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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the story. vic? >> reporter: dan, if charges are filed in this case it would be what you would call rape, or sexual assault under color of authority. now, the police chief calls these serious allegations and the district attorney is investigating and our sources tell us there are possibly five, or more, women who stepped forward, claiming they're sexually assaulted by this former officer. >> we're conducting an investigation. >> reporter: the da would not go into detail. >> it's misconduct while on duty, in manner in which he dealt with women. >> the student newspaper in sacramento profiled noah winchester two years ago. at the time, he was with a campus police department. he talked about his role in keeping everyone safe. he later transferred to the san
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mateo police department. now, he's a subject of an investigation by the district attorney. abc7 news learned that the investigation centers around allegations of rape and sexual assault. in the fall of last year, a young woman told burlingame police that she had been sexual assaulted in her car, by a san mateo officer here at coyote point. investigators later identified him as win chester. burlingame reported the attack to the police department, which then referred it to the da's office. that investigation led to two other women who claim they, too, had been sexual assaulted by win chester. investigators then began to look for possible victims when win chester was a campus cop in sacramento. they found two women who said they were assaulted. police chief susan man heimer sent abc7 a statement that says she's horrified at the nature of
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the allegations and that the department took full and swift action. win chester was suspended while the investigation was launched. abc7 news learned that he has since quit the department. vic lee, abc7 news. a man convicted of killing two teen-aged best friends is facing live without parole, jurors found deonte powell guilty in the 2012 killings of the 15-year-old and 16-year-old. the two girls were in relationships with powell, who was 18 at the time and another man. powell asked the girls to leave after getting a call from another girlfriend when they refused he shot them. >> more arrests might be on the way. that from the santa clara county sheriff deputies followowing th deaths of two people lengthed to a crime in the hills above los gatos. deputy as rested one person, this man. andre redmond. they captured him after a chase that ended on the off ramp on
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highway 17 yesterday. and an injured man was found inside of the toyota prius. that man died in the hospital. >> this is a complicated case. due to how many moving crime scenes there were and how many potential victims and suspects this case. >> usually the neighborhood is quiet. it's a little bit surprising and very concerning. >> deputy s discovered another man dead and two others were injuries. caught on camera, a fight that left a teacher with blood coming down his face. this happened yesterday inside of the locker room at mount diablo high school. eric thomas is live with details about what happened to that student. eric? >> the student is suspended and the teacher is on add minute
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straightive leave. >> the teacher was bleeding. >> reporter: what was seen in this video shows a 15-year-old student, pummelling a gym teacher inside of the school gymnasium. he draws blood from a cut over the teacher's left eye. the teacher pushes away rather than punching back. >> the teacher did a good job with just detaining him and keeping his composure until more people could help him out. >> reporter: police say the student walked into gym class in street clothes and told he didn't belong there and should leave. harsh rds were exchanged and the fight began. we're barring the student's face and name because he's a minor, police arrested him and released him into the custody of his parent. the lease were surprised at the f
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ferocity of the fight. school district officials declined an interview but released a statement that reads as a result of this incident, the student has been suspended in accordance with district policies and the teacher placed on administrative leave. this bus driver wonders if the teacher missed the sign that things were going to get physical. >> sometimes, have you to see the warning signs a child, an adult, is getting hostile. >> reporter: when the investigation is finished administrators will decide if the student shoulding expelled. in concord, eric thomas, abc7 news. the frisco five renewed their calls for san francisco police chief to step down. >> our plan is to expose these tricks and policies going on. >> abc7 news was in san francisco's mission district, concerned about the number of
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officer-involved shooting as well as racist and homophobic texts. the supervisors are all believe suhr should step aside. but supervisors scott weiner support suhr saying the chief should stay on. >> the police commission and the chief are working very hard now to advance reforms, let's let them do that work. >> the board president and other supervisors we contacted won't comment. the chief has said he's submitted to staying on the job. this is the first time lawmakers have come out against him. >> supporters of a soda tax in san francisco announced today they have doubled the number of signatures needed to put the measure before voters but acknowledged they missed the deadline by one day. three supervisors joined the fight against what they call big soda. supporters say they need to take
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bold actions to stop health problems. >> we're not just going to sit back, while our family suffers, while our parents suffer. while children get manipulated by the big soda industry and the community is destroyed due to this disease. >> the group can make the ballot with support of four supervisors. they say they have support. berkeley approved the nation's first soda tax. politics now, there is a new offer for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton in the bay area. abc7 news was at an jose state early today. >> students are very, very excited about this campaign. they're very excited about the
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possibili possibility of having a voice in the political arena that speaks to their particular needs with education and their needs relative to the future. that is why i'm here. >> donald trump may be the republican party' presumptive nominee but is also the target of an ad campaign we'll show the effort to unsell trump at 6:30. >> and happening now, the first norwegian air flight is preparing to take off from oakland international airport to head to london. it will land at gatwick, and flight times about 10 hours, take off for just before 8:00. >> some people in the east bay are angry tonight and saying a
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grocery worker's union is blocking a store they want in the community because the chain uses nonunion workers. laura? >> reporter: residents are angry and tired of looking at this half empty building and now, they're frustrated an upgrade has been stalled by a local union. there is a new sprout store but the project is on hold. the resident says because the local workers union doesn't like it. >> these tactics in my opinion do not show any integrity. >> we shouldn't be collateral damage in some kind of a union fight with a store. >> the would be tenant is a small grocery store that features fresh produce. the chain hires nonunion
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workers. after years of planning and approvals, a 11th hour deal was found and it was filed by a resident who happened to be on the executive board of the united food and commercial workers local >> we're going to let them know the community wants this to happen. >> the union did not return our calls for comment. >> i'd love for the great produce. >> residents have started a petition drive and are threatening to boycott store that's do hire union workers.
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>> emojis are those little images in text messages and online posts. some are just about anything. emotions, people, places and things but there is something missing. >> what is the next batch of emojis and what it could include to improve equality. next, new rules for a student athlete expanded across the university of california campuses. well, our warm up ended. >> why a detective some say made a big mistake just receiv
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sweeping reforms for student athletes including guaranteed scholarships is the decision by regents tonight. all division 1 and 2 schools and the university of california system must follow the rules. abc7 news is live at uc berkeley with details, lyanne? >> well, dan, uc berkeley has these scholarships, but for those students within the entire system who don't, this is going to be a game changer. a guaranteed scholarship is like owning an insurance policy. and must abide by rules.
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>> it's a great feeling. i'm more than just a basketball player. i feel like they respect me for things off the court as well. >> the regents said it's time to include other ucs, meaning help would continue past four years until the degree is completed. >> we're mabelinging commitment to them like they're making to us to make sure whatever happens that we're committed throughout. >> the policy applies to students injured during practice or competing for the university. only two of the uc will be excluded. the regents voted on new recommendati recommendations student athletes are given priority when it comes
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to registering for classes. and. >> when coaches take that into consideration. and figuring is this kid going to succeed, here? >> cal had the reforms in place several years, and some of the sports programs have improved their academic standings. >> harriet tubman is about to grace the $20 bill and a woman, on the hunt to be the next u.s. president. are women not be adequately represented by emojis? one silicon valley giant thinks it's a big problem and what google wants to do about it. >> google said the emojis don't show women in a diversity prof fegss. take a look. construction worker. man. and private eye. man. so google submitted a proposal
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to add 13 new emojis, including business woman, doctor, scientist, mechanic and more. in this video, explaining girls talk about not seeing their current selves in emojis. though women, under 30 are the most frequent emojis >> fwoogel issuing ate statement no matter where you look, women are gaining visibility and recognition. isn't it time emojis also reflect the reality that women play a key role? google hopes designs will be
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approved in time. >> thank you, kristin. >> today, a big, smiling place. >> yes. yes. >> i'm getting emojinal about it. >> that is a good one. >> thank you, thank you. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies and low clouds and fog near the coastline. cooling has begun, you can see most locations are 1 to 3 degrees below the temperatures we had at this hour yesterday. a couple degrees one degree warmer. oakland, and napa. and check out this view. it's currently 58 in the city. 63 oakland. and there is a view from
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emeryville camera. santa rosa, 66 degrees, napa, 68. 66 in novato and 76 fairfield. and here is how it looks at the golden gate low clouds and fog and blue is showing through now. cooler days ahead throughout the weekend and another warming trend next week. extensive areas of low clouds and lows into the low to mid-50s and here is our forecast low clouds and fog, and high clouds burning away, leaving mostly sunny skies
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temperatures from 50s along the coast to 60s around the bay to low 70s into our mildest locations. here is your planner from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. lots of clouds and by 4:00 partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures and into the 50s on the coast. 70s in mountain view. downtown san francisco, 60 degrees tomorrow, north bay valley, highs 69 in santa rosa and napa accu-weather forecast.
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this may be early morning drizzle, sunday, warmer and nice warm up tuesday and wednesday with high temperatures inland going back into the mid-80s. >> getting emojinal. >> we all are. >> next, what could stop the summer olympics less than three months before opening
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seven, as in seventh game. you might see folks wearing their teal tonight. a winner go home showdown in the playoffs. today, san jess yeah practiced this site fans, coaches and players hope they'll win. >> this i'm, everything is exciting right now. everything. >> they're excited to be playing at this time of the year. they're recognizing opportunity. restaurants downtown are also cheering for the sharks. >> warriors are just eight games away from back to back nba
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championships. >> last night, they beat portland, meaning they advance to the finals. >> tonight we may find out who the next opponent is. if the thunder weet beat the spurs tonight. they'll start against okc on monday. >> if san antonio wins they won't start until next wednesday. >> less than three months to go, some are now calling for games to be moved because of zika virus. >> last thing you want during an out break is a lot of people coming in. >> the world health organization says all travellers should wear insect repellent because the zika virus is primarily spread by mosquitos. >> there are three candidates still in the race as you know. >> hear who is preparing a third
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party candidate for november. >> some say he made a big mistake and still became officer of the year. why police decided he deserved it. >> mapping devastating wildfire damage in canada with photo
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you're looking at vallejo police department's officer of the year. it's a big honor for detectives some say made a big mistake. >> matthew muster, the lead detective on the kidnapping case police dubed it the gone girl case, mistakenly calling it a hoax. >> this is the police chief, standing next to detective matt muster. >> to think this is the officer of the year is an insult. >> attorney doug rappaport says it's a slap in the face to his
6:30 pm
client, denise, he muller allegedly blind folded and drugged the couple. a complaint says muller sexual assaulted denise, highwaysn't been charged for the crime. rappaport says police suspected. at the investigation helm, detective mustard. >> he jumped to conclusions, and blindly went about supporting his conclusions. like getting on a plane thinking he was going to new york and got off in iowa and said i didn't realize there were so many corn fields in manhattan. >> muller left his cell pone behind in a home invasion. the police chief sent this polling letter to denise, detective mustard has been a
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police officer since 1995. >> he may do a fine job in other cases, this may be one time that he didn't. but boy, when the one time he didn't, it was a big one. >> no one at the police department, including detective mustard was available today to comment about the award. tonight, u.s. marshals are stepping up the search for a man suspected of shooting his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head. the marshal service offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the man. witnesses say he and his ex-girlfriend were arguing. the bullet grazed the back of her head. the woman and baby did survive. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> the fact that he. >> tempted to kidnap her and do god know what's with her, she fought back, he put a bullet in
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her head. >> investigators say he has family near lodi. he was driving a 2003 toyota camry. >> today, donald trump made his effort to court g.o.p. leaders. he met privately wf house speaker paul ryan. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe we're planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> ryan, the top ranking republican in u.s. government today still hasn't endorsed donald trump. >> one nasty dude. always insulting people. mexicans, megyn. i love megyn. >> that is an ad about to air in california. democrats aren't behind them, they're about a g.o.p. consultant bob gardener.
6:33 pm
carla marinucci broke the story. >> this just shows that donald trump may be the presumptive nominee there is a significant group of well known republicans who are crossing their fingers there may be some miracle out there. >> president raises are only about republican purses some are eyeing a three way race. >> there is a small group of republicans trying to work on a third party candidate, a candidate going up against hillary clinton and donald trump. they haven't recruited a person, a candidate yet. but i've been talking to people behind the effort, and they're working on trying to find a person. >> 70% of californians who can
6:34 pm
vote are registered to vote. the deadline to register is may 23. california primary is june 7. >> 10% of buildings in canadian state of alberta burned down this month. 600,000 acres have burned since the fire started on may 1. it could make months to contain the flames. 90,000 people had to evacuate and many don't know if houses are still standing. new at 6:00, jonathan bloom is with a tech team giving them answers. >> a wall of fire chased them out of their homes. >> it's something out of an apocalypse or something. >> never seen this before in our live. >> now, it could be weeks. >> it's unsafe for anyone who is not a first responder to be
6:35 pm
inside the barricades. >> the biggest question? >> we think our house is still standing. >> there are a couple houses left. >> when looking at those images what went through your head? >> oh, my gosh this is huge. and devastating. and heart breaking for the people there. >> christian adams is part of the crisis response team. >> at times of disaster people go looking for information on the internet. >> adam's job is satellite images. >> we heard stories people finding out whether or not their house is still standing. >> capturing those takes coordination. >> it takes a lot of engineering. and luck. >> images came from terrabella satellites
6:36 pm
satellites. >> there is another factor. >> it takes a clear day. >> yet, across the street, the houses are still standing the. >> the project earned google praise from space. >> we're excited when the astronaut tweeted about this imagery. >> and a chance to help. >> recovery is not going to be quick or easy. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> this year the city had more reports of coyote sightings than before. >> coming up, the story involving more than just a sighting. >> just added ten seconds feels >> just added ten seconds feels like a big shake ♪ ♪
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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good news if you have a credit card.
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>> the new chip cards are on their way to becoming more convenient. >> michael finney is here with the story and tonight's report. >> you've got the chip cards. the new cards are more secure than those that swipe. they're also a lot more time consuming. what we're not used to is how long the cards take to process. >> this is frustrating for retailers, banks and consumers. >> that is matt shultz and this is richard fisher from marin. he was buying a book in san francisco when we met. >> have you noticed they took longer? >> yes. every store is different. >> they do take longer but how much longer? this transaction at green apple books took 11 seconds to
6:41 pm
process. the average swipe takes two seconds. so we have a 9-second lag time. that is what this is about? nine seconds? >> how we use cards hasn't changed in decades. just an added 10 seconds on how to use the cards really feels like a big shake up. >> the time lag is enough that retailers are scrambling for a fix and one has been found. >> it's some upgrades to the software that the retailers use in their terminals that will cut down on the amount of time that car needs to be in the terminal. >> the software changeover will take a while because there are different software makers. it takes time to train store employees. the hope is to speed it bap few seconds. to see my reports go to
6:42 pm
and select 7 on your side. now, the state senator saying californians are wasting their money changing their motor oil. >> it's unnecessary. >> that is what you need to know so you're no longer pouring money down the drain. >> that is important. >> yes. >> coming up, a warning for pet owners. >> what happened to a cat, next. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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all except for one part of california owes coast it was delayed due to a toxin found in crab that makes it unsafe to eat. a rare redwood, there are only in the world. >> this is someone set, this is another set of chromosomes from the same tree. >> researchers don't know what causes the leaves to be white and others green. >> and we'll be able to take the
6:46 pm
bay bridge tower. the final section will be supported and connected to the bridge. engineers reported fearly all of the rods have passed corrosion tests and trails should be finished by september. >> pet owners in san francisco are feeling nervous after another coyote attack. this week, a coyote pounced on a cat, killing it on a patio at park merced >> this is worse for randy's cat, a coyote attacked it. >> i saw the coyote and cat here in the middle. the cat was fighting.
6:47 pm
>> humping was six years old, the nicest cat in the neighborhood. he was shared with mark ward, barely consolable. he described chasing the coyote with the cat in its jaws. >> so i ran after him. and knowing i would save her, but i wanted my animal back. >> the story is the latest on what is an urban narrative. there have been 70 seethings this year, the most on record. so many that last march, the board of supervisors held a hearing looking for solutions to the problem. >> what is going to take two years? three years? how many are they breeding a year? >> it's become a real threat to pet owners who do say they're aware of what's happening but seeing and losing is believing. >> you have kids here in this community. figure something out. it's a problem. >> randy and mark went looking through a pet cemetery for a place to memorialize hunk.
6:48 pm
>> we're enjoying a beautiful week of weather. >> yes. and share your pictures and you can see them on tv as well. >> patterns shifted from warm to cool and back. with no no look at the fading el nino. the waters are cooling and fading of el nino. water temperatures around average skies across the coast. here in the bay area, cooler than today, we'll see sunshine in the afternoon hours mainly
6:49 pm
inland. low clouds and fog, clouds and fog linger near the next week, a warm up, again. >> thank you. >> all right. >> let's talk about sports. >> yes. saw the warriors. >> yes. warriors have days off to rest. but perhaps not as many as they were hoping for. surprise tonight in the nba. and one broth we make uplack in nature service.e, ♪
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good evening, on the night steph curry won the mvp award, he ended his news conference not by answering a question, but making a statement that is ak noblinging his fellow team member. thompson spent the series pounding damion willis. and he still averaged 31 points per game in this series. >> i have to say you have to talk about clay in earlier. that dude had the best series i
6:53 pm
ever seen him play. and making it uncomfortable for him, what he's able to do, hopefully that doesn't get lost in our series and there are 33 points on the court. so shout out to him for elevating his game. >> in an odd moment, nba commissioner ignored steph's hand, silver was looking away. and it appeared like he snubbed steph who just brushed it off. they restaged the whole thing. let's hug it out and make sure everybody sees this. pretty nny there. commissioner is a good
6:54 pm
russell westbrook, 13 at the half and durant rises and shines. 55-31. thunder at the break. if okc wins, the game would be nonnight. this is an emic moment for the san jose sharks. a san jose franchise that is experiencing so many playoff disappointments for a chance to wipe away the misery. sharks are scary, baby. >> sound reasoning. the sharks hoping they can live up to a
6:55 pm
and the take away, a's needed a run today, we're going to show you highlights in the nashville sound. i know you've seen the grand slam before an inside of the park home run before. have you ever seen them at the same time? this is where bases are nunez is not stopping. umpire, the ball is right here. you can pick it up. it's in play. and this is inside of the play.
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you can pick it up. come on. it's minor league baseball. that is how you hit a grand slam. pick it up. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> yes. yes. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> coming up, in yosemite, you won't be alone. why many people are flocking to the park. the battle over bathrooms. the white house getting ready to take action on school rest rooms and transgender rights. >> that is coming up later. that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. we appreciate your time. >> from the entire news team, we hope you have a great evening.
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. now let's meet today's three finalists. a sixth-grade english teacher from somerset, new jersey... a middle school english teacher from des moines, iowa... and an elementary bilingual teacher from joliet, illinois... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. wow. every time we come to washington, d.c., we get great crowds here at constitution hall,
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and it looks like we lucked out again today. thank you so very much. i hope you folks have been watching the tournament for the past week and a half, because if you have, you have seen some great performances. and these three finalists deserve to be here -- jason, jill, and kaberi. this is the first half of the two-day final. you know that. good luck. let's go to work in the first round. here are the categories for you. in this category, you have to remove the word "jeopardy!" from the quote and put in the correct word for us. m-a-c will appear at the beginning of the correct response or at the end.


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