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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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streets. cars not moving at all. antioch police shut down and there is a good section closed now. this is a commute, it's still bad news for the evening drive. a short time ago, sky 7 captured this video. take a look. officers walking empty freeways, looking for evidence. very methodically, possibly for bullet casings after reports of a shootout between two cars. we understand they have fired rounds, a round from a rifle had been recovered there. this started just about 3:00 p.m. police responding to reports of shots fired by two people in a black jaguar you can see there. the jaguar and a second car sped away, then got on to westbound highway 4. sky 7 showing the second car is
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back and passenger windows are all shot out. police found weapons in both cars, we should tell you. the chp is confirming four arrests have been made on highway 4. luckily, nobody has been injured. we're going to take you back live to sky 7 hd again. they're continuing the investigation there on the highway. it's not known if the shooting is connected to other shootings on highway 4. there have been at least 20 shootings we've tracked since november on various freeways. so we'll continue to monitor this and in the meantime, for breaking news alerts any time, down load our free abc7 news app to get the latest on this story and others as well. >>. today's shooting as
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pittsberg city council will vote on whether to install cameras along the freeway, stim lar to those in use around the city. it would cost around $100,000. >> san francisco police officer is now behind bars, on charges including grand theft. officer dean lee is accused of overtime fraud. he turned himself in and has been suspended with out pay. the arrest is a series in the latest negative incidents ranging from questionable police shootings to racist text messages. a fourth oakland police officer is now on leave in connection with a sexual misconduct investigation. claims involving police surfaced after the suicide of one officer last year. he named officers were involved with a possibly under aged daughter of a dispatcher. the death of a dachshund named henry in a grooming salon on the peninsula.
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vic lee joins us live with details. vic? >> reporter: this happened after 5:00 yesterday evening at the pet smart store. police arrested a 38-year-old who worked as a groomer at the store. something terrible happened when the owner left the dog, henry, in the groomer's care. here is sergeant rick. >> about three minutes after the groomers took them in the back, the groomer came running out saying the dog was having a medical emergency. the dog had blood in his mouth. >> the dog was rushed to a pet hospital next door. here is what the vet found. >> the dog died and the veterinarian about a post port yum. the dog had two broken ribs and punctured lung. >> police tell us they're
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certain this is not an accident. the man has been booked in jail and charged with felony animal cruelty. pet smart headquarters did release a statement today. they say they're quote, heart broken at the loss of henry the dog and they're conducting an internal investigation. they say they're cooperating with police here in san mateo. vic lee, abc7 news. a prominent resident in concord is facing child importa pornography charges. he headed the now descended mount diablo district board. tonight there is a manhunt underway to find a person suspected of killing a woman in concord. this afternoon, police released this video of eric lamar nelson. investigators believe that nelson may be driving a black
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four door kia spectra. this morning officers pulled a body from a duck pond and investigators consider him armed and dangerous. police in san leandro say they know the identify of a man shot and killed outside of a party last night. but the motive is unclear. carolyn tyler is live with the latest in this case. carolyn? >> reporter: police don't know if the murder is gang related but do know the bullets were meant for the victim. the 28-year-old was attending a private party at the senior center. along with nearly 100 others, celebrating a first communion. police say the man had stepped outside and children were playing nearby, someone opened fire, just after 7:30 last
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night. >> we do not believe this is a random act of violence. >> according to the lieutenant, the shots were fired, the gray mini van peeled out of the driveway, colliding with another vehicle in front of the center before hitting a pole. in fact it was that crash officers first responded to before learning of the murder. they haven't been able to catch up with individuals in the minivan and aren't sure what role they may have played. >> we do not know whether or not they're involved in this homicide or whether or not they fled when hearing gunshots and just trying to get away to safety. >> the woman says she heard the gunshots and saw the chaos. >> they're very loud, about eight shots. and we've seen people running. >> today, activities were cancelled as police investigated and used surveillance video from
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the building and businesses. this is the city's second homicide of the year. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. a firefighter was among three people injured during a fire this morning in san francisco. sky 7 was over the scene on 35th avenue as firefighters put out hot spots in the rear of the home. the fire damaged two properties. and two residents were treated for minor burns and a firefighter suffered a cut. the fire displaced 13 people. >> electric car maker t ex-sla is promising to investigate charges some contract workers were paid as little as $5 an hour to build a paint shop at the fremont factory. they came from eastern europe and hired by a subcontractor. abc7 news reporter david louie is live in fremont with one man's story. >> a man needs to work here, but the pay doesn't add up. and the man was left with broken
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legs and a concussion after an accident. >> reporter: it's one of the most advanced auto manhattans in the world. a 42-year-old worker from slovenia says he earned only $5 an hour after being recruited for a paint shop. he worked 75 hours per week without overtime, he fell three stories and his job ended, the money stopped. his attorney calculates he made equivalent of $5 an hour. >> less than federal minimum wage and state minimum wages and a person who is going to be a supervisor doing specialized work. >> dresser is seeking damages from tesla. cal osha declared tesla was not responsible, critics argue tesla
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was neglect. >> if they're liable, they're forced to know what's happening. they need to hold companies to account. >> tesha issued a response, quote, if mr. lessnick and colleagues were being paid $5 an hour, that is unacceptable. his attorney says he owess900,000 in medical bills. >> the western conference finals just started with the warriors playing against the thunder in oakland. >> we're we go again. larry beil is live tonight and larry, how fun. >> it's a lot of fun. and one guy is just trying to owe get into a jog here.
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there is so much star power. two play for okc. and the two time reigning mvp. now, you want to talk about tippoff, it's five all stars, on the court, during tip off. that is the way it's going to be for the series. warriors were 3 and 0, highlighted for 35 footer in overtime to win it back in february. the problem with okc now is that they're very confident coming in here. >> there is a lot of star power out there. you know, we've got three all stars and there
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supporting cast and should be competitive. >> this is a match up worthy of the nba finals. we're getting into the western conference finals game. and andrew bogat had a thigh injury, the he did start tonight. so both teams at full strength. we'll have the wrap up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> larry, thank you. >> coming up, meet students that beat the odds in more ways than one. how they overcame to split a prize four ways. >> a wave of heat will be felt tomorrow, i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. >> and what happened to a neighborhood under attack all
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weekend by an
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well, as a bee keeper, let me tell you that this is extremely rare. but it does tell us something. as the africanized bees move forth from brazil, they'll
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intermix with our local bees but there may be a way owe control them. norm is an expert in anything bee related. he tried to catch as many bees believed to be africanized. >> for us, it was very extreme. and they're aggressive. >> he's hoping uc davis will determine whether or not they're africanized. still, they're known to attack in large numbers. that is what happened to alex's son, an experienced bee keeper in concord. the bees swarmed as soon as he opened the hive. >> the swarm remained in the neighborhood and started getting everybody. they got me, my wife, my grandson. >> they aren't meant to be here, but in 1956 the african bee from south africa was brought to brazil. bee keepers thought they can
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produce more honey of. they ended up mating with local bees becoming what is known as africanized bees and moving north ever since. >> they were stalled in bakersfield for a long time. and but they're progressing. >> somehow, the bees invaded the original hive. once exposed, they began stinging people and killing two small dogs. >> to see that there was -- this morning was just about shut. >> it took the owners three days to get rid of the hive. he says there is a way to manage the africanized bees. >> it's why we need more bee keepers. to with able to reclean. >> a gentle clean would recolonize the hive. as we approach the month of june there is excitement for
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high school graduates. and every school has a valedictorian, but in a small town of middletown there is a twist this year. here is wayne freedman. >> in middletown, spring time brought renewal and faith. you can see it in the flowers, in construction that is replacing homes and we found it in four seniors with a number in common. >> 4.19. >> 4.19. >> 4.19. >> that would be? >> 4.19 the. >> the four value dick
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valedictorians. they all four kids made straight a's. and all four made a's in the same ap classes. statistical tie. turns out the principal witnessed this scenario before. >> it happens. we had five last year. >> more in common? all four are athletes, all four, eagle scouts and have known each other all of their lives and still have their homes. jake and jonathan will go to brigham young. parker, uc davis, trevor, uc berkeley. we asked if there should be a tie breaker. >> solving a rubik's cube. >> mud wrestling. >> tic-tac-toe. >> it's a game of wits. >> and everyone of the kids is exceptional. from lake county, wayne freedman, abc7 news.
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>> that is great. congratulations. >> absolutely. >> it's time to turn to weather. >> it's warming up a bit. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> several degrees warmer than yesterday, and warming continues tomorrow, here is mainly sunny skies across the bay area now. little patches of will he clouds forming here and near the coastline. it's sunny out there. second temperature change, you'll notice it's seven degrees warmer in napa. then, at this hour, yesterday, six degrees warmer in antioch. and a couple locations are a degree or so cooler near the bay. a live view from our camera, this is our, i believe this is our sutro camera looking towards the golden gate. it's 16 degrees in san francisco right now. oakland, 66. 75 in san jose. 57 in half moon bay. this is the view from our
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camera. and we're looking out over sort of a hazy-looking bay. napa, 76. 76 concord, 75, livermore, our roof top camera shows a clear view over the bay. these are the forecast features, warming trend, breezy, cooler, and showers possible by the weekend. on we go to our forecast animation starting at 7:00, under mainly clear skies, doing a late night and overnight, we'll see patches of low clouds developing here and there. it won't be very wide spread. tomorrow morning low temperatures in the mid-50s. so will be mild overnight and resume the forecast animation. notice a little bit of low clouds overnight will quickly disappear and give way to sunny skies and mild to warm conditions with highs ranging from 70s on the coast to 90s in inland locations. and here is a look. we'll see highs up to 92 tomorrow. up in clover dale, 92 in
6:21 pm
antioch, fairfield. morgan hill, 88 degrees, 83 in oakland. 77 here in san francisco. here is the accu-weather forecast. remains warm inland wednesday, but locations near the bay and coast cool down wednesday. then, all locations will be cooler thursday getting a nice sea breeze, sunny skies monday. >> thank you. >> okay. >> well, airport security lines could be a lot longer this summer. next, the pilot program started at sfo that could set an example for the nation. we continue to monitor police activity that shut down web highway 4. officers you can see are walking the road looking for evidence in a shooting. more details at 6:30 and of course, any time, at st
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or are on dialysis. tell your doctor about any medical conditions and medications you take. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. >> waiting to get through airport security is getting worse. >> yes. there are efforts to keep lines short, including a new pilot program. >> abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> san francisco police dogs have been a visible part of security for years but they have had other four-legged friends in the the terminal. >> tsa has a separate screening program. using dogs within the lines and
6:25 pm
are screening people. >> there are signs along the waiting guide post, making people aware of the new dogs. it's a new element for passengers. >> they're working dogs. >> the wait times ballooned and this morning, people waited for three hours or more. costs rolled out for travellers that missed their lights. this couple just flew in. >> there was a long line that moved very fast. >> here at sfo, packing time is a recovering theme for passengers. >> it's wise to allow extra time. >> there are lines that allow
6:26 pm
passenger to jump in the front of the program by using a profile and fingerprint. and allows passengers to go through without metal detectors. >> a big investment in what is often viewed as the most important company in the world tonight. warren buffet aannounced his company owns 10 million stocks in apple.
6:27 pm
today, stock gained three points. the dow jumped 175, the nasdaq added 57 today. >> california voters will go to polls in the state primary. high turn out is expected. see how much help is needed to make sure every vote counts. >> they don't understand just how much coverage each of the premiums get. >> michael finney shows how having help. >>
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we have new tee tails on breaking news in contra costa county. all web lanes in highway 4 are shut down now, still, but it's about to reopen apparently. look at the terrible back up it's causing. >> yes. police say a shooting in antioch ended with four arrests. they're looking for evidence and just in the last few minutes we saw them putting down markers there on the freeway. there are reports of a shootout between two cars. >> new video shows one arrest
6:31 pm
that happened on highway 4. >> sky 7 hd shows the windows of a car that are just shot out. police responded to reports of shots fired by two people in a black jaguar. police found weapons in both cars. another live look at the closures of westbound lanes at love ridge road. a reminder for breaking news alerts any time, down load our free abc 7 news app. >> now, we want to move to an i team investigation. >> that family said the officers used excessive force on james greer dan? >> the traffic stop and situation escalated and captured
6:32 pm
by four body cameras. the i team obtained video and we want to warn you some is tough to watch. this is james greer as his family remembers him. >> he was the glue that kept everyone together. >> after their divorce, james and dina and the kids stayed close. in may, 2014, police pulled over james greer for driving erratically on mission boulevard. the report says he got out of the vehicle but would not participate in a field so brie ti test. it appears he does cooperate in the first minute. >> i think this is an officer that stops before greer that first engages him and did a
6:33 pm
great job. >> put your feet together like this. >> there is one camera rolling and many units respond, including bart police. >> the situation escalates when mr. greer is spooked by a strong police presence and steps back. >> wait. wait. what are you doing to me? >> police attempted to handcuff greer who weighs 308 pounds. his arms don't reach the cuffs. >> what are you doing? >> multiple officers get on top of greer. >> he was on the ground and i hear him screaming in agonizing
6:34 pm
pain. >> police report daysing greer three times and applied a restraint designed to immobilize a suspect. six and a half minutes after putting hip on the ground, the officers turned greer over, we're stopping here because it's disturbing to see his face. >> you can see his lips look blue and discolored. somebody in medical disstress. >> the report says personnel immediately intervened. but after studying the video from four police body cameras, the family attorney says that is not what happened. seven minutes went by before anyone tried cpr. there is no sense of urgency. they're joking around. about an hour after being pulled over, he was pronounced dead.
6:35 pm
a toxology report showed p.c.p. in his system. the examiner concluded he died while exerting himself under the influence of p.c.p. the makers of the restraining device won't comment but say once legs are mobilized, officers should stop pressing on his back. >> what we trained is that the longer we can keep a person down, the greater the risk to everybody. >> the city attorney cited an ongoing investigation but did say in court documents police used reasonable force. >> we believe police are there to protect us. to see somebody who we trust do such a thing, i don't think i will ever accept that. >> the da never investigated what happened. the policy is to investigate
6:36 pm
where police fired weapons. that kind of makes sense. >> yes. >> thank you, dan. >> coming up, when health insurance pays off. >> i just felt healthy, how can this be possible? >> michael finney with a story of a trapeze artist, next. >> san francisco city hall has been taken over by voting
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we have breaking news we want to update you on, highway 4 is now reopened. police and chp shut down all lanes around 4:00 this afternoon. >> officers were searching for evidence from a shootout between two cars. they arrested four people, down the highway. you can see traffic is moving westbound on highway four. >> millions of americans pay a penalty because they don't have
6:40 pm
health insurance, some feel the penalty is cheaper than insurance. >> people fought hard to get everybody insurance. the san francisco woman received expanded coverage knows firsthand the importance of health insurance. she says she owes her life to the cuts. shippa swings up right. in 2014, she suffered a >> she went to see the doctor, expected to be diagnosed. she wept back and the doctor told her she had cancer. >> it was hard to believe. >> if it had been a year earlier she said she would not see a
6:41 pm
doctor because she couldn't afford it. she says the doctor's visit saved her life. >> she was in a stage three. if she waited until the time she had symptoms it could have been stage four. >> preliminary numbers found seven and a half million taxpayers paid a penalty because they did not have health insurance. the total was $1.5 billion. >> i think they don't understand just how much coverage those premiums gets. >> the minute pum penalty was $325 for adults and $162.50 for children under 18. that includes krooess to $695 and $347.50 this season.
6:42 pm
>> i am like what would happen if i did nothing. they said you'll probably die. >> today, her cancer is in remission after completing treatment 13 months ago. she says she owes it to having a good health plan. >> i was able to go to the best doctors. >> she is employed and has coverage through her employer-sponsored plan. >> great report. >> california voters will go to poll s in three weeks for the state primaries. >> next, the help it will take
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
election day for the california primary is just three weeks away. >> now, counties are looking for poll workers to help out when election day comes. >> they're going to need a lot of them because they're expecting a lot of voters. >> what i need to you do is go
6:46 pm
fill out a ballot form. >> you can call it the calm before the storm. >> tripled capacity of the center compared to 2012. >> registration, and early voting have taken over the ground floor. >> we have feet on the ground to indicate the direction to the voting booth. >> reporter: they've recruited 2400 poll workers and need three hup more. >> we're just three weeks from election day. we're on target, time is getting less and making me nervous. >> the preparations amid pre-dicks of the biggest history. >> we're getting a presidential contest, far and above that. >> the secretary of state said they're up with young people. >> that is how this is good news, it's young people that vote at lower rates. >> that could mean the democrats have a fight on their hand. >> it looks like hillary clinton is going to be the nominee.
6:47 pm
bernie sanders has, he may win california. >> it's opened to registered democrats or voters that chose no party preference. the deadline to register or switch is may 23. >> when you're done marking a ballot, remove these stubs. >> on election day, the extra poll workers could help avoid what happened in 2008. >> lines were around city hall to get into the building. >> reporter: california released extra funding for workers. >> we can see what went wrong. whether it's long lines or running out of ballots. california should not repeat mistakes. >> the workers make $142 to $195 on election day and they seem to enjoy it. >> remember, only a week remains to register to vote in california. next monday is the deadline to
6:48 pm
register for a particular party. you can request a vote by mail ballot through may and once again, california's primary will be held on june 7th. >> now, we want to check on the weather again. >> yes. spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> mainly sunny skies, though patches of fog and low clouds are developing near the coastline. tomorrow, a sunny day, some interior parts of southern california will have showers but most of the state will be sunny and mild, especially central valleys here. 95 in sacramento. north, chico, 93 tomorrow, here, in the bay area, will be warmer with highs ranging from low 70s at the coast to mid-80s around the bay and low
6:49 pm
warmest here is the accu-weather forecast. we'll start to cool down near the coast and bay wednesday, and will remain warm inl
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good evening, everybody, larry beil live at oracle arena. warriors and thunder are playing game one of the western conference finals. a lot of us thought it's going to be warriors and spurs in this match up. but warriors thunder may turn out to be a difficult, as well as more entertaining series as we check out highlights from game one. early tip off, 6:00 start. steph curry against kevin durant. it's going to be a physical series and andrew bogat a little, hi, hello from
6:53 pm
westbrook. westbrook streaking between defenders. good sign for the dubs, harris onbarns, knocking down jumpers. warriors up six, extended the lead to six digits, now, it's 37-31 warriors in the second quarter. the league announced it's rookie of the year today, no surprise, it's minnesota's carl anthony to townes. he was a beast in the first year in the league. averaged a double double this year, with an 18 point and 10 boards a game. best rookie big man stats since tim duncan. the team will be the first team with back to back rookies of the year since the buffalo braves in the early 70s. they're now the l.a. clippers. turning to baseball, big news
6:54 pm
involving tim the angels need help in all positions. there is a catch with timmy. he still has to pass a physical. normally that is a technicality, but he is coming back from hip surgery. the white sox were in discussions for timmy's services, and lincecum expected to make a couple minor league starts. we've got the warriors behind me. there is another team in the bay area in the western conference finals, that would be the san jose sharks. they lost game one last night. so close. what could have been san jose, taking 32 shots but blues goalie, brian elliott got lucky
6:55 pm
in the third period. the shot bouncing off the post and around elliott's shoulders. despite the loss, san jose not close to panicking. not even panicking and saying game two is a must-win situation. >> i'm not concerned about it. i know where our game is and where our group is. i think we feel confident that we have the game owe come out on the other end of it. there is going to be a lot of heavy lifting between now and the end. >> for sure, bay area sports hall of fame has five new members. the inductees, new members now, this year's class, cal alum and jeff kent, olympic swimmer ann warner cribs and raymond chester and ex-warriors guard mitch
6:56 pm
richmond. he says his west years were being part of run tmc. he's the second of the three members of the group in the bay area sports hall of fame. and basketball hall of fame. >> my good friend chris mullen was inducted a couple years ago. so it's a long list. and it's a great list. i'm just proud to be a part of it. >> it's a great class. i'm honored to be part of it. at the end of the day, it's for the kids and what we leave for the children and their children. for the future. >> good-looking class. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. highlights at 9:00 and 11:00. back to you. >> thank you, larry. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from the entire news team, we hope you have a great night. go, warriors. >> absolutely. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) ♪ i ♪ shining through rs ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful
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from washington, d.c., this is "power players" week on "jeopardy!" here are tonight's celebrity guests -- his best-selling novels are critically acclaimed and have won numerous honors, including a national book award for "the corrections." here is author... [ cheers and applause ] she writes for the "new york daily news," is a contributor to "glamour" magazine, and every day, you can catch her analysis of the biggest moments in the 2016 campaign. please welcome cnn political commentator... [ cheers and applause ] he is the political director of "nbc news," the host of msnbc's "mtp daily,"
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and the moderator of the longest-running broadcast in television history, "meet the press." here's... [ cheers and applause ] and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you all, ladies and gentlemen, for that warm welcome. we are delighted to be able to spend another week with all of you here in washington, d.c. all of this week, our contestants are gonna be people who report the news, comment on the news, and sometimes even make the news themselves. you've met our three power players for today's game. now let's put them to work. good luck. here are the categories for the first round of play today...


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