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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  May 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a glad you be awake. i am reggie aqui. >> we start off with weather and traffic. mike, it is remaining up? >> yes, even the coast will see warming compared to over the weekend. here is a look at live doppler hd, we are partly cloudy inland to mostly cloudy to the pay and the coast. from the some are storm camera at pier 15 the embarcardero center a couple of games. we will have the forecast for that. we focus on the 12-hour day manner, 45 to 55 and the sun is. coming out quickly. 58 at the coast and 76 inland. above average. this evening you will need a light jacket and 58 at the coast to 72 inland. sue? >> yes, we will look at walnut creek, southbound 6 craig, the headlights or take lights headed in the southbound direction, and
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headlights in the northbound direction to 24 to the dublin/pleasanton area. 680 is looking great. 580 is looking great through dublin/pleasanton from highway 4 to highway 24 you are looking at seven minutes. not bad. green is good. a little bit of slowing up and over the altamont pass. unfortunately the commuters are used to that. we have a ramp closure nor a few more minutes. northbound 880, the research to westbound 92 due to road work and eastbound and westbound road work, westbound should be cleared on the bay bridge eastbound is out this, three lanes, until 6:00 this morning. that car with the three tires, three whiles, did not know what happened to the tire but the car is off to treasure island off-ramp. it is not involved. hopefully they will get that fixed and back with a look at the south bay drive in a few minutes. >> police are having what a deadly shotting and a car trash were connected.
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they happened on east 14th street at 7:30 last night near the san leandro hospital. a man would shot and killed outside the senior community center. there was a private even. before police arid there was a car crash at the intersection in front of the center. the street is closed between 136th and 139th until 10:00 a.m. during the investigation. >> could new cameras on highway 4 prevent more freeway shootings? the pittsburg city council will vote whether to move forward on installing. >> a mother was killed while drive on the highway on wednesday the third deadly shooting in 11 months shot by someone in a white mercedes, a vague description. with cameras they hope the police can collect more information. >> one said "we saw a car," but that does not tell us much. the bottom line, if we have
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cameras, that gives a visual of what happened. you can see the car or the action. haw is a good idea. they need more cameras to catch the people because it is ridiculous. >> the proposal is to put two cameras on city property along the freeway the same time of cameras that pittsburg isizing around the city. the cost to taxpayer is $100,000. asan mateo city council will consider extending the contract today with the company that operates the red light cameras. the vote after the city refunded fines to a thousand drivers because signature thats were turning from yellow to red too fast and half a second too fast and that is what the state requires of the city is trying to determine in the increase in tickets actually improved safety or generated revenue. >> from the north by a four year old boy accidentally drown in rohnert park over the weekend. the child was found at the bottom of the swimming pool near
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country club drive. the boy was swimming with his parents and other family members and it is believed he was using a kick board and slipped and went underwar unnoticed. several americans afterred before hes fund and he died at the hospital. >> the family of a man stabbed to death in san francisco is calling for witnesses to speak with police. the family and friends held a vigil yesterday at the bus stop where he was attacked and killed in april. >> we want justice. we want justice for my brother. >> my brother did not deserve this. whoever does this is a could you war the you do not stab someone in the neck and think you will walk the streets and not be in trouble. >> police have no motive or suspect. >> a man is alive and doing fine pause of rescue crews would scaled 150' down a cliff to pull him from the car. it want down the embankment in saratoga yesterday morning.
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paramedics took driver to the hospital. there is no word on the cause. >> the regional medical center of san jose is organizing a mass casualty drill. agencies across the area are participating to stimulate the real life situations they could find themselves in. today, the training starts at 10:00 a.m. at the medical center campus on jackson avenue. a7' tall steel fence is protecting the home of the chancellor of the university, with a price tag of $700,000. the 15 was originally budgeted for $200,000. add-ons throw the price we up. the fence includes heavy daughter driveway gates along with security cameras. the chancellor's home has been the scene of nine routes roasts and the fence is expected to save about $200,000 a year in reduced security costs. >> the race for the white house. presumptive nominee donald trump is pushing become against a "new york times" article details the
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way he allegedly treats women. at the same time, president obama is targeting donald trump with sharp words. we are in washington, dc, with more. >> president obama during the dress at rutgers made it clear he is not going to be sit on the sidelines this summer while donald trump was at a ceremony himself. donald trump at the university of pennsylvania attending his daughter's graduation play the role of father as he is facing attacks for his life as an alleged lay boy. the "new york times" reports detailing unwelcomed rome machine tick advances unsetting workplace conduct and unending commentary on the female form. >> donald trump is pushing back at "new york times" calling it a lame hit piece. at the same time, the president is taking swipes at him, speaking to the graduating class at rutgers. >> it is not cool to not know what you are talking about. >> hillary clinton in kentucky has her happens full attacking bernie sanders for his vote against the auto bailout while
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striking trump on foreign policy. >> what you hear from donald trump is not just offensive it is dangerous. >> hillary clinton makes the case against donald trump in kentucky and bernie sanders is in puerto rico. >> video news in san jose: a car repair help is in ruins after a large fire ripped through it and an apartment builting was evacuated and power lanes urn bad. our reporter is at scene will matt? >> yes, good morning, natasha i spoke with firefighters and they say they have a few issues. one is to make sure that anyone goes inside the building. though want to make sure nothing sparks up inside the building to get the fire going again. three, the pole is not secure and it could also come down. what a fire it was: check out this video from the viewer would shared it on twitter, the flames
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were huge after a car caught fire while mechanics remain work, on it. two apartment buildings were evacuated next door but the firefighters condition it from catching fire. no one was hurt. pg&e got the power bag on in the area after midnight. this morning, the street down to one lane and firefighters have been called to get a fence up around the shop to make sure no one goes in there because it one goes in there because it could collapse. low-to-mid 50s and west postal is 51. ferry building is warmest at 55 and downtown, 53 and shower. san leandro is 58. 50 in petaluma. same in palo alto and 54. the temperature profile for san
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francisco, the average high is 6, and we are going to be 67 from 1:00 to 3:00 topping out at 70 today. the activity planner, sailing or kite surfing is going to be great and breezy, and good strong sunshine for jogging so you need the sunshine and walking the dog is mild to warm. when we do not see the marine layer it will be warmer-than-average at 70 to 80s and warmer tomorrow, but cooling begins on wednesday and the weekend could be up to 20 degrees cooler with the forecast next. sue? >> in san jose, headlights on the scene in the northbound direction of 101, and this is the 880 overcrossing here, and traffic is moving nicely at the limit, as you make your way from san jose north. friend is good. everyone is at limit here. so far, a couple of problem spots concord westbound 4 after 242, c.h.p. reporting an citizen in the slow lane.
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sensors are grown so not much slowing but we will keep our eye on this. 680 is good through walnut creek . >> and look look at the haul >> and look look at the haul from a cocaine bust
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los altos, petaluma, antioch bay. all the sharks dropped game one of the finals. san jose fell behind 2-1. the sharks peppered the net with 25 shots in the final two periods but could not score and they lost 2-1. tomorrow game two at 5:00 p.m. in st. louis. >> a suspicious device was a training device left from a recent exercise. it was found on saturday and the stadium was evacuation bitted the match was past pointed, police were called with the bomb unit. the training device was accidentally left by a private company after an exercise involving explosive search dogs. >> this video of a road rage brawl in texas is beginning
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viral -- is going viral. starting with an argument on saturday a driver was upset the other was speeding and nearly hit his car. one of passengers threw something at the other passenger and then, see how it escalated. a man is punching a woman. >> after the fight, the truck driver backed into the car and sped away. >> whoa the ought car took off, and police are trying to track down all of people involved. >> wow. authorities in colombia seized eight tons of cocaine in the country's largest interception. ever. they found the drugs snowed an underground hole in a banana farm in the caribbean town. 369 bags belonged to the largest cocaine trafficking organization. officers arrested three people. police say the drugs were ready to be sent to central america pound for the united states. >> families working on a public memorial service for prince and it will take place in august. last fit there was a private memorial at the kingdom hall in
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minnesota where prince worshiped none as brother nelson. hundreds attended the invitation only service. his ex wives host add star-studded memorial on wednesday in los angeles. prince was found dead april 21. >> check out the giant hole at a plant in washington, dc, officials say a strong wind plate could be to blame for the crashing of the wall that snapped a utility pole and dragged down street signs. no one was inside but i had no idea the blast could do something like that. >> microburt, or poor construction. >> those are old, old buildings. >> steel and concrete, interesting in there was no thunderstorm. we do not know it would be interesting to find out. >> we have wind to talk about and we will look at it, from live doppler hd, fog is 14, and half moon bay is ten and fairfield is 15 and those will pick up along the bay shoreline
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as we head into the afternoon hours at 15-25 miles per hour and clouds at sfo and could be flight arrival delays and we will know in 40 minutes or so. wall sunshine today and tomorrow and cooler on thursday but it will be a dry transition and breezy on thursday and friday and temperatures 20 degree cooler at the weekend with a night warming trend today and tomorrow and wednesday. the cloud deck because it is broken by 10:00 a.m., most of us are sunny and at the sunshine will break out. from 76 in milpitas to 80 in morgan ill and san jose and leg at 79, and 68 in mill braille -- millbrae, and 64 in pacifica is the range on the coast. and 70 in downtown san francisco followed by 69 in south san francisco, and sausalito is 70, and 78-82 through the north by valley, and long the east bay
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shore, hercules and richmond at 72, and oakland and san leandro and newark at 74 and inland it will be mild to warm, mild in san ramon at 79 and 80 do 8 pa for the rest of us. tonight, clouds and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. 90s inland, tomorrow and wednesday, and flirting with 70 at the cost tomorrow, but, original, 50s and 60s friday through the weekend. sue? >> in the commute take you from novato, highway 37, toward san rafael and to southern marin you are look at a great drive at 25 minutes from highway 37 interest san francisco and this is 101 before lincoln, before the specific center, and beyond the north gate mall it and looking great on the golden gate bridge and fog free with four lanes southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound direction because of the zipper truck, the barrier mover and we see slow traffic from tracy and it is common. we have an accident in concord,
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westbound 4, after 242 blocking the slow lane, and in your travels take you from antioch to pittsburg and bay point it is 15 minutes. not bad. we will come back and check on this with mass transit options for you on monday morning. >> you could see more people bike on the peninsula, san mateo is lawing its own bicycle share program and you can see the mayor is lying a new bicycle that now is available at 11 stations, with wireless technology so you can park them at any regular bicycle rack. you can reserve a bicycle using the mole app starting at $5 an hour or a monthly plan for $15. >> farmer's market is become in operation under a new agoer in the east bay at jack london store for the first farmer's market run, and now can death directly with farmers. we found a lot of people
5:19 am
grabbing lunch yesterday. >> people go out and enjoy the environment, different people, quality food, and when they come to our booth they get delicious kettle corn. all the farmer's market is free each sunday in 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. apple is trying to figure out why itune users are see the music disappear from their accounts. >> there is frustration among itune users, with apple working on a fix after some say the music was deleted from the accounts without their permission. >> the company has not identified the problem but is welcoming on an update for release. >> am doll will release new lines of private label including the first major push into perishable fad including notes, and babied if and coffee, and in addition to diapers and laundry detergent and other household
5:20 am
items. if you are a big simpson fan you will love the new generator that lets users search for 15 seasons of the hit she for specific quotes and you can town the get interest into animation. >> you could be seeing mario on the big screen, job nose video maker is looking to move spot film industry with details not concerned but it could be theater or dvd. it could be 3-d animation but it will not be a fill -- full film studio. >> san francisco bay trail is longer this morning. a new 2.5 mile segment opened at the edge of the wetlands in sonoma giving visitors a look at the growth of a marsh. conservation breached a levy
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allowing the tides to return to the area. the bay trail will proceed to 500 mile -- will grow do 500 miles around the san francisco bay. >> police in the north by are on the look out for a robber and what made the hold up unusual. >> i did not know in they could help him. >> a dog jumped into action to >> a dog jumped into action to save
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5:24 am
the investigation. >> san jose firefighters are watching hot spots after a fire ripped law an auto repair shop. a witness took this video. it forced the evacuation of an apartment building next door. >> checking out our average highs compared to what we will get today. most of us are going to be around 4-5 degrees warmer in concord and redwood city and the peninsula is the, since right at average. today is just the first day of above-average temperatures. i will show you the 90s ahead. >> following your monday morning commute with a look at east shore freeway from golden gate field to the city only 15-minute delays. there is a crunch out of the central valley. we will check on that. and mass transit options as well. >> five, the coast guard called east search for a texas woman who fell from the railing of a cruise ship. company is facing criticism for not notifying the coast guard until 15 hours after she
5:25 am
disappeared. >> warren buffett announced he has a stake in apple which own more than $1 billion in apple stock. he has entered a building war for yahoo. >> the warriors will hold a team shoot around ahead of game one of the finals tone. steph curry said he will play against the thunder and andrew is "questionable," and tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. at oracle arena. >> police in rohnert park are trying to find a man who tried to problem a car wash with an empty bag of potato chips. it happened on friday at the world of water, he put the chip bag on the counter, told the cashier, fill it with cash, and said there was a gun in the bag but the clerk did not see it the employee called a co-woulder and the guy ran away. >> the 2016 class of hall of fame is enshrined in san francisco including former warriors guard richmond who is already a member of best hall of fame. he is gin by mcgowan who
5:26 am
with the giants and part of the group that kept the group from moving to tampa bay. also, official giants second baseman who played six years with san francisco during the 17 year big league career. >> rescue dog adopted two months ago returned the favor in a big way, the family is fighting to save his life. >> haas rescue add seven year old when a rattlesnake snuck up on her he jumped between the girl and the snake and saved her life but haas get bitten they times of the molly has been at his side since. >> he paid it forward by preeing the family. >> i owe it to him to keep trying to save him. >> the family said he is improving but he needs more anti-venom and people around the world have given $52,000 so far to the gofundme to save
5:27 am
haas. >> coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including what to know before you head to the cry doctor. >> growing problem long lines at >> growing problem long lines at the airport could be a nightmare
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> monday is back. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is may 16. now, a check of the with the and traffic. mike? >> good morning. partly cloudy. becoming mostly cloudy the next hour before we will see total sunshine. you can see the broken clouds from the roof camera. we are starting off in the mid-to-upper 50s through 7:00. all of us will need the shades by lunch hour. 50s at the coast and 60 by 4:00, and upper 60s to mid-70s an the bay from noon to hour and inland, 76 to 82, so
5:30 am
a surge of warm weather today. i will show you pore of that coming up. sue? >> if you are headed out, take mass transit, bart has 42 trains on time. warriors and a's at home tonight so you will want to take mass transit. expect delays. ace train is on time, one and three are on time. v.t.a. is the way to get to beyonce concert. buy a round trip ticket because they are not selling passes tonight for the beyonce concert. a from way to go. we will look at a problem in concord on westbound four in a few minutes. >> developing news, a man is dead after a shooting in san leandro last night. now, police are trying to determine in a car crash near is connected. amy hollyfield is tracking the details. amy? >> police worked through the night on the case, look at the
5:31 am
crime scene where they are gathering the evidence. they blocked off east 14th and they released some gales -- details, first responding to a scar crash. officers helped victim but noticed the people in the van had live the scene. that is when the police were told to check out the city senior community center. it had been rented for aist function but shots were fired outside the event. officers found the man lying on the walkway. he was shot. >> we seen that people were running when we looked out the ends and the nurse said someone was shot and that was it. >> to happened at 7:30 last night. the man who was shot died. at the scene. police notifying next of kin and have not publicly releaseed the it. they are looking at surveillance video and tug to witnesses and gathering evidence at the scene
5:32 am
to try and put it together. though plan on holding a press conference later this morning. >> we are tracking breaking news from the east bay, concord police are at a park with new video with indian lake block off. there is no word on what police are investigating, but cones and part of the neighborhood are -- homes and part of the made are taped off. >> we have develop news from the south bay this morning, lack at part of the avenue closed here after the fire last fight. it broke out at an auto repair shot while mechanics were work on a car that caught fire. this video was shared with us on twitter. firefighters evacuated the apartment building next door. the power was knocked out to
5:33 am
huff customers. >> if you are traveling, there are extreme security lines and people are missing flights across the country. you will not believe how early the t.s.a. wants to you get to the airport because of a staff shortage in the t.s.a. alyssa? >> yes, the good news we have not seen the crazy lines at bay area airports. yet. but it will be worse as the summer travel takes off. the shortage is creating enormous lines with travelers encouraged to arrive three hours before the scheduled flight. homeland security is hiring and senator schumer said this is outrageous and said dogs can be trained, can detection teams check the cargo and luggage for explosives. >> when you have a passenger screening k-9 it is like
5:34 am
recheck, you don't have to take off your coat or belt or your shoes because they can smell explosives that could be on you. it will sped up things dramatic ally. >> he said passenger training dogs could kit the wait time in half. >> transportation security administration has 900 dog teams working in airports across the country. >> i just read this they are handing out snacks to people in atlanta it is so bad. >> people living in a concord neighborhood terrorized by aggressive bees are now clear to go outside. a swarm of african bees killed two dogs and stung several people this evening. the problem started when amateur beekeeper noticed unusual looking bees in the backyard hives and they attack him, he should be fine. most of the mes were captured or killed. >> rescues are underway in texas
5:35 am
as flooding swallows the son part of the state with 5" falling in corps christie area. meteorologists are expecting several more inches. drivers are trying to move through the rising floodwaters. it is an extremely dangerous situation and they are warning residents to excess to higher ground. >> organizers of a campaign to raise the california cigarette tax say they will announce they have enough signatures to put the measure on the november ballot. the coalition scheduled 8:00 a.m. news conference at the san diego county registrar positive office to spit the first signatures. they want to raise the cigarette tax by $2 a pack or with tobacco or nicotine. >> in your doctor has been convict evidence a serious crime without want did know? california lawmakers are looking at this right now under the doctor disclosure law requiring doctors on probation for serious
5:36 am
offenses to notify patients if they are convicted of sexual misconduct and substance abuse. the more said 100 figures are put on probation each year. the appropriations committee will discuss the bill occurring the meeting this morning at 10:00 a.m. >> crews are along the great highway clearing away sand that that has closed down a stretch of it. police say shortly before the closure a makive was injured after skidding on all of the sand. strong winds blowing in push sand from the bench to the from the beach to the road. >> most of us are around ten or below and by noon we are 10-15 and faster this afternoon, at 15-20 miles per hour and even 30 miles per hour at point reyes so there will be a breeze. it is scaring away the company
5:37 am
layer. that is why temperatures are mild. it will be warmer-than-average this afternoon. castro valley is 54. berkeley is 55. 53 in san francisco. we are 57 in san jose. livermore is 55. antioch is 58. san jose and 101 and 880 is a cloudy spot. moderate tremendous pollen. high grandson and u.v. index is high. 101 in san rafael, 60s at coast and 80s inland but 70 and 80s and 90s toll. cooler around the bay and inland on wednesday and cooler by the weekend. i will look at the big drop in temperatures ahead. sue? close to the bay bridge metering lights are turned on and the traffic now is backing up toward the overcrossing, not too bad, and you are looking at ten-minute delay. from the end of the line into
5:38 am
san francisco. not bad. on the span it improves. and the drive from the industrial rally is very, very slow and the eastbound down to eight miles per hour that is reverse commute. road work is the culprit. you are slowing for one hour drive from tracy interestism area. give yourself plenty of center tomorrow. with the accident westbound four after 242 in concord partly blocking the show lane and tow truck is arriving on scene and we will check to see in it is cleared by the next report. >> beer bottles, last technical cups anded if containers just another by do breakers another bay to breakers. but it is an improvement. but it is an improvement. >
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. thousands took part in the most colorful only in san francisco events: bay to breakers. check out donald trump and hillary clinton in a close race. others feelin' the burn at the finish line. bay to brakier -- breaks is a tradition since 1912 as is the big mess left behind.
5:42 am
sanitation crews picked up the crash left over. you can see the mess. the city workers got right to work after the ray was over say the trash was not at past years and neighbors agree. all the different vibe. it is bad but not as bad as it has been. >> many neighbor living along the route say this year there were more police watching the rowdy perters and the number of aways are down. >> hold in, warning for beyonce fan looking forward to the show at levi stadium. don't hurt yourself by accidentally posting your ticket code in a selfie. do not pose pictures of your ticket because this makes it easy for scamers to duplicate the pass and it is useless you will feel sorry all night.
5:43 am
there is a reminder # #coverthecode. >> and stay away from scalpers outside the stadium can stick with verified websites >> there is word that george lucas is look at san francisco again for a museum of the hollywood memorabelia and art. mayor lee the pitch treasure island administration the site for the collection he and lucas have been talking about the west side of structure island on an n improved development. lucas originallien withed to build at chris -- crissy field but ran interest problems and is running into a lot of opposition in chicago and los angeles is trying to woo him. >> the give day break for the warriors is over and we hours away from the finals. >> yesterday they had the final
5:44 am
practice before take on the hundred door at oracle arena and steph curry, no knee brace at practice. the warriors are reminding dub nations that tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. rather than the normal 7:30 so doors will open at 4:00 p.m. and they are inbounding fans to get there earlier tonight because the a's are play next door and this starts at 7:30 a. >> the first two games are at oracle arena like the early tip-off and game for is wednesday starting at 6:00 people, and the series shifts to oklahoma city for game three and four on sunday and next tuesday. if you want to see your fan photos use # #dubson7andwecanfinditandfeature >> it will be warm. >> we will be 20 to 25 degrees cooler this week. >> right now, it is 5:45 folly
5:45 am
with the sun coming up at 5:59 and the early morning rays and beautiful broken clouds are on top of most of our neighbors. nothing is falling from these on live doppler hd so we will move to the exploritorium at pier 15. if you take the ferry 15 miles per hour wind at angel island to vallejo. watch out for that. watching for all, and it stars today and cooler pres thursday and friday bringing 15-25 degrees cooler this weekend. behalf the cloud cover. it is broken and it evaporates quicker at 10:00 and the coast has more sunshine and the bays 70s and 80s. we will start in the south by where sunnyvale and mill pete at 76 and los gatos at 79 and morgan hill is warm at 80 and in mount continue you have at 77 dropping to redwood city at 76 and right around 70 in millbrae and san mateo and 62 to 64 along the cost and downtown at 70,
5:46 am
south san francisco 69 and flirting with 70 in sausalito and nearly 60 loan the north bay shore and the temperatures petaluma at 78 to napa at 82, and hercules is 72 and fremont is 76 and as we head inland san ramon is 79 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s. tonight, it will be mild, because you can sleep with the withs open and temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. my seven-day forecast is nearly 90 tomorrow inland and on when cooling hitting the bay and the cost on wednesday, and all of us by thursday. >> good morning, the east shore freeway is a solid stream head hits beyond golden gate field and into berkeley and emeryville and in your travels that you to the bay bridge metering lights were on at 5:30 or 6:00 just 20 minutes and san francisco from albany and the golden gate field it is usually slow committee
5:47 am
with have a stalled big-rig after friendville blocking lane four so the 4th lane from the left and slowing at 20 miles per hour, 12 miles per hour and then it picks up and when you get over the altamont pass interest livermore and this is in the eastbound direction we are seeing a lot of slow traffic the reverse come not, one hour drive time now from tracy and dublin/pleasanton. we will come back and look at the mass trend it options in a few minutes. >> there is a new street names after san francisco's pioneering gay leader, mar you have milk with signs with milk's film name highlighting a thriving community for lgbt in utah capital, one of the first gay politics named in 70s. >> three baby owls are safe this morning after strong winds may
5:48 am
have forced the three small owls out of their next in marin preserve. they were taken to make sure they are healthy and then returned to their parent. >> before the next trip to a national park: do not play with the wildlife. tourists are put animals at danger. danger. >> a young
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the abc news app on go on your schedule. >> new satellite images of the after mat of the a wildfire in
5:51 am
alberta, canada with the homes destroyed in fort mcmurray on left. on the right are the homes standing. this is part of an app the government created so evacuees can look up and see in their home survived. the fire has destroyed 2 structures. >> you can see a shark is a take much to a woman's arm. she is 23 and walked out of the water and showed it to the people on the beach yesterday in florida. crews arrived the 2' nurse shark was dead but maintained its grip. >> very little blood. she was couple. good vitals. they secured her to splint on the stretcher with the shark. show want to the hospital with the shark attached. >> is it me or is he the calmest
5:52 am
person ever to talk about a shark attack? bizarre. fowl say the nurse shock are usually stationery and docile. >> britain stow is giving thanks to those would helped him rebuild his live after the devastating boating a speaker at the annual trauma survival center the father of two the he suffer severe brain enjoy when attacked outside dodger stadium in 2011. you can see the pictures kissing the hand of a nurse, joking around he has a foundation to fight bullying. two men were convicted and sent to prison for the attack. >> if you wear glasses you of love this, the federal government recently reminded eye doctors of a law that could save you time and money. it requires eye doctors do give patient as copy of their prescription even if you dough not ask and prevents doctors from charging a fee for release.
5:53 am
it bars doctors from offering eye exams only to those who bay glasses from them allowing patients to shop around. >> deep sleep and popular to explain how people get to far away planets and nasa is funding a project that can be used to get to far away planets and it slows your aging process. nasa hopes putting the senates into a deep sleep puts travel to mars and beyond easy. >> now taking on warriors at 6:00, 69 degrees, coming out at 62. we are staggering the start because guess who is playing next door at 7:00? the rangers and the a's drop down to 59. you will need a coat.
5:54 am
the formation world tour at levi stadium of beyonce is in town at 70 at 7:30 the i give her four hours 61 by the end of the concert. upper 60s to low 70s around san diego and los angeles and mid-to-upper 80s through the central valley and isolate the showers for lake tahoe and yosemite and 59 and 70s. >> because of the warriors and a's both at home suggesting bart, mass transit, 880 will be a mess. ace train is running on time with no problem and no problem with bart, with 48 train on time. and speaking beyonce, offering rides with round trip tickets needed because tickets are knolled sold at levi stadium. there will be center trains so take advantage. san mateo bridge is looking good with continue meant ride from hayward to foster city with no problems. we will check on an accident on
5:55 am
101 san jose when we come back. >> self driving cars will provide a new time of mobility but they could cause a lot of traffic congestion. experts see the cars taking kids to school ask giving disable a new means of transportation but commuters will be able to sleep or eat on the way to work. researchers are concerned people will use the car too much leading to a last traffic problems. cars that drive themselves are expected to be ready in 5-10 years. >> amazon prime is rolling out new lines of private label planneds. according to the "wall street journal" they will have including food and vitamins and detergent and could show up by end of this month or early june available only to amazon prime. >> a popular dumpling stunt in santa clara is so popular it has
5:56 am
to change the no-reservation policy. all tables at the newly opened restaurant are now reservation-only. they opened on tuesday to very long lines. they were so long that people waited hours to get in. the chain is world familious for the soup dumpling. >> and now, the skills of step curry's worry are making her almost as famous, after a new outdoor kitchen and test garden in sonoma with thousands coming tout see her cooking demonstration. >> a man irritated by a drone whoeverring over a festival throw as spear at the unmanned aircraft and it lands a direct heat. the drop came crashing down. it was not destroyed but just damageed. the man who threw the spear is
5:57 am
now having to pay for the spear. >> help for young women putting off having a baby with a test that will you term how long you can wait. >> fires are worried of safety of people after a fire and an investigation that could impact people in the area this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a big fire in san jose destroys a car repair shop and forces neighbors to evacuate. nor than nine hours later firefighters are skill keeping a close eye on the building. it is now in danger other of collapse. >> good morning. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> now, mike has the both. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler hd shows no need forum bell. not for this.
6:00 am
the strong sunshine, golden gate bridge a light breeze and no clouds or fog. 45 inland do 55 in san francisco and through the 12 hour day manner, 60 at the coast. and warmer in my seven-day forecast. details on the way. sue? >> the slow drive from the central valley and this time, for sure, we have slow traffic with a stalled big-rig near friendville. a couple of other hot spots in san francisco at 19th southbound we have a car accident blocking the southbound lane with traffic stacked up so give plenty of room. take sunset to avoid that. northbound 101 at the express way in san jose an accident with a car off the road. a tow could be blocking the lane to get the car out of a ditch the we will have detail on both these and more ahead. >> now the developing news in san j


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