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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bridge a light breeze and no clouds or fog. 45 inland do 55 in san francisco and through the 12 hour day manner, 60 at the coast. and warmer in my seven-day forecast. details on the way. sue? >> the slow drive from the central valley and this time, for sure, we have slow traffic with a stalled big-rig near friendville. a couple of other hot spots in san francisco at 19th southbound we have a car accident blocking the southbound lane with traffic stacked up so give plenty of room. take sunset to avoid that. northbound 101 at the express way in san jose an accident with a car off the road. a tow could be blocking the lane to get the car out of a ditch the we will have detail on both these and more ahead. >> now the developing news in san jose. a car repair shop in ruins after
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a large four the apartment building has to be evacuated and power lines are burned. matt? >> the biggest concern is the building and that power pole come landing and coming -- collapsing and the power pole coming down. firefighters have requested a fence be erected. this individual gave a car caught fire when the mechanics were working on it last night. the apartment building next door was evacuated. firefighters were able to catch it and keep it from catching fire the no one else was hurt. pg&e got the power back on in the area after midnight. the street is shut down at good year street to willow street but
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it should not be an issue there are many ways to get around this closeure. >> breaking out of san jose, firefighters put out a fire at an abandoned house at george and first with neighbors seeing someone throwing a molotov cocktail at the home but fire say that is not the case. they did not say what caused the fire but the property is known to be frequented by squatters. >> police are investigating whether a deadly shooting and car crash are connected. both indenes happened on east 14th street at 7:30 near the san leandro hospital. a man was shot and killed where a private event was held. there was a car crash at the intersection in front. right new, east 14th is closed between 13 there and 139th avenue until 10:00 a.m. while police continue the investigation. an investigation is underway in a shooting in antioch, a driver
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was shot on "l" at 7:30 last night a 22-year-old man was hit in the shoulder the bullet went out the right shoulder and barely missed his spinal cord. a passenger was not injured. no information is released of the gunman.. all the pittsburg city council will vote on what to vote forward on installing highway cameras. a woman was killed on wednesday, the third deadly shooting in 11 months. she was shot by someone this a white mercedes with cameras the hope is police could collect more information. >> someone saw a car but what does not tell us much. if we have cameras, it gives us a visual of what happened. we can see the car. the action. >> it is a for idea.
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there are more cameras need to catch the people. it is out-of-control situation. >> the land is for two cameras to be installed and are share to those installed around the city. the cost to taxpayers would $100,000. >> sat story from the north bay a four year old boy accidentally drowned in rohnert park the he was found at the bottom of a swimming pool at an apartment complex yesterday. the boy was swimming with his parents and other family members, it is believed the child was using a kick board and want underwater unnoticed when he slipped off. the boy died at the hospital. >> the family of a man stabbed if san francisco is calling for witnesses to come out and speak to the police. the family and friends held a vigil for john thompson at the bus stop where he was attacked and killed in april. we want justice for my brother, john. >> my brother did not deserve
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this. whoever did this are cowards. you do not stab a person in the neck and think you are walking the street and not get in trouble. apolice have in motive or suspect in the case so far. aman is a i live and doing fine because of crews who scaled 150' down a cliff to pull him out of car after going down the embankment yesterday morning. paramedics took the driver to the hospital. there is no word on the cause of the accident. >> there is a has casualty skill with agencies across south bay participating in drill that will stimulate the real-life situations they could be in. this is video from a previous drill. the training starts at 10:00 a.m. at the regional medical center campus. >> a steel fence is protecting home of uc berkeley chancellor with a price tag of $700,000. the original price was $200,000
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but the add-ons added to the increase, with heavy duty gates and security cameras. the home has been the scene of numerous profits. officials say the fence will save the university money, $200,000, because they will not have to use so much security. >> now the race for the white house, presumptive nominee donald trump is firing back against an article that dame how he treats women. "new york times" reports the detail and i quote, "unwelcome rome machine tick advances," and donald trump calls this a "lame hit piece." and president obama took swipes at donald trump never mentioning him by name soying and i quote, "it is not cool to not know what you are talking about." on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are ready for the provide marry -- primary in kentucky with before bernie sanders hoping to build on two wins in west west
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>> back at 6 10:00. with temperatures two degrees cooler, menlo park is 48. and everyone else is 51 to 54 on the peninsula. most of us in the mid-to-upper 50s until los gatos at 48. the upper 40s at napa, mill valley and santa rosa. today in san jose average high is about 75 degrees and we are going to top out at 79. the hourly temperatures at noon at 71 and head home at 75. now, sailing is good. or kite surfing. it will be breezy. with strong sunshine if you are jogging and walking the dog, mild to warm. and a beautiful sunrise and warmer tomorrow and wednesday. a big cooling trend is on way in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> good morning, a look at san jose, 101, in the northbound direction headlights are cars headed northbound on this side of the freeway the 880 overcrossing gives you a sense
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of where we are and everyone is at the limit but we have a problem on 101 on the express way, a car is off the road into a ditch, and i am not seeing slow traffic but a tow truck my have to block the lane to pull out the car when it is on the scene. a nasty ride from the central valley and now we have a stalled big-rig blocking lane number four and slow in the eastbound direction down to eight miles per hour in the eastbound direction so you are looking at 70 minute drive from tracy westbound into dublin. a couple of other citizens and we will update you on the northbound bay commute in a couple of minutes. >> as you look at the picture you are probably anything, why is the been bison in the back of an s.u.v.? the answer is: unbelievable. a father and son spotted the by certain in yellow zone national park last week and they thought it looked cold so they decided to help. they put the by son in their warm s.u.v. drove to the visitor center and demachined it specific to a rank and the
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employees were shocked and they took the bison and follow the father and son back and released it into the island. the father and the son were ticketed and from a different country. so might be that was part of misunderstanding. >> united states air marshal is under investigation after he was removed from a flight overseas. a he is accused of doing while armed. >> a case of road rage towns >> a case of road rage towns into a street brawl. look, >> a case of road rage towns into a street brawl. the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> this video of a road rage brawl in houston is now going viral and can you see why. witnesses say a driver was upset the other was speeding and nearly hit says car so a passenger threw something at the other car and it escalated into a street fight. do you notice the person in the blue shorts? it is a woman. getting punched. >> tuck driver backed into the car and sped away. the car took off after them and police are still trying to track them everyone involved. >> t.s.a. said they are taking allegations seriously after reports of a united states air marshal being intoxicated as he boarded a flight from london to los angeles. the captain called police after smelling alcohol on his breath he was arrested and was fund to be over the limit. there is no word in the air marshal is back in the united
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states. >> prince's family is working on a public memorial service with no details. we know it will take place in august. last night there was a private memorial at the kingdom hall in minnesota where he worshiped. he was known as "brother nelson." hundreds attended the invitation only service. his, wives host add star-studded memorial in los angeles. he was found dead april 21. >> big medical headline, for women who are think of having children but it may not the right time. dorsey more women are taking fertility tests before they try to get pregnant. for example, 32-year-old woman said show is not ready to have kids but show is thing about it in her future so she took a test to learn what her fertility prospects look like. >> one of my friends did multiple rounds of ivs and i thought, what would that look like for me? >> she had an ultrasound and blood work and there are limit
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eighths. our senior medical contributor will look at the tests available to women and men on "good morning america" at 7:00. all the san francisco bay trail is longer this morning. a new 2.5 mile segment opened at the edge of the wetlands in sonoma county of it gives visitor as good look at growth of a marsh. conservationist breached a levy allowinged tides to rush to the area livened to 1.5 mile trail that starts at point sonoma to eventually grow to 500 miles around the san francisco bay. >> it is getting so lights, so legal -- so early. all the sun came up at 5:59. you will need the sunglasses early. nothing is fulling from our sky. look at the flag on the right. not moving.
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at all. at the golden gate bridge. there is a lack of clouds. most of cloud cover is around the bay bridge. warm sun shine today through wednesday. cooler on thursday with a dry transition and temperatures up to 25 degrees cooler this weekend. now, what will happen today, the clouds are trying to make a late push south of the bay bridge and in the, 9:00 or 10:00, almost gone and sunshine developing at the coast, and in between the 60s this and 70s around bay and 80's inland we will have mid-70s at minimum peed and sunnyville but furthest away, gilroy is 80 and san jose and los gatos at 79. mountain view is 77 and menlo park is 73 and millbrae is 68 and 58 to 64 along the coast and flirting with 70s downtown and south san francisco and sauce least and 78 in petaluma and santa rosa and 81 in napa, and
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76 loan the east bay shore and 79 to men and brentwood is 85. cool tonight. mid-50s. >> we will wake up with cloud cover. the same tomorrow. it goes away quicker with 90s inland. the cooling hits on thursday. sue? >> bart has 51 trains on schedule. a from way to go. the warriors and a's are both at tomorrow. take bart tonight. ace train running into mechanical problems. they are ten minutes late. v.t.a. is on time. if you take them to beyonce at levi stadium buy your round trip ticket because this are no juan-way -- no one-way on sale at the stadium. it is 20-minute delay from golden gate field to san francisco with an accident by san francisco state blocking the southbound lane at 19th so
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take sunset. we will look at this and the north bay commute in a couple of minutes. >> our community was out in full force during bay to breakers and this is showing a pac-man-themed runner on instagram. >> i did not see any cacoons but this person did in ontario, canada but there is a problem, the him owner did not want a raccoon so she called wild liar officials to get her out of there. she had other ideas. you can see when she saw the rescuers she was out and she started to climb down. and it is ten floors down. and the raccoon did it without falling. it took a while but she did it, get to the ground safely and made it into thed withs.
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>> the abc7 news app on go on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> check out the giant hole at an old tomato packing plant in washington, dc a strong wind blast could be to blame. a wall crashed down snapping a out it will pole and dragged down the street signs. no one was inside. >> apple is promising a fix this week after users report their music started diagnosis appearing from the library. the music files were removed without permission and the company does not know why the music is missing but they will release an updated missing this
6:25 am
week and hopefully that will fix the issue. apple asks anyone expensing the bug to contact apple. >> time to ask michael finney. an e-mail asks i want to print out a coupon why does the store want to install computer coupons? >> stores like target and wal-mart use the plug in because it provides a required security needed for an easity coat and i am told it is safe but you need to make your own decisions about what you are willing to lone dude on your computer. >> thanks for question. >> i want it to be solved. i an not sure it s. >> record your question on your smartphone or share it on social media #askfinney. you could see your answer questions here. on the only news. all the 2016 class of the bay
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area sports hall of fame is enshrined in san francisco including warriors board richmond a member of the basketball hall payment and gin by peter mcgowan who was the joint's president for 16 seasons and part of the grow inthat kept the team from moving to pam pa bay. also, federal joyantsed is baseman would played six years with san francisco during his 17-year big league career. >> san francisco giants fan bryan stow is thanking those would save his life next at 6:30. >> so trouble at american airports look at these lines causing major delays. what the government is doing to ease the wait before summer vacation. >> speaking of summer check out the warm the today, temperatures are anywhere from 2-5 degrees above average and it will be warmer before a big cooling warmer before a big cooling trend hits thi
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eeee and everyone sunny, but you are in the 60s, from the unper 60s to mid-70s from noon to 4:00 and to round out the day planner mid-70s to low 80s from noon to 4:00 inland. >> we will go to walnut creek and look at southbound 680 not a bad ride if you go from concord through pleasant hill to walnut creek, toward 24, it is an 8-10-minute drive from highway 4 to highway 24. not bad. slow traffic out of the central valley and an early big-rig stalled at greenville that is cleared and in san jose northbound 101 at expressway, a car into a ditch and tow truck is blocking the left lane and that is why we are seeing slow
6:31 am
traffic. we have another accident to report by san francisco state and we will update that in a few minutes. >> a man is dead after a shooting in san leandro last night. police are trying to determine in a car crash is connected to this. we are tracking the details. amy? yes, police are still working this case but they did release new details overnight of what they found so far. look behind me, they are still here and it is an active crime scene. a couple of blocks are proposed off with crime tape at 138 avenue. here is the car crash. that is where it all started. they went and approach add car and helped the victims inside. when they when to the van that crashed into the light pole they realized the people inside the van had run away. that is when the police were told to go to the city's senior community center. it was respected for a private
6:32 am
function. gunshots rung out and sun was shot, lie out on the walkway. witnesses describe what they hear. >> we heard eight shots and we seen in the#> a man who was shot died at scene. they do not know if he was attending the event or how the car crash ties into the shooting. they are try to put that together. they are looking at surveillance video and talking to witnesses and you can see they are gathering evidence at scene. they listen to hold a press conference to tell us more at 9:30 this morning. we have breaking news from the east bay a heave police presence in concord with indian lane is blocked off. there is no word on what they are videoing the part of neighborhood is also taped off as you can see from the video. we have reached out to police.
6:33 am
we waiting do hear back. when we do we will update you. the city council of san mateo will consider extending the contract with the again that operates the red light cameras after fines were refunded to a through drivers because signal lights were turning from yellow to red too quickly. >> people living in a concord neighborhood are terrorized by aggressive bees and they are clear to go outside. a swarm of african bees killed two dogs and stung self people along the road this weekend. the problem started when amateur beekeeper noticed unusual bees in the backyard, and they attacked hill. he should be okay. most of the beltways were captured or killed when she setted back into the hives. >> we have extremely long lines ridiculous cross the country, for t.s.a. security. you will not believe how early
6:34 am
the t.s.a. isen what you to get to airport to get through this. this is a staff crunch like we have never seen at the airports, and our reporter is in the newsroom to show us the problem. say the t.s.a. is warning people to arrive for nights up to three hours early at some of larger airplanes with passengers losing patience. at o'hare last night the security line was so long american airlines set up cots for all the passengers who missed their flights. security checkpoints around the nation are understaffed and t.s.a. said hope is on the way, this are plans to hire nearly how screeners but for traveler who missed their light it is a little late. >> they should be here now. train them now. >> my flight is in 45 minutes. >> senator schumer is call on more k-9 teams to get the security moving and though can screen luggage and passengers t.s.a. has 900 dog teams would being this airplanes across the
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country. if you cannot wake you can sign up for precheck but you have to pay a fee to use this fast track line. >> now, in south texas, major flash flooding, and look at this, new video shows two drivers in corpus christi, everyone is told to get to higher ground but they are not supposed to do trying to make their way through deep floodwater. it is ski -- difficult to see how deep it is. several inches have fullen and more is expected. >> in you details of the 33 year old texas woman who fell from a carnival cruise ship. the coast guard has suspended the search this morning for the we woman, the surveillance video showed her sitting on a railing and she felt early on friday morning. her campaign beyonds did not report her missing in hours and the coast guard was not notified for 15 hours. the ship arrived in galveston
6:36 am
this morning. >> organizers trying to raise the california cigarette tax will have enough signature to put the measure on ballot. the coalition is scheduled 8:00 a.m. news conference at the san diego county registrar of voters office to submit the first signatures. they want to raise the cigarette tax by $2 a pack. the proposal would apply to electronic cigarettes and other roads with tobacco or nicotine. >> san francisco parks are the most popular attractions to vestors -- visitors and rent -- residents. the park department gets $160 million a year. they are asking for an additional $3 million we to be given to the department until 2027. >> san francisco giant fan bryan stow is giving thanks to the people who helped rebuild his life after a devastating
6:37 am
he was key note speaker yesterday. he was attacked outside dodger stadium in 2011. pictures she him indication the hand of one of the measures, and you can see him joking. he launched a foundation to fight bully. two men were sent to prison for the attack. >> crews are on the san francisco great highway to clear the sand that closed a stretch of highway. no vehicles are allowed and shortly before the closure, a motorcyclist was hut after skid on the sand. with strong winds push the sand from the ocean beach on to the roads. >> los gatos is 48, and saratoga is 49 and cool spot is in the south bay and the warm spot is santa teresa at 57, and san jose at 55 and newark is 54 and san carlos and pan pablo and fairfield and cooler up north, at 51 in novato and half moon bay and 54, also, lafayette and danville at 53.
6:38 am
and sfo, arrival delays at 34 minutes the agency right now and hope any they will not last because the clouds will not last and grass poll certain high and tree pollen is moderate and u.v. index is high. sunshine came from correct contact and we are looking south on 680 with clouds lurking into the san ramon valley. 60s at coast, 70s an the bay and 80s inland and 70s at the coast and 80s around the bay and 90s inland dome and possibly on wednesday. our warmest day in the forecast with a big cool will trend for the weekend. sue? >> metering lights are on at 5:36 and that is the culprit and now you are looking at 25 minutes to 30 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco and stack up here and bumper-to-bumper traffic at 10 minutes from the overcrossing into the toll plaza, very slow, extra slow from the central valley this morning with an early stalled big-rig that is out of the lanes now and you are looking at 75-minute drive from tracy to dublin and by san
6:39 am
francisco state we had an early accident southbound at 19th and that is at the intersection of the entrance to san francisco state and i am seeing northbound slowing and they are working to get the vehicles out of there but right new you may want to take sunset. we will be pack with an update on this and the mass transit ons in a few minutes. >> there is word that judicial lucas is look at san francisco, again, for a museum of art and hollywood memorabelia. the mayor lee will pitch treasure island. they have been talking about this site that is aad for development. there is a lot of history here. lucas originally wanted to build a museum at crissy field but ran into remembers so he shifted his sights to chicago but is running into opposition and los angeles is trying to woo him. say the warriors break is over after five days and we are hours
6:40 am
away from the finals. >> they held the final practice before take on thunder and steph curry practiced without a brace on right me and said he is ready to play. the warriors are reminding dubs nation tip-off is at 6:00 p.m. and that is rather than the normal 70 so the doors open at 4:00 p.m. get there early because the a's are playing next door at 7:00 tonight. >> first two games are at oracle arena like the early tip-off, two on wednesday start at 6:00 p.m. and then the soars shifts to oklahoma for game three and four on sunday and tuesday. >> according to secondary market ticket tracker the average price for the finals is $800 and that is up by 8% from last year when the dubs played the rocket and the agency price tonight is $422, and the cheapest seats are $179 but if you want to sit court does $11,000
6:41 am
plus sound? if you have that can you get one. >> we want to see your fan photo so when you post them to social media use dubs on 7. >> beer bottles, plastic cups, parts of costumes, another bay to breakers and neighbors say this is an improvement. >> save up if you are plan diagnosis have kids, san francisco now ranks at the most expensive places to raise children. >> or to be an alert. >> but first a look at "good morning america." >> good morning, next on monday, on "good morning america" megyn kelly joins us, sit down with donald trump after months attacks and what she has to say attacks and what she has to say about the
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes!
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ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> afghanistan is on lockdown as tens of thousands of demonstrators take over the street. the united states embassy is also shut down today and it is urging americans to lay low and limit travel in the city. >> the city brought in semi trailers to block certain streets.
6:45 am
protesters are upset over a route for a power hane moved out of their province. the area was bank on revenue from the project. the government moved the route to cut down on costs. >> in san jose an area is closed because of a public safety concern after a fear tore through an auto repair shop and fours are concerned a power line could collapse. matt? >> yes, i spoke with the chief and he said that officials are here waiting for a fence to be put up. they went did make sure no one is close to it because the poll it could collapse. what caused the damage? this video from viewer of ours shared point twitter. the flames were huge after the car caught fire while mechanics were working on it at the intersection. the to story apartment build was evacuated. firefighters say were able to keep it from much coming fire and no one was hurt. power lanes burned but pg&e was able to get power become on in
6:46 am
the area just after midnight. firefighters are also concerned about the power pole. though say it could also come down and collapse. that is why the avenue is shut down define good year and willow street. >> thousands took part in the most colorful only in san francisco events, bay to breakers. donald trump and hillary clinton in a close racier. others were feeling the burn at the finish line. it has been a city tradition since 1912. there was a big mess last behind. we were in the panhandle as sanitation workers pick up the crash. you can see the mess that fell on pick are street. workers got right to work after the race and they say it did not seem so bad at last year. >> different vibe. the trash is not so bad as normal. >> many neighbors say this year
6:47 am
this were more police busting rowdy and drunken partygoers and officials say the number of arrests were done from last year. >> a dumpling stunt that opened in santa clara is so popular it is forcing them to change their no reservation policy all tables at the new dumpling restaurant are reservation only. the stunt opened on tuesday to long lines, and customers have been waiting hours just to get a taste their world famous soup dumpling. >> amazon prime, they are rolling out a private label brand which will have names like happy valley, wickeddedly prime and mama bear including items from food and vitamins to detergent. they could show up by the end of the in or perhaps early june and only be available to amazon prime members. san francisco is the most expensive places in america to
6:48 am
raise kids. jane has the money report. >> an update association far, we are gaining a little momentum with the dow up 76 and s&p 500 up half a percent and shy of that, and we have news that warren buffett's company is buying $1 billion stake in apple. apple is up 1%. he is not a technical investor so we will have more more on that ahead. but first, san francisco is the 9th most expensive city in the country to raise two children, the only surprise is that it is not higher. the economic policy institute said that despite the housing costs that are highest in the country it was offset by child care costs that are lower than the rest of the country including new york. washington, dc, however, is the most expensive city to raise kids curing to the survey. >> warn buff soviet throw his considerable clout behind a possible bid for yahoo, "usa
6:49 am
today" said that he would join the quicken loans founder and others in making an off to bay the internet assets of yahoo or continue the deem. in true, the group is one of several vying for the properties of yahoo the. >> young skids do not like cadillacs so general motors is opening coffeehouses in dealership, not a boring brew, but it will have high end cafe, art exhibits curated by those behind the magazine, and rotating fashion retail offer ings. >> interesting idea. >> so, mike is here and i am excited for a little bit of a warmup. >> yes, going to be warm. not overly bearing or overbearing in some areas but it is going to be above average and it starts today with a hill bit of wind in oakland and concord and fairfield at 12, ten, and 17 and you can see the broken cloud
6:50 am
deck and i am putting the time-lapse together at twitter and facebook and you will find a forecast for today's beyonce concert, the a's and the worse but right new we are talking about a warming trend cooler freezes on thursday and friday and 15-25 decooler this weekend. watch the cloud cover evaporate quickly today around 10:00 and the coast will see more sunshine and the video from 60s to 80s today so for your neighborhood that means we will start in the south by with mid-70s like milpitas and sunnyvale and 76 and los gatos at 79, and gilroy at 80 and starting at 77 in mountain view, and palo alto at 74 and 68 in milbrae and 62 at had half and pacifica is 64th warm spot and downtown, south san francisco, sausalito, nearly 70 and bodega bay is coolest at 59, and 78 to 82 from the north by valley and the east bay shore fremont is 76 and oakland is 74 and richmond and hercules at 72, inland,
6:51 am
brentwood and 85 can respond at 79. tonight, it is going to be mild if you want to speak with the weapons open, mid-50s cloud cover is the same as today and san francisco and oakland and south. my seven-day forecast shows 70s, and 80s and 90s are possible tomorrow, and only 50s and 60s by friday. >> 58 bart trains all running on schedule, not a problem at automatic in you are going to the warriors gale or the a's game, both at home, at the arena and coliseum. you may want do consider bart. ace train three had early mechanical problems and it is 12 members to tracy and because cancellations, specifically, the 4 out of the mill develop and the 8:15 has been canceled and another one in 15 minutes at 8:30. san mateo bridge is slow. this is 20--minute drive across the span. toward the san mateo area. we have a couple of accidents.
6:52 am
we have one in fairfield area and a couple in the south bay coming back. >> have you memorized the lemonade beyonce album yet, sue? >> not yet. working on it. >> i will say a lot names from the am bum hold up, a warning for beyonce fans looking failure to the show, do not accidentally post your ticket code in a selfie, posting the ticket cold makes it easy for scammers to duplicate this and rendering it useless making you feel "sorry," and a reminder #coverthecode. and stay away from scalpers and kick with verified websites so you can consider this >> if you are headed owe the
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door take you with us with the door take you with us with the new from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or
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at a bank of america near you. >> here are the seven things you need to know. one, sky 7 is over breaking news in concord. police just told us they found a woman's body in a pond. at a park. in word on how she died. self street are closed off. >> crews are guarding a badly burned auto repair shop in san
6:55 am
jose out of here it could collapse. it is closed near willow street wildfire firefighters wait for the fence to beer regularred. . >> -- around the fence for protection. >> the governor is asking lawmakers for $10 million in funding to develop a warning system for earthquakes. all the big story today. of the it will be sunny and warmer-than-average temperatures . we are 70 in san francisco, the rest of us will be in the mid-70s and even mid-80s inland east bay neighborhoods. >> following the monday morning commute, first in fremont, this is the accident which is a motorcycle down southbound blocking the left lane at thornton. if you are moving through fairfield an accident just cleared but the traffic is very slow. >> gin mentioned warren buffett has eye on silicon valley, announcing he has a big zika in
6:56 am
apple. the company owns more than $1 billion in stocks and it is the 56th larger shareholder. all the warriors hold a shoot around this morning ahead of the western conference finals and steph curry said he will lay again the thunder and andrew is police today "questionable," with tip-off at 6:00 p.m. earlier than usual. just in case. >> see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. life-threatening floods hit the south right now, this abc station capturing these images from their roof. >> they're under water. i don't know if they're going to make it. >> an emergency declared. half a foot of rain. water up to windows, rescues under way. more storms from oklahoma to texas are on the way. donald trump under attack. the president slams the republican front-runner. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> as trump faces new allegations about his treatment of women and new questions about his taxes. megyn kelly here live. what donald trump told her about bullying. a massive swarm, believed to be killer bees terrifying an entire town. trapping people in their homes and cars, sending two to the hospital. the new concerns about where the swarm is headed ne


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