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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  May 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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dog. she shared this video. severals no their neighborhood were attacked as well and stung. the bees are being blamed for the deaths of two dogs that were attacked by the aggressive swarm. a postal worker was also stung several times while she was on her delivery route. the beepkeeper says they're africanized and aggressive. >> these bees are also off the wall. we have been having africanized bees moving into california, from south america. >> i feel like my whole head was buzzing. they were all over my hair. had to get off my hair expand shake it off. they were covering my hair. >> beekeepers are using pheromones to calm the bees and a it's bee swarm season but this particular hive is aggressive. me plan is to wait until the sun goes down and it will be easier to round up the bees and get them out of there as soon as
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possible. in san jose, car crash started a fire in the brush off interstate 280. firefighters shut down the southbound offramp during the response. they have it mostly contained and will keep an eye out in the evening for flareups. the driver was not hurt. police in morgan hill are trying to fine a driver who hit someone in a wheelchair and then drove off. the department posed a picture from the crash scene, at 6:30 this morning at monterey road and tenant avenue. the driver may have been in a black suv. in santa cruz, this man is accused of attacking a woman with a golf club. police arrested landon horseman yesterday. they say the 28-year-old transient approached a woman sitting on a bench outside a coffee shop and hit her on he head and shoulder. the woman went to the hospital. investigators say the attack was random and unprovoked. >> tonight thousands of people are in san francisco getting ready for one of the world's most unique races.
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tomorrow bay-to-breaker returns for its 105th year. sergio quintana is live where the city is getting ready to control the near chaos. >> reporter: as runners and some of the other participants are gearing up for their cross-trek events tomorrow morning, the race organizers will begin setting up the course in about an hour or so. the race expo just closed for the afternoon and there were thousands of people who were here to pick up their bibs and racing shirts. bay-to-breakers may be the silliest running event in the country and also one of the oldest. crews have a lot of the behavior years ready to -- barriers ready to haul into place. they're shutting down howard between embarcadero and main street in an hour can so they can set up the starting line. the rest of the route will be set up overnight. this race brings out runners and revelers eave -- every year. >> people come from all over the country.
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it's a great course, nothing like running through san francisco. >> i did 2010 years ago -- didded two years ago and was living here and we had a blast. i thought, why not do it again. >> reporter: as usual runners are welcome to come in costumes. they can wear as much or as little as they want within legal constraints but they will not be able to bring any kind of backpack. after the bombing at the boston marathon just a few years ago, police officers and security workers will not allow backpacks on or near the course. now, there are about 40,000 participants who are registered for the race. the start time for the first group is 8:00 in the morning tomorrow morning. reporting live on the embarcadero. abc7 news. >> thank you very much. so, if you plan on wearing a costume to run in the race or less than full costume, let's check on the weather. >> eric, sunscreen is going to be so key tomorrow morning for all of those runners. that sun is going to be out
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early. right now, live look from the exploratorium camera showing the coastal clouds are making a comeback over san francisco, tomorrow morning, starting off no surprise, a lot of cloud cover. by 7:00 in the morning, cool temperature of 5 degrees. watch what happens. by 9:00 in the morning the sunshine is breaking out, and clouds will lift quickly, and by 11:00, almost total sunshine but very high uv index. you can burn in less than 15 minutes if you're skip is unprotected. enjoy the run. it's not going clear as quickly across the entire bay area. we'll point out the rest of sunday in the full accuweather forecast. >> see you then. repair crews worked hard to patch up a sinkhole a block from the race course. you can see the intersection of mission and new montgomery parked up. a 141-year-old sewer main broke
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causing traffic problems since tuesday. we'll stream live ariel just before the start of the race at 8:00 a.m. you can watch through the abc7 news app and enable push alerts to get race information as it happens. today the public got its first look at the newly expanded san francisco museum of modern or the. -- modern art. i doubled the museum's exhibition space. cornell bernard takes us inside for opening day. >> reporter: a shower of red biodegradable confetti rained down on howard street. signaling the grand re-opening of the san francisco moma. >> this is a real san francisco institution. >> three years of renovation and $3,035,000,000 worth of private donations later, the wraps finally came off the new miami and folks got the first look. >> what's the wow factor. >> the building. >> we're bigger but better. >> the deputy director says there's more room from the original museum built 21 years
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ago. >> we have tripled the amount of square footage dedicated to art in the building. >> the new collection is impressive. self floors house the private art collection of gap founders don and doris fisher. the lobby lad to be big enough for this sculpture by a local artist. >> its up usual. >> reminds me of being in mt. zion or something like that. >> the architect designed the moma to reflect the bay area wall of living green plants, a rippling exterior of white mindful of the fog rolling? the stairs, they recreate the hills of san francisco. there are plenty of them here. try to take them all in if you're feeling up to it. so when you walk through the building you'll see things that might remind you of the city you live in or you're visiting. >> kids under 18 can visit for free. "the new york times" calls this the new standard for museums. and they may be right. in san francisco, cornell
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bernard, abc7 news. >> to celebrate the museum presented two hours of free music outside this afternoon. abc7 news was at yerba buena gardens as thousands got down. >> still ahead, why lawmakers are going after one of the state's more secretive commissions that makes decision about kansas' coastlines. >> year ago he had 11 days left and we had no idea. >> facebook executive sheryl sandberg opens up about the loss of her husband in an emotional commencement speech when we return.
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state lawmakers want the coastal commission that makes decisions on shoreline development to be mow open. a new bill would ban members of the commission from meeting privately with lobbyists, environmentalists. supporters of the bill told "the los angeles times" the firing was an attempt to make the agency more friendly to developers. on thursday, the commission voted to support the bill. the family of an oakland man killed in a highway crash received a college degree in his honor today. this video is from lincoln university in missouri where the
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family of darrell blackman received an honorary degree in sociology this morning. in 2014 the football star was on his way home after working three jobs, when his car slammed into a guardrail on 101 in mill valley. the abc7 news i-team reported a flaw in the guardrail's design may have led to his death. >> facebook's sheryl sandberg delivered a powerful cal for gratitude shames the sudden death of her husband, dave goldberg-last year, made her appreciate life so much more. >> it is the greatest irony of my life, that losing my husband helped me find deeper gratitude. gratitude for the kindness of my friends, the love of my family, and the laughter of my children. >> sandberg is chief operating officer for facebook and urged new cal grads to be resilient,
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like she is trying to be, despite facing so many challenges. a california boy decided to take action when two classmates were diagnosed with cancer. up next at 6:00, how he is turning this sour situation into a sweet story. >> drew tuma is up we next with the forecasts. >> sharks in st. louis tomorrow, and blues last trip to the finals
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a six-year-old boy in vacaville is making a small but mighty effort to cure cancer. ethan guevara put up a lemonade stand in front of this school to raise money for two classmates going through chemotherapy. one class meat is a four-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer whose father is also undergoing cancer treatment. the other is a nine-year-old girl battling brain cancer. >> goes to help kid cancer.
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>> today's event included a raffle-face-painting and massages. >> let's find out about the warmup. >> been a couple of days of that may gray day. fog, afternoon sunshine. one more day tomorrow and then temperatures take off next week. live doppler 7hd, we are rain-free but certainly not cloud-free, and it is breezy out there. 25 miles-per-hour gusts at sfo reported the last hour. 26 in mountain view, 28 fair feed. santa rosa, gust of 22 miles-per-hour, and this wind is going to be with us once again on sunday and that's going to blow around the pollen so if you're an allergy suffer, you'll be sniffling and sneezing. we have coastal clouds moving in overnight and another cloudy start to sunday morning. right now, 62 in san francisco. 68 oakland, mountain view, 68.
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69, san jose, morgan hill, 71. in santa cruz, ample sunshine and folks wrapping up the beach day. the ocean water, 58. santa rosa, air temperature, 66. fairfield, 70. 66 concord. livermore, 69. tonight, as we move overnight, the clouds move in but it looks like the clouds are going to concentrate south of the golden gate so more cloud cover for the south bay, and future weather is picking up pops of green along the coast and south bay. so isolate drizzle likely but tomorrow you notice future weather showing you the north bay likely starting out with ample sunshine in the morning hours. we may by cloud-free of the golden gate but south we're socked in with the cloud cover and the chance of isolated drizzle. in the afternoon, everyone will see a good amount of sunshine, the north bay seeing the most
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sunshine for the second half of our weekend. highs on your sunday, starting in the south bay, afternoon sunshine, comfortable 72 in san jose, 71 cupertino. 66 san mateo. pacifica, afternoon sunshine, up to 61. downtown san francisco, after sunshine, 65. 60 for daly city. north bay tomorrow, 74, santa rosa. 70, san rafael. napa, 75. east bay tomorrow. 69 in oakland, seasonal. 70 union city. 67 richmond. inland, getting warmer, 78 pittsburg. 80, antioch, if you're heading to the coast, here's the beach forecast. start off with cloud cover but by the afternoon we'll have sunshine. a nice afternoon along the coast but the very high uv index means you have to put the sun screen on. and then tuesday, 90s inland, upper 70s, low 80s, and that continues as well so the heat is
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going to peak mid-week, try to say that five times fast. a breezy afternoon on sunday, bright sunshine on monday, turn much warmer on tuesday, hot in spots on wednesday. those temperatures drop off dramatically on thursday with cooler air pushing in, and then the cooler pattern prevails friday and sunday with limited sunshine. so temperatures up and down. >> what's going on here? >> use the whole closet this seek. >> 92 on wednesday, 68 on saturday? >> whiplash. >> thank you. >> you want something cool like hockey ice this week. >> that's right. the sharks are flying under the radar. to st. louis for game one of the western conference finals tomorrow night. both teams have lot to play for because neither have won a stanley cup. these teams are evenly matched. the blues had a regular better season record but have not been to the conference finals since 2001. sharks were 2-1 against st. louis with the road team winning all games. but that was the past and this
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is a brand new season. >> you throw regular season stuff out the window this time of year. it's a clean slate for everybody, and i think even from the last time we played, we're a different team. >> both teams are playing well, and like i said, playoffs are a whole different ball game, so i wouldn't read too much into the regular season record. we'll continue to touch up on what they'd like to do, and their tendencies but this is about how we play, not about how they play. >> warriors center andrew bogut salt out of practice with an upper thigh injury but the warriors hope to get him on the court tomorrow before game one against okc. steve kerr says asilly would start if bogut can't go. the teams met in september. fans remember the' game can winning shot in ot. the dubs were outrebounded by steve adams. draymond green was asked about
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the stat today. >> no clue. crazy. to think it was 63-33 and you win the game? that's not supposed to happen. so i don't care if you have five turnovers, rebounds, 30. you can't do that in this series, that's for sure. >> we need to keep it close. probably won't outrebound them but if we can keep it relatively close that will be in northerns. >> ways in tampa. -- a's in tampa. the bats win cold. 'oakland starter pitched 5-2/3, allowed four runs, the big hit in the third, brad miller, two-run shot. the grounder out of reach of chris coughlin.
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getting alonso swinging for the final out. first timeways have -- time a's have been shut out this season. giants in arizona and the d-backs. second batter, joe panic, out of the infield, 1-0. but d-back in the second. owing down the line. harmon scores from second. a 11:00 ball game. giants bats are swinging tonight. fourth inning, hunter pence, dig that out of the dirt. out of here. the two-run shot. right now the governor men lead 3 1-in the fourth. complete highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. >> the best field in golf teeing it up for the players. that china tpc sawgrass in north florida, known for the island green on 17 and it was a beet. jason day, with rory mcilroy chasing him as as he makes this little girl's day with the golf ball. day, 39, his lead was cut to one
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but battled back. the chip-in here to save par on 15. russell knox, tied for fifth at eight under until the par 3 17. he shanks his retee. now fifth shot, still from the tee. and that's a drop area. into the water for the third time. he moved to the drop area. finally on the green, 2-putts for a nine. finished 8 over, 80 on the day, jason dave with the 1 over 73, has a four streak lead going into sunday's final round. for those of white house play golf, -- for those of white house play golf it's nice to see pros struggle like we do. hate to see it go like that but kind of fun to watch. >> longest hole of his life. next at 6:00, a family devastated when their beloved dog runs off. turns out he wasn't saying goodbye to them but hello to his
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friends. where he ended up when we
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join us on kofy tv 20.
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a look at the effort in the east bay to work with business owners to stop a growing graffiti problem, and then a city on the peninsula trying a new tactic to educate teens on the dangers of drunk driving. a family in north carolina thought their five-year-old golden retriever had run away until the got news from doggy day care. riley broke free from the backyard and they thought he was gone for good. then the call came. he was with his buddies at darecare. he sneaked away and walked more than a mile from the backyard to his buds so they could all raise a beer together at daycare. >> cute. >> adorable. >> that's it force us at 6:00. see you later on at 9:00 and 11:00. have a good one.
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