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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, may 14th. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are off to a cool start in the bay area. here's lisa argen. she's tracking our weather. >> hi, chris. it has been cool with 60s and 70s. today waking up to mid and high-level clouds. compliments of a weak system to the north of us bringing light rain around eureka. we could zoo some mist and drizzle and stronger on shore push. numbers had be on the cooler side of afternoon. 54 napa, 56 downtown. throughout the day today the clouds will break off. between now and the afternoon we
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could see some mist and drizzle along the coast. then look for a partly cloudy sky. we will talk about more sunshine, bay to breakers, and a warmer couple of days ahead coming up. chris. >> lisa, thanks. we have breaking news out of oakland. one man is dead after a three-ar crash on southbound 880. this happened near the 980 interchange just after 1:30 this morning. the c46789p said a stalled vehicle was hit by at least two other cars. we know two other people have been hospitalized with unknown injuries. all southbound lanes were initially shut down but have since been reopened. it's not no one why the car was stopped in the middle of the freeing in the first place. some east bay high school students are playing a game involving sex, drugs and explosives. the game is a scavenger hunt and police are warning students not to play because of the danger involved. abc news reporter leslie brinkley has the story.
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>> school students heard about it, so about the officials. they warned people on four campuses. >> we heard it could involve drug, drinking, sex, and potentially explosives so a this is a very, very voluntary is -- volitile combination. >> the teens reportedly planned to drive around recording videos of themselves participating in criminal activity and posting it online as proof. >> i've heard the cops were getting involved and teachers were telling kids to basically be careful around where they were walking. >> clearly it is not a typical danger to students, but also about there's damage to online reputations and potentially college and career success. >> almeda school officials say the satisfienger hunt included st. joseph's high school, along with other catholic high schools in oakland and berkeley. >> i felt kind of scared and
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wondering what are they going to do. the scavenger hunt was supposed to end friday night at 10:30 p.m.. >> i think it's a hoax. >> many hoped it never happened at all. abc7 news. a family of four is recovering after their jet ski flipped over and pittsburgh. sky 7hd was over pittsburgh marina shortly after they were rescued after 6:00 last night. everyone was wearing a life jacket. this picture shows the family warming up after they were rescued. one adult and two children went to the medical center with mild hypothermia. a sex scandal involving oakland police has set off a new policy. >> we will not tolerate criminal misconduct on the part of our police officers. we will hold them accountable. we owe that to the citizens of oakland. >> the police chief and mayor announced the district attorney
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announced the district attorney will be alerted to any suspicion of wrongdoing by officers. three are on paid leave. it involves the daughters of a police department dispatcher who may have been underage. the investigation started with the suicide of police officer brendan o'brien last year. he took his own life about a year after his wife's death was also ruled a suicide. there was initially some suspicion about her death. the officer's suicide notes said a series of events prompting his life and work prompted him to take his own life. the attorney representing the officers with withholding judging until charges are filed. >> tragic if the person sue couples to the pressure and they don't do investigation. >> the san francisco bicyclist who was injured of hit by a police cruiser is talking with abc7 news. the crash was all caught on camera. you can see the cyclist being hit in the south of market neighborhood. here's abc7 news reporter sergio
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quintana with the story. >> a cash be a did cam individual no with an app you can see the collision clearly. elf said he was hoping to make it through the yellow light. >> all of a sudden he didn't see me and we just collide the like that. >> he was surprised his crash was caught on video. >> they were at fault, for sure. they have decided they would just pull over and go through the yellow this way. >> the he spent the night in the hospital. he has a pretty big cut on his leg and a minor back injury, but he was able to walk up a flight of stairs to show us his damaged bicycle. a spokesperson for the police said the crash is under investigation. but they did confirm the police cruiser was not headed to an emergency call. they said it could have been prevented. >> cars can't make those kind of turns if there's a protected bike lane on the road. >> she said a good example of a
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protected like lane is on poke street near city hall. >> he said he's not mad at the police. >> if you have to have an accident, have it with a cop. they shut the street down. an amtrak plane headed to oakland slammed into a pickup truck killing three people. it happened near fresno. truck driver tried to go around a freight train that was stopped and didn't see the am crack speeding toward it on a second set of track. the train split the truck in two. no one was injured on the train.
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santa clara county prosecutors say they are still trying to find the connection between an be accused murder and -- or one of their victims. on wednesday that victim was found shot to death near los gatos. a second victim was found inside a trashed car in campbell. the man accused in both crimes has now appeared in court. katie marzullo has the latest. >> the widow, siblings and close friends of the victim were in court as the 53-year-old man was charged with two sants of -- two counts ever murder. >> this is obviously a very disturbing crime. >> in new documents the sheriff's deputies say redmond and an accomplice went into harden's home on wednesday, armed and demanding money. >> they encountered his adult son. they held the barrel of the gun to his head and hit him several time. and bound him on his wrist, inc. -- the wrist, ankles and arms with duct tape. when he got home, there was a confrontation. he was shot with two shots on the head.
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>> witness ness told police two men took off in a silver prius. after a pursuant, going more than 100 miles an hour, the preas you crashed at hamilton avenue. redmond tried to run but was caught. along his path deputies found a bloody vest and gloves. and no the car his accomplice covered in blood from a large laceration on his arm. he died at the hospital and appears to be the john doe redmond is accused of killing. >> i don't want to speculate as to what his relation to the victims may have been. >> also on an apparent to do list first item was to get more bullets and the second note had the victim's address written on it. abc7 news. repairs should wrap-up by noon today on a sewer main that cause a big sink hole in san francisco. crews installed a new 36-inch sewer pipe that was shipped in from arizona. the 12 by 5-foot sinkhole nearly
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swallowed an uber car tuesday night. san francisco state is warning staff they may have been exposed to chicken pox. three students have been diagnosed with chicken pox since april it 3rd. students and staff who are pregnant or in contact with children less than-year-old be advised to contact their doctor. this weekend be may be a good weekend to do while watching. the animals are drawn in by anchovies and will feed for several days. baker beach and the eastern part of lands end and the bay are great places to spot them. the boaters have been asked to stay away from the whales. >> maybe if you are heading out this morning bring a hat and a coat? >> yes. temperatures in the 50s. not going too far but it has been cool the past couple of days a lot like what we've been used to, for now anyway. from the roof camera, 56 degrees
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in san francisco. from san mateo we have mid-50s. 55 mountain view and 54 in san jose. we will talk about the rest of the day area. bay to breakers tomorrow and a bit of a warmup ahead. >> a lot going on. thank you. also ahead, most cell phone certainly assistance can't post directions but what they know what to say in a crisis? and later, how you can see
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>> new video this morning of a massachusetts prom ride gone bayed. take a look at this. a limousine with ten high school students inside erupted into flames. the driver said he saw smoke coming between the dash and the windshield and told everyone to get out, which they were all able to do safely. firefighters had to put the games out twice, once in the street and once at the toe yard when the fire flamed up. voice assistants like siri has revolutionized the way many of us use cell phones. but some bay area researchers believe that how man-like voices could do a lot more to help when needed most. ama daetz explains. >> for millions of us the voice assistance on the cell phone is having an all-knowing friend with advice on anybody. or almost anything. but what about a crisis? >> siri, i was raped. >> there was a series of
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questions put to the most popular voice assistants. they say many of the responses were vague or didn't supply the kind of information to match the urgency of the question. >> i was raped. >> i'm not sure what you mean by i was raped. >> i'm depressed. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> i want to commit suicide. >> but there's so much life ahead of you. >> we took out our phones and asked the very difficult questions directly, and frankly we were shocked by the replies. >> they say there's no hard data on how many people turn to voice assistance in a crisis, but they believe hearing feedback from a human voice could influence how an emotional caller processes what happens to them, especially in the case of teens or young adults. for example, if the smartphone hasn't heard of rape, it might impact whether or not a user chews to move forward with
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disclosing some private experiences. >> the person was to rate the voice systems but to make life saving changes across the entire industry. >> starting with recognizing the kinds of questions that require an urgent and specific answer. >> i want to commit suicide. >> if we can make it easier for one person at the risk of suicide or one person of domestic abuse to get the right help, that's a success. >> this was the answer from apple's siri before they released their study. >> i don't know what you mean by "siri, i was raped." >> and now by with a web search for it. and now apple after they learned of the study. >> if you think you have experienced sexual abuse or assault you may want to reach out to someone at the national hotline. >> they hope the companies can better understand how the voice assistants are used in a crisis
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is and how they can provide better and potentially life-saving answers. >> and that was ama daetz reporting. just to get an idea how reliant we have become on our smartphones, more than half of us report using the phone to get information. in court yesterday public defenders for garcia torres said they needed more time to represent him. garcia-torres met with the judge in closed court and withdrew the request but the judge said he can resubmit it later if he chooses. sierra lamar was 15-year-old when she disappeared while walking to a school bus stop in 2012. her body has never been found. >> tomorrow is the bay to breakers race in san francisco. it's the longest running footrace in the world. more than 50,000 runners took part last year, many in costume and character as they made their way across the course.
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we will be streaming live aerials before the start of the race at 8:00 a.m. you can watch it through the abc7 news app and enable push alerts. a lot of people are wondering how cold will it be at the start? >> does it matter? >> no we will do it anyway. >> exactly. the typical cloud cover. temperatures in the 50s to start out just like we are now. live doppler 7hd. a lot of cloud cover right here. and there is a weak cold front to the north. to the west, humboldt, mendocino county looking at the some showers. the cold front could drag a few areas of drizzle our way. then we get into partly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon. this is santa cruz where 60s will be realized later on today with a few peaks of sub. 49 morgan hill. namely everyone from mid-to upper 50s. 54 san jose, 58 -- or 56 in san francisco and mountain view.
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so from our exploratorium camera, all the cloud cover here. mid-high level clouds and that's a switch from the usual low clouds. no problems at sfo right now. 54 santa rosa, napa, fairfield and livermore. 55 in novato and concord. our forecast highlights and a view of the golden gate bridge. you see the cloud cover with the patchy drizzle possible, main any along the coast. otherwise cooler than normal today and tomorrow behind the system. we will get the into a cooler pocket of air. then high pressure builds for a warmer monday. the warmest days of the week will be tuesday and wednesday certainly inland where temperatures will be in the 80s. as we go through the next few hours notice 10:00 cloud cover, 12:00 it begins to try to break up. maybe a little bit of drizzle and by the afternoon the onshore flow, partly cloudy skies and temperatures mainly in the 60s. those of you who get a little bits more sun will see the 70s. so in livermore today, we are
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looking at temperatures in the low 70s. not a lot of change tomorrow. then the warmest day is tuesday and wednesday with some lower 80s. and another system arrives by the end of the next week. so as we head toward the south bay notice the mild temperatures with low 70s for santa clara and san jose, the peninsula. cool numbers. the onshore flow with afternoon sun. 68 in redwood city. 70 palo alto and mountain view. san francisco cool and breezy from about 60 daly city. 63 downtown. in the north bay around the san pablo bay it will be breezy, as well. vallejo 67. 71 in santa rosa and on the east bay more upper 50s from oakland, 67 newark, about 68 in union city. 59 castro valley. you head inland, notice the warmth head into the inland valleys but you will still be in the low 70s at 3:00 this afternoon. 27 livermore, and as well as concord and fairfield. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at more sun,
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but breezy afternoon tomorrow and then about 80 inland on monday. mid-70s around the bay. upper 80 eats for tuesday and wednesday. upper 70s around the bay. a brief, but pleasant warmup and big cool down heads our way thursday and friday. so looking forward to tomorrow. always fun to watch the bay to breakers. >> we will get through that and look forward to the sun too. >> yeah. >> lisa, thank you. free wi-fi sounds great but it could be fake, set up to steal your personal information.
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if you are at a coffee shop, you are likely to find free wi-fi. but you could fall to scammers if you don't protect yourself. michael finney explains. >> doug browses the internet in his oakland neighborhood of rockridge. the u.c. berkeley science professor doesn't like what he sees. >> the evidence that i have seen over time in this neighborhood seems to suggest that there have been bogus wi-fi networks set up. >> he suspects someone may be mimicking the comcast wi-fi service and fool people into using it, and thus leaving you vulnerable, intercepting your private information or assuming your identity. >> a public wi-fi in general is inherently insecure. >> greg beach is with a company
6:24 am
that helped deploy free wi-fi hotspots in san francisco and san jose. >> anybody can come into a rogue access point into a public setting and have the same network name. >> anyone can call their network the same network name used by the city of san jose. bj is san jose's chief information officer. >> based on how easy it is, it wouldn't be uncommon. >> some people we talked to were surprised. >> i wasn't aware at all. good to know. >> i am leery of it. i would like to learn more to -- or how to counter it. >> he found several suspicious signs, a common network named misspelled or a shield with an exclamation point next to the name is a warning the site is unencrypted and anyone can listen in, and there's this alert that this hotspot might be a different network with the same name. >> those warnings are there to tell us that we're potentially
6:25 am
entering into a dangerous situation. >> you may also be on a bogus hotspot if your apps stop working or your browser starts spitting error messages. >> it's always a cat and mouse game. there's no such thing as 100% security. >> but you can win by taking some simple steps. when on public wi-fi and encrypt your data by connecting to a virtual wi-fi network. it's available for free or through subscription services. connect to pass point or hot point 2.0, like those deployed in san jose and san francisco. and also connect to urls with https in the address. >> all these things are inconvenient, and especially for the lay man to even understand.
6:26 am
that person is security conscious and knows what to do, they can be extremely secure. >> not taking these measures open them up to morris being. we have some of these on our website in the bay area. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." happening now, streets are already closed in anticipation of the opening of the brand new san francisco museum of modern art. howard street between third and hawthorn was closed at 4:00 a.m. to make way for the grand opening. the $335 million remodeling includes seven floors of galleries and took six years to complete. entertainment starts at 8:30. it opens at 10:00. >> happening today, a chance to meet steph curry's better half in sonoma. she's an accomplished chef and landed her own show on the food network. she will conduct a cooking demo at 1:00 this afternoon. the celebration runs today and sunday from 11:00 to 4:00.
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much more ahead on the news. for the first time we are hearing from a mother machine the colorado movie is theater shooting. hear how she's trying to educate others about mental illness. >> and to have a letter coming from arlington saying her service doesn't count, it doesn't matter, it's heartbreaking. >> plus please the bay area woman who took on
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>> good to have you with us. we are starting this half-hour with lisa argen and the weather. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. lots of clouds around here and the reason be why, one of the reasons is there's a cold front to the north. we are looking at a steady onshore flow and the possibility of a little bit of are drizzle with the cool conditions throughout the day today. san jose, numbers ranging from the upper 40s to the upper 50s from morgan hill to oakland. 56 san francisco, 545 that half moon bay and at the airport we are looking at cloudy skies, 54 napa and livermore. 56 in concord.
6:31 am
so from our sutro tower camera, a lot of gray here along the coast but perhaps some drizzle. low to mid-60s by noontime. we will look at perhaps some low 70s far inland. the cool conditions, whether they are going to last for the second after of the weekend and when the warmup arrives, that's in a few minutes. chris. >> thank you. new this morning, we are hearing for the first time from the mother of colorado theater shooter james holmes. it was four years ago when holmes opened fire, killing it 12 people and injuring more. his mother wants the to educate people about recognizing and treating the early signs of mental illness. >> i can't erase the day, but i wish i could. and the way that i want to honor their injuries and distress it to try to help something this bad from happening again. >> arlene admits she failed to get educated about mental
6:32 am
illness and condemned her son's actions. she said she is speaking out now because may is mental health awareness month. now to a bizarre twist in a presidential race. donald trump is being accused of pretending to be his own media spokesperson during a phone interview reported 20 years ago. trump is denying it's him on tape. at the same time, he's fiercely standing by his decision not to release his taxes until an audit is completed. jonathan carl has the story. >> reporter: a voice from the past is coming back to haunt donald trump. and it sounds a heckuva lot like his own voice. >> what's your name again. >> john miller. >> it's a tape recording of a 1991 interview conducted by people magazine reporter and somebody identifying themself as john miller, supposedly a spokesperson for donald trump. >> somebody that knows and somebody he trusts in life. >> but the reporter soon became suspicious john miller was actually trump himself bragging about his own exploit with women.
6:33 am
>> he doesn't have a lot of options. he gets called by everybody in the book, especially woman. >> the spokesman destroyed how about -- described how trump has living with marla maple, but not ready to settle down. >> he's living with marla and he has three other girlfriends. >> he even bragged that superstars pick madonna wanted to date him. >> he wanted to go out with him. that i can tell you. >> the washington post reports trump previously acknowledged using a fake name but he angrily denied the tape. >> it doesn't sound like me on the phone and it was not me on the phone. >> he's also pushing back on the ideas that voters are entitled to see his tax returns which he said are now being audited by the irs. >> do you believe voters have a right to see your tax returns before they make pa final decision. >> i don't think they do, but i do say this, i will really gladly get them.
6:34 am
they aren't going to learn anything but it's under routine audit. >> but four years ago he said then republican nominee should release his returns. he was talking about mitt romney. >> mit has to get those tax returns out. >> one of the things trump's returns will reveal, how much he pays in taxes. >> i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> what is your tax rate? >> it's none of your business. you will see it when i release them. >> abc news, washington. >> he will not follow the example of every single democratic and republican presidential nominee since 1976. hillary clinton has fired her first tv shot against donald trump. she released this ad criticizing trump refusal to release his taxes. it's noteworthy not just for content but also because clinton is focusing on the general election. voters have nine days left to identify with a particle party.
6:35 am
voters go to the he polls on tuesday, june 7th. >> a man who threatened to jump off a hotel in las vegas is now in police had custody. the man was asked to leave a hotel around 6:30 last night and instead he climbed up planters and sat on a ledge of the hotel's seventh floor pool deck. his threat to jump was apparently over an unpaid bill. according to the las vegas review journal, the man dangled his legs over the edge for 6 1/2 hours before coming down. he's now undergoing a mental evaluation. >> congress sent out a bill. >> the air many on her mailbox is the tip off. >> sure, lots of women served. >> look around her home in menlo park. she doesn't just like airplanes, she flew them in world war ii as
6:36 am
an elite member of the women's air force, also known as basp. as far as they were concerned they were already in the army air core, just waiting for confirmation any kay. they lived in barracks, they flew are every airplane in the arsenals, complicated machines often in difficult conditions. >> we flew by railroad tracks and about water towers with the name of the town. those were our best navigating aids. we didn't have the radio, directional guides at all. >> but navigating politics would be more difficult. the wasps only received recognition by the veterans administration in the 1970s. >> it was the usual lack of respect for our organization. >> then last year the ultimate insult for wasps.
6:37 am
the army, who runs arlington national cemetery, said they had no more room to intern them. >> and stephanie miller of walnut creek wrote a petition on behalf as you wasps, including her grandmother, elaine, who just passed away after a long battle with cancer. >> to not be able to lay her to rest is heartbreaking and to have a letter come from arlington saying that her service doesn't count, she doesn't matter, it's heartbreaking. so we knew that we had to make it right. >> and now she has. it's nice to have the option, jean told us. but she did marry a navy man. >> my husband was buried at sea off the coast of monterey and i may have a also kayak flotilla. abc7 news. >> you heard the slogan made in america before but you soon you could be hearing made in san francisco more often. coming up, the growing number of manufactures who are making it
6:38 am
here. as we head to break, here's a live look outside from the south beach camera. you see traffic is moving quite well over the bay bridge this morning.
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everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. >> paula joins us to tell us what is coming up on gma. >> donald trump is under fire this morning for a 1991 audio recording where he allegedly
6:41 am
pretends to be his own spokesman n this recording the proposed spokesman can be heard about bragging about trump's financial success. we have that story just ahead. also a group of teenagers with a close call after their lem mow to prom explodes in flames. what you need to know about the dangers of limos before your kid heads off to prom. and would you like to be happy and healthier? it all comes down to your sleep. we have some surprising small changes that could have a big impact on how you feel. it's all coming up on gma this saturday. see you soon. the president and first lady hosted a star studded event at the white house last night. no surprise that the first lady was all the talk on social media. here's a look at her gown. the president accidentally stepped on it, but she doesn't sweat it and stood out among the stars. the stars included will ferrell, david letterman, and our own david muir.
6:42 am
the state dinner wrapped up a summit with leaders from europe nations. 6:41. lisa, you are tracking drizzle today? >> yes. temperatures stuck where they had been with plenty of 60s. look at all the cloud cover here. numbers in the mid-and upper 50s if you head on out. we will see a few 60s and partly cloudy skies this afternoon. warmer weather is on the way. we will have the accuweather seven-day forecast as well. >> thanks. also ahead, as the warriors prepare for their next series against the thunder, other nba greats are still taking shots at the dubs. hear how nvp steph c ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico.
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in sports, it's playoff fever in the bay area with the warriors and sharks moving on to the western conference finals. game one for the sharks is in st. louis tomorrow night and game one for the warriors is at oracle arena on monday. in about baseball, the giants and a's are on the road this weekend. but can they come out with a win? larry beil has the game highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. spending big cash free agent pitchers can be kind of dicey but the giants are getting their money's worth out of jeff samardziji. another strong outing last night. life's lesson don't try catching a foul ball with a cup full of beer because you lose the beer, you don't get the ball, and everybody else gets drenched
6:46 am
he did what? jeff samardziji drenched in success. goes 8 innings. giants down 1-0 in of the sixth. 3-0 count. joe panik gets the green light and green means go. that's gone. three-run homer, his fifth of the year and second straight game in which he homered. >> after screaming for being pulled early the other night, santiago comes back in a big way. giants win 3-1. a's and rays. mascot on mascot. lookout! the official gets knocked out. had excellent choreography there. speaking of knockouts, chris davis, first-round tko on jake. three-run jack. 3-0 in a flash. two about batters later. here it comes. there is goes. hit the roof. his first of the year. he hit another in the sixth coming back from a hamstring injury. ninth inning, a's up 6-3. ryan madson was in trouble with
6:47 am
the bases loaded, one out. valencia with the reach and a double game save there. a's snap their five-game losing streak 6-3. first lebron james questioned how do you really determine value in an mvp award that went to steph curry? and yesterday lebron said terry stockton they said should have won the coach of the year honors over steve kerr of the warriors. the warriors begin practicing for the finals, it's a strange phenomena, whether lebron or tracey mcgrady or charles barkley, they just cannot resist taking shots at the warriors. steph curry knows exactly how to handle it. >> i've gotten really good at ignoring people. [laughter] >> it's the theme of the last two years. i'm all right. >> the sharks are better than all right. heading to the western conference finals for the fourth time in their history. they haven't had much success with 39-12 record.
6:48 am
-- with the 3-1 record. the big difference this season is not had just the stars are playing well, everybody on the roster is contributing and that's exactly what the coach peter deboer was looking for. >> the teams left standing are there because of their depth. we aren't just here to watch the big guys play, you are here to contribute and you are a big piece of this. >> sharks and blues, game one of that series tomorrow in st. louis. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> lisa argen is here mao with the full accuweather forecast. lisa, its pretty cloudy out there. >> it is. and we have a cold front to the north of us, perhaps spreading some mist and drizzle our way. we will break out into partly cloudy later. here's live doppler 7hd. up see all the cloud cover over the bay. with that we are looking at a system to the north. it will keep the precip here as the area of low pressure flies to the east. we could see some patchy
6:49 am
drizzle. we have the steady onshore flow. those elements allowing for another cool day around the bay and a cool weekend. the system, as it pushes to the east of us by tomorrow, we will be in the cool pocket of air. here's san jose. good morning. cloudy skies. 54 for you. 56 in oakland, 58 in oakland, i believe should say and 56 mountain view. 54 that of moon bay and 49 morgan hill. you see the cloud cover and the city, mid- and high-level clouds. 54 santa rosa and napa, as well as fairfield and livermore. 55 concord. 57 in novato. not as cold as it could be this morning, and the exploratorium camera featuring the gray out there. partly cloudy in the afternoon with temperatures cooler than average. just by a few degrees. and then the warmer pattern begins on monday. warmest day of the week will be tuesday and wednesday. then a big, big cool down as we head toward the end of the upcoming work week. so across the state.
6:50 am
the precip stays to the extreme northwestern california. then we see some of the showers push into the northern sacramento valley. could even see a thunderstorm and the mountains could get some wet weather. 74 in yosemite. and 65 in monterey. so closer to home, hour by hour, this is what the cloud deck will look like. you notice that it's still cloudy through 10:00 ask then maybe some areas of drizzle here. here it is noontime. we are breaking out into partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. but that steady onshore flow keeps the numbers mainly in the 60s. a few temperatures in the 70s. we will take a look at livermore, for example, today. with the highs in the low 70s, little change tomorrow. look at monday. warms to the upper 70s. low to mid-80s tuesday and wednesday. and the sharp cool down thursday. and just looks like the upper 60s by next friday. so temperatures will be, once again, from the low to mid-60s from the city to then peninsula.
6:51 am
67 san rafael and oakland. 70s, more sun in fremont. 70 napa. and tomorrow morning look for more clouds. looks like a great morning for the bay to breakers. the runners out there with temperatures about 55. 59 at 9:00 and sunny skies by the early afternoon. low to mid-60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast then featuring the cooler day today. more sun tomorrow. a little warmer. mid-70s inland and mid-70s around the bay. notice monday, tuesday and wednesday. pretty nice. we could use a bits of a warmup but a sharp cool down thursday and friday. i know you would love to be out there tomorrow, right, chris? >> i've gone back and forth about it. i signed up but part of me is like i don't know if i want to give up that early. >> you are still debating? >> it will be my first sunday off in three months. carolyn tyler comes back tomorrow. lisa, thank you. >> yeah, you may want to sleep in. >> we are all used to seeing the
6:52 am
labels that say made in china, but how about the ones saying made in san francisco? lofts things, made here and they are celebrated all weekend as part of sf-made week. >> a new shipment just arrived. >> this is our fabric warehouse. >> >> a new shipment just arrived. >> this is our fabric warehouse. we have fabric from all over the world. >> part of the cut loose clothing factory. on operation that makes and ships clothes all over the world. >> some years ago it would have been lucrative to go offshore, but china has become more expensive and san francisco more efficient. >> everything you make starts off-white? >> pretty much. >> nothing goes to waste. >> this is one of the most popular colors. we call is mesabi. >> cut loose isn't as unusual as you might think. by one estimate, there are some 650 businesses manufacturing in san francisco, employing as many as 5700 people.
6:53 am
>> you don't necessarily have a college degree, you aren't going to go work for a big tech company and it provides them to -- with with a steady job. >> that's the mission of sf-made, a nonprofit supporting the manufacturers. >> we have programs to find talented workers. and programs to help people. >> and space. perhaps the scarcest commodity. >> we looked for space for about 8 months. >> ed is not making clothes, he makes beer that he wouldn't make anywhere else. >> we love the heart and soul of san francisco. we love the water coming in to make our beer delicious. >> it's a perfect pairing for this. >> it's not the stuff you mind at ikea. >> they make furniture the old-fashioned way. >> the older equipment is sometimes much better than the newer equipment. >> you might not know it's here unless you stop in for a drink. >> it makes it work? >> it totally makes it work. >> in san francisco, jonathan
6:54 am
bloom, abc7 news. >> coming up next, how you can help the post office stamp out hunger with their annual food dr
6:55 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. to the women who know what real values are, wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. happening today, the largest one-day food drive in the nation, courtesy of the u.s. postal service. it's called the stamp out hunger national food drive every. every second saturday in may letter carriers collect food along with delivers letters and packages.
6:57 am
to donate place a box or can of nonperishable food next to your nail box before the letter carrier arrives. the food will be delivered to a food bank where it is available for needy families. lisa, final weather check. >> i have my bag. good morning. look at 60s and 70s later on this afternoon. it's cooler than average but partly cloudy skies, maybe patchy drizzle. 62 half moon bay, 55 san mateo, and the accuweather seven-day forecast, a little more sun tomorrow. not much temperature change. that comes monday with the warmup. tuesday and wednesday the warmest days of the week and then a cool-down by the end of the upcoming work week. nice weather for bay to breakers with 50s to start and some clouds tomorrow morning. >> we will take it. thank you, lisa. and thanks for joining us on the abc7 morning news. i'm chris nguyen alongside lisa argen. the news continues now on all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. as we stay good-bye for now, we leave you with a live look outside overlooking the city of san francisco from our sutro
6:58 am
tower camera. again, we will see you in about an hour. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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7:00 am
good morning, america. new overnight, whose voice is it anyway? did donald trump pretend to be his own spokesman boasting about his business claiming to fend off women including madonna in one epic brag fest from the 1990s? >> she called and wanted to go out with him, that i can tell you. >> was that a telltale giveaway? >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> that i can tell you. >> what trump is now saying about it, the tale of the tape this morning. skydiving scare. a terrifying crash all caught on camera. the plane diving into this field landing upside down. >> get off me. get off me. >> somebody's freaking out in the back of the plane screaming. >> the passengers sharing their stories right now. prom night fire.


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