.a. at 700 miles an hour. >> i could be back in an hour. let's update the weather
4:41 pm
forecast. >> spencer christian is here with what we're facing. >> that's fascinating. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. mainly sunny skies across most of the bay area, the low clouds and fog are gaining, pushing locally out over the bay. let's look at statewide weather conditions attorney. it is going to be sunny and quite warm away from the coast. look for highs 88 at chico, 102 palm springs, down in the south coast 72 los angeles, 71 at san diego. here in the bay area tomorrow, after the early morning fog and low clouds burn back to the coastline, we'll see highs near 60 at the coast, mooifd to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-80s, inland. here's our beach forecast tomorrow, not the greatest beach day, cloudy conditions will linger along the coast. it will be cool, although the uv index will be be high, high temperatures will be generally right around 60 degrees in places like bodega bay, half
4:42 pm
moon bay. little miellder in sant krausa 63 at monterey bay. there's new research about a possible link between folic acid and autism. just ahead, what scientists have learned and why they say women should still take the supplement. i'm larry biel live at oracle arena. draymond green says the blazers are done already. they will be done if the warriors take care of business tonight. draymond's mind-set and the importance of closing out this series this evening. that's coming up. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney. credit card fraud. what are your
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>> announcer: santa clara, east bay. and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. now back to the warriors and tonight's big game. if the dubs win it's on to the western conference finals. >> that's right. larry beal is live at oracle where the game gets under way in about three hours. hi, larry. >> reporter: hi, dan. hi, ama. damian lillard, the blazers star who grew up in oakland, said
4:46 pm
after the game two loss he was so devastated he didn't even want to look at a basketball the day after the warriors came back and beat them. so imagine how he and the rest of his squad must feel after what steph curry pulled off, that epic performance, on monday night. i mean, we'll take another look at the brilliance that was the freshly minted two-time mvp. i mean, unbelievable. the warriors made the point today, they can't just assume the blazers are heartbroken and the series is over. the dubs know they want to finish this job tonight. the curry injuries to the ankle and the knee over the past three weeks show just how fragile success can be in the nba. so the mission tonight is to end it. >> you go into this game like, this is our chance. we he have to close the series out. i think we've done a good job being ready for these games an we've got to do it tonight. this is ail team, they're not going to quit. a lot of people are looking at us saying, draymond said they're done. i didn't say they're quitting. >> you always want to try to
4:47 pm
close whenever you get the chance, you don't want to leave anything possibility, so many things can happen. the unknown. when you get a chance, you have to take it. >> reporter: joined by abc 7's mike shumann, you've been following the warriors around so you know the need for rest at it point, although how tough is it in a four season, shu? >> reporter: aur right. if okc and san antonio go 7 games, warriors don't play until wednesday. if they close it out, everybody is ready for a rest. sean livingston, when he got toss i don't think they wanted to play steph 38 minutes the other night. he said he feels good. it would give him a rest, the entire team a rest. going into the finals it would be huge if they close it out tonight. but portland is not going to lay down. if you had to go tonight, could you? >> i'm ready. >> excellent. next hour we'll hear from draymond green who says the blazers are done.
4:48 pm
what was he thinking about? why would he say that? that's coming up next hour. live at oracle, larry biel. bay area high school student athlete got national attention today for his work on and off the field. sports illustrated honored monta vista high school senior connor bruce today as its athlete of the month for april. connor is the starting varsity catcher ever the danville high school baseball team. this is video from "sports illustrated." congratulations, convictish. way to go. time now for "ask finney." michael finney is here answering questions. michael, the first question is, my credit card has been compromised many times. i've contacted the bank and credit companies to obtain the merchant or third party that caused the fraud. they would not disclose this information. do i have a right as a consumer to obtain it? if so, how should i go about this? >> you don't have the right to do that. they don't have to tell you.
4:49 pm
for a long time they didn't even have to tell you your account had been hacked. now they have to tell you but they don't tell you who, when, why, anything like that. it's very difficult to figure it out because they could have gotten it off the internet. they could have gotten it from an actual tailor. they could have gotten it from an employer. very, very hard to figure it out. thet don't have to help you. >> at least they have to tell us we've been hacked. >> thank goodness. >> i've lived in the bay area for a while now yet mail is still going to my parents' house. how can i get that to stop? i changed my address when i moved. >> you have to change your address not just with the post office. i want you to do that again, postal service, but with each individual person. they just keep sending the mail to your old address. you have to tell each of them individually, hey, look, i've moved. sometimes you tell them and they don't get the message. you have to tell them again. you'll have to start the process all over again. what probably happened is the
4:50 pm
postal service will forward the mail for a year. after that, you're on your own. they have to get the right address. i had that happen on a move one time. i don't know why, but it didn't seem to take with anybody. i was redoing it all a few months later. >> i have a costco american express and they soon no longer accept it. they say i'll get a visa card. can i opt out? >> on june 20th, that's when the switch overoccurs, they'll sebtd out a veegs sa to take the place of the american express. you don't have to keep that visa. as a matter of fact, you can shop with any visa at costco. only that visa gaves you points. the american express will no longer work at all. a new study suggests a possible link between too much folic acid and autism. researchers from johns hopkins and columbia say very high levels of folic acid in a mother's blood were linked to a higher risk of autism in children. doctors are recommending that women who are pregnant tyke folic acid to prevent wirnl
4:51 pm
defects. road range raips in hawaii. here's jane king with today's wellness report. >> kicking the smoking habit boosts more than your health. it also saves money. that's because health care costs plummet just one year after stopping smoking new research from the university of california san francisco says just a 10% decrease in smoking in the united states would reduce health care costs by $63 billion. and this is a totally different take on obesity. it may not take years off your life after all. it found that overall healthier living and medicine has erased the risk of dying early for overweight people. but both the danish scientists and u.s. experts note that a longer life may not be a better life especially if one is overweight. and friday at 6 become and august are the angriest time for american drivers. research hes looked at thousands of posts with the hash tag road rage. late friday afternoons in august
4:52 pm
were the most tense, perhaps due to a combination of humidity, traffic and possibly alcohol. the survey found hawaii was the state with the most road rage followed by california, los angeles had the most rage of any city with new york second. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. abc 7 news at 4 does continue. ♪ a little music to soothe the soul. the loud classical music blaring from speakers outside a bay area burger king. >> kristen is here with a look at 5:00. come up, a marin 20-year-old accuse of raping a student. what happened in court. the california cops who could soon be driving teslas. and one of the bay area's top science museums gets a nud new leader. has a space for discovery and
4:53 pm
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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studies have shown classical
4:56 pm
music can help calm nerves and help enhance memory. this is part of a project from the central market community benefit district. >> reporter: for the last two we're weeks a collection of symphonies has blared a sound track at 8th street and market. >> i love it. >> it's classical music. i love it. >> reporter: several speakers were installed outside this burger king and at the sidewalk. this corner is usually a whole lot more busy. but with the classical music playing so loud, it's actually cleared it out a bit. this has been one of the most challenging b.a.r.t. and muni entrances. >> usually you can't drive by, grocery carts, merchandise that's not theirs, drug use. >> there used to be a mob that
4:57 pm
would hang out there. now there might be just one or two people. >> reporter: the classics do seem to be a hit for people walking by but not everyone is a fan. reginald dillard sr. says he's had to move from sleeping across the street at the library. >> people who do live on the street for whatever reason, this is -- this can be very distracting. keep people up at night. >> reporter: some neighbors say the music plays until 3:00 a.m. most nights. >> i can't play my music outside after 10:00, can i? they're infringing upon the rights of others. >> reporter: there is a city noise ordinance limiting a.mpl y amplified music, but there have been no formal complaints. yet. pizza hut has gone to new heights to celebrate its newest store. pizza hut has delivered a pie to the top of mt. kill man jar rry ro this set a new record. it took several days so the
4:58 pm
pizza definitely didn't arrive warm. that will do it for abc 7 news at 4. abc 7 news at 5 begins now with kristen and dan. we respond to shots fired. >> that was at this house in the south bay. when the dusk cleared and a police chief ended, two people were dead. and in pittsburgh -- >> reporter: the while mercedes fled the scene. >> there was a shooting, crash and very long freeway closure. one day after his surprise bay area visit, bernie sanders planned for an upset in california, dealt a setback. strength in numbers. turns out it's a lot more than a slogan on a t-shirt. >> you'll hear why only on a story on abc 7 news. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. we begin in the south bay where two men are dead at two
4:59 pm
connected crime scenes in campbell both directions of hamilton avenue were shut down when a police chase ended with this car crash. chris nguyen joins us live from campbell with the latest. the sheriff's office is saying very little about the investigation. but they tell us that a person of interest has been detained. >> just before 11:00 this morning, you can see from sky7 hd santa clara county sheriff's deputies responding to a shots fired call. it was at this residence on ma drone drive near broadway in loss gaut toes. sheriff's deputies discovered one man dead and two injured. earlier neighbors reported a toyota prius speeding from the scene. sheriff's deputies caught up with the vehicle on highway 17 at lark where a chase began. the prius got off at the hamilton avenue off-ramp but
5:00 pm
crashed. the driver tried running away but was detained by deputies. the passenger in the vehicle was taken to valley medical center and later pronounced dead. how that person was hurt in the first place has not been determined. >> it's an ongoing criminal investigation. we are still talking to all the witnesses and possible victims lnchts also, the sheriff's office has yet to determine the relationship between any of these people other than to say the two crime scenes are connected. all lanes of hamilton avenue between sal omar and creek side were closed throughout the afternoon, forcing drivers to find alternate routes to get through campbell. anyone with information that could help investigators with this case is urged to call the santa clara county sheriff's office. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. let's turn now to a story unfolding in pittsburg. highway 4 at railroad is now completely open after the second fatal shooting on the same stretch of freeway in three weeks. eric thomas is live with more. >> reporter: dan, the very latest information we have


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