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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. life-threatening floods hit the south right now, this abc station capturing these images from their roof. >> they're under water. i don't know if they're going to make it. >> an emergency declared. half a foot of rain. water up to windows, rescues under way. more storms from oklahoma to texas are on the way. donald trump under attack. the president slams the republican front-runner. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> as trump faces new allegations about his treatment of women and new questions about his taxes. megyn kelly here live. what donald trump told her about bullying. a massive swarm, believed to be killer bees terrifying an entire town. trapping people in their homes and cars, sending two to the hospital. the new concerns about where the swarm is headed next.
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and one of the worst fights in years breaks out in the major leagues. the all-out brawl after one player slugs a base runner. eight kicked out of the game. fallout from the dugout this morning. live in times square, this is "good morning america." and good morning, america. happy monday. not happy night last night on the baseball field. what an ugly brawl. it's been brewing for an awfully long time between the texas rangers and the toronto blue jays. we're going to have a lot more on that coming up this morning. >> we will but first, we want to get to that flash flood emergency in texas. rescues under way and there are warnings to move to higher ground. here, you see a flooded apartment. that's not carpet. that's water. >> wow. >> the storm threats stretching from oklahoma to texas. rob marciano is here with more. good morning, rob. >> good morning, robin. a series situation as you mentioned. a flash flood emergency. 6 inches of rain falling in the past hour. they have seen 15 inches in the last 48 hours.
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scenes like this are unfolding. we've had gauze dozens of people rescued from vehicles. numbers of homes have been evacuated. the rain continues and the flooding will continue throughout the morning. and we have seen a lot of flooding as well in houston over the weekend, so the entire texas coastline really getting hammered for the past few days. and because of that, we have flash flood watches that will remain ongoing until 11:00 a.m. and probably through parts of this afternoon. the next four days, another 3 to 4 inches of rainfall. the flooding threat will be continuing here. we also have a severe weather threat, george, as we go through today and tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in ten minutes. >> you're just full of good news. thanks very much. the race for the white house now and more signs that donald trump is bringing the gop together, even as he faces new questions about his treatment of women and new attacks from hillary clinton and president obama. abc's tom llamas here with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. when it comes to donald trump's past with women, even the rnc chairman says these are things trump will have to answer for. this, as hillary clinton gets a little help in trying to take down trump.
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this morning, donald trump's readiness to be commander in chief now being questioned by the president himself. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. that's not challenging political correctness. that's just not knowing what you're talking about. >> reporter: hillary clinton also taking on trump over his rhetoric. >> this is the talk of a loose cannon who is making statements and creating confusion. >> reporter: the attacks coming as trump faces growing allegations he's sexist, including a front page "new york times" investigation that involved dozens of women who crossed paths with donald trump, some saying he crossed the line. former miss utah temple taggart saying that trump introduced himself by kissing her on the lips. she thought to herself, oh, my god, gross. the report also highlighting statements like this to a female contestant on "the apprentice." >> pretty picture.
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>> reporter: trump calling the story dishonest, a hit piece and part of a witch hunt. in the past, trump has defended his treatment of women. >> i respect women. >> reporter: the presumptive nominee also still dealing with the fallout from allegations he called reporters pretending to be a media spokesperson for himself. >> he gets called by everybody. he gets called by everybody in the book. in terms of women. >> reporter: the reporter on that call tells abc news trump later admitted it was him but now denies it. "saturday night live" having a field day with this bizarre turn in the race for president. >> mr. trump is the real-life inspiration for "iron man." who am i? i'm his publicist joey pepperoni. no, i'm not donald trump in disguise. this is just what classy people sound like. >> reporter: i'll keep an eye
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out for joey pepperoni on the campaign trail. now, on the former policy front, trump and one of our biggest allies, great britain, not seeing eye to eye. prime minister david cameron critical of trump and trump responding this morning it looks like we're not going to have a very good relationship. robin? >> all right, tom, now a closer look at donald trump and his taxes as he faces new calls to release his returns. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with more on that. good morning, brian. >> reporter: well, good morning, robin. trump remains on the defensive this morning after telling george last friday that he fights hard to pay as little tax as possible. but that his tax rate, what he pays in taxes is nobody's business. ♪ start me up >> reporter: trump's secrecy about his finances continues to fuel his critics with his failure to produce his tax returns. >> you've got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? >> reporter: going back decades trump has been a master of tax loopholes. when he bought this luxurious yacht, the $29 million "princess," he said it he did it for the good of america. >> i like to see the great jewels of the country being owned by the people of this
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country, and it had a big play as to why i bought this boat. >> reporter: but that patriotic feeling did not include paying the state sales tax on the purchase to new jersey where the boat was docked. the multibillionaire used offshore and out-of-state corporations to buy the yacht, and save him a tax bill of $1.75 million. >> if there's a loophole donald is laser focused on it. >> reporter: the latest, a multimillion dollar tax dispute over the sprawling championship trump national golf course he owns in new york. trump says the private club is worth $50 million but now his tax lawyers claim it's only worth $1.3 million, which would cut trump's tax bill by 90%. town officials are outraged. >> trump says he represents the little guy, but the little guy is going to have to pay his taxes for him if he's not going to be paying his fair share. >> reporter: in at least two cases trump came under official scrutiny. a 1986 investigation into the high-end bvglari jewelry store
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on fifth avenue reportedly linked trump and others to a scheme to evade sales tax. in this case, involving a $65,000 piece of jewelry. >> the tax scam is a jeweler sends an empty box out of state. and if you actually live out of state you may not have to pay the tax. but donald trump lived across the street from the jeweler. there's no way that he didn't know that this was improper conduct. >> reporter: in another case in the 1980s, new york city officials said that an audit found that trump and his partners at the grand hyatt hotel had shortchanged the city out of $2.8 million. >> it was an example of extraordinary flimflammery. >> reporter: auditors found trump in this letter he signed formally authorized accounting changes that understated the hotel's profits to lower what was owed the city in rental fees. >> sneaky, oh, it was very sneaky. he cheated the city of a substantial sum of money. >> reporter: the hotel disputed that audit. and despite the letter that trump signed about the accounting changes
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said trump had no management role. in a statement to abc news trump said, trump said the allegations raised in our story are decades old and not worthy of a response. let's talk about this now with megyn kelly of fox news. welcome back to "gma." >> thank you. >> you have these new questions about taxes, he's not going to release tax returns. these questions about women as well. i was watching reince priebus. it was yesterday on "this week" and other shows saying, listen, he'll have to answer these questions but it won't matter. because he's a different kind of candidate. is that what you're sensing from your viewers? >> i don't know about that. you know, i think that the republican women have warmed a little to trump, although his unfavorables even with republican women are high, still unusually high. romney lost by 11 points. the republican candidate is going to need to do better than mitt romney, although trump is doing quite well with white men. i think that what the campaign is saying is that women don't vote based on women's issues. and i think what the republican women that's true.
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they don't vote based on abortion or birth control or one of these other traditional issues that some democrats try to tout. the question remains to be seen whether they will vote or it will impact their vote to have a candidate who speaks in the way that trump does and has more most of his lifetime about women. >> especially if he sees tens of millions of advertising. democrats will start advertising oens trump on wednesday we're learning especially on this issue. >> his defense is, it was while was an entertainer, while i was doing "celebrity apprentice." or, you know, a playboy around manhattan but, of course, the truth is he said a lot of those comments in the past year. >> many to you. >> i've been on the receiving end of a few. >> so tell us about this, you've got this interview coming up tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network. trump famously feuding with you for several months. so how did you guys get together? >> so i had been looking for an opportunity with him to make that stop. you know, as you know as a journalist you don't want to be the story. you watch to cover the story. in april there was a lull in the tweet storm and i seized on the
7:10 am
opportunity. i had been looking for months for just the right window to go in there. but every time i thought i was there, he'd start up again, whether it was boycotting the second fox news debate or calling me crazy and sick after the third debate. it was just always something, so there was a lull and i reached out to him and he agreed to take the meeting just the two of us at trump tower, which was at my request, including the two of us. and he agreed to that. >> after that an interview did come about. we'll see a lot of it tomorrow night on the fox broadcast network. let's take a look at one exchange you had on the subject of bullying. >> most kids between the ages of 6 and 16 have been bullied at some point in their lives. were you ever bullied? >> no, i wasn't. but i have seen bullying and bullying doesn't have to just be as a child. i mean, i know people are bullied when they're 55 years old. >> it can happen when you're 45. >> it happens, right? but you have to get over it. fight back. do whatever you have to do. i've been saying during this whole campaign i'm a
7:11 am
counterpuncher. you understand that. i'm responding. no. i then respond to times maybe ten, i don't know, i mean i respond pretty strongly. but just about in all cases i've been responding to what they did to me. >> kind of a mellow donald trump right there. are we going to see a different side of him? >> i think so. i think you will see him as you haven't seen him before. and i'll tell you, it was fascinating doing the interview because that was the first time we ever discussed what happened between us. we didn't discuss that in his office. this is the first time it happens on camera. and there are some tense moments, george. there were some, i think, honest moments and contentious moments. i would say overall the tone was cordial. but there will be some moments where people are feeling a little uncomfortable. >> we will watch for it tomorrow night. m megyn kelly, thanks for joining us. >> robin? we'll move on and talk about what is happening with travel. travel problems for passengers on an l.a. bound flight, a u.s. air marshal reportedly accused of being intoxicated, removed. david kerley has the latest for
7:12 am
us from reagan national airport. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the tsa saying it's taking these allegations seriously and that federal air marshal will have a lot of questions to answer. now this happened on an afternoon flight from london to l.a. yesterday during boarding. the captain reportedly smelled alcohol on the air marshal's breath. and these marshals usually are armed. so the captain called police and according to scotland yard, quoted by a london newspaper, the federal air marshal was actually found to be over the limit but he hadn't broken a uk law, unfortunately, federal air marshals are restricted on when they can drunk, even when off duty. united airlines says it's sorry for the inconvenience to its passengers, and the tsa says it holds its tsa employees to the highest professional standards. no word on whether that air marshal is actually back here in the country. >> is there any reason for concern this incident could be a sign of a bigger problem? >> reporter: yes, this is the first time i've heard of a federal air marshal that has been
7:13 am
boarding an aircraft and the captain thought he might have been over the limit for alcohol. so i don't see any trend so far on this. >> appreciate that. thank you, david. >> thank you, robin. we're going to turn now to an emotional memorial service held for prince. hundreds invited to the jehovah's witness church where he worshipped to celebrate his life and abc's eva pilgrim is outside paisley park in minnesota where fans have created their own memorial. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is the program those who attended prince's private memorial received. these were people who knew him, who interacted with him daily. people who say they knew a different side of the superstar. prince's close friends and colleagues packed into this jehovah's witness kingdom hall to remember the superstar. about 500 people filing in sunday night, including several celebrities like close friend sheila e. and comedian sinbad. but to many of those mourning the superstar he was simply brother nelson. >> it's a different side of what the world sees to him. it was personal with us. >> cameras were not allowed
7:14 am
inside but abc news getting an inside look at the details of the service. ♪ beautiful ♪ love and blessed >> prince's own words there on the program, lyrics from his song "beautiful loved and blessed". >> just shared stories about how prince found his faith and how impactful it was to his life. >> reporter: the service beginning with a traditional religious song, followed by an opening prayer. his close friend, spiritual mentor and church elder larry graham, the former bassist for sly age the family stone saying while it was important for prince to give his fans joy through his music, it was more important to share scripture. his biggest joy was sharing the hope of everlasting life. prince's siblings were not in attendance. his sister tyka posting on facebook they are planning a public memorial for sometime in august. george? >> okay, eva, thanks very much. let's go to amy for the other stop stories
7:15 am
starting with the deadly bus crash in texas. >> a sad story and now there are questions about that charter bus. it flipped over killing eight people. the company had twice been ordered by inspectors to take one of its buses off the road to fix problems with the brakes and emergency exit. no word if either problem played a role in this crash. the road was wet at the time of the crash. investigators haven't been able to speak to the driver because he was seriously injured. and there are new details about this wild crash on a bridge near new york city. a truck carrying steel flipping over just as it passes by a car. look at that. the driver of that car says seconds earlier he had tapped on his brakes to keep a safer distance from the truck. if he had not done that, he certainly may have been killed in that crash. a massive cocaine bust is being called the largest in colombia's history. police seized 8 tons of the drug buried on a banana farm. they arrested three people in connection with the country's largest drug trafficking group. that cocaine worth an estimated
7:16 am
$240 million. and an embarrassing mistake caused police to urgently evacuate 50,000 people from this british soccer stadium. the game was canceled after officers found a cell phone tied to a gas pipe in the bathroom. well, it turns out it was a fake bomb that was left behind a training exercise. police say the device was incredibly life-like. and speaking of embarrassing mistakes, do not believe everything your gps tells you. case in point, a canadian woman who followed hers right down a boat ramp into lake huron. she actually had to roll down her window, quickly and was able to climb out of it and swim to shore. it was a dark foggy night and that water, by the way, 4 degrees celsius. >> oh! >> don't you hate when that happens? you know it's wrong. but you still -- >> i don't know. >> that's an extreme version of it. speaking of extreme, may i? i mean, come on, that bench-clearing baseball brawl.
7:17 am
you guys need to see this to believe it. the fight between the rangers and bluejays now being called one of the worst in years, as you get a glimpse. this morning, the coaches saying it was ugly and unfortunate. >> you don't normally see this. >> reporter: it was a moment that left fans wondering if they were watching a baseball game or a prize fight. it gadge in eighth inning of the rangers/blue jays game when jose bautista took a low fastball to the ribs. >> what happened here? uh-oh. >> reporter: on the next play he slid hard into second, trying to break up a double play. >> bautista got the worst of that exchange. >> reporter: the rangers second baseman had other ideas, cold cocking him. seconds later, a massive bench-clearing brawl. >> the bench is empty now. >> reporter: eight different people ejected. after the game bautista admitted it takes a little bit of a bigger man to knock me down.
7:18 am
there you have it. the feud actually extends back to last year when he flipped his bat after a home run. the rangers won, by the way, last night, 7-6. >> expect a lot of penalties coming out of that one. >> yeah. >> little boys and girls are watching. can you please play like adults? >> that's true. back to rob with more on the severe weather threat down south. >> thank you. i love that lesson of the day, amy. and stay in school, kids. we have severe weather across parts of the south, the plains, parts of texas panhandle. tomorrow it spreads through the south and through san antonio. those areas getting somewhere flooding. big blast of cold air if you're waking up across the northeast this morning, it is chilly. we have frost and freeze warnings across much of the great lakes and in through pennsylvania and the ohio river valley. temperatures falling below freezing in some spots. time now for your select cities, brought to you by sprint.
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>> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. warming for all begins today. cooler breezes stop thursday and friday. i will drop our temperatures 15-25 degrees compared to the hottest day this week on wednesday. today, 60s at coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. if you like to sleep with the witnesses open, low-to-mid 50 tonight. "7 on your side" shows 70s at the cost tomorrow, 80s around the bay and 90 inland. coming up -- cruise ship mystery, the desperate search for the mom of four who fell into the gulf of mexico, what the surveillance tapes are showing. what her family is saying this morning. we'll have the very latest.
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7:25 am
lane and boxer boulevard. get a check on the morning commute. hi sue. >> good morning. a couple of spots coming up and then a motorcycle accident down on lane left lane and traffic is stacked up to highway 92 for a good solid lane and then south bound to 80 before 380 and lane three with an accident the there and you can see it backed
7:26 am
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we're back. we will start with the current conditions and we're 61 in :f! aniyock. we're going to see the projects
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erased ñ then upper 60s around that pushes us near 70 at the coast tomorrow and nearly 25 degrees cooler this weekend. >> thank you mike. coming up hotel stays why they may not be as safe aso4/hv think. we will have another local news update in 30 minutes. join reggie, mike,
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welcome back to "good morning america." look at that severe flooding in texas. half a foot of rain drowning the south right now and an emergency has been declared. rescues under way and more storms are on the way. >> just a messy scene down there. also right now, donald trump facing attacks from the president and hillary clinton as he comes under fire in a new report for his treatment of women. the republican candidate calling the story dishonest. this morning, kate middleton trying her hand at boxing. teaming up with princes william and harry for a major project they're launching. her hubby says she has a mean right hand. >> she's so proper, though. >> a delicate jab. >> she didn't call it a hook. she calls it a right hand. everything's so beautiful and royal. and this is so exciting. everyone's buzzing this morning
7:31 am
about "the simpsons." the show in its 27th season still breaking new ground, they pulled off an incredible stunt last night. they did a live broadcast last night with homer answering viewer questions in realtime. and we will show you how they did it, george. >> thanks, lara. we begin with the latest on that mystery at sea. the coast guard is searching for a mother of four who fell off a cruise ship in shark-infested waters. abc's clayton sandell is in galveston, texas, on the scene. the ship is returning to port there. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, you can see behind me that carnival ship is coming back into port here in galveston, texas, nearly 80 hours after one of its passengers vanished. this morning it has returned to port but without samantha broberg. friends of hers on a cruise to mexico discover she is missing. the crew puts passengers on lockdown searching the entire ship. >> the cabin steward came in and said he was here to check the
7:32 am
cabin and they looked inside the closets, in the shower were underneath the bed and on the balcony. >> reporter: then a check of the liberty's video cameras confirms the worst. ten hours earlier at 2:00 a.m. friday, broberg is seen climbing on to a deck railing to sit but falls backwards ten decks down into the water about 200 miles southeast of galveston, texas. the boat holds almost 4,000 passengers. >> it's hard to continue on having a fun vacation knowing somebody fell overboard. >> by the time the coast guard is notified at 5:00 p.m., 15 hours had passed. >> we do know that we have given the water conditions a probability of survival of nearly 120 hours. now, that is assuming that somebody is in a life jacket, floating and healthy at the time they enter the water. >> the water temperature is in the 70s but broberg was not wearing a life jacket. coast guard search planes scouring 4,300 square miles of
7:33 am
open ocean find nothing. >> most of us on the cruise look at a search like this as though it were a member of our own family. >> reporter: but with no sign of broberg overnight the coast guard decided to call off the search. george, robin. >> sad. okay, clayton, thanks very much. >> it really is sad. now to aggressive bees on the loose, terrifying a california town. the swarm trapping people inside their homes and cars, even sending some to the hospital. beekeepers fighting to get them under control. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: no one is sure where the bees came from but we know where they went. into kitchen windows, people's faces. >> got me right in the eye. >> reporter: and this mail carrier's hair. >> i don't know what to do. i'm just running around screaming. >> reporter: two people even hospitalized by the swarms believed to be africanized killer bees. >> they were super aggressive. they were literally like following us and going after us and banging on the windows. >> reporter: it was reminiscent
7:34 am
of the movie "the birds." the bees attacking, you guessed it, on hitchcock road in concord, california. the bees had apparently taken over this hive of honeybees on friday. and when a beekeeper tried to extract the honey, they swarmed, pestering police, even dive-bombing this interview. >> probably seven, eight, nine times. ow. there's ten. >> reporter: this morning, the hive owner says he destroyed the hive but some of those bees are believed to be still buzzing around. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news los angeles. >> it looks pretty serious. >> it does. coming up, as summer travel heats up, an alert about the hotel safes. why they may not be as safe as you think. "gma" is on the lookout. >> and we've got an exclusive look at the wedding of the year. devon still tying the knot. and that's adorable leah. she stole the show. >> she's got the moves. >> she does. s.
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it's 7:39. we are back now with "gma" on the lookout. and as summer travel season heats up, we are investigating just how secure you and your valuables are at a hotel. check out what our hidden cameras uncovered and how you can avoid becoming a victim after you check in. watch this brazen thief walk into a hotel room last month as a couple is sleeping. moments later, he flees. police say he stole more than $4,000 worth of items. how to prevent that from happening to you. to see how safe your belongings are during a hotel stay, we conducted an experiment. a guest arrives at a downtown richmond, virginia, hotel. but this guest is actually a "gma" producer. approximately 20 minutes prior with three undercover cameras rolling, safety and security expert bill stanton shows up at the same hotel. but he's not here to check in.
7:40 am
>> i'm waiting, looking at his car, what watch he's wearing, the luggage he has. >> stanton is playing the role of would-be thief. >> when i see an opening, that's when i approach and that's when i hear the magic words. >> hi. i follow him right to his door. so now i have his name, now i have his door number. >> reporter: armed with just two pieces of information, stanton is about to show us how vulnerable we can be during a hotel stay. the waiting game ends, the very next morning while our producer goes to the gym to work out. >> lo and behold, he comes down to the lobby for a bottle of water in his workout outfit. as far as i'm concerned, the clock for me to get in that room starts right now. >> let's go. >> i figure i have at least 30 minutes to do what i need to do. >> reporter: his plan, so bold it seems almost ridiculous. stanton goes to the front desk and asks for housekeeping to clean our producer's room. >> room 1112. thank you.
7:41 am
>> reporter: stanton simply walks in as if it's his own room. he has our producer's permission, otherwise this could be the beginning of a crime. >> hello. >> hi. i'm so sorry. can you give me two minutes? >> it doesn't take long for me to find everything right by the phone. rolex. what is it, it's an expensive watch and the valet ticket to his car. >> yes, i'm in room 1112. can you please bring up my car right now? >> reporter: we are just 15 minutes into our experiment. our producer is working up quite a sweat and stanton, not so much. >> when's my car coming? >> it's coming right there. >> there we go. >> they ask for the ticket which stanton claims he doesn't have. they look at the name tag on the stolen luggage. and off he goes. >> it's as easy as that. >> later that day, stanton tracks another "gma" producer at another nearby hotel. >> ferguson. >> once again, right to the
7:42 am
front desk, listening to the name/room exchange. >> reporter: when our producer leaves the hotel, stanton sees his opening and our would-be thief springs into action, again pretending to be someone he's not. >> i'm in room 711. >> reporter: from a house phone, stanton calls to have housekeeping sent to our producer's room. with undercover cameras rolling, he walks right in. but instead of letting housekeeping do their job, he sends them away. >> you're off the hook. >> i'm off the hook? s>> you're off the hook. i'm going to jump in the shower. >> reporter: now with the room to himself, stanton has his mind set on a bold and nearly unthinkable scenario. >> i'm in the room. i forgot the combo to the safe. >> i'll have someone open it. >> thank you so much. >> you heard right. a hotel room safe and moments later, a gentleman from security arrives to help. >> all right. she's wide open. >> perfect. >> as soon as that security guy is out, i'm dressed, i got his cash. i got his credit card and i took his laptop. by the way, i put it all in his luggage.
7:43 am
>> all right. so the first hotel you saw in the piece says they have taken steps to correct any shortfalls in security. the second hotel where they opened that safe, they told us that the standards they set for security did fall short. they immediately addressed the situation as well. we want to bring in safety and security expert bill stanton who you just saw going under cover for us in that piece. oh, my goodness. >> yes, yes. >> i mean, obviously you are not surprised? >> well, security is a priority, it's not their top priority. it's more about comfort and service. >> the tips you should do when you approach the front desk, take out your i.d. do not say the name out loud. because they'll hear -- someone could hear you. >> show your i.d. but don't necessarily -- i always am careful if they ask for a phone number. but you've got -- you say the number one takeaway is -- >> zip your lip, push your license forward and let them read it and check you in that way. >> what are some other great tips people can take away from this? >> well, as you saw with the safe, it's anything but failsafe. you know, put your valuables in but they won't insure you up to $1,000 in most
7:44 am
hotels. >> that's really what people are going to have with them. >> that's right. >> if you have the expensive family heirloom items, go to the front desk and ask if they have a safe or wear them on your person. >> don't trust it. >> don't count on the hotel. count on yourself. >> go to for more tips. more tomorrow. wait till you see. >> look forward to it. coming up, "the simpsons" like you've never seen them before. they did it live. >> big medical headline for women thinking about having children, what new fertility tests could tell you. dr. ashton is going to join us live. and new fertility tests. show you. dr. ashton joins us live. when it moves, people slide down it. and smart people, like this person, say there's about to be even more water. there's about to be even more water.
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♪ come on. almost three decades, you know that song. >> doh! >> we're back with the moment making "simpsons" history. overnight america's longest running sitcom breaking the barriers of tv animation by having homer answer questions from viewers live. abc's t.j. holmes is here with how they made it happen. doh! good morning, t.j. >> i knew that was coming, robin. makes you scratch your head. well, how did they do this,
7:49 am
right? after 27 seasons, 595 episodes, how do you keep it fresh, how do you keep it new? by making history by bringing an animated character to life in realtime. and, yes, last night homer simpson was taking your calls. ♪ the simpsons >> reporter: overnight, a springfield first. >> our father is going to improv live answers to questions from the tv audience. >> reporter: "the simpsons" go live for the first time ever. >> to prove that we're live on "saturday night live" last night, drake was terrible. >> reporter: america's favorite dopey dad, homer simpson. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: took viewer phone calls for q&a live. >> what kind of car do you live? >> oh, i drive a hybrid which is combination of old and terrible. >> reporter: simpson was brought to live usie ing adobe characte animator.
7:50 am
it captured dan castalenetta's voice and translated in real time to homer's mouth. >> always wear glasses with eyes glued on to them. next question. >> reporter: fans were eating up the simprovising like the fan, george, who called in 72 times. >> do you prefer chicago deep dish or new york style? >> let's see, i prefer chicago deep dish because i like italian better than chinese. >> it definitely was worth repeatedly calling in over and over. >> reporter: as for homer's harshest critic. >> homer, time to bomb. >> okay, they pulled it off. it worked. they've always been pushing the edge over the years. so, it begs the question now, if you had a chance to interact with homer simpson, what would you ask him? >> oh, gosh. thanks for putting us on -- >> you stumped us, t.j. >> it wasn't supposed to be a tricky question, guys. >> what would you ask him? >> i would ask him, you know what, how do you keep a network job for 27 seasons? how about that? >> good answer. >> thanks, t.j. we got devon still got
7:51 am
married over the weekend. his adorable daughter -- i don't want to say she stole the show but look at little leah. >> she kind of did. >> yeah. >> come on back. the show but look at little leah. >> but she kind of did. >> come on back. this is what it can be like to have shingles, a painful, blistering rash. i never thought this would happen to me. if you had chickenpox, the shingles virus is already inside you. 1 in 3 people will get shingles in their lifetime. i'm going to go back to the eye doctor tomorrow. it's pretty close to my eye. i don't know how you do it. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles.
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if you're haezing out the door 50s and 70s around the bay and 80s in land at the beginning of the warming trend. tomorrow's temperature is is 70s at the coast and 90 in land and 20 to 25 degrees cooler by friday. a couple of problems clearing up and slow traffic. let's go first to fremont and you have bumper to bumper slow and that accident near thornton cleared all the way to san bruno and traffic stacked up into bay city. >> thank you sue. we will have another news
7:57 am
update in 30 minutes. join reggie, mike, sue and me on weekdays. you will see the blue skies and warmer trend and cooler weekend on the way. the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ welcome to my house good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. kate throws a punch. joining up with william and harry. >> let's all get our heads together and let's change the conversation. >> what they're all fired up for this morning. ♪ this is my fight song sheryl sandberg speaks out for the first time since losing her husband. what she says about life, love and resilience. >> when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, find the surface and breathe again. [ applause ] >> the lessons she's learned about bouncing back during the toughest times and leaning in to hope. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ a big medical headline for women thinking about having children. the new fertility test that could be right for you. is it time to be more proactive about kids and your future?
8:01 am
dr. ashton here live. ♪ i think i want to marry you and it's the wedding of the year. little leah still heading down the aisle as a flower girl this weekend as her dad devon ties the knot. the vows. >> you stood there. you stood there strong for me and my daughter. >> thank you for everybody supporting me, and i love my new family. >> the dress and the moment that got everyone dancing as we say -- >> good morning, america. boom! ♪ ♪ and a pocket full of cash we can blow ♪ and good morning, america. nice, sunny monday here in times square. we got a lot to celebrate this morning. nfl star devon still, there he is with his daughter leah welcoming a new member to their family, asha joyce. that's been a long road to their wedding. delayed for a while as little leah battled cancer. everybody was happy over the weekend. >> so many reasons to celebrate. look at her.
8:02 am
>> i know. remember she was here not too long ago. >> showing off her new dress. >> yes, that's right. also this morning, i can't wait until you meet these five amazing women in blue. much more in common than their nypd badges, they're also sisters. the holmes sisters breaking barriers, inspiring so many. can't wait to share that story. >> very powerful. >> when we set up to do the interview, older ones in the front and the younger ones in the back. i would ask questions, and the way the younger ones would roll their eyes so the big sisters in the front couldn't see. >> oh, ta shg,s that is so funn. so typical. looking forward to that. of course, "dancing with the stars" night. big double elimination time. tensions needless to say rising and running quite high in the ballroom because not one but two couples will be sent home, leaving the final three standing. we have two-time mirror ball champ kym johnson with us and she has some predictions. >> ginger, ginger, ginger! >> okay.
8:03 am
>> now amy with the morning rundown. breaking news from the supreme court in a case concerning obamacare and religious freedom. several religious nonprofit groups do not want to be forced to offer coverage for contraceptives under obamacare. they took their fight to the supreme court. but today instead of issuing a ruling, the justices have sent the cases back to the lower courts with guidance so those cases will now be heard again. the other big story this morning, donald trump fighting back against a "new york times" story that claims he has an inappropriate history with women. one featured said "the new york times" misquoted her and took her statements out of context. trump has called the article a lame hit piece. as trump refuses to release tax returns details emerging when he allegedly avoided paying taxes. on the democratic side, hillary clinton said her husband
8:04 am
will play a major role in her administration if she wins. she would put former president clinton in charge of revitalizing the economy. the tsa is looking into allegations about an air marshal boarding a flight drunk. he was not charged. now to a horrifying crash at an air show in georgia hearing from the pilot flying the plane next to the one that crashed. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: this morning the ntsb and faa are trying to figure out how a day of fun at this air show turned deadly in a split-second. >> charlie 1-a. alert 3. charlie 1-5. >> reporter: take a look. this is the plane that got in trouble at top of the loop. >> it appears that something on the airplane snaps and the airplane goes out of control and seems to tumble. and as it tumbles, there's just no chance for him to recover the airplane. >> reporter: in front of families with children, it slams into the ground. >> what do you think he crashed? >> affirmative. >> oh, god. >> people gasped and the
8:05 am
announcer came on and said there was a crash and told people to turn their kids away from the crash. >> reporter: fire trucks raced to the crash but what was left of the plane was already up in smoke and flames. greg connell from south carolina was the pilot and he died. his friend was flying in the plane next to him when he crashed. >> something didn't go exactly according to plan. and so i pulled up to de-conflict and greg flew underneath me, and i had no idea that greg had crashed like a second later. >> reporter: for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> so sad, steve, thanks so much. well, the world's largest cruise ship has set sail. royal caribbean's "harmony of the seas" is 1,200 feet long. to get some perspective, that's bigger than the eiffel tower. it has 20 dining rooms, 23 swimming pools and holds 6,300 passengers. well, finally, a graduating college student turning his big day into an even bigger one with a huge surprise.
8:06 am
timothy babben got a chance to address fellow graduates at the university of maine. after congratulating everyone, he had one more thing to say. take a listen. >> finally do this last thing for this special someone that i have been with for at least a year and a half. i want you all to witness it. >> yep, he left the stage to say it directly to his girlfriend. he proposed there. his girlfriend was stunned but speechless. but just in case, she did say yes with a quick nod in front of everyone clapping there so congratulations to them. >> high stakes. >> i mean, he had to be pretty confident. >> that's right. >> i'm glad it worked out. >> absolutely. now to lara with the "morning menu." guys, here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." facebook's sheryl sandberg is speaking out publicly for the first time about the loss of her husband, her message of hope and resilience. and should you take a fertility test? why so many are using them before they even try to have kids.
8:07 am
plus, two-time "dancing" champ kym johnson is here live breaking it down for us. coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. good morning, everybody! it's a little chilly. we'll be right back. ♪ just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for... heart failure, or if you have persistent... fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness.
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♪ ♪ dance dance dance justin timberlake getting the party started at the eurovision song contest over the weekend. looked like he was having a lot of fun right there. >> he always has a good time. >> he does. >> we'll talk more about that euro vision in "pop news." that's quite a spectacle. >> i like how you teased that. can't wait for that. but first, we want to get to
8:12 am
those powerful words from facebook's sheryl sandberg speaking publicly for the first time about her husband's unexpected death sharing a message of hope during a commencement address over the weekend. jesse palmer is here. this was quite, quite inspirational. >> reporter: that's right, rob reunion. this really was a poignant speech. sandberg addressing the graduating class at the university of california, berkeley, sharing how she learned to persevere even in the face of tragedy. >> i'm not going to tell you today what i learned in life. today i'm going to try to tell you what i learned in death. >> reporter: sheryl sandberg speaking publicly for the first time about the sudden loss of her husband dave goldberg a year ago. >> when life sucks you under, you can kick against the bottom, find the surface and breathe again. [ applause ] the question is not if some of these things will happen to you, they will. what i want to talk about today is what you do next. >> reporter: sharing lessons of
8:13 am
bouncing back from life's toughest times. >> you will be defined not just by what you achieve but by how you survive. >> reporter: sandberg surviving on hard-earned wisdom. >> 11 days before the anniversary of dave's death, i broke down crying to a friend of mine, and then through tears, we asked each other how we would live if we knew we had 11 days left. i mean, live with the understanding of how precious every day would be because that's how precious every day actually is. >> reporter: charging tomorrow's leaders to lean in to hope and joy. >> losing my husband helped me find deeper gratitude, gratitude for the kindness of my friends, the love of my family and the laughter of my children. my hope for you is that you can find that gratitude not just on
8:14 am
the easy days like today but on the hard days when you will need it. >> reporter: and such a heartfelt message. sandberg also told the graduates to be there for your family and friends. and i mean that in person, not just with a message with a heart emoji. i think that's pretty good advice, robin. >> great advice, jesse. we often talk about how everybody -- we go through tragedies all of us in life. loss of some sort. and if we don't take the time to understand why we were put in that situation to learn from it. and she obviously has and sharing that with those graduates. >> she shared a great new practice, as well. she said every night before she goes to bed, she thinks of three blessings or three moments of joy from that day. >> the gift of gratitude. truly. it sometimes come in an unexpected package. but you learn to grow from it. her words were so inspirational for so many. we're going to move on now to a new way that women are being proactive about their futures, taking fertility tests before they even try to start a family. it's actually a growing trend. dr. ashton will join us live to
8:15 am
talk about it in just a moment, but first, one woman who's single and opening up about giving those tests a try. 32-year-old california annie gerhart is single and focused on her career, but even though she said she's not ready to have kids right now, she has babies on the brain. >> i'm in my early 30s, and i know that i want to have kids at some point in my life. >> reporter: so when annie heard there was a test available to learn what her fertility prospects look like right now she was excited. >> i have had friends who have had fertility issues. one friend did ivf, multiple rounds. their difficulties made me think about what that might look like for me. >> reporter: the test annie underwent consisted of an ultrasound and bloodwork has given her more information about her fertility including hormone levels. fertility tests are also available for men to determine their sperm count and motility. dr. kristen bendickson said
8:16 am
she's seeing a number of single women taking the tests before they get pregnant >> they want to make sure things are okay before proceeding on that journey. they also want to plan ahead. do they want two children, three children? and how does that impact when they start having a family? >> reporter: still, the doctor notes the tests are no guarantee of a person's fertility or infertility. >> there are limitations, some of these tests are new. they haven't been examined and looked at using it in the general population in patients that aren't infertile yet so i think you have to be very careful. >> reporter: annie won't share the results of her tests. but what she will tell us, she's glad she took it. >> the information i got from the tests definitely helped me. if it's something that a woman in her early 30s is thinking about, personally i don't know why you wouldn't do it. >> and here with me now, abc news chief women's health correspondent dr. ashton. so we just heard our young woman
8:17 am
in that piece say, i don't know why you wouldn't try it. you know, if it's available to everyone, why shouldn't you? you say there's a couple of reasons. >> my cardinal rule in medicine is, amy, don't do a test unless you think you have an idea of what you'll do with the results of that test. could it be helpful information for a lot of women? absolutely. but as we heard, it's no guarantee what will happen in three months or three years. you have to take it with a grain of salt. >> all right, that's very good. we want to turn now to some viewer questions for you, dr. ashton, on infertile. sandy is tweeting us, you talked about female infertility, so what about men? >> data shows us that it starts with a basic semen analysis. let me show you what i mean. this is slide of some sperm. first of all, we're looking at number, then we're looking at shape or what's call called morphology, and then
8:18 am
we're looking at how they move or how they swim. all three of those factors are very important. >> our last question was sent in by ariana. she's involved with holistic approaches, any that we know that work versus those that don't? >> i'm interested in it, too. the fact of the matter is, the data is a little bit all over the place. it's kind of inconclusive on yoga, diet, acupuncture. there's information about a test that is available basically over the counter or online in this product pregprep. there's a male version, also, and the data has shown it can thin those secretions. makes it easier for the sperm to reach the egg. >> okay, i like that better than doctors telling you to relax. dr. ashton, thank you. >> you bet. >> lara, over to you. >> it's so true. that's such a phenomenon. relax. no! all right, nobody's relaxing over in the ballroom. the "dancing with the stars" semifinals are tonight. and a double elimination is on the way. here's the latest on the couples
8:19 am
racing to the finals. it all comes down to this -- >> rejoice, hallelujah. >> reporter: with just two weeks left, the final five duking it out. >> i hate to be the bearer of this, but double elimination again. >> reporter: but no one is safe ahead of tonight's terrifying double elimination. so, just who will make it to the finals? ginger zee at the top of the leaderboard. >> 10! >> reporter: but nyle and paige hot on her heels and antonio not giving up, either. ♪ can you break it all down >> reporter: and will wanya recover from last week's mishap? finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard. it all goes down on the dance floor tonight. ♪ >> we already started. >> we did. we're joined now by two-time mirrorball champ and author of the 5, 6, 7, 8 diet" book.
8:20 am
kym johnson. we're getting into it about our girl ginger. she's at the top. does she stand a real shot? >> i think it is. she's what "dancing with the stars" is all about. she hasn't had dance experience and i think from where she started to where she is now she's improved so much. i think she's the most improved. i think she's refined her dancing. she has that big personality. these pea refined her dancing and i think we're going to see her in the final. >> the pressure is on tomorrow night. >> yes. >> you have to learn two new dances. >> the pressure for the semifinals is huge. >> is it worse than the finals. >> it's worse than the finals because you try to get to the finals so everyone is like really giving it their all. i went to rehearsals yesterday and they're very serious about it. they're excited, though. and nyle, i have to say, i saw his dance, and he's doing something that's really going to surprise everyone. >> really? i think he does that every week. >> that's the thick. last week when he did that silent session i thought was amazing. what i saw yesterday is going to blow your mind. >> really? >> okay, great tease there. what about wayna?
8:21 am
can he recover? >> i think he can. i saw him yesterday, too, and he's so determined. i think he started with such a bang when he came out that first week and he wants to end that way. he wants to come out on top. the poor thing, it's like he just lost his footing. it can happen, but he's down at the bottom of the leaderboard so i'm nervous for him going into the semis. but i know he's such a performer, he's going to pull out a great routine tonight. >> you said ginger is the most improved. who's surprised you the most this season? >> it's probably nyle. i just didn't expect that he would be so incredible. every week he's been so consistent, and he's unbelievable. you know, he may not be able to hear the music but he can feel it. >> yeah, you would never know it. >> you would never know it. it's just incredible. peta has done an amazing job with him. every week it's surprised me. every's so good. you can't pick it this time. normally there is a front-runner but this time it's an
8:22 am
even playing field. >> thank you. we love your insight. >> two people have to go home tonight. don't miss the double elimination on "dancing with the stars," that's at 8:00/7:00 central on abc. >> let's go over to rob. >> we're all rooting for ginger, has personal ties to chicago. i just found out to spell chicago. >> chicken in the car, car won't go, that's how you spell chicago. >> still trying to figure that out. we have rain across parts of the midsection of the country. down across the south. flooding continues across corpus christi. nearly 7 inches falling there. flash flood watches throughout this afternoon and more rain on the way from houston over to new orleans. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. warming for all begins today. cooler breezes stop thursday and friday. i will drop our temperatures 15-25 degrees compared to the hottest day this week on wednesday. today, 60s at coast. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. if you like to sleep with the
8:23 am
witnesses open, low-to-mid 50 tonight. "7 on your side" shows 70s at the cost tomorrow, 80s around the bay and 90 inland. >> "sweet here in new york city." >> sweet here in new york city. >> it's chilly for this time of year. but you're from rochester, not a big deal? >> no. lara. >> thank you, rob. it's "pop news" time. we begin with the winning weekend for robert de niro. he was presented with the excellence in media award for his commitment to diversity and underrepresented viewpoints at the glaad awards. de niro's acceptance speech was so full of self-deprecation. he received the award from his buddy and his joy co-star jennifer lawrence. take a look. >> father has asked me to present him with this glaad excellence in media award. because in his own words i'm like a daughter to him and that transpires in our once a week drinks at the greenwich hotel where i ask him for advice on absolutely everything. >> who knew?
8:24 am
i love that friendship. >> diane sawyer, our friend, our love and her "20/20" team, they won the outstanding tv journalism award for that incredible sit-down with now caitlyn jenner. and we congratulate all of the winners who are fighting so hard for change. that's just a great event. i've done it in the past. i just wanted to celebrate it. and have you been following the 2016 eurovision song contest? we alluded to it earlier. wow, it's a lot. it's just a lot to take in. i kind of didn't know where to start. this is europe's world series of music where performers from 40 different nations compete for the title. the finals took place in stockholm on saturday. some of the favorites including russia, australia and then the grand final winner jamala from ukraine. there were also some fashion choices, well, they stole the show. croatia had a white number that one internet user said looked like a dolphin that got caught in a mid-atlantic floating island of plastic and seaweed.
8:25 am
i thought it was kind of nice. >> tough crowd. >> this is a leather and flesh covered cutout number which also stole the show. but, unfortunately, it it did not steal the judge's love. that person i don't think did very well. and then germany had fur, wool and leather free, the whole outfit, fur, wool and leather-free. heart's in the right place. she wound up in last place. although the fashion was fringe, the halftime show mainstream. justin timberlake performing his brand-new single, as we showed you earlier, "can't stop the feeling," which i can't stop singing. it's just a very contagious tune if you haven't heard it. >> look at that. >> yeah, it's a huge event. i didn't know anything about this. he's like, dude, you're like pop culture expert. you need to know about this. there you go, i share with you. finally, i was so inspired by this video of this woman doing yoga. i'm really into yoga. i love this video. she's like so focused. go ahead. look at that.
8:26 am
and then. she's trying so hard to do her downward dog. [ laughter ] >> he's stretching too. >> you're not doing it right. >> it's so painful to watch. right? celine dion, her music has inspired millions. now wednesday her words will touch your heart. in her first interview since the death of her husband, the love of her life. celine opens up. >> what's the hardest part going forward without rene? >> powerful, deeply personal. "gma" wednesday.
8:27 am
now from abc7 morning nusz. i am natasha zouves and there's some developing news out of concord. about 2:30 a woman's body was found near duck p pond. it's not clear who she was or how she zieed. good morning. a couple of problem spots out there and let's take you to the el blaca area. traffic is stacked back up to the bridge. and to the south bay before saratoga, an accident involving a motorcycle and a 20 minute
8:28 am
delay. >> thank
8:29 am
we're back and thanks for sticking around mid-50s and 60 right now. on the way to 60s at the coast and then some 80s in land and then we will have the sun set and all be in the 50s and 60s my accuweather forecast is a little bit warmer than yesterday. >> thank you mike. we will have another news
8:30 am
update in 30 minutes. join reggie, çómike, sue and me ♪oin reggie, çómike, sue and me ♪ hey baby, i think i want to marry you ♪ while we're playing that song, welcome back to "good morning america." take a little peek at nfl star devon still's beautiful wedding and his beautiful bride asha joyce heading down the stairs. a special moment. lot more of that exclusive in just a little bit. >> i loved the dress, too. his daughter, leah battling cancer as she did. i was at an event over the weekend. dick vitale, he calls it his courageous kids. $2.8 million was raised at this gala. when it comes to pediatric cancer, over 4 cents on the dollar goes to pediatric cancer.
8:31 am
he has this event and he -- i have known him for many years, working at espn, just delightful and to see the families and the resilience. when i see little leah it gives us hope, lara. >> we'll talk about it right now. so it was the big weekend wedding. nfl star superdad devon still tying the not with asha in a beautiful ceremony including devon's daughter leah. we all came to know and love her as she bravely battled cancer. abc's mara schiavocampo takes us inside this event. mara. >> reporter: lara, good morning. they have been waiting over four years to say their i dos. when leah was diagnosed with pediatric cancer they put it on hold. now that leah is cancer-free, the couple got married the 13th. a day that will always be lucky for this couple. happily ever after never looked
8:32 am
this sweet, as houston texans' devon still finally said i do to his longtime love asha joyce. the bride donning a mermaid dress and the groom making it official at the historic new york public library. in front of family and friends, including nfl stars carlos dunlap, brandon thomas and actress holly robinson peete. >> leah lit up the entire room. >> reporter: leah was the queen of cuteness walking down the aisle in her custom-made haile paige dress. taking center stage, holding hands with the bride and the groom. streaming tears of happiness as they exchanged their emotional, long-awaited vows. >> i promise you, whatever i do i'm going to do it. and everything i do i'm going to
8:33 am
dedicate to make sure your life is perfect. >> you ready to get this cancer about you? let's do it. >> reporter: two years ago, devon and asha put their special day on hold as then-4-year-old leah was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. sharing leah's journey through months of chemotherapy on social media. america falling in love. >> i wanted her to be able to walk down the aisle as a healthy child. without still battling cancer. >> reporter: their dream wedding hosted by the knot allowed fans for the last eight weeks to vote on every aspect of the big day. from the bridal gown to the cake to the ring. >> it's been amazing for me. they had some great options. and they picked some great choices. >> i saw her walking down the steps i knew that the fans made
8:34 am
the right decision with the dress because she looked absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: and leah revealing the final surprise the honeymoon. >> jamaica! >> reporter: jamaica. >> thank you. >> and i'm going with them. i promise you that. >> you'll have to take a rain-check on that. >> thank you to everybody supporting me and i love my new family. >> reporter: the 6-year-old making a sweet toast and getting down to business. >> now, let's party! >> reporter: the newlyweds boo geed the night away. leah joining in at the end. getting down to "uptown funk." ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ don't believe me just watch ♪ don't believe me just watch
8:35 am
♪ look in your eyes >> reporter: a night years in the making. their dream wedding finally coming true with love, laughter and, of course, happily ever after. oh, in honor of leah the couple set up a charity registry on the, all proceeds go to pediatric cancer research. this morning, deon is back in texas for spring training. he and asha plan to take their honeymoon in july. leah was a big part of the wedding. and we're told that leah is not going on the honeymoon. >> grownup time. >> sorry, leah. >> she can't join us for everything. >> that was fantastic. we're going to move on now to the royals. william, kate and harry are launching a brand-new initiative this morning. taking on the stigma of mental illness. lama hasan with the latest. >> reporter: this morning, william, kate and harry are on a mission, joining forces to combat perceptions surrounding mental health issues.
8:36 am
working with eight charities in their most ambitious project to date. this morning, marking the first day of mental health awareness week, william, kate and harry coming together to formally launch their new mental health campaign, heads together. >> heads together wants to help everybody feel much more confident with their everyday mental health. >> reporter: the duchess trying her hand at boxing in $137 banana republic skirt, no less. boxing is what one encourages for mental well-being. stepping into the ring next, harry, the prince quotes packs a punch. with their latest catchy video turning heads. >> mental health is just as important as physical health. >> reporter: the royal trio are hoping to change the conversation and help end the stigma and taboo surrounding mental health. >> we all can play our part by talking and listening to each other. >> reporter: making it safe for
8:37 am
kids to open up, hoping to tackle bullying, suicide and childhood mental health. last night, william and kate left the kids at home, joining the queen at windsor castle for a star-studded event celebrating her 90th birthday. the queen arriving in style in her horse-drawn carriage before being serenading by several singers. from kiley minogue to beverly knight. and being entertained by a dazzling display of 900 horses from around the world. so, after a night out celebrating with the queen, the royal trio continuing the partying theme today as they shine a light on mental health but hitting the decks, which tune did prince harry choose? "naughty boy." george. >> oh. >> and how many horse ds they have? >> 900 horses. well, she's 90, just add another 0. >> lots of horses. let's get outside to rob.
8:38 am
>> this crowd, we got folks from pittsburgh, from south africa. how is this new york weather treating you? >> it's terrible. >> come on, it's fantastic. no, it's a little bit chilly. frost and freeze warnings. it's mid-may for crying out loud. temperatures with the wind chills feeling like they're in the 30s. all right, that's a quick check of the national outlook. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the big story today almost total sunshine. 70 in san francisco. inland east bay at 83. even warmer weather in my seven-day forecast. 70s at the coast tomorrow. 80s around the bay. some 90s >> this weathercast is brought to you by beautyrest. where are you from? >> norway. >> norway. welcome from norway. we're international. did i mention the sponsor -- yeah, brought to yo by beautyrest.
8:39 am
don't want to forget the sponsor, you guys. >> it's going to warm up this afternoon. coming up -- your interview with the five sisters who are teaming up in the nypd, breaking barriers and inspiring so many this morning.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ we are family where did lara go? we are family. we're going to talk about a family right here. five sisters and a great story of family and community. i got to meet five siblings, all members of a new york police department. rising above adversity to help make this city a better place. >> deputy chief. >> captain. >> sergeant. >> sergeant. >> retired sergeant. >> reporter: they're the nypd's very own fab five. >> hi, guys. >> you put the numbers on my desk. thank you. >> reporter: high-ranking, barrier-breaking women in blue. >> gentlemen, come. >> reporter: and did i mention they're sisters? the holmes sisters. who am i describing all right,
8:43 am
are you ready? okay, rules with an iron fist. >> juanita. >> protective. some call her queen bee. >> i'm not bossy, robin. >> yes. >> i give constructive criticism. >> reporter: she may not be bossy but she's a boss. juanita holmes is one of the highest ranking women in the nypd, overseeing the domestic violence unit. >> i'm the second oldest, but the oldest girl. i was left braiding their hair, helping them with their homework, cooking at a very early age. i realized that god was preparing me for something bigger and better. >> her sister is the first african-american commanding officer of her precinct. are you all competitive with each other? >> i would say yes and i'm winning. >> everyone talks about sibling rivalry. wait a minute, she's pointing at those two. >> in a short period of time i
8:44 am
will be her boss, trust me. in a short few years. >> only because i'll be retired. >> reporter: the younger sisters stella and selena are both sergeants and all of the sisters follow the footsteps of retired sergeant bernice holmes. you were the first one to join the force. >> yes. >> why did you want to join the force? >> one friend of mine said you have such a way with people. they warm up to you. i think you should take this test with me. i passed with flying colors. >> reporter: the holmes sisters grew up in queens, new york, with 13 brothers and sisters. today, more than half of the siblings have careers in law enforcement. do you have a better understanding of each other because you have so much in common. >> we always had a good relationship. now we're all cops we can relate to each other, the stress on the job. >> reporter: historically we have seen the breakdown of trust
8:45 am
between law enforcement and the african-american community. the holmes sisters are uniquely a part of both. how do we rebuild the trust? >> when i think about trust in the community i think there has to be a strong relationship with the community, it can't be us against them. it can't be those people. it is important that you push that message down to the officers -- we can have all of the meetings we want to have with our executives but if the boots are on the ground don't get that message and carry it out it's not going to work. >> i appreciate your honesty, because you're saying there's room for improvement on both sides of the issue. >> absolutely. >> reporter: the sisters even inspired a younger generation of holmes. juanita's son graduates from the police academy this summer. >> i'm big on joining the nypd because i love helping people. you always help someone.
8:46 am
that one person you help will make your month. >> reporter: what do you think it says about your family, that you all as a family have committed so much to this community to law enforcement, what is the legacy of the holmes family? >> i think it is a good thing when you can leave a legacy of positive role models who the children and people in general can view and say they were no different than me and look at what they achieve. it's a mindset. if you think big you can be big. if you think small you can be small. so, think big. >> we're blessed to meet different people. i had so much fun getting to know this family. siblings are siblings. they never worried about each other. but their children now becoming -- they're -- i mean,
8:47 am
they know they're going to be fine and everything like that. it was interesting -- >> some of the younger siblings. >> some of their children. the sisters' children are now joining the force. >> but i love how they look at it as a service. they're helping other people. it's a theme throughout the whole family. it's beautiful. >> important message. thank you, robin. coming up -- michael fassbender opening up about his new movie. michael fassbender opening up about his new
8:48 am
♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
8:49 am
we're back now with michael fassbender and the new "x-men: apocalypse." he sat down for a rare morning show appearance, this is his first-ever "good morning america" interview. >> i love michael fassbender he's played everything from macbeth to magneto. and the intense actor is fresh off as his critically acclaimed role as steve jobs. now, he's returning to a role he's making his very own. it's an intense action-packed
8:50 am
adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. >> it's all of us against the god. >> reporter: "x-men" is about to take theaters by storm with its ninth installment with michael fassbender back in action as magneto. >> the great thing about the "x-men" movies and the comic book franchise is this idea that people have been pushed to the fringes of society. they're outcasts in some way. i think people really can relate to that. >> reporter: the a-lister making his debut five years ago in "x-men: first class" and then, again, "x-men: days of future past." >> so, call him apocalypse. >> reporter: the new film is set in 1983. when apocalypse awakens after thousands of years and disillusioned with the world as he finds it. fassbender's character is living a normal life in poland.
8:51 am
>> he works in a steel factory. you know, with steel and metal. but he's not using his powers to manipulate it. he's kind of doing hard labor almost like a penance or a return to whatever human roots he had. so, we thought that would be a pretty cool introduction to him in this movie. >> feel the metal. >> reporter: but soon after, apocalypse wants to rule the world and recruits magneto to join him. it's been a whirlwind year. he has two other films coming out "the light between the oceans." also coming out, "assassin's creed." so, what's next for him? >> i think after this job, you know i'll take a little bit of time off and get better at surfing. >> and fassbender has made good on his promise on surfing while filming a sequel
8:52 am
of alien down there. x-men:apocalypse in theaters everywhere. >> thank you. today's the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet. when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice. does it come in a california king?
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summer's finally here. so, friday, let's get this party started. with the one, only -- >> good morning, america. >> ariana grande live from central park. friday, it's ariana grande. "good morning america" is
8:55 am
brought to you by -- maui jim sunglasses. color, clarity and detail. maui jim. before we go, some great news about a good friend of "good morning america." garth brooks is coming back to new york for his first concert here in almost 20 years, it's happening at yankee stadium july 9th. tickets go on sale this friday. >> say it again, amy. >> what am i supposed to say? that's huge. >> this is when we say, have a great monday. >> don't look at me like that, robin. we say, have great monday. >> don't look at me like that, robin.
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now from abc7 news. good morning i am reggie aqui and let's get a quick check of the forecast with mike nicco. hi everybody. 83 in anyok and look how much warmer it's going to get and in land to 90s and 80s around the bay and 70s in the coast and then the winds have changed and dropped it 15 to 25 degrees and cooler on friday and saturday. coming up on 9:00 and we have a couple of spots and then coming back to the hayward area and then accident with a motorcycle and then blocking the lane and then to the traffic and northbound 280 to winchester and the accident is clear there. >> thank you sue. time for live "live with kelly and michael" and then
9:00 am
jimmy on the show and we will be back here with the abc7 >> it's "live with kelly." today, superstar chef gordon ramsay. and star of the hit series, "quantico," priyanka chopra. and performing their new hit, "what we live for," american authors. plus jimmy kimmel joins kelly at the co-host desk, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ >> and now here are kelly ripapril and jimmy kimmel. ♪ go big or go home


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