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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  May 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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lilian kim is live in put birth with -- pittsburg with more. >> reporter: pittsburg has dozens of cameras in the city so city leaders believe adding them on highway 4 only makes sense. >> johnson was pregnant with her five chilled when she was shot and killed in a car. davis was stuck on the freeway when it happened. >> it veered everybody to get off the freeway. we were stuck for a great while. knew somebody was dead but we didn't notice was senseless shooting. >> reporter: witness says the car was shot repeatedly by someone in a white mercedes, vague description but with cameras the hope is police can gary more information. >> somebody says we saw a car that but doesn't tell us much but the bottom line is if we have a cam that gives us a visualization of what happened when you see the car, we can see the action. >> pittsburg residents say that
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makes perfect sense to them. >> it should. get license plates, facial features and things of that type. i'm for it. 100%. >> reporter: the plan is to put two cam ares on the city's freeway, and the same type of cameras the city has, 80 total. providing 360-degree views and can zoom up to a city block. costs the taxpayers $100,000. >> need more cameras everywhere so they can catch these people because it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: the council votes on monday. >> the 15th run of the bay testifies breakers race had thousands rung across san francisco, san nation workers e -- sanitation workers picked up the trash. this was the mess that fell on baker street. city works got right to washing and said the door didn't seem as bad and neighbors agreed.
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>> a whole different vibe, but it's bad but not as bad as it's been. >> many neighbors living on the route said there were more police bust rowdy and drunken partiers, cornell bernard was there. >> reporter: sky 7hd captures the start of the world's most unusual foot race. 40,000 runners taking on the streets of san francisco. up and over the grueling hays street hill and out to ocean beach. >> an amazing race. >> reporter: isaac mukundi from grand prairie, texas, was the first to cross the finish line. >> tell me the toughest part of the race. >> the toughest part, is two miles to finishing. that is the toughest part. >> for others just finishing the race was tough, especially when you're running with a 28-pound basketball hoop. steph curry would be proud. >> i'm a warriors fan and go to a few games a year, and i thought this would be kind of fitting for curry being the mvp
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again. >> these folks gave a shout out to broccoli and kale. >> we're vote-both vegan. >> donald and hullry proved they're in the tying race. >> how was they race. >> donald approves 0 of othe bay-to-breakers. >> i have no comment. >> later the race became a street party, alcohol not allowed. well saw police officers taking beer from people and pouring it out. this neighbor believes the crowd is less rowdy this year. >> very nice crowd. very well-behaved crowd. just people having fun. report not all neighbors agreed worry, we see people come through, drunk, fighting, falling all over the place. >> reporter: police will be heren in the race and street party wraps up in san francisco, abc7 news. >> sky 7hd was over the race as the winners crossed the finish
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line. isaac mukundi was the fastes name at time of 35 account 23. the fastest woman, also grew up in kenya, she is caroline chepkoech of boulder, colorado. her time was 40:36. well, there's some hot weather on the way this week but a cooldown, too. right now, you can see the clearer skies, just a little haze before our golden gate bridge cam. for more, check in with meteorologist drew tuma and live doppler 7hd. >> you can see today it was tons of sunshine out there, perfect for the runners. right now you look at the 24 hour temperature change. a bit of a sea breeze kicking in right now, and that's dropping temperatures along the coast and san francisco and half moon bay but still rather warm away from the ocean. concord and antioch, four to six degrees warmer than yesterday. we are warming up across the region. a live look outside, rooftop camera here at kgo showing
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nothing but baby blue skies. tonight, as the sun goes down, 8:13, comfortable, coastal clouds developing by 11:00. temperatures in the 50s, but a dramatic drop before we see some rain. we'll talk about the numbers in the accuweather forecast coming up. >> we are getting first look at a woman accused in a shooting. dawn iverson was arrested and jailed for assault with a deadly weapon. police say she shot a man who had been fighting with her fiancee yesterday at the la la manor apartment. the shooting victim was treated at the hospital and is in stable condition. >> police at rohnert park are trying to find a guy who trade to rob a car wash with an empty bag of potato ships. the man put the chip bag on at the counter and told the cashier to fill it with cash. he said there was a gun in the
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bag but the clerk didn't see one. new details on the swarm of aggressive brees in a concord enabled. police say most of them have been killed and it's now safe for residents to go outside. the bees killed two dogs and stung several people along hitchcock road. police say only a few remain in the area. the problem was first reported friday when an amateur beekeeper weapon to check on his backyard hives and those aggressive bees attacked him. still ahead at 6:00, google faces a possible record fine in the case that's dramatic odd on for -- dragged on for years. >> that's new hope for george lucas' pop art museum to be built here in the bay area. >> mass looks at sci-fi science that can help astronauts explore the solar system.
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google could face a record fine in europe for an antitrust case that's dragged on for six years. the european union accuses google of promoting its own shopping services at the cost of others. the sunday telegraph reported that eu is expected to announce a $3.4 billion fine next month. three times larger than the record fine on intel in 2009. george lucas is looking at san francisco for his pop art museum. lucas and ed lee met and talk about the west side of treasure island. lucas ran into problems trying to build at crissy field. and he will consider los angeles. mayor lee plans to right lucas a personalized letter pitching the plan this week. deep sleep has been a popular sci-fi concept that helped travels in deep space. now nasa has funded a project on
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deep sleep and researching an astronaut chamber that could be used for long pace travel. mass so s hopes they can travel to mars or saturn easier. a popular even is back with changes. up next at 6:00, what is new at the jack london square farmers market. >> warriors and thunder tip of tournament in game one. and nascar finding ways to wreck their sport this week in dover and what a finishing we head. sports
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after a two-week break the farmers market is back in the east bay under a new organizer. we were at jack london square in oakland for the first farmers market run by the center for urban education about sustainable agriculture. customers can now connect directly with farmers and people selling specialty foods. we found people grabbing lunch this afternoon, some buying food
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for dogs and families. >> people get to go out and enjoy the environment, different people, quality food, and of course, when they come to our booth they get delicious kettle corn. >> the farmers market is free every sunday from 9:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. so, it was a great sunday to get out and run the bay-to-breakers or go to farmers market. >> anything outside today. it was a fantastic finish to the weekend, nothing but sunshine. a lot of sunshine headed our way the first half of the extended forecast. live doppler 7hd, what you're searing right now, not a whole lot of anything. we of precipitation-free, and we are cloud-free. we do have an active wind right now, especially along the coast. sfo, 37 miles-per-hour. 23 at san carlos, and as the sun goes down the wind will ease, and not as breezy tomorrow. outside on this sunday evening, notice the camera bouncing with the winds gusting over
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30 miles-per-hour. we're soaked in sunshine over san francisco. currently 61. oakland, 67. 68, mountain view. 70 morgan hill. we'll take you across the bay, a little bit of a milky sky off the coast with some high clouds and the clouds are going to rebuild along the coast and push inland overnight tonight. we're at 77 in santa rosa. 74 in fairfield. concord, 7 2. livermore, a temperature of 68. overnight tonight, we'll kind of split the bay area in half in terms of sky cover elm north bay, clear skies, but south of the golden gate and the south bay along the peninsula, we'll have overcast skies. upper 40s for monday but do not worry. this marine layer is very small, meaning the clouds will burn off quickly, by 9:00. not but sunshine and by the afternoon the sunshine will warm us up above normal.
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tomorrow, 77 cupertino. peninsula, 77 san mateo. downtown san francisco, a mild 76. 62 daly city. north bay, 80 in cloverdale, warm 81 in santa rosa. 78 in petaluma. 79 vallejo. 82 in napa. 74 in oakland, 75 union city. 72 in hercules, inland, eights in. 85 in brentwood, 82 pittsburg, 80 in walnut creek and 79 the high in livermore. you're itching, eyes red, you're sneezing. the main reason, glass pollen and that's going to continue the next three to four days. tuesday, those temperatures are going to quickly take off. look inland, back into the 90s, even around the bay. it's warm. in the upper 70s to lower 80s. cooling begins on wednesday
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along the coast, warm inland. 90s in some spots. but on thursday, a nice sea breeze will kick in and temperatures drop across the entire region, setting the stage for light showers on friday. here's the accuweather forecast. tomorrow warming up. it's sunny and hot tuesday and wednesday. then temperatures dramatically drop on thursday. we're much cooler ahead of the cleanse of a slight shower on friday and the best bet in the north bay, otherwise saturday and sunday, a mixture of sunshine and clouds and temperatures above normal. going up and down. >> can't you make up your mind? >> i'm trying. mother nature is confused. >> thank you. >> why don't we start with baseball, but we got a lot of stuff. >> the month of bay has been one for the a's, last night they were shut now tampa for the firearm automatic season the last team in majors to get shutout. today they got a boost from one
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player. danny valencia, who had a career day. top one, making sure the a's aren't going to get shut out. his first home run off matt moore. 1-0 a's. top five, valencia with a man on and that one is gone. second of the game. two-run shot. the a's still trail 5-4, top nine, a's down with man on. guess who. valencia again, first ever three-homer game. now has five. a's win 7-6 and are hosting texas tomorrow. giants trying to sweep in the snakes in the desert. cueto hoping the bubble doesn't burst. posey with the line drive. 1-0 giants. now in the ninth. brandon crawford singles to right, pence trying to score from second play. at the plate. and it's not in time. giants 2-1. bottom nine, um buyer's originally ruled the double-play was no good and arizona tied it up, but after review they got it
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right. giants take it 2-1. their fifth straight win. the sharks and the western conference finals for the first time since 2011. facing the st. louis blues. game one tonight. lost the puck in his shorts and eventually found its. first period, st. louis on the power play. baca, first goal of the game. 34 seconds later, joe pavelski for a tie and his tenth goal of the playoffs. a new sharks playoff record. after one we're tied at 1. second period just underway. >> warriors getting in their final practice withtheir western conference finals tomorrow against okc. andrew bogut did practice but they didn't scrimmage so he is questionable for monday night's game. steph curry said today his knee has not improved much the past week but now it's about pain tolerance the rest of the post season. an interesting chess game of matchups. >> i think that will be a theme in this series, the pace.
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they like to play fast, too. it will be interesting to see the different matchups, different lineups both teams throw out there. >> each guy is individual. does everything different. and some do something really well. >> that's going to be fun. they can go big. we can play small. going to be interesting. >> we're ready to get out there and compete. >> today an abc7 7. heat and raptors. wades dwayne wade, had 16, kept miami in it for a while but kyle lowery, game my 35, toronto pulls away before the half. and lowery hiding byambo. for the slam. raptors advance to their first ever eastern conference finals with a victory. that series starts tuesday in cleveland. find round of the players championship. kevin chappell on 11 for eagle. first time he has had three ago
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is and think ken du, shot a 65 yesterday, and here on 1, finds the green, fan favorite now. tied for third. nobody could catch jason day. first wire-to-wire winner in 16 years, the number one player in the world has a bogie-free back nine. nascar, 46 laps to go jimmie johnson has a transition problem. can't accelerate. causes a huge wreck, 18 cars. had to completely stop the race to clean everything up. final lap, kyle larson, 42, can't get around matt kenseth who gets his first win in 17 starts. this sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware, and a shoutout to the girl scott troop 32132 out of montana. they're in the house today and after we get all of our cookies. why does steph curry like girl scout cookies? because he can dunk them.
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join us on kofy tv 20. pricey protection for berkeley administrator. the pricey cost of this fence outside the home. four different hairward -- hayward police body cameras show a traffic stop. a bay area family is blaming position for the death of their loved one. the warriors get back to it tomorrow facing the oklahoma city thunder in the western conference finals. game one tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. at oracle arena. game two on wednesday, also in oakland, and then the series will shift to oklahoma city for games three and four. next sunday and the following tuesday. the summer movie season will kick into high gear with the releases 0x-men, angry birds and
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alice of wonderland movies. now captain america is holding firm at the box office. the comic book movie is now closing in on a billion dollars worldwide. captain america civil war earned 72 million in north america. the eight biggest second weekend total of all-time. jungle book earned nearly 18 million. george clooney and julie robert money monster was third. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00, in are and for updates, download or abc7 news news app and enable push alerts for immediate notifications. have a great evening. see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, a weekend getaway that will leave you feeling lucky. >> they all lined up, and it was $8.4 million. >> then kate beckinsale talks about her newest role. >> don't ask me to play a musical instrument or play football or anything. i'm horrible at it. but i'm all right at learning lines. >> plus, we're getting the party started with a fun and fancy balloon project. look at that. >> bouquet of flowers. >> how can that not cheer you up, right? >> yeah. >> and we're heading to morgan hill for a fun family event. >> we have an emphasis on arts and crafts, and we're very kid- and family-oriented. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪


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