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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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hope to see you g enin half an hour. tonight, the former model now coming forward. donald trump under siege. "the new york times" report and trump's treatment of women. and tonight, that model, who now says she was unfairly quoted. plus, trump responding to britain's prime minister now, saying, i'm not stupid. also tonight, the deadly plane crash. barely missing a neighborhood. you will hear the emergency call right before. the missing mother overboard. plunging from a cruise ship. that ship returning to port without her. anger mounting. they warned of major delays and now they're here. hundreds in line at america's airports. the new images. and three important tips that get you through the lines faster. and the image tonight, and the park tragedy that followed. what one family did with this baby bison, and tonight, the growing debate.
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good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin with the race for the white house. and donald trump tonight, saying he has exposed a "new york times" report on his relationship with women as a, quote, fraud. a former model is now coming forward, right here tonight. the article, a front page report in "the times," looked at trump's treatment of women. one woman describing his behavior as gross, another as immature. others, though, saying he promoted women and give them opportunities. abc's cecilia vega with one of those women, now speaking out, saying the newspaper promised her it would not be a hit piece. >> reporter: the former model quoted in a front page "new york times" investigation into donald trump's relationships with women is, tonight, coming to his defense. rowanne brewer lane now denouncing the story. it said when she met the billionaire, trump immediately took her into room at his mar-a-lago estate, asked her to
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put on a swimsuit and then paraded her before a crowd. >> i think they had an agenda with that one, because as many times as i asked and as many times as they promised that it was not a hit piece, clearly it was. >> reporter: "the times" portrayed the incident as degrading, but brewer lane, who went on to date trump, says it wasn't. >> he's very much a gentleman. and he's polite, he's thoughtful, he's a good listener. >> reporter: trump today tweeting, "we have exposed the article as a fraud." but "the times" is standing by its reporting, saying brewer lane was quoted fairly, accurately and at length. the story quoted other women, too -- >> miss utah! >> reporter: including a former miss utah, who told the paper trump introduced himself and kissed her on the lips. she said it was not an isolated incident and called it gross. it wasn't the only reason trump was playing defense today. he also fired back at british prime minister david cameron, who called his proposed muslim ban stupid.
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>> well, number one, i'm not stupid, okay? i can tell you that right now. just the opposite. >> reporter: but cameron, not the only one challenging trump's intellect. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> reporter: hillary clinton today, seizing on that theme, too. >> let's just imagine i'm on a debate stage with donald trump. so, let's suppose -- here's the question. so, what is your plan to create jobs? his answer is, "i'm going to create them. they're going to be great. i know how to do it. but i'm not telling you what it is i'm going to do." >> reporter: and clinton making some headlines of her own here in kentucky when she said that she wanted to put her husband, quote, in charge of revitalizing the economy. but her campaign today playing
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down those comments, saying it would be getting ahead of one's self to talk about any kind of formal role for anyone in a hillary clinton administration. david? >> cecilia vega at a clinton rally there in kentucky tonight. cecilia, thank you. there is also growing scrutiny when it comes to donald trump and his taxes. trump has said himself, "i work very, very hard to avoid paying taxes." abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross on trump's golf course and his yacht, and the millions of tax dollars at stake. >> reporter: in its promotional video, the trump national golf club in new york, with its stately clubhouse, championship course and 100-foot waterfall, is presented as an elite playground for the wealthy. trump has publicly boasted that this place is worth more than $50 million. but now, his tax lawyers are trying to claim it's worth only a little over $1 million. $1.3 million. that would mean his tax bill would drop from $808,000 a year to just $80,000. and now, this small town is
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forced into a legal fight with donald trump. >> there are individual homes worth a lot more than $1.3 million. how could it possibly be that low? >> reporter: going back decades, trump has been a master of tax loopholes and accounting maneuvers. >> i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. >> reporter: when he bought this luxurious yacht, the $29 million "princess" in the 1980s, he said he did it for the good of america. >> i like to see the great jewels of the country being owned by the people of this country. and it had a big play as to why i bought this boat. >> reporter: but part of the play was to avoid paying the new jersey state sales tax on the purchase. trump used offshore and out of state corporations to buy the yacht and then lease it back to him, ducking a $1.75 million tax bill. >> if there's a loophole, donald is laser-focused on it. >> reporter: again and again, the billionaire boasts his properties are the most amazing, the most luxurious, the best. until it's time to pay up. in the 1980s, a new york city
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audit found that trump and his partners in the grand hyatt hotel vastly underreported the hotel's profits, which shortchanged the city $2.8 million. >> sneaky? oh, it was very sneaky. he cheated the city of a substantial amount of money. >> reporter: trump has denied any direct role, but auditors found he signed off in this letter on what officials called the sneaky accounting practices that led to the underreporting. >> and brian ross is with us tonight. brian, you are now getting new information on that golf course in particular? >> reporter: that's right, david. since we began asking questions last week, the trump organization has now filed new papers, no longer claiming the golf course is worth only $1 million or so. they now say it's worth $9 million. but tonight, town officials tell us, that's still far from the real value. >> the growing scrutiny, as we now shift to the general election. >> reporter: that's right. the money trail on both sides, david. >> all right, brian ross with us tonight. brian, thank you. we turn now to the deadly plane crash. the pilot of a small plane
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sending out an urgent distress call today, that smoke was filling the cockpit. tonight, you will hear the emergency call. authorities say that plane then narrowly missed a neighborhood as it came down. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: federal aviation authorities are at this tragic scene tonight, just outside the tupelo airport, trying to figure out what brought down the private plane just seconds after takeoff. >> we got smoke in our cockpit, we need to come back -- >> reporter: right before the crash, the pilot radioed back the frightening distress call, saying he had smoke up front. >> i've got some smoke in the cockpit. >> reporter: the plane, bound for virginia, crashed into this field, where they say it sounded like thunder. it barely missed hitting nearby homes. >> i could see the smoke from over there and it was just so -- it was so black. >> reporter: firefighters who raced to the scene found the remains of the four victims, pieces of the plane on fire and little else. >> there's quite a bit of debris. it could have been some mechanical problems or something that caused this plane crash. >> reporter: the names of the people killed gathered from flight records has yet to be released.
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the coroner says he'll need dna to make a positive i.d. david? >> steve osunsami with us tonight. thank you, steve. next, this evening, to the growing outrage. the tsa warned of long lines coming, because of tighter security amid those recent terror attacks in paris and brussels. tonight, those lines are now here. hundreds lining up in recent days. here at chicago's midway airport, the line so long, passengers missing flights. at other airports, some forced to sleep overnight at the airport. abc's david kerley with what's behind it all, and he has the simple ways you can save yourself a lot of time in those lines. >> reporter: again tonight, thousands of passengers are waiting in line, some more than two hours. for hundreds last night, they missed their flights. the option for some? spending that entire evening at chicago's o'hare airport on a cot. >> not the greatest. could have used a bed. that would have been nice. >> reporter: why? because security has been bogged down with more flyers, no increase in screeners and tighter security.
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how can you get through faster? there are some ways. book during non-peak times. morning and evening are busy, midday is lighter. check your bag. fewer items to screen. try the my tsa app, which provides wait times at your airport. and probably the smartest move is to sign up for pre-check, the fast lane. it costs $85 and requires a hand print. which is the most important tip? >> know the rules. know what you can bring in the checkpoint. what you can't bring through the checkpoint. >> reporter: the tsa knows it has a shortage of officers and is training more than 750 right now. but they won't be on these lanes until some time next month. david? >> going to be a long summer ahead for passengers. david, thank you. there are new developments tonight after that deadly amtrak train crash near philadelphia last year. sources say the ntsb will now report it was distracted driving. the investigation revealing that the engineer was districted by radio traffic after a rock-throwing incident targeting another train beforehand. investigators say that
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distraction then caused the train to speed up to 100 miles an hour, where the speed limit is just 50. the crash killed eight people and injured more than 200. the ntsb's report is due out tomorrow. we will follow it. also, this evening, we're learning more about a troubled history for the charter bus company involved in a deadly highway accident in texas. the bus on a day trip to a casino rolling over on a highway near laredo over the weekend, killing eight and injuring 44. rain may have played a part, but the company has also been cited for 15 inspection violations since just 2014. one of its buses ordered off the road because of braking problems. there are new developments this evening in the case of that high school graduate, a student convicted of luring a 15-year-old classmate into a sexual encounter. tonight, owen labrie has been cleared to leave jail now, while he awaits his appeal. abc's gio benitez on the case that's made national headlines and the decision today that will set that young man free for now.
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>> reporter: handcuffed with shackled feet, former star student owen labrie leaves court, where a judge granted him freedom, for now. >> i'm going to reinstate bail with one additional condition, which is electronic monitoring with gps tracking. >> reporter: labrie, a then senior at the prestigious st. paul's school in new hampshire, was convicted -- >> guilty. >> reporter: -- of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old schoolmate. his sentence, one year, but he was out on bail. after a reporter on a train tweeted that he was traveling to see his girlfriend, an investigation into other train rides revealed he had violated his strict curfew and he was sent to jail in march. >> for somebody who's never been incarcerated for one hour, two months is -- can be a very long time. >> reporter: just last week, the state supreme court urged the judge to reconsider, saying labrie's violation was not criminal in nature. and david, the once harvard-bound student could sit in jail for a few more days, as
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his tracking device is set up. he is appealing that conviction and that one-year sentence. david? >> gio benitez reporting in tonight. thank you, gio. next, this evening, to the disappearance of a texas wife and mother of four during a cruise in the gulf of mexico. the carnival liberty arriving back in the port of galveston today without her. we've now learned that surveillance video from the ship reveals that the woman fell from an upper deck. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: the carnival ship liberty docked today under a cloud. 33-year-old passenger samantha broberg, a mother of four, never came back from a four-day cruise to mexico. her travel companions realized she was missing friday at noon, kicking off a shipwide search. >> they came and checked the rooms and looked in the closets and bathrooms until they went through them all. >> reporter: then, a check of surveillance cameras revealed broberg climbing up to sit on a deck railing. it was friday at 2:00 a.m. but then the video shows her falling backwards. she was on one of the highest decks when she fell. she was not wearing a life
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jacket. by the time the liberty's crew confirmed she'd gone overboard and called the coast guard, it had already been 15 hours. a search of more than 4,000 square miles of open ocean now called off. the cruise industry says overboard incidents are rare, averaging 19 every year, out of 23 million passengers. carnival says it has tested systems like this one, designed to alert the crew if someone goes over the side. but the cruise line says they are unreliable. and david, fbi and coast guard investigators were on the liberty today, but they tell us, they have no reason at this point to suspect foul play. and as you can see, the ship is already heading out for its next cruise. david? >> clayton, thank you so much. we're going the turn now to the extreme weather threat at this hour. severe storm watch in several states tonight, as the eastern half of the country shivers from the cold. a winter-like snowfall in maine. look at this. the most snow on record this late in the season. and in texas tonight, flash floods burying these cars up to their headlights.
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more than a half foot of rain fell there overnight. and a short time ago, as we were coming on tonight, we learned of a funnel cloud touching down right there along the new mexico/oklahoma border, and more could be coming tonight. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano tracking this severe weather threat at this hour. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. that tornado in a sparsely populated area. but there's more storms coming and it's all moving to the east. on the big map, the radar showing the heavy rain from corpus moving into louisiana. this severe thunderstorm watch out across the texas panhandle, good until 10:00 local time tonight. and tomorrow, we're talking about san antonio and austin, you're in the crosshairs for some potentially severe weather. the future cast, the maps in motion show those storms and a lot of storms romming into the southeast and a pulse of rain, though warmer tomorrow in the northeast. rain here by rush hour, 5:00 p.m., david. >> tracking it right through "gma." thank you, rob. next, president obama tonight awarding the medal of valor, the nation's highest honor for law enforcement, to 13 police officers. among them, l.a. officer donald thompson, who saved a man from his burning car, suffering burns. after leaving the emergency room, he finished his shift.
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major david huff from midwest oklahoma confronting a knife-wielding hostage-taker at a walmart, saving the life of his 2-year-old captive. and philadelphia officer robert wilson, his grandmother there, accepting for him. wilson stopped to buy a video game for his son when two armed men entered. he shielded the staff, but was then killed himself in the crossfire. among the officers today, honored by the president. a powerful moment there. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the new health alert about exercise and cutting the risk of cancer. also, the big scare over sinead o'connor all day today, missing for more than 24 hours. the desperate search to find her, and the news tonight from police. frightening scene at the beach. the woman bit on the arm by a small shark. look at this right here. the shark refusing to let go. they took her to the hospital with the shark attached. and then, the image tonight, and the park tragedy that followed. what one family did with this baby bison. it's now sparking a heated debate and we'll have that story ahead. ahead.
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. next tonight here, the tragedy at yellowstone national park involving a baby bison, after two tourists put the bison in their car, thinking they were saving it from the cold. here's abc's neal karlinsky. >> reporter: cute as it looks, this picture gone viral of a baby bison in the back of a yellowstone national park visitor's suv is the latest evidence of people hurting the things they claim to love. park rangers say visitors were worried about the little bison, so they took it to a field office. the result? the bison was rejected by its mother, and tonight, had to be euthanized. >> we have a little saying here. give them room, use your zoom. >> reporter: it's a frustrating trend. people snapping bison selfies. this woman was caught by another visitor actually petting the new national mammal. authorities went after these boy scout leaders after they shared video showing them toppling a famous rock in utah, dating back
5:49 pm
to the jurassic period. they said they feared it would fall. and this week, actress vanessa hudgens paid a $1,000 fine for posting this on instagram. her name and a boyfriend's carved into arizona's famous red rocks. especially when it comes to wildlife, park officials tonight warning people yet again, keep your distance, for your safety, and the animal's. david? >> all right, neal, thank you very much. and so many people already weighing in on this on our facebook page late today. you can join the conversation there and on twitter. when we come back here on a monday night, the new health alert about exercise and how much it cuts your risk of cancer, and which types of cancer. also, the new headline tonight about singer sinead o'connor. the desperate search after she went missing and why police were so concerned. and why police were so concerned. e sol be right back. cerned, when w back. you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here? it's me. don't think i'll make it. stomach again...send!
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to the index and a big scare involving sinead o'connor. the singer was reported missing for more than 24 hours in a chicago suburb, after going on a bike ride sunday morning. police listing her as, quote, missing/suicidal. she was found safe late this afternoon. o'connor has claimed to be suicidal in the past and has received mental health treatment. she was found okay. a new health headline tonight about fighting cancer. the national cancer institute confirms that simple moderate exercise, all the way up to intense exercise, lowers the risk of the disease in many forms. here are some of the numbers. smokers and former smokers who exercise cut their risk of lung cancer by 26%. the risk of kidney cancer falls 23%. and the danger of breast cancer drops 10% with moderate exercise. to the shark that would not let go. a two-foot long nurse shark biting a woman's arm in boca raton, florida. the shark attached to her arm until the woman got to the hospital, where it was carefully removed. her injuries were not serious.
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the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. 30 years ago today, we felt their need, the need for speed. matt gutman, though, on what we never knew about "top gun." ♪ you've lost that loving feeling ♪ >> reporter: but it's hardly -- ♪ gone, gone, gone
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♪ whoa, whoa, whoa >> reporter: tom cruise cemented his blockbuster status as a grinning 23-year-old famously and sweatily playing volleyball. ♪ in jeans. who felt the need -- >> the need for speed. ♪ >> reporter: cruising on that motorcycle, tom single handedly boosted ray-ban sales by 40%. a spike that will -- ♪ take my breath away >> reporter: speaking of which -- kids, close your eyes. this scene only added because testing audiences wanted something more steamy. okay, that's enough. nostalgic? good news. a sequel is in the works. >> you can be my wingman any time. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> 30 years. i'm david muir. i hope to see you back here tomorrow night. good night.
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breaking news, we're following investigators as they shut down a freeway. the reason a san francisco police officer sits behind bars. tesla vehicles can cost six figures. one worker claims he only made single digits. tonight, we investigate. 7 million americans pay a tax menality because they don't have health insurance. tonight, whether it's worth the risk. and you're looking at that breaking news, westbound lanes closed as police search for evidence in an apparent freeway shooting. kristin zee joins us with the latest. kristin? >> reporter: still an active investigation stretching from highway four to antioch city
6:00 pm
streets. cars not moving at all. antioch police shut down and there is a good section closed now. this is a commute, it's still bad news for the evening drive. a short time ago, sky 7 captured this video. take a look. officers walking empty freeways, looking for evidence. very methodically, possibly for bullet casings after reports of a shootout between two cars. we understand they have fired rounds, a round from a rifle had been recovered there. this started just about 3:00 p.m. police responding to reports of shots fired by two people in a black jaguar you can see there. the jaguar and a second car sped away, then got on to westbound highway 4. sky


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