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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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19th killing on highways since november. >> someone stab add man in the in evening and killed him. homicide investigation is taking place near king road. the map was stabbed inside a restaurant located in a strip mall in the area. it happened at midnight and the victim died on the scene. all the white house is sending a strong message to every school in the bay area and across the country on transgender rights. it is already re-ignite the controversial issue over bathroom access. >> the obama administration is sending a letter to districts across the country instructing the schools to allow transgender students to use the bath almost that matches their gender identity not their birth certificate. officials will offer a list of rackties of dealing with transgender issues such as a child's preferred pronounce to make sure all students feel accepted.
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congressman mike honda who has a transgender jandear who is state applaud the government stepping in. >> we have been raised to look at gender as a binary system as male can female but when we are aware of individuals' bearing we have a change. gender identity is protected under title nine and the justice department offers significant guidance. lot guide hypes do not have the force of law, schools that do not come my are at risk hassing federal funds. >> you are looking at a massive fire burning in a city south of madrid, spain. it started at a dutch for used fires and started intentionally. a shelter-in-place warning has been issued. police are telling people to
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stay inside and avoid drive on the roads and close windows. the thick smoke is considered "hazardous." schools have been canceled. there is no word when it will be brought under control. >> car pool cheaters, a quarter of the people in the car pool lanes in the morning are breaking the law. what is being done about it? >> good morning, i have a harsh truth for people out there: chances are you or someone you know is a cheater. how do we know about this? they did a study and the driving in the car by yourself using the car pool lane illegally. the metropolitan transportation commission did the study and reported the average violation in the bay area is 24% during the afternoon evening, though, the average h.o.v. violation is 19%. highest percentage of cheaters are in the south bay with almost a third of h.o.v. lane users doing it illegal
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the problem is too many cars in the of h.o.v. lanes. the study found 58% of the lanes are degraded and the videos are moving slower than 45 miles per hour 40% of the time. they will work on enforcement and with the engineers at a meet today at 9:00 a.m. >> very interesting study. >> bart is taking pity on customers by installing hue dampers to reduce the noise which are installed on the most noisy section of track at daly city and the section before west oakland. installation on the rails will happen over labor day weekend so part of the tracks will be shut down. the dampers cost $1 million a
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mile to install. >> new plan to deal with the corrosion on the bay bridge that will cost taxpayers $15 million. according to the "san francisco chronicle" the committee voted to spend the money to regrout the rods so prevent corrosion. the city approved another $1 million to survey the foundation to see to there is more corrosion in the area. >> man and his dog died after a fire in concord. this started in the garage and video to the house around woman. a woman was taken to the hospital and treated. it caused $120,000 in damage. the sour was traced to a car in the garage but do not know why. >> the man charged with the murder missing morgan hill teen sierra lamar is back in court
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this morning. the attorneys tried to move the trial out of the santa clara because of publicity and they asked for more time to evaluate d.n.a. evidence that was checked. her body has never been found. >> you [blank] and the [blank]. >> high school student in the east bay facing charges for this assault caught on video on wednesday. it started when a high school p.e. teacher asked the boy to leave because he was wearing street clothes in class. the 15-year-old attacked the teacher and beat him bloody. the school has suspend the teen and the teacher is on paid leave. the school said the teen could be expelled following an session. >> the next time you committee to san francisco city hall i expect heavy security because of a protests that left $20,000 in damage and resulted in 33 arrests. any employee who enters the building after 8:00 p.m. or
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before 8:00 a.m. needs to show i.d. and inside the willing after 5:00 p.m. you have to tell the sheriff deputy where you are going. >> the governor re-released reviewed budget and many are waiting to see what programs are making the cut because tax revenues in april, the biggest revenue month fell $1 billion short of specific faces. in january, he proposed $122.6 billion budget avoiding substantial increases in current programs. he will release the reviewed budget at 10:00 a.m. >> in san francisco temperatures are milder than yesterday. glen park is warm at 57. and temperature in the ferry building or head downtown or the financial district are 55 degrees. richmond and pleasanton at 56, and petaluma at 53, and american canyon is 52. check this out, sutro tower is showing the cloud deck is thinner than it was but full of free and weed pollen and mold
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spore and u.v. index is high, very high. >> at 87 near the shark tank, thank you for winning so convincingly so i could go to bed early, sharks. earlier than game ended. late. for us. my three day trust shows it is steady with temperatures dropping today inland and we are going do have showers across the north by tomorrow and breezy conditions on sunday with more on that next. sue? >> the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city and it is looking good, talking about 15 minute drive. from 880 to 101 green on the traffic map, as far as road sensors and everyone is at the limit. we have a couple of issues with the ising sick at mission and new montgomery they will fix it at 5:00 a.m. today and overnight to be repaired by noon tomorrow. avoid the area if you can. it is a big intersection. north we the ramp to sir francis drake they are doing road work
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and it will be picked up next few minutes by action and more rod work and the dublin/pleasanton accidents in the next report. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders stepping up the battle for votes. >> you can get up close and personal with steph curry's mvp trophy. >> we went to see your warriors >> we went to see your warriors pride posting it on sole look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration. >> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a south bay gym owner arrested for sexually assaulting five clients will appear in court. the 49-year-old is accused of touching three women and two teen girls. he runs the wolf pak gym in morgan hill. a father first came forward in february claiming that he molested his teen daughter. >> more arrests could be on the way in the delegates of two in santa clara county. deputies arrested a redmon after a chase ended on the hamilton avenue off ramp. an injured man was found in the vehicle he was driving and the man kid at the hospital.
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another man was found dead inside of a home in redwood estates and deputies are trying to unravel what happened. all the california primary is less than a in away and both democrats candidates are pushing to make their presence known in the south bay without it will being there. here is more. >> as hillary clinton's newest campaign office in san jose, the excitement was clear. >> thank you for making history. together. >> the candidate was not here, the photo op was, and silicon valley has been hillary clinton country. her representatives stress that campaign is not taking anything for granted. >> it is permit to make sure the folks in northern california know that it is not just fundraising efforts but because every vote matters. >> a sentiment shared bit mrs. campaign. >> you get ideas on how to fix problems in your community.
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>> he is turning to hollywood. actors visited the campuses to register constitutes to vote. >> it is a community effort. i don't went to think about people voting for "american idol," but not vote for president. >> college students have fuel the campaign for bernie sanders but the voter base still will not be enough. >> the nomination may not be his but the agenda could be his when it is over. >> hillary clinton recently has been talking more of single-payer health care and free college tuition. >> on republic side, donald trump and house speaker paul ryan say they are totally committed to working together after meeting yesterday in washington. house speaker paul ryan renewed to endorse the front researcher for president said he might. california's secretary of state said trump's rise hand an incentive to vote for and against. the number of regular stored
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people have green since john. >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is promising a full investigation for accusations his company has been suppressing conservative you haves in the trending topic feature. in a post, zuckerberg said this is in evidence that the alleges are true. he wants to meet with conservative leaders for a discussion of what facebook stands for as a company. >> the bay area is getting another round of hockey playoff playoffs. the sharks defeated the predators last night to advance to the finals. the team has not made it this far since 2011. they will be on the road for game one against st. louis on sunday. >> sharks fans are probably weighing up hoarse after cheering in the matchup. the team won all four games in
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the series against nashville at him. >> fans will have their chance to get photos taken with steph curry's new mvp trophies on display at oracle arena from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 people. steph curry won award unanimously. the lay off gear is on sale at the store today. >> new we know the warriors will face thunder in the when conference finals. the first two games are at oracle arena with game one on monday at 6:00 p.m. and game two on wednesday at 6:00, and games three and four at oklahoma on the following sunday and tuesday. >> can we expect more marine lay in other words. >> yes, and it is thicker. maybe it will go away quicker. grab the sunglasses. a little bit of drizzle is this. it is poll through morning. the rest us are dry. on live doppler hd. right now it is cloudy in walnut creek at 5 degrees as we look south on 680. great morning today.
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cloudy afternoon. saturday, drizzle in the morning and a shower is possible across the north bay, breezy on sunday afternoon. the cloud cast through the may gray morning the clouds are lingering longer inland in the south bay and an the bay by noon and then bit afternoon fits and 60s and 70s and 80s are gone. in the south by we have milpitas at 69, and morgan hill is warmest at 73. millbrae is 61. everyone else is around 65 to 69 on the peninsula. check out the temperatures along the cost, 57 in pacifica and daly city, and barely 60 in downtown san francisco. 66 in san rafael, to 69 in santa rosa, and it will be cool if you head up to wine country. richmond is 63, fremont is 69, in the middle of oakland it is 66. and livermore more, for wine tasting, 73, a warm spot inland east bay neighborhood.
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tonight we have cloud cover with temperatures in the upper 40s to mid-50s. the temperatures will stay cooler-than-average on sunday and 80s are back inland and 70's next week. >> now, a look at novato south, on the north gate mall and the civic center and into central and southern marin you are looking at 25 minute ride from highway 37 across the golden gate bridge and into san francisco, this is right near the freitas parkway moving nicely southbound. green is good on the road sensors so everyone is moving at the limit, and it is early on friday morning so we hope so, and c.h.p. has revised what we thought were two separate citizens southbound and now they saying one, southbound 680 before 580 so i am not seeing slow traffic but we are waiting for a tow truck to get it out of the slow lane. we do have a full closure tomorrow night starting at 11:00 , 80, with a detour in place for road work.
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tomorrow night, into sunday morning, both directions of 80 are closed. >> a health alert this morning, you could be suffering from asthma and not even know it. the wanting signs you may be ignoring. eight special break a california lawmaker wants to get out of the state tesla byers in they come to fremont to pick up their cars >> good morning, topping america's money, a new most valuable company. google's parent company is worth $498 billion. that $3 billion more than apple. both companies are underpeopling and google is down 7% and apple shares are at two year lows. >> subaru is recalling 48,000 vehicles because of a steering issue in the united states. owners are warned not to drive the car until the problem can be checked at the dealer.
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>> mcdonald's is testing something new: fresh beef patty ies at 14 restaurants in dallas. in it goes national the change could help mcdonald's compete against wendy's and other chains that promise fresh not frozen ingredients. ingredients. >>
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this morning the t.s.a. said they have fixed the problem this caused thousands of checked bags to go unscreened at phoenix airport yesterday. 3,000 budgets were supposed to be on airplanes, instead, sat in this parking lot. t.s.a. said a computer glitch derailed the automatic checked bag scening system and the average said they are working on screening the behalves, getting them on planes and reuniting them with the owners. >> we have had sinkhole recently, and look at this one, in southeast london. you can see it nearly swallowed the blue car, literally hanging by the two front wheels. this happened yesterday morning, crews had to use the crane to pull the car out and the driver is okay. he said he is the car with him. >> researchers in baltimore are suggesting that good cholesterol is not the end all and be all for preventing heart disease.
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hdl cholesterol is often called the good cholesterol and believed to help guard against heart disease. however, a new study said that the recollection we get from hdl depend on the level of two other fats in the body. they found that levels of ldl cholesterol were a bigger influence on heart disease risk. >> a survey is revealing a lot of adults do not know they have asthma. they have trouble sleeping, a cough, and chest pains but only half of those surveyed by a national jewish health in denver knew the symptoms could be seasons of asthma, particularly adult on-set asthma. >> tomorrow, it is the opening of the brand new san francisco museum of modern art. the $305 million remodeling includes seven floors and galleries. it took six years to complete.
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if you driving and the city home, how arrest street is closed to make way for the opening starting at 4:00 a.m. afternoon. >> entertainment starts at 8:30 and the museum opened at 10:00 a.m. >> good morning, san jose, and the hourly day planner, at noon, 65 and 70 in the afternoon, grab a coat for the evening, 61 by 8:00, and the agency high is 75 degrees. bay to breakers is on sunday, partly sunny and 54 with clearing quickly so have the sunscreen with you. cover up as much as you can. 62 at 1:00 o'clock. here is a look at what is degree on around california today: 80s in sacramento, sea breeze reaching there and fresno is 94 and lake tahoe is 72, palm springs is the big winner in the heat way, 102 and san diego is
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69 and los angeles is 65. >> sue, have you run bay to breakers? >> i have not it is more of a party, that is for sure. there are serious runners but mostly, it is naked people and a lot of beer. >> at the golden gate bridge it is looking good. no delays. we are waiting for the zip are truck to make the way for four lanes in the southbound direction and that should be happening shortly, otherwise, green is good and speaking of bay to breakers we have road closeures at howard and main on sunday morning so long the embarcadero it will be jammed. here are tips, travel-wise, the golden gate ferry putting in extra boats with bart using extra trains and muni is re-routing so take the mass transit. it is a big party. and the run takes you down to ocean beach. mike has the weather as we mentioned and we will check back
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with more road work in a few. >> the united states navy has fired the commander of the ten american sailors who were captured by iran. the immans were released by the iranian government and held for 15 hours after the shippened up in iranian waters in the persian gulf. a navy official say the commander failed to provide effective leadership and has been released of command and reassigned. >> happening today, charles keating iv the navy seal killed in iraq will be laid to rest. this is cell phone video of a battle on may 3rd that cost the 31-year-old coat his life. people are invited to lane the streets in southern california for kea texting. >> a tax break for tourism? a proposal that tesla has for people would live outside california. according to the bay area news group a bill would give out-of-state buyers a tax waiver
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when they pick up their car at tesla fremont factory. the new car must be registered in another state in 30 days. officials hope the tourist dollars will make up for the lost rest now. bayers of the car do not need anymore breaks, some say. >> look at this near san francisco, and look out because sky 7 saw the humpback whales swimming near the golden gate bridge yesterday which is stunning. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that fur whales have been seen through the week, and biologists believe the an alcohols is is a-- ies is what are attracting this. >> and the map get a close view. >> maybe too close? >> goodness gracious. >> victory for a transgender teacher in san francisco and a school is show its support for his change of gender identity. >> a four decade old bay area
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cold case is now solved and the daughter is get justice for her late mother. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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