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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we are over the breaking news where another car has been shot near highway 4. you can see the police activity at the mini mall where it happened and the car with the back window shot out. it started around 3:00. two vehicles were involved. a second vehicle was stopped nearby at a shell station. several people are in custody. no one was injured. a live look at the scene from sky 7 hd all happening a few miles away from a shooting last night along highway 4 near l street. police say the victim is a 22-year-old man who is recovering at the hospital. we will continue to follow this breaking news on air and on online.
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for alerts down lockdown or free abc 7 news app. pittsburgh considers installing security cameras after a string of shootings on highway 4. the p council will vote on whether to install the cameras on the freeway. it would cost around $100,000. . thank you for joining us. >> we are live at the arena getting set for the warriors and thunder conference finals. the warning about long lines at arn at airports has come true. check out the lines here. >> the lines were so long cots were set up for passengers who missed their flights. >> are live with details on
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this. >> reporter: a new program and a whole lot of wet noses. for the last year there has been a con intelligent ent of tsa dogs that has been helping screen passengers in the security lines and in the last few months that program has been rolled out to other airports across the country. the summer crash of air travelers is on. across the country this is the travel nightmare many are dealing with app in chicago lines stretched on for three hours. this couple just flew in. >> it was a long line, but it moved fast. >> reporter: this afternoon the lines were more manageable. >> we're prepared to take care of our customers if we encounter excessive wait times at our airport. >> reporter: san francisco is one of the largest airports that employs private security skreernz. the team is supervised by the transportation security agency. other airports are looking at
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this model as lines continue to grow. the tsa has also launched a program using dogs to help screen passengers in the security lines. they'll be added to the san francisco police dogs that patrol the terminals. >> tsa has a separate screening program. they use dogs within the screenings lines and that is to help accelerate the process so they can move the lines more quickly. >> reporter: there is a simple piece of advice the chief has for passengers. >> don't reach out to pet the canine as tempting as they might be. >> reporter: there are a few other option to see get through the security lines faster, the program that allows passengers to use a pre-screen profile and fingerprint. the precheck program allows passengers to keep shoes and belts on. both are available for a fee.
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abc 7 news. the frustration mounting for travelers what can you do to minimize the wait time. >> we did research on how you can beat the delays. >> reporter: frustrated passengers have had enough. check out these recently tweeted pictures at sfo and oakland international airport and san jose airport where the airport has the sign put out begging travelers to contact tsa for more staffing with. san jose says avoid peak hours. oakland has similar hours and says mornings have the longest lines. both airports say avoid the peak days, sundays, mondayss and fridays and thursday evenings before a long weekend. one more tip, arrive early. instead of 90 minutes, arrive
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two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. another thing you can do is check the security wait times at your airport before you go. believe it or not the tsa has this web page for that. i preselected oakland airport. you click on view security wait timed and you can see 31 minutes at terminal one. this is all information reported by other travelers. for a link to the website, go to our website. firefighters put out a blaze that damaged two homes this morning and displaced 13 people. the fire caused extensive damage on the house to the left. two residents suffered minor injuries and firefighter was treated for a cut. an auto body shop is in ruins. >> friends are hoping the community will step up in the
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wake of a series of challenges for the shop's owner. we have the story. >> reporter: the fire that destroyed the auto repair is not the first tragedy at this place. this one certainly comes during a difficult time. the fire was captured on camera by a viewer. the owner has faced tragedy before. friends say his father was killed when he was hit by a car outside the repair shop in the late 1990s. now eric is in the fight of his life. >> eric has stage four colon cancer and this has been tragic the last couple of years for him in general so to see this is horrifying to me. >> it hurts my heart because this is his livelyhood. this is his passion. >> reporter: firefighters say the fire started while mechanics were work og a car last night. a two-story apartment building next door was evacuated, but firefighters were able to stop the flames from spreading.
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the shop is red tagged. its reputation remains intact. friends say eric is a generous man and they're hoping people will come to his aid. >> not charging the right amount, trying to help people out. i was yelling at him he need to charge more. he's a good guy. >> everybody i know is going to be calling him and seeing what they can do to help him because that's just wrong for that to happen. >> reporter: the shop opened in 1963. the rebuilding process could take a long time but we're told the owner does have insurance. abc 7 news. police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body found floating near the edge of a duck pond at a community park. a group of young men made the discovery around 2:00 this morning. so far investigators haven't
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released any information about the woman. let's move on now. it is playoff time, the western conference finals kickoff in under two hours. >> abc 7 sports director is live. hi, larry. >> reporter: early start time for this game tonight. you have so much star power in this series. three of the top five players on the planet will be on the course here tonight and okc has two of those players and the warriors have the mvp in steph curry. when they do tip off after 6:00 p.m. here in the arena, you will see five nba all stars on the court. that's how loaded these two times are. the warriors 3-0 in the regular season highlighted by curry's 35-footer in overtime in february. okc is playing their best
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basketball much this entire season. they knocked off the spurs and very confident coming in here tonight. everybody knows that containing the thunders will be a huge challenge. >> we know exactly what we're up against. they've been one of the best teams in the league and the reality is in this league all you can ask for is to give yourself a swing at the plate every year and they've had a lot of swings and they've come really close and we're going to have to play our best to beat them. >> reporter: we are waiting on andrew to come out and take the court. he's officially listed as questionable because of a thigh injury suffered in the previous series. we want to see him warm up. best guess is he going to go, but that's a guess until we see him. steph curry also not at 100%. we'll get into that later on this afternoon. abc 7 news.
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>> thank you so much, larry. let's turn to the weather. a live look outside on a gorgeous monday afternoon. >> it's time to get to spencer for a look at our weather. does it get any nicer than this? it makes it worthwhile coming to work on a monday. we have sunny skies all across the bay area right now. a little breezy near the coast and certainly pleasant and here is a look at our 24 hour temperature change. you can see it's warming up nicely. five degrees warmer right now than it was yesterday. six degrees warmer at san jose. eight degrees warmer in livermore. san francisco is two degrees warmer than yesterday. here is a view from -- that's from our camera looking down on the bay. it's 65 in san francisco, 79 morganhill. check out the view from our east bay hills camera.
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napa, 78, 84 fairfield and as we look out over the bay from our looptop camera we'll see mainly clear skies during the evening hours, but overnight we'll see patches of fog develop. highs from the low 70s at the coast to low 90s inland. it's going to be a nice warm one, but it won't last long. >> thank you so much. the wind has once again shut down a portion of the great highway. barriers were blocking cars. the wind has sent sand blowing on to the road. police cut off access to the road last night after a motorcyclist hit the sand and skidded. he was injured. there's no indication when the road will reopen. still ahead here closing in on graduation day for students in lake county. many of them lost homes in last year's devastating wildfire, but for four teenagers this year is
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special. we'll explain why. the new thing is i like to hire people i want to have a beer with. an insider's view valley. traffic is slow in this direction as it always
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billionaire warren buffet is backing an investment group trying to buy yahoo's internet business. yahoo put its internet business up for sale last month. experts say it's worth been 5 and $8 million. filings showed he paid $109 million per share. apple's stock has fell this year, but this afternoon it was climbing after the purchase was revealed. here is a part of silicon valley we don't hear much about. a former employee is writing about the darker side of tech companies. for example a graduation isn't what you think it is. >> when i first joined i found out they called it graduation when they fired somebody. people got fired all the time. because they hired very badly and then of course they end up
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firing. so just calling it graduation was crazy to me. >> the author says silicon valley has a larry is inside the or kel arena. >> reporter: the stakes keep getting higher and higher. this is our home away from home. this is such a hot ticket tonight. the website tick i.q. claims that the average resale price of a ticket is over $600 per pop. supposedly there's a courtside seat that's available for $11,000. not sure who is going to pay for that, but abc 7 news reporter
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lara anthony has the story of one fan who this game is very special. hi, laura. >> reporter: that's right. fans are filing in behind me for the 6:00 start of this game. a family who is drawing hope and inspiration from all the warr r warriors are accomplishing at the toughest time of this family's lives. >> i think they have great comradery. they've played together very well. >> reporter: scott has been a warriors fan for three decades. he's watched the team go through tremendous highs and lows, much like his own life and now he'll see his favorite team in person. >> it's a dream come true. i've been trying to see the warriors for years and this is the first time. >> reporter: the 58-year-old has terminal brain cancer and he and his family are at the point where all they can do is make
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the best of the time they have together. >> we started planning things we could do as a family. >> reporter: that's why their 25-year-old daughter and her friends set up a go fund me page so they could all go see a game together. >> i was just floored by how quickly we were able to raise money. people were so generous and to kind of help with the cost because of course it's not cheap to go see the warriors. >> reporter: thanks to the go fund me page and a donation from the site game time they have tickets to game one of the western conference finals. >> what warriors give to us is all is the hope that never give up. >> reporter: scott and his family haven't given up, but they have learned to accept the hand they've been dealt and embrace the good times their favorite team has given them. >> i predict that the warriors will win six games. >> reporter: abc 7 news. >> wow. i hope scott is able to see more
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than one game. in fact you know what we've got to do, i'm going to get a hold of some of the warriors staff members and make sure they're aware of his story and let's see if we can get him into more than game one because he's obviously facing a serious situation and i think the warriors organization would be inclined to help him out. we'll see if we can get that done and i'll keep you posted on that in the days ahead. for now let's go back to you. >> great. keep us posted on that. time to check on our weather on this monday as we kickoff the week. >> breezy and it seems like the pollen is up. you got it right the pollen count is up. it's a lovely day, breezy conditions, but if you're an all allal allergy sufferer you may want to stay tuned. it's going to be warmer tomorrow than it is today. a nice two day warmup coming our way. this is a view of the golden gate bridge.
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our forecast is mild and warm tomorrow, warmer than today, broozy and cooler later in the week and a slight chance of showers by the end of the week. here is our forecast by 7:00 this evening. overnight skies will remain mostly clear but patches of low clouds will develop here and there and overnight we'll see low temperatures not dropping very low at all. mainly low to mid 50s. napa might be cooler. 5:00 tomorrow morning, by mid morning we'll see most of the clouds having burned away from the coast line and we'll have a sunny day tomorrow with highs 70s on the coast and maybe low to mid 90s on the warmest inland locations. here is a look at specific locations. 90 at livermore.
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s 73 at half moon bay. let's talk about that pollen. dan, i hope you're not sneezing. the tree pollen and weed pollen are at moderate to low levels, but the grass pollens are high and that's been a problem for a lot of us who have sensitive sinuses. i've been sniffling today myself. uv index is high. that's likely to be high again tomorrow. let's look at the seven day forecast. sunny skies the next two days. the peak of the warming will occur tomorrow and on wednesday get a little bit cooler. it will be warm inland with highs near the 90 degree mark. breezy conditions on thursday. over the weekend we'll see an increase in clouds and a slight chance of showers maybe late friday into early saturday and then skies will become partly
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sunny sunday into monday. a two day warmup, not a heat wave. >> thank you. >> i am sneezing by the way. we're coming up next. the new ruling that could help figure out just who is going to get a piece of prince's fortune. coming up tonight it's dancing with the stars and followed by castle and then abc 7 news at 11. here is a sneak peak at the finale of >> good. awake and alert, i see. >> who are you? >> does it matter? i understand that as a writer the naming of a thing would seem to be important, but trust me my name is the least incon
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conventional thing for you to know right now. >> it's an embarrassing name isn't it. >> i was named by the state. by the time we're done, he will have revealed the names of everyone who knows about him. >> he can kill him? forget it. i'm not telling you anything. i'm not betraying anyone. i don't care how many thumbscrews you put to me. >> oh, no. i don't believe in torture. science is much more effective and the company has made great leaps in chemical truth within the hour you will tell me everything i want to know and then you will die.
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today a judge says anyone claiming to be the late singers heir may have to submit to dna testing. the relatives and claimed rel lives may be eligible to inherent some of the millions. prince died april 21st in minnesota. he did not leave a will. sinaado conner is careful. police did not say where she was found. her biggest hit was a 1990 reworking of the prince song "nothing compares to you".
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today prince william and his wife and brother launched their campaign heads together in london. they will work with various charities. they say mental health is just as important as physical health. >> heads together wants to help everybody feel much more confident with their every day mental health. >> this campaign will be the biggest joint initiative the three will take over the neex year bringing together eight charities to change perceptions about mental health. developing news, a pet groomer arrested after a dog dies in his care. we'll have the details on that. i have seen bullying and bullying doesn't have to be just as a child. >> donald trump on handling bullies and hillary clinton comes clean on her plans for her husband in the white house. also a
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breaking news, police just arrested several people following a shooting in a mall. two vehicles were involved. no one was injured. tesla is facing claims it owes more 50 $0,000 in medical
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bills for an employee brought over from eastern europe. catch david's interview with the attorney on abc 7 news at 5:00. bees that attacked people and killed two dogs over the weekend are extremely rare in the bay area. abc 7 news reporter tweeted that experts are talking about how a hive may have invaded another one. a pet groomer is arrested for the death of a dog. investigators say the dog that he was grooming yesterday died from abuse. vick lee will have the latest coming up at 5:00. a carnival cruise ship arrived back today. the coast guard suspended the
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search for the woman last night. her traveling companions reported her missing. video captured her sitting on a deck railing and falling back in the water at about 2:00 in the morning. candidates are on the campaign trail today, but donald trump is not and that certainly is not stopping his krit kicks from attacking the likely gop nominee. >> reporter: hillary clinton made the final push for votes in kentucky even imitating donald trump. >> so what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is i'm going to create them, they're going to be great. >> reporter: the democratic clarified who role her husband would play in her administration over she said over the weekend that former president bill clinton would come out of retirement. clinton shook her head and mouthed no on the cob net position. bernie sanders was campaigning in port owe reek owe.
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>> they think they have another thing coming. >> reporter: the two democrats will fight it out in kentucky and oregon while the last republican standing but trump's road to victory is paved with land mines. >> i respect women. >> reporter: "the new york times" interviewed women who say they've crossed paths with him and accusing him of inappropriate behavior. >> his unfavorables even with republican women is still high. >> reporter: one woman told megyn kelly and shared her interview. >> were you ever bullied? >> no, i wasn't but i have seen bullying and bullying isn't just as a child. >> it can happen when >> reporter: trumps critics are calling for his tax returns.
4:34 pm
tru a group trying to get a new cigarette tax on the november ballot submitted the first signatures to the secretary of state today. the proposal would raise the tax to $2.87 a pack. the so-called save lives california coalition is led by tom snyder and backed by medical groups and organized labor. the deadline to register or change your party's affiliation is may p23rd. california's primary is june 7th. the fight over bedroom rights. the republican lawmaker is breaking ranks with leaders in support of her transgender son. >> family is everything. our son is transgender. we loved him as a woman and now as a men. >> like others i changed gender identification since i was born. >> the florida congresswoman
4:35 pm
released this announce through the lgbt group save. we have more. >> reporter: amid the es kate lating protests a new message of acceptance from a republican congresswoman. >> our son is transgender. >> reporter: this public service announcement features the florida congresswoman who says her transgender child that she loved as amanda she still loves. she is now supporting president obama's directive telling all public schools to allow transgender opportunities to use bedrooms and locker rooms matching their gender identity. >> make sure that everybody is treated fairly and our kids are all loved and that they're protected. >> reporter: it's a policy many republicans have vow in had to fight including former presidential hopeful ted cruz who called it politically
4:36 pm
correct lunansy. >> demanding every public school allow grown men and boys into little girls' bedrooms. >> reporter: it comes on the heels of north carolina's show down over that states new bedroom law the justice department says discriminates against transgender residents. both sides are suing each other. those lawsuits over north carolina's bedroathroom law coup in the court of appeals and the supreme court. ahead here, a major milestone for the international space station. a special honor for more than one dozen police officers. why they received one of the nation's top honors today. larry live at the arena. warmups under way. the man of the hour is warming up right here, steph curry.
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how is his knee and ankle? ask finny is ahead. just post your questions with the #askfinny and i'll answer your questions here. i'm spencer christian, here is the view at the golden gate, but skies are sunny elsewhere. i'll have the forecast
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imagine doing something 100,000 times. the international space station has orbited around the earth 100,000 times. it takes 90 minutes. the first module launched in 1988. the station has hosted 220 astronauts making it an international effort. president obama honored officers today who risked their lives to protect others. he present the medals. >> the men and women who run toward danger remind us what the highest form of citizenship looks like. >> the 13 honorees included three officers for their response that left five people
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dead. it's time to turn our attention to the weather. hi, spencer. lovely day today and we have more lovely weather coming our way tomorrow. you can see how sunny the skies are across the bay area. we have little patches of fog forming near the coast right now. low clouds i should say, but the sun is going to be the main feature for the next couple of days. it will be the main feature in the northern half of the state, but in the interior southern areas we'll see spotty showers east of los angeles, but up north 95 at sacramento. here in the bay area it will be 70s near the coast and 80 around the bay and san jose is the indicator of the high temperature trend with highs near 90 degrees. we'll have a general cool down and by saturday we'll see
4:42 pm
temperatures below average. that's the forecast for knew. still ahead, a warning for parents why glutton free might not be so good for your child. >> reporter: we're going get some answers here in a second because andrew has come out to warm up. he's been bothered by a thigh injury and we'll see how he's doing and steph curry as well when we come back live. i'm 7 on your side. rising rent is a constant issue here in the bay area so here is a question. when can your landlord rai
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game one of the western conference finals gets under way in a little more than an hour. >> larry is there live with the latest. hi, larry. >> reporter: the beauty of a 6:00 p.m. tip off is we get to see these guys working out during the 4:00 news here. we have andrew behind me. he's been bothered by an injury. i'll get out of the way.
4:46 pm
steph curry, we're talking about steph as well. bothered by ankle and knee injuries and steph yesterday took the warmup, took the brace off his right knee in warmups and you can see steph in the corner here. it couldn't be better than that. let's stick with this and not worry about the previous video that we had recorded because you can get a look at steph right now. he's about to head into the tunnel here to try his patented tunnel shot, but he said he's not 100% and at this point the knee is not getting better which is a little bit of a concern. steph saying it's about pain management. >> i'm pretty confident going into the series that i can be effective on the floor doing everything that i want to do and play the way i normally play. it hasn't gotten much better, but it hasn't gotten worse either. i'm all right with that.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: this is nuts right now. steph is doing his tunnel shots and everybody's in a frenzy over here. we're in the belly of the beast right now. your thoughts both on andrew and steph and what steve mention in the in his news conference. >> steve said depending on andrew's warmup he think he's play. steph curry made his shot. steph has got tears in his fibers of his ligaments so it's not going to he'al any quicker. you got three guys that hopefully don't tweak it during this ball game. >> reporter: you can tell there's a lot going on here. we'll have more coming up at 5:00. live at the arena. abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> we want to see your warrior fan photos. post them to social media so we can feature them on air and
4:48 pm
online. time now for ask finny. michael, first a question. hebert what's the maxum amount of interest i can earn from my savings account before i have to pay taxes on interest earned. >> bad news. one cent. it's income so you have to pay taxes on it. depending on your tax situation. if you're low income then you're not going to pay any taxes on it. but you're going to pay your normal tax rate. that's the bottom line. thomas asked can a landlord raise rent whenever they want and can it be raised more than once in a 12 month period. >> a great question. i'm glad you're asking this. in castro valley where you live there is no rent control so that means everything is based off of state law and federal rules for you. state law says they can increase your rent as often as they want,
4:49 pm
but there's two rules. one they have to give you a month notice if it's a less than 10% increase in rent, two they've got to give you two months notice if it's going to be more than 10% rent. you get a little bit of warning there. also, of course they're not allowed to up your rent if you're in the middle of a contract. if you have a lease they can't touch you. can mortgage companies force consumers to buy additional insurance to protect the loan. >> my first home i think you pay pmi that's private mortgage insurance that productects the mortgage company. if you put down less than 20% they don't trust you. they want to make sure they're going to get their money. we have a new law after two years if your home equity is more than 20% you can quit paying. you have to file paperwork, but
4:50 pm
it's a good way to get out of that. anyone that has bought a house in the last three years, that's in the paperwork. here in the bay area you're probably above the 20% no. in today's wellness report a new trend yoga and pot. and a warning about a glutton free diet for kids. as the popularity keeps rising experts warn about the risk for children. there's problems for children without a medical issue being fed glutton free products. the article says they can be missing out on key newt rents they be getting excessive suggest yar and they could be exposed to toxins as well. researchers posing as patients with skin problems sought help with online companies with unsettling results. some of the online doctors misdiagnose several conditions and some prescribed medications without asking key questions
4:51 pm
about the patient's medical history or warning about adverse effects. studies have identified issues with in person visits as well. kids health spending is up. a study released by the health care cost institute indicates the price increases for health services and brand name drugs with higher overall medical spending on kids. here's a new trend, yoga and pot. news week reports it's got a name. yogangia. instructors say yoga inspires movement and getting high before a session allows a person to ignore the pain. i'm jane king. here's to your health. abc 7 news does continue. up next the community devastated by wildfire is recovering and
4:52 pm
students are sharing an honor. a look at what's coming up at 5:00. coming up a char chase that ends in the arrest of seven kids. accusations that tesla is using cheap foreign labor. does the right to bear arms
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4:55 pm
here's something to think about before you decide to have kids, the bay area is one of the most expensive places in the country to raise them. san francisco is the ninth most expensive place in the country to raise two children. the only surprise here is that it's not higher on the list. washington, d.c. was number one followed by the biggal apple. as we approach june there's the annual excitement for graduates. this year it's different for students who lived near the devastating fires.
4:56 pm
we met some exceptional students. >> reporter: they are four high school seniors with a number in common. >> 4.9. >> 4.19. >> 4.19. >> that would be 4.19. >> reporter: these four young men in middletown, california where 1,200 homes burned last fall a there's hope in the air, spring in the grass and four val dick torons in this year's graduating krclass. >> did they help you with your homework. >> they never skipped a grade. >> reporter: you did. >> 4.19 times four. how can that happen. it's more likely than you think. all four kids made straight as in their core classes and straight as in the aap classes.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: it turns out the principal has witnessed this before. >> it happens. we had five last year. >> reporter: all four are athletes, all four were eagle scouts and all four have known each other most of their lives. two of them will go to the same college and trevor to uc berkeley. we asked if there should be a tie breaker. >> riding a break. >> solving a rubix cube. >> reporter: how about still smiling after the difficult year that all of the class shared in that way every one of these kids is exceptional. from lake county, abc 7 news. >> that is going to do it for abc 7 news at 4:00 on this monday. a peninsula dog groomer is under arrest accused of killing
4:58 pm
a family pet. what we're learning right now plus. >> he killed our house and said it was cancelled. class is cancelled after a man is killed at a party at a local community center where police revealed to abc 7 news. this weekend's bee attack is a sign of things to come. >> i'm pretty sure this won't happen again. >> no, i can'm not sure. a big warriors fan with a life long dream and he's about to achieve it tonight. >> warmer today and hotter tomorrow. i'll show you where coming up. good evening. >> we begin with developing news. a dog's death is now a criminal case. a dog died after visiting a groomer. abc 7 news reporter vick lee will have that story, but there are a lot of unannounced questions here and apparently
4:59 pm
the dog suffered serious injuries. stay with us. in the meantime let's get to breaking news for you. another shooting near highway 4 late this afternoon. we were over the parking lot of a mini mall that is on sicka more drive and you can see the car's back and passenger windows all shot out right there. this started around 3:00 p.m. police responded to reports of shots fired by two people in a blag jaguar. they stopped that car at a shell gas station. officers found weapons in both vehicles and made several arrests. no one was injured. it's not known at this time if this shooting is connected to another recent shootings on highway 4. now this was just a few miles from a shooting last night along highway 4 near l street. police say the victim is a 22-year-old man who is recovering at the hospital. for breaking news alerts download our free abc 7 news app. family and police are
5:00 pm
investigating the shooting of a man at a party packed with children last night. we are live at the senior center where the shooting took place. >> reporter: inside a first co munn yun ceremony was under way and outside one of the guests was murdered. just a few minutes ago police identified him as a 28-year-old man. the victim was one of nearly 100 people enjoying a celebration at the senior center. police say even though there were lots of children around, someone deliberately started shooting just after 7:30 last night. >> we do not believe at all this is a random act of violence. we believe this is a targeted homicide. >> reporter: according to the lieutenant as the shots were fired, a gray mini van with several passengers peeled out of the driveway and collided with


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