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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  May 13, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> top story this morning, we just confirmed a late night shooting on i-80 brings the total to 20 shootings on east bay highways since november. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui. >> this highway shooting ended with a car crash and a person sent to the hospital. amy hollyfield is in martinez. she just spoke to c.h.p. amy? >> right now c.h.p. investigators are going through the car taking it apart trying to find evidence they can figure who did this. they also working on solving the bigger picture.
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>> when officers got to the crash last night they realized it had happened again. >> upon arrival our officers noticed the driver and only occupant suffered gunshot wounds prior to the collision. >> this was the 20th highway shooting in the bay area since november. the second this week. this one happened on interstate 80 in hercules near the highway 4 exit. the 25-year-old driver was shot in the leg and treated at hospital and released. hearing that another freeway shooting happened, it left drivers feeling unsettled. >> it is scary because we drive up the highways every day, and you just never know. >> officers are not saying if he was targeted but point identity -- out they do not think the majority of random. that eases the minds of some. >> everyone is bringing about their own reaction from society and if you just row with a
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good...general intention toward others you get the same thing back. >> c.h.p. officers say there has been a tremendous amount of dialogue about this new disturbing trend. they are trying to figure how to put a stop to it. >> we are concerned. we are meeting regularly with our allied agency partners in this collaboration. it is not o c.h.p., we have all allied investigators working together can collaborating and share, information. >> gathering evidence in the cases is important but stressful on everyone, the c.h.p. has to should down all lanes of eastbound interstate 80 for 2 1/2 hours. they say they have really appreciate in witness could come forward and contribute to the investigation. in martinez for abc7 news. >> the driver is under arrest this morning accuse evidence possibly driving drunk and crashing on highway 101 this morning at 12:40 in burlingame.
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the car hit the center divide and rolled over. the passenger in the car is in the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was not hurt. >> we have new video of the east san jose restaurant where a man died as he was stabbed to death. a man got into a fight in a strip mall parking lot at king roads around midnight and stabbed in the neck. he constitutional belled into a restaurant and died. the suspect has fought been caught. >> new detail of a seven involved shooting in san jose early this week. the police department have identified the two officers who shot this man, 26-year-old, after he attacked his mother with an ax on wednesday. officers shot the suspect several times and tazed him after he chased his mother out of the their home with the ax. the suspect is expected to survive. baldwin is 20-year veteran of the force and hall has three years on the job. both are on routine live.
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>> a high school student is facing charges for attacking a teacher the here is the video. >> you are [ blank ]. the [ blank ]. [ inaudible ] >> it looked like a bad fight. it started on wednesday when a high school p.e. teacher asked the boy to leave for wearing street clothes to class. the investigators state 15-year-old attacked teacher, petitioning him, and he was bloody. the school suspended the teen and the teacher is on paid leave. the school said the teen could be expelled following an investigation. >> a san jose elementary school is changing how they operate during lunch and recess after 90 students came down with the flu. the virus first started making the rounds at the elementary school on april 29 after a student was sick in class. now, it is so widespread constitutes are staying in a classroom during lunch and recess. the school also is cancel the performance of a musical and
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will ranch up cleanings of the classrooms and bats rooms. >> texas fires back after the president deend mas accommodation for transgender students around the nation. lotter from the administration directs the school district across the country to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity, not their birth certificate. we already are seeing a battle unsurveillance videoing. the texas lieutenant governor said his state is not going to comply. on the other hand, south bay conressman honda who has an eight-year-old transgender granddaughter is defending the directive. >> we have been... [ inaudible ] >> when we are aware that individuals vary we have a... [ inaudible ] >> he has set a policy in place that will divide the country. >> although the guidelines do not have the force of law, schools that do not comply are
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at risk of losing federal financial support and texas is willing to take the risk of the >> if you get the feeling that everyone is cheating in the car pool lane but you, there could be some validity to it. a new study shows that rampant misuse of the lanes. matt is on highway 85 in san jose with more. >> they does this study to make the car pool lanes better and an important step is to stop the cheater. >> at northbound 101 at 8:00 a.m. in san jose, and to be honest, i thought it would be harder than it was. >> one person in that one. another one right here. in this kia. one person. five. there is one in a mercedes. next to us. one person. six. >> six so far that we have seen in 30 seconds. >> unbelievable. >> a study from the metropolitan traffic commission reveals the truth of the bay area: we are
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filled with a bunch of car pool cheaters. check out number: during peak commuter hours, 24% of illegal. in the afternoon and evening, 19% of so low in the car pool lane. sometimes all it takes to stop cheating is getting caught. once. >> do you cheat? >> no. not very often. i did get caught a long-term ago. >> that extend you? >> yes, $375. >> they say love lane are clogged each day, 58ed% are degraded. h.o.v. performance standards, are traveling at less than 45 miles per hour for at least 10% of the time, below standard. one honest driver has a message for cheater. >> you will be caught. it is not fair to theist us who are obey the rules and doing it early. >> the problem is fixed through engineering, enforcement and express lanes and hope to is a land by this fall to review.
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>> eye opening. >> we have breaking news from san francisco where police are investigating the death of a construction worker at the moscone center this morning on third street between howard and gulf -- and fulsom street in the buck chest a large cherrypicker when the accident happened. again, he died at the christian. we will bring you more information as we get it. a tax break for tourism, tesla is proposing to lure more out-of-state buyers to california. >> and bids are pouring in for the gun used to kill a florida teen with a mind boggling number topping the auction right now. >> michael strahan has a good by
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>> bids are climbing hire on the online auction for the gun that george zimmerman used to kill florida teen trayvon martin. the bid was up to $65 million for the pill pistol. it is not clear in they are real. it is sold bit united gun group. and another site originally planned to host the auction but abruptly changed their mind.
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george zimmerman said he plans to use the rows to fight black lives matter violence against law enforcement and do counter hillary clinton's effort to regulate gun sales. >> apple has fund use for some of the $200 billion cash reserve. they have shelled out $1 president to invest in a chinese ride share company that operates in 400 cities and wants to the a platform to handle liven million ride as day. it is uber's biggest rival in china. >> toes that is offering incentive to bayers would live outside of california. according to our media partner, a new bill would give out-of-state buyers a tax waiver in they come to tesla's fremont factory to pick up their new car. state officials say getting customs coming here they will spend money on tourism making up for the lost tax revenue. opponents say the buyers of the luxury cars do not need more breaks.
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>> we are an hour away to learning more of the eight people who bought the single winning powerball ticket, split a $284 million before taxes. they each spent only $6, the cost two tickets, to get back $284 million. so you can say pretty good investment. >> i am dreaming of all of the possibilities. >> but if you won you would not be here with me. >> that is so true. >> i am so thankful. >> thankful for the weekend, too, helping you land ahead for family fun. >> coming up a sneak look at what is ahead. >> now, temperatures are three to seven degreeers cooler than average, so the cooling trend is here and we could have sprinkles and drizzle. and of course we have bay to
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breakers. >> michael strahan said goodbye and what he told the viewers in a re-cap. >> before you use free wi-fi: experts say crack may have figured out a way to fool you and steal your information. a special "7 on your side" investigation michael shows you how to spot the net and
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>> michael strahan said goodbye this morning. he and skelly held hands as they appeared on stage during the final stage after four years he now is joining "good morning america" full time in the fall.
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the final day was originally planned for august but was moved up to today. >> i am not dying. i'm still in the family. and i'm still available to come back and i am called to co-host so i'm not going anywhere. i'm not gone. there you go. >> today, i was thinking we would do it together the way they do >> can we drink champagne? >> yes! >> that was after quite a few weeks when they announced in april he was moving full time to "good morning america" and jimmy kimmel will guest host the show on monday. >> good to be a sports fan in the bay area, the warriors and the sharks are in the western conference finals. last night, the sharks moved ton the next round with a game seven rally over the national predators with the final score in the series was game 5-0. the sharks have not made it this far in the may offs since 2011
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and will be on the road for game one against the st. louis blues on sunday. congratulations, sharks >> the warriors, we know now will face oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals after fending off the spurs. the dubs and thunder will tick off at oracle arena on monday and game two is at home at 6:00, and game three and four is on the following sunday and tuesday. >> fans are getting a chance to take a photo with steph curry's back-to-back mvp trophies on display at the store at oracle arena until 9:00 tonight. new playoff gear is also on sale today and if you are out there today send us a picture showing off your warriors pride with # dubson7andwewillshowthemonair. >> and buy some shirts.
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>> wish i was going. but i am not. so we will watch it right here. >> >> you are an insider to us. >> helpfully. >> what is going on? >> i was reflecting on which wonderful time-lapse and the sun is reneck on the bay. the cloud decks with more rag ode than yesterday, thicker and up 3,000' and it still is, look what it is doing to the clouds, it is really make them stubborn today and, in fact, check out our temperatures and how they are behind yesterday and a last upper 50s to low 60s until, of courses antioch, where it is sunny and 71 and 54, though, 65, inland east bay, so, still cold air and look at winds, give in fairfield, and if you are trying to drive to the west, you are going did drive right into the head wind at 14 at sfo. here is a look at our roof camera you can see the flags and the trees pointing to the east. all weekend, you can see the difference is tomorrow morning, awful us have a chance of
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drizzle and even the sprinkles across the north bay and it will be more breezy on sunday and a remain warming trend next week. now, the temperatures are 69 in milpitas, and morgan hill and gilroy at 63. up the peninsula, most of us around 65 to 69. ill bray is 61. a brisk day at the coast. 60 in downtown san francisco. holding through the north by, 66 in petaluma, san rafael, on the come side, and 70s in santa rosa and napa and the east bay shore, breezy in richmond and hercules, 63 and 64 and oakland is 66, less wind around fremont and 69 inland, with the 3,000 foot marine layer the cooling with san ramon at 70 and antioch at 74. if you have business associates or anyone coming to sfo, an hour and four minutes is the arrival difficult. that is what though are averaging. tree pollen is moderate. weed pollen is moderate. mold spores are mod ran.
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unindex is quick. sunday, we could see more sunshine in the afternoon. shear the plan for the rest afternoon and evening, and look at temperatures, 50s and 60s and 70s and all of us in the 50s and 60s by 5:00, and mid-50's to minority 60s by condition, and by 9:00, money 50s so grab a coat we will drop down into the low-to-upper 40s and low 50s tonight, but the best chance of rain, then, is across member dough send and lake county. if you going do bay to breakers it will be drizzly on sunday morning, and brisk in the mid-50s but that will quickly change with sunshine come out by 1:00 o'clock and we will top out at 61 degrees. 60s and 70s and 80s next week after being below average. >> that could affect costume choices. >> you would think. >> but reasonable not. >> whatever. >> if you looking for something fun to do we you have covered. natasha zouves has ideas. >> we have partnered with the neighborhood team at hoodline
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and we have your weekend covered. ping-pong is not just an old school gym requirement but officially cool again. now, the 5th ping-pong social club and right here in san francisco. we checked out the 12,000 square feet space in soma, and this is a right way to hold a paddle. using the index finger as support. there are two bars, and 19 ping-pong tables to practice on and helpfully you not so rusty as i am. the general manage said you do not have to be an expert to play. >> not at all. i'm terrible at ping-pong. that is why i joined to get better at it. >> on saturday, you can test your skills at 6 percent from 4:30 to 9:00 p.m. >> and you can help welcome with a rolling up your sleeves and getting a mural on with paint freestyle mural on saturday, put on by the mexican museum.
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also, on saturday, 10,000 people are expected to pack union square and you can so with incredible performance and special food, at the cultural festival from 10:00 a.m. to 6:0 p.m. to leadership more, go to we will link you up with everything that is going on where you live. natasha zouves. >> natasha is rusty on the old ping-pong. >> happy to train her and work with her on that. it is fun. >> finally friday, and you know what that means? >> team to meet the perfect
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>> at 4:00, female world war ii pilots were once more allowed to place their ashs at arlington national cemetery because of one bay area woman. how her efforts led to a change. >> it is friday. it is time for perfect pets. mike? the humane cement of silicon valley cames this the cutest pup they have ever featureed, you can see why. a styling charles spaniel mix and he is eight, and he is very smart and loves to learn new tricks.
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he also is super friendly with people. but not such of a fan of other drugs. he is dave so he cannot hear you but he is quick with hand signals. you can adopt it him at silicon valley at 408-262-2133. thank you for help him mind a forever home. to say he is the cutest... >> we lucky you cannot adopt anymore because he does not like other dogs. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> hey, everybody, stay right where you are, because in the next half hour, we just may be minting a brand-new member of america's 1%. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because we're in the middle of a good game right now. our returning contestant is a 24-year-old history buff who's hoping the hours he spent studying the revolutionary war will pay off today. from la mesa, california, please welcome back kevin carll. [cheers and applause] hey, kev. what's up, buddy? welcome back. come on in. >> thanks for having me. >> you barely look old enough to shave, but apparently you know and love the revolutionary war. how do you go about teaching other people about the war?


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