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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, may 15th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. wet have low fog and clouds create being some issues of visibility. three quarters mile in santa rosa, mile and a quarter in petaluma. at the coast not bad. we do have also a nice start in san francisco. so looking at the clouds to sort
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of cling to the san mateo coast for the next couple of hours. then we will be looking at full sunshine. still that sea breeze intact. so it's going to be a rather gusty day at the coast. but check out mt. tam. a beautiful shot. 55 san francisco and half moon bay with 56 mountain view, 57 in morgan hill. and from this vantage point you can see not zoo bad in the city. we will talk about our warming trend coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. happening now, thousands of runners are getting ready to take part in the bay to breakers race in san francisco. it's the longest running annual footrace in the world. let's get right to abc7 news reporter cornell barnard who is live at the starting line. good morning, cornell. >> good morning to you, carolyn. welcome back, by the way. can you feel it? of the the energy certainly building out here for this year's bay to breakers race. lots of preparation going on at maine and howard. the official starting line. this is where up to 40,000
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runners, probably more, will line up for the world's most wacky race. this is video from last year's race, by the way. it's part footrace, part street party free for all. police say have fun but leave the booze at home. they will be cracking down. no floats or anything with wheels on it allowed on the track either. kevin carpenter said he would never miss it. >> it's a lot of fun. if you are a runner or walker or just out to have fun this, is the place to do it. >> get a little crazy too, right? >> it gets a little crazy. >> now, crazy is right. nudity is discouraged on the racecourse but every year will be tolerated by the city. if you are coming to the race this year to run, walk or take in the sights, leaf your car at home if you can. public transportation is your best bet on a day like this.
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we are live in strange, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> thank you, cornell. also no bags this year. and we will stream live aerials just before the start of the race at 8:00 a.m. you can watch it through the abc7 news app and enable push be alerts to get race information as it happens. workers are hoping africanized bees in a concord neighborhood will be gone later this morning. they are being blamed for the deaths of two dogs and attacks on several people. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> this is the man tasked with containing and removing all of these aggressive bees. they took over a honey beehive in his backyard. >> they were quite aggressive yesterday. i got stung, my wife got stung and my son got stung through his bee suit. >> his son is an amateur
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beekeeper, yesterday when he tried to collect honey, a swarm of bees that took over the hive escaped and attacked. the bees went to the neighbor's house. >> unfortunately, they were nice little dogs and they were killed by beestings. >> the dogs were killed. >> then the bees started stinging people in the street, including the mail carrier. >> she was shaking violently and said they are on me. >> they were soup he were aggressive. they were following us and going after us and banging on the windows. it was freaky, it was like a horror movie. >> this is cell phone video is a she took from her kitchen window. the bee association sent a member to investigate. >> this is the worst action i've heard of in our area. >> experts aren't sure how the africanized bees got here, but once they do it's only a matter of days before they can overtake and repopulate a honey beehive.
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>> did you get attacked from the bees? >> no. >> you didn't see them down there? >> no. they issued an alert, warning people to stay inside. in concord, abc7 news. >> developing news out of the south bay this morning. a man is recovering after his car went over an embankment off highway 9 in saratoga. it happened just after 1:00 this morning near heather heights road. when rescue crews arrived, that car was 150 feet over the cliff. the driver was trapped inside. no one else was in the car when it crashed. the driver has been taken to the hospital. his condition is not known. in the north bay chp officers rescued a one-year-old and a five-year-old girl from a burning car. these are pictures from the firefighters facebook page showing the fire on highway 101. it happened friday night. the children were not hurt. the press democrat reports their
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mother, laura jones, was speeding and refused to pull over for officers. they used spike strips to slow her down and sparks from the car rims then started that fire. the chf believes jones, the mother, was high on meth. in sacramento an armed man was arrested after are a tense standoff yesterday. he surrendered after officers had a house surrounded for nearly six hours. when officers arrived they say a man pointed a weapon and also threw a pipe bomb at them. fortunately no one was hurt. four people were inside the home. police believe they are friends of the suspect. it's unclear what set that man off. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a teenage girl near the el~cerrito bart station thursday night. the man shoved the girl to the ground and attacked her. she fought back. the man ran away on the green way toward the bart station. he's described as a hispanic man
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in his 30s. he might have scratch marks on his face and neck because the victim fought back. disturbing video has a bay area family accusing hayward police of using excessive force. our i-team recorded this video of what happened after a traffic stop. >> what are you doing? >> now this man's family is raising questions about how police should handle and restrain a suspect. it's a story you will see only on abc7 tonight at 11:00 after "quantico." >> with the nationwide debate with rights for transgender people, equal rights supporters gathered in the south bay yesterday, urging state lawmakers to take a stand. abc7 news was at san jose city hall for the rally organized by the group "transform california." members of calling on state leaders to sign a pledge
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opposing discrimination against transgender people. south bay congressman pledged his support. his 8-year-old granddaughter is transgender. >> it takes a lot of patience and love on our part to make sure they move through this journey in a way that's going to be positive so our young people don't have to go through this fear >> last week president obama directed school districts nationwide to allow transgender to use bathrooms that matches their gender identity, not their birth certificate. santa clara's mayor has this message for the 49ers. pay the city back. our media partner, the mercury news, reports the mayor lisa gilmore has ordered a $200,000 audit to find out what the team owes for police and firefighter staffing at levi's stadium. some costs were paid by the city's general fund. the 49ers have an agreement to
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cover safety and security costs at all nfl games and special events. this morning pg&e crews will begin work in castro valley above i-580 to make improvements to electric towers and powerlines. from 6:00 to 9:00 this morning workers will use helicopters to install a safety net above the freeway between crow canyon road and eden canyon road. two lanes in both directions of 580 will be closed between those exits. if you are driving that way, you should expect brief delays or plan to take a different route. lisa argen here now talking about -- what would you say, you call it moderate temperatures for today? >> yeah, a clear sky in the north bay. a little cooler there. but check out the trade off with the cooler conditions. you have the clear sky and a beautiful sunrise. sun up at 5:59. we will look for temperatures to respond away from the shoreline with warmer afternoon readings.
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this is just the beginning of a warming trend. i'll have all the details and look at some 90s coming to some neighborhoods next. >> and also next, go inside sfmu for a first look inhe side for the incredible transformation. >> you will be defined not just by what you achieved, but for how you survived. >> hear facebook executive cheryl sandberg's deeply
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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>> a newly proposed bill would ban members of the commission from meeting privately with lobbyists, developers and environmentalists. this legislation came after the committee quietly fired their executive director back in february. supporters of the bill told la times the firing was an attempt to make the agency more friendly to devil developers of the last thursday the commission vote today support the bill. >> my hope for you is that you will find that gratitude, not just on the easy days like today. but on the hard days when you will need it. >> that's facebook cheryl
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sandberg delivering a deeply moving commencement speech at yesterday's graduation ceremony at u.c. berkeley. sandberg spoke about the sudden-death of her husband just over a year ago. she urged graduates to show resilliance and gratitude, even in the most difficult times. in her speech she said her husband's death taught her to be more thankful of the simple things in life. the family of an oakland man killed in a crash has received a college degree in his honor. this video from lincoln university in missouri, where the family of darryl blackman, received an honorary degree in sociology yesterday morning. back in 2014 the football star was on his way home after working three jobs when his car slammed into a guardrail on highway 101 in mill valley. the abc news eye team reported a flaw in the guardrail's design may have led to his death.
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police in san bruno are keeping a close eye out for drunk drivers and educating teenagers at the same time. abc7 news was in one of the police cars for a special dui saturation patrol ride along last night. san bruno police have a program called "you deter" that allows students to sit shotgun and see how officers spot impaired drivers and what happens on a dui traffic stop. the program is designed to stop teens from driving drunk. it also helps inspire those who hope to join the force one day. >> i want to be, in the near future, a police officer myself, and i want to get a real feel of how this whole things work. having some experience knowing about all of this, and i can tell my friends and family members how it's just not safe to drive under the influence. >> for more information on the "you deter" program, head to our website
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>> after years of transformation thousands celebrate the the reopening of the museum of modern art. the architect designed the sfmoma to reflect the bay area. including a wall of living green plants and the exterior white walls to resemble the fog. visitors took it all in during the grand reopening. >> it's such an open space. it's very inviting. the floor to ceiling windows and the lighting. it looks a lot different. it used to be more close up. when you first enter the building, there's a lot more like. i kind of like it. it looks more welcoming. >> the new york times calls sfmoma the new standard for museums. and here's some more details on the new museum.
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it closed back in 2013 for the expansion. the project has tripled the amount of gallery space. the museum now features 33,000 works of art. the new sfmoma also fills 45,00c place, all free to see. no ticket required. we have an inside look at the new museum on the home page of our website just look for the red sfmoma image >> a big-name hollywood actress is set to star in a movie about one of san jose's biggest tourist attractions. it's helen muirin. she will play helen winchester, the millionaire mystery harris who built the house. filming is expected to begin at the home next year. today is the start of the
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first stage of the amgen tour of california. it's the 11th annual cycling race. the demanding 8-day course coveres hundreds of scenic miles throughout the state. cyclists start in san diego today and they will make their way up to santa rosa next saturday for the seventh stage. santa rosa will be the only bay area host city this year. the tour will also feature a four-day, four way women's race for the first time and that that's thursday, may 19th. and they will maybe just avoid that big bump-up in temperatures. >> i was just thinking that. you are paying attention. that's good. a sharp cool-down by the 19th on thursday. live doppler 7hd showing cloud cover and pockets. low clouds around the bay. the upper levels of the atmosphere have cooled, and that's why we are looking at pockets of clear sky in the north bay. also some patchy fog right at the surface. quarter mile visibility santa rosa with a mile and a third
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visibility petaluma. six miles at the coast. where we have the inversion we have the low clouds. from our sutro tower camera you see how it is patchy, but it's out there. we call it partly to mostly cloudy, 56 mountain view, 55 san francisco and half moon bay with 59 san jose. the clouds there. 57 morgan hill and oakland checking in at 567. here's emeryville. it should be a sunnier day today. the winds will be with us, that see breeze, it will be a little breezy around the bay but it will feel better than yesterday. 50 napa, novato. southwest wind 56 concord. livermore is at 57 degrees. so we will have the sea breeze today and it's going to back off a little bit each and every day. and we will continue to see the cooler temperatures at the shoreline. but a big warmup is in store. so numbers this morning with the holes in the overcast five to seven degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. with the cloud cover intact, the inversion, we are three to five
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degrees warmer in san jose. speaking of san jose, here's the cloud cover. a gray start for you. with the clouds this morning we will see temperatures cooler in the north bay and then sunny skies for everyone. the wind is kicking up in the afternoon 20 to 30 miles an hour. and the warmup getting underway really more significantly tomorrow. so today, starting out with partly to mostly cloudy skies 7:00. 57 degrees. then we are up to 06 with more sun. low to mid-60s throughout the afternoon. so it should be pretty nice in san francisco. so here is the fog forecast. it pretty much disappears. it will be out to sea, but we will get the sunshine locally. but down around monterey i think you will have the clouds there. so partial sun there. upper 60s santa cruz. sunny skies. should be sunny all up and down from bodega bay. from tuesday look at the dramatic jump in temperatures with 90s arriving in concord, upper 70s in oakland.
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still pleasant half moon bay. 73 san francisco and wednesday a slight cool down and things really get cool on thursday. 72 san jose. look at 69 in milpitas. peninsula numbers mid-and upper 60s. pretty nice day with the sea breeze. san francisco mid-60s. about 66 in the city and up in the north bay you will see a couple areas managing the mid-70s from sonoma to napa, santa rosa and the east bay shoreline. about 70 union city and castro valley. inland we have a couple numbers near 80 toward antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today away from the coast nice, warmer tomorrow and then some 90s inland. tuesday and wednesday, and cooler thursday. by friday and saturday, don't know if anyone is going to see the 70 mark with maybe some showers in the north bay. >> it's interesting, the sharp variations that we are going to have this week. >> yeah, we keep seeing some of the lows travel pretty far south so hopefully some rain with it.
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>> all right, thank you, lisa. up next, found in a field, the couple that hopes to get more than 100 love letters back to the family of a california couple.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
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♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> you could start seeing a lot less graffiti in oakland. abc7 news was in chinatown
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yesterday as more than 830 volunteers painted over what vandals left behind. it's part of a new program encouraging anyone who lives in oakland to adopt a building or a block and then make an effort to clean up the tagging year-round. business owners say graffiti is getting worse in the city. >> a six-year-old boy in vacaville is making a small, but mighty effort to cure cancer. ethan put up a lemonade stand in front. his school at nut tree plaza yesterday to raise money for two of his classmates who are going through chemotherapy. this is video of him getting ready on friday. one classmate is a four-year-old boy diagnosed with cancer last fall whose father is also undergoing cancer treatment. the other is a nine-year-old girl battling brain cancer. >> it goes to help kids. >> yesterday's event also included a raffle he, face painting and massages.
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>> would you ride on an overnight bus from san francisco to l.a. if you had your own bed? a stanford dropout recently started sleep bus. you crash in a private bunk while the bus drives overnight from san francisco to had had ross. you will get free wi-fi and all the coffee and tea you want. it picks up passengers from the caltrain station and drops you off at the santa monica pier, the price, $48. this morning an oregon couple is trying to find the -- solve a mystery of a pair of californian lovers separated more than half a century ago. they recently found more than 100 glove letters dating back to the 1940's in the middle of a field. after reading through some of them, they concluded they lived in san diego and they were separated because they were in the service. they are hoping to somehow get the letters back to their families. much more more ahead on the
6:27 am
sunday morning news. the coast guard is searching for a passenger who apparently fell off a cruise ship. why the search did not start until several hours after the woman disappeared. also a plane crashes during an airshow. what witnesses say happened moments before the aerial acrobatic stunt went wannwith sodastreamter? you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water
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san francisco. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is at the starting line at howard and main streets right now. how is it going, cornell? >> good morning. the energy is building for this year's bay to breakers race. there's lots of preparation going on. this is the official starting line. volunteers are showing up and so are a lot of runners. a few minutes ago we saw our first costume. we will meet him in a moment. up to 40,000 runners lining up to run the world's most wacky race. this is video from last year's race. it's part footrace, part street party, part free-for-all. police say have fun, but leave the booze at home. they will be cracking down this year. no floats or anything on wheels allowed either. brother-sister team, dave and mary are here. he's dressed as a killer clown. >> here to scare people, have a
6:32 am
good time, what's going on? >> came here to have a good time. came from virginia. we have a marine corps half-marathon in fredricksburg every year and i said this year we will come out to bay to breakers. >> i'm cracking up the whole way. >> dave plans to scare as many people as he can. that's what he told me. the race can be a bit crazy. nudity is discouraged but like every year will be tolerated by the city. if you are coming to run, walk or take in all of the sights, try to leave your car at home. public transportation is your best bet on a day like this. a lot of people here in the city for sure. live in san francisco this morning, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> cornell, there are also all the serious runners who run for serious cash. again, the race gets started at 8:00. a desperate search is on this morning for a mother missing at sea.
6:33 am
security video shows her falling overboard from a carnival cruise ship 200 miles after the texas -- off th texas coast. the coast guard was not contacted until after she disappeared. >> the coast guard scouring part of the gulf of mexico for this mother of four who went overboard from a cruise ship. the carnival liberty was heading from galveston to cozumel when they say samantha somehow fell into the water from the tenth story of the ship. officials explain her friends didn't realize she was missing until later that day and notified around vandagulec staff. as the crew searched, they also checked surveillance video, discovering her fall was caught on camera. soon after 5:00 friday evening, the coast guard said they were notified. a full 15 hours after she went overboard. >> because so much time passed,
6:34 am
it definitely makes it more difficult to find somebody and save them. >> cases like this are extremely rare. officials say in 2014 there was one overboard incident for every 1.2 million cruz passengers. carnival says as a save guard they are now testing alarm systems like this. [whistle] >> that sound when someone goes overboard. although the cruise line claims those systems have historically not been reliable. >> the coast guard said they will keep searching for broberg for as long as she could still be alive. her family says they are hopeful. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. a group of teenagers is talking about their brush with disaster after escaping from a burning limo on the way to the prom. the high school students from massachusetts smelled smoke in the wide stretched limousine friday night. ten teenagers and the driver escaped unharmed moments before the limo burst into flames. >> smoke started flying past the windows. smoke was everywhere.
6:35 am
we got out and backed away and two minutes later flames started flying. >> it was very scary. >> it's unclear what caused the fire. the group caught a ride to the prom in a passing trolley. >> a the hillary clinton campaign released a new online video taking aim at donald trump's refusal to release his tax returns. the video features a series of interviews with trump on several tv networks, including abc news. when asked by george stephanopoulos what his tax rate was, trump responded, it's none of your business. clinton has yet to release her 2015 tax returns either but notes other tax information is available on her website. trump says his returns are still being audited and will not be released until that is done. donald trump is working to win over gop leaders as the presumptive republican presidential nominee. today the chair of the
6:36 am
committee, along with the along with the committee chair will weigh in on "this week." i can watch those interviews on "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. a pilot is dead after his plane crashed while performing a stunt at an atlanta airshow yesterday. the pilot crashed while flying in tandem with another plane during an aerial acrobatic stunt. witnesses say that plane was doing a maneuver and was unable to pull out of a dive because of high winds. the faa and ntsb are investigating. it was the first accident in 30 years of that atlanta airshow. >> this afternoon on "beyond the headlines." cheryl jennings looks at how those with california connections are changing the world. you will meet the new young minister of agriculture in afghanistan who graduated from a bay area university. you will see the hard work
6:37 am
relief agencies are doing to help the syrian refugee crisis and hear from the israeli doctors on the front line rescuing children from refugee boats. join cheryl today at 4:30. still ahead, strength in numbers. warriors president rick weltz on why the warriors motto is much more than just a marketing campaign. here's a look from our mt. tam cam. we are in a warming trend. lisa argen will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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>> welcome back. 6:40 on this sunday morning, ma. my goodness, this is a live look from our sutro tower cam. everything, the bridge there just shrouded in fog. a mixed weather bag this week that could even include some rain. lisa will be along very shortly and she will have an accuweather forecast. the 2016 invictus games for injured military personnel finished up last week but not before one late addition to the schedule. a little fun for the 13 service
6:41 am
dogs who took part in a doggie paddle race alongside many. their owners. the invictus games posted this video to twitter with the caption a last-minute event. let's not forget the 113 service dogs who always provide huge support to their owners. >> that's cute. all right. good morning, everyone. we saw the foggy shot from the sutro tower camera, but check this out. just down the road, around the corner, the golden gate bridge, 355 degrees. nice and sunny. there is patchy fog around, but it's trying to evaporate. it will take a little bits of time. we will talk about the low visibility, the warmup,. winds and the cool down all in a few minutes. >> thank you. also ahead buster foesy coming through in the clutch as the giants try for their first four-game winning streak of the season.
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>> welcome back. 6:44. thanks for waking up and joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from the santa rosa camera. in the low 70s there. but up and down weather all week long. lisa will be along in just a few with a full accuweather forecast. >> in sports, the san jose sharks battle the st. louis
6:45 am
blues, and the puck drops at 5:00 in st. louis. this afternoon the giants will this afternoon the giants will try for a four-game sweep of the diamondbacks. matt cain will take the mound for san francisco. he's looking for his first win since last july. yesterday the giants beat arizona with some clutch hitting in the ninth inning. here's shu with all the highlights in this morning's sports >> good morning. well, the giants with their first four-game win streak of the year with a victory over the d-backs last night in arizona. jake peavy, one of his better outings, but he did not get the win. giants fans were everywhere and of all ages. fourth inning tied at 1. hunter pence nearly hits the dirt reaching for it, but digs it out and gets a two-run homer. sixth of the year. the 200th in his career. 3-1 giants. about jake peavy struck out five in six innings, allowing just three hits. his best outing of the year, but the bullpen couldn't hang on. d-backs tied it in the eighth. in the ninth two outs for buster.
6:46 am
clutch ground-rule double. joe panik and denard span got on base five times. giants hang on to win, 5-3. their third straight win over arizona. a's in tampa facing the rays. stomper gets blind-sided by the ray's mascot. cheap shot. after four home runs friday night, the bats went cold. the pitcher allowed two hits, struck out five. oakland starter, kendall, pitched 5 2/3 innings. the pitch and the first complete game shutout getting him swinging for the final out. first time the a's have been shutout this season. they are now 2-10 in the month of may. 6-0, your final. well, the best golf team gets out to the best round at the
6:47 am
player's championship as sawgrass in north florida. known for the island green on 17. jason day, the second-round leader. likes of rory mcelroy chasing him after he makes this little girl's day with a souvenir golf ball. two double bogies on the front for a 39. his lead gas cut to 1 but he battled back. save par on 15. and russell now tied for 8-under until the famed 17th. he shanked his retee. now his fifth shot still from the tee and not the drop area, finds the water for the third time. he finally moved to the drop area, gets on the green. two putts for a 9. fourth highest score on the 17th hole. he finished 8 over 80 on the day. jays day is up with the 73, 14-under, a four-stroke lead going into today's final round. and that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day >> well, i am reunited and it's feeling so good, lisa. >> it certainly is. we are glad to have you back. a lot of people have been saying
6:48 am
so. >> thank you. >> pretty good weather today. take a little nap after a busy morning. the sun will be out in san francisco. in fact, it's out in many areas of the bay area, but we also have some of that fog. of course, it depends where you are. here's doppler 7hd. with the holes in the overcast it's cooler but sunnier in spots. of the visibility an issue as the cloud deck lowers. a mile and three quarters in napa. a quarter mile in santa rosa. at the coast it's 5 miles. and elsewhere really not much of antic issue. this is emeryville. it's pretty sunny out here. you see some of the low clouds in the distance. temperatures this morning in the 50s from half moon bay to san francisco. upper 50s from mountain view, san jose. oakland 57. morgan hill same deal. as we look at the exploratorium camera, it looks nice and sunny here but there is fog out there. 49 santa rosa, 50 in novato. good morning fairfield, 53 for you. 57 for concord and livermore.
6:49 am
so 24 hour temperature change where with he didn't have that blanket of low clouds we are looking cooler. 3 to 7 degrees cooler in the north bay, but that insulation kept us warmer in san jose and livermore. half moon bay, though, the winds are going to kick up. but you still have some sunshine. 51 minute delays at sfo due to the low cloud deck. it's trying to break up on the peninsula. patchy low clouds this morning. sunny skies, a breezy coast. and warmer days from tomorrow. significantly warmer into wednesday. so with the temperatures coming up, we are still going to have the sea breeze. it should be nice, but not too warm with low to mid-60s in the afternoon. and we will be looking at this to really evaporate everywhere. except if you go a little bit further down around monterey, we will still have some clouds there. santa cruz will be nice and sunny. numbers in the 60s with some low clouds along the central coast. low 80s for chico, sacramento and fresno with upper 60s in
6:50 am
the northern sierra. pretty windy in southern california around san diego. upper 60s there. we will be looking at temperatures then around the bay today ranging from just 60 at the coast. but we will get that sun half moon bay. it will be breezy from point reyes to bodega bay. stinson beach maybe upper 60s. numbers generally where they should be for this time. year from the mid-60s san francisco, low 70s. it should be about 74, 75 in san jose. santa rosa 74. 78 out by the delta. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, then, we are looking at numbers a little bit warmer today. then we will look at the shoreline. still have the sea breeze each and every day. sustained in the 60s there. a modest warmup. mid-and upper 70s around the bay. looks like we could see a few 90s out toward the inland valleys tuesday. holding on to the warm trend on wednesday. then it cools off quickly on thursday. a few more 70s.
6:51 am
then we are going below average friday and saturday. a pretty strong area of low pressure will sweep down from the pacific northwest and that could bring us rain in the north bay friday into saturday. so wouldn't that be nice. we will have to wait and see. >> that would really be something, if it happens. thank you, lisa. >> the warriors are playing game one of the western conference finals tomorrow night at oracle arena. abc7 news reporter laura anthony has an insider's look you will see only on abc7 news. >> he's open! >> it's hard to remember now, but it wasn't always this fun being a warriors fan. that's not to say warriors fans of the past didn't believe in their team. but the team didn't always reward them the way they do now. >> for the first time since the finals -- >> enter steve kerr.
6:52 am
and the term strength in numbers. and it's not just the marketing campaign, but a way of life for the organization, according to team president rick weltz. >> i think that's why it resonates with people because it references the real core of what this team is all about. i think people can see by the way the team plays, by the way the players interact with each other, that there is a real caring amongst this group. >> warriors fans are clearly all in. >> strength in numbers to me means the more you have, the stronger you are. >> it means that you play with your team and together you can make your team win something. >> but with a planned move from oakland, san francisco, does he worry that strength in numbers won't survive the trip across the bay to an arena not nicknamed roaracle. >> i think it's the people there, not the four walls of the building that create the atmosphere. >> laura anthony, abc7 news.
6:53 am
>>the warriors will face the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals. the first two games are at oracle arena. game one is tomorrow at 6:00. game two is wednesday, also at 6:00 p.m. then the series then shifts to oklahoma city for games three and four. next sunday and the following tuesday. we want to see your fan photos and video when you post them to social media. just use the #dubson7. then we can find them and feature them. up next, a piece of history going up for auction. how much the opening bid will be
6:54 am
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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this bright yellow, uniquely-shaped guitar used by prince to perform songs such as "cream" and "get off" is going up for auction. heritage auctions is selling his yellow cloud electric guitar next month in beverly hills. the opening bid $30,000. it's one of several custom guitars prince used in the '80s and 'the 90s. other a items auctioned are record sale awards and an original demo tape. prince died last month in his paisley park recording complex in minnesota. he was 57 years old. let's get a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> sun around the bay right now. partly cloudy and also some
6:57 am
delays at sfo up to 50 minutes. it will be in the 60s later on today along the coast with the breezy winds. 71 fremont. upper 70s arriving by the delta. 76 concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a bit of a warmup today in cost. mid-70s around the bay. the warmest days look to be tuesday and wednesday. even the coast gets a bit of a bump, but we never lose that sea breeze. a big cool-down on thursday. could see some north bay showers by friday. >> that would be something. thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. abc7 news will have complete bay to breakers coverage this morning. we will stream live aerials just before the start of the race at 8:00. you can watch it through the abc7 news app and enable push alerts to get race information as it happens. we will see you again at 9:00 a.m.
6:58 am
"good morning america" is up next. dude, dude, dude. this is bad. i think we're stuck. we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. i don't like this elevator. (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles
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. good morning, america. breaking overnight -- deadly bus crash. the tragedy in texas. the driver losing control in a highway rollover. >> people become projectiles. they're hitting hard metal at high speeds. >> eight people killed, dozens more injured. no other vehicles involved. so, what caused this fatal accident? hillary's new line of attack. team clinton taking aim at donald trump this morning for refusing to release his tax returns. the new negative ad. >> maybe if i decide to run for office, i'll produce my tax returns. absolutely. i can't do it until the audit is finished . >> as trump takes more heat over claims he pretended to be his own publicist, what the woman who was on the other end of the call -- >> you think it shows he's a liar? >> -- is saying this morning. air show accident. a plan


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